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Spell Research Discussion

We need some new spells to support the party.It will cost some money but it will be better for the party. Here we can discuss and work out detail without clogging up the Player communication page. NON Mages are encouraged to comment.

Here are some started a while ago. I want to finalize these and add more to the series. Spells Paul Wants to Research

There are rules on this site for Researching Spells, so we will have to contend with that. research

Then this is a good place to discuss making magic items. While Scrolls are fairly easy, it is possible we can make more lasting items, I just think the expense in time and money is not worth it. I would rather work on the simpler side.

--- Time line: I understand not everyone needs to train and sit thought time as Paul does his things. He has more time on his hands then most. Before he trains for a new spell level or even researches any spells, he will learn existing spells in the DS library and make scrolls so the party will have what they have asked for that he can provide. I will leave some of the detail for in character discussion.