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Wedding Crashers - Session Summaries

Key Points:

  • On 2-8-1267 TGR - The crew enters The Mist of Drillian with many experiencing sickness.
  • On 4-8-1267 TGR - With a quick turnaround from returning to Jistille, the crew sets off for their next adventure.
  • On 15-8-1267 TGR - Date of the wedding at the d'Ambrevilles Estates.

Notes for All:

Session: 20180420c

While most of this session was summarized earlier on the previous journey, we did switch to a whole new Era and Story Arc towards the end. These are just the few details that remain for that session.

  • After finally reaching Jistille Estates and getting a good night's sleep, the group is brought to meet and greet the queen at the keep, but first...
    1. Medoro greets them, tells them Lord Mosskin is doing well and still insists on going out on patrol, and leads them to the throne room.
    2. Anastacia Eustace greets them by tossing a dagger at Kel's feet, hugging Indigo, almost killing Kel who only wanted to introduce her to Tebhoundrin, tells them over a dozen loyal Eustace retainers agreed to be turned to weres but not her, and states that she has no desire to be Queen upon a question from Teb.
    3. During this whole encounter, Ilero is quietly taking notes of all that is said.
    4. A little boy runs in followed by Toybin, who noticed the audience, stops chasing the boy, and gives Branwyn a hug. Those who are new to the group are introduced to again, but to Toybin, who does wonder if Hugh is related to the d'Ambrevilles and wants to know how Ilero got his new neck scar.
    5. Missus Moskin (Queen Wilamina) comes running in after her son Edward, sees the group, tells Edward to say hello to his godmother (Branwyn), does not care to be introduced to the friends of Branwyn, mentions she is expecting twins, does also wonder if Hugh is related to the d'Amrevilles, and feeds the group breakfast.
  • It is during breakfast the group is told they will go to the d'Amreville wedding with Anastacia (crashing it, really). Oh and they are to leave that day. We have 11 days to get there. Ta-ta, have fun!
    1. Of note, Jennevive did not mention Branwyn wedding Tiberius for some odd reason, the whole group won't attend the wedding, but the more the merrier for traveling, it should take about 9 days of travel through swamp and rebellion to get there, and Elanore Bolpol is dead.
    2. What else happens at breakfast? Feel free to find out for yourself.

Session: 20180427c

  • We begin the night by making sure our character sheets all look nice and correct and deciding what to pack for this trip. In the end, we settle with four small chests: one of books, one of potions and scrolls, one of loot, and one empty one. Smaller items like coins and gems will be split amongst the party to carry in their packs as needed. We will, of course, have the room scoll with us (emptied with most items in storage at Orchard House). Ready now?
    1. We are taking the spyglass, rod of resurrection, 130 hp of gems, 20 hp 20 sp cash, and if we're lucky, we'll grab some healing potions before we leave.
    2. There will be no cart or wagon so more people will have to take charge of the chests.
    3. We planned on four chests, but Anastacia mentioned a chest of nice clothes for the wedding. Will it be five chests total?
    4. "...and for Carissa [and Mario], Shi would be asking about distances and would realize that things are closer to each other here, 50 miles back home is a two day jaunt, through woodlands, meadows, and Disney like vistas, but here in The Mist and the swamps, 50 miles turns into a five day slog." - BOB
    5. "You are heading south south east out of Jistille to try to hit that road that just into the swamp that is called The Kings Road" - BOB
  • With those details out of the way, we're back in the throne room in a far more formal setting. Branwyn fills the Queen in with news from her posting in Terraguard, and for her service, she is rewarded with 10 square miles of territory she can stake out from the Craniate Wastes to the edges of the Queen's own lands. When she returns that is. Not now. She has important things to do like get ready to leave now.
    1. Apparently a task if required to be assigned when at war so we (technically Branwyn) are assigned the task of guiding Princess Anastacia and her retainers to the d' Ambrevilles Estates for her to attend a wedding.
    2. Speaking of Princess, you're married, Branwyn? Why not introduce him to the Court? There is confidence that he at least should know how to interact with royalty and, as we hoped, he does. But the Queen does tell him not to let her lead him into wild adventures. Wait. Haven't most of Branwyn's wild adventures been at the bidding of the Queen?
    3. In the back, Kel again quietly remarks how he thinks Ty is a better name, Shi comments back to Kel in Elven, and to their surprise, Jared (the human) comments on their comments. In Elven. Well this will be an interesting develop. At least one of the Elves is not happy...
    4. Jared also gives a brief update on the status of the Scouts, tells Jennevive there has been no sign of her husband, and is taken to the side by Toybin when they're dismissed to remind him he is there for him and to make sure nothing happens to Branwyn. Lieutenant Ovilyn should be able to handle things while he is gone.
    5. And before they're dismissed, the Queen does tell Branwyn that she knows there is more to gossip about, them being two old married women now, but it will have to wait.
  • Anastacia leads the group to one of the secondary buildings and we take a short break to ask questions of which include: throwing darts, if there is anything wrong with being Therianthropes and if all of them are evil (no) and their current status in Drillian and association with the Queen, how Penelope might handle learning about Indigo and the Swanmay Sisters, and what we're going to do about Marisu. Well...
    1. Another side note to tell BOB anything you do or do not want to eat/drink before Anniversary Game.
    2. Anastacia will be bringing some of her retainers as well. They are strangly blank, without even names, as if waiting to be given purpose in a few weeks' time...
  • Before we worry about Marisu who is sitting quietly in the corner wearing her disguise, we do have this mystery potion we picked up just a few days ago. Who wants to give it a go?
    1. Shi volunteers, but hesitates after hearing about the soul sucking potion and seeing the thick, oily, strong smelling grey potion. Um, about that, ah...wait what are you doing, Indigo??
    2. Secretly relieved, Indigo tests the potion by putting it on the back of his hand. Everything seems normal so Indigo pounds his hand on a table. It breaks. That's not something he could normally do, right? Doesn't look like it was an old table, either. Hey, why not try that anvil outside next to the smithy? Indigo can't lift it above his head, but he definitely felt magic. Maybe punch it? Ouch, no. Bad idea. Interesting potion, either way. We'll have to try it on a weapon next time.
  • Anyways, back to Marisu (as TMO logs in)? Sure, as she sits there quietly, and Indigo leds Anastacia briefly away to meet her retainers, Jilly bursts in. No need to be quiet. Jilly will talk over you anyways. She kindly gives Shi a bag of berries, and then tells Ara to get to work, but remembers Indigo told her to call her Ara until they were home and well they're home now and everything is good and and and - eventually Branwyn gets Jilly to stop talking and take a breath.
    1. She asks who is wearing what to the wedding, remarks she is sad she can't go, and Branwyn has to interrupt her again and tell her to give some gold pieces to Widow Washburn to hire help. She also left Jilly more allowance that morning. Now hugs and goodbyes, we'll miss you Jilly. Branwyn promises to save the rest of them and in return Jilly promises to take care of things. One last thing, Acien will want to hear from you. Okay, now go on Jilly. You have things to do!
    2. With Jilly gone, Branwyn takes Marisu outside to talk for a moment (with anyone who wanted to follow following). They talk briefly to see what Marisu wants to do, about if Branwyn thinks the Queen is changed or in thrall, the hypothesis that the Bolpels said what they wanted to instigate a civil war, and whether or not a way to test the Queen to see if she is in thrall or a were without her knowing or with her consenting.
    3. So you know what is probably just a random crazy happenstance? That tonight is the night before a full moon, also know as one of the three days weres change. How potentially odd that we're being sent away from the Queen before evening hits and the moon rises...
  • There is some back and forth, a conversation best read than for me to summarize, but in the end, Marisu decides to reveal herself when Anastacia returns to the group. Everyone is ready for the possibility that Anastacia will attack and...well, she knew Marisu was there the whole time!
    1. This is why we don't make plans, isn't it? Anyways, Anastacia lets Marisu know that if she wishes to ask the Queen for a different guardian then she is out of luck. Oh no, Marisu is perfectly happy with Branwyn. Branwyn? Oh no, Anastacia means Prince Ilero! If Marisu keeps him safe and in the Queen's service then she believes Marisu is in her service.
    2. An extra line here to emphasize that Marisu is charged with keeping Ilero, Ilero safe and out of dangerous situations. Ilero, the King of Stupid Ideas and at least one death. Ha! Best of luck, Marisu! You'll need it!
    3. Anyhow, the Queen was already briefed by Jennevive upon her return and gave a full report of Marisu's activities and her assistance to Branwyn, including performing well as Ambassador in Branwyn's absences.
    4. Marisu does ask of the fate of her family and is told by Anastacia that her mother died under Anastacia's blade, her sister was not recovered, and her father was a were, but she does not know if he lives and hunts still or not. But hey, the Drake family recovered and Lisba Drake became Queen so who knows what may happen to Marisu's granddaughters one day?
  • Marisu is told that her time being a servant is over and she is to be Marisu again for when they travel. She leaves and locks herself in her room as she prepares while Branwyn does put in a few more good words for Marisu.
    1. While Marisu is out of room, Anastacia tells the group that Marisu's father is the reason for the weres. According to her, he went dark after she killed his wife and tried to loose a pair of werewolves upon Anastacia. He was bitten instead, three more guards were changed, and in the end the Doeskins were a dozen werewolves strong. Anastacia's cousins chose to change and become were to fight them.
    2. No that is not the story Androp told them so which is true?
    3. The Doeskin were apparently attacked two of their villages, there wasn't enough silver to make a difference, and the Brotherhood simply watched and did nothing hence fighting back as weres.
    4. Anyways so your new friends? Can they actually handle the swamp? Doesn't look like they could even handle a bullywug! Yes you should try sparring with them one day, Anastacia.
    5. Oh and back to rumors: the mage? Story goes she brought a wand of command for the Queen's army. Toybin grabbed her and threw her off the top of the tower stating she was about to use it on the Queen. He bounced off the canopy below. The mage did not. Was it really to be used on the Queen? Who knows. A couple of youngsters at Court do the detecting and such but the good mages who can do damage are with the troops.
  • Anastacia leaves to prepare for the trip, the group briefly talks about what they learned, Tiberius is told of how succession works in Drillian as it's different than he knows, and Marisu emerges from her room dressed for battle. And SCENE.
    1. Lots of information and rumors and quick preparations. Looks like we'll be hitting the swamp next session. Will it go better than our trip to Jistille Estates? As always, one way to find out!

Quotes of the Night:

Kel (MarioCS) whispers " how many counts are there?'
[Kel (MarioCS)] One? two? three?
[Kel (MarioCS)] ahhh ahhh ahhh

[Master] Jared is the new Jenn
[Master] loyal to Toybin
[Master] and watching over Branwyn

Indigo (Lisa) looks around for something heavy
[Kel (MarioCS)] (grab Shi's resistance to Kel)

[MarioCS] Kel is super balanced,
[MarioCS] just not when his life is on the line
[Lisa] and but with a 3-4 ft. sword in one hand while throwing?
[MarioCS] and considering he's only 5 feet tall? what do you mean?!
[Carissa] *3-4 ft. TALKING sword. Can you imagine?
[Carissa] "You're going to toss those tiny things? Well in MY day...."

[Master] Ok off to a children's book festival tomorrow
[Master] I am part of the scavenger hunt
[MarioCS] small damage, but three attacks, four if you have weapon specialization
[Lisa] they get a prize if they find you?
[Carissa] Poison the tips
[MarioCS] and at +3 each
[Master] I do not think poison is a good prize

Session: 20180504c

  • To make up for last week's session of information overload, this week we get tons of encounters. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, though, do we? Before we begin...
    1. We need to decide what to do about Treble? As in the otter. We know plenty enough about getting in trouble. You otter know that by now. Anyways! Yeah, we don't know yet. Let her loose? Wait for Guy to decide? She was a companion for a ranger, but said ranger is not with us anymore. Guess she'll hang around for now.
    2. Anyone else want to say goodbye to anyone else? No? We're all good? Packed and ready to go? Well let's do this then!
  • First encounter is a swarm of bugs which we skid by. No drama to report. Moving on.
  • One day and night down and on to the next. By the way, Brother Fotopoulos, meet Princess Anastacia. Princess Anastacia, meet Brother Fotopoulos. You all will be skiff mates. Now prepare to die. Er, sorry. I meant fight. Really! And not each other. He didn't kill your father. But really, prepare to fight because bullywugs. Lots of them.
    1. After the bullywugs get their initial attack, Wu gets off the spell Chill Touch. Um, he can cast spells? This whole time? Because I swear he hasn't cast a single thing since I started. Not once! I think. Pretty sure. Sigh, going to have to look now, but we'll keep going in the meantime.
    2. And after a quick search, he has cast only one other time. Ever. What and when? Burning hands against the scrags (that's a link). Interesting...
    3. As expected, Anastacia, a short sword master, kicks ass. Nothing more to say there.
    4. Johan, well, he tries, but it doesn't take much to knock him down. Luckily for him, Brother Foto heals him before he can be counted as walking wounded.
    5. And Brother Foto? He uses the best weapon of them all: his short stature and scary face! Or, I'm going to guess that's what it is, but either way, he somehow succeeds to intimidate the remaining bullywugs to abandon ship and flee. (No one except those on the skiff know why the bullywugs fled).
    6. This does cause Johan and Anastacia to lose their balance when the bullywugs jump ship and fall overboard. Foto manages to help Anastacia while Indigo rescues Johan. Combat has finished. But, you know, check yourself for leeches.
  • Well that was fun so who's next? Ah, that would be Branwyn, Shi, Anor, and Galad! Bullywugs again? Nope! A snake who thinks it's got an easy snack by attacking one of the wolves!
    1. Thankfully Branwyn looks around (a lot) and spots the giant snake! Unfortunately, it is a giant snake which means it cannot be a friend nor charmed, although seeing as it attacks poor Galad, Shi isn't wanting to be friends with it anymore, anyways.
    2. Thankfully again, Branwyn thinks fast. Specifically, she thinks of an earthworm. This is only an important thought if one is casting Polymorph. Which she is. Does she think about earthworms otherwise? Truly, I do not know.
    3. A successful cast and a failed save against the spell leaves us with an incredibly tough earthworm. We toss it overboard and all feel sorry for the fish that tries to eat it later.
    4. While Shi cannot heal, Miranda comes at their call and saves poor Galad. The little wolf is walking wounded, but really, he wasn't going to be fighting anytime soon anyways.
  • Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, whose turn is it to go? The oaf and elf, it's time to fight, but be warned: that tree does bite!
    1. ...which is to say an old oak tree attacks the skiff which houses Tiberius, Kel, and Ithil.
    2. Of these men, we find the only smart one to be the wolf. As the tree starts to attack, the wolf gets out of range while the other two decide to get close to the tree with teeth and whipping branches. Kel attacks, gets caught by a branch, and almost eaten, but of course Tiberius won't let his friend be consumed by a tree! So he frees Kel...and takes his place of being grabbed and almost eaten.
    3. Meanwhile, Branwyn sees this and decides that trees usually burn so why not fireball it? It's fine if one (or both) the silly men gets burned as well, right? Seeing as how they're encouraging it...
    4. Unable to cast lightning like on the last old oak they fought, Shi bends some of the branches in an attempt to disable it.
    5. That time Tiberius kicked Kel in the chest and saved him from the tree? Yeah, Kel tumbled into the water. Ithil tries to save him, fails, but after some flailing, Kel manages to grab on to the wolf who pulls them back to shore. Saved!
    6. Between the fire and swords and spells, the oak does end up dying and no one else! Success!
    7. Not only that, but it drops: 5000 silver pieces and 7 gems!
    8. Yes, that is a lot of coin that adds up in weight. We fill our empty small chest to nearly full (close to 800 coins) and split the rest among the party. What we can't fit or carry is left behind. As to exactly how much for all those questions? Yeah, we'll do the math later. Now if you are ambitious and want to figure it out, here is a helpful link! And another helpful link as Lisa did most of this work there.
  • Next encounter? Who hasn't had encounter fun yet? Because there's lots of lizardmen who would love to help liven up this party! Oh, except Snee doesn't like surprises. That doesn't mean they won't still attack, though! And don't worry, there are plenty for everyone!
    1. Kenna and Ilero attempt to shoot them from a distance while Snee just smacks them with a spirtual hammer. Ouch. Hoffman hacks a few up while Hugh and Neith get in a shot. With their bows. No, they do not throw the baby at the lizardmen. So next round?
    2. While the others hack and shoot the lizardmen around them, one sneaks up and tries to shove Eddie overboard. He slips and misses. Yes, he pays for that attempt.
    3. Not learning from his friend, yet another sneaks up and pulls Anor overboard. That one also pays for his actions with a bite to his face and a sword in his gut as he tries to escape.
    4. And one more meets a fun fate of telekinesis via Branwyn and squashes into a tree and dies.
    5. Also a mention for Hoffman going just a little overkill with another lizardman. That specific one told the group to surrender (specifically: SSSSSSSurendeeeer) and Hoffman gave his answer. It was a good answer.
  • Another check for leeches and we're good to go! bed. Because it's late. We have one more encounter check before the group makes camp. Will there be another encounter? Who missed out this time and gets the next one? As always, find out next week!
    1. ...I need to figure out a more clever way to end these summaries.

Quotes of the Night:

Ilero (TMO)] (you missed a peaceful night)
Ilero (TMO)] (except for when the island initiated combat)
QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (we beat it down)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Grounded it)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL FAILED against 18!!
[Branwyn (Lisa)] wasn't working ...
[JohnAA] how many eyes do you have
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (surely I will see something after all that)
[Master] ok so as you go gliding along
[Master] a large ripple in the water
[Master] catches Branwyn's eyes
[Kel (MarioCS)] (all 16 of them)

[Master] will be KING of the Earthworms!!!!
Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] we need him in our garden
[Kel (MarioCS)] (one day, if you dream just hard enough...)
[Master] he has his Hit Points, THAC0 and AC still
Hoffman (JohnAA)] everyone gets to be a prince or a king but me
[Master] is a very tough earthworm
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Telling you, meet up with mighty mouse and they'll rule the actual small kingdoms)

[Master] you strayed closer to the bank, this tree suddenly WHIPPPPED
[Kel (MarioCS)] and got birch slapped by an Oak
[Ithil (Carissa)] (Just leaf it alone)
[JohnAA] whos bark is worse then it's bite

[Lizardman #39 (Master)] SSSSSSSurendeeeer
Ilero (TMO)] (SSSSSsssuckit)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (does Kel get to act this round?)
[Master] he is a horrible actor but yes he can blow his lines again this round
[Kel (MarioCS)] hey....... i resent that
[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: Attack: Called Shot, Bow, at -4: ((15-(d20+3))+4) [1d20=1] 15 [MODIFIED (+4)]. MISSES Lizardman #36 (AC FINAL: 5).
[Master] I rest my case

Session: 20180511c

Happy 25th Anniversary!
...sorry you're stuck with normal summary for it!

  • Where to start this week? Well Mercy has her own icon now so we remember she's with us, and maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure her image has horns. She is experiencing "abnormal childhood development" and is apparently nearly two years old, a toddler already walking and potentially talking. Interesting. At least we can't forget about her if the skiff tips over! And maybe in the meantime someone can find an aging spell...
  • So what encounter awaits us tonight? Knowing we're looking for a hut, we oddly find... a hut! Not Jaba, Yaga, Baba, or Pizza. Just a normal, singular hut in a swamp. Empty? Full of huttsters, witches, alligator trappers, the chain lady, or lizardmen? We don't know. Only one way to ever find out, yes?
    1. Howard, Penelope, Indigo, Kel, Jared, Hugh, Snee, and Miranda all decide to go check out this hut. Are we being stealthy about this or not?
    2. Anastacia does point out there are guards and watchmen out in the swamps for both sides, or maybe more than two sides...
    3. No water walk, no quick sand, no stealthy, no nothing. Oh wait! A giant boar!
  • Hugh finds the giant boar the hard way: by being gutted. I mean, he doesn't die or anything, but yeah, that smarts. Time to fight back?
    1. Everyone gets in some good hits, and just as his HP gets low, Fluffy runs off. Wait. Fluffy? As in something you'd name your pet? Yeah, about that.
    2. As the boar runs off to hide near the hut, others try to follow. Unfortunately both Hugh and Jared find out someone, somewhere knows how to cast hold person. Who? No, not Wu. He didn't cast this session. But it looks like a priest spell...
    3. Well someone has to go forward, right? Thanks for volunteering, Penelope! She, Indigo, and Snee go knock and are greeted by a priestess? Well, as I said, those spells were priest spells.
  • Her name? Uh, just, ah, call her The Witch. You say she doesn't look like a witch but how do you know what a witch looks like? And if she doesn't look like a witch what does she look like? A spy?
    1. Anyways, the not very forthcoming priestess witch asks what the group is doing, which queen they are supporting, who are the rebels, and all that non-committal stuff. So what do we want? Well, a wall, of course! How else will we use the room scroll?
    2. Uh, that's an odd request. She can at least tell us there is plenty of fighting ahead (after Indigo asks what we might soon encounter), and if we are for the queen and not the rebel queen then we should be trying to go south as fast as possible.
    3. Deciding against using the wall, Indigo gives The Witch some silver as an apology for bothering her. She thanks Admiral Indigo Bolger and wishes him a safe trip. Wait, she knows who he is? She's the first person so far! So that must mean he has the princess with him, right? Please note she does not specify which princess, either.
    4. How does she know that, too? Oh, all those people we are traveling with? Safety for traveling to the wedding. It's dangerous times, you know. No princess. Just safety. Yep!
  • The Witch does offer to let us make camp on her island. We're not allowed inside, of course, but it's a decent-sized island. Is The Witch actually named Circe? Uh, we hope not because we're going to take her up on her offer!
    1. First order of business? Talk to Fluffy! He doesn't actually have much to say. His name is fluffy, he's been there many winters, the priestess is his friend, this is his home, it isn't dangerous out there (for him maybe), he's happy, and sorry, she's unable to help him. As for the group camping on the island? Fluffy points out many people are hard to sneak up on, but many people are also noisy. So we've discovered by the increase number of encounters! Also beware of bugs. Thanks, Fluffy. Have some berries before you turn in for the night!
    2. Meanwhile, Indigo and Penelope decide to try using the wall outside the hut for the room scroll. They need to be quiet. Who is quietest? Besides Ilero who is hiding? Definitely not Tiberius, and based on early, not Hugh. No centipedes around so Kel is best choice. As best as I can read, I want to say they did successfully toss all the coin in the room. It's dumped on the floor, but hey, no one has to carry it anymore, right?
    3. Finished with her conversation, Shi and Kenna decide to see if they can conjure up some goodberries here in the swamp. Verdict is: success! Well that's one more way to heal!
    4. Before watches are set, Branwyn pulls Ilero out of his hiding place to talk. Why? Because everyone but Marisu knows the story they were told about her father. Considering how she took it last time news was withheld from her, maybe they shouldn't wait to tell her. And maybe Ilero should tell her because she's supposed to keep him alive so she can't kill him in anger. Good plan!
  • After that talk, Anastacia, pulls over the crew to show them where they are going. Where? Ghostwood. That there is the Swamp Hold of the Bolpels. Guards probably here and there. If we're quick and lucky we can sneak between them there. End goal? Kings Road. Likely troops blocking it so no one gets to go north from the Royal Estates (Vilmar and others holding it). But if we're lucky, hit the troops from behind and then go south.
    1. Ilero does suggest that the group fly over it all. Er, no easy way to do the whole group. That's fine. Maybe just Ilero? He could do recon. That's all. Not because he loves flying and just wants an excuse to do it.
    2. The Bolpels do have four keeps, but only one between Dry Road and Kings Road that Anastacia can remember. Will we need to worry about the others? She doesn't think so, but you never know with these adventures.
    3. In conclusion, if the group gets separated, head for Kings Road then Ghostwood Domain. Got it? Got it.
    4. Oh and don't get gored by wild boars, either.
  • One last thing before we turn in for the night. Ilero pulls Hugh aside and wants to know exactly what his knowledge is of these d'Ambrevilles? Well he does know some things, contrary to what Ilero thought. Hugh knows the D'Ambray branch goes back many years, it's a prominent name (his father took his mother's name for that reason), the branch staying in this area took to commerce (his was more focused on war and mercenary work), and the d'Ambrevilles are obsessed with wealth with little moral cares. As in, who pays them most wins the better business prospects. Everyone has a price, but if we're prepared, Hugh thinks it can still be just attending a wedding without politics. Maybe.
    1. ...and let's hope those ships the queen burned didn't belong to any of the d'Ambrevilles .
    2. And yes, that actual ended up as first watch being passed without incident. Success!
  • So that means we're moving on to second watch with Kel, Hoffman, and Indigo. What topics shall we discuss tonight?
    1. Kel decides he needs to get some advice and ideas from the men of the various couples on the crew (as we found out trying to figure out beds at Orchard House, there are so many now). He asks Hoffman how he got together with Miranda? Er, it was actually more on Miranda's part than on his part. Maybe take care of her specifically, brush her hair, or maybe the wolves' hair? He doesn't really know with Shi. Wait, Kel and Shi are best friends? The best? Hoffman gives his condolences. Well maybe just try to go with the flow, forwards not backwards, and stand close?
    2. Meanwhile, Indigo hears a whisper in the dark. That isn't Bewick, is it? Why yes, it is! His swanmay friends greets him only briefly, but does say she'll be back tomorrow.
    3. And fun to note, when Bewick meets Kel, she remarks that, "We tell stories of when the light ones traveled here,". Why is this interesting? Because she is, in all likelihood, referring to the origin story of Divaekah. Remember that part? Oh wait, you don't, because that story is cursed and hasn't been posted still finally got posted! Yeah, yeah, we took the hint, Bewick. It's posted now. Happy? Anyways, just take my word for it. I also have it on good authority that the light ones passed by some towns on the river during their journey to resettle...
    4. So anyways, Indigo, how did you end up with Penelope? Kel does thankfully wait to ask until Bewick is gone. If the swanmay hasn't already spied Indigo and Penelope together, I'm unsure how she'd take the news (we already have a good guess how Penelope would take it, though). Anyways, Indigo points out that it was more Penelope than him. She tied him up, took him off (she's awfully pretty so he wasn't going to say no), kept showing up, and he got used to it and kind of like it. So maybe Kel should wait to be tied up? He doesn't think Shi knows how to really use a rope.
    5. Maybe, Indigo suggests, Kel should talk to Branadarus? It was definitely the other way around. Branwyn was stubborn, Tiberius pursued her, and you see how that turned out? Yes, maybe he should ask Tiberius.
  • Next week because we're going to end it here tonight. What will Kel learn? Will Bewick and Penelope get into it? Is The Witch really Circe and we'll all end up a pigs anyways? If there is one guarantee, next week won't be a boar! ...even if the characters themselves are.
    1. ...and if things don't go well for Kel, maybe Indigo can set Kel up with one of Bewick's sisters! Provided, again, that they aren't all turned to pigs.

Quotes of the Night:

[MarioCS] Mercy's a boy?
[MarioCS] that explains a lot

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] OOC "Knock Knock, have you found Jesus?"
[Snezana (Spring)] (excuse me, that would be finding Aclim)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (That boar swine-dled you)
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Oh you Carissa. You chucklehead... :)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Just a little pigheaded)
[Kel (MarioCS)] (didnít he say Hugh looked ham-some?)
[Jared (Guy)] ((ok these puns are boaring))
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Bob you wanna get in on these killer puns?)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Just tusking them out)
[Master] Just watching what I sow
[TMO2] (tusk tusk)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Frozen, so...
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Let it go?)
[Master] the swamps never bothered me anyway

[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] SO if we are quick and lucky
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] we can sneak in-between them
[Indigo (Lisa)] What if we're only lucky? I think it's hard to be both quick and lucky
Ilero (TMO)] T'at what she always complain about. Always quick, never lucky.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (how is there always 4 keeps?)
[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (because he plays 4 keeps)

[Ilero]] (TMO) scratches his chin. "Huh. Hokay t'en. Hye guess you not need her knowledge of t'em." He nods his head in the direction of Marisu, sitting by herself on a rock. "But hye still need your help in morning. Wit' elves and Neit', hye guess. Branwyn ask me tell her 'bout her fat'er. Hye t'ink it good for her friends be t'ere when hye do."
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Sorry one moment while I translate that into English)
Ilero (TMO)] (what do you mean? that WAS English!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] So Hoff, how did you and Miranda become a pairing?
[Kel (MarioCS)] what did you say to her?
Hoffman (JohnAA)] Oh
Hoffman (JohnAA)] Well
[Kel (MarioCS)] thanks, Iíll try that w Shi
Hoffman (JohnAA)] It really wasn't me
Hoffman (JohnAA)] I don't think
[Kel (MarioCS)] oh, there's more...

Hoffman (JohnAA)] Best Friends?
[Kel (MarioCS)] the best
Hoffman (JohnAA)] oh sorry
Hoffman (JohnAA)] Unless Elves are different, thatís it
Hoffman (JohnAA)] it's over

Session: 20180518c

  • Third watch with Ilero, Jared, Tiberius, and Kel.
  • Tiberius asks who they're really fighting, if Jared and Ilero are good scouts unlike Kel (so both decide to hide in the shadows to try to prove a point), how women are complicated, how Jared knows Elvish (he learned as a kid, but won't say more on it), Teb and Jared meet, Tiberius tells Kel how he and Branwyn ended up together (erosion strategy), and how you don't want a boring life, but an adventure.
    1. Guy talk, Teb, and centipedes. No deaths.
    2. Kel comes away from guy talk with the following advice for Shi: fix her hair, see her eyes, pet the wolves, remember her genter, and get a coat? Winning strategy!
    3. Ilero points out that Teb is the smartest piece of metal in the whole group. And smarter than some meat, too.
    4. Oh and Miranda was awake this whole time praying! She offers her piece of advice of being himself and offers to keep Kel's secret (talking to Teb about Shi, and probably talking to the guys about Shi as well).
    5. As for the centipede fight? They surprise swarm Kel, paralyze him, move on to the camp, bite a few others (who recovery by morning), but all centipedes are eventually exterminated. Much better than the last centipede fight!
  • Break the news to Marisu in the morning that father is reason for werewolves.
  • Or at least tell her what they've been told, while others are there to support her and help Ilero, but who really knows the truth? Each story is ever so slightly different.
    1. Penelope is definitely trying to escape something in her past.
    2. As in she says there is no truth, brings up the chalices, comments that its best to leave your past past and move forward, and advises Marisu to build her new family like she wants. Who needs the truth, anyways? Or to see if any of Marisu's family is still alive?
    3. Also the suggestion to try Speak With Dead to talk to Marisu's mother and to cast Zone of Truth on, well, everyone at this point? But maybe mostly Anastacia.
    4. And clarification that the werewolves are not good. The wolves are fine.
    5. Marisu whispers to herself. I am barred from posting what she whispered.
    6. ...which happens after contemplating all the deaths the werewolves are responsible for.
    7. Musical skiffs and switch. Switch and skiff?
    8. As in Branwyn wants to be with her apprentice Johan to help him along, Wu hangs out with Shi, and Miranda feels Hoffman is hovering a bit so she joins Shi. To make room, Galad goes to hang out with Eddie and Hoffman.
    9. Friend time for Eddie and Galad.
    10. Another girls watch upcoming?
    11. Miranda asks Shi about relationships, knows there is a story there, Shur wants to hear it, they all agree maybe at watch when the guys aren't listening. Tiberius is already surprised that Shi's grandmother waited until she was in her 200s. Who can wait that long?? Says the human.
  • Kel and Shi talk. They decided to take it slow and kiss.
  • Kel walked off, talks to Shi away from the group, asks to be in the same skiff and told maybe tomorrow, gets frustrated that she isn't comprehending the fact one of them might die soon, almost pokes out her eye trying to brush the hair from her face, gets called out by Shi for not telling her something, finally tells her he wants to be with her, convinces her he's not really a playboy, and after agreeing to take it slow, they kiss.
    1. And yes, Miranda did walk in on all that. All are keeping it quiet. Maybe. Kel does make a bit of a show of his good mood that morning...
    2. Surprise credit to Jo-Anne for this one. Who doesn't like a good story?
    3. What? You think those of us playing are the only ones invested in the stories of our characters? Surprise! There are others :)
    4. But really, this counts as an encounter, right?
    5. Not quite? Damn.
  • First actual encounter of the morning with a boobrie.
  • First actual encounter with a giant bird called a boobrie. May or may not be mythical.
    1. Boobrie snatches Anor on second try.
    2. I did say it was a big bird, didn't I? But to be fair, you'll never find waterfowl that powerful in real life. Your closest bet is Steller's Sea Eagle (not waterfowl), but I'm certain an adult wolf is bigger than a seal pup. Hmm, but maybe Shi needs a sea eagle friend now...
    3. Miranda with inspiration from Shi tries to befriend the bird.
    4. Or maybe Miranda needs a sea eagle friend now. Or an Andean condor. Harpy Eagle? So many large, cool birds to choose from that aren't gold-digging boobries.
    5. Boobrie extortion. Took the gold, left the wolf, and fled.
    6. Friendship didn't work, but Miranda was able to talk to it when it demanded gold. So not a complete failure. Maybe next boobrie.
  • Shortest summary so far? Yes.
  • Not anymore! I think? Okay maybe still is.
    1. Am I going to add to it later this week?
    2. ...not. Because this is a week later.
    3. Maybe.
    4. Yes.
    5. ...probably.
    6. See?

Quotes of the Night:

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] so does anyone really know who we are fighting?
[mharm-15549] (Our own demons)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] are you good scouts?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] or are you like Kel ?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Can Wu swim...?)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (who knows?)

[Kel (Mario Laptop)] I 'll take them all on
[Kel (Mario Laptop)] except centipedes
[Kel (Mario Laptop)] donít do centipedes
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (they do you)

Session: 20180525c

  • Before we get into it, you did get caught up on that skiff conversation? You might also be interested in the DM summary of what happened versus story perspectives. Good now? Okay. To the summary!
  • It all starts with a quick acknowledgement that Wu does know how to cast spells and no, he isn't trying to hide it. Is he a wizard? No, he is just himself. If that wasn't obvious? Just because you haven't seen him cast doesn't mean he can't like how Miranda can turn undead, but does Shi have to see it to believe it?
    1. It's okay, Miranda. Mara believes you. She knows that power well.
  • Er, wait, who? No, not Wu. Who as in who is Mara?
    1. And here we introduce Mara the Blessed, Priestess of Belinos. You don't recognize her? She's been with us this whole time on that back skiff. Princess Anastacia brought her. Don't you remember that? You act like she's a ghost or something.
    2. ...but to be fair, Mario just rolled her so this is actually her first appearance. Focus on support first, healing second. And continuing the new telenovela rendition of: Dos Mujeres, Un Camino.
    3. Sidenote: Never actually seen Dos Mujeres, Un Camino but I feel like it would fit. Not just because of the title, but the plot (because yes, Mara finds Kel cute). Except replace the kid with a wolf and we're good to go!
    4. At least Shi and Mara can agree that not everything needs to die? Their reasons might be different (Mara claims if they know their way versus Shi just assuming all animals are innocents), but it's agreement nonetheless.
  • So anyways, why they chat back there, what's that up front? A bunch of skeletons! They aren't...are they moving or not? Well let's attack them anyways!
    1. Most important question from Howard: can skeletons be blinded? He tries, and succeeds, with glitterdust. Huh. Try not to think too hard about how to blind an eyeless creature. Just know that it does work AND that Howard blinded ALL of them. Awesome!
    2. As the skeletons are in the way, those in the first two skiffs, and eventually the third, start attacking them. It goes slow (understatement?) - probably better to use a hammer - but they succeed. With only Johan (again) becoming walking wounded.
    3. ...after which Anastacia points out they could have just picked up their skiffs and walked around them. And later points out that they were probably sentinels. Yep, a good fighter maybe, but not a good leader.
    4. The other important thing to note? Swamp disease, a wasting disease that's fatal in 2-4 weeks. Thankfully we have healers who can heal it because Jared caught it. And will need healing. Eventually. In at least two weeks, minimum.
    5. One more thing: when you cast glitterdust, don't walk into it afterwards or it'll affect you, too.
  • Next battle? Blessed Mara needs her first encounter, right? Right! Giant dragonfly incoming!
    1. It's actually a short fight. Mara gets snatched, Tiberius and Kel shoot it, it crash lands in the swamp. All is good.
    2. The real question: is Kel's sudden ability to hit things because he has a thing for saving girls or because he kissed Shi? Only time will tell.
  • Evening descends and we're up to watches. To make things probably simple for next week, watches are replaced with conversations so...
    1. First up? Shi and Mara. No, not the girls watch we'll have for another day. Just a normal introductory watch where Mara talks about Jilly, being called to assist the founder of her church (and life), and the dogma of Belinos. Er, yeah, the wolves need their nightly tending. Shi wanders off, Mara tries to get cozy with Kel, Miranda attempts to intervene, and Kel chases after Shi to help brush the wolves. Looks like Hoffman was right about the wolf brushing, at least!
    2. Oh, and no, Mara is not invited to the eventual lady's watch. She finishes the night by singing and playing her recorder loudly, being told by Qui to maybe not make so much noise, asking Kenna about her patron, asking Hugh about being blessed by her god and being with Neith, asking about Mercy, metalworking (jewelry), and eventually returns to Kenna to pray together.
    3. Third up (Mara covered two)? Anastacia and Marisu who confronts her about that earlier talking on the skiff (you did go to that link at the start of this, right? Good) and asking if her family might have been under control by something. As expected, yes, Marisu gets another version of the story where this time she's told her father is dead, not that he escaped. Oh, and yes, Anastacia killed him. Huh. So how many versions of this story are we going to get?
    4. At the least, the location of her sister being unknown is still consistent. And the advice from Anastacia to do as her Queen bades her to do. So there's that. She also offers to help Marisu eliminate the weres from the Doeskin estate. The real question: does eliminating the weres also include the Eustaces or are we going to be hypocritical here?
    5. And a last good point by Marisu: "Actions taken when information is withheld or twisted are not free actions, but rather manipulations caused by those hold the strings."
  • So there we go. Full summary this time on time (almost)! Next week? The Big One. Which means you know something major will happen.
    1. ...because maybe my math is wrong, but I feel like, especially with the addition of an all-day gaming session, it shouldn't take until September to reach the wedding. Or maybe I'm just paranoid in general? Guess we'll find out!

Quotes of the Night:

[Master] one of the adventures in planning "With this puzzle I thee kill"
[Lisa] sounds ominous
[Lisa] also sounds like a priest thing

[Lisa] ok let me get this straight - after at least 1 year of wooing his elf priest and finally making headway, Kel is going to pick up the next priestess he finds wandering around the swamps?
[JohnAA] that's what I said
[JohnAA] and a human
[Lisa] just making sure I understood that :D

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] I am simply myself
Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] that is the best thing to be Wu, You be Wu

Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Neith is still Mist Sick)
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] She only had half time mist sick
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] were past that time now right?
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Nope :) )
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (You saw how long it took to kill skeletons. You think we've traveled that long? ;) )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (has Kel introduced Mara to Teb for a 3 way?)
[Mara the Blessed (Mario2ndPC)] (wow!!)
[Mara the Blessed (Mario2ndPC)] (lolol)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sometimes I shouldn't type everything that pops into my head)
[Mara the Blessed (Mario2ndPC)] (oh no, you def SHOULD!)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (was a comment on controlling 3 chars in chat)
Shurkural (TMO)] (uh huh)
[Mara the Blessed (Mario2ndPC)] (sure, nice cover)

Branwyn (Lisa) tells Tiberius about her many hits upon the skeletons
Shurkural (TMO)] (she hit on skeletons? she must really like boners!)

Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game - Session Summary

Session: 20180608c

  • Before leaving the cluster of buildings, we check the rowboat (normal) and the well (full of larvae). Anything else before we head out? No? Onward we go, then! After we take that rowboat, of course.
  • But before we completely leave the area, what about those mud huts? We should go check them out. They're probably interesting!
    1. ...and also occupied by bullywugs! Er, yeah, we probably could have guessed that.
    2. So are we going to attack them? Are they going to attack us? No? Maybe we should just...leave?
    3. We leave without incident.
  • As we skiff along, Shi tells Miranda about that conversation she walked in on with Kel (as yes, they're now trying the dating thing) while Jared and Howard discuss being good and evil and acting in the name of one or the other and all the fun, grey area philosophical stuff.
  • Is that a road up ahead! Indeed it is! Those are also giants there. And a guard! We're in Bolpel territory now so clearly he supports the true Queen. Er, whoever that is as he only says it certainly isn't that birch up north.
    1. Apparently Jared does not like how this guard talks about the Queen. Um, his Queen. Anyways, after missing twice, he ends up shooting the guard on the third try.
    2. So negotiations for paying a toll to get on the road? Yeah, guess that's not happening. Time to fight how many hill giants exactly??
    3. With Branwyn's spell of Chaos, those 9 giants ends up being 7 in direct fight.
    4. Story of the night? Don't cast against hill giants. Apparently they're great at saving tonight.
    5. And this of course includes when we finally have an opportunity (more than a year later) to cast: the Wand of Wonder! What does it do? Slows the giant! Or would have. If he didn't save. Sigh.
    6. During the fight, Skiffs #1 and #2 get smashed in half. That's okay. We were done with them anyways, right? Er, and #3 and #4 were useless, too, right?
    7. You know who is in Skiff #5? Mercy? Maybe don't leave her behind, but thankfully, the giant dies before smashing that skiff. But it does fall on Anastacia and Neith, briefly pinning them underwater, and nearly killing the princess. Fun, fun!
    8. And after all that, nothing on the giants, but the guard has a magic ring, messenger bag, and a magic spear. There is also lots of firewood in the pile?
    9. The papers with the guard has a list of about 200 names on it with some with x next to them. Not enough time to look through them now, though.
    10. Leech check? Poor wolves are covered in them. But we can worry about that later. The disease check, I mean. Shi definitely didn't leave the leeches on the wolves.
  • We leave it here tonight. What'll happen next week? I don't know. For many reasons, but we'll find out soon enough! Night all!
    1. And Happy Anniversary of 15 Years Online!
    2. Note: this was written during the game. Please excuse mistakes and nonsensical sentences!

Quotes of the Night:

[MarioCS] (should there be a dk green semi circle covering part of the map?)
[MarioCS] is that the mist?
[Carissa] Not a black squiggly line so not the mist ;)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Klee's a he?
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) rolls eyes
[Kel (MarioCS)] bam!
Hoffman (JohnMoblie)] that explains a lot
[Kel (MarioCS)] and his name is Fete?
Hoffman (JohnMoblie)] that explains a lot
[Kel (MarioCS)] who knew?
Hoffman (JohnMoblie)] Wu

Hoffman (JohnMoblie)] (That is a walk right?)
[Master] with skiffs
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (We shouldn't skiff it)
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Sigh I wish I was good with those haha)
[Master] iut is ok to Punt once in a while Michael
[Master] Oar at least take turns
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (You can sail right through some of them)
[Master] as long as no one flounders
[Master] Oar lock it in for the night
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Maybe if I pretend really hard he isn't there, he'll go away?)
[Master] just steer clear
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha water under the bridge)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Besides those mud huts look knarrly)
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Cough! COUGH!
Hoffman (JohnMoblie)] (i Wood nt think so)
[Master] over the ocean blue
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Goddamit pace yourselves. We've got another few hours to go yet

[Indigo (Lisa)] Looks like a village of bullywugs. Do we even want to go in? We could just leave and go for the road
[Kel (MarioCS)] (ask to speak to their leader, Jabba the Mud Hut)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Thought it was Pizza)
[Kel (MarioCS)] (yes, Pizza, the Mud Hut!

[Master] I am sure you will hop right to it
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Maybe if we don't move, tehy wont see us...They can't see us if we don't move )
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Toad-ally possible)
[Penelope (Master)] ribbbiting conversation
[Jared (Guy)] ((these puns are gonna make me croak))
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (No reason to muddy the water)
Indigo (Lisa) pulls the skiff back out of the village
[Master] and so you move to the marshes again
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Just marshing along)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No but I doubt we are going to enact a peace at the king's toad
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (road even)
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] we are leaping back to those puns?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (unintentionally)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I am frogetful)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Does Jon have pants on tonight?
[Indigo (Lisa)] (hope not - Jon fights better naked)
[Kel (MarioCS)] (pants just seem to get in the way of his swinging sword)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (A giant distraction)

[Master] Anastacia Eustace: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!
[Master] Hill Giant #12: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (this is no time for arm wrestling)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yeah we're in grave peril right now)

I'm not sure what'll happen to the next three summaries. Guest summaries? Late ones? Non-existent? Either way, marking this point.

Update: Carissa will definitely not be doing summaries for the next three weeks. She will possibly not be doing them retroactively, either. So please do not look for anything by me (but if someone else did them...).

Session: 20180615c

Iíd like to start this summary by telling you that we all logged in and got off to a running start, easing on down the road to the wedding. Iíd like to. Really. But things donít always work out the way you plan. Speaking of planning, that was the topic in various forms for a good chunk of the session.

  • TMO and BOB discussed Klooge config files for correcting adjustments, weight limitations, and other Klooge like stuff.
  • Building plans and ideas were tossed around.
    • Lisa would like to design Branwynís house but happily hands responsibility for all other estate design and buildings to the professional planners.
    • Apparently Mario doesnít like planning either since he wants the elves to live in trees.
    • Michael is working on ledgers, tables and plans and will share as he develops them
    • Since we live in a marsh and have seen the splendor and beauty of a mud hut village, wouldnít the farmers like that better than wooden houses? Probably not, but we are on a budget Ö

But planning isnít planning without other important issues coming to the floor. What exactly do you call your henchman when your henchman isnít a man? Henchperson? Henchbeing? Hencher? Henchy? Henchit? And many others. No conclusive decision yet.

Can we go yet? Not until we decide what to do with the skiffs, what with having only Kenna, Snezana and Neithís priest spells and Ileroís camouflage skill. What to do, what to do. No, we canít fit 6 skiffs in the room scroll. Even with a hypotenuse. Hypotenuse? Uh oh, were starting to get into dangerous math territory.

Consensus? Bury them. Whoís got the shovel? No one, but who needs a shovel when we have magic where Kenna can make mud and let them sink into the earth. So, if a skiff is 16 x 5 ft. and Kennaís spell covers a 10 sq. ft. area times her 7th level, how many times does Kenna need to cast in order to bury all six skiffs? More math. Lisa has this covered Ö except sheís multiplying by 5 instead of six because 10 minus 4 clearly equals 5 so she just multiplies all the numbers on the page by 5. Letís not let Lisa do math again. Can we stack the skiffs at a depth of 4 ft? And how does that change the equation?

But turning mud into solid ground brings the focus back to building plans and even more math is discussed.

In the end, the skiffs get buried, Brother Foto does some healing, and Miranda finds that she too attracted a few leeches. Miranda is able to heal herself, but isnít quite able to help the wolves.

So weíre ready to go? Not a chance! We have a rowboat, two walking wounded and 4 chests. How much can Hugh carry? More math is required. After even more discussion, all chests go in skiff with Hoffman and Hugh pulling. Kel tosses Mara over his shoulder and carries her and no one takes care of our other walking wounded, Princess Anastacia. Neith casts an Easy March spell on some of our short-legged friends. Kenna, Brother Foto, and QuiFon get a movement of 9 for 7 days, but at a penalty of -1 to attacks because they have to do a magic jog to keep up. Note: Neith can cancel the spell when we get to the Ghostwood Estates. Lisa picked who should get the effect of the spell since it wasn't fully noted in chat. We are only as fast as our slowest people and if they can get to 9 then we should do that and not burden anyone else with a -1 penalty. We can discuss if you like.

We finally begin to walk and make it to our evening campsite by the road. Miranda does more healing before she lies down to take a Nap.

First Watch: Branwyn, Branadarus, and Hugh. Hugh sees an old man coming up the road. The old man doesnít stop and Hugh doesnít say hello. As the man comes around the bend, he runs into Branwyn. Cryptic conversation ensues where Branwyn tells him they are going to Ghostwood and the man says that ďStanleyĒ puts on a good show. Stanley? You mean Count Drake. Are you sure you donít want to rest and camp with us? No, thanks for the warning about all the hill giants out there and have a good night Ö Marquessa. Who is this old man really? Branwyn wonders if he is a vampire friend of Count Drakeís? NahÖ couldnít be.

Second Watch: Ilero, Hoffman and Indigo. Ilero takes a perch in a tree with an axe (his Count Drake signature axe maybe). Hoffman and Indigo discuss secrets. Indigo has no secrets. Indigo thinks Branwyn is stupid for having secrets but that doesnít mean heís going to spill the beans about Tiberiusí vampire mom. It feels like Hoffman has a secret? But it stays a secret. Hoffman thinks Branwyn hates him or at least is not happy with him so Miranda is in charge of talking with Branwyn. Indigo thinks Hoffman should talk to her anyway. They finish the watch discussing they need to do everything that their women want them to as the ladies tighten their grip on their men.

Third Watch. Shur, Shi, and Kel. Kel assures Shi he did not enjoy carrying Mara for 5 miles, and the possible ways that Mara could explode. You know. Seeing real sunlight. Wand of Wonder. Things like that. The pair agree that they are courting, Kel doesnít need to hear about Shiís past suitors, and relationships are more than just being about protection, right? Of course right.

Dawn breaks and Brother Foto and Miranda heal the masses. Next week we should speeding along towards Count Stanleyís castle.

Quotes of the Night:

[MarioCS] ah whohench
[Lisa] god bless you

[MarioCS] if the skiff is 16x5 and the room is 10x10x10, if we hypotenuse them in upper left to far lower right, they could fit
[TMO] pretty sure a 16' skiff won't fit in a 10x10x10 room, even diagonally. And is the door to the room 10x10?
[MarioCS] details, TMO those are just details!
[TMO] if you bring me into a math discussion, the details are gonna get brought

[Spring] dammit I have to math
[TMO] 5 castings will hold 4 skiffs, with space for 1.5' gaps
[Spring] wait what?
[Spring] that does not sound right
[Master] TMO does math for a living

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It's late to be walking these roads alone
[Old man (Master)] A good man is never alone
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh so you are a priest
[Old man (Master)] Do you know any good priests?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Quite a few actually

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) just so you know, I didnít enjoy it. Carrying her, I mean
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) She certainly did.
[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) can someone be too positive?
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Definitely.
[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) all the glee she has, and she's never even seen the sun!
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Wonder if the sun will burn it away?
[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) imagine the day she does! She will literally explode!

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) He hasnít done a thing to protect you, ever
[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) can his instruments protect you?
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) You...know there is more to a relationship than watching out for each other, yes?
[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) of course I do, youíre all I think about

Session: 20180622c

This is my first, and quite possibly last, attempt at creating a weekly summary. I can certainly appreciate the time and effort it takes to create these wrap-ups, and the significance of telling enough of the story to get the point across, without telling too much and causing boredom and tediousness, all in all capturing the humor of the characters interactions, and the flavor of the session. I have done none of that. PLEASE feel free to correct, amend, modify, and enhance each and every part. Thanks -Mario

The night starts off scholastically, with maths, city planning, programming, and the ever-present pressure to move forward, or else...

  • Mike and BOB discuss the logistics of farmers, crops, trade routes, and the town to be built on Branwyn's tract of land. It is determined that farmers don't live in towns, and the number of farmers needed to support the party members is almost unobtainable. Tell me why we want to build here again?
  • Failure to get the Current Name option to work, which would make formatting chats easier. A bit more tinkering and I'm sure we'll have results.

The party struggles to get moving, to meet the deadline imposed by Carissa (um, where is she, anyway??). We manage to move the obligatory 100 feet, and continue onward.

Indigo and Ilero are leading the pack when Ilero hears the cries for help. Indigo, Ilero and Kel investigate, and find a large hole in the ground, where the young girl's cries grow louder. Ilero dips the lighted clasp held by his Hand into the hole, looking for the young child. But, to everyone's surprise (no one's surprise), the sounds were really made by a Leucrotta, which bounds from the hole. Indigo recognized it as the 'Thing that killed Llythandril!!" This meant certain death for the evil beast, which it met in super quick fashion. Kel checked its pockets, but found nothing. Neith negated the darkness of the hole, which prompted Ilero to climb down and investigate, which paid off tremendously: 3000gp, 600 pp, 2 potions, 5 gems, a magical broad sword, a magical shield, a magical medallion, and six objets d'art: a diadem (crown/headband), Art Boots, a sceptre, a set of pinchers, a chair. Yes, a chair, well kept, undamaged. While the theme of a Throne Room ransack does hold, we question who would carry a chair into the woods?

But where are we to put a fabulous loot like this? Leave it in the original hole?, dig another hole and put it there?, drag it with us on the rowboat? We decide to put the diadem, medallion, sceptre, and pincers in the loot chest (not Mara's); the sword, shield, and chair will ride in the rowboat. The coin are shoveled back into the hole, covered with camouflage and a dead Leucrotta.

After realizing BOB has us boomeranging (the farther we walk, the farther we are from Ghostwood), we are just 25 miles away. We'll be there in no time...

Branadarus wears the art boots, fit for a prince, and fears they will be ruined by smashed otter. Indigo suggests Tyberius speak with Treble's new rescue mom, Branwyn, about the fate of the furry one. The fact that Branwyn bought a cute pink collar for Treble pretty much means she's here to stay. If only Treble could behave as well as Shi's menagerie, he laments. Sigh. Parent Jealousy is not a pretty look on Ty.

The pair have little time to think about the otter, as a large flying lizard hovers just a few feet away. The airborne beast manages to hit Indigo, but was it with its tail? Isn't its tail poisonous? Ilero shudders. Baranadarus quickly retaliates, and the rest of the team catch up. Brother Foto blinds the foe, while the team again quickly defeats it. Kel checks the beast's pockets, to no avail, while Shur is hindered tracking a flying lizard. Ilero seemed to be shaken by the encounter, for sure reliving his last meeting with a wyvern, and runs off to collect his thoughts. The party almost starts off without him, but he comes back strong to lead the way.

Indigo again leads the pack, this time with Princess Anastacia Eustace. The crew figure out if Brother Foto can age people (no), and guess their age (yes, outside of the Mist). QuiFon keeps Mercy entertained while the grownups decide who is mist sick, who needs to roll again, and how much bonus to add to the roll. So who is still sick? Shi, and who else?

Ilero is so good at sneaking he walks right past a fire-breathing eight-headed hydra perched on a rocky crag. (He's good, real good!!) Its breath attack manages to get only Shur, our expert tracker, who didnít see an eight-headed fire-breathing Hydra perched on a rocky crag. The party rolls Shur around in the dirt, puts her out, and is ready for retaliation. As the fire-breathing eight-headed hydra is perched on a rocky crag, it cannot move to attack the group, who have a clear path past the beast and onto safety. So let's go!

Or not. Hoffman launches a full frontal charge, axes swinging, negating all possibility of ranged magical offensive spells. He is quickly joined by Shur, out for revenge, Bastard Sword swinging for massive critical hits (a d200 will do that for you). Indigo cops a squat in the 'chair in the rowboat' for ringside seats. Kel, Hugh, and Marisu all manage missile fire, while Neith rains down a storm of lightning (close, but no cigar). Branadarus, still worried about Treble, finishes off the last head, and the beast was no more. Kel checks its pockets (nope) and determines this isn't the Hydra's lair.

Howard chats with Anastacia about his past, and how he has managed to stay alive so long working for Branwyn. He says he didn't, and cites the Anhkeg. She builds Howard's confidence, commenting on his magic prowess, just as a male gypsy crosses their path. The gypsy knows the Princess, which troubles her. He warns Anastacia to double up on the watches tonight. So, in return for this useful bit of advice, Anastacia manipulates Howard to fire magic missiles at the messenger gypsy man. Makes sense, right? Needless to say, the male gypsy is not too content, and the three argue about the semantics of yielding and whatnot. The gypsy scampers off into the woods, stopping, dropping, and rolling along the way. Howard, so proud of his deed, rushes to tell Branwyn, who is not pleased at all. Bran has a very respectful earful for the Princess, who channels Jenn and DARVO's the accusations.

We decide to end the night here, and prepare for nightfall. Will we double our guards? Will we hide the rowboat? Who gets to sleep in the chair? And will Shur still have super massive critical hits each roll? Tune in next week to see!

Quotes of the Night:

[Guy] once you start speaking elvish you canít change back
[TMO] elvish is addictive

[Kel (MarioCS)] checks the pockets of said dead guy
[Master] it is a beast not a person
[Kel (MarioCS)] so beasts canít have pockets?
[Kel (MarioCS)] ask the were kangaroo

[Master] Large Shield and Broad Sword will not fit in any chest
[Master] even one as magnificent as Mara's

[Master] a chair
[JohnMoblie] Folding ?
[Indigo (Lisa)] (a chair????)\\ [TMO] ... a CHAIR?
[TMO] (who TF carries a magical chair into the wilderness!?!
[Kel (MarioCS)] better, who will carry a magical chair OUT of the wilderness??

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Also congrats on moving more than 90ft!!)
[Mara the Blessed (MarioCS)] 30 ft. of it was down, for Ilero
Marisu (TMO)] (and 30 more back up)
[Mara the Blessed (MarioCS)] is that 60, or 0
Marisu (TMO)] (both)
Marisu (TMO)] (Schrodinger's Travel Agency)

Miranda Paige (JohnMoblie)] (can we make an anti-Poison?)
Marisu (TMO)] (allergic to life? we have the cure!)
Miranda Paige (JohnMoblie)] (we are the curse)

(mharm-15549)] Hugh D'Ambray: Damage v L: Light Crossbow: (1d1-1) [1d1=1] 0
[Master] quarrel Michael
Hoffman (JohnMoblie)] (we have to fight Hugh now?)
Hoffman (JohnMoblie)] (oh fight Michael, much easier)
[Master] that would be quarrel
[Kel (MarioCS)] maybe quarrel with Michael when we're NOT in grave peril?

Howard Plum (Lisa) holds his arm out to cast again
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] YIELD!
[Gypsy Male (Master)] I never challenged, how can I yield?
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] You were warning under false pretenses!

Session: 20180629c

Hmmm, despite my warning that last week would probably be my last time writing the weekly summary, here I am again. If you managed to stomach the previous entry, allow me to try againÖ -Mario

PLEASE feel free to format this entry and last week's as well. Despite my best efforts, it's totally bleh. Thanks! - Mario

Welcome back! We start this week deciding whether Lisa needs a map, extolling the virtues of a properly cooked goat, and the feasibility of eating alligator tail, frog legs, cow brain, sea cucumber, bear, and crawdads. Seriously, how many duck tongues would you need to eat to be full?

I volunteered to do another summary in our usual author's (Carissa) absence, since TMO's plumber is under-qualified. And I will also attempt to go full circle, and also provide quotes. Read on at your own risk.

Heeding the warning of the male gypsy, the party increases the number of watchers each shift.

  • Branwyn, Anastacia, and Jared are up first. Jared quickly dives into the nearest bush, and Sneezana starts her roving patrol while Bran and Anastacia guard the rowboat (I think they're truly guarding the chair. For sure if nothing else survives this quest, that chair will make it out alive.) Before turning in, Mara heals the wounded, but completely forgets to heal Indigo, who's almost half health. You know, the Admiral.
Bran and Ann review the Guard's list of names. Some names have X's and some have checks. The two deduce that potential dinner guests of the Bolpels are checked, while those not to be invited are X'ed. A quick summary shows Anastacia is X'ed, Jared is also X'ed, and the D'Ambreyvilles are hit and miss checked. The list must be old, comments Anastacia, as Bran and the party are not mentioned. The Doeskins are on the checked list, but all those in print happen to be dead (so no reunion at the wedding for Marisu (sorry, is that in bad taste??))
The ladies discuss Branwyn's marriage to Tyberius, and Bran's mother-in-law and her hospitality, or lack thereof. Bran's most memorable moment? "The end of the night was very nice". Hubba Hubba. Being the Hero of a kingdom doesn't prevent veiled threats, if said threats are made outside of said kingdom. Bran recalls seeing Count Drake at the Coronation, the first time since she stabbed him. Ann recounts chasing children for bullying Toybin, and her glower was enough to put them in their place. (read: stay clear of Anastacia's gaze if you should ever piss her off...)
The ladies decide setting fire to the nearby bushes would reveal Jared's hiding place, but would also lead enemies to the campsite like moths to a flame (which we still don't know why this happens.) All this chatting DOES lead enemies over: a column of zombies marching 2 by 2 marching down the road, performing night maneuvers. Before they get a chance to notice, Branwyn lets loose with a pent-up fireball, decimating every troop to ashes, leaving nothing but char, and Snee with a mouth agape. Before the flame can go out, Bran and Ann are already planning how to get the families of the region united again. Good luck.
  • Second watch had Indigo roving, but focused on guarding the rowboat and treasure, Kel on roving patrol, and Ilero perched on a tree branch, on overwatch to prevent ballooning spiders. A quiet watch, when all of a sudden... Ogres! (Living Wall be damned!) Four bound out of the tree line, and are actually surprised by Kel, who takes the opportunity to introduce them to Teb. Indigo rushes over to join the fray, while Ilero stumbles from the branches, plays it cool, and attacks from a distance. The first two ogres fall, sending the last two scampering away. Indigo worries they will return with reinforcements while Kel checks the (actually physical!) pockets of the victims.
Indigo notices the high quality, for an ogre, of the weapons, while Kel notices Indigo doesn't look so well. The Halfling puffs up, remembering Penelope's inspiring words that he looks dangerous. After all, he did scare away two ogres! Oh, the curse of being super strong, but physically unimposing, both Kel and Indigo being sufferers. Let them think what they want, we know better. Ilero looks on, trying to save face from his fall. The Hand gives the thumbs up sign as it helps to drag away ogres.
  • Third watch has Tyberius being briefed by Indigo. Ty shares the origin of Thorn, his trusty blade, being taken from a vampire just east of Cornelia, which intrigues the Halfling. Indigo gets confused with the talk of storming bugbear castles (How many have you stormed?), then heads off to bed, leaving Tyberius and Shurkural. Shur voices her concern about Penelope's sincerity with Indigo, if she's just pulling off a long con to get close to the queen, or that guy Branwyn has in her dungeon. So...WHAT?? Branwyn has a dungeon? This is news to Tyberius. He seems very interested about its depth, and why Bran hasn't shared this information with him. Shur can't answer too many questions, never having been there. They agree to not tell Branwyn that her husband is now aware of her underground secrets. The watch ends without incident.
  • Morning comes, and with it, daily routines. Mara starts to pray, Indigo and Kel relieve the rowboat pullers and take the ropes. Indigo again manages to convince himself of his buffed appearance, Kel quotes Fallout 4 (for Michael), and the two discuss interior decorating tips for the chair at Orchard House, and how to arrange two single beds into a larger, double bed. Why a larger bed? ohhhhhh.....Giggidy!
Mara wakes up cheerful (surprise!) and starts a conversation with Branwyn, but ends up speaking with Howard. Awkward. She finally finds Bran, leaving Howard confused, and reiterates her mission of keeping Branwyn healthy. Mara thanks Bran for the founding her church, and how it changed Mara's life for the better. Branwyn confesses to not owning a holy symbol which causes Mara to scamper off. Bran laments with her husband about the fascination with priests and their conversion tactics. Tyberius points out Barn's magnetic personality, and all priests just want to be near her. They continue, making plans about what to do with the rowboat full of loot, and who is an ally or not. Ty suggests just keep going directly to the wedding, while Bran thinks the Count may have important information they can use. Besides, those not going to the wedding need somewhere to stay.
Indigo gets healed by Mara, whether he was ready for it or not. She offers to play a tune on her recorder, which puts the pep back into Indigo's step (but makes Ilero shake his head: so much for stealthy movement). She also distances herself from Kel, for no apparent reason. Oh, Hi Carissa! Mara sings instead of playing the recorder, and everyone joins in (not).
Marisu chats up Mara, about sore feet and travelling, and Zephyr comes up. Marisu tells the sad tale of her horse being taken by bugbear slavers, which leads to Marisu's deep thoughts of her next actions, and if acting wrong is better than not acting. Mara plays a perky song, while Marisu uses the time to speak to Indigo. She asks if Indigo can get more direct, straight-forward facts from Anastacia about the deaths of her family. The two conspire to get Anastacia talking during dessert, or while they spar. Marisu opts for the former, citing her arms should remain attached to her body (good choice!)
  • The cheery tunes make the miles and time go by quickly, as it is nightfall again. The campsite is oddly close to an old graveyard, because why not? Nothing bad ever happens close to an old graveyard, right? Just as the team picks out sleeping spots, a horde of ghouls emerge from the graveyard. Mara jumps to the front, waves her holy symbol, and prays to turn the undead. Even her own deity Belinos is sick of her saccharine ways, and denies her the power. Yikes!
Indigo and Ilero jump to the forefront, while Mara beats a hasty retreat behind Kel. Anastacia and Tyberius join the front ranks, and mayhem ensues. Ilero commands the Hand to try for a knockout punch. Shur and Shi'Nynze fire a barrage of arrows, while Branwyn lets loose with Manyjaws. Even Johan the Apprentice gets into the sorcery. But the surprise of the battle is little Treble gnawing away at foul-tasting ghoul flesh (He otter know better (wait, Treble is a female? ... (insert your own line here)))! The ghouls are not without their strengths, scoring a few critical hits themselves. All in all, the ghouls fall to the far superior combat unit, but at the price of the Princess being left paralyzed. Pockets are checked, and the ghouls are gathered in a pile, awaiting Branwyn's itchy trigger finger of Fireball, with Shi and Mara ready with water spells, just in case.

The night ends before the flame is sparked, so tune in next week, when we burn a heap of undead, plan overnight watches, tie Jared to a tree so he doesn't run off during his shift, ask how it feels to be another year older, and also how nice it is to play from home after traveling for a few weeks. Quotes to follow.

Quotes of the Night:

[Guy] how does goat taste?
[Master] meaty
[MarioCS] not baaaaaaaahhhddd
[Guy] you should feel sheepish for that Mario
[Master] don't start butting heads Guy

[MarioCS] duck feet and duck bills
[MarioCS] sorry duck tongues
[MarioCS] thatís one way to quiet a duck
[Lisa] why would anyone eat a duck's tongue?
[Spring] duck bills would have been difficult
[MarioCS] that culture eats EVERY part of the animal
[Lisa] who was the 1st guy to be cutting up a duck and decide that was the part they wanted to eat?
[Spring] um, being really hungry and running out of the rest of the duck?

[Lisa] If it were me that part would have already been tossed aside
[Lisa] something crawling around on the ground would have eaten it

Branwyn (Lisa) sits down on the edge of the rowboat "Want the chair?"
Anastacia Eustace (Master) looks at the chair dubiously
Branwyn (Lisa) laughs
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] Do you think it is magical?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Doubtful, but you never know
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] or was someone just really full of them self and needed to bring something like this along
Branwyn (Lisa) laughs "Maybe Count Drake is missing a chair"
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] I do not remember what he had in the castle
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] this is your first time seeing him since the time you stabbed him?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Neither do I really. A chair is harder to steal than the cutlery

[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] what was your wedding night like?
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] a Prince must mean it was an eventful wedding
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ummm... the end of the night was very nice

[Snezana (Spring)] if Jared does not want to go on patrol with me, I canít make him
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] I can
Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Anastacia
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] So
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] Jared
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] One
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Want her to make him, Snee?
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] a chance to be done
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] Two
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] you do not want to be blue
Branwyn (Lisa) leans back against the chair
[Snezana (Spring)] not really
[Jared (Guy)] three I am staying free

[Master] Zombie #29, Zombie #25, Zombie #26, Zombie #22, Zombie #23, Zombie #24, Zombie #30, Zombie #19, Zombie #20, Zombie #21, Zombie #27, Zombie #28, Zombie #17 and Zombie #18 moved 6'01".
[Mara (MarioCS)] (lol zombies marching 2x2, nice!)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against Zombie #22: Fireball: I fire off a 20' radius ball of flame which deals (10d6) [10d6=2,3,4,5,3,1,6,5,1,1] 31 points of damage. Save vs spell for half damage.
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we got no time for this garbage)
[Mara (MarioCS)] (super sweet! you were waiting to do that for a while, I can tell...!)
[Snezana (Spring)] (LOL)
Snezana (Spring) mouth agape
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well I didn't think it would be that effective
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sorry to spoil the fun

[TMO] hi. sorry I'm late
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no worries)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Ilero want 2nd watch with some o'tters?)
[TMO] we have a clutch of otters now?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we just killed an army of zombies - the rest of the night should be cake)
[TMO] depends - did we move the carrion?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (they are the charcoal you see in the middle of the road)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (unappetizing)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I finally got to unleash a fireball - reason for my happy mood!)
[TMO] pyro
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yup)
[Kel (MarioCS)] (she's been holding it in for ages. Tonight was THE night!)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)
[Kel (MarioCS)] the hydra had it coming last week
[Jared (Guy)] ((thatís what he said))

[Kel (MarioCS)] Ilero took a nasty spill from that tree. I hope heís ok
[Indigo (Lisa)] Did he?
[Ilero]] (TMO) is practicing his "I meant to do that" look
[Kel (MarioCS)] I heard a thump. and he was sprawled out
[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh. Ilero are you okay?
[Ilero]] (TMO) nods and waves.
Indigo (Lisa) goes back to his post
Ilero (TMO)] the Hand floats by and gives you a thumbs up.
Indigo (Lisa) waves at the hand
[Kel (MarioCS)] (high five!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] We had 4 ogres show up. Kel killed 2 but mine and the other ran away
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] they saw you and ran
[Indigo (Lisa)] So they might come back
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] sounds like they were smarter than the average ogre
[Indigo (Lisa)] They got hurt and ran
[Indigo (Lisa)] They had fancy swords
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] you hurt their feelings?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] I thought you were the nice one?
Indigo (Lisa) laughs
Lord Branadarus (Master) grins

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] plus we fought a whole castle of bugbears!
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] We did great
[Indigo (Lisa)] No! We did that!
[Indigo (Lisa)] How many castles of bugbears have you invaded?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] laughs
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] I mean you and me
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] we fought a whole castle of bugbears
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] that is a good thing
[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh. I thought you meant a different one
[Indigo (Lisa)] That was a good story

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] go have a great night
[Indigo (Lisa)] You can talk to Shur
Lord Branadarus (Master) calls out So Shur what is the plan?
[Shurkural]] (TMO) smiles and says back, more quietly, "Not waking everyone up?"
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] OH I suppose

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] how did you find the Queen?
Shurkural (TMO)] Count Drake found her, I think. It was all real confusing, but we just caught up with her here and she was all safe and sound already.
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] So you saved her from herself?

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Branwyn has dungeons?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] See I knew I loved her
Shurkural (TMO)] (I want that noted down, in case it becomes prophetic)
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (LOL)
Shurkural (TMO)] Ilero won't tell me much about him.
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] How deep is Branwyn's dungeon?
[Shurkural]] (TMO) shrugs. "Never been down there."
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] all the good ones have lots of levels
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] see
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] that sounds like a lot of fun
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] what does she keep down there?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] I wonder why she never told me about them
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] maybe she wanted it to be a surprise
Shurkural (TMO)] You'd have to ask her, babe.
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] how many times have you been down there?
[Shurkural]] (TMO) shakes her head. "Never."
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] WOW they must be tough then
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] she does like danger
Shurkural (TMO)] She maybe shoulda joined the Guard and become a soldier, right?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] donít tell her that you told me
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] let her keep it as a surprise
Shurkural (TMO)] Sure
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] I will act surprised
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (so will she)
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (this is hilarious)
Shurkural (TMO)] (let me guess, not her dungeon? ;) )
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] (She brought it up!)
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (it's at the Mosskin keep - it's the Mosskin dungeon)
Shurkural (TMO)] (eh, potayto, potahto)

[Indigo (Lisa)] It is a nice chair
[Indigo (Lisa)] We could put it by the fireplace at Orchard House and we can all take turns sitting in it
Kel (MarioCS) laughs
[Indigo (Lisa)] You can have it every second day of the week
[Kel (MarioCS)] I do hope it gets to settle in Orchard House
Kel (MarioCS) puzzled
[Indigo (Lisa)] There's a lot of people that might want to sit in that chair
[Kel (MarioCS)] once a week? can I take Tiberiusís turn too? we donít have to tell him when itís his turn...
[Indigo (Lisa)] Everybody will have to wait their turn
Indigo (Lisa) laughs
[Indigo (Lisa)] That's not fair!
[Kel (MarioCS)] hey! if he doesnít remember it's his turn, who's fault is that?!

[Indigo (Lisa)] But I don't think he and Branwyn will be spending too much time at Orchard House.
[Kel (MarioCS)] if I remember, there's a room with a double bed...
[Kel (MarioCS)] I wonder who will get that when we return
[Kel (MarioCS)] we have a few couples now
Kel (MarioCS) smirks secretly
Indigo (Lisa) shrugs
[Indigo (Lisa)] Just push two together and you have a double
Kel (MarioCS) ponders, and then smiles
[Indigo (Lisa)] Hoffman can attach them
[Kel (MarioCS)] and thatís why youíre an Admiral!
[Indigo (Lisa)] So they don't separate over night
[Kel (MarioCS)] Why would they...ohhhhh....
Kel (MarioCS) smirks again

Mara (MarioCS) plays a ditty on the recorder
Mara (MarioCS) as she walks next to Indigo and Kel
Carissa has joined the game on Fri Jun 29 22:38:38 EDT 2018
[Mara (MarioCS)] uh oh
Mara (MarioCS) steps a few steps away from Kel
[Mara (MarioCS)] (Hi Carissa!)
[Mara (MarioCS)] (pay no attention to Mara, and her proximity to Kel)
[Mara (MarioCS)] (purely coincidental)

Ilero (TMO)] (she is very generous including Ilero in that list)
[Carissa] Awesome
[Mara (MarioCS)] She is a he?
[Mara (MarioCS)] Bam!
Ilero (TMO)] (she is when speaking as Mara)
[Mara (MarioCS)] I was worried I wouldnít get it in tonight

[Master] so as you are getting ready to camp for the night
[Master] a small graveyard is near by
[Master] old
[Mara (MarioCS)] (it snuck up on us)
Marisu (TMO)] (oh, this is a bad idea)
[Carissa] (a grave situation here)
[Master] you stumbled upon it
[Indigo (Lisa)] Should we really be camping by a graveyard?
[Ilero]] (TMO) looks nervous.
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looking around at graveyard
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um...
[Ghoul #22 (Master)] Hsssssss
[Mara (MarioCS)] Spirits are not to be feared. I can communicate with them, sometimes
[Indigo (Lisa)] Mara, can you wave your holy symbols around or something?
[Mara (MarioCS)] of course, if they are UNDEAD!
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] What's that moving over there?
[Indigo (Lisa)] MARA! We don't talk to ghouls!

[Mara (MarioCS)] oh Belions, save ne now!!!
[Indigo (Lisa)] (or whatever his name is!)
[Mara (MarioCS)] (rofl! touchť!)

Sincere thank you to Lisa and Mario for writing up the summaries the past three weeks, and another thank you to Lisa for keeping up with the Playlist and doing better than me at that - want to keep at it? ;)

But seriously, thank you! I think we all enjoy reading the perspective of others. Please keep that in mind next time I'm sent off to who-knows-where! - Carissa

Session: 20180706c

  • The night starts with some minor configuration and leveling and general housekeeping before jumping to the debate of camping by the graveyard: yay or nay?
    1. I mean, is that a real question? Who actually camps by graveyards by choice? And no, let's not do any graverobbing, either.
  • Ilero walks off, alone, to find a place to camp. Yes Mara, someone should go with him. Hint, hint? No? Having crossed into thicker Mist and still not adjusted, Shi volunteers... to sit down right where she is and wait for Ilero to return.
    1. Kel is worried about Shi (did we really need to roll for the obvious?) and Shi notices that Ilero has been gone a bit too long because he did what he shouldn't have done (did we really need to roll for the other obvious?).
    2. Mara did watch which way Ilero went. So very helpful. She's going to go help find him now, right? No but why not light up the sky like a lighthouse to guide the monsters to us? Yeah... not the best of plans. Does she still do it? Yes.
    3. Um, why did it appear about 100 yards away? Oh, that wasn't Mara? What is it? A Will O'Wisp? It disappeared, but Branwyn casts glitterdust in that area to make it visible again as she heads that way with Shur, Howard, Jared, and Johan.
    4. Branwyn finds a ghoul (quickly killed by magic missile), quicksand, and Ilero in the quicksand blinded by golden glitterdust. That strange light? Not a wisp but the light clasp in the Hand of Reaching. What a relief. It's better than Ilero following a wisp like a charmed puppy!
    5. Howard runs back to grab Kel who returns to lasso Ilero out of the quicksand. Shur tosses Ilero into a stream to clean him off (or maybe she was more gentle about it, but probably not).
  • kLoOge briefly kills all the characters before BOB restores them. After all that fun they decide that, minus the quicksand, Ilero did find a better place to camp so let's stop here for the night.
    1. As they settle down and decide on watches, Indigo again refuses to let himself be healed because Penelope thinks he looks dangerous that way which is a good thing, I guess?
    2. Anastacia is also finally unparalyzed as enough time passed since no one could (or would?) unparalyze her earlier.
    3. Miranda has an extra spell handy and cures the only swamp sick wolf (Ithil) to the relief of Shi (yes, he was sick three sessions ago, but things happen). Okay so watches now?
  • First up is the women spellcaster watch with Branwyn, Shi, Mara, Miranda, Neith, and not Marisu so she can listen in on the third watch, but Shur before TMO leaves.
    1. Branwyn goes to guard the boat since no one was guarding it last time she woke up. Shi joins her and calls the wolves over to help guard the boat. They talk briefly about The Mist, how Branwyn can stand it, and how she was not born in it, but Roppenmere.
    2. As Branwyn goes for patrol with Treble, Miranda wanders over and continues The Mist conversation, not wanting to settle within it, but also not wanting to insult a place someone calls home, and Neith joins in briefly to agree with hating The Mist, but does think it has charm with its ambitious types and all.
    3. Conversation switches to Neith asking Shi what her plans are long term. Rephrased: the short-lived human asks the long-lived elf her long term plans. Shi lists off her plans for the next few hundred years, mentioning possibly honing her musical abilities, which catches the interest of Mara. And the lacking interest of the others who escape.
    4. Somehow Mara convinces Shi to briefly sing an Elven song (definitely don't have a few handy just in case). Not a repeat of the last song, but a more upbeat courting song, and while I forgot to post it, there is also a Jennevive version of the song.
    SHI'NYNZE ♫♪
    E tundra'ashalan, esalathal'ishan gara
    Oh gentle daughter, here comes the courting man.
    E tundra'mamae, sul em su josh tuas tharala
    Oh gentle mother, put the wheels in motion for me.
    Dhulaman o targen'jol, dhulaman Elvhenor
    Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Elvish seaweed,
    Dhulaman o manala, on'ala Elvhenan
    Seaweed from the ocean, the best in all of Elvhenan.
    (an Elvish rendition of this song)

  • Anyhow, Mara is inspired and doesn't think she could sing that well. Shi agrees because Mara is not an elf (that attitude is an Elven thing, Michael). Mara then asks about Shi's relationship with Kel who tells her they are maybe sort of a couple? Not that it's anyone's business or anything. Mara agrees, and didn't want to assume (like so many others have), and reminds Shi that she doesn't want to be a burden, but is there to help. Um, okay, sure?
    1. Before going to sleep, Mara sneaks up on Indigo and heals him successfully without waking him (but maybe accidentally waking Penelope - no, Mara doesn't get attacked).
  • So we move on to second watch with Hugh, Hoffman, and Kel. Hoffman tries to find what tree Kel is in, but he isn't in a tree, he's in a palmetto palm! Which is technically still a tree, and no, it isn't hosting bullywugs but it is a favorite of Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes...
    1. Random fact from me to you. No, Kel doesn't get bit by a rattlesnake. But he does suggest maybe trying to plan attacks before attacking things so that Branwyn can fireball more things. Hoffman says Branwyn doesn't like to planning and they're adventurers not an army, but agrees to attempt Kel's way next time.
    2. Hugh briefly mentions a mercenary up in the Northern Wastes who runs the Fallen Eagles with a grudge against elves and collector of crests. Something of important in another few years? One year we'll find out! Maybe 2020 or 2021.
    3. As Hugh goes on patrol, Kel thanks Hoffman for his advice as it helped with Shi. A conversation follows where I'm pretty sure Kel and Hoffman were having two different conversations? Something about eyes, Jennevive, daddy issues, and agreement to keep something or another secret. Yes, they were as confused as I was by that conversation.
  • By third watch, Marisu is fast asleep and misses the talking between Anastacia, Qui, and Indigo. And you were confused by the earlier conversation...
    1. Anastacia asks if dwarves eat elven babies, Qui says he does not, she wonders if he's an exception, he says he can't speak for all dwarves but has never known one that ate elven babies, and Indigo comments that no one has probably seen elven babies except elves.
    2. Anastacia remarks that she can't speak for all blade masters, but she knows humans and she wouldn't say they are good people which leads Qui to feeling sorry for her and Indigo trying to tell Anastacia this is why no one understands her because she says hurtful things.
    3. To put it simply, the last three years of her life have been hell, she doesn't trust the rest of the group (Branwyn being the exception) and goes only on Indigo's word. Qui tries to make a comparison of how all people aren't bad by trying to say dwarves are from a different area...
    4. But dwarves are not people, interrupts Anastacia quickly. She points out how short and stocky Qui is and how people don't believe dwarves exist. They believe in elves, but not dwarves. Of interest, some dwarves apparently lived in the mountains to the west, but left when The Mist arrived. Smart dwarves, indeed.
    5. Indigo, insulted by the short and stocky comment, goes off to patrol with Anastacia noticing and quickly following. Why does Indigo say she is mean? Well, Indigo is short, stocky, and not human. Indigo tries to get Anastacia to understand why the way she asks questions can be considered mean because he really wants the group to see Anastacia as he does: brave, generous, funny, and kind. They have a heart to heart about missing home, solving the war, thoughts on forming a council, and the strange loyalty of Jennevive.
    6. In conclusion, Anastacia will treat Qui like Jennevive and they will get along. Uhhh, sure! Better than a baby eater, apparently.
  • Morning arrives, Indigo feels great and healed for some odd reason, Neith reveals she was awake during third watch, too, after making a baby eater comment, and after lamenting the lack of wheels on the rowboat, they start off down the road (dragging the rowboat).
    1. ...only to be stopped by a pile of small, but many, fallen rocks. Is this a trap? It's probably a trap.
    2. We can't go over it, can't go under it, can't go through it, we got to go around it! Maybe. Hope there isn't a bear on the other side.
    3. Well, actually, Kel does try to go over it while the others debate spells and alternate routes. His decision is quickly decided to be a bad one as two hill giants appear and throw rocks at them. They miss and he quickly scampers back down.
  • Remembering that he speaks Jotan, Hugh attempts to speak to the Hill Giants. After failing to climb the rocks and falling, Miranda casts fly on him. He offers to pay a toll from the start and the giants like the idea. The question is: what is a good price?
    1. ...the answer of which is to follow next week (with some discussion during the week). Have a good one!

Quotes of the Night:

Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] Indigo, I think it's time we look at those wounds
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] unless you prefer Mara's touch
[Indigo (Lisa)] You sound like Kel.
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] I have an elvish accent?
[Indigo (Lisa)] No. He keeps telling me I need to get looked at.
[Kel (MarioCS)] Hope it's not the accent ...

Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] I can only help who wants my help
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] well I can help those that do not want but i don't want to seem pushy
[Mara (MarioCS)] That's not being pushy. Thats just being neighborly, lloking out for one another
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] did you say licking?
[Mara (MarioCS)] if that's what it takes, then ok!

[Jared (Guy)] ((im glad to see that Treble is still around))
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Jared can adopt him any time!)
[Jared (Guy)] ((her and im happy to let you keep her))
[Mara (MarioCS)] (wait, Treble is a She??)
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] (that expalins a lot)
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] (I think it's pronounced Shi)
[Mara (MarioCS)] ( Shi is def a she)
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] (THAT explains a lot)

[Mara (MarioCS)] and we are so grateful to call you firends
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We?
Miranda Paige (John's Laptop)] (her and her chest)

[Kel (MarioCS)] if this gets back to Shi, it would be over for sure
Hoffman (John's Laptop)] don't bring Shur into this
Hoffman (John's Laptop)] you have enough issue with Mara

[Kel (MarioCS)] i mean if you like big brown eyes
Hoffman (John's Laptop)] sorry, eyes?
[Kel (MarioCS)] yes, she has eyes, two
[Kel (MarioCS)] right where' you'd expect them to be

[Kel (MarioCS)] Climbs the rock formation, uses infravision to scan the area
[Master] ultravision
[Master] Kel is not a lizard
[Kel (MarioCS)] (what do you mean? hes on the rocks! Look!)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (He's whiskey?)
[Master] NICE
[Master] adn the taxes on Kel just doubled

[Indigo (Lisa)] So I guess I am not to be trusted and I runm around eating babies
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] and you are much better than most humans that I know
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] you are just missing Jilly
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] apparently she is a very good cook
[Indigo (Lisa)] Better hide Mercy I might eat her!
QuiFon Ruminell (John's Laptop)] (that's how we deal with her)

Session: 20180713c

  • It is Friday the 13th, and while I'm not generally superstitious, let's just say the amount of computer problems many of us end up having (and others eluding to a less than great day) makes me wonder. So yeah, keep this in mind as we stumble through the night.
  • We begin where we ended which is figuring out what to do about those Hill Giants. Hugh attempts to continue toll negotiation by offering gems and silver. They say no, we offer them more gems and some gold, and they still say no. Well, specifically they want the stuff now and not later and we're not doing that. What now?
    1. It is important to note here that Hugh is still flying. This will matter shortly.
    2. As Hugh draws his sword, prepared to just slaughter the giants, a tiny voice from the other side of the rocks starts yelling at the giants to go away to the confusing of both Hugh and the Hill Giants.
    3. which I mean Indigo puts on that ring the guard was wearing earlier to discover he can now speak Jotun. Can he understand it? No, but he can speak it! Which is only helpful enough to cause a brief distraction before Indigo threatens them with a magic giant killing spear (we don't know for sure if it is, but it's a good guess) and the giants only hear magic spear which they suddenly decide they want for themselves. Combat has begun!
    4. First they toss Hugh to the side and out of the way before the two giants climb over the rocks to get the rest of the group. Indigo tries to hand Kel (who can't understand him because ring) the spear only to drop it and attack the giant. Kel does get the spear to keep it safe. Branwyn scares off one giant, the others attack the other giant, but by the end of the battle both giants limp away alive.
    5. Another side note that contrary to my original thought, the red button to end turn did not disappear as there may or may not be others involved in this battle that cannot be seen...
  • So what happened to Hugh? Thrown by the giants yet still flying so no damage there BUT as he tries to reorient himself arrows from the bushes on the roadside hit him multiple times. What is he to do? Stop, drop, and roll! ...into the bushes to hide!
    1. Yet another important note here to always roll initiative for your characters whether or not they are fighting because they can still be dragged into it! Or at least roll so you can officially get them out of harms way, Hugh...
  • To continue combat or not? It seems reasonable that our characters would surmise that Hugh was somewhere on the other side of the rock pile so let's take care of that first. Combat finishes officially, Tiberius and Kel debating having a rock moving contest, and Shi decides that'd take way too long and just "smooths out" the road (okay so it's not completely smooth but the boat can be taken over it). Problem solved! Er, but again, where's Hugh?
    1. All our calling out to Hugh brings us!...Joe? Joe, the Guard. Joe the Guard who is surprised by the presence of Marquessa Branwyn Branadarus (who is Branadarus?). Joe the Guard who mentioned shooting a flying guy out of the sky and killing him.
    2. Killing him? This makes Kel panic (angry? both?) who rushes off to search for the possible body of Hugh, get apprehended by the guards hiding in the bushes, yells at Joe to tell his guards to let him go and help them search, threaten the guards with murder, and to finally find Hugh. Is he alive? Yes he is absolutely fine minus the few arrows sticking out of him!
    3. And yes, Shi and Branwyn just kind of sit back and watch this all unfold, debating on if it was really the best way to go about the search. The guard did offer to have the Count revive Hugh if he was dead and we did have a wand so it's not let there weren't options. Er, but I do believe Hugh wanted to not die, first. Still, the guards had a better idea of where to look than to be blindly looking. Oh well.
  • The guards go back to guarding and hunting down the giants with only Joe to lead them to town. Yes the church is empty so no there are not healers. Yes the wolves are very nervous and scared so no Shi is not leaving their side. Yes we need to find a wall for the room scroll. Plans?
    1. Quick geographical overview: If you go down Devils Spires, you will hit Drakes Road again. We can go to the Inn of Crimson Tears or stay in Blackraven Village. Provided we want to go to the castle, we'll need to cross the Red Bridge. Oh, and stay away from the Caverns of the Crescent Moon. I see a theme here?
    2. Spotting a barn, Branwyn and Tiberius start to walk away with hopes to rent it for scroll use. Before they get far, a wayward gypsy child interrupts them. The others can deal with her. Branwyn and Tiberius continue to the barn, pay the farmer for its use, promise to leave the cow alone, and get ready to open the room scroll.
    3. Meanwhile, Indigo, Kel, and Shi talk to the gypsy girl whose name is Thistle, daughter of Wisewoman Sunflower. We think. BOB will double check that. Anyhow, she's from the encampment south of town, but ran away because her grandmother is old (probably close to 28, but apparently you're old once you stop moving). Shi understands Thistle's need to keep moving and see the world, Kel isn't so sure about this possible evil version of Jilly, and not wanting the girl to run off on her own, Shi convinces Thistle to stay with the group for now.
  • Whether or not this is a good idea, we don't know. Having secured the barn, Branwyn waves the group over. Thistle follows (not like she didn't see their boat full of stuff). Is this a good idea? Does it matter? You see where this is going...
    1. that we'll find out next week! See you then!

Quotes of the Night:

[Carissa] We're just a stone's throw away. You'll be fine.
[Kel (MarioCS)] (there you go, open w a joke!)

[Hill Giant #10 (Master)] (If that was all in WComm then they have no response to you)
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] bob
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] come on now
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] please
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I just cannot tonight
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] that was in jotun
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Can't take anything for granite in this game)

[Master] THROWS Kel agaisnt the rocks
[Kel (MarioCS)] (Wow, Kel is really on the rocks toight!)

[Master] Hugh is more than a full round farther down the roadway
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh sure just leave without us!)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (flies over the rocks and he's outta here!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Hey! Let's arm wrestle!
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] are we in mortal danger?
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] that seems to be the problem with arm wrestling

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Marquessa Branwyn Branadarus
[Guard #18 (Master)] Branadarus?
[Guard #18 (Master)] I know of no such name
[Guard #18 (Master)] Branwyn the grantor of Life?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, yes life grantor and all that
Branwyn (Lisa) mumbles "How in the world did I get all these names!"

[Mara (MarioCS)] Kel, here I come!!
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hugh
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hugh needs you
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not Kel
[Mara (MarioCS)] huh? isnít Kel with Hugh?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Mara ... focus ... Hugh

[MarioCS] Is there a church for those who need healing?
[Master] no to churches
[Master] but Branwyn can explain
[Master] if she remembers
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you think I remember the priesty things??)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And the sun. So bright and warm and wonderful...
[Kel (MarioCS)] you cant even look at it, its so bright
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods, "It hurts your eyes to look at too long."
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what's the point of having a sun you can't look at?)

[Master] Branwyn left you dealing with a wayward Gypsy child
[Master] to go talk to a farmer
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Farm him for information)
[Mara (MarioCS)] Reap all his knowledge
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sow some seeds in him)
[Mara (MarioCS)] Sow what did he say?
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Anything interesting crop up?)
[Mara (MarioCS)] ( did you plant our needs in his ear?)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I won't know Till Bob tells me)
[Mara (MarioCS)] (Bob? what a hoe)
[Mara (MarioCS)] ( too far??)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Don't dis-tractor from this conversation)
[Mara (MarioCS)] did you rake him over for info?
[Mara (MarioCS)] lets just plow forward

Session: 20180720c

  • Discussions about the upcoming party split (continued here) and the avoided confrontation (read here) as well as final discussions on what we put in the room scroll before we continue onward.
    1. Leave out the Bolpel list, let those remaining at the castle experiment more with the ring, and no, the rowboat is not in the scroll room.
  • Before we get farther, Shi does clarify with Branwyn that yes, this is the Count turned Vampire and we shouldn't be worried. Everyone knows he's a vampire. It'll be fine. Really.
    1. Or, at least, he won't hurt anyone who has the Queen's favor. So, yeah.
  • They're met on the road by a young retainer. Branwyn was spotted from the tower when she entered town so he ran down to intercept the group.
    1. The Count is at the Royal Estates at the moment, but they can stay the night. And no, the Countess did not recover from her illness.
    2. The Steward will be able to help those going to the wedding with proper clothing.
  • We still have a gypsy child with us. What does she plan to do? Run away still.
    1. The group tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Thistle to stay. They show her magic. She shows them her thief skills as she doesn't have the blood and marble bowl to do her future-telling magic. Snezana sings a tavern song for Thistle.
    SNEZANA ♫♪
    When I was at home I was merry and frisky,
    My dad kept a pig and my mother sold whisky.
    My uncle was rich, but never would by aisey,
    Till I was enlisted by Corporal Casey.
    Och! Rub a dub, row de dow, Corporal Casey,
    My dear little Shelah, I thought would run crazy.
    When I trudged away with tough Corporal Casey.
  • Wonderful song! But where's Thistle? Ah, used it as a distraction and left. Oh well. To the castle? Guards stop them, retainer tells them formalities aren't needed, and they continue to follow the retainer inside.
    1. ...except the "beasts" also known as the wolves and dogs. Shi is not happy to leave behind the clearly frightened wolves, but what can you do? Fete stays with them and is told to seek her if they need anything.
    2. They are led to the main chambers to greet...someone? Because there is always someone else to meet.
    3. Oh and the retainer's name? Knave. Yes, Knave.
    4. The only one not really worried? Indigo. Because they're making us a feast.
  • A walk through the castle reveals it is well fortified from the outside, but inside is more like a palace than something to defend. The only thing that could attack would have to fly or come up the winding path to the gatehouse.
    1. They're left in a holding room where Tiberius tries to convince Branwyn to let him chase after her rather than stay behind, a few others decide who doesn't want to go to the wedding and what they'll do while they wait, and all those details on that link I posted at the start.
  • After an hour of waiting, some of the party gets a little antsy.
    1. Rather than wait, Shi and Hugh go to try and find the wolves without success as doors are locked. Ilero tries to jog his memories.
    2. Hugh returns to ask Branwyn if this is normal while Shi finds the throne room. She doesn't go far before joining Ilero to listen at one of the doors.
    3. Knave finds them, Ilero covers for them saying they were looking for Knave to ask for water, and Knave offers to take them to the dungeon to get some.
    4. Wanting to keep Shi out of trouble in case it is a trap, he has her go get Hugh to help. So is it a trap? No, but it did involve heavy-lifting so it's for the better Hugh went with Ilero.
  • We mostly leave it here with the plan for the group to leave for the wedding first thing in the morning. Small details (like the 44 goodberries) are taken care of and the rest can be figured out on the site. So until then...
    1. ...see you on Friday!

Quotes of the Night:

[Young retainer (Master)] The Count is not in residence at the moment
[Young retainer (Master)] He is at the Royal Estates
[Hoffman]] (JohnAA) wonders who counts when he is away
[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (one, one party member. two, two party members, ah-ah-ah)

[Ilero]] (TMO) raises a hand in greeting to the guard. "Ho."
[Hoffman]] (JohnAA) quietly "don't call him a hoe"
[Hoffman]] (JohnAA) Louder "Greetings"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This castle is likely the work of over 100 years
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh? That's all?
[JohnAA] (HA!)
Ilero (TMO)] (elves..)
[JohnAA] perspective

Hoffman (JohnAA)] (don't go overboard)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (oar you'll be sorry)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Carissa you are being dinghy tonight)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (HA!)
Ilero (TMO)] (are you sure you weren't rowing with laughter?)
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] she's stirring up a row
[Knave (Master)] (keep everything ship shape out there)

[Kel (MarioCS)] they are wolves, dear. they fended for themselves before we rescued them, they can do it for a short while
[Kel (MarioCS)] I donít like it either, but they will be fine
Hoffman (JohnAA)] ( A fine coat indeed)

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) "um KNave? I'm no expert in these lands, but shouldn't there be murder holes in this entranceway?"
Ilero (TMO)] If so, why *stop*? Keep walking!

[Master] to a wine cellar
[Knave (Master)] Here you go
Knave (Master) hands Ilero a small cask
Knave (Master) hands Hugh a small cask
[Knave (Master)] We can take these up
Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) smiles at Knave
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] "Thank you m'lord"
[Ilero]] (TMO) nods and hands his to Hugh.
Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) looks at Ilero
Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Grunts
[Ilero]] (TMO) grins and winks
Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Takes the cask
[Knave (Master)] Then Knave leads you back up the stairs
[Knave (Master)] back into a hallway
[Ilero]] (TMO) takes the cask back outside the door to the room.
Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Glares daggers at Ileroís back

Session: 20180727c

  • Start off the night talking about healing both in-game and not in-game (seriously, did you get your foot/ankle checked, John) with only in-game healing occuring.
    1. And a reminder that practicing playing with limited healing only applies in-game.
  • Wedding list is confirmed to be: Anastacia, Branwyn, Marisu, Hugh, Hoffman, Snezana, and Mara.
    1. They talk to the stewart to get some clothing for the wedding. In the process, they decide what colors will represent Branwyn (deep blue and grey) not that her friends (not retainers) need to wear those colors, and Marisu can take care of the color changes with Cantrip anyways.
    2. Yes, technically Marisu outranks everyone followed by Branwyn followed by Anastacia.
    3. Another reminder that everyone is over Mist Sickness except Shi with Snee and Kenna needing to roll as they entered thicker mist before they were over their original sickness.
    4. Hoffman is taking his chain and two axes, Hugh is carrying a chest (from Knave) with 500 pieces of silver in it (meaning yes, first round of combat will be dropping it) and his sword, Marisu has her crossbow, Mara will carry her mace, and the other use spells or have daggers (but room scroll is left with Indigo). Ready to go?
  • Night passes uneventfully, they have a proper breakfast, Branwyn can't dance but Shur sure can, Tiberius tries to convince Shi to watch Treble for him because he thinks he, Indigo, and Kel will run off to adventure or something (no, again, you can't follow Branwyn), Indigo mentions visiting the gypsies, Howard throws out the possibility of Treble becoming Branwyn's familiar, Branwyn tells Tiberius to be good while she's gone, Hoffman tells Miranda goodbye (with a wave? really?), and the wedding party leaves also known as the party is split. Dun dun dun...
  • From here on out, we'll have two different scenes playing. BOB already has it all planned out, but for this specific session, they rest of it will focus on the wedding party and so...
  • Before they get far, Wisewoman Sunflower stops Branwyn. She tells Branwyn marriage seems to agree with her, says she can't wait to meet and spend time with Branwyn's daughter (what?? ah, but as she doesn't understand, Branwyn doesn't ask her to elaborate), tells her to be careful at the wedding, to let her granddaughter Thistle pretend to help them, and for them to keep their wits about them with in Sylaire. Who knows what the future brings?
    1. But before you go, Marisu wonders if Wisewoman Sunflower has heard anything about the Doeskins? She tells Marisu she will do well, and she has time to decide if she wants to join our (their?) family or start her own. Double what?? Yeah, no, no elaboration there, either. Moving on?
    2. By the way, what gift did Anastacia bring the happy wedding couple? Why a booch, ruby with gold filigree. You know, similar to what Branwyn gave Queen Cinna. What a coincidence!...?
    3. Oh and the happy wedding couple? Magdalene d'Ambreville and Andre-David de Foret.
  • By midday on the 12th, the group has left Ghostwood Domain and is officially in Nouvelle Averoigne. Before they get far they spot a beggar? A pest? A gypsy girl who thinks she knows more than she does? Yes to the last one. Hello again, Thistle!
    1. Thistle says she's going to help the group because clearly they need help. No, she's not scouting and apparently Marisu didn't pick up any skills from Ilero.
    2. Side thought: Er, how can Marisu watch Ilero as the queen ordered if they're in two different domains...?
    3. Anyhow, Thistle officially joins the group and now Carissa has a PC (and as of this summary, she has her other PC, too! The computer. It works now)!
  • They get deeper into the Estates and come upon a small village for the night. There they watch as a bag of wheat burst over the party which has them suddenly approached by a short, weird-looking human and his butler (but both are wearing fine garments). He has an offer for them if they'll hear him out over dinner. Why not? No, this is not as strange as the strange man. Not at all.
    1. So of course they take the offer, get free food, and are told by Petit-Singe (with his servant Wilton) that he was sent by Dame Camille d'Ambreville to find heroes to locate and free her missing son, the great wizard Etienne d'Ambreville (Le Prince-Magicien) from some spell or prison that holds him (not so great, is he then). Apparently the Dame had a vision showers of gold rained down upon those who will free her son. So the party. That got covered in wheat. No, Rumpelstiltskin is not involved.
    2. No, no one recognizes the name Dame Camille, but she will be glad to have them as guests and The Chateau will be full of people for the wedding. Her daughter Magalene's wedding to join the two families of the Estate. What a coincidence! We definitely weren't heading to this wedding to crash! As companions of the Dame, they should (can't promise will) be safe.
    3. The group are the only ones who Petit-Singe has met who match the vision of the Dame (but really, how does one have visions in the Mist?) so will they help? Well this IS the place of Dreams as Thistle points out. What does that mean? We don't know, but we're going to help.
    4. As they discuss how they might possibly find this imprisoned wizard, Mara notices that Thistle is playing with her priest symbol. That she stole (and eyeing the one she couldn't steal from Snee). Why? To protect the priestesses, of course! You know that priest/esses are forbidden in Nouvelle Averoigne? Yeah...
    5. After giving back her symbol, the priestesses are told to hide them. You know what this means? No spellcasting for the priestesses. Not even healing. Well this is going to be fun!
  • We leave is here with discussions of who will pair up with who as aides since priestesses can't be priestesses and a gypsy child might not be so welcomed, maybe, who knows?
    1. Well it's only right that you should play the way you feel it.
    2. See you in a week! Because I posted this a week later.
    3. Last thought: hilarious quotes I wasn't sure about posting, but you know which ones I mean so post if you think appropriate on here.

Quotes of the Night:

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (I thought we had it in a chest)
[mharm-15549] (Do we have a chest? Or do I need to ask if they have one that is not being used)
Marisu (TMO)] (Mara has a chest, apparently)
Marisu (TMO)] (ba dum pish!)
[Kel (MarioCS)] (Yes she does! apparently. Funny, I never mentioned that, but somehow she does...)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we're crashing! we bring presents too?)
Marisu (TMO)] (crashing is rude enough)
[mharm-15549] (Wait we are actually crashing the wedding???)
[Master] and I have to laugh with Michael, from April till now and you just realized what the story arc name really means? :)

[Thistle (Carissa)] I tried to protect Snee, but hers was harder to get...
Snezana (Spring) tucking religious symbol out of sight
[Mara (MarioCS)] well, mine does stick out a bit more, genetics, you know