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OutofCharacter / BOBsLinks

BOB's Links

This is a section of Out of Character to help guide others to sites that I visit on a regular basis. This way I can list favorite game sites, blogs I read and give my thoughts on why I think you should visit them. These links all go off this site so stay safe out there. For ways to contact me directly or indirectly here is my profile

  • My links
    • WikiSandbox - a place to experiment and test out how the wiki works
    • Blogs - some of the blogs that I find interesting, perhaps you will too
      • Brightweavings - an excellent online community dedicated to Guy Gavriel Kay, wonderful writer. The forums there are full of inventive fun people who are great fun to know.
      • Simon I met from Brightweavings, great slice of life in the Great White North.
      • Emilie is someone else I met at Brightweavings, her family blog makes me feel like I live down the street from her.
      • CAB over on Multiply, fun person to hang out with.
      • Culture of Ownership - This blog is by Molly Wood one of the editors at It is not often updated but she does talk about some very good topics on copyright and how it affects so much of our lives today; for both good and bad.
    • Its Your Turn - a fun easy website to play turn based games with people. I like the fact that I can play with anyone anywhere and not need to be online at the same time. Take my turn every day or three and play out a game over the course of a week or more. It fits my schedule and allows me to have fun playing games with people outside of D&D.
    • eReader - the place for eBooks.
    • Books on Board - another great eBook site.
  • Dragonslayer participation sites
  • KloOge products
    • KloOge Info - the best place to find out more information about KloOge other than the main product website. In some cases even better.
      • Game material sources
      • 0onegames - I really like the map PDFs this company puts out. Simple easy to use, the interactive features give me a lot of options for each map. When I published an image from one of their boxed sets, Mario was very helpful in working with me to ensure that we satisfied their copyright needs and we were able to continue to use the image.
      • RPGNow - The first place I go to check if something is available in digital format. Tons of small press content and they keep track of what I have purchased so I don't buy something twice.
      • Gozzys - Gozzys is what I use for random mapping. Quick and easy, export to .jpg and import to KloOge. I can have a new map up in the game in under 2 minutes.
  • Game topics
    • Chatty DM - a fun place to visit and hear what others are saying about gaming in general. Because I run one game system I don't participate as much in the discussions but I do enjoy the quality of the comments there.
    • Donata Z. - This is a gallery by the artist who did several of the maps found on this site, particularly the Small Kingdoms set. Excellent to work with if you have any type of artistic project in mind.
    • JWBjerk - This gallery by JW shows off some of his cartography skills. He was excellent at pulling together disparate maps for me and forming them into one cohesive globe.
    • Neal Moss - This is the artist who created the Loosend series of maps for me. Quick excellent work and a good grasp of fantasy mapping as well as good photoshop skills.
    • Jonathan Roberts - Great blog on making maps and all sorts of cartography tricks and tips - and he can really draw.
    • Jaxlion - The artist who did the Outreach image for me, excellent free lancer for all sorts of art and maps.
    • Dana Tri The artist who did the Jistille Estates image for me, new young artist who I think will do very good things.
  • Dragonslayer Games
    • This is a new project for me to sell "kloogified" adventures and such we will see exactly when this gets off the ground.
      • klooge adventures for sale
      • coupled with a def file or not?
      • pdf adventures