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Valoris Onod Ancien

Ancien is a Treant who is the shepherd of the Valoris Wood that lies on the northern border of the Jistille Estates about 2 hours from the keep. He has been diligent in expanding the boundaries of the Wood when he can. The Dragonslayers Company worked with him during the Digging Deeper adventure. They became further friends when the group helped him during the Flower Power story arc. He has professed a fondness for Branwyn but seems to be wary of most of the group and their sharp edged weapons.

Ancien can create an elixir that gives a 24 hour bonus when taken by a non-Treant. He rarely does this for random seekers unless they perform some favor for him.

  1. -
  2. - 1d4 boost to Strength
  3. - 1d6 boost to Hit Points
  4. -
  5. - 1d4 boost to Constitution
  6. - Growth (as the spell)

Ancien's Names & Phrases

Ancien is I, and I am Valoris

-Arahael Mosskin - Arahael quick bow, long stride, far seeing, Mosskin
-Branwyn - young quick branwyn long hair quick tongue sharp eye tree healer mother of flowers protector of woods
-Imari - Imari blackwing cautious one
-Foriso Fairhand - timid shy slippery one
-Miranda Paige - quiet one who slips along like a shadow
-Scarlet Kajiko - scarlet red head chatters like the red squirrels in the high oaks
-Kristelle? -
-Toybin of Castling - young sprout who is not aware of his roots yet
-Indigo - small sharp Indigo
-Koorin - small one who is small sharp Indigo's friend with young quick branwyn long hair quick tongue sharp eye with many questions
-Sarengar - kind melodious respectful Sarengar far from sea
-Llathandryll - Llathandryll once from wildlands
-Jilly - No stopping talking young quick shot hedgehog hunter young red hair slingshot
-Skarphedin - long beard sharp axe
-Shi - curious animal friend elf girl building mystic place and home

-Ibinod quick strong holds his breath longer than the turtle Castling

Goblins - slippery soft hasty nasty quick goblins

Request of the Dragonslayers for the Flower Power story arc: Thank you for being so quick, Hurrrummm, I will try to be as quick as you are young quick Branwyn long hair quick tongue sharp eye. I have need of great speed faster than a Treant is used to using of course except when there is a great burning flame of fire in the forest that needs smothering. That is when my people move fast when flames are near and threaten all of the trees under our care we have been known to quickly take charge of the moment and move quite quickly to deal with the situation. Of course not all of us can move so quickly anymore. One of my friends over in the Gossamer Wood has not moved from his grove in the past twenty summers I would guess. He did not attend the last Moot we called for the invasion of the slippery soft hasty nasty quick goblins . That was a nasty time. It was ten springs ago that the slippery soft hasty nasty quick goblins swarmed over the land and were burning and burrowing into lands. When Opteeon Onod Nigrum was burned we had to move quickly to get her wood cleaned out and under control. It was bound to happen of course she was far too young to have been given a wood of her own, she only had one hundred summers and had never seen what dangers can happen in a wood when someone is not listening to the song of the birds and the hum of the insects. The birds know what is happening before even the squirrels. Grrrrummmp, squirrels always getting involved in things that they should not be and they just shoot their little bows at people getting them angry and causing problems for lots of other folk. Huuurrrrmmm but I was telling you about Opteeon Onod Nigrum and her wood being burned. Those times were hard for many of us because we had to move so fast. Finding out what she had let go fallow without paying attention we had to find out quickly and it only took us two Springs to come to a conclusion on what to fix for the good of everyone. The Moot decided to bring in tougher stronger sharper digging in the ground larger badgers to clean out the tunnels of the slippery soft hasty nasty quick goblins and we found a pack of brownies to find a cete of tougher stronger sharper digging in the ground larger badgers and after we had managed to wrangle the pack of brownies leave their pretty shiny treasures until they completed their task. Hurrrummmmph once that pack of brownies brought in the cete of tougher stronger sharper digging in the ground larger badgers they were able to empty the tunnels of the slippery soft hasty nasty quick goblins. We were able to save Opteeon Wood from the verge of becoming horrible farmlands. The Moot put a shepherd in charge of Opteeon Onod Nigrum until she learns her lessons better.

So young quick Branwyn long hair quick tongue sharp eye you can see that we are not a hasty folk but we can be when we need to be short quick and to the point. I need help with some flowers for a young sapling that is not doing well. He is only fifty springs so it would be a shame to have such a youngster rot away. The potion that he needs is not hard to brew except for two of the ingredients that I do not have. I need Wild Indigo and Baldwin's Ironweed. The reason I need you young quick Branwyn long hair quick tongue sharp eye to get these blooms for me is that for the potion to work the flowers can not have seen the shadow of any tree. Both of these flowers bloom every spring on the Great Plains so you should be able to find it easily.