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Shardik Pantheon - Priests - Gods

General Description - This pantheon is headquartered in the Small Kingdoms with almost all of the followers in the Carnak area.

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Shardik, the bear, is the head of this very results oriented pantheon. He is the embodiment of power and strength. His priests are expected to be in the forefront of leadership and combat. This is seen in their granted powers. At first level his priests gain the warrior THAC0 advancement. All other stats stay normal for priests. At seventh level they gain the spell ability of berserk (ref LL172). This ability, used once per day, allows the priest to turn a group of warriors into bears. It also incites them into a berserk rage and a killing frenzy (see spell description for full details).

Andros, the spider is a lesser worshiped god in this pantheon. He is seen as the master of coincidence and of fate. His priest must also be very intelligent to cast some of the more esoteric spells available. The powers granted reflect their gods image. At third level they gain the spell ability of spidereyes (ref un59) once per day. At seventh level they gain the ability of passweb (as spell (ref un64)). And at twelfth level they gain the spell spider bite (ref un66) once per day.

Confabulus, the fox, is a well known figure in the pantheon. Many tales are told of his trickery and ability to confuse his enemies. There is long tale of how he stole the bear's tail and was given a bushy pine cone by the goddess Quercus for his own tail. His priests often emulate his actions by becoming rogues as well as normal priests. In keeping with these wily ways at third level his priest are granted the ability to pass through overgrown areas without leaving a trail, and at full movement (this can only be done when not wearing metal armor). At seventh level the spell of free action is available once per day (ref ph217).

Partik, the raven, is the undertaker of the pantheon. He is seen as both the taker of the dead and as a god of the wind. The sayings "May the wings of Partik guide your journey (safe travels)" and "May Partik take you home (to your death)" show the different sides of this god. His priests are also noted for two activities that they engage in. The first is on the battlefield, where they either hurry on "home" the fallen, or perform "miracles" and raise the dead. This is all done through the use of a ceremonial dagger or the use of necromantic spells (healing spells being foreign to pantheon). The other custom they have is the eating of the brains of respected people or animals. This is done to honor them and is symbolic of their granted powers. At fifth level his priest can speak with the dead (as per spell (ref ph214) once per day. And at tenth level he gains the ability to subsume any person or animal he eats the brains of. This grants all knowledge and memories of the person or animal, but not the abilities. U to one person per level can be consumed this way. However there is a 5% chance, cumulative, that when the memories are assumed the priest will go mad. This is progressive also (ie one person 5%, second person 10%, etc). The more people assumed the greater the prestige and normally the greater the power of the priest.

Quercus, the oak, is the only female in the pantheon. She represents nature in all of its forms. She is known as a protector of dryads and her priests are almost druidical in nature. As protectors of the forest her priests get apropriate powers. At second level they can identify plants and animals with perfect accuracy. Also they can sense pure water. They get the spell ability of tree (ref ph215) once per day, at fifth level. This abiltiy does not have a duration as per spell describtion, rather the priest or priestess may remain a tree for as many months as levels. And at seventh level they are immune to charm spells.

Sydrid, the snake, is the least liked god in the pantheon. His powers, while not necessarily evil, are often abused, or misunderstood. He is the master of emotions, and controls his environment, either earth or water. Evil priests worshiping him use poison, but not all sects are so inclined. His priests, at second level, are granted the power of hypnotism (per spell (ref ph135)) to use once per day. At fifth level the spell emotion control (ref tm65) becomes available once per day. And at thirteenth level the confusion spell can be used (ref ph231).

Andros the SpiderShardikLesser God
Confabulous the FoxShardikGreater God
Partik the RavenShardikIntermediate God
Quercus the Oak?ShardikLesser God
Shardik the Bear?ShardikGreater God
Sydrid the Snake?ShardikIntermediate God