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OutofCharacter / BOBsMusings

BOB's Musings

This part of Out of Character is where I post non-game thoughts and this might turn out to be what other people would call a blog. However I tend to think of blog as a list of posts on some sort of regular basis that people link back and forth with. If I find something I think is really interesting that I think you should read I will might send you there with a link. But I also have a spot for links that I think you should visit, so who knows how many will appear here as well. The other function of a blog is to link back to posts. I doubt that will happen here. I post these more for the fact that I need to get something off my chest, to make a point, or just because I can. I am not looking for blogg-o-sphere fame or trying to see how many people I can get to connect to me.

Like another section here called Dragonslayer Thoughts you can follow along with the discussions here if you like just like any wiki page. Simply use the password 'guest' to add your own comments.


This is where I toss links to my various thoughts and comments; things that I plan to link back and forth by date and or subject. Let's see how quickly that deteriorates. You know I am going to ramble and divert to other topics in each post so don't count on it all making sense.