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OutofCharacter / Welcome

Behind the Curtain

How are you?

Pull up a chair, relax and explore with me.

You might have come here because of a link from someplace I have visited on the Internet, or you followed a link from the gaming section of my site here.

These sections here are different than the rest of the website.

BOB's Musings

Where I post thoughts about anything and everything. Yeah that sounds like a Blog, but we all know that I am not going to be blogging very often. I like being able to have everything here in one spot so these thoughts get their own spot. Don't look for much there but I will write as I feel inspired.

Dragonslayer Thoughts

This is where I post game thoughts, ideas and comments about my game and gaming in general. I will try to segregate my posts between this and the BOB's Musing section. And yeah I know this does sort of seem to have something to do with the rest of the site, but bear with me as we explore together.

BOB's Links

This is a section to help guide others to sites that I visit on a regular basis. This way I can list favorite game sites, blogs I read and give my thoughts on why I think you should visit them.

Recent Changes (check here for a list of recently changed pages in the Out of Character section)

New - RSS Feed to add to your favorite news feeds.

We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.