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Third Drillian Civil War - Drillian - History

Drillian descended into Civil War again because of the Royal Succession in 187 SKR. Maribel Eustace was intent on securing her families place in the history of Drillian. She was able to seduce the son of Queen Willow Quellcon and Pold Uklo into choosing her over the Queen's choice of Maribel Drake. This caused great consternation among the Noble Families and debate started about the rights of the Royal Consort to influence the choice of the Queen's successor.

Rinion Uklo proved to be happy to perform his duties as Royal Consort and helped father a first born son as well as three daughters. As they grew up Queen Maribel Eustace searched for what she considered an appropriate match for her son Edward. The Eustace families wealth had grown considerably over the past two decades as they finished dredging the Queens Channel and continued to gather in additional taxes from the commerce created. The Queen tried in vain to find a family of equal wealth other than the Cowles and Mosskins.

She was rumored to actually have interviewed a woman from Terraguard for the post but even the rumor of such a thing stirred up the Noble Families. Then three years later Queen Maribel Eustace was brazen enough to announce on new years day that her second youngest daughter Florence would marry Edward.

There was immediate outcry from most of the Noble Families and alliances were quickly made. When the Queen went through with her plans and performed the marriage ceremony herself on 14-2-187 SKR the Mosskin, Cowles and Vilmar Estates declared war on the Crown the next day.

After several pitched battles over the course of the next seven months most of the Eustace family fortune had been spent on hiring mercenary units or bribes on opposing generals. With the end in sight Queen Maribel Eustace surrendered and went into exile. The truce agreement required that Edward be allowed to remain as the Royal Consort but the Bolpel family, being the poorest of the Noble Familes would provide the next Queen.

Queen Isabo Bolpel had her coronation on 28-10-187 SKR and within weeks was pregnant with her first child. On 24-6-188 SKR Queen Isabo Bolpel died in childbirth leaving her son Rodrigo to be raised by Edward Eaustace. Edward claiming to want to avoid any potential renewal of the Civil War immediately negotiates for a different family to be chosen as Queen. On 1-1-189 SKR his son Rodrigo is married to Kristen Medipop at her coronation ceremony. Queen Kristen Medipop is 16 years Rodrigo's senior.