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Suomi Pantheon - Priests - Gods

General Description - The Suomi pantheon is one of the smallest worshiped by humans. The primary source of these worshipers is found in Blackwater in the Small Kingdoms where it is the official state religion, although there are many believers scattered through the Central Mountains and worshipers who travel the northern stretches of Terraguard and into the Northern Wastes. Suomi was also the official state religion of Drillian at one point in the past.

Most of the tales in the cannon of Suomi revolve around the conflict of good versus evil as personified in the lands of Kalevala and Phojola. Various sects and sermons will put forth which of these they are living in now and which they are trying to bring forth or back. Often the Priest of the Suomi feel they are above the rest of the populace and they are mostly respected and sometimes feared by their adherents. Priests rarely have any qualms about using their powers and spells to chastise those who do not show appropriate respect.

Marriage and Divorce - Followers of the Suomi Gods feel very independent and take it upon themselves to decide how to best make a partnership work. Because so many congregants would feel extremely out of place being alone most marriages are ones of convience and a desire for companionship. Multiple partners in a marriage is not common but is not unheard of; especially in the eastern valleys of Blackwater. Divorce is also freely given in most cases as people change who they want to be with over time. This very fluid nature of relationships can cause many legal problems and a good trade can be made between the Tzars and Tzarinas by an accomplished barrister.

Death of a Character - Because of the obsessive use of Death Masks in the Suomi religion there is almost never a time that a person comes back from the dead. Only a small handful of extreme heroes have ever done so.

Ceremonies - One of the key rites that sets the Suomi pantheon apart is the use of Death Masks. They believe that capturing the soul through a death mask done as close to the point of passage from this life to the next is key to remembering a person. All priests are trained to make these masks and others in the society also use their talents to create these masks. Even with a death in the deep wilderness a person's companions would hastily throw together a mud compress to capture the event if nothing else was available.

This also leads to the slight quirk that adherents to the Suomi pantheon are loath to be alone for any significant time.

Interactions with other Religions - The Priests of the Sumoi faith often seem to have a chip on their shoulder when dealing with Priests of other religions. This is in part to the smaller area of the world that the Pantheon holds sway over and also in that the the other religions that are close by tend have more missionary zeal. The roughest relationships are with those of the Kayugan faith in particular as both vie for control in the Small Kingdoms and both have been the official state religion in Drillian at different times.

Ahto?SuomiLesser God
Hiisi?SuomiGreater God
IlmatarSuomiIntermediate Goddess
Loviatar?SuomiLesser Goddess
MielikkiSuomiIntermediate Goddess
Surma?SuomiLesser God
Tuonetar?SuomiGreater Goddess
Tuoni?SuomiGreater God
Ukko?SuomiGreater God
Untamo?SuomiLesser God


In order from highest ranking members to lowest the Suomi priesthood uses titles to keep themselves above the rest of society.

  • King/Queen - the senior priest of all of the faith
  • Prince/Princess - fifth level spells and higher
  • Duke - fourth level spells
  • Baron - third level spells
  • Earl - second level spells
  • Squire - first level spells

Known Worshipers

  • Ilero Sauscha - known to be an adherent of this religion, the depth and details of his faith have not been explored. He is probably just a casual worshipper, from all available signs.


  • Greater God/Goddess
  • Intermediate God/Goddess
  • Lesser God/Goddess (up to 6th level spells)
  • Demi-God/Demi-Goddess (up to 5th level spells)
  • Saints (up to 3rd level spells, essentially Minor Access only)
  • Heroes (imbue with spell ability only)