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Skull Church

The Skull Church became a recurring location for the group. The first adventure there was simply called that and occurred during the Stretching Their Legs Era. Then during the Alia Valebat Dragonslayer Era the group returned again in The Enemy of My Enemy. When Branwyn received her Royal land grant and chose to start Dragon Fen the church came back into the group's concerns with Third Time is Tradition.

Time Line

-122 SKR - Founding of Skull Church during the reign of King William III
-87 SKR - -89 SKR - Second Drillian Civil War - three significant battles are fought in the Craniate Wastes
66 SKR to 89 SKR - Rule of Queen Elina Quellcon, this is a time when the Kayugan church is in ascendance over the Suomi church. Skull Church is reduced to a small group of very devout followers.
98-102 SKR - The Grey Death sweeps through the Craniate Wastes. The Suomi priests of Kiputytto at Skull Church are despised for celebrating the results.
174 - 228 SKR Holy Mother Humlibart, the Princess of Kiputytto, the high priest at Skull Church, interred in the crypts when she died
179 SKR - Saint Tyrin, interred in the crypts beneath Skull Church after being burned in a fire and then crawling out to praise Kiputytto on the streets for a year and a day before he died.
187 SKR - Several battles are fought in the Craniate Wastes during the Third Drillian Civil War
300 SKR - the ranger Arahael Mosskin takes advantage of confusion during the time of no Queen to take possession of the far southeastern corner of the Craniate Wastes. Being of the Kayugan faith he chooses to build on the south side of the Valoris Wood, to keep it between his lands and Skull Church.
9-4-339 SKR - The First time the Dragonslayers focus on Skull Church
2-12-343 SKR - The Second time the Dragonslayers focus on Skull Church - The Enemy of My Enemy
4-8-345 SKR Queen Willimina Mosskin grants Branwyn Dragon Fen Estate in the Craniate Wastes
1-9-345 SKR to 13-11-348 SKR - Building Dragon Fen
15-11-348 SKR - Third time the Dragonslayers focus on Skull Church - Third Time is Tradition
21-11-348 SKR - Death of Tiberius Branadarus in Skull Church
9-1-349 SKR - Branwyn returns to Skull Church in force

Stretching Their Legs Era

From 9-4-339 SKR to 15-4-339 SKR

This story came about from a problem that occurred in the Ophioglossum adventure. During that trip Foriso Fairhand contracted a wasting sickness in the Great Swamp. During the group's time at home they managed to get the Paladin's of the Order of Brotherhood in Drillian to help heal him. In exchange for their help the Paladins had the Dragonslayers deal with a problem they had with a reputed haunted church in the Craniate Wastes in central Drillian.

There is a large hill that from a distance has the appearance of a skull with a large church on the top of the hill. There is a small farmhouse to the side of the hill where in the past followers of the church lived to raise food for the priests.

The church originally was consecrated to Kiputytto of the Suomi faith. The large nave of the ground floor of the church has two flanking aisles. One the Eastern aisle there are four incarnations of Kiputytto as four saints. These are the blessings of Kiputytto as the sun rises. On the Western aisle are four representations of her devoted followers as saints. These are the blessings of Kiputytto as the sun sets. The central nave is open to the ceiling with a balcony on either side over the aisles. The balcony continues across the end of the nave to look down on the chancel with an altar in front of a large statue. At the end of each aisle is a door leading to the balcony above with a square stone tile in front of each one. These two stone tiles are magically warded to give damage to those with an incompatible religion or alignment. True believers take no damage, non-believers who are chaotic take minimal damage, non-believers that are lawful take more damage and those who are priests to a different pantheon take the most damage.

The chancel has one large raised platform that has the altar with one large statue behind it and two smaller statues in an alcove to either side. Each alcove contains a large stained glass window area with protective wooden shutters. Both windows have been broken although the one to the west still retains about half the glass in the frame. The statue of Kiputytto behind the altar has been replaced by a large deamon statue.


Crypts found:

  • High Priest Jorast
  • Holy Mother Humlibart - Princess of Kiputytto
  • Prince Edward - leader of a great army against the hobgoblins
  • Saint Tyrin - follower of Kiputytto. Saint Tyrin, who died over 150 years ago after being burned in a fire and then crawling out to praise Kiputytto on the streets for a year and a day before he died
  • Tiera - shield man for Lemminkainen?; "Will come back to protect his liege"

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

Brother Elmond (Master)] these are troubled times
Brother Elmond (Master)] people will seek solace as they can
Kristelle (Kaz)] There is another problem, one that I wish I did not have to report to you.
Brother Elmond (Master)] how many problems can you come across?
Kristelle (Kaz)] Oh, you have no idea.

Feed Back & Recollections

I wanted a small story to run for a favor thread of adventures that the group had incurred. This was an easy premise and a straightforward mission. Then as we play it out the twists can take the story in other directions. The group revisited the church during another story arc later on also.

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The Enemy of My Enemy

From 2-12-343 SKR to 9-12-343 SKR

This story arc took place after the group had recovered from their trip for Say it with Flowers and Athenĉum. The group was home at the Jistille Estates when they were given a task by the Church. Indigo took some of the group and went to handle a problem for the Queen while Branwyn and the rest went with Tristan to solve a problem for The Church of the Defending Mage.

The Church hierarchy was informed of a new group moving into a nearby abandoned church....

Discusion Threads