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If you are visiting here from someplace out on the Internet welcome to my website. I am called BOB by most people, or Robert if I am in trouble. I started this portion of the site to organize my thoughts and share information with a variety of people. A large section is devoted to the game that I run; for more information explore the Welcome and FAQ links on the left menu.

There is also an Out of Character section where I talk about other topics that I am interested in.

For anyone who stumbled here from I no longer take any clients but I will try to help out as I can.

You have dragons, we take care of them for you.

This page is to list some of the many ways to contact me through various websites or other ways.

Thank you for visiting.
We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

BOB is the DM for the Dragonslayers Society Campaign and is the host for the game.

BOB can be contacted through the KloOge boards as anstett or in IM or through Email for any questions you have about Virtual Tabletop Software.

Instant Message and Email information includes:


r_anstett on Yahoo! and MSN/Hotmail & Skype

anstettjr on AIM and Google

r_anstett on Twitter

Of course you can reach me around the web through lots of other site also.

  • CafePress {off site link}
    because you need some Dragonslayer Gear
  • Facebook {off site link}
    because everyone needs a Facebook group
  • Kiva Dragonslayers {off site link}
    because everyone should try to help out someone else
  • Good Reads {off site link}
    because reading is fundamental

My resume information is available on Linkedin {off site link}.

For anyone who stumbled here from this how to contact me for help with your problems. You have dragons, we take care of them for you.

For BOB's Musings and other comments please visit this part of the website.