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Wedding Crashers - Out of Character Conversations

4/26 John

As I will not be there to discuss in character, I want to give the group something to think about. We have a big Target traveling with the princess. We can try and dim the beacon but I say we counter act it. We progressively say we are on a diplomatic peace mission with representatives from both sides of the war going to a meeting. Sure Red will probably be against us again but I think it's the right thing to do.

4/26 Lisa

Is Marisu on the other side of the war? I'm not sure where Marisu's head is at right now.

And since we've learned that our guide in the mission is Anastacia, who is second to the Queen, I'm thinking we need a decision from Marisu on how to handle this before we meet up to leave on the trip. Anastacia can move as fast on Marisu as she did on Kel when he drew Teb. She is the former Queen's daughter, educated and would know all the powerful houses. Wilamina knows Marisu was in Dryads Lair with us and I was surprised she didn't mention it last week.

I am worried about what is going to happen in the next few hours game time when Anastacia claps eyes on Marisu Doeskin without having her presented to the Queen for her loyalty trial. When we get back to the house to pack, if Ilero doesn't say something quick, I was going to have Branwyn take it back to Marisu and let "her" (TMO) decide how she wants to play this. These are the options I thought of:

  • She can skip the adventure and hide at orchard house (which is no fun but safest)
  • See the Queen before we go, knowing what she will have to say and hoping the Queen will be reasonable
  • Don't say anything, keep (or improve) the disguise and try to get through it
  • Don't say anything, keep (or improve) the disguise and make a break for it in the middle of the trip to try to get home to the Doeskin Estate (which would be kind of funny - to me but probably not to BOB- if we went and chased after her and sabotaged the whole story arc). But then that would put anyone not sworn to the rebellion in serious danger, a flip of the one Marisu's in now.

4/26 TMO

That is a good question, Lisa. Yes, it is something that no one has asked Marisu yet. ;)

It's possible that the Queen is opting to not poke sleeping dogs, i.e. - if Marisu isn't going to raise a stink, neither will she. Or she's treading carefully around Branwyn, not certain of how split her loyalties might be. I highly doubt she's uncertain of Branwyn's loyalty, but just doesn't want to hurt her by forcing her to turn on a friend.

Just a note- this probably *would* have been covered on the trip home, if Marisu were my prime character. She's suffered by not being the primary, and Ilero's trials and tribulations have been more immediate. Not anything anyone's done wrong, just a lack of me being able to focus on her the way she's deserved.

4/26 Lisa

Maybe it's also that we're all scared of her after her drunken rampage?? :)

But it might help if we are healthy and don't need to rejuvenate spells to have the casters go back to doing watches again. The non-casters have been the main ones getting the nightly chats lately.

4/26 TMO

I did just realize that this point in the adventure it's perfectly logical for either Ilero or Marisu to stay behind and have it fit into the story. Ilero can stay and work on his Guild, Marisu can stay and work on politics. Feel free to post your opinions if you have any on which or both you'd like to travel with for this adventure.

4/26 Carissa

The more the merrier! Especially after reading about previous trips through the swamp and wondering how you all survived those...

4/26 Lisa

Yeah - I'm not in favor of you leaving characters home for the big anniversary game! We have to address the Marisu situation at some point. This is just pushing it ahead a bit faster is all.

4/27 John

It's not a party without the whole party.

5-6 Lisa

Re-reading the chat while formatting, I noticed a few things I wanted to comment on and have a couple questions for Bob.

Question: I was counting encounters from the morning we had new spells forward, and we had 4 rolls before noon and 2 by 3:30 pm. Are we to expect 11 encounter checks per day? (8 and 3 watches)

Observations: About that silver…

5,000 coins weighs 100 lbs. total

Hugh’s Pack would only hold 1,000 coins (not 10,000 – assuming that was a typo) if it was filled the max. @Michael – I read what was in your pack and Branwyn would seriously smack Hugh upside the head if she saw that he put his notebook and parchments on the bottom of a skiff. May I recommend Hugh keeps his paper products inside his backpack and carry 750 sp?

And yes, we do have sacks. It’s on the Party Pack page. This is a remnant from the times before we carried chests. If I pack for a trip, I will always include a couple of sacks. Sacks filled to bursting could hold 600 coins a piece and weigh 12 lbs. each. We could do this and put the sacks in the skiffs that don’t already have chests. I think they can fit even in the skiffs with four people. Bob – yes??

So as I see it – we have 750 with Hugh, 800 in chest, 1,200 in sacks if they can fit in skiffs, leaving 2,250. How much of that each character takes depends on the individual character. Bran & Tiberius took 50 between them. So 2,200 left to divvy up.

I know you may know this, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to break how much we can carry down.

How much characters can carry depends on how much they already have in their packs and their weight allowance. Room in a pack is also dependent on the physical space that the items take up. E.g., Branwyn has 13 STR, so has a weight allowance of 45 lbs. Coins shouldn’t be a problem, right? But, she knows she is attending a formal wedding, so she is carrying formal wedding clothes and shoes, brushes, jewelry, as well as extra spell components, her special use only daggers, food and waterskins, etc. Shi’s STR is 5 (yikes!) so her weight allowance is only 10 lbs and I don’t know what Shi travels with.

Conversely, Indigo doesn’t carry a backpack at all. He could take 25 sp in his belt pouch and that's about it. He is responsible for the potion/scroll chest and has his magic pick and spyglass slung behind him as well. Poor guy couldn’t physically travel with a big backpack too. Even though he has the STR for it, there's only so much room on his back to put things!

Forgot about the Room Scroll: Occurred to me after updating the Party Pack. Due to the surprise trip, we didn't have a 24-hour period to re-activate the room scroll. But we are carrying it. If we do load everyone up to bursting with silver coins, it would only be until we can find some sort of structure with a roof. Then we can unload the silver and the formal dress wear.

Side Note: In the morning, Branwyn will offer to take Branadarus and Anastacia’s nice clothes and put them all in her pack for spell waterproofing. Branadarus can then carry Branwyn’s extra food and waterskins, her brushes and so forth in his pack along with whatever he travels with. I’m not sure what other PCs were bringing wedding clothes and I would need Bob to help me with how many outfits can be carried in her pack without destroying them in the process. BTW - if any PCs forgot to bring dress clothes, I hear that we will be stopping at Count Drake’s place before we get to the wedding and we may be able to take care of those things at the village there.

BOB's comments

1 - yes to more encounters. Two reasons, the first is more dangerous territory (for several reasons) and the second is that there are more people. A group of 5 attracts less attention than a group of 20. 10 skiffs at 4 people each means more opportunities to notice things and to be noticed.

2 - for the room scroll you just have to say you are looking for buildings and the chances of finding one increase. They are out there, they just are not normally a significant encounter.

3 - yes to stopping in the Ghostwood Domain on the way to the wedding. It is the last keep along the way and it would be expected that Branwyn would pay her respects to the Count.

4 - coins are always trickier than you think. They take up space and weigh you down. Please do remember when adding all those coins to your sheet and to containers you are carrying. Weight and swimming do not go well together. Leaving sacks of coins on the bottom of the skiff solves that problem until the skiff flips over. Well I guess that solves the coin problem too then. :)

5 - you found Mercy on 4-4-344 SKR {1266 TGR}, then on 19-5-345 SKR {1267 TGR} she was over a year old and running around the house and it is {as of last session} 5-8-345 SKR so she is coming up on 2 years old quickly. I am going to make an icon for her for the Skiffs to remind everyone for when a skiff overturns or tentacles reach up out of the water.

5-20 Lisa

TMO brought up an interesting point in chat last week. He said that if Waterbane was cast on a chest and it lasts for 11 days, why does opening it matter? I had always played it that the spell lasted until you opened the container, and so I checked the book. The spell book doesn't address that at all. Do you have a ruling on whether the spell breaks if we open the chest? It would definitely change how I plan Branwyn's spells for the day. Thanks.

5-20 BOB

I posted a commentary on the Waterbane page but here it is also.

Commentary: This spell works on whole objects. The example of the barrel in the description. If the barrel is broached then the spell is broken at that moment. Similarly a chest with waterbane cast upon it would be watertight until it is opened. If cast upon a dress or clothing that is not worn the spell continues to operate until the clothing is 'opened' and put on. When cast upon a person the spell works until expiration.

5-24 BOB

So now that Anastacia has laid out her role in the events at the Doeskin Estates I wanted to put this down so everyone sees what really happened versus stories told from various points of view. At this point there is no real lie {except perhaps the death of the Earl} just various people telling things from their point of view or official proclamations for the general populace.

  • Coronation
  • Rebellion talks start
  • Rebellion starts
  • a couple of battles
  • Anastacia kills Countess Doeskin
  • Bolpel's offer Anastacia to be queen, turned down
  • several battles
  • Earl of Doeskin invites Anastacia to one of his keeps
  • Anastacia offered again for Queen (the story just told)
  • Doeskins reveal werewolves
  • Queen reveals her werewolves
  • Queen's werewolves convert Eustace retainers into werewolves
  • Anastacia defeats the Doeskin werewolves
  • Doeskin family is mostly eliminated

Out of this there are a few things that happened

  • The Doeskins get blamed for more of the rebellion
  • Anastacia is made the Princess by the Queen to eliminate these attempts
  • The Eustace family is now know as a werewolf family
    • Anastacia hates that idea, hates werewolves
  • Anastacia does not want to be Queen
    • She really does not want to be Queen or forced to marry someone
  • The Bolpels have shown that they can influence other Estates
    • putting more blame on the Doeskins
    • convincing the Gronarks to still attack the Vilmar Estates even if not in rebellion to the crown

This simplifies everything of course and it all takes place over almost two full years and you are another 6 months past the time of the last part of this timeline.

6/5 Carissa

Technically from Twenty-fifthAnniversaryGame but relevant as we go forward so putting it down here. Just some thoughts to ruminate on. May or may not be significant later.

  • We found a Greek church on the Bolpel Estates which are apparently Kayugan. We know the stuff IN the church was Hades (altar cloth, for example), but we don't actually know for certain the priestess herself was Hades priestess (although that scythe is kind of convincing that she might be...). Yes, Branwyn did point this out and asked Anastacia about it, but it was possibly missed by others.
  • Other Greek ties that might matter: the prophecy, of course. Will it help us to have Tiberius with us? Do we even know which specific Greek church wants him safe? (Provided it really is him). And will the Chalice of Charon we have be of use to bargain in all of this mess? If the Bolpels really do have ties to the Greek church...
  • Thoughts: row boat to River Styx? Worth checking it out? Nothing odd at glancing at it, but worth trying it out or not?

I had other thoughts somewhere, but these at least I remember.

7/7 Carissa

Resource #1: Party Pack
Resource #2: (Courtesy of BOB)

Ecology: Hill giants' main diet consists of meat, which they obtain by hunting. The flesh of young green dragons is considered a delicacy, and frequently giants who live on hills and mountains covered with forests will organize hunting parties in search of green dragon lairs. In turn, green dragons have been known to hunt hill giants. Sometimes bands of hill giants will trade with each other or with bands of ogres to get foodstuffs and trinkets. They wear crudely-sewn animal hides, which are the equivalent of leather armor. Nearly all hill giants wear these hides, which are a symbol of esteem in some hill giant communities -- the more hides a giant has, the more large kills to his credit. Hill giants are selfish, cunning brutes who survive through hunting and by terrorizing and raiding nearby communities. Despite their low intelligence, they are capable fighters.

Annnnddddd discuss!!

...current thought is if we're worried they'll steal the boat, shouldn't we also worry about giving them magic weapons for which they can then stab us with?

Maybe we can let Hugh continue to distract them while we try to tunnel through the rocks via spell and/or that strength potion that let Indigo chop a table in half? All we need is a hammer, that oil, and SMASH! Maybe.

Or there is always the option of taking another path. Other thoughts? we still have that dragon hide? Maybe a piece of that would make these hide-collecting, dragon-eating Hill Giants happy.

7-7 Lisa

Thinking about this the next day, I'm not sure we have to make this complicated. The giants basically are low intelligence creatures that may likely be happy with shiny things. We are almost at Drake's where we can get new items appraised and open the room scroll. So, at this point I personally don't care about giving away the travelling gems - we have 5 pretty shiny gems to offer to let us pass. We have 20 gp for travelling that we can offer if they quibble over 5 gems. If they still want to argue about it, we can take just take them out. Just my opinion, but if it were me, I would try to get us through without having them do us any favors above and beyond a basic toll charge.

As far as the rock slide, Mike had a priest that could cast stone shape(?) or something like that that could alter the shape of stone. If that could be used to smooth out the grade, we can pull ourselves over with the help of our PCs with rope use and strength.

As far as selling the magic weapons? Think of it as the precursor to our second burst of building :)

7/8 Carissa

Very true. In all honesty, I'm not worried at all about paying them a toll. We can kill them for all I care, but I was more on the thought of enlisting their help to clear a path for us. Stone Shape is an option - Shi has it...but currently can't cast it so unsure who else has it. But she does have Soften Earth Or Stone to clear a path (description says it turns stone into clay for easy molding at 10 sq ft per level) as well as Strength of Stone available (can we move/destroy stone with that kind of strength?).

Of course, I do wonder if there is some quick trick to clear it. Or have the giants seriously just been sitting nearby, waiting for people to climb over it to throw stones at?

7/12 Mario

I think the negotiations are a refreshing way to handle these giants, with the goal being, for me anyways, for them to not throw rocks at us. If the talks break down, i'm all for running them through. I don't think we need, or necessarily want, them to assist with the boat, as the treasure is very exposed, and if they fancy it, we would have no choice but to kill them. But their assistance as hired hands to move rocks may work; not sure if Charm would apply. We could always drop a sparkly shiny gem into the middle of the rock pile, and they would move the rocks on their own to get their bauble. Let's see where the negotiations go, and worry about getting past the rock pile after, as two separate events. We are vary capable of handling both the giants and the rock slide.

The spells mentioned above are great, maybe Strength of Stone on some already strong persons, to raise their strength high enough to clear a path. The movers would just have to be careful to always be touching a stone for the duration, maybe bare feet? This is the least of the concerns though. See you all tomorrow!

7/15 Lisa

We’ve got a party split coming up shortly and so I thought I’d start the ball rolling in an attempt to expedite things. Please add/comment as you wish. My thinking on the items below is as crashers of this wedding, rooms will not be prepared for us, and I am hesitant to have a lot of luggage that would be horrific to lose.

  • Branadarus can stay behind if this is too many characters to bring to the wedding.
  • Branwyn will be leaving her spell books and the room scroll with Indigo.
  • I was thinking of splitting the coins and gems outside of the scroll between the two groups in case they need some cash.
  • The rowboat stays in Ghostwood.
  • The scroll potion chest will stay in Ghostwood, but the wedding party may snag a couple to take on the road.
  • For Carissa – if you want to bring Shi to the wedding, maybe another animal liking character can take care of the wolves. Should only be 6-7 game days(?). And you can play one of mine or maybe someone else’s other characters for the Ghostwood parts.

Wedding Attendees

  • Branwyn
  • Anastacia
  • Hugh
  • 1 of Spring’s characters
  • 1 of TMO’s characters
  • 1 of John’s characters
  • 1 of Mario’s characters

Ghostwood Adventurers

  • Indigo
  • Howard
  • Branadarus
  • Neith
  • Mercy
  • Jared
  • Kel
  • Shi
  • 3 wolves

7/15 Carissa

I agree with nearly all the above. We have many double potions so we can certainly take a few as needed. Travelling cash is also very important for the group going to the wedding, and yes, I vote travel light just in case - not just because of possible lack of rooms, but for escape possibilities. Easier to escape when you don't have much but what's on your back!

I've actually been trying to figure out what to do with the wolves since the end of the game on Friday. Somewhat will depend on how they act since they're already uncomfortable. If Shi goes to the wedding and the wolves do not accompany her (are wolves not normally wedding guests??), I would say Miranda would be her top choice to leave them with - she can speak to animals and she'll already be watching Eddie. Then again, if she goes and Hoffman stays, he's maybe another choice? Shur is another one the wolves should be fine with who, of TMO's three, I'm guessing is least likely to go, but he can always prove me wrong.

Who knows what the Count (aka BOB) is planning on who goes where (in terms of those of us with one or two characters who aren't as important for attending), but we'll find out soon enough. I'll worry about the Ghostwood parts (or wedding, who knows) when we cross that bridge.

...because I'm too focused on getting the poor wolves settled to worry about anything else :)

But in terms of potions, how many do you think? Looking at the page, some useful ones could be: levitation, protection from magic, and minor globe of invulnerability at least, yes?

One more thought: we'll need at least one healer and/or healing potions for the wedding party. Shi is useless until after the wedding...

7/15 Mario

I agree with the splitting of stuff as outlined above. To Carissa's point, we would need a healer, so between Kel and Mara, obviously Mara would be best. This works out, as Kel could watch the wolves with no drama, and assist with the local adventure. But Kel would be outright livid to be split from Shi. He already is upset the party wrote Hugh off as dead and didn't care too much to look for him (WC-IC entry to follow), so he isn't too spirited to help the group all that much right now, but to be split from Shi... It's a no-win for him. Could be fun to see where this goes! Personally, I think he should stay, and send Mara to the wedding, as the healing benefits are best for everyone. But, wow, he's gonna be sore!

  • PS: is the trip to the wedding one day? If branwyn leaves her spell book, will she have spells the second day? (I have no clue).
  • PPS: Mara currently has a mace + 1, but there is a mace +3 in the party pack. Does anyone object to Mara swapping out maces? She hasn't swung a weapon since her 'birth', as she would rather not fight, but if there ever comes a need, the extra bonus could make a difference.

7/15 Lisa

This is why I posted early! It’s complicated with the Kel and Shi thing! I believe Spring’s characters both heal so there is a chance for a healer there either way Spring goes. We will see how John goes, but my guess would be he would send his characters where he thinks the group best needs them. You both might want to wait to see how John and Spring’s choices shake down. I know Kenna has some good animal handling spells/nwps too, so perhaps Kenna could take care of the wolves and send Snee and/or if John wants to send Miranda to the wedding instead of Hoffman. (My guess when I was making the list is that John would send Miranda to the wedding, but he will have to tell me if I was right or not. I did not want to assume.)

Oh and bring on the IC post, btw! Looking forward to that.

PS: is the trip to the wedding one day? If branwyn leaves her spell book, will she have spells the second day? (I have no clue).

  • I think it’s 2 days to get there, day of wedding, and 2 days back, give or take. Branwyn will only have the spells she has memorized when she leaves. As long as no one conks her over the head with something heavy or injures her into unconsciousness, she will have the spells until she uses them. Since she’s 11th level, she can memorize 18 spells. She will just have to manage them is all.

PPS: Mara currently has a mace + 1, but there is a mace +3 in the party pack. Does anyone object to Mara swapping out maces? She hasn't swung a weapon since her 'birth', as she would rather not fight, but if there ever comes a need, the extra bonus could make a difference

  • That mace is at home, but she can switch them out when we get back

BOB and I were posting at the same time! Never had that happen before.

@TMO: When we hear back from BOB re: how many characters can officially crash this wedding, I will leave Branadarus behind if you wanted to bring both Ilero & Marisu. Your characters are actually hardest in my head as Marisu would most likely want to go for more info on war/family and I know Ilero would not be thrilled about spending a week at Casa Drake. So we will make that work I hope for you. My list above was based on my understanding that we would have 1 PC per player - but I think your characters have special circumstances.

So - given Bob's post below, I moved Branadarus down to stay with Drake.

7-16 BOB

Nice comments so far.

I would offer that Shi, Kel and Tiberius stay back at Ghostwood for the wedding. They would all have fun but between the wolves and having a foreign Prince show up (what side do you sit him on? or any of you for that matter) it will be easier to slip in with Anastacia, Branwyn and a few retainers.

I think that TMO has the most interesting choice of characters to pick. Does Ilero want to go to the wedding where (again) a foreign Prince appears? Or does Ilero want to hang out with Count Drake? So much fun!

Carissa also has it right with gear and the ability to make haste in leaving. Everyone should look at what they are carrying and what they are willing to risk losing. You can guess that weapons are going to be frowned on at a wedding so you are going to have to leave those with someone somewhere. If you are given the porter's chambers as a place to sleep how will that affect what you leave around?

You are getting out of the wilderness and into civilized Estates again. From Ghostwood Domain if you head Southwest you get to the Nouvelle Averoigne Estates (where you are going) and if you go to the Southeast you hit the Royal Estates quickly. People will be on edge because of the civil war which makes for some tension that can be avoided by not having weapons out and visible.

Words are weapons, sharper than knives, makes you wonder how the other half dies

7/16 Carissa

Spent half my drive today trying to figure out what would motivate the very Mist-sick Shi to abandon the wolves and Kel to go to a wedding where her only true interest is wanting to party. So while it'd be fun to participate, her staying back works perfectly to keeping in character! I'm fine with that. Besides, I feel like elves might also draw unwanted attention? Maybe?

That said, add me to the list of people also wondering what TMO will do!

@TMO: meant to add that Marisu would also have been on the wolf babysitting list, but Shi has been unsure about how Marisu might feel about the wolves right now. All the new werewolf information for Marisu (and family deaths) makes Shi cautious (trying to be thoughtful, I guess? Something). It's been a conversation I've been meaning to have Shi have with Marisu for some time, but between our schedules lately (aka that thing called real life - boo), I haven't gotten around to it. Just something to keep in mind:)

7/17 John

Sorry new job and summer schedule has made me to the hokey Pokey (One step in, one step out, or is the that the Cha Cha)

I am good with either Miranda or Hoffman going to the wedding. With Indigo, Branadarus staying behind and the Mara (healer) going and Kel staying behind it make perfect sense Hoffman would go. You need at least one pack mule.

7/17 Carissa

Just a quick who-knows-what reminder for those who need or want it: yes, Shi (and therefore Kel) and Hugh (and whoever Hugh might have told - Neith, maybe?) know that Drake is a vampire thanks to Jennevive (Dec0817c). Other might have already known (minus new characters, maybe? and the obvious old school bunch), but I am unsure.

That said, I couldn't remember which is why I looked and haven't had Shi bring it up yet so this can also serve as a warning to Lisa that it'll be the topic of conversation Friday before they proceed much farther (think it's better saved for game than on site and that way now everyone will know). :)

Oh and apparently Drake was looking for a wife at some point (Aug1117c)? Wonder if he succeeded...

(And apologies if this already came up during my three weeks of hell and I missed it)

@John: maybe it's the cupid shuffle? or macarena?

7/17 TMO

Okay, I think I'm caught up on my reading now. ;) We had a 24 hour delay in Phoenix during our trip home. Made for a relaxing day at the hotel there, but a very hectic one getting home just before midnight on Sunday with having to go to work Monday morning.

If I can only take 1 character to the wedding, Marisu is probably the more obvious candidate, unless Anastacia or Branwyn have reason to doubt her loyalty or actions there. Ilero really couldn't care less. ;) And from a casual conversation with him, you can probably learn that he's resignedly willing to stay behind at the castle (or in town). You might even overhear him mutter something about "it not dramatic enough getting killed like t'at, so probly safe." And Shur is an obvious leave-behind.

7-17 Lisa

Glad you made it home okay, TMO. What did you do in a past life to get such bad airport karma? You seem to be the Master of travel delays this year. That is just awful! :-(

Branwyn has no concerns about Marisu's loyalty and at this point Branwyn wants Marisu (and herself for that matter) to have full knowledge of what is going on around here now that we're all back. Anastacia doesn't seem concerned so if she wants to go, Marisu would be welcomed (as much as Anastacia welcomes anyone!)and her diplomatic skills would be a huge asset during the initial crashing and aftermath. So big yes from Branwyn.

I moved Jared to the stay with Drake group (Guy's work schedule is changing and it might work better for him to be with the bigger group?) I am totally fine with Ilero going as well if you want him to, but we don't have to decide anything until probably Friday night at some point. See what a good planner I am?

And @John - That's why Hugh's going... :-)

@Carissa - Everyone from Drillian knows Drake is a vampire so that would include Mara and Jared and all characters created prior to the trip to Dryads Lair. Branwyn's mentioned it to Tiberius. And if Jenn was the conduit for that info to Hugh, Shi/Kel, that would leave Spring's characters maybe being in the dark. Who doesn't love that kind of surprise? And, yes, I am very curious is Stanley found himself a wife and has little vampires running around the castle. Now that's a lovely thought!

7-18 Mario

Who would think there would be so much to consider for an uneventful wedding?! Ha! If only. Here's a small one:

Let's assume Hoffman goes to the wedding and leaves Miranda behind. Considering Spring's priestess, Mara will be just one of two healers. Although she is not affected by the Mist, she is only 3rd level, which means the number, but more importantly the strength, of her spells is limited (4 Lvl 1's and 3 Lvl 2's). Her Orison guarantees only 4 points, and the other spells are literally a roll of the dice. Do we need to reconsider healing, or are these priestesses, along with potions and berries(?), sufficient for a run-of-the-mill nuptial ceremony?

PS: are we dropping Mercy off at the gift table?

7-18 Lisa

I'm not worried about healing. One or two priests is more than enough for a short trip on big roads. Just like Branwyn will manage her spells, we will need to manage our hps. The group will have to determine how worried they are and act accordingly.

Bob said above that we are entering civilized territory and even recommended not wandering around loaded with a ton of weapons looking as if we are ready to start a fight. So do we take that advice and try to be safe and diplomatic? I am picturing the actual wedding to be the most likely place for possible damage and as long as we can stay alive through that, we should have enough healing and hit points to limp ourselves back home if necessary. And no we don't have healing potions. Health does not come in a bottle - for us anyway.

But come on! This will be fun! Resource management! We are an intrepid band of adventurers! Aren't we?

Branwyn will only take two of her daggers so she can wear them on her person. I would recommend that Hugh takes 1 sword and leave the crossbow. Hoffman takes 1 axe, etc.

I think Bob has an important point. If we look like an army, we will be treated like an army. Everyone is responsible for their own characters, so I won't have Branwyn running around giving orders as to what you may have on your person, but, that said, if characters load up with weapons and we have verbal encounters, she will probably grab Marisu and jump ourselves to the front hoping nobody notices the heavy artillery or try to discount those characters as harmless fluffy retainers who just can't help themselves. You know how boys with their toys are...

7/18 TMO

Some extra artillery can probably be excused - there *is* a civil war going on out there, after all. :)

It sounds like Marisu should not be in her armor though. She can bring her crossbow, but leave the sword behind. She's more useful with that anyways.

7/18 Carissa

If I'm reminded because for some reason I keep forgetting, Shi can send you off with some goodberries so you do have at least some HP backup plan.

7/19/2018 Michael

Would like to point out that we don't necessarily have to crash the wedding with a ton of killing. Fun as that might be :). This could be as simple as (knowing bob) a complex negotiation where we kiss someones rear, make friends, open up opportunities for the queen, etc. I think it would be best that despite how we might be treated, we need to act and portray ourselves as respectable representatives of the queen who is promoting peace and prosperity. If they are outright traitors, that is one thing. If they are somewhat neutral, this could be the opportunity to impress upon this family that by siding with the queen, they are ensuring their own prosperity. Remember, the D'ambrayvilles are a heavily reliant on merchant activities. This could be a way to sway them. They likely want the civil war wrapped up one way or another because it is costing money to both guard shipments that may have to cross hostile territory, or losing the shipments outright when they are "liberated" by one side or another.

We need to impress upon them that what is good for the queen, is good for them. Appeal to their greed while also making them feel like heroes who will be remembered would be a great way to build bridges. Instead, of you know, just burning them, salting the ashes, and spitting on the charred corpses. :) Hope you like the visual.

7/19 Lisa

Though not a particular fan of the visual ... I agree with you completely, Michael, that I don't want to arrive at the wedding with the intention of killing people. I just thought of all the places we would have the best chance of being in grave peril would be at the wedding. This would be from people attacking US rather than us going on a killing spree or anything.

But you also bring up a very good question. The Queen told Branwyn to go crash a wedding so Branwyn says yes, without asking too many questions. I don't think we know what the Queen expects us to do once we get there other than to announce ourselves. I think this would be a great issue to bring up with Anastacia once we are on the road. Could she possibly be knowing things she isn't telling us?

7/21 Mario

Just finished reading the chat parts I missed. I see others were confused with the Date conversion for each land. When I was trying to figure out if Teb was around when the Mist originated (he was), and also how long ago the Church of the Defending Mage was built, I created a simple Excel spreadsheet. Enter the known year at the top, and select the Calendar. The year will display for the other six calendars. Only issue is that I do not have a way to host an Excel file for you all to access. Any ideas? I'd love to have it somewhere where anyone can access it as necessary. I can always email it to anyone interested. The file is only 12 kb.

Screen shots:

  • Screen Shot 1
  • Screen Shot 2
  • TMO - I was looking to see if I could do it within the wiki scripting language. I'll post something if I figure it out. (I can host it on Dropbox and post a link if necessary, or maybe Bob can put it on the site)
  • Carissa - You can upload it to Google Drive and make it public for those who do not have Google (until TMO figures out wiki so all they need is the link). I've used that for other things and it works well. You can even turn off editing just in case someone outside of here find the link somehow.
  • Mario - Thanks, Carissa! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the, well,.. simplest. Here is the link to the file hosted on Google Drive. It is set for anyone who has the link can get the file. Feel free to move the link or the file to a more convenient location as deemed necessary.
    • It looks like in order to use the drop-down menu for the Calendar type (SKR, TGR, etc.), the file must be downloaded. Google Sheets doesn't seem to like the drop-down menu format.
  • BOB - Thank you Mario and everyone for looking at this a different way. Perhaps you can also add the other calendars to this? There is the Historical Time Line that has the correct links to the key date that syncs everything together {The year 1260 TGR = 723 CER = 2599 SLR}.
    • BOB - Then we will get to how Elves and Dwarves choose to name years, etc. as part of a longer conversation about what we all think about how they think about time. Cue John's Time Travel thread for added issues.

7/21 Carissa

Final wedding list? Add whoever I might have forgotten. We have until Friday.

  • Anastacia
  • Branwyn
  • Marisu
  • Hugh
  • Hoffman
  • Snezana
  • Mara

As for me, of the two options, I think Ghostwood sounds like it has potential to be more fun (especially with an elf, even more so if the Count appears). I feel weird playing another person's character, especially for an arc that will likely involve more roleplay than combat. The same can be said for most of the NPCs who have defined personalities I don't think I'd capture well. If Shi was less attached to her wolves, I'd send one of them, but that won't happen (but if you think Fete might be helpful somehow, let me know). If only she'd made one more animal friend before this point...

I don't know a solution at the moment. There is a chance BOB already has a plan (I know, BOB with a plan? Surprising and so very unlikely, right?) with some Tore-like alternative. Or maybe not. Anyways, just tossing those thoughts out there before I lose them and while I can (aka bad weekend).

11/4 Lisa

We are only breaking the surface here on this story arc, but I thought I would go on record with my first impressions. We’ll see how it all pans out in the end.

I have no clue who ambered up the bride to be. From the initial talks with people in this castle, it sounds like anyone could kill anyone at any moment. A cursed scroll comes from magic users, but magic items can be bought by anyone, so again, who knows.

We wake in the dead of night to find that The Mist has disappeared. I think this is a night thing over the castle only event. This is how Dame Camille is able to dream her visionary dreams. There was Mist when we arrived in the morning. I seriously doubt that there was some sort of cataclysmic magical event that night that removed The Mist permanently just now. I think this has been happening here over this castle for a long time. And maybe not even every night. Maybe it only happens when Camille needs a little divination.

Why does Dame Camille want us? To find the great mage Etienne. Who is missing maybe who knows where. Other people may think he is dead, but not Camille. She believes. We find out from her that Etienne was so focused on magical research it ruined his marriage and that Camille knew him to be mischievous with a warped sense of humor.

From a metagaming perspective, he has to be in the castle somewhere. We are getting no clues after me asking repeatedly, who could have taken him, where could he be, etc. Theoretically, if he was kidnapped or died on a spell component excursion, finding him would take this group longer than would take the other group to catch snail man! I don’t think this arc was meant to be a huge yearlong party split.

From an in-character perspective, there is high level magic all over the place that Branwyn would be aware of. Not any run of the mill magic user (priests or mages) can write a curse that kills. Most of the spells we all know and use can damage yes, but insta-death? Not common or easy. We have the golems that are not too terribly high level magic at first glance, but they are discriminatory and being updated. My guess on the golems is it Petit-Singe or some castle mage Camille employs.

That leaves Mist removal. That would be huge advanced magic. And perhaps a reason to hide? If the vampires knew there was a mage out there who could remove the Mist, how long would that mage be alive?

My guess is Etienne is somewhere in the castle and he is the Mist Remover. I think he is either perfectly fine but hiding or maybe he was the victim of one of his own magical experiments and we might find him dead or trapped somewhere hidden.

As I write all this, I am thinking this might be better IC than here. I will try to float these ideas next week as we start exploring. IF Richard decides to let us out of our rooms that is. I could be off base or blinded by the magic of it all, but the magic is all I am seeing here.

11/12 Carissa

Will have to reread chats so can't comment much on above thoughts (or new thoughts after Friday) until life calms down after this week, but small clarification that I checked and it is 44 goodberries and a "handful" of normal berries given to Snee if she wants to try to turn a few more into goodberries (if they aren't moldy now and provided it's worth the spell, but now that you're missing sleep...).