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Songs from Wedding Crashers

A selection of the music mentioned during the Story Arc with added commentary and context to player's song choice.

Session: 20180420c
Shrek - My SwampMy Kingdom is a swamp or Who knows the way to the castle?
Big Bang Theory - Sword MasterNot a song but she is the sword master
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of LondonFancy Werewolves
Elton John - The Bitch is BackWhich Witch are you referring to, really I though you meant Aunt Jen
Thin Lizzy - Boys are Back in TownBoys talking about scars
After Session: 20180420c - Arrival at Jistille
Spin Doctors - Two PrincesWe have two Princes, do we need a Princess
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany'sFancy Breakfast with the Princess
Session: 20180427c
When We're Human - Princess and the FrogWe're talking about Therianthropes (including weregators).
Session: 20180504c
Jim Croce - I Got A NameTrying to decide what to do about Treble.
Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass...but you know it's all about that bass.
John Denver - Leaving On A Jet PlaneBags are packed, ready to go, said our goodbyes.
Shakira - Try Everything (Zootopia)Likely less about traveling and more about Kel trying out darts.
Annie - TomorrowTomorrow, tomorrow, there's always cast Waterbane for Anastacia's wedding clothes.
The Hollies - Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)The color of the dress Anastacia wants to protect?
Avicii - Wake Me UpEncounters spread equally amongst the skiffs. This mean I have to wake up?
Tony Orlando (Cover) - Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak TreeOh look at that old oak tree there! Did it...did it move?
Bruce Springsteen - I'm On FireBest way to deal with a misbehaving tree? Set it on fire.
The Mowgli's - I'm GoodKel almost gets eaten by a tree, but is saved and tumbles away to safety.
Silentó - Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)"What sounds does a tree make in the swamp? Whip, whip whip whip whip." - Brother Fotopoulos
Linda Ronstadt - Oh No Not My BabyA lizardman pulls Anor (wolf) overboard. Shi is not having it. Well, neither is Anor.
Session: 20180511c
Portugal. The Man - Feel It StillWhich queen is the rebel queen and is she a rebel just for kicks?
Eagles - Witchy WomanWe meet a priestess in the swamp. Call her The Witch, please.
The Wreckers - Stand Still, Look PrettyJared and Hugh are caught by a Hold Person spell.
Sting - All This TimeThose hold spells? Oh yeah, those wore off some time ago.
Fleetwood Mac - TuskLet's say hello to the pet boar with huge tusks!
Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make NiceShi just wants to be friends with the giant boar...
The Civil Wars - Barton HollowFor Ilero after a discussion on telling Marisu all they found out about her family.
Moana - We Know The WayAnastacia goes over their route, guards to avoid, and all that fun stuff.
The Road To El Dorado - The Trail We BlazeKnow where we're going? Good! Let's blaze through!
Pink Floyd - Learning To FlyIlero wishes to fly again. For recon. Not just because. Nope.
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An EagleI want to fly like an eagle \ 'Till I'm free \ Fly through the revolution
Rush - Tom SawyerAnastacia tells Hugh to maybe don't get so close to the boar next time?
Black Sabbath - War PigsWar, pigs, witches, chess...check, check, check, and check!
Fleetwood Mac - DreamsThis is the album of prophecies. This is Hugh's prophecy/foreshadowing.
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own WayThis is the album of prophecies, and this one is for Ilero.
Fleetwood Mac - Don't StopDon't stop thinking about tomorrow. It'll soon be here. Er, after watches.
Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of YouKel asks Hoffman for some advice, you know, man to man.
Mr. Mister - KyrieThe advice being how to get together with someone you love. This ties in somehow.
Session: 20180518c
Joss Stone - Under Pressure (Cover)See below.
Delta Rae - RunSee below.
P!nk - Who KnewTime to tell Marisu the "truth" (according to Anastacia) about her father.
Talking Heads - Psycho KillerBest way to speak to the dead? Apparently using their heads.
Sting - Fortress Around Your HeartPenelope and Marisu argue over if the truth is worth knowing or her family worth saving.
Billy Joel - She's Always A WomanSee below.
Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A WomanS/he's a s/he? Well that explains a lot. (Running joke)
Little River Band - Take It Easy On MeEddie (Dog) and Galad (Wolf) meet. Shi tells Galad to play nice with Eddie. Kel thinks Shi is talking to him.
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Late For Your LifeA new song for Shi.
Sarah McLachlan - Sweet SurrenderSee below.
Rod Stewart - Tomorrow Is A Long TimeSee below.
Sarah McLachlan - Building A MysterySee below.
Indigo Girls - Closer To FineSee below.
Sugarland - Something MoreSee below.
The Little Mermaid - Kiss the GirlKel and Shi talk about death, the unknown of tomorrow, and getting together. And then they kiss.
Audioslave - Like A StoneA song about waiting for someone and death, so yes, relevant. I think.
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany'sWho wants breakfast rolls? It is second breakfast by now.
Audioslave - I Am The HighwayApparently this is the song TMO meant to use, but it still works.
George Thorogood - Who Do You LoveAnor meets a boobrie. Shi tries (and succeeds with Miranda) to save Anor.
Kanye West - Gold DiggerThe boobrie apparently wanted some gold. Extortion via bird.
Paul Simon - Late In The EveningIt's getting late. That's all.
Princess and the Frog - Dig A Little DeeperBonus Song! Because finding out who you are (Marisu), what you need (Shi), and being a rich man (boobrie). Also because a good song.
Session: 20180525c
Manfred Mann - Blinded by the LightI cannot imagine it too much brighter, we would be blinded by the light - Mara
Bruce Springsteen - Blinded by the LightBetter version according to John (disagree by Carissa).
Spooky Scary SkeletonsAnother exception for not-music, but relevant to the skeleton sentinels.
Peter, Paul, and Mary - If I Had A HammerHammer might help more than a sword for skeleton battling...
John Mayer - Born and RaisedWho knows about swamp disease? Those born and raised in the swamps.
Elton John - Crocodile RockIs it crocodiles or alligators in Florida lakes? Actually, it could be both because we do have Crocodylus acutus in North America...
Sarah McLachlan - Hold OnIs Marisu ready to talk to Anastacia yet? No? Okay, hold on. TMO will be back.
Aladdin - Friend Like MeFor Kenna and Mara? Or BOB not judging TMO for listening to terrible D&D videos?
Aquarius - Let The Sunshine InMara is all sunshine and singing, apparently. But, like, The Mist sunshine. So not full sunshine? Something like that.
Princess and the Frog - Friends On The Other SideMara talks about talking to the dead and tarot cards.
Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The ReaperAlso for Mara, but we all know Princess and the Frog wins this round.
Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At AllMarisu has lots of questions for Anastacia.
Session: 20180601c
PlaceholderTo be done later.
Session: 20180602c
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game - Songs of the DaySongs are actually (going to be) over on that page.
Session: 20180608c
PlaceholderTo be done later.
Session: 20180615c
DARK LORDS - Terrible Writing AdviceUnrelated but funny contribution from Master TMO
Labyrinth - Magic Dance - David BowieCan’t tell where BOB got this idea except that he liked it – we were beginning the first of two healing sessions for the night
Meghan Trainor - NONo Hugh, no one wants you to become the next Penelope motivational chanter
Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy BrownYou can call him Stan, Stanley, Count … or Leroy?
Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. RobinsonHoffman and Indigo discuss secrets not related to affairs but we probably should hide them from the kids
Mary Chapin Carpenter - This is LoveLove is doing whatever your woman wants – pay attention Kel
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Shut Up and Kiss MeBOB is starting with this before Shi and Kel even begin their watch. No pressure
I'm The Only One - Melissa EtheridgeYes, Shi could be the only one if the Wand of Wonder zaps Mara
Carly Simon - You're So VainShi and Kel discussing Shi’s past suitors. Lisa doesn’t get the connection to the song
Bruce Hornsby - The Valley RoadShi and Kel reminisce about wanting to ditch that strange Dragonslayer group when they first met them
Game of Thrones - The Rains of CastamereResponse to Lisa downplaying the danger of this mission – just a wedding in the fog
The Empire Strikes Back: Han & Leia - I Love You. I Know.Another lovey dovey reference just because it's Kel and Shi.
Divinyls - I Touch MyselfWould Mara touch herself if it would heal her and do we have to watch?
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Let Me Touch You For AwhileAnd if Mara won’t touch herself or you, Miranda will. Or this was an attempt to provide Michael with a better touching kinda song
Session: 20180622c
Sabaton - Winged HussarsSince Mario was “flying solo” on Friday, we get a visual of a medieval battle involving guys with wings. No clue what a Hussar is.
Archer - Your authority is not recognized in Fort KickassBOB tries to get the early login peoples to plan before Lisa the anti-planner arrives
Great White - Lady Red LightYes, Branwyn is a lady and not a lord, perhaps it would be best to ignore the red light in this title
Tracy Chapman - Fast carWe’re moving! Fast? Well, Indigo fast. Not fully human fast but better than gnome fast
The Terror: 'This Place Wants Us Dead'Not a song, but Michael is getting a bit uncomfortable with the dragging the rowboat down the road thing. Wait until we add the chair to the boat!
Billy Joel - You May Be RightMara? Mara’s right? About Shi being lucky to have Kel? Hmmm … maybe she is.
The Beatles - Ticket to rideTicket to ride the pun line highway
How to Pun Like The MastersFew are born pun masters, this video may help
The Rolling Stones - Paint It, BlackArtistic puns go dark
How to Make A YouTube VideoAnd yes, there are YouTube videos for everything
Session: 20180629c
Adam And The Ants - Plastic SurgeryGuy is suggesting Mara’s self healing is going further than just touching?
AC/DC big ballsJared is shocked that the Bolpels would not welcome Jared into their home with open arms. The audacity of that family!
The Doors - Light My FireBranwyn finally has an open path for a fireball and a whole platoon of zombies goes up in flames
Oingo Boingo - It's a Dead Man's PartyTechnically it’s an undead man’s party, but let’s not quibble over details
Road Movie To Berlin · They Might Be GiantsNice travelling song as Kel and Indigo get ready to drag the rowboat down the dusty trail
Barbara Mandrell - Sleeping Single In A Double BedDreaming of future nights at Orchard House. No one has to fight over the double bed, we can just make more
Carpenters - Close to youTiberius explains that everyone just wants to be close to Branwyn – whether she likes it or not
Joss Stone - Stuck On YouThe above is all well and good, but Branwyn is only stuck on Tiberius
Family Guy - Rudolph Has A TumorTalking about long songs brings up Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which makes this video emblematic of Mara?
The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)Are we there yet? We may have many miles to go, but we hope it really isn’t 500 more
The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling StoneOn the move again. Rolling, rolling, rolling. Keep those doggies (wolves?) rolling. Rawhide! Or we can go Motown like in the link. Take your pick.
Doctor Who - Entire Cast & Crew 500 Miles SpecialSeriously. Are we there yet? This travelling theme is not going to end until we get there
Christopher Cross - Ride Like The WindMarisu sadly remembers her horse, Zephyr, may he rest in peace
Mary Chapin Carpenter - ZephyrDitto the above
Aloe Blacc-Love is the answerAlthough love is usually the answer, it is often the last one tried or even thought of
I miss you like the deserts miss the rainNot only are we missing desserts, we have missing s’s too
Delta Rae - Dance In The GraveyardsIf you happen to be a bunch of adventurers whistling past a graveyard, you might as well dance too. Just wish our partners didn’t have to be a bunch of ghouls
Session: 20180706c
Bruno Mars - 24K MagicBranwyn casts gold glitterdust magic. How is that not what this song about?
Tangled - I See The LightA light appeared while we searched for Ilero. Yes, we see the light.
Billy Joel - Goodnight SaigonSomething happened and kLoOge took all our characters off the sidepanel. Yes, we all go down together.
Tom Jones - She's A LadyWe all know Marisu is a lady. No need to watch her undress. She has clothes under her armor, you pervs!
Neil Diamond - I Am... I SaidSee below.
Phillip Phillips - HomeSee below.
Michael Bublé - HomeA discussion about homes, what places they call home, and going home.
Mary MacGregor - Torn Between Two LoversMiranda doesn't want to get between Shi and Mara (aka Kel's two lovers, as per her belief).
Celtic Woman - DulamanShi sings another Elven song which is a rendition of this one. Please see summary for more details.
Dragon Age - Lelianna's SongShi previously sang this Elven song. Please see summary for more details.
Elle King - Ex's & Oh'sAll Kel's Ex's live in... trees. There is no Texas in this realm.
The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling"It's gonna be a good night." - QuiFon
They Might Be Giants - TMBGWe found giants. You know this song will come up each time we do.
Sugar Ray - FlyHugh is going to try climbing the rocks to talk to the giants, but Miranda has fly ready to cast.
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be HappyHugh did fall, but he didn't hurt himself. Be happy about that.
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - What I AmTrying to remind Michael proper formatting to speak Jotan in chat.
Stray Cats - Rock This TownAttempting giant negotiation to get around the rocks. Let's rock this!
Session: 20180713c
Slade - Run RunawayWe begin the night trying to decide what to do about the giants. Guy has a plan.
Queen - We Will Rock YouA warning to the giants. Next to the rock pile. Yes, pun intended.
Kaskade - Cold as Stone ft. Charlotte LawrenceMore music and pun tie-ins because you can never have enough.
The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) SatisfactionSorry, Michael, but BOB says you have to type it all out IC. And yes, yet another pun-based song choice.
The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling StoneI take this as BOB approving of Carissa's pun-song choices as he contributes his own.
Audioslave - Like a Stone...but Carissa was more along this line of thinking for the next song. Because stone and also Hugh is waiting, alone, in the bushes, trying to not die.
Mary Chapin Carpentner - Why Walk When You Can FlyA reminder that Hugh still has Fly cast on him while we fight.
3OH!3 - Double VisionLisa is logged in twice. Carissa sees doubles, but accidentally posts the wrong link as she meant to post this one.
The Cranberries - ZombieThe church is empty. Or is it? We don't actually find out, but we have our suspicions for what's actually inside.
The Dixie Cups - Going to the Chapel of LoveAnd if that church is NOT full of zombies, well, maybe...
Bill Withers - Just The Two of UsThe little gypsy girl gets confused and thinks Kel and Shi are the only elves left in the world.
Jungle Book - Trust In MeEither BOB wants us to trust him, or it's a comment on a comment about trust. Hmm...
Anastasia - Once Upon A DecemberThe key song for any time Anastacia is mentioned for some odd reason.
Session: 20180720c
Pink Floyd - Run Like HellSpotting us from the castle, the young retainer runs like hell to intercept us.
Sesame Street - The Count (Censored)Michael doesn't know The Count reference. Carissa finds a hilarious version of his song to share.
The Muppets Show - Staying Alive"Did someone say dancing?" - TMO.
Pitch Perfect 3 - Freedom!'90 x CupsThistle runs away. Freedom! Are we going to miss her now that she's gone?
The Ting Tings - That's Not My NameThe young retainer's name is Knave. Wait, really? Are you sure? And is this a "that explains..." joke?
Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty - Stop Draggin' My Heart AroundTiberius wants to know how long he's supposed to wait until he follows Branwyn. What do you mean he's not to follow?
INXS - Never Tear Us ApartBut they've not been apart since the wedding. Why are we tearing them apart now?
Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the FireWe all try to start a fire and two of us post this song, but we'll go with this lyrics and history version.
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be HappyWe sit waiting in the Count's castle for...something? Let's go explore! Maybe.
Beauty and the Beast - Dinner Is ServedKnave finally returns and tells us dinner is (almost) ready!
Tracy Bryd - Watermelon CrawlOff to the dungeons they go. To get water and wine.
Session: 20180727c
Unknown - I Want A Hippopotamus For ChristmasSomehow a conversation about hypotenuses and chests relates to hippopotamus?
Madonna - Into the GroveBranwyn doesn't really dance well, but you know who does? Shur. She can definitely dance.
Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough FairWisewomen Marigold, Thyme, Sunflower, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Basil, and so on and so forth. Okay some of those don't exist - that we've met, at least.
Paul Anka - Having My BabySomething about Branwyn's daughter? Treble? Or does she need a midwife soon?
Cher - Gypsies, Tramps & ThievesWe're talking to a gypsy, if you couldn't tell.
West Side Story - Something's ComingWisewoman Sunflower talks about the future. What's coming?
Fleetwood Mac - DreamsThe song of this arc is finally announced - indirectly, but officially!
Session: 20180810c
Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman"Sorry was a thought tumbling in my mind for the morning. I think it was from the wedding that The Life Giver is going to." - Knave
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Runnin' Down A DreamYeah runnin' down a dream / That never would come to me / Workin' on a mystery, goin' wherever it leads / Runnin' down a dream.
Billy Idol - White WeddingAnother wedding song for the wedding party because we're going to forget when we get back to that timeline.
Session: 20181102c
Dreams - Fleetwood MacSomething to set the mood as BOB recaps where we left off in the story
System Of A Down - Chop Suey!Carissa’s wake up song. Everyone rise and shine!
"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob CantorAs Branwyn contemplates the possibility that Tiberius may have followed her, TMO post this hilarious song saying to replace Shia with Tiberius. Branwyn’s husband really does get a bad rap.
Session: 20181109c
Fleetwood Mac - DreamsOpener to set the mood and remind us of our story arc
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)TMO doesn’t recognize the lyrics to Dreams, but he knows this dreamy song.
Tom Petty - Running Down a DreamAnd this dreamy song.
Gary Wright - DreamWeaverHow about this one?
Dokken - "Dream Warriors"But do you know this one?
The Eagles - Witchey WomanPart of Lisa’s childhood fascination with Stevie Nicks was that she was a witch.
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Mario posts this version for Carissa
Lady Gaga - Born This WayDid Richard become such a dick after he became ruler of his estate? Not likely.
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's PartyWe’re going to a wedding. Are the guests vampires or ghosts? How many people in this place are actually alive? It’s party time.
Session: 20181116c
The Crew Cuts - Sh Boom Sh BoomAn oldie but goodie – life is but a dream, sha la la la la la la
Queen - Bohemian RhapsodyLike Freddie, we wonder - Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Gene Wilder - Pure ImaginationThe young Brandon Cowles wants to give Mara a golden ticket to his thicket. Better than a trip to the chocolate factory maybe?
Session: 20181123c
Cinderella - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart MakesHow was this song not referenced last week? Well, fixed it.
Pearl Jam - Better ManWill our Dream interference make Etienne a better man, or a worse one?
Trace Adkins - Marry For MoneySome conversation about different types of marriage in different religions and settings. I suppose for money could be one of them.
'Til Tuesday - Voices CarryThe group wants food. Suddenly Petit-Singe appears. Looks like our voices carry.
Young Frankenstein - Put The Candle BackTrying to figure out how to get into the secret room. No, it's not music, but exceptions are made for Young Frankenstein scenes.
Twilight Zone - IntroA bad precedent to set, but this was referenced in the summary so posting it here.
Session: 20181130c
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Bohemian PolkaI think it's illegal to post the actual song so here's a parody.
Postmodern Jukebox - Who Wants to Live Forever (Cover)Please see above. No posting the originals, thanks.
Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The JungleWe're heading to the Living Gardens. Is it an actual garden or something more? (Spoiler: pretty tame, actually).
Metallica - Fade to BlackThe Dream ends and we all awake back in our chambers...
Session: 20181221c
America - You Can Do MagicIronwood is ONLY magic. Not a big deal to those who can do magic, right, Branwyn?
Ghostbusters - I Believe It's MagicAnd yes, we believe the ironwood and/or box is magic.
Jackie Wilson - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and HigherMarisu and Branwyn are climbing the tower, higher and higher. I cannot speak for anything related to love.
The Who - Who Are YouA door is opened, someone is likely having an affair, but more important, who are you??
Session: 20181228c
Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About YouDiscussions about stopping Dreaming to song quoting.
Kenny Nolan - I Like Dreamin'More songs about Dreaming and dreaming.
O Brother, Where Art Thous? - The Three SirensBOB cannot believe he hasn't posted this song yet. Look familiar?
Portugal. The Man - Feel It StillA reference to Hoffman asking if he should stay with the princess or telling us sleeping in the bed at the Living Gardens is a good idea?
Chameleon Circuit - Count the ShadowsOne of the ways to kill time in the garden until bed time.
Maroon 5 - Nothing Last ForeverAnastacia is healthy again. Not like sickness lasts forever. Unless you die.
Nickel Creek - This SideHoffman is trying to figure out where the books were hidden. Over there.
5th Dimension - (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At AllYou know who didn't get a good sleep? Hoffman.
The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be KingAs Hoffman drifts off to sleep, he thinks he'd like to be king.
Avicii - Wake Me UpHugh tries to wake Hoffman up from his restless sleep from lack of earlier sleep.
Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-GoSong theme has switch from Dreaming to waking up.
Sting - All This TimeBranwyn goes to fetch the coffin. Yes, it's been there all this time.
Pink Floyd - MotherEtienne wakes up and greets his mother. Er, nope, sorry she's not here yet.
Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna DoWho wants to live forever if you're not having fun?
Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The WorldHugh got a reward because everyone wants a reward. And to rule the world.
Elvin Bishop (Morgan James Cover)- Fooled Around And Fell In LoveBranwyn and Stanley Drake talk about how he should apologize to his wife because he probably did something.
Jim Croce - Time In A BottleStanley Drake says he has time to wait out the disagreement with his wife, but Hugh points out that time doesn't always heal.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - HellfireA reference to keeping in touch with Etienne? More likely Drake thinking he's above those he rules and his wife. A good song to end on...?