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Third Time is Tradition - Summaries

After Court of Thanes

During and After the final encounter

Session: 20190329c

This was a night of many little things, both in and out of character, but it the lead in to this story arc so here it goes.

Experience for the last of the building and encounters during that time caused about half a dozen PCs to level up. The beginning of the night was spent rolling and updating character sheets for the training completed.

We get some updates on the ages of our children. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

  • Jilly = 22 yrs old
  • Mercy = 6 yrs old
  • Dahlia = 2 ½ yrs old
  • Demetrius = 1 ½ yrs old
  • Asamo = 1 ½ years old

Branwyn agreed to write Brother Foto a letter in support of his promotion as Foto would now be running a shrine in the estate.

Miranda reminds Branwyn that Hoffman was looking for a ring for her and asks Branwyn to cantrip something up to give to Hoffman so he could finally marry Miranda. Branwyn, thinking a cantrip wouldn’t possibly good enough to make a splashy gift presentation, heads to the lab. In the process of trying to make a pretty colorful cloud of smoke to go along with the ring, there was a small explosion and entirely too much smoke. Result: 20% of Branwyn’s lab was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.

In the end, Branwyn puts a little magical shine on a gold and sapphire ring and gives it to Hoffman so hopefully he will finally seal the deal with Miranda.

Skarp (whose character was being filled in for by BOB since Ryan was out for the night) called a meeting of the group at Branwyn’s house. It seems our new gnome friends have been quite helpful. They were able to tell Skarp that one of his companions had been killed but the other two had been taken to Skull Church. So who will go and help Skarp recover his friends and make the area safe from the undead once again?? Because everyone knows Third Time is a Tradition!

Thistle!! Nope. Can’t go. Too much training to do. Much teenage angst arises when she learns she can’t go out and play until she has done all her homework.

Branwyn and Indigo!! Nope. Can’t go. The Queen’s coming tomorrow and staying for a month.

So who exactly is going?

  • Skarp
  • Howard
  • Johan
  • Neith
  • Hoffman
  • Kel
  • Mara
  • Shi and Fete
  • Kenna / Snee ? Spring will decide
  • Ilero
  • Tiberius
  • Onaldkelrod Trueblood

Mara attempts to make a necklace out of the tiger’s eye agate that Branwyn gave Thistle. Mara makes a functional necklace but it has to be said, this was not her best effort. It’s the thought that counts and nothing was destroyed in the process of making said necklace so all is well … at least until Thistle is running around training and the gem falls out.

Michael discussed having a permanent light source for Neith and so the group engages in an in-depth analysis of the Continual Light spell. Less hardy sources, like Kel’s light boot, will only last through a typical adventure or so, while expensive and/or strong items can last 100s if not 1000 years. Unless … the item is smashed or otherwise destroyed. Dispelled by magic or is competing with a Continual Dark object.

Quotes of the Night

[MarioHome] this is why we don’t stay in one place too long. Kids magically appear
[MarioHome] This wouldn't have happened if we were adventuring
[mharm-15549] Gotta keep the adventurers busy or you know...
[MarioHome] right on. they didn't have cable back then
[TMO] Adventuring: Nature's Contraceptive

[Lisa] so the light boot will not last forever
[Lisa] it's one spell - even if the boot say dies in a year, you just pull out another boot and cast again
[MarioHome] (that's why they come in pairs)

Session: 20190405c

  • So summary. How do I do this again?? It's been longer than expected. Okay let's see...
  • Before going anywhere, we remember the golden goblet from Skull Church years and year ago, by which I mean Lisa remembers. Is it just wealth or of religious importance? A quick roll reveals it to be a "ceremonial burial cup used when you pour the last water over someone's head when they are buried in the Suomi religion. It tends to help wash off the remaining bits of clay or glue from the death mask" (so no you don't bury them wearing the mask).
    1. A gift to give Ilero at some point? Hopefully while he is still alive, that is.
  • Anyways, we're off on this adventure to help Skarp, led by Skarp, with all decisions to be made by Skarp. No pressure, Ryan! Really! So technically we already met the Queen when she arrived, but no need to play all that out. Instead, we begin morning before we're about to leave. Jilly's birthday was yesterday. What did you get her?
    1. Jilly does mention that she thinks the Queen wants Dahlia to marry one of the princes. Who is surprise? No one? Someone? Well Jilly asks we don't tell Branwyn who may or may not already have those suspicions. Thankfully Jilly will also keep Thistle out of trouble by sending her on questionably dangerous tasks which is fine by Shi as long as someone knows where she is. Now off to feed Indigo before he gets cranky!
    2. Oh, and for the presents? While I cannot say which ones were serious, Snee gave her a backpack for easier travel, Kenna a first aid kit, Skarp an axe because it can always come in handy, Kel a bucket of water because Kel, and Shi a bird because why not? I don't know. None of us (okay some of us, but not all of us) do.
  • So off we go, debating the merits of holy water when it's not made with water, picking up last minute supplies except for berries, and in search of the gnomes for any more information they may be able to provided on the status of Skull Church.
    1. First encounter is a giant badger! All thoughts of sneaking by are rejected since, you know, we were already seen. The badger is too busy digging to care, though, so Shi engages it in conversation. When it mentions wanting to dig up farmland, Shi helpfully lets it know of the delicious grubs that can be found in the (safer for a badger) Valoris Woods; however, the gnomes do NOT like the elf trying to steal their badger guard!
    2. Yeah, didn't you see her collar? No? Well she guards the gnome mining village that we were looking for so here it is! Shi protests she was just trying to be helpful. Gnomes, you gnome? Anyways, Skarp and Ilero briefly talk to Hornbeak who doesn't really offer much insight into what we should expect, but does offer a (very cramped) place to stay the night. Anyone going to ask for their help? Skarp does swallow his pride and ask, but only gets told they'll check in on us in three days if we don't return. That's...helpful?
    3. There is short conversation about being underground, drows, and if endless sky is terrifying or full of possibilities before they sleep and head out the next morning. As for morning conversation, there is Tiberius complaining about all the new languages being spoken (including badger) while Wu and Snee discuss relationships.
    4. By the way, did we have two horses and a wagon? Yeah, well now you only have one horse. Sorry! You know what happens when a horse breaks it's leg...
    5. Damn goblins. While no one falls through the hole, they do ambush us and almost make off with Wu. Although one goblin survives and flees, none of us die, including the horse! Yes, repair injury DOES work on animal bone breaks, too. Now why is BOB trying so hard to remind us of how early it is in the day and how many spells we have...?
  • Well the second encounter IS a pair of griffins trying to make off with Shi and Mara so, you know, that's another fight where spells might be important. Provided we first figure out how to get them back to the safety of the ground. Why couldn't they have taken the dwarf? He would have enjoyed that flight so much more!
    1. ...a question yet to be answered because we're back in the pattern of cliffhanger fights. How will we save Shi and Mara? Will Skarp get a chance to ride a griffin? Find out next week!
    2. Side question: is this also punishment for Carissa maybe being late next week? We will never know. See you!

Quotes of the Night:

Ryan] Gnomes are creatures who didn't quite have the potential to evolve into dorfs
[Ryan] They should be pitied for their weakness, not hated

[Kel (MarioHome)] I heard someone say one you all grow beards so you know which end to put the diaper on, any truth to that
Kel (MarioHome) secretly smirks
Skarphedin (Ryan) chuckles despite himself.
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Hmph, your words only betray your jealousy at the silken beauty of my beard.
Skarphedin (Ryan) strokes his luxurious beard as he speaks.
Kel (MarioHome) tries to not look jealous

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And please help keep Thistle out of trouble...wherever she currently is.
[Jilly (Master)] OH I told Thistle to take some cakes to the lighthouse
[Jilly (Master)] I told her she could heat them up on the light
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) obviously relieved

[Master] just sleeping in the gnome housing
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Gnome away from gnome)

[Onaldkelrad Trueblood (TMO)] (different dwarf. :D)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (You're all the same!)
[Onaldkelrad Trueblood (TMO)] (that's dwarfist!)

Session: 20190412c

Well, we started off the evening thinking we had a plan. The plan didn’t exactly go as planned however. Details to follow.

We start where the week before ended. A griffon holding Mara in the air on one side of the wagon and another griffon taking Shi away on the other.

Round 1:

  • Wu Sen Cho runs after Mara’s griffon to hopefully catch her
  • Neith casts Command on Shi’s griffon and orders it to land. The griffon laughs and ignores the command (Yes, griffons can laugh. They just don’t do it often)
  • Tiberius runs after Shi’s griffon to hopefully catch her
  • Howard casts a big cloud of glitter at Shi’s griffon which makes it all glittery but the only reaction from the griffon is a small sneeze. It is not blinded and does not drop Shi. (Yes, griffons can sneeze. Anything with a nose can sneeze)
  • Johan casts a Lightning Bug spell at Mara’s griffon which hits and light wounds the griffon, but causes no other effects.
  • Hoffman runs in the Mara griffon direction
  • Mara’s griffon takes off flying 200 ft. then turns north and keeps on flying. This leaves Wu Sen standing by himself looking confused and lonely.
  • Mara casts Command on her griffon and orders it to land. The griffon laughs and ignores the command.
  • Shi casts Animal Friendship on her griffon. The griffon ignores her friend invite and blocks her advances.
  • Shi’s griffon also flies 200 ft. then turns left and keeps flying.
  • Kel shoots 2 arrows at Shi’s griffon. One hits and lightly wounds the griffon but causes no other effects.

Round 2:

  • Kel shoots 2 more arrows at Shi’s griffon. One hits and the griffon is still only lightly wounded and about 400 ft. away now.
  • Ilero runs over and unhitches a horse from the wagon.
  • Wu Sen changes direction and returns to following Mara’s griffon, but a bit more slowly.
  • Johan and Howard run as far as they can in the direction of Mara’s griffon.
  • Mara casts Command on her griffon and orders it to land. This time it listens but glides another 150 forward as it lands.
  • Tiberius keeps running under the griffon flying with Shi.
  • Neith casts a Call Lightning spell on the griffon carrying Shi. The magic takes its full effect and both Shi and the griffon die.

Round 3:

  • Kel runs as fast and as far as he can to get to Shi.
  • Ilero jumps on the horse and rides toward Mara’s griffon.
  • Hoffman runs up and grabs hold of Mara.
  • Mara casts Command on her griffon and orders it to release her and the griffon obeys and flies away.

Kel carries Shi back to the wagon sobbing and whispering to her. Neith rushes to get the Rod of Resurrection, but Howard restrains her in order to give Kel time with her. The group decides to go back home instead of staying or moving forward.

Session: 20190419c

Rule Clarification from BOB: One Round Behind means just that. No more fudging that around and we will move to other things even if it means a player is excluded if it would affect a missing player that drastically.

As the group arrives back at the Manor, most of the group finds quiet places to go and deal with what had happened to Shi the day before. Ilero brings Shi’s body to Branwyn’s tower and then he and Tiberius slip into the library to tell her the news.

Branwyn feels that since Kel was brought back for Shi then naturally Shi should be brought back for Kel and since Kel was so upset, Branwyn would make the arrangements. Branwyn gets Jenn from the Manor and after a typical conversation with Jennivive, they arrive at Shi’s place of rest.

Jennivive uses the Rod of Resurrection on Shi, upon which time the rod crumbles to dust in her hand. Apparently elves need quite a bit of charges to get themselves resurrected. More than your average human. So yes, between Kel, Shi and Penelope, the Rod of Resurrection is literally dust.

Shi wakes up to the conclusion that Branwyn is not her brother and Jennivive is not her grandmother. Huge disappointment! Jennivive makes a quick exit, which leaves the explaining to Branwyn, Ilero and Tiberius.

Branwyn and Ilero explain what they were thinking and apologize. I mean if it was good enough for Kel, why not Shi? There’s so much to live for! Lots of Tiberius rambling. We didn’t know! Ilero offers to kill Shi right there and then, thereby putting her out of her missing afterlife misery. Now there’s an offer that Shi ultimately refuses. Shi just wants to find Kel and get out of there. She opens the door and runs right into Hoffman, who escorts her home and to Kel.

Meanwhile, we still have Skull Church to deal with whether we like it or not. So in the morning we re-hitch up the wagon and retrace our steps with a slightly different group. We are missing Kel, Shi and Neith this time around, but we have gained Siffress Wildwander, Female Gnome Fighter/Thief from the Tieran Guild.

The way back is full of surprises and non-surprises.

Non-surprise: We meet a badger out on patrol. Non-surprise: He’s hungry. Surprise: Siffress speaks fluent badger. Siffress assures the group’s safe passage past gnome territory, looks to see if we have ingredients for carrot grub cake and tells the badger he’s welcome to find food on the farms.

Non-surprise: We run into goblins next. Surprise: There’s only 4 of them and they are in plain sight and not popping out of the ground like some whack a mole game. The group kills 3 but one very injured goblin limps off to fight another day.

Non-surprise: We end the session at the very same spot that the griffons paid us a visit. Surprise: No one got picked up by them as a session ender.

See what happens next on Griffon Landing.

Quotes of the Night:

[Branwyn (Lisa)] From what you told me, she didn't die in battle. She died from a magical miscalculation.
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] It was a battle
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] just not a good one

[Ilero]] (TMO) sighs. "Want hye to kill you again? Kel not need to know."
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looks at Ilero, opens her mouth, then stops.
[Ilero]] (TMO) rests his hand on his knife hilt.
[Ilero]] (TMO) looks upset, "Once Kel knows you alive, hye cannot kill you again wit'out cause him more pain."

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) turns back to Tiberius, "Not everything is a grand adventure. This certainly is not."
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] We can make it one

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Coming back is more punishment than what awaits me after death.
Ilero (TMO)] T'en you have only good t'ings waiting.
Ilero (TMO)] Worst is over.
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] See how smart Ilero is
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Who knew?)

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] So someone should decide who is going with us in the morning
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Ilero who else do you want with you?
Ilero (TMO)] We gots anybody who can't die?

Session: 20190426c

Not feeling very creative this week, but since we were missing so many people, I wanted to write up something to recap last Friday.

When last we left off, we were standing at the tragic site of the last griffon encounter. This time a very alert Snee sees a dark form circling over our heads hidden in the Mist. She tells the group and everyone becomes alert to the fact that we seem to have a griffon stalker and Ilero has become invisible.

Siffress wonders if in Ilero’s absence that makes her the boss. But then Hoffman becomes the Other Boss even though later Siffress reminds Hoffman that he isn’t the boss of her.

Tiberius decides to take a horse and ride away to distract the shadowy what we think is a griffon thing flying in circles over our heads. After some feeble protests, away goes Branadarus and the rest of us head to the barn next to the old farmhouse for shelter for the night. On the way, Wu Sen Cho tells Mara of his wife, his adventures, what he has thinks of some of his travelling companions. Mara shares her desire for bringing light to others and of Kel’s sorrow, death and other things.

Snee notices that although the barn itself is old and rundown, the barrels are newer and there are dried blood stains on the stalls. We set up for watches and Mara and Snee’s watch is uneventful.

Hoffman and Siffress take the second watch at which they are greeted by about half a dozen zombies. The zombies don’t stand a chance. They are quickly killed and pushed into a pile on the side of the barn for a morning bonfire.

Hoffman stays up for 3rd watch along with Howard and Johan. Howard, who has been increasingly worried over the missing Branadarus, starts whistling in the dark. Suddenly, they hear a whistle back and Branadarus is back. Without the horse. He tells them that it is tied up over by a hill where it is safe, unlike this place that everyone decided to sleep.

Morning breaks, Snee tells us of disturbing dreams and zombies are burned. Next stop, what is under the trap door. Siffress heads below with ultravision and explores. Three crates are opened.

  • Crate 1: 4-5 dozen rods with death sigils on them used as border markers to mark graveyards for possession.
  • Crate 2: Full of wooden tubes with sharp tips on them (to extract blood perhaps?)
  • Crate 3: Full of blank parchment

Snee makes the very wise suggestion that we burn these evil items so that we can interfere with the plans of their owners.

While we are looking at crates we hear the horse Branadarus took screaming in pain in the distance. We can assume the horse is dead and whoever killed it knows we are close by.

Small note: Tiberius mentions his sister took over the kingdom. Relevant to this arc? Likely no, but raises lots of questions and possibly important later hence the reason for this note to refer to later. - Carissa

Quotes of the Night:

[Mara (MarioHome)] I am a font of good, for all to partake

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] I thought you were going to camp someplace safe
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] This place has been relatively safe
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] There is a pile of zombies there

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] so we could interfere by destroying these then?
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] it's not every day I get to destroy things and not get in trouble

Session: 20190503c

We pick up this week exactly where we left off last week. Opening crates of evil stuff. Howard and Tiberius pass all 15 crates up from the cellar for opening. In the end, we have 1 crate of parchment, 1 crate of tools, 11 crates of evil sticks and tubes and 2 crates to go.

Snee opens the crate to find … 12 creepy skeleton hands leaping from the crate onto her viciously clawing and attacking her until she is heavily wounded. Hoffman whacks at them with his axes and Mara turns the rest of the hands away. Snee sinks to the floor to recuperate and get some healing from Mara.

That leaves the last chest. Johan suggests burning it, but then we think about it. What are the odds we get more grabby hands? What if we burn valuable loot? Maybe we should just open it. Hoffman suggests a cautious approach but not before Johan’s hammer comes down on the crate. And yes, it’s more skeletal hands and they’re all over Johan. Again, Hoffman and Mara come to the rescue, but not before Johan is disabled. Onald binds Johan’s wounds and Snee heals him back to full strength. Good thing that was the last one!

Meanwhile, while these crate things were going on, Skarp and Siffress continue exploring the cellar. Skarp opens a barrel of ale and Siffress finds the secret door. The two start exploring the dark passage using their special see in the dark talents.

They make it down the passage and find a very large pool of water that takes up most of the chamber. The water flows into a much smaller one and the two follow into this smaller chamber. Howard rallies the rest of the troops to follow and make sure we stick together. Well, everyone but Hoffman, who stays above ground guarding the horse and wagon and making sure there is someone left alive to come to the rescue if needed.

So as Siffress and Skarp advance, the rest of the group follows at a distance. Seeing a small entrance to another passage, the pair easily slip inside in the darkness. The taller followers start to round the corner with their light. This light alerts the occupants of the hidden chamber. Namely a giant spider and at least a dozen stirges. Though the spider seems to be biding its time, the stirges quickly latch onto Skarp and Siffress. The two quickly run back into the other room bringing their new friends with them. The group kills the stirges that come out, including a rolling maneuver by Skarp.

BOB reminds us that it is only 10 am and we have already been using a nice quantity of spells.

So now the decision to be made for next week: Where do we go next?

Quotes of the Night:

[Lisa] Parchment is harmless all by itself
[Ryan] You have obviously never fought a parchment golem
[Carissa (LP)] Or gotten a papercut.

[Ryan] My Pa always told me that the only good crate is a flaming crate
[Carissa (LP)] What a crate saying.
[Master] as long as you are crateful
[MarioHome] crate puns? you gotta be shipping me...
[Master] don't worry Mario you will get it the next day

[Mara (MarioHome)] can blank parchment be evil?
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] anything can be evil if you curse it hard enough
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] @%$$@# parchment!
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] city orphan
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] i get to be crude, my life is tragic
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] If I was a bone-worshipping wizard, I would curse paper. People never suspect blank paper of anything.

Session: 20190510c

Another session at Skull Church. Another victim loses their life.

We start the session at 9:19 am and decide to press forward. Before we go in, we do find out that Tiberius has an Immunity to Poison ring – in his pocket! Because why wear such a ring? People might notice! Side note: We find out that this is the ring that Branadarus offered every eligible woman in Dryads Lair as an engagement ring on his quest to find a bride. That’s not strange at all. But I digress. Eventually Skarp takes the ring as a precaution.

We go one in the stirge/spider room one at a time with Skarp in the lead. Although Skarp took the most damage, it was a quick and most manageable battle.

With all the stirges dead but one lone straggler, we take a look around. No exits and no spider. We try to lure the spider out by decorating its web with dead stirges and Mara’s boot light, but the spider still doesn’t come out to play.

But there is a 10 ft. wall leading to a ledge above us. Our choices are to go back to where we came from or climb it. Who can climb it? Siffress is eager to scout and can climb, well, not the first time, but can with a little boost. Mara wonders where the spider went… Siffress gets up onto the ledge. Spider attack! It hits her twice. The others below hear a little gnomish yelp and then … silence. The spider venom takes full effect and Siffress Wildwander is no longer among the living.

Tiberius boosts Skarp up onto the ledge. The spider tries to take a swipe at him but misses. Skarp quickly grabs Siffress out from under the spider and tosses an axe at him to drive him back. Skarp tosses Siffress over the ledge to Tiberius, who misses and Siffress’ body falls to the bottom. Johan grabs Siffress and brings her to the feet of Snee in the hopes that something could be done to still save her. Snee casts a hold poison spell, but to no effect.

Tiberius boosts Onald up onto the edge and he and Skarp battle and kill the spider as it tries to flees the dwarven onslaught against it. The spider does manage to bite Skarp in the battle, but because he was wearing Tiberius’ ring, all the bite does is hurt a little bit.

As Skarp hacks up the giant spider in grief and anger, the group finds out it is only 9:40 AM. We have a long day ahead of us. What do we do now?

We move forward. The dwarves take a rope and help us all up the ledge and we start travelling the tunnel in a single file line. Johan carries Siffress’ body. We walk and we walk. We walk through the tunnel for a full 30 minutes until we get to a point where the tunnels narrows considerably. Skarp and Howard push forward a little to see what lies beyond. They don’t see much, but Skarp hears the sounds of drums up ahead. It could be a goblin lair. And we would have to enter said lair, likely in a single file line.

So we decide to go back to the barn. Maybe Ilero and Hoffman will be done doing whatever they’ve been doing. We leave off with the same question we left off last week. Where do we go next?

Quotes of the Night:

[Carissa (LP)] Hoffman gave his opinion online if you haven't read it yet.
[Carissa (LP)] But Hoffman isn't here to tell us we made a bad decision if we don't do as he suggests so...
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Sorry what did Hoffman say? I was not listening

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] We also wanted to check on those who were left by themselves to make sure that we didn't return to half-gnawed on bones?
[MarioHome] They know better than to chew on bones
[MarioHome] oh, you mean their bones being chewed on...right.
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] I mean, either is possible

Another example of Lisa being bad at maths. Maybe that should be 4 choices.
[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] (so we pull everyone up or go to the farmhouse/barn and have our bonfire, or go to the caves or go to the front of the church)
[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] (3 choices)

Session: 20190517c

We start back up where we left off at the barn when we are greeted by the sneaking up of one of Ilero’s dynamic duos, Michel and Guiote. Surprise? Not for Tiberius who notices and tells Guiote that maybe she should try again. In any event, the more the merrier.

After some conversation, Michel builds a fire and we toss the 11 crates of wooden evilness onto it. Suddenly alarm bells sound in the distance. As Mara asks – for whom does the bell toll? Spoiler Alert: It tolls for thee. (Hemmingway) Or us. So we think. Maybe we should get a move on. We certainly wouldn’t want to be ambushed. Even if we are expecting it.

We decide to hang out in the farmhouse in case anyone shows up. We look around and don’t find a whole lot. Skarp suggests covering the windows so the ambushers can’t see us. Not a lot to use around here. Johan decides to help by picking up this rug. Bleh!!! Putrid, nasty, moldy rug! He starts to become sick, drops the rug, and races outside to vomit. Well, that was unexpected. Mara kindly hold Johan’s hair back and the two are too busy to notice a mysterious hand waving a canteen in front of them.

Michel and Guiote take up the rug in Johan’s stead and very shortly Michel find himself outside bent over, retching away with Johan. Michel, though, more familiar with the hand, gratefully accepts the canteen and thanks Ilero. Ilero? Yes, Ilero. He’s back and he’s on the roof of the farmhouse scouting. Or something.

So after some welcome back and trainee status reports, we have to decide again what we’re going to do next. Maybe instead of looking for a goblin horde, we just check out the church instead. My, look at all those graves around the church! Let’s take a closer … Skeletons! Skeletons in graves. Surprise? Not to worry, though. Mara turns not only the two skeletons attacking, but three more skeletons begin turning in their graves. Nice trick!

Ilero checks for traps in the church and doesn’t find any … so far. Things are nice and quiet. Someone has replaced all the old pews with new ones. Expecting a congregation perhaps? The icons lining the east and west alcoves in the church are familiar to Ilero. They are the Suomi saints that have been there for years. Except, wait … is that … Saint Branwyn? That’s new. This pleases Mara to know that Branwyn has a religious side.

There are some raised flagstones under the carpet in the middle of the aisle, but other than a bruised shoulder (don’t ask) nothing has been determined about it yet.

We get to the altar area when suddenly Skarp rises from the altar and takes a swing at Ilero and hits him with his axe! Mara casts a hold person spell upon him before Skarp can cause more damage and Michel ties him up rather ineptly, but ropes do go around the angry dwarf nonetheless.

Mara then casts a dispel magic spell, which dispels the recently cast hold spell, but also seems to brought back a rational, and pleading Skarp for his freedom. But the rest of the group isn’t buying it and the group decided to leave Skarp tied up for the time being. Skarp explains that he climbed onto the altar because he saw this channel with semi-fresh dwarf blood in it. Ilero verified the blood, but no one knows at this point how you tell dwarf blood from other kinds of blood. But if this is true, as Skarp believes, this means that maybe one of his dwarven companions may still be alive.

Ilero takes a look at the office (used to be Red Cloak’s office) at the back of the altar and calls Howard over to look at the books. Howard finds a book on using blood magic to charm people. Intrigued, Howard returns to the office and casts a detect magic spell. Three books and a ring begin to glow. Howard quickly pulls out his handkerchief and uses it to pick up the magical ring.

In the meantime Ilero goes to the room at the other side of the altar and teaches Michel to pick locks. They open the door to find a burned out funeral pyre with bones in it. Both scouts observe the room and wonder what could this mean. Both of them come up with nothing.

So we end the night with different people in different places.

  • Howard holding a magical ring with Guiote watching in Red Cloak’s office.
  • Ilero and Michel staring in confusion and a burn pit.
  • Skarp all tied up with Mara, Onald and Johan keeping watch over him.
  • Tiberius and Wu guarding the front doorway.
  • Hoffman at the farmhouse with the horse waiting to be ambushed.

Quotes of the Night:

[Master] no one should ever go too far out of their comfort zone
[Ryan] I've always felt the same, but they keep telling me, "You are interviewing for a job. You should have at least worn something other than sweatpants for this interview."
[Master] sweatpants are by definition pants
[Ryan] That is usually my follow-up. "I'm wearing pants, okay! How much more do you want from me?!?!"

[Mara (MarioHome)] eww, those crates are repulsive. I can help with the zombie parts

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Hmm... potato chips or manflesh... hard decisions....)

Ilero (TMO)] What else you call group who summon giant fire elemental and get t'emselves killed by it?
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] trying too hard?

Ilero (TMO)] And once hundreds of goblins outside, t'en what?
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] What can they do then!
Ilero (TMO)] ... kill us?
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] nah
[Ilero]] (TMO) sighs.
Ilero (TMO)] Look, hye already lose two trainees. Mind if hye keep t'ese a while longer?

Session: 20190524c

5-24 Mario

This week's session started with the team realizing there is one-too-many Skarps; fake Skarp is known as the Face Stealer, while the real Skarp is known as, well, just Skarp. The face stealer pleads to be released, then proceeds to use his Dwarven talent to both break free from his bindings and also resist a Hold Person spell (read more about this in Player Communication). As the players come to their senses, the Face Stealer disappears through a secret door under the altar.

Howard displays the magic books and ring from the back office, reminding the team to NOT open the books until any traps are removed. Beware the magic frost! His Detect Magic makes the altar glow, which Snee points out means that that a priest must have used it recently and active worshippers use it. Howard notices the burn pit radiates a bit of magic, but Skarp is too distracted to identify the bones as Dwarven.

The team decides to descend down the stairs under the altar. With Skarp leading the way, he and Ilero come across two unlabeled coffins. One appears open. As Skarp and Ilero wait for the team to descend, Skarp is attacked! A ghoul tries his (or her??) mightiest to drag Skarp into the coffin, but Skarp has other plans. The ghoul retreats to the safety of the coffin and covers Skarp opens the lid. To continue the battle. That was over. (Wow, dwarves sure do have undying loyalty to each other, but I'm pretty sure the other dwarves aren’t in this coffin...) The ghoul quickly grabs Skarp's legs, while the rest of the team grab any dwarf part they can hold. A tug-of-war ensues, with the team victorious, and Skarp wounded further. Ilero ponders if this is the same Ghoul-in-the-Box he faced years ago. Could be, ghouls can live forever.

Ilero passes out of exertion trying to move the heavy coffin lid of the second coffin onto the first. Or is it? Snee puts on her best House hat and expertly diagnoses (??) Ilero as being poisoned. Or paralyzed. From the Ghoul. Or it's from PTSD. Either way, he's broke. Snee changes to her Psychiatrist hat and talks Ilero down, just as, surprise, another Ghoul attack! This time it's Onald. But not a Ghoul, ghouls have a silent H. It's a Ghast (Ironically, also with a silent H...). Ilero wakes from his daze, whether from the positive words of Snee, or the excitement of Onald losing three levels. Ilero makes sure the Ghast is dead, dead, dead (which he technically was before the battle, so.)

Onald's triple level drain leads to the killing of the Ghast, which leads to loot. Lots of it: 2 scrolls, 3 potions, 13 gems of various and sundry value, and a small miscellaneous magic item TBD. The crew discusses carrying on quickly or backing off, the new marching order bookended by Dwarves, and the perils of losing levels to level-draining undead. They continue peering into coffins ("Let's don't peer") as Ilero remembers these coffins housed high level priests from the Suomi sect. That explains a lot.

Well, as expected, peering leads to combat, as another Ghoul (the kind with the silent H) tries to recruit for his Undead army, while a vermintide of rats decide it's Moving Day, passing through the catacombs, nibbling at the oft ill-armored ankles of the team. The team quickly scurry onto the coffins. Tyberius has been watching the NBA Playoffs, as he and Ilero execute the perfect Flaming Alley-Oop, slamming the flask into the middle of the vermin. Burnt flesh fills the air; (shakes head) poor rodents just wanted to get to their new home.

Oh, and the Ghoul rages on, repeatedly clawing and biting Skarp. The ghoul must have been covered in some of the oil, as he seems to slip away from all attacks. Until its last breaths (??), the ghoul continues to wound Skarp, until the Hand of Ilero puts the kill in Kill Shot. So combat is over.

Ha! The oily rats continue to squeek all over the floors, which is too much for Michel to take. So he (he? she? it would explain a lot...) builds a fire to ignite the last of the nibblers. But the vermintide squirm away, probably super pissed, looking for the cheese someone moved. On Moving Day.

Tune in next week to see if:

Skarp survives the next sixty feet of catacombs
Onald finds his lost levels
Ilero opts for hypnotherapy
Howard learns to swing a Kopesh
Snee finds her holy water

Quotes of the Night:

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Wizards....
[Mara (Mario-yoga)] why don't they stick with cursing parchment and such

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] SO what is happening here?
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] there seems to be a lot of blood and very little yelling
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] having fun without me?

[Master] Onald was level 4 is now level 1
[Onaldkelrad Trueblood (mharm-95433)] Yikes
[Onaldkelrad Trueblood (mharm-95433)] Is it permanent?
[Master] Yeap
Ilero (TMO)] (why do I put the effort into those folks again? :P)

[Master] Skarp peers inside and it is empty
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (why are we peering?!?! let's don't peer!)
Skarphedin (Ryan) cautiously peers inside.
Skarphedin (Ryan) cautiously looks inside the open coffin to his left.
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] no peering!

Ilero (TMO)] (can he also get a swat in with the Hand?)
[Master] swatting with the hand will do no good
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (It will probably make him feel better)
Ilero (TMO)] (but he'll feel better for trying)
[Ilero]] (TMO) fist bumps Ryan
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (And it is always important to feel good about what you do)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (I have faith Skarp will kill it next round - and the rats are slippery now)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Skarphedin: Attack: Hrotti: ((15-(d20+0))+1) [1d20=8] 8 [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Ghoul #20 (AC FINAL: 6).
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (dex check for running over oily rats)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Much like every other person in my life, Lisa's faith in me was misplaced)

Session: 20190531c

5-31 Mario

Hoffman starts the night being very observant; he notices the statue at the altar has been melted down to a slumped mess. While mystified, he and Mara descend into the crypts. Hoffman notices some walls that led to other parts of the crypts and caverns have been walled up. And the smell of Ghast fills the corridors. And a squeaky pack of rats, oil-covered yet still squeeky. Odd. Hmm. As the pack charges past the pair, Mara recalls the vermin have nowhere to go, as Hoffman closed the trap door under the altar. They quickly move up the corridor to join the rest of the team to prepare for the inevitable return of the rats.

The team updates the pair about the fake Skarp and his sudden disappearance (both Skarp's!), Ilero's violent outburst towards Snee while suffering a trigger incident, and Howard's discovery of a Blood Magic book. Hoffman knows the party is but a third of the way through the crypts, with secret doors abound. Snee points out how weary the party is becoming, and questions if the better route is to return back upstairs to the church for rest. As the party discusses, Guiote hears the rats returning. The Fire Brigade in Reverse assembles; Michel strikes two stones in hopes of a spark, none appear. Johan cantrips but a tiny flame; deep down he knows one match can make an explosion.


The vermintide never stood a chance.

Plans flourish: Toss rats into open coffins, hoping to fulsh out the Face Stealer. But what what else will emerge? Smoke the chamber to flush out the Face Stealer. Like bees on the farm. And like bees, probably get stung. Continue to follow the Two Skarp's, deeper into the crypts. Somewhere. Until the party either finds them, dies, or decides to go back. As the discussions continue, Johan notices the lack of dust; someone has been cleaning the crypts. Yes, the crypts. Why? and Who?

The crew decides they are too wounded to continue, and return to the church above. Mara is super sleepy, but she is constantly poked awake (it's too early to sleep...sheesh!). Howard returns to the loose stone in the middle of the aisle (where Ilero previously took a beating from a pew, yes, a pew.) and puts his Khopesh to good use. A bit of lever-action, and POP, the stone pulls away, revealing a small hole. Howard removes a wrapped package, exposing a piece of paper tucked in the wrappings. It is a Family Tree, with names crossed off. Howard immediately recognizes Ilero's name. Of the six names on the line, his is the only one not crossed off. The crew tries to decipher the meaning: it IS a Suomi church, and of course Ilero follows the Suomi faith. It could be a target assassination list, and guess who's next? Howard decides to not open the package, which closely resembles a wrapped book, but to give it to Ilero to open (in case it's trapped) since it probably pertains to him (or in case it's trapped).

The plan for safe harbor for the evening continues. The farmhouse had but one entrance. But so does the church, and no risk in griffon attacks if we stay indoors. The team stacks pews in front of the church door opening (HODOR). While construction takes place, Johan wonders if the Goblins were war-drumming for battle, who are they confronting? The team struggles to remember who they told that the goblins were restless. Is the intended foe the priests, who live in churches? Or the Gnome village just a ways off (quite a ways)? Could they be incited to make war against the undead? How could the party make that happen? Goblins like to just stay underground and loot stuff. Sound familiar? But if we caught a goblin, we could get answers. Vee have vays.

The team assembles the magic items on the dais for Mara to cast Find Traps. The magic ring glows (maybe Undead Control?). The carpet in the office glows. As does both passageways to the stairs leading up to the mezzanine. Feeling a bit safer, Howard determines the three books to be priest books, from the Suomi Religion, on controlling undead, charm and honoring the dead, or maybe raising the dead. Not quite sure. The scrolls contained one Priest spell: Create Undead. Mara wants to safeguard the spells, to learn more of the undead; Howard points out the scrolls serve one purpose: to cast the evil spell. They decide to burn the scrolls in the burn pit.

We leave the team discussing where to sleep. To Be Continued...

In OOC discussions during the church barricade building session, topics included:

Goblins - who will they attack? we saw goblin pits on the walk to the church, maybe the gnomes are on to something. Have they been charmed? Coerced into fighting for someone? Or battling for themselves? And against who? Undead zombies? Gnomes? Dragon Fen? Probably the undead.
Priest vs Mage - who is revamping the church? Collecting crates of undead supplies? Making Branwyn statues? Wholeheartedly decided it's a priest.
Zombies - do they self replicate? What do they do if left alone? How far do they wander? Do they seek out food?
Griffons - what do they eat? Who do they hate? Alexa, what do griffons eat? Griffons eat horses or horse like animals. Could that explain the lack of unicorns? Dog and Pony Shows? We last saw a unicorn in dreamland - is that significant? Griffons will devour hippogryffs, hmmm. Imari had one. Is he (she?) close by? That would explain a lot.

Lots to think about and explain, and we all have our opinions. Hit up the TTT-OOC page for your responses!

Quotes of the Night:

[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] (I miss Wu)
[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] (sigh)
[Guiote (Carissa)] (Who?)
[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] (you know Wu)

[Guiote (Carissa)] Zis is why I did not become ze priestess.
[Mara (MarioHome)] don’t lose faith dear
[Mara (MarioHome)] your time may come
[Mara (MarioHome)] and do I have a God for you!
Guiote (Carissa) winces

[Mara (MarioHome)] (not when we sleep? even if we sleep for eight hours continuously?)
[Master] and you cannot sleep until you have been up for a while
[Master] it has only been 6 to 7 hours so far
[Mara (MarioHome)] (wow, who knew sleeping had so many rules? here, I just doze off whenever)

[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] I don't know what goblins like to do other than stay underground
[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] And loot things
[Johan the Apprentice (Lisa)] (kinda like us?)

Session: 20190607c

6-13 Mario

The team has gathered in the church, deciding on arrangements for the evening. Howard hands Ilero the wrapped package found in the hole in the floor of the church, along with the slip of paper found in the wrappings. Ilero's siblings' names are all present, and all are crossed out except Ilero's. The information has disturbed Ilero so much he forgets he hasn't opened the wrapped package. The enclosed book sports the Sauscha family crest on the cover; the first page is torn in half; and the rest are bloodied. The note in the front cover suggests it was written in Blackwater: "The sad ending of the Noble Line of Sauscha, dead from fire, flood, and The Mist". Moreso, it implies the Sauscha family is eradicated, including Ilero. He looks for a high location to process the devastating news, and perches on the balcony overhang railing. (Note from TMO: it was just earlier that day that he collapsed in the crypt just from the PTSD from the ghoul attack years before. Ilero has not had a good day.)

Howard mentions the trap in the office, and Guiote and Michel decide to investigate. The rogues are stumped as they find none. Mara insists one is there, maybe a trap door under the rug. Pyro Michel starts by tossing a book at the rug, then gleefully grabs a stick to set it ablaze, but is quickly dissuaded. Guiote grabs the corner of the rug to draw it back, and the rug immediately wraps her like a burrito, constricting and squeezing the life from her! The team, slightly embarrassed to be in combat with a rug, take positions, trying to slice through the floor covering without harming Guiote. Some are successful, while others, not so much. Just as Guiote exhales her final breath, the rug is cut loose.

The rogues' inexperience does nothing to quell Ilero's salty mood. Like a true master, he quickly uses this situation as a training opportunity to point out how the real world employs traps: Lodging a dagger upwards through a pillow for an unsuspecting slumberer (poison optional), filling a mattress with glass shards, rigging the bed to drop something sinister on the sleeper, such as a "pillow shapeshifted devil" or a "blanket could have same magic t'at rug did" or even "whole bed is mimic". But not just a regular blanket, regardless how lazy the sleeper is. As a last lesson, Ilero checks the chest in the corner and finds blankets and pillows. But the blankets are dusty, unlike any other part of the church or even catacombs. Hmmm, weird.

The new-found blankets and sheets are distributed as the team can finally sleep. Yay! After some limited healing, Mara, Snezana, and Howard snuggle closely under an Invisibility spell for the night. First shift is uneventful for Skarp and Johan, but Ilero cannot sleep. That book and letter really shook him hard. He starts second watch with the rogue twins and Wu. Wu quickly addresses Ilero's mood, and the two speak of the letter, what it means, it's authenticity, and it's implications. None of this comforts Ilero who pledges blood and screams to those involved. Tiberius and Onald take over for third shift, and discuss Onald's naming convention and the immediate future adventures. Ty tells his version of a Bugbear battle with Branwyn, while Onald expresses his opinion of the fire hell that should rain down on this church and crypts. Ty sees the humor of the smoke emanating from the eyes and nose of Skull Church. After detailing a plan for the conflagration, their shift ends uneventfully. And a new day begins!

Quotes of the Night:

[mharm-95433] Who’s ready for death and dismemberment today???

[Master] so you have a rolled up rug with someone in it, Michel trying to tackle it Onad trying to tackle it
Ilero (TMO)] (just when, exactly, did we become the Three Stooges?)
[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (am I the only one a little embarrassed to be in combat with a rug?)

[Mara (MarioHome)] (why does she get to nap? get it, nap?!)
[Mara (MarioHome)] (just lying around)
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] keep weaving those puns in there

[Mara (MarioHome)] "All the world's a trap, and we merely victims", hmm?

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (....I see the trap, but I am springing it.... Yes....?)
Ilero (TMO)] (that seems to be our pattern tonight Ryan)
Ilero (TMO)] (oh look a trap! What happens if I stick my foot in it?)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Someone went through a lot of effort to set up these traps. Not springing them would be rude)

[Master] have you decided to sleep here for the night?
[Master] in the room with the traps?
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (You know... when you say it like that, it makes what sounded like a good idea sound really dumb)

Ilero (TMO) Hif my brot'ers gone by someone's hand, t'ere will be blood. Hif somet'ing happen to my daughter, t'ere will be screams.

Session: 20190614c

6-19 Ryan

While discussing what to do in their barricaded sleeping quarters, the group was hailed by a Carpenter named Many, who called out to them from the main hall. Deciding to go talk to him, the group unbarricaded the door and went out. Many explained that his group of carpenters had been contracted to repair the church, and they were currently there to fix the doors.

Many was confused at the sight of the dwarf Skarphedin, and annoyed that the pews had been moved, insisting that the group help him move them back. Ilero snuck up to Many while the carpenter was talking to Skarphedin and Lord Tiberius, who helped him move the pews. When Many noticed Ilero, he passed out in shock.

Many's crew came up at that time, but the four carpenters were also shocked at the sight of a dwarf,as well as the unconscious body of Many. One fled in fright upon realizing that Skarphedin was a dwarf, while the others insisted that he must have been transformed by a wizard. When asked questions, they informed the group that their leader was Many, and that Many had told them that the person in charge was a person named Pete.

The carpenters shrugged off the group's claims that their employers were evil, explaining that they worked for Many, rather than the priests, although some expressed an interest in working for Branwyn, whom they admired.

Many, waking up, explained that they were told to wear a helmet and a blue tabard whenever they went out by Pete, a priest in dark robes that smelled of incense. The blue tabard and helmet protected them from the griffins, who ate one of Many's workers when he went without them.

Pete often was by the altar while the carpenters worked, chipping away at it. Many was one of three carpenters who answered Pete's call for workers a year ago. He met the priest at Red Ferm Lake with the other two, although the other carpenters argued and were dismissed.

Studying the altar, Mara was able to determine that it was used for blood sacrifices. Howard studies the book that they found, determining that it was on how to use blood magic to control the undead.

Going back to study the fireplace once more, Skarphedin believes that the bones there are those of his dwarven friends. He threatens Many and attempts to appeal to him to stop the work, but Many refuses, stating that they have a contract and he is supporting his family. He does agree to Ilero's request to borrow two of the workers' tabards, which the group hopes will also protect against the undead.

Wearing the borrowed tabards, Skarphedin and Ilero go down to crypts along with Snezana and Mara. Seeing a ghoul flee at the sight of them, they continue onward, but are ambushed by a large group of ghouls, who paralyze first Ilero, then Skarphedin. Snezana screams, bringing the rest of the party. Mara turns the undead, and the group drags the paralyzed team members up to the main level.

Many tells the returned party that Pete should be at the church that evening. The group makes plans on how to capture him.

Quotes of the Night:

[Carissa] Summary: Ryan made a joke. No one laughed. Other stuff happened. The end.

[Mara (MarioHome)] if a god would allow his priests to worship with dart arts, then I suppose it is entirely possible
[Mara (MarioHome)] (they worship in pubs!)

[Mara (MarioHome)] ( the calendar changes!)
[Master] and so
[Mara (MarioHome)] (...soo,...she's a witch!)

Session: 20190621c

6-27 Mario

The crew is safely in the church after their encounter with the carpenters. They learned that Pete would be returning to the church to check on the work. Many possibilities for the initial meeting with Pete. But who is he anyway? Some speculate he is the Grand Evil Priest, who raised all the undead encountered so far. More realistically, he's a middleman, the site super if you will. In either case, preparations are necessary! What is the plan?

The team assesses the carpenter crew. Andre (and/or Brian, can't be so sure) had wandered off at the sight of Skarp, and are still out there, somewhere (underneath that same Mist sky?). Many is looking forward to a great sup, so he is determined to get home to his workers camp before dark, about an hour west. Pete is to come to check the repairs, and then go to Many's home (tent?) to pay for said repairs. Many mentions Pete is concerned with the altar, and maybe something beneath. Hmm. So do we ask Many to introduce us to Pete? Do we lure Pete into the church with carpenter bait, or maybe a fire (a la pyro Michel), then pounce before he has a chance to undead us? Do we wait patiently and just say Hi? So many possibilities!

Many has keys for the newly erected church doors, and is hell bent on locking them before he goes. What what about the team? they would need to wait outside, without blue talberds, ripe for griffon feeding... Ilero does his best to get the keys through persuasion, and the rest of the team pleads for Many to either leave the church unlocked, or leave the keys, or stay with them until Pete arrives. In the end, Many locks the team inside with a single click. No problem. Ilero, the great master thief of Dragon Fen can pick it blindfolded, right? Um, right? And alas, he does! Phew!

Safely tucked inside the church (!!), the team begins the ambush planning. Pete is surely going to want to visit the altar, but will he enter through the front doors, which are now unlocked, or through the secret door under the altar? In either case, he will approach the altar, where the team will be waiting. As final preparations are made, Ilero and a high-flying Snee (thanks, Tiberius!) scope out the upper deck. They notice the windows are shuttered from the outside, which would let in sunshine, because sunburn is a rampant health concern in the the Mist. They speculate the church must have been built before the Mist rolled in. They also notice no way to open the shutters from the inside. So weird.

After Tiberius totally forgets to catch Snee on her descent from the mezzanine (ouch!), the team takes up their positions around the altar. The spell casters are camped in front of the door to the fire pit room, cloaked in an Invisibility spell, while the brave warrior types are sequestered on or around the altar.

In the meantime, Ilero discusses with Howard the meaning of the Family Book of Sauschas found in the small hole. Howard speculates that the book was carried away from Blackwater to get it to Ilero, wherever he was, to either kill Ilero, warn him, or bring him back home. Probably one of the last two options. The book is only up to date until three years ago, so it could have been sitting in this church for a while. And the list of crossed off names? Looks like a hit list, but it could be something entirely different as well. Could be that Rama carried the tome and needed to hand it off to someone else, and when all looked grim, the book was hid so as to not lose it. So many questions, so few answers. Ilero calls for the safe capture of Pete, as he's got some 'splainin' to do.

With lines of sight checked and decisions on spells and actions, the team sits and waits. Oh, Pete, you have no idea what's in store for you...

[Pete (Master] Oh, Dragonslayers, you have no idea what's in store for you...

Quotes of the Night:

[Many (Master)] But I cannot lock you inside the church
[Ilero]] (TMO) bows. "Wit' all due respect, Craftsman, hye did not ask for copy of key. Hye can lock door just fine, on hye word of honor."
[Many (Master)] OK guys
[Many (Master)] Lets lock up and head home
Many (Master) CLICK
[Ilero]] (TMO) snaps his finger. "Before we get too far, hye unlock door. Guiote, Michel, come wit'."
[Ilero]] (TMO) (does bless increase thief roll chances, by the by? I may have oversold Ilero's talents earlier... ;) )
[Ilero]] (TMO) [Ilero]]: Thief ability - Open locks* check:(d100) [1d100=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 45!!
[Mara (MarioHome)] (woop!)
[Ilero]] (TMO) (now we *know* something's wrong)
[Guiote (Carissa)] (Shh don't question things)
[Ilero]] (TMO) (Ilero succeeding at rolls?)

[Master] Ryan did Spring explain what a Birthday Game is?
[MarioHome] not Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Musical Chairs
[Ryan] The one where they make you drink a number of shots equal to years of life you have?
[TMO] nor is it birthday suits
[MarioHome] kinda hard to play either remotely
[TMO] that would be death for some of us Ryan
[MarioHome] better to play " shots for year of life left in you", I may survive

Session: 20190628c

Since this was a pretty big combat, I’m going to go through it in more detail that I normally would.

Time for the big showdown with Pete. All of the characters that are in are in their assigned places. For lack of extra holding power, Ilero and Snee discuss sucker punching or sapping Pete when he comes up from the catacombs. At the last moment, Howard decides to give the evil or cursed ring a try. What could that hurt? It might even help. After slipping it on, Howard feels a sense of power, but although it’s kind of a rush, he doesn’t get a sense of what he can do with this feeling inside him. So, he waits.

Suddenly the lock turns on the church main door and it opens. In comes a young girl and her faithful dog, Digger. The girl is impressed with the work on the doors, but then wants to inspect the altar. She turns to close the doors and spots Guiote standing there motionless. She calls for Digger to assist. Digger tries to bite Guiote and misses so instead lets loose at a burst of flame right at her. Hellhound!! And Digger shoots some more flame at Guiote.

Ilero demands the girl and her dog surrender and punches Digger with The Hand.

Michel throws some daggers at the girl, but misses.

The girl pulls out a wand casts at Ilero’s Hand. It glows, begins to melt, and then falls to the floor. (Given what happened next, proper attention was not paid to the death of The Hand of Ilero, which he had carried and used in a multitude of ways for years and years. All of us have been touched in one way or another by Ilero’s Hand and I ask that all who read this take a moment of silence to mourn its loss. Seriously. This was awful and I am so very sorry this happened.)

Meanwhile Guiote tries to club the hellhound but misses.

The casters react and Johan hits the girl twice and Howard hits Digger once with spells.

Digger is still in action and this time is able to both bite and shoot fire at Guiote which renders her unconscious and dying on the floor. Johan blasts Digger, but this hellhound takes a lot to kill.

Howard wonders why Tiberius is standing around doing nothing and shouts at him to help them.

Ilero leaps off his perch to assist and as he lands, fails to tumble correctly, hurts himself a bit and isn’t able to advance to the door.

Howard casts on Digger leaving him massively wounds but still among the living. Michel tries to stab Digger but fails.

The girls screams and tries to cast another spell, but having been injured, her spell falls flat and fails. Tiberius rushes up the aisle and strikes the girl with his sword. Over and over and over again. The girl is dead beyond any hope of binding her wounds and reviving her for questioning.

Digger turns away from Guiote and bites and shoots fire at Tiberius. Ilero who has recovered from his fall uses a conventional weapon and issues the death blow to Digger.

Snee goes to the back of the church to examine the bodies and see what she can do when a man in a Black Cloak enters and screams “Carley!!!”

Howard runs halfway up the aisle yelling that he has The Ring and holds up his hand. This confuses just about everyone in the room.

Black Cloak immediately casts a fireball hitting Tiberius, Ilero, Snee, Michel and Guiote. Michel and Guiote are dead beyond saving. Tiberius and Ilero are rendered unconscious and dying and Snee is massively wounded.

Johan immediate casts a missile spell on Black Cloak to keep him from being able to cast again.

Snee withdraws from the combat in order to heal herself.

Black Cloak takes his daughter in his arms and holds her then looks at Howard scowling.

Howard runs to the man pleading that the killing must stop. He says Branwyn can bring the girl back. There’s been a mistake …

Onald runs up and binds Ilero’s wounds and then those of Tiberius.

At hearing Branwyn’s name, Black Cloak exclaims “That BITCH?” (yes that bitch. How many do you know?) He orders everyone to drop their weapons and get down on the floor or he will kill us all.

Wavering, Howard does drop his Khopesh, but sits on a pew and doesn’t fully get on the ground.

Johan decides not to cooperate and sends another missile at Black Cloak.

Black Cloak picks up Howard’s Khopesh, takes Tiberius by the hair and decapitates him. He hands the head to Howard telling him the give it to Branwyn the Lost. He then tells us to get out of his church.

At which point Pete arrives. Johan tells Black Cloak we will deliver the message and the group gathers its belongings and slowly leaves the church. As they walk out the door, Pete informs us we have angered the Master (You think?) and that he was kind to let us leave. Never come back.

Johan cantrips everyone’s clothes blue so we don’t get eaten by the griffon and we go get the wagon and leave. Snee brings Ilero to walking wounded and we decide to put some distance between us and the church.

We leave off the night a few hours away looking for a safe place to camp for the night.

Session: 20190705c

Setting: Entering Branwyn's Manor, time has been clicked off:

TMO and Spring vow to break the news to Branwyn so that Lisa doesn't have to do it by talking to herself.

Everyone limps into the Lounge, and we manage to straight up give her the bad news, but then we falter in the face of her anger and sadness and it falls to Howard (Lisa) to explain to Branwyn (Lisa) what actually happened.

Ilero apparently tries to drag Branwyn into a drunken stupor as a distraction by way of providing an example for her to copy, but this also fails.

After Branwyn manages to drag all the details painstakingly out of us, it's over to Skarphedrin and Mara to explain the bones, the altar, and the underground stores that were found. This is done considerably quicker and less painfully.

Roleplay for the night ends with a 7.1 Earthquake in California distracting everyone completely off topic.

Quotes of the Night:

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I dropped the Khopesh ...
Ilero (TMO)] Tib wasn't conscious t'en hye t'ink. He not able to fight back or even move much.
Ilero (TMO)] So he not feel no pain.
[Branwyn (Lisa)] LET HIM FINISH!
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Go on Howard
[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs and drains half of his third cup.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (we'll just have to ask him next time :) )
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Lost because she hasn't accepted Kiptutto as her goddess?)
Ilero (TMO)] (we have a few questions we can ask, eventually, after the initial torture)
Ilero (TMO)] (and the secondary torture)
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (this was a mage not a priest)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (If we napalm, there won't be time for questions)
Ilero (TMO)] (and maybe even the tertiary torture)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Mages can't be religious?:) )
Ilero (TMO)] (but definitely before the quaternary torture)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Take that ring off Howard.
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Give it to me.
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Never put on an evil item!

Session: 20190712c

We start with Indigo and Wu (who?) chatting, and Wu admitting that he's thinking about heading home again. Someday. Maybe.

Onward to Branwyn interviewing Skarphedrin over his findings at the church and his future plans. He agrees to stay and help purge the church of the plotting evil schemers who dwell therein and sacrificed his friends for their dastardly plans.

Jennivive joins the group and has the situation explained to her. Upon mention of a necromancer dwelling and scheming within Skull Church, she name-drops him casually. Lord Charles Witherbane the Fourth (aka Charlie). She is married to another necromancer after all. It's probably a small community, well aware of the others within it.

Also, Witherbane?? What, did he get to pick his own name? ;) Witherbane is like a detective taking the name "Rick Steele".

... anyways, back on topic...

Branwyn has the pure joy of telling Jennevive to 'SHUT UP', to the immense satisfaction of every PC in the room who's spent a lot of time around her.

Jenn also identifies the ring as a Ring of Undead Control. A wearer who has the command word can control armies of the undead.

Further discussion of Skull Church results in Branwyn declaring an interest in adding it to her lands, a goal Jenn supports and says the Queen will accept as well. The Church was Quellcon territory, and the Quellcon Head has recently died, and while Charley is an heir, he hasn't officially claimed the Church for himself, so it's ownership is still legally undecided. Red would also be happy to see Charley taken down a few pegs. Apparently Necromancers are not big on Brotherhood and Camaraderie. Branwyn asks Jenn to send Red a message about coming to help us smack Charley down. *blink* Branwyn and Red working together... Is this one of the signs of the apocolypse? Or merely of a great fun time to be had by all? Or both?

Next up are Thistle and Shi talking with Branwyn and Skarphedrin, discussing, among other things, berries, beards, sleep, and if the talk with Ancien was useful, or like beating your head against a tree trunk.

And, finally, we have the introduction of Michael's new character: Talwin the Magnificent (translated from the Elvish word for Pretentious). He's a Master Swordsman, Smith, and Artillerist all rolled into one awesome package! And he can count to three!

After a short conversation between Branwyn and Ilero about visiting Regor the Mad for information.

Quotes of the Night:

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You can't raise him
Skarphedin (Ryan) looks away uncomfortably.
Jennivive (Master) raised eyebrow
[Branwyn (Lisa)] My husband was decapitated by a necromancer in Skull Church
[Jennivive (Master)] Charlie?
record scratch
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who?

[Jennivive (Master)] then you have my full support
[Branwyn (Lisa)] The church was supposed to be in Kayugan control
[Jennivive (Master)] We shall erase the Greeks from the earth above and below
[Branwyn (Lisa)] SHUT UP!
Jennivive (Master) blinks at Branwyn
Skarphedin (Ryan) stares in concern.
[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't care about you priests and your I hate them and all must die rubbish

Thistle (Carissa) frowns, "How could I find berries? I was too busy spying on, er, I mean, waiting, for Shi to come back from her visit to Ancien!"

[Steward Nevin (Master)] Countess Branwyn the Mysterious and Lord of Dragon Fen
[Steward Nevin (Master)] I present Talwin the Magnificent
[Branwyn (Lisa)] A mage?
[Steward Nevin (Master)] A warrior of.... renown?
[Steward Nevin (Master)] He is here to swear allegiance to your lands
Steward Nevin (Master) glances back at Talwin
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Step forward Talwin the ... Magnificent?
Talwin (mharm-95433) Flourishes in

Talwin (mharm-95433) Anyways!
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] to the Practice Yard!
Talwin (mharm-95433) Strides out the door without a backward glance
Skarphedin (Ryan) follows a step behind.
Branwyn (Lisa) waves at Indigo "Don't hurt him"

[Lisa] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: (+13-(d20+1)) [1d20=9] 3. HITS Talwin (AC FINAL: 6)!!!
[Lisa] Indigo: Attack: Short Sword: (+13-(d20+1)) [1d20=5] 7. MISSES Talwin (AC FINAL: 6).
[Lisa] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: (+13-(d20+1)) [1d20=13] -1. HITS Talwin (AC FINAL: 6)!!! [Talwin (mharm-95433)] Talwin: Attack: Two-Handed Sword: ((13-(d20+2))-3) [1d20=12] -4 [MODIFIED (-3)]. HITS Indigo (AC FINAL: 4)!!!
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] Talwin: Attack: Two-Handed Sword: ((13-(d20+2))-3) [1d20=7] 1 [MODIFIED (-3)]. HITS Indigo (AC FINAL: 4)!!!
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] Talwin: Damage v SM: Two-Handed Sword: ((1d10)+3+3) [1d10=7] 13 [MODIFIED (+3)] added to: Indigo
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] Talwin: Damage v SM: Two-Handed Sword: ((1d10)+3+3) [1d10=6] 12 [MODIFIED (+3)] added to: Indigo
[TMO] (I'm not sure why, but Michael wanted somebody who could do a lot of damage. ;) )
[Lisa] lol
[TMO] to each their own
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] lol

Sessions: 20190719c, 20190802, 20190809, 20190816

Apparently a lack of summaries is enough to spur me to start doing at least a quick recap. And so, for the last four sessions combined, the main happenings are:

  • A visit to Regor ends with Thistle getting trained, Ilero getting (briefly) pick-pocketed, Shi almost losing a toe, and Branwyn gets some intel.
  • Howard and Johan are grounded until they get rid of or make functional the well of notes.
  • Rhibosi the Inedible Indelible joins the party as Kel retires to do whatever retired elves do.
  • Jennevive warns Branwyn to reconsider going to the funeral and to go straight to Loosend.
  • Branwyn gets annoyed with Stewart Nevin only to later find out Jilly is engaged to him??
  • Ilero's state of mind is still worrisome, to the point the Stewart of the Guild has mentioned it.
  • Anastacia brings brief news of Marisu and her still living sister, to be continued on return to Dragon Fen.
  • Some heart-to-heart night watch conversations happen. And general girl gossip about cute boys.
  • John is still alive and finally returns to the fun of trying to bring Tiberius back from the dead.
  • Ankhegs, a mule with an invisible priest riding it, and arrival to Loosend.
  • While not everyone is there, a successful roll brings Tiberius back from the dead. But at what cost?

Quote of Running Joke:

[Rhibosi (MarioHome)] so you have heard of the Indelible Disciples of Insight. we are few, and those who know if us are fear
[Thistle (Carissa)] Inedible?
[Rhibosi (MarioHome)] (indelible!!!! lolol)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Thistle hears what Thistle wants)
[Rhibosi (MarioHome)] (I spelled it right!! :0P)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (So yes, that was IC ;) )
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (inedible would be a wonderful attribute!)
[Talwin (Michael)] *especially in our group)

After Court of Thanes. Summaries from between the two arcs can be found here.

Session: 20200306c

  • So we begin with Branwyn wiped out from days of doing some identification of potions and such which can be found on the Party Pack page. You should really look if you haven't, but it was a ton of new potions and some of them are very intriguing. Skunk water? Cordial of Glitz? Jo's Liquid Road? Multiple types of dragon breath potions? Fun times for all! Of course, we haven't had time to duplicate any of the new potions, but that doesn't mean we can't use them if we need them. There are also three potions that did not get identified (correction: two misidentified meaning the third may or may not do what we think it will, if I understand correctly You have three unknown potions, the misidentified potions (plural) are in the list of labeled potions. Also remember that list has previous identified potions that may be mislabeled also) which means we'll have to do it the old fashion way when we have the time for it. (Follow-up reply: So, uh, don't chug any potions? Got it!).
  • With Branwyn out of commission, that leaves Hoffman and whoever else is present to deal with the gnomes. Specifically, to deal with Hornbeak Orthaginal.
    1. Hornbeak doesn't think Dragon Fen will last, Orthaginal is prepared to accept Nevin's earlier plan for the gnome farmers to pay tax in return for protection, Skarp asks how the gnomes have outlast everyone in The Wastes so far (in short: ability to adapt, move, and hide), Skarp also points out some youths from the clan may want to spend time among humans (hello there, Uncle Foto), and in the end Orthaginal pays his taxes, agrees to Nevin's arrangement, but implies it is only the farming enclave that is part of the agreement, and if we want to include any of the other settlements, we can renegotiate and meet them at the mines (where the not included in the agreement mining settlement is located).
  • Moving on to the next piece of business is the most important thing: the dog.
    1. Thistle quickly makes friends with Brer's guard dog Griff. Sure, he's intimating, but considering Thistle hangs out with three wolves daily, she's not that intimated. Cautious, yes, but seriously, have you seen a wolf in real life? Intimidating.
    2. During this time, Thistle learns most people don't actually speak to animals. Why have an animal friend if you can't sort of speak to it? Confusing. Not that she's good at it. She also learns that Skarp has aged a bit, but the grey in his beard (a result of ghostly aging) makes him look distinguished so it's all good.
  • So anyways, what's the plan? Go to Skull Church and kill everybody but the goblins? Snee thinks this sounds like a really good plan. Thistle doesn't know if that's the plan because she's just going since no one is there to stop her.
    1. The adults in the room suddenly realize that maybe someone needs to stop the 15 year old to go to a potential slaughter. Hoffman and Snee point out the high death potential. Brer points out someone might die trying to protect her. She points out he has a single eye and no ability to pick locks. While standing out of the way apparently isn't a good argument, saying she can help patch anyone up if someone is busy kind of works. As it is, she can't trust strangers and so she can't believe Brer until she gets to know him.
  • Whoa, whoa, hold on. Yes? Yes you can trust The Brotherhood according to Sundown. Thistle rolls her eyes at this because if that's true, why didn't any of them show up in Ghostwood Domain where a (sort of) known vampire lurks? At least, she's pretty sure there's something not right with Count Stanley Drake.
    1. The following conversation confuses a few players who haven't been here as long (you are excused) and/or have been here long but have not yet committed every single session to memory (shame on you). And so, with the caveat that I was not here for some of it and may get a few bits and pieces wrong, I present you a small summary within a summary:
Count Drake of Ghostwood Domain (not to be confused with the Drake Estates, the northern family line) is a vampire. In BOB's world, vampires are sometimes determined by the parent vampire gender meaning if mom is a vampire, daughter is a vampire (Tiberius's mother and sister, for example). With the Drakes, it follows the fatherly line, but poor old Stanley Drake somehow did not inherit the vampire gene which made him very, very sad. In the process of finding the kidnapped Queen Presumptive during Blood Trail, Stanley Drake helps the group out (I presume), and the soon-to-be Queen decides to reward him for his help and fulfill some promise she made with him. Unbeknownst to Branwyn, the dagger that Missus Mosskin (Queen Presumptive) has her enchant ends up turning Stanley Drake into a vampire (after the Queen Presumptive Branwyn stabs him with it during May1013). (Currently in debate, but feel free to read the linked chat). This is why our Chat Arcive is so valuable. Read that session for what actually happened. The story that 'everyone knows' is that Branwyn did the stabbing with her dagger. The Queen gets a dagger's edge distance between herself and vampires that way.
Now with all that said, not everyone was there when it originally happened. Since then, others have found out the truth during Bebbux as to Count Stanley Drake's undead secret. This likely includes the gypsies who live near his castle (Thistle's clan), especially as Wisewoman Sunflower seems to know everything about everyone. There are rumors, too, because why would there not be, but the full truth is limited to very few. Note: Because Everyone Knows was partially about how everyone knew that Count Drake was a vampire when the group showed up. And then they.... It could be argued that Shi'Nynze may have told Thistle the truth, as she did stay in the castle and Branwyn warned the group before they arrive in Ghostwood Domain, but Thistle (who was not yet part of the group) ran off to the wedding. There is also a decent chance Shi'Nynze did not tell Thistle because Bebbux was a very traumatic adventure.
So in conclusion, caves suck, and not just because of vampires.
  • Back to the present and in conclusion, Brer asks Thistle to one day introduce them to her Grandmother (Wisewoman Sunflower), and Thistle says she finally got away and doesn't want to go back so I guess this means they're at an impasse. Not that it matters right now because we're going to Skull Church first anyways.
    1. Also in conclusion, some of the history is confusing, especially when so many people share the same damn name. You'd think humans would have more creativity, but they're too steeped in family traditions, interbreeding, and naming their child such and such the twentieth out here in The Kingdom of England the Mist so... yeah, good luck untangling it all! I'm still trying to figuring it all out.
    2. Yet another conclusion is Thistle will be going as Drayven offers to watch over her to the best of his ability, and because Thistle will make sure Griff goes to a good home if Brer does die. Who can turn down such an offer??
  • So what about Ilero? He hasn't officially retired, and therefore, no one yet knows he isn't going with them to Skull Church. While we wait to depart as Branwyn is still recovering, we go to visit Ilero at his tower.
    1. Poor Ilero is not right in the head (well, more than usual), and will not be joining us. He will remain behind with Shur, but he is willing to offer what help he can. Thistle asks if she can borrow his pretty magic dagger? Ilero isn't exactly happy to hear she's going, either, and gives her the dagger provided she behaves, stays in the middle of the group, and does not wander off.
    2. Yeah, um, can she ask another favor? She doesn't know how to handle traps. Actually, she has a hard time spotting them. Maybe he knows someone who can point them out to her? In other words, we'd like two of your recruits, please.
    3. Ilero calls out to Lanek asking if he knows anyone who wants to go? Well Drayven's (unnamed) Gnome friend is happy to come along as he owes Drayven anyways, but, well, yeah, Lanek just knows the Gnome is going to get himself killed and then there's the runt (Thistle) who is going so it looks like Lanek will be coming, too.
    4. Of note, Ilero also finds out he has now joined a very short and elusive list: people who Thistle respects enough to mostly listen to (to a degree). Congratulations! And related to that topic, she does let Indigo know that is someone tells her to run, she'll run. She has to survive so she can yell at Shi when she gets back, right?
  • With preparations mostly done, and the list of people going to Skull Church mostly settled, we leave it here for tonight.
    1. Is Branwyn right? Will we just slam the doors open and start attacking people? I mean, we can't rule it out, but yeah, it probably won't be that easy or simple. Guess we're going to find out, aren't we? With wagon, two horses to pull it, and hopefully some blue pieces of clothing plus a plan for the possible return of the one living griffon.
    2. Another note: We were told during 20190614 that blue keeps the griffons, goblins, and undead away (or at least for certain the griffon). Maybe interesting enough, an Apprentice they talked to mentioned in passing about how Branwyn came through Travelers Way once wearing blue. It's an odd, specific comment regarding what color she was wearing. Coincidence? Not sure, but just a fun tidbit to toss out there. BOB: Branwyn's official colors are Blue and Silver (also note to Carissa follow that link for a family crest in the The Wildlands.).
    3. And yes, on the list of things to bring, we should add something blue (no, this isn't for a bride, and unknown if it specifically needed to be tabard and helmet).
    4. One last note: make sure everyone's weapons are in correctly. It looks like Lanek was done, but it's also a note for me to do it for Thistle...
    5. If you have other plans, let people know before Friday. Otherwise, see you then!

Quotes of the Night

[JohnA] tell me my fortune if I drink this potion
[Carissa] You will feel less thirsty. Talk to your doctor if you think this potion is right for you. Side effects may include...

[Fritz] Bob told me you needed a straight fighter ...Bad Bob...Bad Bob
[Master] apparently you actually needed a dog
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Most important thing, as I said)

Skarphedin (Ryan) smiles slightly, chuckling as he ruffles her hair.
[Spring] (wouldn't he have to reach up to ruffle her hair?)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (She's sitting and petting the dog I'm imagining)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (but lol)
[Spring] (that's a comical mental picture)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (He ruffles the tips of her hair if he can't reach the top of her head)

Drayven Starmantle (Fritz) looks over at dog
Drayven Starmantle (Fritz) looks away quickly
[TMO] (is... is he trying to flirt with my dog???)
Drayven Starmantle (Fritz) looks around to make sure no one sees him looking at the dog
[JohnA] it's ok to love your dog, just not ok to LOVE your dog
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Fritz giggles coyly behind his hand.)

Thistle (Carissa) shrugs, "I'm just going because no one is here to stop me this time."
Brer Necholas (TMO)] Do we need to stop you?
Hoffman (JohnA)] Thistle, you are not invited
[Snezana (Spring)] kids don't get to go to slaughters. it's a thing

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Oh and one more thing "For Fritz"...You have to help me protect Thistle there...
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Well I was going to ask her to help me protect YOU....but I was afraid of how you might take it....
[For Fritz (Fritz)] That's low dude...really really low...
[Thistle (Carissa)] Oh! I can help protect him!
[Thistle (Carissa)] BUT I do listen to Ilero so that means we can't run off and you have to stay in the middle. Got that?
[Ilero]] (TMO) blinks in surprise. "You listen to ... ME?"
Ilero (TMO)] Since when?
[Thistle (Carissa)] Huh, I dunno... but yeah, I guess I do now.
Ilero (TMO)] And.. hif hye say 'Stay here'?
Thistle (Carissa) covers her ears and starts humming, "Sorry what? Can't hear you!"
[Ilero]] (TMO) nods. "T'at's more like it."

Session: 20200313c

  • Just because it's fun to note, this is probably the first night with the most players on in a long time (I don't care to look how long). Brief hello to Mario and Guy, and normal hello to those who we see most or all nights!
  • Anyways, this is also time for us to officially begin the trip back to Skull Church. We all ready? All got their blue garb on? Horses accounted for? Weapons sharpened? Portable apothecary shop up and running? Anything else? No? Onward, then!
    1. Wait, is Jilly coming? Because it sounds like Jilly might be coming? Branwyn says no, and prepares to try to confuse Jilly be going a different route, but Jilly points out that Branwyn needs to go the church in Otterville to bless the crops. Um, she's not a priest, though? Oh, bless the farmers...
    2. There is lots of chatter on the way because, you know Jilly, but eventually we get there, find out it isn't a lie, and Branwyn briefly gives the farmers a blessing before we go on our way without Jilly. Because Jilly isn't coming. End of story. Which is fine as she runs off to get some barrels so Skarp can make beer when they come back. And off she goes!
  • Now that that's out of the way: first encounter roll of the night!
    1. There's something flying up ahead. A griffon? No, a wyvern. A few miles north of the mining village. So what to do about it? It seems to just be circling, nothing else.
    2. Drayven decides to ride ahead and keep an eye on it. Which means he's not watching the ground. The ground full of traps. The ground full of traps which horse and rider fall into and results in a panicked horse with a broken leg (reminder as to why this is bad).
    3. Eventually between calming the horse, some muscle strength, and a priest spell to repair the broken limb, the horse is saved. Let's not do that again, okay? And no, it's not a gopher hole. Foto spots more and guides them around them while Skarp notices it's too precise to be something an animal created.
    4. Note to BOB: Prairie dogs are you biggest culprit of carrying Yersinia pestis in the United States (and for human transmissions, often their pet dog who caught an infected rodent). Gophers are only of mild interest and less of a concern. A full list for those interested (pdf file).
  • After all that fun, they make it to the mining village and Hornbeak asking what was all that racket?
    1. Well he doesn't see whatever you all are talking about outside since it's been two hours or so since we last saw it. There are stories about a dragon guarding a "horde" north of here (even though it was actually a wyvern), but point being, he's not too concerned.
    2. Small party split here as some stay outside while others stay inside. Those inside briefly talk to Hornbeak who tells Branwyn about things he'd like to see, you know, since he's paying taxes and all now. Also some hints of other gnome villages nearby, but we'll have to sort that out later.
    3. Outside are watches. The first watch is Drayven and Sundown. We learn some more about Drayven as well as his gnome pal while Sundown does some judging because yes, they are there to judge people. Isn't everyone?
    4. Outside still, we move to second watch with Talwin and Brer (the other judge, I assume). They talk about zealots and whether or not vampires may or may not be good for us in certain specific circumstances. Yeah, some of these conversations are better read in chat if you wish.
  • So with that, we leave off with third watch still needing to be done. Based on the last two watches and our safer location, we're probably on the last night which we can pass with good conversation (hint hint to whoever ends up on third watch consider talking not rolling because seriously, you'll have plenty to kill later guaranteed).
    1. On that note, pay attention to the site as we all likely move to working at home more and/or end up in quarantine (extra session, anyone?). Otherwise, see you Friday!

Quotes of the Night

Skarphedin (Ryan) glares at the building.
Skarphedin (Ryan) glares at the building.
Skarphedin (Ryan) glares at the building.
Skarphedin (Ryan) glares at the building.
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (he *really* doesn't like that building)

[Sundown (Master)] WHy did you not try to help them?
[Sundown (Master)] All of the other men rushed forward to help
Lanek (Spring) shrugs
[Lanek (Spring)] what use would i be?
[Lanek (Spring)] you want me to pick the horse's pockets, princess, i'm your guy
Sundown (Master) points to Talwin he was not any use but he tried to help
[mharm-95433] (Uh. Thanks?)
[Sundown (Master)] (Sundown is a male)
[Lanek (Spring)] (ane princess is a slur)
[Sundown (Master)] (grins)

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] When I get back I 'm going to put out a reward for the capture of any gopher bandits in this area!!! How dare they harm my horse!!! THEY SHALL RUE THE DAY!!!!
Brer Necholas (TMO) murmurs to Sun, ""Rue the day"?"
[Sundown (Master)] I think it is a color
Brer Necholas (TMO) looks even more confused now.

[Grolduk Groundsearcher (Fritz)] /ME wonders how the HELL he lost a trivia question bet to Drayven!!!
[Grolduk Groundsearcher (Fritz)] .me wonders how the HELL he lost a trivia question bet to Drayven!!!
Grolduk Groundsearcher (Fritz) wonders how the HELL he lost a trivia question bet to Drayven!!!
[Grolduk Groundsearcher (Fritz)] (yay...finally)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (/me applauds! )
[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (Third times a charm)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (except with Skull church)

Thistle (Carissa) quietly, "It's so tiny here! I like it!"
Skarphedin (Ryan) glares. "It's not tiny.... welll, too tiny. You are just abnormally large."
[Thistle (Carissa)] Abnormally? I was told I was growing normally...
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I read that as abominally large)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Trying to stay body-positive.)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (abdominably large? did you just call her fat?)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (She seems to be calling everyone fat lately)
[Master] or old
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hey that was Ryan this time!)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Don't lie, you can't prove that it was me)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (That's fine. We're going to have a nice, peaceful sleep no troubles, wake up and be happy in just a minute or two)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (she is descended from a fortune teller. I believe her)
[Thistle (Carissa)] Thistle: Fortune Telling check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (nevermind - she's lying)

Session: 20200320c

  • We start where we left often (er, as always) which is third watch. A nice, peaceful watch perfect for talking and so that's what's done because it's likely the last time for it! Cue Hoffman, Skarp, and Indigo. Grolduk joins them halfway through watch.
    1. Skarp cannot see the stars that are big and bright, but he's reminded the (prairie) sky is wide and high (clap clap clap clap, deep in the heart of... not quite Texas). Anyways, yes, they are taunting you, Skarp.
    2. They also talk about the MacBeth trip, religious quests, Miranda, the two colored cloaks, the importance of watching the balconies, magic zapping stones, disfiguring curses, if everything is really black and red white, thoughts on what to do about the goblins, and what color cloak Hoffman should wear once he takes charge of Skull Church.
    3. Sigh, and you know I have to address it, TMO and Ryan. There is very little contact when spiders (and other arachnids) reproduce. The insult doesn't technically work here because, well, to put it bluntly, there is no humping involved. To make this kid friendly, he males simply... hand off what the female needs to fertilizer her egg. Anyways, go have fun and read about spider mating habits if you're that curious!
  • More comes with debates about that horde that was mentioned, but Branwyn and likely a few others have no interest in taking a detour at this time. If they cause us a problem, sure, we can deal with them, but why seek them out?
    1. Grolduk borrows Branwyn's silver dagger so he has a weapon on the chance we run into something resistant to anything less than magic or silver.
  • Not much chatter as we're all still half sleep. Are some ghouls and half dozen or more zombies enough to wake us up? For some of us, I would vote yes.
    1. They don't pose too much of a threat although Hoffman and Talwin failed their saves yet we don't know what that might mean for them. Branwyn did get in a nice fireball that took out a handful plus a ghoul. Unfortunately, the third ghoul does escape while the second gets a good beating for attempting to rush Hoffman.
    2. Also of note is that these zombies seem a little... faster than normal? Very possible that someone has been experimenting while we were gone.
    3. We have two paladins with us now and yet only one of them joins the fight. He decides a sword is good enough, but this does not please at least one person...
  • Fight over, Branwyn expresses her displeasure at the lack of turning. This (lack) of action is apparently enough for her to deem the ring of undead control worth using, but she does hand it off to Drayven rather than wear it herself.
    1. Who doesn't like a little inter-party conflict?? I mean, as long as this doesn't result in a party split, a bit of drama can always spice things up. Not like this has a possibility, big or small, to cause problems later, right?
  • After an unsuccessful check to see if we can tell what if anything is different about this zombies, we realize we need to somehow cross the ravine. How'd we do it last time?
    1. Drayven and Grolduk go to look for a crossing and finds a ramp... only for his horse to nearly fall. Again. Not having good luck with the horse this trip, are we? But again, nearly fall, barely balanced, and in need of assistance. With Brer helping keep Ghost calm, they ease her back down the ramp.
    2. Yes, Foto notices that this was actually a purposeful trap. Maybe we need to be better at spotting them? I doubt this'll be the last one. Well, since it's sprung, we're able to get the horses and wagon across after some careful footing and guiding.
  • Some more walking and we come upon four giant lizards sunning themselves in that glorious afternoon sunshine (send some north, please). Thing is, they do not like being surprised and so, startled, they do attack. Can you blame them? We ruined their nap.
    1. Indigo does not stick his landing after jumping off the wagon, Branwyn uses magic which she could probably do sitting if she was in the wagon, Howard has his magic as well, one lizard scurries away, yet another manages a nice bite on Drayven (which Sundown tries to warn us not to let them do), Tiberius does join in the action and kills one, Indigo manages to get back up to attack, and with all the fighters and magic, three of the four are killed.
    2. So about Sundown's warning? Poison. Sure, you made your save, but it just means you didn't get as much poison. Nice thing, though, is it sounds like Sundown is the only party member who can remove poison (reminder that our priests can only slow it). Of course, you need to renounce evil for Sundown to deem you worth helping. You know, like not using that ring, Drayven? Yeah, he either doesn't get the hint or refuses to renounce anything (he's confused what's being asked) so Sundown shrugs and leaves him to slowly wither away.
    3. Thankfully, we do have some potions for poison. Two Potions of Health and one potion of Poison Negation. Now we only have the first two potions so maybe let's avoid poisons, yes?
  • With all the excitement, what's our next move? Drayven wants to try to skill one of the lizards, but Branwyn wonders if that's a waste of time or a brilliant move to delay our arrival. By now the ghoul that escaped is likely tattling to his master, so is a delay worthwhile? Or will that just give his master more time to prepare for our inevitable arrival?
    1. Merits to be discussed and decided upon next session, of course. Now the next question is: when will the next session be? Anyone up for it possibly being before Friday? Maybe you should go let BOB know if so because with enough of us quarantined and available, we could possibly counting this arc, or maybe start a side story.
    2. Anyways, yeah, go comment and let's find out, shall we? See you whenever it ends up being!

Quotes of the Night

Hoffman (JohnA)] we will see if I get to confront the new cloak, you know I just see red

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (man! poisoned zombies?)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I must be more tired than I thought. I read that as mani pedied zombies?)

[Sundown (Master)] (if someone had the skill to know what type of poison yes, you would know that the save is half damage)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yeah but Shi is off joining a cult at the moment)
As summary writer, I get to choose quotes that make me laugh. Also ones where I can squeeze in a shameless plug so, you know, I did.

Session: 20200327c

  • After some map testing, next move debating, and road trip planning, we start with trying to discover how Sundown knew those lizards were poisonous, and what the difference is between venomous, poisonous, and carnivorous.
    1. In regards to this topic, I share with you one of my favorite webcomics about it: here.
    2. If you read between the lines, there are probably some flowers and vines to be worried about in The Wastes, but otherwise, it's just a normal educational discussion. I mean, as long as you repent your evil, you have nothing at all to worry about. So... are you sure you have no evil to repent?
  • Seeing no reason to mess with the dead lizard bodies, we move on until we reach a gully. Wasn't this something we ran into last time? Howard does remember something about running into a goblin ambush pit. That... might be important to note as we're suddenly ambushed by goblins.
    1. Most of the night is dominated by this fight. If you want to understand some of the mechanics to this kind of fight, it is recommended you go see BOB's comment about it (it will have its own page later).
    2. The nice thing about fights are how easy it is to summarize them! In short, Hoffman and Talwin are attacked by too many and are constantly pushed down to the ground. While Hoffman, with help, eventually shakes off and kills his goblins, Talwin is tied up and taken underground. They do not manage to take him too far as with the ability to break ropes, he frees himself and, with help, manages to kill his captors and make it back to the surface.
    3. As for everyone else, during this fight Howard almost gets captured, Indigo chops goblins up, Tiberius doesn't do what he's told (surprise), Branwyn regrets her spell choices but realizes a dagger works just as well, Thistle attempts and fails to capture a goblin, Griff assists Thistle, Brer once again doesn't turn undead (what do you mean you don't do that with goblins??), Skarp goes bowling and manages a strike, Snee adds three giant ants to our party, Lanek is hesitant and indecisive, Uncle Foto knocks out a goblin, and the horses are unable to defend themselves. Did I miss anyone?
    4. Another fun note is seeing a sweep attack in action. While there was definitely luck in the roll, Sundown manages to take out the five goblins surrounding him with a defy twirl of his polearm. Unfortunately, that's all he does, as he waits for the goblins to repent their evil while they're busy tying up Hoffman. Yeah. Not very helpful there, buddy.
    5. Quick sweep attack recap: It works until you miss one of your targets. Sundown managed to hit all five of his targets, but if he, say, missed the second goblin it would have stopped with only damaging the first goblin and no more. It was also impressive in this instance as it has low attack damage, but goblins have low HP, so he was able to kill or disable all of the goblins with his attack. In a different situation, a sweep attack may not be as impressive as what we just witnessed. For more information, looks at the polearm section in Arms and Equipment.
  • After all that fun, we're left camping about an hour or so away from Skull Church because who actually willingly camps at the church? With spells spent and watches to be had, only one way to find out how things go from here.
    1. See you Friday specifically for this adventure!

Quotes of the Night

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Ummm ... goblins!
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I certainly hope these aren't poisonous

[Master] so 6 are there
[Master] they can now try to overwhelm Hoffman
[Master] before he gets to go
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (like how many 5 year olds can you beat up )

[Talwin (Michael)] Bob, I understand if not, but with that many goblins, I feel they should have to make a save against hitting themselves instead of Talwin. We do that for PC do we not?
[Master] nope
[Talwin (Michael)] Really?
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I also agree that whenever an enemy tries to hit us, they should have to roll a natural 20 not to hit themselves.)

[Thistle (Carissa)] UGH! WHY ARE YOU TWO USELESS???
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum casts a spell against Goblin #8: Magic Missile: Magical bolts shoot forth, each doing 1d4+1 points of damage. The caster fires forth 1 at first level and an additional one for every second level after that until he fires 5 at 9th level. So assuming they are all going at one character for now, they deal (3d4+3) [3d4=2,3,4] 12 damage
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] ("Even Howard?" LOL)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I asked if that was it and you said he gets to choose what to do)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (just wait til I format this chat Bob)

Session: 20200403c

  • Here's your weekly reminder to stay inside (no dinners!), not touch your face, and wash your hands. Also remember to cover your cough, support your struggling local businesses, and not go insane while cooped up. Yes you can go outside, but remember 6 fts (one alligator or eleven giant centipedes of the real world kind) distance between you and non-household members. Got it? Good biosecurity is not just for agriculture, you know.
    1. Maybe this upcoming special session on Wednesday (provided BOB's internet doesn't die again) will help? I mean, you won't know until you're there so... yeah, be there.
  • Now that that PSA is out of the way, we start with the watches as we camp an hour from Skull Church and vote not to have a fire as it'd be visible (apparently we're not having multiple fires to confuse the enemy, either).
    1. This is a concept everyone except the poor dwarf seems to understand as the poor dwarf doesn't exactly know what a lighthouse is to begin with or anything about seeing upside.
    2. We also do some healing before sleeping because when will we next get the chance?
    3. Howard casts his invisibility on the ones not planning to watch and/or not fighters. So we're good now, right?
  • We did not cast anything on the horses (spell area limitations?) but if the fighters stay near the always attacked horses, we should be good, right? Not like they're as cursed as wagons.
    1. Obvious they are if you haven't been paying attention the last few Skull Church trips, or at minimum, the last few sessions. Well we do know there was a wyvern nearby so we should keep an eye on the skies, right? Yeah. No. The first threat? Ogres.
    2. One horse goes down while Drayven's horse gets severely wounded. Thankfully, again, lots of fighters who mostly are light enough sleepers to help Foto and Brer with the ogre attacks saving Ghost (Drayven's horse).
    3. But the other horse? Died. The ogres didn't get a chance to do anything with the meat, though, as something with wings steals the corpse into the night. Considering griffons love horse meat, and we know at least one is still alive, it seems likely it was a griffon.
    4. The only thing of interest on the ogres are two handed swords with Quellcon sigil on it. Are ogres normally guards or did they steal these from now dead (undead?) guards.
  • Second watch with Indigo, Tiberius, and Drayven is the sound of rustling in the darkness. Sure, we dragged the ogre corpses off away from camp, but is there any chance they came back from the dead?
    1. No, that would be centipedes. There is some talk about whether or not we need to kill them as they might attack the camp, but no, we're reminded that it's generally safer to leave them alone as they'll leave us alone and bad things happen when we go after centipedes during a watch in the dark.
    2. This was only a session or two before the time of these summaries, but you can always read the chat about that time Kel tried to sneak up on some centipedes, tripped, alerting the centipedes to him and Indigo on watch, both who end up paralyzed and nearly eaten to death until last minute save. So yeah, let's be careful with centipedes, okay?
    3. There is still some things to talk about such as if Drayven is a sellsword, how Tiberius's mother is a witch (present tense? so is she alive or not??), the Greek church, and the smallest creature they have fought such as fleas? Maybe it's just me, but wearing the dead skunk probably is what gave Tiberius fleas to begin with (or at least would have added ticks and mites to his list).
    4. Also, seriously Tiberius, we know you're not the brightest, but you really do need to stop talking about your evil vampire (not witch) mother. Who brags about their parent being a witch even if she really was one?
  • The centipedes do leave them alone letting us make it into third watch without any problems. This ends up being the biggest watch full of characters so clearly we'll get off scot-free, right?
    1. Well if you read the chat log, you'd see that conversations do still have a chance to count as an encounter which means the follow conversation was deemed worthy of an encounter roll. Considering we're not in the gnome village, we didn't exactly think this could still hold true so it goes to show you it can be worth a good conversation over watch on the chance it does ESPECIALLY when you know you likely have a very, very, VERY long day of fighting ahead.
    2. Sundown, Thistle, Skarphedin, Grolduk, and Lanek are all on this watch, but the conversation is mainly between the Righteous Sundown and the Less So Thistle. They talk about elves, living history (who's history?), having fun, and judging people. There are some interesting points to be brought up so where to start?
      1. Paladin Presumptuousness: Elves drift in and out of history, but humans actually live it! A little self-centered, isn't it? Thankfully Skarp is on this watch and points out the centuries of Dwarven history that don't feature a single human in it, so what's not to say the same about humans? As Thistle points out, the definition of living it is also up for debate because those who don't have fun in life, to her, are definitely not living it.
      2. Paladin Platitudinous: Dancing can lead to things. What things besides fun? Of course, this could hint to some action deemed unacceptable by the Brotherhood Creed, but seriously, who doesn't dance?
      3. Paladin Perception: Their job is to judge and they've never been wrong. Until they are wrong because everyone will be wrong at some point. Maybe instead of hoping you judge someone capable of handling themselves you, you know, help them anyways?
    3. Anyways, that list is good enough (thanks thesaurus!). I think I lost my train of thought after that. Well, point being, maybe Sundown is trying too hard or not hard enough where it matters, Thistle reminds him that there's more to saving people than he believes, and, you know, dancing really is good for you.
  • With three watches down we prepare for Skull Church. Did you know it has this nice moat full of black water around it now? That's not ominous at all! So what to do?
    1. Pick your poison potion and make a plan, of course. Er, but what's the plan?
    2. Find out, as always, on Friday. Or, you know, toss your ideas on over here. See you then!

Quotes of the Night

[Indigo (Lisa)] I just think centipedes got food on their minds
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Do they have minds?
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Don't tell Shi
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] if she thinks they are thinking
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] then she will want some for pets
[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't think Shi thinks she wants everything that thinks

[Sundown (Master)] What is a good gypsy doing with this group?
[Indigo (Lisa)] (someone kill this guy?)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I can tell we're winning over Lisa with our helpful ways)

[Thistle (Carissa)] OH! And if you don't stop telling things to give up evil WHILE you should be freeing someone, I'm gonna be judging you REALLY hard. Got that?
[Sundown (Master)] Freeing who?
[Sundown (Master)] Evil should never be free
[Thistle (Carissa)] Hoffman isn't evil!
[Thistle (Carissa)] He's boring, sure, but that's not evil.

[Master] want you all to have what you need
[Master] when you are swarmed from the front by Zombies the rear by Goblins then the Griffons start dive bombing you
[Master] and the necromancer watches and laughs
[Master] waiting for his moment
[Lisa] meanwhile Branwyn has dimensioned door behind him drinks the globe potion and then polymorphs him permanently into a leech
[Master] grins SEE there is planning
[Lisa] I always have a plan
[Lisa] just a plan I can make in 30 seconds

[Lisa] Ryan what did you want?
Skarphedin (Ryan) shrugs when asked about potions. "I wouldn't want to take away any potions or such that could help another."
[Thistle (Carissa)] hands Skarp a Potion of Enlarged Muscles.
[Thistle (Carissa)] This one looks fun!
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Those are all scams... not, that I know...)

Session: 20200410c

  • This was a night, to put it lightly. Early summary so you can take the time this week to go and read and discuss at that link. Thank you.
  • After everyone who is on Friday picks what potion they want to carry with them, including potions for Tiberius, Sundown, and Omen (do potions work on animals with no ill effects?). Better be prepared than not, right? Yeah. We'll get to that in a moment.
    1. Our first decision: where are we going? to the church? farmhouse? elsewhere?
  • We decide we need to get closer first to see what we're up against. Yes, the moat around the church is full of black water. No we do not know anything other than the color of the liquid which we're calling water at this moment. But before we worry about that...
    1. Skeletons on ridge. I mean, we're expected at this point. We're going to run into things and have things run into us. That includes normal skeletons and three giant skeletons.
    2. The fighters fight, and Brer Nicholas finally gets his chance to turn undead resulting in eight skeletons becoming dust. About time, right?
    3. Note: Turn Undead only affects those not in combat meaning the skeletons around Branwyn and Hoffman were not destroyed as they were in combat. Things to remember for later, yes?
    4. The battle is otherwise mostly uneventful. Giant ants, Tiberius knocking himself out, and lasting only two rounds which is nice. What now?
  • Well we apparently wanted to go to the farmhouse so that is where we end up. What do we see? Direct quotes (with typos fixed) from chat below:
    1. Branwyn notices wings over the church from the nest.
    2. Brer notices that there are no signs of undead around this farmhouse.
    3. Skarp notices that the upper windows of the church have been opened since the last time he was here.
    4. Hoffman can see that the space around the farmhouse has been gone over at least a few times but nothing has been repaired.
    5. Drayven spots a wagon in the barn.
    6. Lanek smells death nearby.
    7. Snee notices a scent of something coming from the direction of the church not death, almost ... lilac?
    8. Brer looks and starts to slowly turn and the entire farmhouse lights up for him as a source of evil intent and actions.
    9. Grolduk spots a small pile of cloth dolls around the side of the house.
  • There are some very important clues just in those few sentences. There are some things that might be worth checking out. There are things we should consider. What do we do?
    1. So naturally, it is decided to set the dolls on fire without even looking at them to see who or what they are. Just... do it. Yeah. Turns to ash so we'll never know now, will we?
    2. Remember how Hoffman noticed the space around the farmhouse having been gone over yet notices no repairs? And that wagon? Also remember how we've been gone for a month so Black Cloak has had time to prepare for us? Anyways, Drayven rushes into the barn with weapons ready. You know what weapons are useless against? Wagon catapults.
    3. He may not be surprised, but that doesn't mean he still isn't hit nor that anyone behind him also isn't run over by the wagon as it flies down the hill. Maybe the scouts Ilero sent with us, that we brought specifically to check for traps, should be going first?
  • A reminder that Howard, Indigo, Tiberius, Skarp, Snee, and Hoffman are the only ones with the group who have been here be before during our "scouting" mission only a month ago so they do know and remember things that were recent. What things? Scroll up to those earlier summaries.
    1. Skarp remembers we burned all the barrels and crates last time, there are a lot more of them back here in the barn.
    2. So do we check them? Let's do a direct BOB quote here, yes?:
"Can I point out to everyone you are going into a space that has been preparing for you to invade them for a month, if you just blunder along like you are doing in the first room we can all roll up new characters next week."
"so far you have found A - a griffon on top of the church watching you, B - the upper windows of the church that nave never been open before open now C - Dark inside an open window so you cannot see what is inside of a room D - a wagon that has launched directly at you when you walked into the barn, E - all the barrels and crates you destroyed last time have been replaced"
  • We can make observation checks but it takes a round to do an observation check. This is something to keep in mind because they will add up and the time we spend simply combing the barn for traps and such will add up. A find trap roll only covers a 10 by 10 area. Checking for magic traps means using magic or a very high level thief (which we do not have).
    1. Lanek sees a row of barrels and crates lined up against the wall and also smells rotting straw in the stables as no horses have been kept here in at least a month or two.
  • As Branwyn points out, do we really need to investigate that barrel? We are allowed to walk away from potential encounters. Some encounters will not happen unless we initiate said encounter. Of course, maybe we risk a later encounter, but not always. So about that barrel...
    1. The barrels are sealed like barrels are normally sealed. There is no cork meaning nothing has been poured out of it so it likely does not contain ale anymore. But it is sealed. What more do we need to know about that?
    2. Is this possible related to the black water moat? How much does it actually matter for us to know?
    3. Anyways, it is decided that we need to open the barrel because reasons so Skarp takes it outside and pries the top off with his axe. Yes, of course there is something inside it that's going to attack us just like the skeleton hands in the crates last time we were here.
  • Grey Ooze. The good news is Skarp made his save and he actually knows about these things from having lived underground.They live off of metal and no spells affect them.
    1. Skarp looses his chain mail armor because again, the ooze eats metal. Change of AC.
    2. Sundown looses his armor which was apparently metal and also have a change of AC.
    3. When a grey ooze has two good meals, it heals itself. Nice to know.
    4. Indigo takes off his armor and tosses his weapons aside to help Skarp punch the ooze.
    5. Hoffman nearly clubs the grey ooze to death in one round, but ends up killing second attack.
    6. Another note that burning the barrels will not work IF they are all full of grey ooze as the fire would not kill them. But again, can they get out of the barrels if we don't open the barrels?
  • Skarp gets new armor, BOB mentions the magical darkness of the window that we have ignored, and we'll pick up here next week.

Quotes of the Night

[Grolduk Groundsearcher (Fritz)] I remember in the pack a vial with a lable...uhm...Oil of Armor...Maybe if we put that on his lordship before a major battle he won't get so "easily" pounded when he has one of his...uhm..."Spells"
[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have done that before. Perhaps we can do that again
[Branwyn (Lisa)] My husband does not like armor
[Snezana (Spring)] but it's an oil
[Snezana (Spring)] so spell it differently and call it an oil of amour
[Snezana (Spring)] you're in love, it'll work

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] (hOFFMAN SAVED bob)
[Master] Yes to Fritz that is why he only took 1 d instead of 2 d
Hoffman (JohnA)] (he rolled half, just lucky)
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] (ahh didn't notice the number of die...)
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] (It's been nice. Hope you find your paradise)
Hoffman (JohnA)] (Pair of Dice, everyone gets that wrong Michael)

[Indigo (Lisa)] That was a really bad barrel
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] If this is the quality of Upland vintages, I will stick with my mushroom wine.

Session: 20200417c

  • Two things to get out of the way first before we get into the summary.
    1. First is making sure you took the time to read the conversation between Branwyn and Brer about the cloth dolls that look just like her children. Take it as you will.
    2. Second is coming to the agreement that after last week if you are getting confused, or are confused by something, or overwhelmed, or anything of that sort, please yell STOP so we can readjust and make sure we're all back on the same page. Good? Good. (This was the point I was trying to get at earlier, and it did make a difference this session so thank you for that).
  • After some option reviewing and voting, we decide to take the main road, create a road, and cross the moat for a frontal assault.
    1. Before we get far, we do make sure everyone is wearing blue again including the two who lost armor. Can't have a griffon stealing Skarp or Sundown away, now can we?
    2. Speaking of the griffon, it continues to ignore us even as we talk to it. Worth seeing if a love potion works on monsters? Not this time.
    3. Also yes the horses are invisible in the barn. Let's hope they survive.
    4. Back to our plan, first we investigate the black water by tossing the ooze filled barrels into it. We drag them up on the wagon, toss them in from a distance and... watch the water clear? To be actually clear, no, the black pudding within became lots of tiny black puddings.
    5. Side note: Branwyn does smell the lilac and believes it's to cover the stench of death although which corpses, we do not know.
    6. Side note: We're dealing with a wizard who pretends to be a priest running a church in an elaborate (or not so elaborate) money laundering scheme. Also note that it seems no one visits until sunset.
  • We pour the potion, create an asphalt road, toss some sticks so the little puddings don't bother us, and make it to the other side. The road crumbles into the moat leaving us with a brown pool of literal filth now between us and the door.
    1. What to do next? Find out on Friday as always. Feel free to add your thoughts on site.
    2. Also apologies for the short, rushed summary. Feel free to add anything I missed as I may or may not come back to this later this week.

* Side note clarification needed: the black ooze is susceptible to fire hence why it is surrounded by water, but there's was still debate about tossing fire into the moat. Did I miss some understanding here? Possibly won't matter until/unless we need to cross again, but something I still don't quite get (as well as the black ooze/grey ooze thing).

Quotes of the Night:

[Ryan] I am leery of going through the front door as BOB, for some reason, has his villains act as people like a brain rather than the XP banks that they actually are.

[Ryan] I always have these great comments, and then I remember that these logs are recorded for posterity, and I have to bite my tongue \\ [Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] (Uhm as you all may have noticed I "never" bite my tongue"...Posterity can kiss my posterior)

[Spring] Snee just doesn't have any sock and awe
[Spring] *shock
[Master] Kenna is more the sock person
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Do you have a sandal? That might work)
[Spring] hahahahaha
[Spring] Kenna is more sock and awwwwww

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] The dirt is very brown today.
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] It is a very sunny day.
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (false! - MIST)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (CO-COMBO BREAKER)

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] (Do we need to re-blue Skarp?)
[Master] boooooo Fritz
[Thistle (Carissa)] (LOL you ruined BOB's plan)
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Did bob just boo someone for being intelligent?
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Hmm technically we also have to reblue Sundown, too, yes?)
[Master] OH man Carissa
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Oh damn there we go thinking)
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Hate that don't we
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (You get blue! And you get blue! And you get blue!)
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Nice to keep the brain cells functioning

Session: 20200424c

  • Better late than never? I'm sure most of you have already seen Player Communication and Out of Character Discussion, but it's being linked anyways for prosperity's sake. And for anyone who did happen to miss both these discussions about this past session.
  • We'll make this shorter than normal, again, but a summary is a summary so where to begin?
    1. First is the very interesting observation from Lisa. Is Black Cloak a vampire? There are some signs that certainly point to that possibility. Then again, seems like all we do is run into vampires so that alone might mean he is one.
  • First goal is to get to the steps of the front door. We already got over the moat. So do we go over the wall or through the questionable brown sludge waiting for us?
    1. Thistle scrambles up, Grolduk not far behind, and secures a rope for others to climb up it. Some use Omen to help boost them up the wall, others climb (or briefly dangle until rescued) up. But you can only hold so many on that thin bit of concrete...
    2. After a successful climb down and over, Grolduck helps set up a zip-line so everyone can reach the stairs without having to get their feet dirty.
    3. Tiberius hates waiting so he convinces Branwyn, Sundown, and Indigo to climb on the other side. They don't have a zip-line down the 22 ft drop, but they do have characters who are able to catch.
    4. If you're Lanek, who doesn't want to waste time, or someone unable to keep your balance (sorry Howard), you end up in the diseased sludge pit. Wasting disease, to be precise, so we'll need to get them healed up at some point.
    5. Does getting everyone over take lots of time? Yes. But do we have fewer diseased player characters? Also yes.
  • Second goal is to open the lock front door which is... locked. Magic or normal unlocking?
    1. Thankfully at least one of our thieves does manage to do so. Why is this a good thing? If Branwyn had magically unlocked it, she'd unlock the mysterious glass case with a girl's skeleton in it which... doesn't seem like a good thing to do at all. So yeah, let's leave that case alone.
    2. We also head a crunch as the doors are opened. What were they? The skeletons of Guiote and Michel, come back to life, only for us to kill them, as a form of torture for poor Ilero - if Ilero was here with us, that is. Still, what sicko does something like that? Black Cloak, clearly.
    3. Side note: The apprentices had been ashes which is why we left them. Apparently that doesn't matter anymore so, you know, being ashes alone doesn't protect you from an evil necromancer, I guess? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, don't leave your dead in a place you can't trust. Or something of that nature. Also, does this mean the skeletons had their original mind and not all reanimated skeletons are immediately mindless? Or is it just for the reaction and the skeletons are mindless now? So many philosophical questions now.
  • Third goal is to decide what to do next now that we've entered the church and blocked the doors. So what do we do?
    1. Er, we're not sure. There are lots of ideas tossed around, and confusion, and all of that. Do we go close the window? Explore the balcony? Check the altar? The alcoves? Block the trap door? Check for traps along the way? So many options.
    2. Not sure it's worth trying to untangle all of that at this point of summary posting so suffice to say, we end up going towards the altar to check the trap door. Which is trapped. Lanek isn't surprised, but he does run into a pew in his haste to back away from the large number of ghoul who come out of... somewhere? Not sure they all popped out of that trap door at the same time. They aren't that small (and we'd have just played whack-a-mole if so).
  • Anyways, this is where we're left with ghouls attacking, players scattered, and plans needing to be decided before we resume, er, tomorrow. See you then!

Quotes of the Night

[Master] and Lanek can make a Save versus poison please
[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!
[Omen (Fritz)] (Like a said...A really shitty move)
[Lanek (Spring)] (poor Lanek)
[Lanek (Spring)] (he thought it was regular sewage)

[Master] the weight of Brer
[Master] is more than one man should bear

Session: 20200501c

  • The goal for tonight is for us to say what we want to do and get feedback rather than just doing things without saying what we're doing. If that makes sense? It'll help things make sense, right? Spoiler alert: yeah, it did.
    1. And the other goal is striking a balance between being reckless and being too cautious and micromanaging. It's very easy to jump from one extreme to the other so it's just a good when someone points that out!
  • We left off with ghouls pouring out of the catacombs, Lanek running into a pew, and everyone deciding what their next move is, but to start, does Lanek get paralyzed?
    1. Yeah, he does. From the ghoul or from the shock of ramming into a pew? No one knows (but technically yes, it was the ghoul).
    2. Side note: A DM Parry means giving up all your attacks, including moving, to get a -4 to your AC which is not the same as an active parry where you wait to see if you're going to get hit (holding attack) and parry if you do without a change to AC (taking a chance so you can have an attack left afterwards). The DM parry also means the ghouls remain available to be turned.
    3. Back to combat after discussions, we decide to see what exactly paladins can do. You know what they can do, especially with good rolls? Remove the majority of the ghouls from the map. The ones not engaged yet in combat, as a reminder.
    4. Things happen, but how much does a play-by-play matter? In the end, Lanek was paralyzed as was Griff, both hurt a bit more than they were before, and the ghouls that were attacking us are now gone through turning, other spells, stabbings, and such - either now dust or back underground. Hurrah!
    5. With so few paralyzed, and still plenty of daylight left, we do wait it out for the paralyzed to become unparalyzed as it only takes 4 rounds (enough time for a ghoul to feast).
    6. Note: did we secure and/or bar the trap door? I'm doing a quick skim right now, and may have missed it, or we just talked about it but forgot to act on it.
    No you did not block the entrance under the altar, no one has gone up on that platform yet - BOB
  • Let's take a look at the ALCOVES next, shall we? Just to make sure nothing that might attack us is hiding there, yes?
    1. We can also take a moment to note here that the ghouls did not smell bad. Why are smells important still? It's more than hiding the stench of just the undead we've encounter. You remember those ghasts in the catacombs? The ones that smell worse than ghouls and can take out elves unlike ghasts? Yeah. Don't forget about those things.
    2. Before we get too far, Indigo does remind us about the glyph at the bottom of the stairs that will zap people, especially priests, and especially lawfully good priests. So, you know, watch your step.
    3. Nothing hiding there that we encounter, and most are empty, except the one that had the Branwyn statue. I mean it is still there, but the head and hands are cut off. When Branwyn cantrips a light for the candles, as we've done in the other spaces to bring to light to the church, it explodes. This message seems much clearer than the others, doesn't it? Fun aside is that this spot in the church does radiate slightly less evil than the rest of the church. Hmm.
  • With that task done, we move to the balcony. With care. With caution. With ghouls waiting.
    1. Hoffman decides he wants to see what it's like to be an elevator. With Brer as his passenger, they levitate up. Meanwhile Talwin and Lanek decide to try their luck with the glyph, and while Lanek isn't zapped, Talwin is although not for high damage. This is when the ghouls attack.
    2. Indigo, Branwyn, and Tiberius also make their way up to help, all of whom have to roll a save to not get zapped, and between all of them and more undead turning, the ghouls are defeated.
  • We end knowing we still have the windows left to close and secure, hopefully to be done with what time Hoffman has left on his levitation potion. And then...?
    1. As always, find out on Friday. See you then!

Quotes of the Night:

[Lisa] Indigo is blocking Bran
[Lisa] and half a pillar
[Carissa] The pillar is... holding you up?

[Spring] (if i back away instead of turning and running, that should stop the partying shots, yet?)
[Spring] (*parting)
[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (I need a partying shot!)
[Spring] (hhahahaha)
[Spring] (i already had one)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Grins weekly
[Master] every week he grins
[Master] like clockwork

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] AFK. I need a stiff drink
[Indigo (Lisa)] (since when did you start drinking Michael :) )
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Since Spring started offering party shots :) )

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Watch, I'll get horrible rolls the rest of the time.
[Indigo (Lisa)] (don't say that - made an Obs roll AND a save! You are on a ... roll)

Session: 20200508c

  • We briefly discuss our next move: explore the balcony, close the windows, check the altar, get some people downstairs and how?
    1. A quick balcony sweep reveals an empty balcony and a nest where the ghouls were sleeping. Ghouls sleep?
    2. Hoffman and Thistle decide to focus on the closing the windows. You know what's surprisingly hard to close from the inside based on how they're constructed? The windows. Something about a trapezoid, 14 ft distance, and more means there's no easy way we can consider for closing them from the inside so they'll remain open unless we're inspired before sunset. Also there's another ghoul nest near the right window, but of the three, it's on Sundown who gets overwhelmed with nausea (without any vomiting, though).
    3. As they look down at the altar, Brer and Branwyn see the debris hasn't been cleared away and two side statues are still not their while the one behind the altar has been fully removed. On it? Grooves cut into it for blood and a dagger covered in silver blood? We'll get back to that.
    4. There is rope for those who want to climb down the balcony to climb down, but concern for the weight of the metal-heavy Brer means he once again employees the Hoffman elevator while he can. Indigo, Tiberius, and Talwin remain on the balcony.
    5. Back to the altar, with Branwyn now back downstairs, after a brief discussion of potential risk-taking with Brer, she removes it (with cloth) after Lanek checks for traps (magic and otherwise) and Brer for evil (no more than anything else). No traps on the door under the altar, either. Hoffman stores the cloth and a few drops of blood into an empty vial while Branwyn puts the dagger in the sheath at her side (while Howard holds her other one).
  • Now with the main body of the church cleared out, time to explore the two rooms behind the altar. The question is: left or right?
    1. We're already on the right side so we go there first. Or at least attempt to do so. It's locked and our two thieves, er, can't pick it. Maybe Hoffman can hack it down? There's no trap on it. We'll think about it as we try the left door.
    2. This one DOES have a trap on it which slices Lanek's fingers. Not off, but it does hurt him to a noticable roll-modifier degree. Trap sprung, we, er, still can't unlock doors. Axe time?
    3. Ax time. Hoffman opens up a hole just enough to reach his hand through to open from the inside. It's not locked from the inside, but it is trapped on that side. Hoffman also suffers some roll-modifying damage. So what's inside this room? Er, a naked woman?
    4. Small note that Brer and Branwyn have a nice little conversation in the meantime. Yay bonding!
  • Yes, there is a naked woman with manacles around her wrist laying on the floor on the far side of the pit. Nothing particularly evil here. Just appears to be a female slave named Emerald kept in typically bad conditions by the (surprise) evil owner.
    1. So is this a trap? It's weird, that's for sure. I doubt I'll capture it all in the summary so it's definitely worth checking the chat if you haven't yet for ideas. Some of those ideas have already been tossed around on Discord, too.
    2. And yes, Brer tricks her with holy water, but she survives the trick so not undead, or not undead of a kind we expect. According to her, she thinks she's been there for about 18 days, does finally tell us she's a mage of transfiguration from a town near Loosend, and somehow knows a word that is connected to Ilero's Secret Book Society thing (something TMO and Lisa can better explain). Also she doesn't know where her books are which are most likely spellbooks.
    3. The big weird is her not being able to hear Thistle unless Thistle is in the room. Does she get annoyed by this thinking it's a nefarious plot? Definitely. Is it a nefarious plot? Well, that we don't know. She didn't hear us banging on the door, she can't hear anything past the doorway, the smoke in the room is normal smoke so that's not an excuse, she could hear Brer when he was next to her so she's not deaf and reading lips, so what is it? Is she being controlled? Magic bubble? Something obvious? And is her shuddering a bit when Thistle yells at her after sticking her head in the doorway somehow a clue (she still doesn't hear Thistle at the time, though)? And the reply to Thistle asking why Emerald wasn't talking to her being that we would know if we work with him which means...? And why does she keep drawing our attention to her chained wrists?
    4. Also the other big weird is her inability to answer questions normally. Is that because of something else? Or just the state of her since she's been imprisoned and probably tortured?
    5. Of course, maybe the Bonus INU Thistle failed was the fact that Emerald also does not trust someone when they've been attacked multiple times. That... er, is actually fair. I suppose it could work both ways, but as everything else has been trapped, is it also a trap to free her?
  • We leave our interrogation with her whispering Athenæum and Brer asking her if she intends to harm us in anyway if we free her (she only shakes her head). So what do we do about her? Knock her unconscious is definitely a good suggestion. Even if she doesn't want to harm us doesn't mean someone else won't force her to do so, right?
    1. Yeah, so toss your ideas somewhere such as here before Friday if you have them. Like maybe she's wearing ear plugs or maybe we (okay Thistle) was being just a little bit... thistly in her questions or or or....
    2. Anyways, lots of questions. See you Friday!

Quotes of the Night

[Master] so technically Hoffman would be a punching bag, you can keep hitting him and he will not move that much
[TMO] tie a rope to his waist and drop the end down the ground floor so they can drag him like a balloon
[Lisa] so better to jump off the balcony, levitate down, get in position for the window and then go up
[JohnA] real trick to see if speed crawling wall will take longer that dropping, running over and going back up
[Lisa] your body your choice

[Lanek (Spring)] well maybe I better pick the lock
[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek: Open Locks check:(d100) [1d100=24] 24 - ROLL FAILED against 15!!
[Thistle (Carissa)] Oh oh! Let me try!
[Thistle (Carissa)] Thistle: Open Locks check:(d100) [1d100=42] 42 - ROLL FAILED against 25!!
[Thistle (Carissa)] I think you jammed it, Lanek...

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (this is the trap I'm guessing)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (nooo not everything is a trap except always)
Hoffman (JohnA)] (could be a trick)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what does she do for him?)
Hoffman (JohnA)] (make us think it is a trap)

Session: 20200515c (Lisa this week)

First, welcome back to Mike LaVella who will be joining us about every other week. He will be playing Phyn Thesis, an adventuring rogue who stumbled into the wrong church at the wrong time. Now he’s stuck with us. Happy to see you back, Mike!

We begin the session with Indigo trying to shut those windows. Tied to a rope and downing a potion of climbing, he scales the wall to the first window. Looking down he notices there is a very long pole with a hook. This is likely the pole that people use to close the windows from the outside (like you’re supposed to). Oh well. Next time. Other than mildly disturbing the griffon, the first window’s shutters close easily.

Indigo scales the next wall, shuts one shutter, but on the last one loses his balance and flies out the window. Good thing Sundown was holding onto the rope. Indigo stops and hangs for a second before he recovers, scrambles back up and closes the last shutter. Windows now closed.

Now that’s done, back to conversations with the naked lady, i.e., Emerald. Brer hammers a piton in one of the links to stop the chain from retracting.

Thistle is understandably worried that Emerald has cast a spell by her uttering the strange word, Athenæum. Will Brer Necholas be turned into a frog, toad or some other reptilian creature? Branwyn assures Thistle it’s not a spell or bad thing. It’s a group. But that’s all she’ll say about that. Must be a secret group. Maybe about a secret book club?

Thistle tries to read Emerald’s palm, but she’d have an easier time if it wasn’t so smoky. Howard dumps some water but it makes it all steamy. We need more water! So as buckets of water hit the sticks and coals, all we get is a nice sauna treatment.

Talwin comes in and pulls the sticks out and the smoke clears. Maybe we should leave the burning coals alone and look to free Emerald. First though, we got to knock her out. Get the spells out of her head. Talwin punches the naked lady as soft and apologetically as he can and puts her to sleep. Thistle tries to pick the lock, but it seems Lanek has jammed yet another lock. Maybe we need a key. Next door we go.

Sundown breaks down the office door with a combination of brute force and self-righteousness. We find … an elf. An elf? How did he get in here? Sundown blocks the doorway so no one gets in or out. So questioning of our guest / friend / intruder happens from the altar area. He’s just passing through apparently. Traps? What traps? After much back and forth he tells the group his name is Phyn Thesis who is an adventurer who is really good at opening things and checking for traps. Thistle politely requests a demonstration by having him get the key from the desk drawer. He does and also slips a journal into his pack.

Thistle finally gets the keys and brings them to Brer who unlocks naked lady. He wraps her up and carries her over to a pew to continue her “rest.”

Brer Necholas then goes into the office to meet and assess Phyn. It turns out this guy is okay, but he’s holding a lot of evil in his bag. Brer gets him to empty his pack which contained a couple of scrolls and the journal from the desk. Sundown takes the journal and steps on it, keeping the evil within it beneath his mighty heel.

As a parting gift, Phyn offers to check and open the chest. Yes, there is a trap. He tries to disable it but alas doesn’t manage to and the two books inside start to go up in flames. Brer takes one and puts it out by hugging it to his plate mail and Branwyn runs in and throws her cloak on the other one. She sees the one she saved is a partially burnt spell book with “Transfig” written on the front. This one must be Emerald’s.

The small fire brings more truth and another book from Phyn. He explains he was on his way to see Ilero and thought grabbing a spell book as a show of his skills would be a good idea. Maybe Phyn could go back with us to see Ilero. Only after he helps us defeat Black Cloak and whatever else is in this place.

So we leave the night with Brer trying to corral all the evil books and scrolls in the room in one place (and try to keep Branwyn from looking at them?? We’ll see how that works out). Sundown with his foot on a journal. Phyn allowed to stay and fight evil with us.

Next week? Look at the books and scrolls maybe and get into position for the incoming Black Cloak. About an hour to sundown (little s).

Quotes of the Night

Brer Necholas (TMO) lays the chain on the ground and steps down on it with one foot to hold it in place, then kneels and pulls out a piton and hammer.
[Thistle (Carissa)] Why'd everyone pack that? Was I supposed to pack that?
[Snezana (Spring)] I did not pack that
Thistle (Carissa) relieved, "Oh good it's not just me."

[Ian] poor naked lady. I feel really bad for her. this is not the rescue she was hoping for
[Talwin (Michael)] Talwin: Attack: Two-Handed Sword: ((13-(d20+2))-3) [1d20=15] -7 [MODIFIED (-3)]. HITS Emerald (AC FINAL: 10)!!!

[Thistle (Carissa)] If I don't believe a naked beat up lady that she's innocent, WHY would I believe you??

Session: 20200522c

  • We're still at the church exploring. TMO isn't in yet so why don't we start with those books?
    1. All of these have already been nicely summed up by Lisa over on Party Pack, but to reiterate the ones we looked at: scroll for cost of moat using goblin slave labor, plans to kidnap the babe with the power (and summon David Bowie), a book full of magic, accounting book for Dragon Fen including vulnerable sites and a disturbing image of Branwyn trapped with a charm spell, a book with a list of the parishioners over the last year with check marks next to names, a book labeled How To Cast Dispel Magic (left on shelf), a beginner's book to necromancy, and the journel that starts with a mention of the Queen of 341 granting the Quellcon Family rights to a stead in the Craniate Wastes.
    2. Provided we're talking 341 SKR, according to the Skull Church Page, that means it was granted between the first and second visit by the Dragonslayers. It was also a year (give or take some months) before the changing of the throne.
  • As we huddle in the office looking at books, the sun is starting to set and voices and noises can be heard. From where??
    1. Well outside, complaining about how someone didn't lock the shutters, and now they have to open the windows again. Must be whoever left their wagon here. Who knows what else they did?
    2. We're given just enough time to position ourselves whether it's hiding or preparing for a confrontation with... Pete and Many?
    3. Howard sets out from his hiding spot to tell them to go away or they'll be killed. Sadly, Howard is not very intimidating, and while the two are confused, Pete starts advancing so Howard kills him.
    4. Wait, what?? Okay, maybe not dead dead, but yeah, he's out in the negatives. Hoffman helps him bind wounds before moving him to the office for Thistle to keep an eye on him. Tie him up? Hoffman says no, but we'll see. So what now?
  • Well Many did run off, hopefully to safety from us and not to tattle, but we did hear that the service will begin soon? Er, what's involved in a service at Skull Church, and really, who goes to a church called Skull Church that looks like it sounds??
    1. Maybe the sign with the X and saying services are cancelled will deter them? We'll find out. What next?
    2. Did we actually jam the trap door behind the altar shut or just talk about it? What about trapping the door to the office for anyone coming in?
    3. Also, who goes where when why how? The thieves are hiding since they're, uh, not really fighters while the casters debate going on the balcony for range shots. The paladins, being unexpected, want to take the route of a surprise attack while the fighters, er, position to fight.
    4. It
  • So yeah, this is a late night summary writing. If you have ideas, thoughts, positions, plans, or whatever, I suggest reading the end of the chat when we go OOC and then go post those thoughts on the page for OOC. Good? Good.
    1. Whatever is coming, we'll have 15 game minutes for our character to decide what they are doing and for us to roleplay out. That's not a lot of time so do come with ideas.
    2. If I have the ambition (and sleep), I'll try to organize that all better, of who is where and what, and post it on OOC. Then again, is this the big boss battle? Well it's "some sort of confrontation" and if you read the fine print on the anticipated next scene, I'm thinking no, but that doesn't mean we should be prepare or that it may not be as bad (or that I'm not wrong).
    3. ANYWAYS we'll leave it there for now. See you on Friday! With plans, right? Right.

Quotes of the Night

[Lisa] but when we take skull church you guys can go crazy with the craniate wastes
[Mike] wastes? they aren't good for anything!
[Carissa] Not with that attitude!

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I've never stolen a person before. I bet it's easy. Get them drunk and tell them you're taking them to a brothel. They won't even fight you!"
[Branwyn (Lisa)] This is my 1 year old son!
[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Oh, well that's super ease. If you're going to do thieving, steal from kids. It's not like they can even stop you."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What is with you paladins stepping on things?
[Thistle (Carissa)] So they can stomp out evil!
[Sundown (Master)] Nods
[Thistle (Carissa)] Right Foot of Righteousness!
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Leaves my hands free to hit something trying to pick it up.
[Branwyn (Lisa)] You both can't stand there all night
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] And I'd like to see a thief try to pick it from my pockets when it's on the floor underneath me.
Hoffman (JohnA)] sounds like a challenge elf
[Thistle (Carissa)] Well you can't pick a pocket when there's nothing in there.
[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Well it isn't in your pockets."
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] That and you put it on the floor in the first place. Why go to all the effort of picking it up?
Hoffman (JohnA)] (Slight of Foot)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Hey bug and ugly, move your foot. It's dangerous."
[Sundown (Master)] I am not ugly, it is not vain to know that you are worthy of being looked upon

[Lisa] so we have a lot of things we can be doing simultaneously
[Carissa] What were the paladins doing? I missed that.
[Lisa] hiding
[TMO] this place does not have many hiding places

Session: 20200529c

  • First a welcome to Lara! She will be playing Emerald, the Transmuter Mage, also known as the naked lady, also known as the kidnapped slave of Black Cloak.
    1. If you are reading this Lara, I suggest looking at 20200508c to get a better sense of why we're not easily trusting of poor Emerald. Feel free to blame BOB! :)
  • So we start with hearing noises at the door. Is it Black Cloak? Is it someone else? What do we do?
    1. We get into our respective positions, Thistle jams that trapdoor by the altar shut, and Hoffman answers the door (by yelling through it).
    2. Clearly we're closed. What more does this mysterious, confused person need to know? SORRY WE ARE CLOSED! The confused individual leaves.
  • As we wait, we try to decide what to do next beyond making sure that door is still locked. Wake up Pete and Emerald? Maybe not yet. Pick a fight with Sundown? Thistle likes that plan. What else is a bored teenager supposed to do?
    1. How about reading the journal after Brer at least manages to get Sundown to stop?
    2. The journal reads like a teenager angry about their parent playing favorites with the child who is not causing problems. Branwyn keeps stealing the Queen's attention and Branwyn is taking away his Wastes and dreams of undead marching across them. Clearly the problem here is Branwyn and not, you know, trying to create an undead army or anything. Yep. But at this moment, only Brer and Thistle have read the journal. Beyond Brer later mentioning about the altar alterations (ha) which was also in the journal, the other information is yet unknown to others.
    3. Before we settle in, we do get some healing for those who come for healing.
  • Well nothing is still happening except nightfall so watches anyone?
    1. Apparently the message wasn't clear earlier during first watch. SORRY WE ARE CLOSED! The door hold without us having to tell whoever it is, but that doesn't mean someone didn't once again try to enter the church. Good job holding them back, Hoffman!
    2. Seriously what don't they understand?? WE. ARE. CLOSED!! Between Indigo and Talwin pushing the pews back in front of the doors again and jamming the key in the lock, the door once again is kept shut, but this time whoever it is isn't just going to walk away.
    3. We tell the mysterious voice through the door SORRY WE ARE CLOSED and when he asks about Pete, we inform him that Pete is currently sleeping. Well Pete better come get them! Whoever them is. And let's hope Pete brought down dinner to The Master or he will NOT be happy. After one more angry pounding at the door, the individual leaves.
    4. If seems by third watch the message is FINALLY clear as no one tries to enter the church again. This gives Branwyn and Tiberius a brief moment to chat, such as about how Branwyn thinks Black Cloak might be a vampire and how Tiberius's mother was a, witch. Wait, was? He hinted at this last Skull Church trip (20190426c), but Branwyn wasn't there to hear it, and as it was an off the cuff remark, like most of his are, it hadn't come back to light until now. Maybe something worth looking into later if for no other reason than to be able to leave The Mist without fear of retaliation now.
  • We make it to morning with new information and new plans to make with that information. So what are those plans?
    1. For one, Emerald is at least awake now! Maybe not feeling good, spell-less and all, but alive. Whereas Pete is still out cold. Dead? It doesn't seem like it...
    2. It also sounds like we're not waiting for Black Cloak, but that he is waiting for us (in a sense). So those catacombs we were wanting to save for later? Looks like it's later! Just a reminder that our last trip through them meant ghasts, rats on fire, and other things I have likely forgotten (or is it repressed memory?).
    3. Just a small handful of others on this trip (Branwyn, Hoffman, and Indigo? I think?) knew about an altar at the end of the catacombs. According to the journal, Black Cloak has been wanting to renovate it (so we all know about an altar existing there now). But renovating it how?
    4. There was much other useful information from the journal, but you know who does probably have useful information? Pete. Maybe now we should finally wake him up.
  • We tie him up for good measure and heal him to wakefulness. Will he answer our questions? Will he actually give us any useful information? Only one way to find out.
    1. As always, see you on Friday!

Quotes of the Night

[Lara] is Bran Black Cloak's daughter?
[Lisa] That would be a really weird twist
[Lisa] Branwyn, I am your father!
[TMO] sorry, but it's not believable. Brer is Branwyn's father

[Spring] it makes sense for the coffin to be there where she died. that's pretty sentimental
[TMO] necromancers: the world's most sentimental class
[JohnA] they never let things go, in a way they are very green
[TMO] they can't bear to part with their loved ones, so they keep them always near. And your loved ones. And the neighbor's loved ones.
[Carissa] Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

[Lara] you say discord, I say concord! you guys did great
[Thistle (Carissa)] *grape
[Thistle (Carissa)] (you meant *grape and if you didn't I am disappointed in you, Lara)
[Lara] wasn't sure if the pun would catch heehee
[Thistle (Carissa)] (puns are always intended, caught or not :) )
[Indigo (Lisa)] (Carissa will always catch a pun)

[Indigo (Lisa)] SORRY WE'RE CLOSED!
[Man in cloak #8 (Master)] Why is the door locked
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] BECAUSE WE ARE CLOSED!
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (Carissa's going to have fun summarizing this one)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Summary: people come to the door but WE'RE CLOSED. Done)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (well now you won't have any more fun)

Session: 20200605c

  • We begin with the return of Skarp (Ryan!)... snoring away. While Tiberius remarks on the different sounds of snoring from dwarves, some of the others discuss their plan for going down into the catacombs after Black Cloak.
    1. Who all is going? What order? When? Who needs healing for that?
    2. While the adults discuss, they leave Thistle alone in the office with Pete to be... tormented by having his ear talked off? Yes, that. Too bad he's gagged, and too bad Thistle is too busy talking to notice why, exactly, Pete isn't answering her questions.
  • Eventually Branwyn finds out Pete is awake, Phyn at some point snuck back into the office, and Emerald is curious about one of the accomplices of her kidnapping. So with the gag now removed, does Pete have anything useful to say?
    1. He claims the food he brought was to be giving to Emerald, he's more focused on wanting to preserve the structure of the church, he does refer to Branwyn as Saint Branwyn, he did hire the overseers for the goblin slave labor, he claims the traps were mostly to protect the church from the Brotherhood (but also Branwyn), he's glad we didn't mess with the shrine for reasons (the daughter who will somehow be honored for her sacrifice), he claims the priests of Kiputytto who make the pilgrimage to the church are not kill, but there are occasionally offerings, that the dagger with silver blood was indeed a curse and a test (what curse, we don't know), he claims the real treasure is in these walls because he's actually an architect, he doesn't think anyone else is being held captive, he doesn't want to be undead, he has a wife and daughter, and he may (or may not) be willing to work for Hoffman. After we kill his current master, of course. Now as to his relationship to Black Cloak? Still unknown as he doesn't finish his sentence...
    2. After we give Pete some requests, and a little bit of good faith, we let him go with hopes that he's true to his word, will let his wife know he'll be busy for three days, and will return to instead keep others away for three days. Guess we'll find out, won't we?
    3. Meanwhile this is all still very hard on Emerald. Just because Pete wasn't the one beating her, and brought her food, doesn't mean he's a good guy. Was it right to let him go? He's not innocent in the matter of her kidnapping. At least Hoffman, Snee, and Brer are there to try to offer her some support, and Indigo to give her some more clothing. And yes, we do let her have her spellbook back, and allow her time to at least memorize a few before we move on.
  • Now that that's settled, back to the discussion about the catacombs. Who's on first? What's on second??
    1. The attempts to leave some behind does not work (in part because it's not a short trip and we don't want to leave players without anyone to play for however many sessions). But, that said, we're not tossing the weaklings, the injured, and the non-fighters up front. That's what Paladins are for, right?
    2. And a good choice that ends up being as ghouls show up almost the minute we're underground only to bounce off Brer without a scratch to show for it. The ones not sliced and diced are instead turned to dust by the end.
  • After a little clean up by Indigo to let the line of people continue moving through the currently narrow corridor, we stop here for the night. What awaits us? More rats on fire? An army of ghasts? Black Cloak on his way upstairs to find out where his dinner is?
    1. As always, find out on Friday. See you then!

Quotes of the Night

[Lisa] Hi Ryan!! :)
[Lara] I think I forgot to eat
[Ryan] Eat... Ryan?
[Ryan] Do you have a thing for Korean BBQ?
[Lara] um. no eating people on the first date
[Lara] only if I’m in Toronto
[JohnA] what date is appropriate?
[Lara] can't get good Korean BBQ here in SoFla
[Spring] April 23
[Spring] not too hot, not too cold
[Master] and I think that was a whole Quote block Carissa
[Master] of food and dates
[Master] pun always intended
[Master] don't eat the dates
[Lara] the third, of course!
[Carissa] You can palm a few
[Lara] yes, I can fit many dates into one hand.
[Ryan] Mmm... suddenly hungry for dates

[Ryan (to Carissa only)] We were going to fight Red cloak, I think? In the skull castle

[Thistle (Carissa)] Why do you need a specific place to worship? Can't all of this be a shrine?
[Pete (Master)] This is a cathedral
[Thistle (Carissa)] Huh that's a new one but okay...
Pete (Master) looking at you dumbfounded
[Thistle (Carissa)] So what's the shrine? The statue or the skeleton?
[Thistle (Carissa)] The only shrine I know is full of trophy kills. But this doesn't look the same.
[Thistle (Carissa)] It's not a c...catrhedrool either.
[Master] (does anyone get it?)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes - the glass case)
[Master] just making sure
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (like a catrhedrool)

Session: 20200612c

  • We begin our descent into the dusty, cramped, damp, smelly, stone catacombs. All right, to be fair, some catacombs are in good condition (maybe for us tourists?), but I doubt these are anything similar to those so we'lll stick with a dim picture of them.
    1. Yes, technically we were in here last week, but seeing how Brer got attacked by ghouls, and half of us were still stuck on the stairs, we've now officially ALL entered the catacombs.
    2. Emerald would at least appreciate some shoes, if possible? Good news, Thistle hates wearing shoes. Hard to dance in them, sneak by, all that fun stuff. Thankfully, her shoes fit Emerald well enough that she hands them off without thought to replace her own with simple leather straps. Everyone happy?
    3. Snee and Foto have a priestly talk about priestly things and spells that may or may be helpful, especially next week if all goes to plan (so far, it does not). A bit of chant with recitation mayhaps? A consideration for later.
    4. By the way, do you know Emerald speaks goblin? This is very useful information, especially for Hoffman, as we'll have to deal with goblins after Black Cloak. We'll file that information away for later.
    5. We also clarify that Finny does not use a bow, Howard no longer smells (cantrip), and that, due to the possibility of being dragged into a coffin, we will not be checking them.
    6. There is also some brief talking between Emerald and Branwyn about why Emerald was on her way to Dragon Fen, anyways. Did you know Branwyn has a fantastic library? Who wouldn't want to go see it? At least that's cleared up.
    7. And yes, technically some of this chitter chatter is after the next fight, but I'm putting it here in the summary because I can. So I will. And I did.
  • It's not like we need to go looking for trouble as Lanek stumbles right into a Wight. You know, the level sucking kind of wight. It ain't wight, we know. Poor guy screams like a girl and passes out from shock.
    1. Brer gets a level drain, too (only one versus Lanek's two), but between him, Indigo, and the agitated Tiberus, the wight dies before it can do more damage to anyone. Damn wight.
    2. Unfortunately, there are only two ways to get those levels back: normal leveling or a restoration spell within the next two weeks. The last one sounds good, but it won't come cheap as a 7th level spell, but we'll worry about that later.
  • After some adjustments, we continue down the catacombs with some slight shifting of line as it's still narrow, but not too much. With Tiberius and Sundown demanding the other one go first in the back, Brer still leads as we come upon one too many skeletons clattering down the hallway after us.
    1. Sadly, that level drain means Brer has one less dice to roll to Turn Undead. Maybe he does need that spell help depending how long it'll take him to level up again...
    2. But still, between him, Indigo, Branywn, Hoffman, and a boost by Snee, they're also taken care of with little worth mentioning.
  • With the clattering noise stopped, we hear... a gurgling sound? Do we mean gurgling like the sound of a water coming up through the rocks? Or do we mean gurgling sound as in some giant, creepy undead of some sort waiting for us?
    1. You already know the answer which is we'll find out next week! See you then!

Quotes of the Night

[Master] and then when morning came descended into the Catacombs
[Mike] I was hoping you'd get them done last week. I am not looking forward to being down here.
[Master] if everything works out in your favor
[Master] you get through 75% of them tonight

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Sundown do you think we should open it up just in case?
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Now that they are gone?
Sundown (Master) DROPS his polearm to block Tiberius
[Sundown (Master) (to Lara only)] but yes if you look at previous ones people post things
[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I like you, mister. Him, not so much. Does he actually take orders from anyone?"
[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "All he seems to do is stop people from going where they want to go."
[Master] Both Sundown and Tiberius look at Phyn and say "Thank you"?

[Master] so everyone understands, if the skeletons went now, or someone were to attack Brer he does not get the shield bonus now because he used it in the attack
[Master] like making the haymaker punch and leaving your ribs open
Hoffman (JohnA)] (what is this thing called Shield?)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (also called 'flat club')
[Master] hard blanket
[Master] arrow catcher
[Master] medusa mirror
Hoffman (JohnA)] (that is what Brer is?)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (frisbee?)

[Master] and that is where we end tonight
[Master] about 1/3 of the way along the catacombs

Session: 20200619c

  • With the fighters up front already having taken a slight beating, Talwin offers to take the lead. Not without a bit of flirting between him and Emerald, mind you, but to the front he goes after a slight delay and shoving some people unceremoniously out of the way.
    1. Talwin then learns the hard way why Brer was leading. Is it because Brer likes to lead? Don't know, but we do know he's mostly immune to paralysis which is very important with fighting ghouls.
    2. After one paralysis too many, Talwin's prone form is pulled out of the way for Brer to finish up. At least it was in a kinder manner getting him out of the way.
    3. Wait, no. He also took an axe to the head so, you know, quid pro quo? Lanek doesn't take as nicely to being shoved out of the way, I suppose.
    4. Can we also talk about Tiberius hacking at the dead ghouls? Is it because he wants to make sure they're fully dead and won't come back to kill us?
  • There are other things besides ghouls and wights down here like black pudding and a mysterious man stand on top a coffin holding something and yelling to us for help.
    1. Let's get to the black pudding first. It's on the ceiling. It doesn't like fire. It does like eating organic matter like Hoffman's Club and Hoffman.
    2. Poor Hoffman is pulled out of harm's way before he can be consumed while we try to figure out how to kill things with fire on the ceiling. Also yes, you can accidentally split it up so we're now up to three puddings we need to kill.
    3. It takes a combination of magic missiles (good), Foto's fire spell plus oil (good), and manyjaws (less good, but made them too small to hurt).
    4. With the pudding threat gone, we meet Harry. But what is Harry doing on a coffin? Why didn't the ghouls attack earlier (because the pudding is now gone?)? What is Harry holding? Will Branwyn kill him??
  • Who knows. We certainly don't and won't until Friday. See you then.

Quotes of the Night

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (actually I don't think Brer has light. Think it is his paladin aroma)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (errr area of effect)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (no no aroma was correct)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "The hissing and gurgling reminds me of an acid trap I ran into once. Self reloading. Clever."
[Thistle (Carissa)] Ohh that explains your face!

Branwyn (Lisa)] (is she close enough to cantrip?)
Hoffman (JohnA)] (CANRIP!?)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Can rip the cantrip!)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (remember, it's not a cantrip, it's a CANrip!)

Spring] (okay, if Snee casts resist acid/corrosion, she gets only half damage for touching the thing)
[Spring] (if she touches the thing, she can cast cause disease and give it something fatal)
[Snezana (Spring)] (oh, Cause Disease is way too slow, it'll take months, nvm)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (do it, we can come back later)

Session: 20200626c

  • We start with Harry asking who we are, but more important, who is he??
    1. Apparently he's just one of the church goers who brings Black Cloak his food. He, er, probably has been stuck here after we rigged the door shut earlier.
    2. And that basket he's holding? It makes the "guardians" ignore him. You know what it doesn't do? Make black pudding ignore him so when a ghoul knocked open a coffin and the pudding came out, what was he to do but cower in fear?
    3. Eventually his awe of Branwyn, and religious companionship with Brer, convinces him we mean no harm, to give us the basket, and leave this place. With Indigo escorting him, of course.
    4. Also someone flies. Who? We don't know yet, but we're guaranteed to eventually find out.
    5. And yes, a note added by request of Michael, that praying does indeed do something and the gods of this world need the faithful for the sack of their existence.
    6. There is some fun chatter in the background by the others while the Harry conversation is going on, but you can go read that on your own time.
    7. Indigo returning does have some drama as Sundown is too clouded by judgement to judge if Indigo is really Indigo and not someone else. Thank goodness Brer is there to set him straight, but is this a first? Are there others he didn't believe and what did he do when he didn't believe them...?
  • Next obstacle is the stone wall. Branwyn barely manages to not get squashed, but when Lanek tries to rig the trap so others can pass? Falls right on his now useless left leg.
    1. We did, after some tense moments, at least find the lever in the coffin so we're able to free his leg pretty easily. We also thankfully have a priest who can currently cast Repair Injury so Lanek is able to use his leg again. Good, right? Right.
  • The next section gives us one of our favorites to fight again: a wight. Yeah.
    1. Tiberius gets to experience the level drain this time which sucks, but at least no one else? And Brer is able to turn undead quick enough causing the wight to whimper and go hide back in its coffin. Which we make sure cannot be opened again.
    2. Emerald also does get to do her first bit of cantrip and make a piton so that's also nice.
  • We leave at what looks to be a dead-end, but thankfully Branwyn remembers there's a secret door....somewhere? Guess we'll wait until next session to find it!
    1. But maybe we should be prepared before that? So yes, please go click that link and add your thoughts, thanks!

Quotes of the Night

[Master] Michael Carissa needs those sheep first
[Master] to count to sleep
[Carissa] Umm, well.... I don't normally deal with living ones. Are dead okay?
[Michael-14198] LOL. She can be sleepless one night so I don't get sacrificed.
[Master] if Carissa likes counting dead sheep who I am to say otherwise

TMO] grandpa had a headache
[Michael-14198] You have grandkids? You aren' that old

[Snezana (Spring)] (btw starving)
[Snezana (Spring)] (ordered Chinese during the birds and bees talk)

[Master] man did Thistle bring anything?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sundown?)
[Lanek (Spring)] (not any good for torches tho)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he's a torch and pitchfork kinda guy)

Session: 20200703c

  • We spend a good portion of the beginning making plans. We're potentially facing off with Black Cloak tonight and sometimes planning is good (but only for Fridays). You saw the link last week? Anyways, with plan in place...
    1. ...and a successful knowledge check by Hoffman meaning we find the secret door...
    2. ...and with us ready for the potential sudden fireball into our midst...
    3. It's a scarecrow. A frightful, fear-inducing scarecrow. Does it have a brain?
  • Okay, no, but really, poor Hoffman is paralyzed by fear. Then Brer. Then Indigo.
    1. We, uh, we don't need to really linger on how well (or not) we do on killing the scarecrow. Really. Details aren't important because in the end we still overcome it! That's all that matters, right?
    2. And we do have Tiberius to thank for that. He may not have brains (either), but he certainly knows how to use his head.
    3. And in our defense, which will matter coming up, it's still tight quarters it's hard for anyone to do too much, especially when their way is blocked. Our assortment of (good) ranged fighters is... well, it could be better this trip.
  • What's next? More wight because everyone loves wights, wight? Wight.
    1. But not really. Did you know wights really, really hate paladins? Yeah. Another level drain for Brer, their eyes on Sundown next. Tight quarters still causing problems so what to do?
    2. Well it's time to expend some spells, which is probably what Black Cloak wants, but also unavoidable at this point. You know what might help? Fighting undead with monsters. Bugbears, specifically, conjured by Branwyn.
    3. And you thought it was tight quarters earlier?? Anyways, they do act as a shield of sort, and they force the wights to fight them, and while both get level drained, that just means they disappear, not turned into wights, so yay for us.
    4. Mind you, Tiberius knocked himself out trying to fight, but we'll worry about him later.
  • Fight over, Talwin hears... cursing, scrambling, and then a slight pop? Time to rush on through the catacombs! What could go wrong?
    1. Many things which is why many other rush after him. If there's a person causing all this, we need to catch up to them before they disappear.
    2. Reaching some stairs, Branwyn hears...water and crackling of flame like candles? Nothing that sounds like a person...
  • And this is a good place to stop for the night. Will we finally run into Black Cloak next week? Will he cast or will he talk? Or, you know, both or neither? Who knows.
    1. See you on Friday.

Quotes of the Night

[Master] Wight #22: Damage v SM: Bite: (1d6) [1d6=4] 4 added to: Brer Necholas
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (gd)
[Master] Paladins make them much more angry
[Thistle (Carissa)] (so wouldn't it go after Sundown because he makes us all angry...)

[JohnA] going to chat it to death
[Bugbear #4 (Lisa)] (if only we could inflict chat damage!)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (pardon me, have you heard the benefits of Xenu?)
[JohnA] (hoffman plans on painting doors , maybe wight? )

Session: 20200710c

So everyone is here and ready for the big showdown. We have two groups going now.

The Corridor Group: Howard, Hoffman, Tiberius, Thistle, Phyn and Griff.

The Chamber Group: Emerald, Brer, Sundown, Indigo, Branwyn, Skarp, Foto , and Talwin

All of this below is happening simultaneously, but I broke it apart to show what was happening in each area.

Chamber Group: Lots o’ ghoul fighting with some other stuff in between

Talwin takes the lead and heads down the left side of the staircase. A very large fire is moving around burning books and papers. Branwyn decides it might be nicer to go down the staircase without the fire so she goes to the other side and runs into a dozen ghouls.

A few of the ghouls start to come up the stairs to attack those higher up the stairs (almost exclusively Brer since he is extraordinarily offensive to ghoul sensibilities) and the fighting begins.

Snee decides to enlist the help of the local insects, making them very large and willing to do her bidding. She casts but much to her dismay, the chamber is surprisingly bug free. Oh well, it was a nice thought.

Talwin starts to notice the large sarcophagus beginning to open and an arm comes out to wave hello. The fire is burning desks (who puts a desk in front of a sarcophagus?) and books as well. He goes down the stairs to take a closer look, but ultimately decides fighting ghouls is a much more pleasant prospect and goes over to help the others. Especially after he notices that nice pool at the bottom of the stairs is full of grey ooze instead of water.

Note Talwin thought he saw movement and did see an arm outside of the sarcophagus but there is not confirmation of the lid or arm in action

Skarp takes the fighting down the staircase and gets paralyzed by a ghoul. Branwyn wraps herself around Skarp while holding the basket to keep the ghouls from eating him.

Howard casts a mass of glittery dust over the center of the fire to smother the flames and extinguish it.

Meanwhile, during the ghoul fight Sundown gets paralyzed shortly followed by Brer Necholas.

The rest of the group kills the remaining ghouls and can finally take a breath and look around. That will start next week.

Corridor Group:

This group discusses who is watching whose rear, while Howard wakes Branadarus by dousing him with water. Should they go into the large chamber and help with the fighting? Nah! Too much yelling down there.

Suddenly three giant fleas leap off of Griff! How did that happen? Everyone pretty much notices but ignores the fleas except Griff who spends the afternoon’s combat biting their heads off.

Howard decides he’d rather take his chances in the big room and ditches the Corridor Group.

Suddenly a man in a Black Cloak appears. Quick thinking Thistle throws a dagger at him and tells him to go away. Hoffman throws himself at him but doesn’t manage to get a grip on the slippery black cloak. Tiberius shoves Thistle out of the way and heavily wounds Black Cloak with his sword.

Black Cloak and Thistle both damn each other and then Black Cloak takes off down the corridor. Hoffman follows, unaware that Black Cloak must have flipped open a coffin lid because suddenly a wight appears. The wight hits Hoffman twice. Hoffman ignores the wight and kills the man in the Black Cloak. Tiberius heavily wounds the wight but cannot kill it all at once, so the wight is able to turn back at Hoffman and hit him two more times. Together Hoffman and Tiberius kill the wight.

Is it the real Black Cloak that got killed or just another guy in a Black Cloak? No one in the corridor knows. We’ll have to see next week.

Quotes of the Night

[Spring] (well I can move I guess)
[Spring] Snezana moved 28'11".
[Thistle (Carissa)] (The ghouls don't see Branwyn but they might see you now, but I couldn't type fast enough)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Food for thought, anyways)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (food for ghouls)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Ehh, pedantics)

[Mike] this is the most deadly dungeon in dragonslayer history
[Mike] fireball them all and let the gods sort them out

[Man in cloak (Master)] Damn YOU!
[Thistle (Carissa)] No Damn YOU!

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Paralysis Immunity: (1d100) [1d100=99] 99 95% Immunity to Paralysis.
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (it finally came up!)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (had to happen eventually)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (right but you had... 90 more times before it should have happened)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (95% is 1 in 20 chance of failing. I've been hit more than 19 times, I bet)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (ehh I was rough-timating)
[Thistle (Carissa)] (which is like estimating but badly)

Session: 20200717c

Skarp, Brer, and Sundown are still paralyzed from being touched by ghouls.

Hoffman and Tiberius need rest after killing the Man in the Cloak. Thistle checks the body. Lil' puddings are about and extinguished with a torch. Hoffman carries dead Man in Cloak's body and keeps it with him as if guarding it with his life. The Corridor group opens the door and joins the rest of the secret section group. Thistle yells out to the other adventurers but is too far away for them to hear her.

Branwyn and Talwin are with Skarp, Brer, and Sundown in the secret section, on the first landing, when the paralysis wears off. Thistle is still checking out the dead Man in Cloak and jokes that she should tell his fortune. Oh, right---he's dead. Or is he...?

Talwin and Brer head to main floor. Phyn, Emerald, and Howard are already there. Brer sees the sarcophagus, determines there is no evil intent, and realizes it is a holy Suomi relic containing Tiera, Ilero's patron. There are four small blocks holding the lid up, allowing an arm to stick out. There is discussion about putting the arm back in its rightful place and closing the lid. No one present can perform the proper ceremony to re-consecrate. Howard states when the Kiputytto people return, they can perform the ceremony. Brer begins to pray. (And pray. And pray. And pray.) Phyn believes there are treasures with the body. He wants to look and loot. Talwin explains that looting the sarcophagus, that contains a dead patron of Ilero, might be a bad idea.

Thistle finds Branwyn and tells her, quite animatedly, about the showdown and that a man in a black cloak is dead. Sundown is cutting the heads off of ghouls and piling up their bodies. Branwyn follows Thistle to see the man-in- black-cloak's dead body. She is shocked at her fellows' injuries and ensures them that she will put them in healing dream. Foto cures some of Hoffman's moderate wounds.

Phyn decides to look in the sarcophagus. He sees many nice things but decides he can't use any of it. He expresses the stupidity of burying the dead with such valuable things. He pokes the dead patron's arm, making fun, while Talwin and Emerald admonish him. Brer feels a disturbance after the poke.

The Master reveals that the dead man is, in fact, Black Cloak who has a ring on, pocketed items, and a wand. Branwyn laments. She wanted to hurt him before he died.

Phyn moves on from the sarcophagus to the work table where he can see there is paper, a set of ink bottles, and writing quills. Emerald joins Phyn to investigate the work table. Brer finishes praying. He requests to speak with Phyn. They bicker. Phyn leaves in a huff. Talwin is busy making a small cairn in front of the sarcophagus candles.

Talwin and Brer head up to join Branwyn, Thistle and the others. Emerald follows them after burning herself on one of the work table quills. The quills were used for necromantic spells, which Emerald is allergic to. Emerald asks Sundown to get her dagger from the pile of dead bodies. Sundown indicates there are plans to burn the bodies. Indigo and Sundown discuss the chopping of the heads and someone throws a dead ghoul's head into the ooze.

The group heads back down and joins Howard by the sarcophagus. There is discussion about Talwin's indiscriminate cairn pile. Branwyn expresses gratitude that it didn't summon anything by accident. Group visits the work table. Emerald relays the burning story and Phyn's observations. Branwyn drops the quills into the ooze. She asks Tiberius to bring the packs and the potion chest. She states that she will take responsibility for returning Black Cloak's body to his Quelcon family.

The group seeks a way out via secret door. Griff intends on relieving himself on one of the pillars. Emerald touches each of the eight pilths to see if they trigger the opening of a secret door and is unsuccessful.

Quotes of the Night

[Thistle (Carissa)] Look! We killed him!
[Thistle (Carissa)] Umm... hopefully he's a bad guy.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Tiera...Any idea who that is Howard?"
[JohnA] (just one name, like Cher)

[Emerald (Lara)] "Sundown, would you be willing to get my dagger out of the pile of dead ghouls?"
[Sundown (Master)] What?
[Sundown (Master)] You left a dagger in there?
[Sundown (Master)] Do you know which one?
[Emerald (Lara)] "yes, um...#22"

Session: 20200724c

Branwyn and Howard sift through the ashes cause by the earlier fire elemental and find nothing of value. Thistle implores Lanek to open the drawers of the desk that has the dangerous ink and quills. They banter. Branwyn joins them and floats the dangerous ink bottle into the ooze. The ink bottle dissolves. Branwyn unlocks the desk drawers. Inside there are 12 quills for writing spells, 2 bottles of ink suitable for spells, a wand, a smelly box and a bag of dust. Emerald takes four of the quills (and forgets to grab any ink).

Snezana heals the wounded: Emerald, Lanek, and Brer. Branwyn invites Thistle to open the smelly box. It has guano inside. There's a discussion if the group should keep the smelly box. Thistle brings Snezana up to date on the fleas that appeared during the showdown.

Branwyn opens one of the pouches and finds diamond dust. Emerald searches the rest of the pouches and there is nothing else of value. Brer determines that the wand is not evil so the group will keep it and later determine its use. Indigo successfully retrieves Emerald's dagger from the pile of dead ghouls.

Another discussion ensues about whether or not to put the arm back in the sarcophagus. The decision, again, is to leave it alone. Howard calculates the angle and distance for fireballing the room but not the dais. Brer hypothesizes about where Black Cloak stayed, ate, and worked.

Emerald looks around all of the pillars and finds nothing of importance. Thistle is staring at the sarcophagus so Emerald sneaks up and teasingly spooks her. Branwyn orders everyone upstairs so she can fireball the room. Fireball is successful and does not disturb the sarcophagus or its inhabitant.

Branwyn suggests Emerald mark the location of all the doors leading out the current room. Emerald turns the pool water into red wine and uses it to mark the doors. Banter starts around the topic of eating raw meat and vampires. Emerald urges Thistle to chew peppermint to "make her teeth sharper." Brer's eye patch itches him throughout the night (minor correction: it's not wearing it for too long that bothers him).

Indigo piles scarecrow scraps on the dead wights and Emerald burns them. Brer admits that when he usually fights he must scramble afterwards. He and Indigo chat about this. Brer teaches Emerald about marshmallows and Thistle comments. Thistle discovers that "everyone is SO old" (Brer especially) and eventually chews the peppermint. Snezana cures the moderate wounds of Brer, Skarphedin, and Talwin.

There's a third (short) discussion on closing the sarcophagus and putting the arm back. Again, the group decides against it and heads back up to the catacombs. Brer and Tiberius begin to slowly lead the group back through the catacombs. They read and catalog the names on each crypt as well as identify which ones are empty.

Session: 20200731c

  • Before we can rest for the night, we should double-check that seal coffin, right? Make sure it's really sealed? Like really, really sealed? No one wants anymore boogiemen coming after us.
    1. This is what dwarves are for, yes? Skarp goes to check the coffin for the others, gives is a good lick, and determines that yes, yes it is sealed, and sealed tight, with magic. We don't need to worry about anything opening it from the inside. Not like anyone opened it from the outside.
    2. This disturbs Skarp because who'd treat their dead in such a way? But it does make everyone feel better that they can maybe rest easy tonight.
  • Done with coffins for the moment, the group makes their way back to the main room with everyone else where a few things still need to be figured out.
    1. Black Cloak's body will, unfortunately, not be burned (something something politics), but, er, no one wants it near them so we'll just set it over in that corner for now.
    2. We get some food, get some healing, and decided who's going to be on which watch. Griff decides to poke his nose at all the watches, but that's his business.
    3. First watch is some conversation between Branwyn, Emerald, and Brer. Branwyn learns more about Emerald and her life as an orphanage and her orphanage, Branwyn gets to tell at least someone her original plan with how exactly she wanted to handle Black Cloak, they discuss some the future of Hoffman and Skull Church, and end the night with talk about Red Dragons.
    4. Second watch brings us Hoffman, Indigo, and Skarphedin where the dwarf criticizes the lousy human stonework, they ponder if the dwarf seen here last time was actually Black Cloak, Hoffman considers some of what he can and cannot do with the church, and Indigo offers that this could be Hoffman's Hand of Fate.
    5. Third watch comes with Thistle, Uncle Foto, Sundown, and Talwin with a grouchy sleepy teenager who only wanted to gossip, Talwin wanting to discuss philosophy with Foto, a debate about good versus evil with the other brother having some firm opinions, and ending with trying to define love before Thistle tells everyone about the latest romance novel she read.
  • Well we all survived watches (physically) so let's get back to!.... coffins. Yes it's a bit boring, but it needs to be done, doesn't it? At least so we know we can be safe doing back and forth through that passage back to the church.
    1. But before we do, we put the still severely wounded into a healing dream. What do paladins (paladin-in-training? whatever Sundown is) dream about? Who knows, but we do get a wonderful glimpse at what Hoffman dreams about (highly recommend you click that link).
    2. While those two dream off their wounds, we continue amongst the coffins only to find a slightly bigger black pudding eating a dead wight. Lovely. Thankfully it is still small enough for Howard to zap away with some simple magic. So that's three puddings down, seven more to go, I believe? Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  • And with that, we leave if off here for the night with dreams of puddings and coffins awaiting us for next time. See you Friday!

Quotes of the Night

[Master] How are things there for you Ryan?
[Master] does the state feel empty without Spring?
[Ryan] Every day begins and ends with weeping in this desolate wasteland
[TMO] oh, you're in Texas too?
[Ryan] Close. Utah is Texas' obnoxious younger sibling.

[Indigo (Lisa)] So wanna call it a day with the coffins? We did a whole row!
[Thistle (Carissa)] Yeah! Can we eat?
[Thistle (Carissa)] You know, something besides stones?
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] There are plenty of coffins if you would prefer that instead.
[Thistle (Carissa)] I can hear grandma now: "If you try to eat another coffin, you'll end up in one, girl!"

[Sundown (Master)] Somethings just Are, they are not Good or Evil
[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] it is what you do with it that makes YOU good or evil
[Thistle (Carissa)] Didn't I say that? Love is love!
Sundown (Master) nods in agreement with Foto
[Thistle (Carissa)] Maybe I should lend you both some of my books. You need to read more.
[Thistle (Carissa)] OH! I just finished one where the guy was running a inn and this lady travel shows up, right? And thennnn....
Thistle (Carissa) babbles on about some goofy cliché love story that I'm too tired to write out
Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA) fains interest, trying to figure out why she is telling him this

[Lisa] or one of these days we will bring the stupid magical hinges and make our own door
[Lisa] the handy magic item we never bring anywhere
[Carissa] Oh the doors it could open for us....

[Ryan] It would be nice if each session summary for the rest of the year went: "We looked at some more coffins. We found nothing."

Session: 20200807c

  • Quick housekeeping: if you have some fun Suomi (Finnish) inspired names for the crypts, let TMO know on Discord. If you have opinions on what you want to do next, Bob asks for you to voice them over here.
  • After some mage talk, we resume our coffin examination. The good news? Nothing really in them, or at least, nothing undead to come kill us in them.
    1. We find another small pudding that we easily burn to pieces.
    2. We find ghoul parts that we easily burn to pieces.
    3. We find a putrid mess of three recently dead bodies. There is a little more excitement as two puddings drop from the ceiling into the newly opened food buffet. We burn these with only slightly more difficulty.
    4. We find a storage coffin full of grease and brushes. What, you don't store your household cleaning supplies in a coffin??
    5. We find our way blocked by the stone wall once again. With some logic and some hints, we discover it drops depending on movement (which we broke by not letting Henry out this way first). After Branwyn does a quick dimension door to the other side, she pulls the lever and lets the rest of the party through. We should probably get rid of it all together, right? That's the goal for next week with Foto already ready to just shape it out of the way and be done with it.
    6. We find nothing worth mentioning for the other coffins, but that does get us quickly through and done with with them (open ones were empty, closed are sealed).
  • So what awaits us next time? Did Emerald's attempt to unlock the stone wall accidentally unlock things that were better left locked?
    1. We'll find out. See you Friday!

Quotes of the Night

[Master] Left Right Left right Left right left
[Master] I don't know but I've been told
[Master] Count Drakes plates are gold
[Master] Left Right Left Right Left right Left
[Carissa] (you need another word in there for that to work)
[TMO] (made of)
[Master] Count drakes plates are made of gold
[Carissa] (better)
[Carissa] (not great, though)
[Master] Let me know when you get home
[Master] I'll make sure to hide the gnome
[Master] Left right Left Right Left right Left
[Master] and Quote for Carissa
[Carissa] (Are you sure? I'm questioning your drill sergeant skills here)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (Penelope's rowing cheers were better)

Thistle (Carissa) whispers, "Psst, Howard, did you just fart??"
Howard Plum (Lisa) bristles "Of course not!"
Thistle (Carissa) clearly doesn't believe him, "Uh huh. Okay..."
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thistle, can you please mark this coffin so we can remove these bodies?
Thistle (Carissa) holds nose as she walks past Howard, nodding
[Emerald (Lara)] (does NO one smell the honeysuckle in the air? lol)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Howard's farts smell of honeysuckle)

[Master] Think higher level concepts, who would do what and why with that grease
[Lanek (Spring)] (when two people love each other very much...)

Session: 20200814c

  • Before we get back to the never-ending coffins, we need to take care of that stone trap.
    1. Lots of architecture talk, confusion, misinterpretation, maths, blah blah, until we get a successful engineering roll from Talwin that lets us skip all those maddening little details.
    2. In short, it's shaped into some shape that no longer will threaten us.
  • Some more talking and such then back to those damnable coffins.
    1. We find an old dagger that will need to be identified later.
    2. We find a resealed coffin which we open to reveal a staked vampire. Brer kills him for good. Branwyn takes some vampire dust.
    3. We find ghoul bits to add to the to-be burned pile.
    4. We find a dead wight to add to the to-be burned pile.
    5. We find a living undead ghoul which we kill and add to the to-be-burned pile.
    6. Note for the above: if you target while holding the basket, the basket stops working.
    7. Empty, empty, sealed, sealed, on and on until finally the end.
  • With coffins checked, we start moving upstairs. Before getting too far, Talwin spots part of the wall that was definitely repaved. It leads to the goblins and caverns below. Good thing we came through the front door, right?
  • This ends this story arc where we will continue on to Claiming Skull Church where lots of discussion on what to do next will take place.

This does not end the story arc - still need glass case, pool of crap, moat of slime and griffon from hell - Lisa

Quotes of the Night

Brer Necholas (TMO) looks at the body.
[Master] A male laying in a state of rictus with a wooden stake through his heart, seems obvious it is a vampire, as far as you can tell it is dead
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] If this weren't such a dangerous situation, I'd ask why you weren't ready to elect it to your local council to impose order.

[Master] and yes there is a dead wight laying on the ground there in front of you too
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Not to sound like ajackass bob because I don't mean to be. But is the version of 'dead" you are talking about in the coffin *really* dead, or just theoretically dead
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (really dead)
[Master] not moving
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (dead, not undead)
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] ...
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (dead again)
[Master] pining for the fjords
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (stages of life: birth, alive, dead, undead, redead, retired to Florida)

Session: 20200828c

  • Okay so maybe Lisa is right and I was just getting my hopes up that Skull Church was fine a one and done deal. But it's not so what's left to do?
    1. Some interesting story tidbits such as Brer Necholas knowing that the Quellcon Family has supported the Brotherhood through the years. In fact, one of the few Brothers who has lived while the other died lives with them so... is this a hint hint take Brer Necholas with you when you return the body? They might be more receptive of him...
    2. Lisa remembers a book everyone else forgot that still wasn't examined. What is it? Well, it's now a mostly burned book that reads Alistone the Creator but unfortunately only has the spell Mirage Arcana left in it (6th level). Brer Necholas, still a wealth of local knowledge, knows that Alistone was a mage known through Drillian for ambushing Necromancers and Undead and bringing them to justice. So... where is he now?
    3. It's finally time to remove those zapping stones! With a bit of strength oil on the one individual we know isn't zapped, Lanek smashed them to pieces and removes them from the walls. All can now go upstairs without fear of being zapped.
    4. The sleepers keep sleeping even as one of them (Sundown) is now fully healed, but as the spell keeps going until time is up or dispel, well, we'll let him keep sleeping.
    5. We take a moment to look at the items gathered where Howard can at least determine if they're magic, which school, and how intense the magic is if there is any. The ink is suitable for magical spells but not magical until used, the wand is necromantic magic, the dagger is just a dagger (with a crest of some sort on it), and the ring is protection magic of some sort (Thistle is now wearing it).
      1. Clarification needed: A wand was found when searching through the desk 20200724c and a second wand was found on Black Cloak 20200717c, yes? Which one was examined and which one was not? Or was it only one wand?
    6. Pete returns, brings food and plans, is told to wait until Hoffman is woken, believes Thistle cursed Black Cloak to death, tells them about the moat and pool, let's them know of the trap on the glass case, talks about the goblins, and leaves again with plans to return in the evening with Baron Ulgin.
    7. Thistle acts like a teenager and the adults act like adults.
  • More many little things to do next session. See you then!

Quotes of the Night

(And this is where the quotes would go...)

Session: 20200904c Lisa

Many things were discussed and a few things were done. Many people were afk throughout the evening and we really only had a full group at the end of the night.

What was done:

  • Successfully fireballed the wagon full of barrels of grey ooze
  • Cast one fireball on the moat which resulted in minimal damage and emphasized the magnitude of the task at hand
  • We checked on the horse which we found in pieces and was being eaten by the griffon.
  • We investigated the farmhouse of magical darkness
    • We found Black Cloak’s 3 spell books: Witherbane's Guide to Control, Power to Summon and The Dark Reach
    • Brer Necholas grabbed a poisonous trapped doorknob. He successfully saved versus the poison, but sustained quite a bit of damage in the process though

What was discussed:

  • Moat: After seeing the results of the lone fireball, Lisa brought up the thought of using oil as a boost to subsequent fire attempts. We’ll have to get our hands on some.
  • Pool: Still no final decision
    • We discussed having parishioners do it but that means we have to help direct them to complete the task (NPCs are not great creative thinkers if let on their own) and we don’t know how long that would take
    • We discussed bringing Kenna here and have her and Emerald to do a combination of Reduce and Remove Water spells. If Reduce doesn’t work, it would be a ton of Remove Water Spells

It seemed from the OOC discussions that Reduce was an option to help shrink the pool

[Lisa] can be cast only upon a single creature (or a symbiotic or community entity) or upon a single object that does not exceed 10 cubic feet in volume per caster level.
[TMO] what level is she?
[Lisa] 7
[TMO] 70 cubic feet is 7'x10'x1'
[Master] 30 foot by 15 feet by 4 foot deep [size of pool]


We discussed options and didn’t come up with anything easy and reasonable in game to drive away the griffon, so we decided to kill it per John’s wishes. However, when it came down to it, few people were at their keyboards to execute instructions, hence Branwyn going to the farmhouse. We left the session with BOB stating the griffon would be up first thing next Friday.

Quotes of the Night

[Lara] I thought tonight was a planning and discussion night for everything, big picture
[Master] planning and DOING
[Lisa] oh god I hope not
[Master] hope it is all done tonight
[Lisa] if we spend 5 hours planning I will kill myself

[Lisa] so procrastination is fun!
[Lisa] John - we will take care of the pool of crap later but look at these nice planks!
[Lisa] and sorry the glass case with skeletor girl stays put

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sundown, how are you feeling?
[Sundown (Master)] I am feeling very good thank you Branwyn
[Sundown (Master)] it was a good chance
[Sundown (Master)] to gather my thoughts
[Branwyn (Lisa)] You look much better
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Good to see you again, Sun
[Sundown (Master)] I feel like I can tackle the evil of the world again
[Sundown (Master)] Who shall we judge today?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well then everything is back to how it should be

Session: 20200911c Lisa

We have another discussion about what to do with that horse-eating griffon. In the end we decide to polymorph it and probably kill it. Branwyn turns it into a pig. Pigs, however, don’t sit well in trees and it falls out, freaks out, and runs away. No bacon for us this morning, but at least that’s one more task to cross off the list.

Snee removed Lanek and Howard’s swamp disease gotten from their foray into the pool o’ muck at the beginning of this church exploration section of the adventure.

Uncle Foto tried to dispel the glass case magical trap and Emerald tried to dispel the sleep magic on Hoffman. Apparently it is difficult to remove magical spells cast by 12th level mages if you are not 12th level yourself. Oh well.

The group takes some time to relax and waits for Hoffman to wake up by himself. He does as evening sets in, feeling healthy and refreshed. And just in time to meet Pete and Baron Ulgin, the Suomi – Kiputytto priest who has been holding the services here.

Branwyn explains that Hoffman is the man to speak with about church matters and Hoffman emphasizes the need for this church to be a peaceful place. Things discussed:

  • Branwyn states that the girl in the glass case is no saint (unlike her??)
  • Baron Ulgin likes the pool; Hoffman responds, “it will hamper efforts to fix the church, but as I said, that will be your call. Just don't expect us to deal with the effects.”
  • Everyone agrees the moat must go
  • Hoffman will take the farmhouse and barn. Baron Ulgin will take up residence in Skull Church
  • Pete doesn’t like the goblins and say they usually only come out at night but are scared off by strong shows of force, i.e., the griffon (who is now gone, so goblins will now feel empowered??)
  • Church used to have services at night but can now have them during the day
  • Pete will be returning with the church renovation plans and will be expecting cash to pay for them
  • Baron Ulgin was happy to see The Brotherhood (to TMO’s dismay)
  • Ulgin is told about Tiera and said he will set things right
  • Branwyn emphasized there are no more undead, and evil will not be tolerated. Ulgin reminded her that Kiputytto is not evil so no problem.

Quotes of the Night

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Wait wait wait... 12 year old son? Are.... am I.... Aren't we all teenagers?)
[TMO] (yep!)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I thought that was why we always ran into danger yet somehow managed to always survive.)
[TMO] (no, that's just because we're stupid)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (It should have the hps of a griffon - just can't fly away)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I saw that as 'hips of a griffon')
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I'm like, wait, we are body shaming the griffon?)

[Snezana (Spring)] (nice dsafrewgdbsfgareasgr'lgasfkhgf
[Snezana (Spring)] omg
[Snezana (Spring)] fuck whatever I was gonna say
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (yes, that was a nice dsafrewgdbsfgareasgr'lgasfkhgf. I was just about to say something about it myself)

[Baron Ulgin (Master)] It will be good to have members of the Brotherhood here
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (how does everybody know????)
[Baron Ulgin (Master)] (Sundown is standing right there, you are also in plate mail, very paladin like)
[Carissa] (and that paladin aroma is strong)
[Lanek (Spring)] (hahaha)
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (sigh - so nice being part of a secret order that everyone can tell on sight. ;) )

[TMO] so let me guess, Sundown the junior partner wears the symbols all over himself?
[Master] well he stands out.... he does Judge
[Master] so is very paladin like
[Master] but he has no armor anymore
[Master] that was all destroyed
[Master] most paladins are not part of any order
[Master] they are just holy warriors
[Spring] is the stick inserted during training or is there some ceremony?
[TMO] I'm not putting a big D on my shirt
[Master] grins at Spring
[Master] MOST Paladins are not adventurer types, they defend a particular place not roam around
[Master] the Brotherhood is sworn to defeat the Undead
[TMO] I expect him to be identified as a fighter - the armor obviously gives that away. Paladin, to the observant or very sensitive. But everyone instantly says, Hey, it's the Order! Hi there!
[Master] so far it has only been priests who recognize your aroma
[Carissa] You didn't notice? We're all wearing shirts that say, "I'm with The Order"
[Carissa] They point to you
[TMO] well, how did I miss that?
[Carissa] Eyepatch

Session: 20200918c Lisa

Branwyn checked the second wand and the spell books. See Party Pack page for spells. The wand was to Control Humanoids, e.g., goblins, orcs, kobolds, etc. She indicated that this would not be a wand she would use but that she would mention it to Hoffman in case he would want to find a way to make use of it.

Since we don’t have anything to use to burn the moat and John was not available to discuss his plans, we decided to take Black Cloak’s body to Quellcon to fill up the night.

We took off to Quellcon with the group and Apprentice No. 8 who had been working on the church (guest player JTom).

When we reach Farmers Turn we notice a tent encampment. Apprentice No. 8 says that is where he lives. The workers live in tents to avoid the ghosts who live in the burnt out buildings of the village.

Next we visit the site of the Battle of Hastilton Hill of the Third Drillian Civil War about 162 years ago. The land to this day is still scorched from the mighty wizard battle.

Finally we arrive at Quellcon and are greeted by Baron Thogood. He announces that there must be a trial by combat to avenge the death of Charles Witherbane. He gets to choose the combatants and Branwyn can choose the time and location. The Baron chooses himself to fight our Apprentice No. 8. He seems less than enthused by the whole thing and says that “If he wins, your side prevails, if I win the family honor has been revenged and all is right with the world.” Thogood agrees that the combat shall only be until first blood and not to the death.

Well then, we should get to it. Apprentice No. 8 swings his sword valiantly but misses and Baron Thogood slightly wounds the young apprentice. Quellcon has won and restored its honor. Snee quickly heals the apprentice and Branwyn bestows a gem on the lad to thank him for his bravery and effort to fight for Dragon Fen. We learn his name is Kalen Echem and the group will praise him to Pete and Hoffman when we return home.

We are then shown inside for an audience with Lady Emerald of Quellcon who was pushed into the room in a wheelchair. Conversation topics included: did we have to kill him, choices, how mistakes make you interesting, using evil for a purpose, relationships with the Queen, etc.

An agreement was set that no one would interfere with Quellcon’s mining or land north of the Battle of Hastilton Hill site. Dragon Fen will purchase 6 wagon loads of iron ore every year. We will not be interfered with by taking Skull Church or the area of the wastes from there to Dragon Fen. She did mention that the state of the road near Farmers Turn needed to be improved what with the haunted villages and ruffians and what not. We should get on that.

So we spend the night at Quellcon and in the morning return to Skull Church.

See BOB’s note in Player Communication and in the TTT-OOC page for discussions to happen on the website and next Friday’s session.

Quotes of the Night

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I say we leave the lowest level people here all by themselves
[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (do we have any Guild members handy?)

[Baron Thogood (Master)] I would choose someone very appropriate for how I ..... appreciated my brother in law.... points to the apprentice carpenter... perhaps him?
[Snezana (Spring)] uhm, he's a carpenter's apprentice. are you gonna race to build a bookshelf?
[Snezana (Spring)] he's a demon on the lathe
[Snezana (Spring)] you better break our your best plane
[Snezana (Spring)] (do you even sandpaper bro?)

[Lisa] what we're going to do with 6 wagon loads of iron ore I have no idea
[Spring] portcullis palace!
[Spring] where every gate is great
[Spring] and every grate is great too I guess

Session: 20200925c Michael

I'm sorry I went overboard on the quotes. Some of the stuff just really got me :) Bob feel free to delete some if you want.

Hey all! Don't usually do summary, but hope this will suffice for you all this week! :)

Looks like some "talking shop" for a bit on all sides. 9 - Inch Tablet Screen? Oh boy Bob LOL "I closed 20 tickets today without helping any of those people" I'm stealing that. Oh boy: "If it is really an issue, they will open a new ticket. Otherwise, sounds like too much work." Oh Ryan, you goof. Oh, darn. Bob says I can't use that as Quote...Hm. Well, if Bob doesn't see this it wont hurt him. We'll keep it here and not below.

Some Established Things: (Feel free to edit) 1. Brown Pool (Sewage Disease Pit) - Staying here. See Point 5. 2. Moat --Pending Task Assigned-- Going to be filled in with dirt and Pudding's goign to get some grade A Napalm. 3. Goblins - --Pending Task Assigned-- 4. Traps - Taken Care of. --Complete-- 5. Bridge - Assigned. Building. ---Pending Full Construction-- 6. Expanding Mining Operations. -- To be staffed with Branwyn's Political Dissidents /sarcasm--

A lot of this session is out of character. Mostly discussing the above tasks and about changing circumstances to "Shore" up this area and keep from having to come back.

It seems that to keep the area populated with potential immigrants a good incentive is the talk of expanding mining operations(?) in the area. This seems to be at a bare minimum a way for the area to attract some sort of industry as the farming capabilities are almost non-existent due to the rocky nature of the area.



1. Snee - Governess (Governor) of the Region. Whichever you prefer or Bob specifies as the title. 2. Baron - Represents the Churchgoers 3. Pete - Local Steward 4. Talwin - Engineering Tasks (Bridge, Farmhouse, Other Tasks as Assigned) - Knighted Skarp - 5. Brer - Sticking around :) Should I label as "Supervisor or Foreman" TMO?

Tasks: Burned Village - Haunted, task assigned. Church Area - Rebuilding Efforts, task(s) assigned [TMO] Moat = Oil + Magic + Goblin labor [TMO] Goblin = Negotiation + Intimidation + Plus eventual Relocation. [TMO] House = Talwin + Craftsmen [TMO] Pool = Bridge Over Troubling Water

Essentially, we are just working through issues and firmly wrapping up the plans before we implement them. I hope this helps!

Quotes of the Night:

I know some of these might not be everyone's <i>universal</i> favorites, but Ryan's quotes always get me so good. :) So some of these are definitely his:

Ryan Right-By-Might : "I think we can make Snee governor simply because there is no one strong enough to oppose us... Also, we just murdered the old boss, which makes us the new boss."

TMO Dry Humor: [Master] Griff (dog) moved 117'08". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 171'05". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 230'08". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 291'09". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 335'01". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 372'06". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 409'05". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 457'11". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 500'08". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 536'06". [Master] Griff (dog) moved 567'04". [TMO] my dog is traveling --

Spring being Methodical Casually listing out steps: [Spring] step 1. place the order for oil delivery [Lara] wait. BOB---please do the maths---how much dirt and rubble do we need to fill the moat? [Ryan] If we made Branwyn fill up all of her spell slots with fire spells, and forced her to stay there for six months, would there be appreciable progress? [Spring] step 2. begin backfill of moat. [Lara] 88,770 square feet of stuff? [Spring] step 3. receive oil [Spring] step 4. ask Bran for fireballs when the backfill results in surfaced pudding [Ryan] Fine, Lara..... six years? [Spring] step 5 profit -- [Spring] LOL [Master] and the group will agree or modify Spring tosses away the list she just made


[Spring] I am the GOVERNOR!!!! [TMO] one of the things that's kind of slipped - who among us is technically a Dragonslayer? Lara giggles [Spring] and this is the character I’ve been trying to kill off --

Ryan Thinking up some war crimes... [Ryan] Fact 1: Goblins are mammals [Ryan] Fact 2: Mammals produce oil [Ryan] Fact 3: Oil is an accelerant [Carissa] If goblins are mammals then they are animals so... [Ryan] Fact 4: We have an entire tribe full of goblins. [Carissa] Goblins are also 75% water so that'll be hard [Master] and LOL at Carissa [Ryan] ....I just want to burn some goblins, Carissa. Why do you have to bring your facts into this? Ryan] I prefer to think of it as goblicide. Sounds cuter that way. [Ryan] My husband's last name is Skullchurch, so I understand your confusion.

-- Jeeze Lara :) [Lara] you don't have a Black Moat and Slime Stone store near you? [Lara] I still want to know: what kills Black Puddings besides fire? [Lara] salt? [Lara] like slugs?

[Lara]how much is the oil going to cost us and can Pete enough back by himself?

--- Bob:

 "your body is not Amazon Prime it does not show up in 2 days"