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The Enemy of my Enemy

Alia Valebat Dragonslayer Era

From 2-12-343 SKR to 9-12-343 SKR

This story arc took place after the group had recovered from their trip for Say it with Flowers and Athenĉum. The group was home at the Jistille Estates when they were given a task by the Church. Indigo took some of the group and went to handle a problem for the Queen while Branwyn and the rest went with Tristan to solve a problem for The Church of the Defending Mage.

The Church hierarchy was informed of a new group moving into a nearby abandoned church....

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

[Tristan Elaire (Eric W)] Then let us enter the belly of the beast!
[Ilero (TMO)] Weird. Hye see not'ing
[Ilero (TMO)] Indigo not here
[Ilero (TMO)] He belly of beast explorer.
[Tristan Elaire (Eric W)] LOL!!!!!!

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a story arc designed for Tristan Elaire/Eric Wolfe that ran concurrently with the Long live the King story arc. I used this chance to revisit an old adventure {Skull Church} with some fresh eyes and new characters.

5/9: Thanks for the fun read when I got home, folks! Wish I could have been here to play. It's funny that Ilero (8 Appearance) seems to be turning into some sort of memetic sex god, in spite of not actually doing anything to support it save for having a attractive girlfriend. ;) - TMO

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