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Sep 03 11 - Pirate Queens - Birthday Game 2011

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Sat Sep 03 11:46:13 EDT 2011 ====

BOB's laptop has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 11:47:00 EDT 2011

BOB's laptop is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

BOB's laptop has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

Guy has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 11:54:38 EDT 2011

Guy is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

Guy has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

Lisa has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 11:55:42 EDT 2011

Lisa is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Master] Good morning Guy and Lisa

Lisa has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] Dee talked to me this morning she will be in later, she got a pleasent surprise and got discharged from the hosptial this morning

[Master] Marco is on the way in

[Master] we will start nice slow and quiet

[Lisa] Great!

[Guy] marco is actually awake? lol

[Master] so Dee is going to be in but later when she gets home

[Master] yeah it is about 11 pm for him

[Lisa] Kaz?

[Master] have not heard from

[Master] John is downloading

[Guy] kaz may pop in but not sure when or for how long

[Lisa] feeling better Guy?

[Guy] im awake today

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 11:59:42 EDT 2011

BiBo!!! is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Lisa] that's a good thing

[Guy] what really got me was having to change the oil thursday and friday

[Guy] both days the temp was in the upper 90s outside and im working with 300+degree oil and that just really drained me bad

[Lisa] two days in a row?

JohnAA has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 12:00:39 EDT 2011

JohnAA is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Guy] yup

[Lisa] well now you are off and can relax

[Guy] thursday i changed 4 vats and friday i changed 3 of them

BiBo!!! has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Lisa] Hi John and Marco!! :)

JohnAA has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] Welcome John

[JohnAA] hello all, especaily Master

[BiBo!!!] :: waves ::

[Master] Just to give everyone a quick easy reminder of the race details

[Master] This regatta wraps the harvest festival season and kicks off a month long Carnival holiday season. The regatta turns most of the city into a racecourse. This rowing regatta starts at a rope stretched between the Gallows and Bay Landing. The contestants leave from there and need to reach the first mark of Quaytown Point to collect a flag. Then the course continues to Kerner Island to collect the second flag. Next is the Mausoleum of Dusk to collect the third flag. The next challenge is to pass under the Ponte Sesto Punto and deposit the first two flags then race to the finish line between the Gallows and Bay Landing to drop off the third flag. With these points in common participants can travel any of the many canals that lead between each location with an average length of the course being about 4 3/4 miles long.

[BiBo!!!] its 1am, so will do my best to function as long as possible :-P

[Master] no worries Marco, good to have you to start then you can sleep and log back in

[Master] John will have Hoffman on the map for you in a moment but please contribute on ideas and such till then

[JohnAA] :;chats:: All night long, all night long

[JohnAA] what do they get if they wiin?

[BiBo!!!] nothing

[JohnAA] What is our motivation?

[BiBo!!!] a trophy

[BiBo!!!] and people think we are swell

[Master] Hoffman moved 2385'08".

[Lisa] Guy's character Sarengar is committed to the race

Dee has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 12:06:18 EDT 2011

Dee is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[JohnAA] and i only know Indigo/ Is he the current leader of the Dragonslayers?

[Lisa] We would be helping him

[Master] Branwyn is still there

[Lisa] Branwyn and Indigo are after the pirate wueesns who have the bowl of air

[Lisa] to repay the favor of restoring Kristelle's life

Dee has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[JohnAA] ohhh a bowl of air

[JohnAA] I can get you one of thoses

[Lisa] makes you sail faster

[Lisa] magical air?

[JohnAA] would have been nice to have before the race

[BiBo!!!] no, the nonmagical kind

[Dee] hello everyone, I am here for at least a little while.

[JohnAA] Hello Dee

[BiBo!!!] its a rowing race, so not really that useful

[Lisa] Hi Dee!

[Guy] hi dee

[Lisa] But Branwyn still needs that bowl

[Dee] I get to go home today!!

[JohnAA] only rowing/ is that why I am siging on?

[Lisa] that is the reason why she is there

[JohnAA] I am not sure i want to ask Dee? But good for you

[BiBo!!!] no, you are here to sabotage the other racers

[Lisa] I thought Bob said there was one sail

[Lisa] or was that one sail race?

[BiBo!!!] theres a sail race next month

[JohnAA] You want Hoffman to be evil and corupt?

[Dee] I am in the hosp for siezure testing, and all the tests are done. I get to go home.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 500. Next level in 6124.

[Master] Tulip XP award: 500. Next level in 0.

[Master] Llathandryll XP award: 500. Next level in 17333.

[Master] Koorin XP award: 500. Next level in 2299.

[Master] Sarengar XP award: 500. Next level in 10998.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 500. Next level in 8767.

[Master] Hoffman XP award: 500. Next level in 10031.

[BiBo!!!] its part of the race. its expected

[Master] there is a sailing race in one month

[Lisa] Glad they let you out! Hope everything is okay

[BiBo!!!] if you dont cheat, you arent getting in the spirit of the race

[Dee] yeah, it is not epilepsy.

[Lisa] very good

[BiBo!!!] because its not whether you win or lose, its how many other people you sink along the way

[Master] and the start of this race you could put up a sail to go around the point for the first mile or so rather than row through the canals, but that is part of you deciding strategies

[Dee] they are called Psychogenic Non-Epileptic attacks.

[Dee] Basically due to PTSD

[BiBo!!!] sounds like something that would be caused by an acid trip

[JohnAA] I would blame BOB

[JohnAA] but then again I always blame BOB

[Lisa] but now that you know you can move forward

[Dee] Exactly

[JohnAA] sorry if my defence mode is too much humor

[Lisa] It is always nice to blame Bob

[Guy] theres a medicine that helps prevent seizures but cant remember the name of it

[BiBo!!!] its usually bobs fault anyway

[Dee] they arent siezures, so siezure meds dont work.

[Dee] DOc and I just had a long discussion on that.

[Guy] ahh ok misread then

[Dee] But anyway, get to play for a couple hours, then its a three hour drive home. then I'll be back on.

[Guy] long drives suck

[Lisa] good! :)

[Master] John do you have any idea what has happened while Hoffman was away?

[JohnAA] lead by GOD, travling with the wind

[JohnAA] I thought someone else might be new

[JohnAA] but I can be solo

[Master] I was thinking that Kristelle might be traveling with you

[Lisa] lots of new people

[Master] and Photo, ooops forgot to put him on the map sorry

[JohnAA] yes Lisa but you are toghther

[JohnAA] do I get to roleplaying running into them

[Lisa] you could know Sarengar

[Lisa] from Rivers Bend

[Master] it has been only been 5 weeks

[Master] just seems like longer

[JohnAA] snf anoy them all again?

[Lisa] we just picked him up on the river a few days ago

[Lisa] maybe a week

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 1958'07".

[Dee] Oh, and I will be taking a break here in a half an hour or so to eat my lunch.

[Master] sorry not five weeks

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Seems like GOD wants us to be together again

[Guy] yum hospital food lol

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] or after all

[Master] is 14 weeks

[Dee] actually food is good, service is bad.

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] evey time a get free they drag me back in

[Master] from teh time that Hoffman wandered off till now. and for Kristeele is 11 weeks

[Master] it is easy to think that Hoffman is here for the celebrations

[Dee] He's brand new to tulip.

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (are you saying me and Kristeele hooked up?)

[Master] that is up to you and her, grins

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I am not much of a partier

[Master] you should ask Guy what he thinks of that ;)

[Guy] and me sitting here with a pair of very sharpo scissors lol

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (So I am with the group, on the boat/)

[Master] no you would be in teh city though

[Master] you can run into them on the docks

[Master] if you are evangelizing

[Lisa] considering that Sarengar could be fathering a gypsy baby I don't think he would have much to say about Kristelle hooking up with Hoffman

[Master] cough

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I am not a preacher, my actions speak louder than words

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::rubs eyes::

[Master] did you need training? that is another reason to be here

[Master] but in any case

[BiBo!!!] ((I know I sure do. so much training!))

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos and Hoffman moved 4294'06".

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Michael and Miranda say hello

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (forgot about him)

[Master] Lisa you ok there?

[Lisa] yes

[Master] I think that is the first thing to roleplay

[Lisa] do I not seem okay?

[Master] Indigo visiting the shop

[Master] is branwyn going with him?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::lloks in window::

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ;;looks in window::

[Indigo (Lisa)] (earwine's shop?)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::knocks on window::

[Master] yes

[Guy] rock a bye baby in the treetop

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 89'03".

[Master] Hoffman moved 96'05".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol - we have nine game months before baby rolls)

[Master] Indigo moved 500'03".

[Master] Branwyn moved 220'01".

[Master] Sarengar moved 241'09".

[Master] Koorin moved 150'03".

[Master] Llathandryll moved 127'01".

[Master] Tulip moved 81'02".

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::tap Foto on shoulder::

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Look it's Warrior Mage and Little Warrior

[Master] the blue spot is where Sarengar is headed

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] don't call them that

[Master] the Palazzo where he lives

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] did you know they would be here?

[Master] as Indigo is in the lead heading to the shop

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] No, I swear. Just part of GOD's plan

[Master] he passes right on by Hoffman

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] ::shakes head::

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (should I change color?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (or me)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (too late)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Good Day Master Indigo

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Nice to see a familar face

Indigo (Lisa) turns around looking at the gnome and blinks

[Indigo (Lisa)] Brother Foto?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Is it really you?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] yes still just a Brother

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] as a teacher, Hoffman man is a little slow

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] and keels us traveling

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] keeps

[Indigo (Lisa)] I wasn't sure we would see you again. What brings you to Rivers Bend?

[Guy] hey john not sure if its just me but i can just barely see that color

[Indigo (Lisa)] (It is a little light)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Well, I'm not sure we can talk about it

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] but it's done now

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos XP award: 500. Next level in 2007.

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Doing GOD's work has brought us to where we are ment to be

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Glad to see you well

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] How is the rest of the group

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hoffman! Now this is a surprise!

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (better?)

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (yes)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((much i can actually see lol))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Did I not say that GOD works this way

[Indigo (Lisa)] Still the priest are you? You were always much better with your axe

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] No No, not preaching, just pointing out

[Indigo (Lisa)] Are you going to be in the regatta?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] seems like us being here and meeting you would be prof enough

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Pardon?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Our new friend Sarengar has a boat registered and we're going to help

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] I told you, the boat race

[Indigo (Lisa)] Regatta

[Indigo (Lisa)] (everyone should be in the vicinity, correct?)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Sound fun to me, but no boat

[Master] yes

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe you could join our crew

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I don't see the point

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] but to each his own

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well ... it's a race

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] You have a boat?

[Sarengar (Guy)] Its a way for the nobles to show who has deeper pockets

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sarengar does

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sarengar this is Hoffman and Brother Foto

[Sarengar (Guy)] My landlords have a boat and they asked me to captain it for them

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Ah, a new commer to the DragonSlayer, How do you do Sarengar

[Master] (patron)

[Indigo (Lisa)] And this is LLathandryl and Koorin and Tulip

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((thats what i said lol))

[Indigo (Lisa)] and you know Branwyn

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] but what of Fotoiso? Kristelle?

[Sarengar (Guy)] the what?

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::waves::

[Tulip (Dee)] Hello there, Pleased to meet you.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] :: nods politely::

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Where is my Invisible friend I left in your care

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good to see you again Hoffman

Sarengar (Guy) looks at Indigo "whats a dragonslayer?"

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] :;nods with respect::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There have been some horrible tragedies since you left us

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Scarlet died of the plague

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We tried to bring her back but it was not meant to be

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And Foriso ...

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "You knew Scarlet? She was AMAZING"

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (hee hee)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Foriso died saving Llathandryll from a dragon turtle's breath

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I am so sorry to hear that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So are we

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "That was amazing too!"

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] An honerable death at least

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No it was not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Koorin, a friend's death is not amazing

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "It was amazing what he did to save another friend that he didnt like at all."

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] You have my deepist sympathies

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well, that at least is true

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Foto

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Maybe we should go some where more private

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "Actually... I am not sure they were friends at all..."

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((mutters about stupid elves and their stupid charm spells ))

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] raise a toast to lost friends

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "It still was amazing though."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Master] grins

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Please tell me Kristelle is ok

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "Whos Kristelle?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Kristelle is still alive and well to my knowledge. She left us in Loosend. And I miss her terribly.

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] How could you come to Join the Draginslayers without knowing of Kristlle's good deeds

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (the fellowship is broken)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They are not true Dragonslayers

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "I joined the dragonslayerS? Who are they?"

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] brb

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We will need to talk over all these things after this race is done.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And after we find the bowl of air and the pirate queens

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "The closest I have come to slaying a dragon was killing a dragon turtle. And we didnt so much slay it as run over it with our boat."

[Master] there is the Black Walnut that is just around the corner that Sarengar knows if you want a place to talk

[Master] Black Walnut image.jpg moved 19'10".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (do we want to do the dragonslayer thing now? I know we need to at some point but we also have a lot of boat race planning to do)

[Master] Black Walnut image.jpg moved 1675'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (whatever everyone wants)

[Master] Sarengar can take part of the group to the bar, Indigo can find his way there,

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Surely we we join you on your quest, but I can not say I will be of much use on a boat

[Master] and Indigo can stop to see who he wants on the way

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "I cant swim! I am sure you can do better than me on a boat."

[Indigo (Lisa)] You can row. We need strength in the boat

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::looks a Koorin""

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "I always end up doing ballast."

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (what is Tulip?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo's comment was meant for Hoffman)

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "Dont know why, but thats become my job."

[Sarengar (Guy)] Actually Koorin you can go around to the opther boats and offer to do ballast for them

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I am the hand of GOD and the arm of your boat

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] would be an honor and a safe palce for me

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "I dont think I am allowed on the other boats..."

[Master] (Tulip is a Gypsy Priestess who just recently joined the group after almost everyone else in her family died while traveling with the group)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (human?)

[Master] yes

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((because any npc that joins us is just asking to die))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (dee - can you do some augur spells if we have questions for you?)

It's me has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 12:54:08 EDT 2011

It's me is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Tulip (Dee)] I think so.

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] Im sure we could arrange something so you could do ballast on their boats

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] I am a man of stone and earth, but I will serve as I can

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (Hello It's me)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Lorie?)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (no It's me)

[Tulip (Dee)] sorry, only half paying attention, trying to eat lunch before hubby gets here.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (thought that was name she used last time)

[Master] Amelia Sunstrider moved 749'07".

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] wink wink

[Indigo (Lisa)] see!

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] My good freind, so glad to see you again

[Master] she was in the metal workers shop getting her scabard fixed

[Master] which is where Hoffman was standing in front of

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Dee - I'll try to think of a good question - I need to find those pirates)

[Tulip (Dee)] okay

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so sad - everyone else who would care about this are either dead or not here)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I was going to buy some more axes I bet

It's me has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Sarengar (Guy)] It seems that the group is growing larger by the second

[Master] Amelia Sunstrider XP award: 500. Next level in 6680.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (tis a good thing)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] How big is your boat Captain?

[Sarengar (Guy)] we should probably find someplace out of the way of traffic so proper catching up can be done

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] lead the way, clearly this is your town

[It's me] ((Hi All

[Sarengar (Guy)] depending on the size of the people we could maybe squeeze 6 of us in it

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hi Lorie!)

[Master] (remember has to be an even number of people in the boat for competition

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (this group will never be even)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we are a little odd)

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] we are quite odd

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (hello)

[Tulip (Dee)] tulip will stay ashore if need be.

[Master] they did talk some last night about the need to have people on the course to deal with issues

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] not deal with issues, CAUSE issues

[Master] grins

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[Master] I will move everyoen to the bar except Indigo?

[Master] is Branwyn staying with him?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (branwyn can go inside - Indigo's good on his own)

[JohnAA] who else

[JohnAA] I would say Hoffan and Captain, Indigo plus three more

[It's me] I am back at the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Llathandryl is on boat I think)

[It's me] :: exits the blacksmith and thoughtfully holds her sword ::

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] so since cheating is expected, I have come up with a few ideas for that

[Master] everyone has the bar map now?

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((id say let the strongest ones be in the boat))

[Master] except I moved Indigo to the Chanlery map

[JohnAA] can we say Aye, Aye

[Indigo (Lisa)] (thought Marco had plans he needed to be in the boat for)

[Master] Time of Day: 06:00 PM. Day 27 See ___ se, Eap {Late Fall} 27th, 339 SKR.

[Master] Time of Day: 06:15 PM. Day 27 See ___ se, Eap {Late Fall} 27th, 339 SKR.

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] being in the boat would make most of my plans easier

[Indigo (Lisa)] (cable guy - brb)

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] but llathandryll probably wont be much use rowing

[JohnAA] I was thinking thoses with short legs might also be on the boat, no offence

[Master] one of the rules of the regatta, you always have to have an even number of people

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((or at least have the strongest ones rowing))

[JohnAA] can she shoot arrows or fireballs?

[JohnAA] Hoffman is a rower

[Master] so if someone falls out you have to go back for them, or someoen else jumps out

[Master] so swimming is a very very good thing to have

[Koorin (BiBo!!!) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Llathandryll modified: Personal Information - Name:: CHANGED: Llathandryll Longnaem (Llathander Longnaem).

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((no attacking the other boats and no fire at all))

[JohnAA] can we pick some of that up

[JohnAA] ok, how about ice?

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] we can attack other boats. ramming is totally fine

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] magic is also fine as long as it doesnt affect a specific boat

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] so aoe spells are all good

[Sarengar (Guy)] (9 i thought any attacks had to be against all the other boats or none?))

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] for spells yeah

[Master] any attack on a specific boat will get you disqualified

[JohnAA] Let's not stay to far from our other goal

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] though it doesnt have to be all the boats

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] all is about impossible

[Master] but if you are pushing ahead and bump someone

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] but cant be specific

[JohnAA] do we have reason to believe the bowl will be on a boat?

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] nope

[JohnAA] and how is ramming not on one boat

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] this race has nothing to do with the bowl

[It's me] :: stops to ponder the Regatta activity board ::

[Master] oh yeah Lorie, the whol point of being here is to recover the Bowl of Winds for the Temple of Air and Light that did a raise dead on Kristelle

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] truth be told it has nothing to do with us at all, but we are in town and sarengar is supposed to do it. we are going along cuz he asked nice

[JohnAA] so maybe we do a little bribery before hand

[It's me] ((Just steal it -- wait for the race to begin...))

[JohnAA] help who ever has to get the bowl, or at least get closer

[Master] a pair of female pirates (hence Pirate Queens) stole it and Branwyn tracked it down to here

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] the bowl is on a pirate ship which will have nothing to do with the race

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((most of the boats are owned by nobles so they have deeper pockets than we do))

[JohnAA] bet someone whould pay us to help them win

[It's me] ((Pshaw... marco, you're playing a charmer aren't you?))

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((or so we think marco dont forget this is bob we are talking about lol))

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] I am

[It's me] ((Well...go make yourself useful... )) we'll back you up. Over here. With lemonade. and cookies. good luck))

[Master] laughs

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] that was one of my many plans

[It's me] ((I fully support that plan. John, what did you have planned that we need to ruin?))

[It's me] ((Guy, how goes the parlez with the Dragon speech?))

[JohnAA] No plans, going with the flow

[JohnAA] offering up idea to the kids shhhh

[It's me] ((who's wearing the red tunic?))

[It's me] ((they go first ))

[JohnAA] I ususaly plan to get us out of troubble not into it, so I am useless here

[JohnAA] especaial with Marco here

[Master] chuckles

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((hmm wonder if we could convince the dragons to attack the other boats))

[It's me] ((Where's Mike...we need a sacrificial lamb...errr person to go first))

[JohnAA] do you know a dragon?

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((theres a couple of blue dragon familys nearby))

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] my ideas for sabotage thus far: 1) charm the opposition prior to the race 2) use illusions to mislead other boaters 3) creative use of the bind spell or our kobolds to clothesline other boaters, 4) scare spell to make boaters turn around, 5) animal friendship on nearby seals to cause general chaos

[JohnAA] you have got to be on the boat

[JohnAA] ::sits back and watches Koorin work::

[It's me] ((I think we should just crash into the Queenies' boat and parlez "ooops, did I do that?!?"))

[Master] no to john, you could be on a bridge for example alogn the course

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] koorin will be befriending the seals, llathadryll would be doing the other things

[Master] the first mile or so can be open water if you chose the rest is winding through canals

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[JohnAA] oh Hoffman is rowing, I was sayiing John would kick back and watch

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((brb))

[JohnAA] Brother is thinking of Wyvern Watch

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I have nice channel on for cable guy - he turns it to tea party rally to blast through my living room while he fixes cable box)

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] wyvern watch affects a single target I think

[Master] yes to marco

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] its not a direct spell though, so dunno if that matters

[Master] but if you use it on someone not on a boat it is still legal

[Master] for example someone from an opposing team doing disrupting things like you are

[JohnAA] no direct effect on boat

[JohnAA] but do not see thet Brother will be of much help, too many fire spells

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] is it okay to set up and leave without targetting someone specifically?

[Master] yes

[Master] but not on someone's ship

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((back))

[Master] sorry thinking through the implications

[Master] if you try to boobytrap someone boat for example

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] say for example we cast wyvern watch on the flags so anyone who trys to approach them gets zapped

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] is that okay?

[Master] that would get you disqualified

[JohnAA] we would get zapped if we were first

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] nah, we can exempt ourselves

[JohnAA] no messing with the flags?

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((only if we get caught right bob?))

[JohnAA] does not say that

[Master] you cannot use magic on someone elses flag

[JohnAA] anyone

[JohnAA] I'll just taken them and run

[JohnAA] no magic there

[Master] have to be aon a boat to get to the flags, they are all on islands

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] so you have to get out of the boat to get the flag or are they hanging over the water?

[Master] they hold them out to you at the end of a pole so you can grab it

[Master] and then there is a basket on the end of the pole to drop your two flags in for the fourth point

[Master] pick up flag 1 pick up flag 2 pick up flag 3 drop off flags 1 & 2

[Master] turn in flag 3 at finish line

[Master] they are all in the colors of the noble houses choice

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] thats so weird

[JohnAA] Brother will positon homself along the path near the drop off point

[Master] same as your boat is painted

[Master] it prevents cheating on the course it is easy to take short cuts through the canals

[JohnAA] in case he needs to jump in or help oterwose

[Master] Ponte Sesto Punto

[Master] that is the bridge for the drop off

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] but why isnt it like get flag one, trade flag one for flag 2, then trade flag 2 for flag 3, then drop off flag 3 at the end?

[Master] and Lorie gets to make fun of my bastardized italian

[Master] because you would have to stop more often, this way you can just race right by the first stops

[It's me] :: whistles and says nothing ::

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ah

[JohnAA] I think your accent is all wrong

Guy is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

Guy has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] and yes there are lots of paths you can take through the city to achieve your goals

[JohnAA] yo gotta talk-a like-a this-a

[Sarengar (Guy)] do we have to get t5he flags in any particular order?

[Master] yes

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] do we have to keep our boat in the water at all times?

[Master] yes

[Master] grins

[Master] but that is part of the history, someone used a whirlwind to carry their boat once

[JohnAA] like that is an option for us

[Indigo (Lisa)] (bowl of air)

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] I was thinking more along the line of picking up the boat and carrying it across land if it would save us time

[Master] it is supposed to go to the clever strategy and quick racer not to the richest or toughest

[Tulip (Dee)] can we dispel magic on other peoples boats and effects?

[Sarengar (Guy)] going across land would actually take more time

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] depends on how much of a line around we gotta do

[Master] yes to Dee

[It's me] ((where's Robert we could use the D'Jinn and his cloud))

[Master] chuckles

[Master] brb bathroom break

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] i just had an idea

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] sabotage all their boats ahead of time?

[Sarengar (Guy)] i have a polymorph potion that somebody could use to change into a water elemental

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] oooh

[JohnAA] beauty

[JohnAA] much beter than Marco's evil plan

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] if it is legal

[Sarengar (Guy)] it wouldnt be anyof us on the boat

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] but the elemental could swamp all the other boats

[JohnAA] it effects all the boats, except ours

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] or just ours and make us go faster

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] either way

[JohnAA] but you can not use specail powers I thought, only movments and normal attacks

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] whichever gets us in less trouble

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] the rules are very grey

[JohnAA] yea grey, like mist

[JohnAA] can't quite see you there

[Master] grins

[Sarengar (Guy)] you wouldnt use any special abilities of the elemental just its normal ones

[JohnAA] you pick but I would give it to the spell caster, so doubble threat

[Sarengar (Guy)] a watre elemental can overturn 1ton of ship per hit die

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] so... is that legal bob?

[Master] ships do get swamped occasionally

[Sarengar (Guy)] and i think the potion would create a 6 hd elemental

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] the hd would be whatever the person who drank it had

[Master] just remember that to do some of these things you need to be in the front of the pack

[JohnAA] we have a dozen extra donuts here, anyone want one?

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] nah

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] the elemental thing would be an ambush along the path somewhere

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] someone hides in wait

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] not like you can see a water elemental in the water

[JohnAA] how long is the whole race usualy Hours?

[It's me] ((I'll swamp my veggies for the doughnuts))

[Master] normally about an hour and a half to two hours

[It's me] ((err swap ))

[JohnAA] here you go O O O

[JohnAA] they are kinda small

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] this is totally a davy back fight

[Master] so first point to decide on your plan, are you sailigng around the point or cutting through Northbank and rowing

[Sarengar (Guy)] cutting threough northbanl

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] which is faster?

[Master] depends

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] on what?

[JohnAA] no kidding

[Master] rowing it is faster the shortest route but sailing can go faster so you can go out and around

[Master] but then you have to drop the mast to get through the canals and bridges

[JohnAA] Sarengar is the Captain

[JohnAA] Do we have a confirmaed crew?

[Sarengar (Guy)] brb

[Master] Sarengar, Indigo

[Master] and two more who can swim

[JohnAA] you mean no one will save me if I sink?

[JohnAA] err Hoffman

[Master] depends on who is around

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] fal over in a canal and you might get help from the crowd

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] how long does that potion of polymorph last btw?

[Master] turns

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] well, how many? 10 turns would be the whole race

[Master] checking

[JohnAA] you will never know until you trun human, err Halfling, I mean Half Human

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] well, the last turn anyway. though thats for the spell, the potion may be different

[Indigo (Lisa)] (back - what is polymorph idea? if we sabotaged all the ships but ours wouldn't that be obvious and we would get in trouble?)

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((well, we dont need to sabotage ALL the ships, just the ones that are beating us))

[JohnAA] just push ours

[Master] 18 turns

[JohnAA] 5th team member

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] so yeah, the whole race and then some

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] 3 hours is plenty

[JohnAA] heck,let hoffman do it

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] have someone wait at flag 1 and sink a few ships, then move down to flag 3 and sink some more

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] is there a roster somewhere of people preregistered for the race?

[Master] yes

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] or even people mouthing on about how they are gonna win the race for their house?

[Master] there are lots of bets

[Master] the fish shop is for the lower classes the spice shop for the upper classes

[Master] as places to hear rumors or make bets, etc

[Indigo (Lisa)] (it's a list of the patrons or the sailors?)

[Master] sometimes both

[Master] but a list of the patrons for sure

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] okay, Llathandryll is gonna stalk who he can and charm them when they arent looking

[Sarengar (Guy)] yeah thats all that sorry elf is good for lol

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] oh yeah, you are one to talk mister I am gonna choke myself on a cursed necklace out of spite

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Master] lol

[It's me] ((I'm standing at that board ))

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] so do I find boat people? preferably boat people who seem to be favored in the betting? Even more preferably female?

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] sure which place are you going to ? Fish or Spice?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] doubt theres a whole lot of ladies racing though

[Sarengar (Guy)] I fear I should let my Patron know that I have made it back. YOu can wait here or you are welcome to stay at my home

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] the rich guys probably will be better at cheating

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] so spice

[Master] Ok

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can't see Llath wanting to hang out at the fish monger)

[Master] lets switch over to Indigo and then come back to this group

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] hey, he goes where the ladies at

[Drell (Master)] Hey how much for these bouys?

[Drell (Master)] I could use a new one for my crab traps

[Worker (Master)] metal ones are 4 silver each, wooden ones are a copper each

Indigo (Lisa) walks into the chandlery and looks about

Mike has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 14:03:19 EDT 2011

Mike is receiving the map Black Walnut image...

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 12'04".

[Worker (Master)] Hello little man, how can I help you?

[JohnAA] (did someone need to b with Inido? Is she getting herself into troubble?)

Mike has received the map Black Walnut image.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo is fine)

[JohnAA] HEY



[Mike] it'sa me

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hi Mike! :) )

[It's me] ((Hola Mike )0

[Mike] hi all

[Master] Imari's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 49 (24) - Unharmed

[Master] Imari: No adjustments made.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'm looking for Master Earwine

[Worker (Master)] well I can help you with anything you need

[Indigo (Lisa)] No, I need to speak with him. I apprenticed under him, you understand

[Indigo (Lisa)] Tell him it is Indigo to see him

[Worker (Master)] looks puzzled, looking at a halfling saying he is a ship builder

[Worker (Master)] ok

[Master] Worker moved 60'01".

[Worker (Master)] muttering

[Mike] so who's still alive?

[JohnAA] Me

[Master Earwine (Master)] INDIGO my boy! GET IN HERE NOW

[Master] Worker moved 4'01".

[JohnAA] unfortunatly

[Master Earwine (Master)] (Branwyn and Indigo)

Indigo (Lisa) runs across the chandlery

[Indigo (Lisa)] Master Earwine! I am back!

[Master] Master Earwine moved 1'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 35'07".

[Tulip (Dee)] I am leaving fr home now,will come in later.

[Master Earwine (Master)] how is this possible?

[Master Earwine (Master)] (see you soon dee, safe drive)

[JohnAA] yea!

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Bye for now!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] It is a long story

[Indigo (Lisa)] The first voyage out I was captured by pirates and sold into slavery

[Master Earwine (Master)] I heard your ship went down with all hands

Dee has left the game on Sat Sep 03 14:08:47 EDT 2011

[Indigo (Lisa)] No!

[Indigo (Lisa)] We were captured

[Indigo (Lisa)] But I got saved by a mercenary unit and I joined up

[Indigo (Lisa)] I am now part of the Dragonslayer mercenary unit!

[Mike] dee, you a new person?

[Master Earwine (Master)] and you get to travel like you always wanted to

[JohnAA (to Mike only)] yes

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes, but I never got to learn to sail.

[Master Earwine (Master)] (she is in her final trials yes, playing a Gypsy Priestess)

[Indigo (Lisa)] But I am happy

[JohnAA (to Mike only)] going from hosiptle to home so long story

[Master Earwine (Master)] and your family? how are they?

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] good to see you

[Indigo (Lisa)] I have not seen them since I left to come to Rivers Bend. I hope they are well

[Master Earwine (Master)] shakes his head, my boy you really need to get back there to tell them

[Master Earwine (Master)] it has been how long?

[Indigo (Lisa)] After the regatta we should have some drinks and I will tell you everything

[Master Earwine (Master)] I wrote your mother a letter saying how proud she should be of you

[Indigo (Lisa)] A couple of years now

[Master Earwine (Master)] and how sorry I was

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think my mother would like me at home, but I hope she can be proud of me

[Master Earwine (Master)] of course you are here for the regatta, lots of people in town for the carnival

[It's me (to JohnAA only)] same here, how is the fam?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I should write her. I did not think anyone would tell her I was dead

[Master Earwine (Master)] we finished three of the ships yesterday

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] Miranda and Michael are in the advanced class, though Maranda a little more so

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes I am rowing in a friends gondola

[Master Earwine (Master)] my boy, you are like family, of course I would keep your mother informed

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] otherwise same old

[Indigo (Lisa)] I wanted to ask you if I could pergaps borrow some tools to take with me tomorrow when we race

[Master Earwine (Master)] anything you need

[Indigo (Lisa)] In case someone sabotages the boat, I can repair it right away

[Indigo (Lisa)] And I have brought you business

[Master Earwine (Master)] then you just need some sail cloth and some tar

[Indigo (Lisa)] We are in posession of a knarr!

[Master Earwine (Master)] really!

[Indigo (Lisa)] We took it from bugbear pirates we slew

[Master Earwine (Master)] taking on pirates

[Master Earwine (Master)] so who are you sailing for in the regatta?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We were victorious and took over their vessel.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sarengar is cataining the boat. I am afraid I do not know his patron

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((the De La Veracis

[Indigo (Lisa)] He is quite skilled in boating and is a sea ranger. Maybe you have heard of him?

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] can you translate for us regualr folk

[Master Earwine (Master)] Sarengar Swiftbreeze?

[Master Earwine (Master)] the singer?

[Indigo (Lisa)] That is the man

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well he does seem to like operas

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yes yes I am famous lol))

[Master Earwine (Master)] I thought he was getting ready for the new Opera that is opening to close the carnival?

[Master Earwine (Master)] you know him?

[Indigo (Lisa)] He came upon us after we were attacked by a giant dragon turtle

[Indigo (Lisa)] There are so many stories I have to tell you

[Master Earwine (Master)] Dragon Turtles? Pirates? my boy you do need to slow down

[Master Earwine (Master)] yes you do

[Indigo (Lisa)] But he has been with us since

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes and regular dragons and Yuan Ti and witches

[Mike] how have you been, lisa?

[Master Earwine (Master)] I am amazed that you are still here

[Indigo (Lisa)] It has been close a couple of times

[It's me] //johnaa it's a person from a region

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I'm good Mike - how about you?)

[It's me (to JohnAA only)] sorry too many backslashies

[Master Earwine (Master)] so other than cloth and pitch

[Master Earwine (Master)] how can I help?

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] no biggie, silly name

[Master Earwine (Master)] should I be getting betting tips from you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think we will do well. But I have never raced before. It will be exciting

[JohnAA] but on no one finishing

[JohnAA] bet

[Indigo (Lisa)] Like I said, if I can borrow my old tools for the race that would be good.

[Master Earwine (Master)] with your luck maybe I should put a bet on your ship De la veraci, the Orange and Aqua colors

[Master Earwine (Master)] you can have anythign yuo need

[Indigo (Lisa)] And the karr got damaged in the fight with the bugbears.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I can help repair it if you will take it in

[Master Earwine (Master)] we can look at that after the race tomorrow I do hope you will be in town for at least a couple of days

[JohnAA] bastard BOB made us the Dolhins

[Master Earwine (Master)] very good

[Indigo (Lisa)] We will

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((are you surpised? lol))

[Mike] doing okay. i started learning how to emboss leather

[Indigo (Lisa)] Thank you

[Indigo (Lisa)] (nice)

[Master] Ok

[Indigo (Lisa)] It is so goot to see you Shipmaster

[Master Earwine (Master)] we will talk soon

[Master Earwine (Master)] it will be a big day tomorrow

[Master Earwine (Master)] I am very happy to see you alive and well!

[It's me (to JohnAA only)] clams? I don't get it... dolphin is a different word in Italian

[Indigo (Lisa)] And I am glad to be back if even for a visit

Indigo (Lisa) goes to gather some tools and meet up with the others

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] funny

[It's me] ((oooh... now I get it. you're a die-hard fan BOB...hence the Veraci, neat, cute, all that))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we also need to make sure we have extra oars)

Lisa is receiving the map Black Walnut image...

Lisa has received the map Black Walnut image.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((actually the veraci was me))

[Master] and when Indigo walks into the Bar he sees Imari walking over to the table

[It's me] ((it's a plural...nifty keen))

[Indigo (Lisa)] Imari!!

Indigo (Lisa) runs over to Imari happily

[Indigo (Lisa)] You're back!

Guy is receiving the map Black Walnut image...

Guy has received the map Black Walnut image.

[Master] Just to be clear, you are on the second floor of a building, have to take steps up to get here where it is over a market place

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] My savior, I forgot all about you

[Master] is why there are stairs on the outside

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (so no jumping out windows, tks)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 12'09".

[Mike] imari's still gone

[Mike] wherever she's gone

[Mike] this is not the imari you're looking for

[Mike] move along

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] hee hee

[Indigo (Lisa)] (though Bob said she walked into the bar)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I see an icon)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (it was a joke, I dead priest walks into a bar)

[Master] grins

[Mike] well i'm not here to play. just watch and make obnoxious comments

[Master] ok

[Indigo (Lisa)] (well if a dead priest walks anywhere Indigo would probably want to kill it)

[It's me] ((Ahhh...John jokes are so needed sometimes))

[Indigo (Lisa)] Pardon me, I thought you were somebody else

[It's me] ((Me thinks it's best that Kylia isn't here... Indigo might have some issues. Kylia makes characters dead))

Indigo (Lisa) walks over to the table

[It's me] ((Zig Zag for the win))

[Master] and on a side note the festivities in Venice are over now for the Regatta di Storica which actually was run today

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that would be be hard for him)

[It's me] ((Tomatoes anyone?))

[JohnAA] if only

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 10'04".

[JohnAA] So Indigo, what is the paln to get you know what

[JohnAA] plan

[Indigo (Lisa)] Plan?

[JohnAA] idea?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I was getting tools for the boat

[Master] ready Marco?

[JohnAA] we have to build a boat, I'm your man

[Master] still awake?

[Indigo (Lisa)] In case someone sabotages our boat I can fix it right away and we don't have to stop

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] for the moment

[Master] so you talk to several of the bookies

[Master] they all seem to think that Sarengar has almost no chance as he has disapeared from the city, was supposed to be practicing for an Opera, and has been MIA,

[JohnAA] rememeber when we first met, we built a raft

[JohnAA] didn't wee

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes. You are a good carpenter Hoffman

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] an opera...

[JohnAA] (you know I just got that reffrence, was not trying to be like Jesus, I swear)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] must be more than one sarengar

[Master] there are three teams to watch for they say, the Black and Gold of the House Di Orva, the Green and Red of House Del Trill and the solid yellow of House Giallo

[Master] the money is currently even on all three of those racers

[It's me] ((of course smart money is on the black and gold ;O) ))

[JohnAA] ("Always bet on black" 50 pts)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((you should mention that sarengar just got back in town lol))

[JohnAA] keep the odds in our favor

[JohnAA] if youwant to win at betting

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well, do I get a clue as to the specific racers set to race?

[JohnAA] /nike how is life?

[JohnAA (to Mike only)] and you?

[Master] they each have a well known captain

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] all males I assume?

[Master] yes

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] thats a shame

[JohnAA] sexist

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] no, just hetero

[Master] the regatta at the end of the season crews have to be evenly mixed male and female

[Master] so there are some female sailors invovled this time as well

[JohnAA] ::marks callander::

[Master] but none of the top three this time have female captains

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] okay, how about the 3 below them?

[Master] yes two female captains in that grouping

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh thats good. will start with the top three and work down to them if I dont run out of charms first

[Master] well they are not out on the town, they are at home resting and preparing

[Indigo (Lisa)] (how long does charm last?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (this is still the night before, correct?)

[BOB's laptop] yes

[Master] sorry yes

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (depends on the intelligence of the person I cast it on, but minimum of a couple of days if they are super intelligent)

[Master] was checking things on the other screen

[JohnAA] dpends on how smart they are so for the girls probaly a long time

[JohnAA] I mean very short time

[JohnAA] snicker snicker

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] hmm.... do I want to break into a house tonight...

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] decisions decisions

[Indigo (Lisa)] (is good - you can cast a bunch tonight and have a bunch tomorrow)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] what time is the race?

[Master] noon

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] then I could protentially stalk them in the morning before they get out to the race and charm them then

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] range is 120 yards, I could do it from really far away and they would never know

[Master] Renden Ironbreaker moved 31'05".

[Renden Ironbreaker (Master)] Sarengar!

[Renden Ironbreaker (Master)] I should not be surprised to find you in a bar!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((I assume I cant get a glimpse of them through a window or something?))

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] ready for another huricane?

[Renden Ironbreaker (Master)] no

[Master] sorry no

[Master] you will in the morning for sure

[Sarengar (Guy)] Renden? How did you know i was even back in town?

[It's me] //johnaa we didn't get anything from irene except sun and warm

[It's me (to JohnAA only)] hoping lee is the same

[JohnAA] yea!

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] I was thinking of K

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((k, will save it for then. koorin is off charming seals))

[Master] ok

[JohnAA] $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

[Master] you want to get some sleep Marco? then come back for the race?

[JohnAA] (from Mike)

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] the Opera Master set free some of his coin for an augury spell

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((jeebus, whens the race gonna be? it wont be over by the time I wake up?))

[Master] depends on some of the other prep

[Mike] lol. a boat race? with new rules? probably now.

[Mike] not

[JohnAA] not quite as aniversary games of the past

[Master] Koorin after an hour or so has made it down the docks to a place where some of the seals have come out to sleep, she is easily able to charm them, but they are animal intelligence

[Sarengar (Guy)] was he really that worried that i wouldnt show up? he should know that I had to be here for the race

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((thats okay, all they have to be able to do is attack boats or steal oars)

[JohnAA] are BOB's seals color blind?

[Master] chuckles

[Master] will go see if seals are

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] according to him yer the star of the show lad it couldnt go on without you. Of course the rest of us know better.

Renden Ironbreaker (Guy) winks at Sarengar

[Sarengar (Guy)] guess ill have to make an appearance then so he will quit worrying

[JohnAA] is he your henchman?

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yeah))

[JohnAA] I bet he swims

[Sarengar (Guy)] I keep telling him the opera that I want to perform but he wont even think about it.

[JohnAA] I think Hoffman will go shopping for a floatation device

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((nope dwarves dont swim well lol))

[JohnAA] maybe 2

[Master] -50 RBR the Opera Khôltar is performed for the first time and the Teatro burns down during the premiere,

[Master] -48 RBR The Opera Khôltar is performed and the Teatro is hit by lightning, killing the lead singer, there are no subsequent productions for over a hundred years

[Master] 85 RBR the Opera Khôltar is reintroduced and Drow Pirates attack the theatre barge where it is being performed

[JohnAA] let me guess, ther are performing it tomorrow

[JohnAA] they do have floatation devices right?

Renden Ironbreaker (Guy) gets very pale "Lad you know that opera is cursed"

[JohnAA] trains seals or such

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] gonna take a nap, be up when I am up

[It's me] ((Night Night Bibo))

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] No opera house in the city will even let that one be spoken of let alone perfomed

[JohnAA] Slepp well, dream of happy fields

[Indigo (Lisa)] (goodnight)

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] ((night marco))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((will try))

[BiBo!!!] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] I know thats why i want to perform it just to prove that there no silly curse

[Indigo (Lisa)] There are curses. We've seen them

[JohnAA] we were one once

[Sarengar (Guy)] sorry everyone please allow me to introduce my friend Renden Ironbreaker

[Master] (someone will have to point out to Marco this exchange when he wakes up, with the whole Curse thing)

[JohnAA] I don't care who ya are, that one's funny

[Sarengar (Guy)] the opera master has plagued me with his presence to ensure that i show up on time and sober

[Indigo (Lisa)] (He doesn't look very friendly)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Are you going to race in our boat?

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] you mean he cursed me with having to keep ye out of trouble from certain families

Renden Ironbreaker (Guy) shudder

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] I dont go on boats give me a nice horse everytime

[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh... so you are an opera singer like Sarengar?

[Mike] so how did you guys get involved with a boat race?

[Mike] did you gever get the two pirate queens?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we just got to the city - we're going to start looking)

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] im no singer i build sets and perform other roles

[Indigo (Lisa)] (the boat race came about with Sarengar's character - I am desperatley hoping the pirate queens will be involved in the race so we don't have to come this monstrous city looking for two priates in disguise)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ahhh... that makes sense. You don't look like a singer, but then I would never have guessed Sarengar was one either.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hush Indigo. You should know better than anyone that looks can be deceiving.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We are all looking forward to enjoying the opera after the race tomorrow

[JohnAA] we are?

[Master] the one he is practicing for is at the end of the month

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oops - thought it was end of festivities)

[Master] yes which is end of month

[Master] an entire month of carnival coming up

[Master] starting tomorrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (John will just have to come back for the show)

[JohnAA] smiles

[Master] Ok so any last things before turning in for the night?

[Master] you are all staying at the Palazzo San Rebal in North Bayside

[Master] with Sarengar

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (free rooms! great)

[JohnAA] I am game

[It's me] :: finally makes her way to the local inn for socializing a drink ::

[Master] Silgin moved 28'05".

[Master] Amelia Sunstrider moved 47'08".

[Silgin (Master)] Helo there,

[Silgin (Master)] I coudl not help but see you came out of the Black Walnut with Sarengar

[Silgin (Master)] do you know him well?

[Silgin (Master)] (directed at Amelia)

[It's me] :: looks up :: Who?

[Silgin (Master)] Sarengar, the singer?

[It's me] I don't know anyone in this town. I've come to watch boat races

[Silgin (Master)] he was part of your group at the bar right?

[It's me] Singing men hold no appeal for me

[It's me] group? I have no group

[JohnAA] (living on the water)

[It's me] My friend is here :: pats her scabard::

[Silgin (Master)] it is ok, I understand

[Silgin (Master)] he gets a lot of attention from a lot of people

[Silgin (Master)] I was just hoping you knew him well enough to give him a note for me

[Silgin (Master)] introduce myself to him so to speak

[It's me] What? Note, okay sure... :: shrug ::

[Silgin (Master)] might help my carreer and all

[It's me] Sure Sure... introductions, I'm on that

[It's me] Career? :: nods ::

[It's me] Yup Yup

[Silgin (Master)] gives Amelia a small scroll and a silver piece

[Silgin (Master)] if you could please see that he gets this

[It's me] :: pockets the note quickly without looking at it ::

[It's me] Sure, and your name?

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] it's a trap

[Silgin (Master)] I am silgin

[It's me (to JohnAA only)] of course it is

[Silgin (Master)] I am staying at the owl and pussycat

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (cursed scroll - will blow up in his face)

[It's me] :: makes a mental note ::

[JohnAA (to Master only)] chuckling to self

[It's me] ((Has no idea what any of this is about, but if it makes him go away...))

[Silgin (Master)] thank you thank you

[It's me] :: nods ::

[Silgin (Master)] good luck tomorrow!

[It's me] :: nods again :: Thanks

[It's me] ((no clue what he's talking about ))

[Silgin (Master)] he starts humming to himself as he wallks away

[It's me] :: to herself :: Graet

[It's me] Great,

[It's me] Why aren't I more unfriendly

[It's me] I don't want to play messenger

[JohnAA] smiles

[It's me] :: sigh ::

[It's me] :: motions for the barkeep ::

[JohnAA] one for the road?

[It's me]

[It's me] Do you know the singer... Saraghentii or something?

[Master] Quartz moved 19'11".

[JohnAA] we are selling Quartz now

[Quartz (Master)] Hey there Renden

[Quartz (Master)] nudges him

[Quartz (Master)] you have time tonight to celebrate a bit?

[It's me] :: ponders :: no no, I to speak with some singer...

[It's me] huh?

[It's me] no no no

[It's me] :: sighs ::

[Quartz (Master)] (to Renden not Amelia Lorie)

[It's me] :: reminds herself why she lives in the forest with treants ::

[JohnAA] for a reason

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] not tonight Im afraid Sarengars back and i need to get to the Opera Master

[Quartz (Master)] I heard he was back

[Quartz (Master)] just in time for you too

[Quartz (Master)] I thought you might want to celebrate your good fortune, maybe share a keg or two

[Quartz (Master)] and old Horseface can wait

[Quartz (Master)] come on the thre of us can have some fun

[It's me] :: wonders where she'd find a Sarengheti singer if she needed one ::

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] theres going to be some cursing in certain nobles homes tonight

[Quartz (Master)] I am sure of it

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] they were counting on the lad not showing up in time

Renden Ironbreaker (Guy) chuckles

[Quartz (Master)] I always knew you would figure out a way

[It's me] :: remembers something about a sign ::

[It's me] :: wanders off to figure out where to find him ::

[Quartz (Master)] you sure you will not join me?

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] maybe aftyer the race and we can celebrate for sure

[Quartz (Master)] good enough

[JohnAA] Hoffamn still wants a floatie

[Quartz (Master)] hands Renden a small pouch that jingles

[Quartz (Master)] for Sarengar

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we'll just chain you to the gondola)

[It's me] ((Mike you should play the merchandise vendor -- you can scam John :) ))

[Master] so Lorie is Amelia looking for the Palazzo where the group is staying?

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] maybe ill forget to give him this and keep it for myself

[It's me] ((Yes...I have set off to find the singer, get rid of the scroll and be on my way ))

[Master] and Hoffman can get a float at the shop where Indigo's master is

Renden Ironbreaker (Guy) laughs and heads for the Opera House

[Master] ok, not going to put up a map of the Palazzo just to sleep in it

[JohnAA] thank you

[Master] anything else that anyone else wants to try to finish before morning?

[Master] Amelia will drop off the scroll with Sarengar

[It's me] ((Yup))

[Master] Lisa?

[JohnAA] sleep

[JohnAA] make a magical oar

[Master] chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I'm okay I think)

[Renden Ironbreaker (Guy)] (( im afraid im going to have to agree with marco and take a nap))

[Guy] i cant stop yawning and my eyes keep closing

[JohnAA] we could check our pirates name on the list of entries

[It's me] ((are you on the other side of the world too ??))

[Guy] no just had a very long 2 weeks

[Master] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if that is the case, then we should go pirate hunting and save the race til the sleepyheads come back)

[Master] so Indigo will rest up for tomorrow

[Guy] ill be back in a couple hours just need to recharge my batteries

[It's me] ((Afk for loo))

[Master] and Branwyn, Hoffman, Amelia and Photo will go hunt pirates

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Foto)

[Guy] good luck

[Master] grins

[JohnAA] i said look at a list, nothing about hunting

Guy has left the game on Sat Sep 03 15:33:35 EDT 2011

[Master] Renden Ironbreaker moved 137'06".

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Mike] well i'm afraid i must got booze shopping for tomorrow.

[Mike] work work

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we didn't even see if the Vanity was docked - the dockmaster did not seem to say so)

[JohnAA] did you at least pu the flags on the map?

[Mike] if i have some time later i'll log in and see if you guys sunk a ship yet

[JohnAA] be good mike

[JohnAA] or at least good at it

Mike has left the game on Sat Sep 03 15:35:08 EDT 2011

[Master] the map has a star where you pick up each flag yes John

[Master] Renden Ironbreaker moved 68'09".

[Master] Dockmaster moved 76'02".

JohnAA is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

JohnAA has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[It's me] ((back))

[JohnAA] but they are not numbered

[JohnAA] 1 or 2

[Master] it goes counter clockwise

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (withershins)

[Master] ten points

[Master] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I though Amelia was Hoffman's friend and she was with us - not so?)

[Master] yes she is

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay)

[Master] I left that group that is not sleeping in the Black Walnut

[Master] so looking for the Vanity with the Dockmaster did not work

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] so we have two names lit.. Indigo

[Master] but then again not many pirate ships would give their name to the dockmaster

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] or War.. er Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (check with Earwine?)

[Master] Amelia Sunstrider moved 41'06".

[Master] Quartz moved 19'09".

[Master] the three of you on that map for ease of use, but tell me where you want to go in the city

[Master] AMelia has already dropped off the scroll with Sarengar

[It's me] ((Where are the Pirates? Where are the most likely places they would be socializing or talking about Pirates?? I vote we network and go there))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (i just remembered, when last we left Indio was teaching Hoffman to swim)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hoffman, I know the race is important to the others, but I have to find the Vanity and those pirates

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yup - so you could probably dog paddle by now)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] anything i can do to help?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] anything i can do to help?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The dockmaster did not say the Vanity was there, but that doesn't mean they aren't here

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] shall we visit the docks?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] let GOD lead us

[It's me] :: shakes head :: Is he a Tracker?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe my old shipmaster knows of them? Or Amelia has a good idea but I never saw any pirates openly out in the city

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Lead the way

[It's me] Shipmasters will know where to find them... or where they frequent whilst in port

[Master] Indigo moved 2'00".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (back to chandlery then)

[Master] or to the dockmaster?

[Master] Time of Day: 07:00 PM. Day 27 See ___ se, Eap {Late Fall} 27th, 339 SKR.

[Hoffman (JohnAA) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Hoffman modified:

[Indigo (Lisa)] (dockmaster didn't help us earlier, let's start with shipmaster then see)

[Master] ok

[Master Earwine (Master)] Indigo my boy, you should be resting up for your big day tomorrow

[Master Earwine (Master)] not being a tour guide for your friends,

[Master Earwine (Master)] I am hoping they are your friends

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] aye

[Indigo (Lisa)] I will, I will. Yes these are my friends

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hoffman, Amelia, Foto and Branwyn

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'm afraid I need your help again. We need to see if the Vanity and two pirates are in the city

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Brother, please

[Master Earwine (Master)] who are you looking for?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I am sorry. Brother Fotopoulous

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::smiles::

[Master Earwine (Master)] why do you think they are here? beside the idea that there are more crowds to blend in with here for Carnival

[Indigo (Lisa)] Two pirates. Bonney and Meade

[It's me] ((Looks at the "Brothers" to note their deity of choice and other features ))

[Master Earwine (Master)] (gnome)

[Master Earwine (Master)] well I have not heard of them being in town

[Master Earwine (Master)] but the Vanity is well enough known in these waters with those two at the helm

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So they are not here?

[Master Earwine (Master)] hums a tune

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We were told they would be here at the full moon

[Master Earwine (Master)] And silver the coins and silver the moon, Silver the waves on the top of the sea, When the pirate ship comes sailing in, That gallant Vanity.

[Master Earwine (Master)] smiles at Branwyn, just like the song

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] When is the full moon?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (everone sings here?)

[Master Earwine (Master)] tomorrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought is was now)

[It's me] ((I didn't sign up for this episode of Buffy ))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] tomow night, After the race

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] "Just let me rest in peace"

[Master Earwine (Master)] he hums a bit more

[Master Earwine (Master)] So shoulder to shoulder and back to back Stood Mary and stood Anne Never was it said that they Were feared of any man

[Master Earwine (Master)] they have been on the Bard's tongues lately

[Master Earwine (Master)] Rackham Calico Jack and the Vanity

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And why is that?

[Master Earwine (Master)] not sure now that you ask

[Master Earwine (Master)] just one of the popular songs that has been floating about

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who is Calico Jack?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] sounds like they are expected, not a big surprise

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] that is what I was wondering

[It's me] ((He had a might fine crew, but his ship sank ))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] "but you have heard of me"

[Master Earwine (Master)] the song goes that he sank in a storm as he was being chased by a man o war

[Master Earwine (Master)] grins at John

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you for the information. I guess we must wait now

[Master Earwine (Master)] (I was going to play that music to open but decided it would be too much memory to take up for it)

[It's me] :: frowns ::

[Master Earwine (Master)] if I were a pirate lass

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't suppose you do the maintenance on the Vanity when she docks

[Master Earwine (Master)] I would be here for the race

[Master Earwine (Master)] oh no, we do not work on any pirate ships here

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But they are allowed to dock here

[Master Earwine (Master)] there are others who woudl stoop so low as to take any gold they can grasp

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] what is the bounty on theirheads?

[Master Earwine (Master)] I hear Dryads Lair is offering up 500 gold a piece for the pair

[Master Earwine (Master)] so you can see why they would not be strutting about in the open

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] not worth the trip to that ..... place

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] but good to know

[Master Earwine (Master)] the Regatta di Storica that sails in a month is to Dryads lair and back

[Master Earwine (Master)] I would not say Mistress Branwyn that Pirates are allowed to dock here

[Master Earwine (Master)] if they were caught the ship would be burned

Branwyn (Lisa) getting frustrated

[Master Earwine (Master)] very chancy thing to be caught here

[Master Earwine (Master)] why are you looking for them?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But if they are to be here tomorrow they must be allowed to dock

[Master Earwine (Master)] for the reward?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] so if you wanted to get into town but keep your boat out, where whould you dock it?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] just up river?

[Master Earwine (Master)] I would dock up the river Baikal, near or in the Mist of Drillian

[Master Earwine (Master)] and then bring a skiff back up river to the city

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They have something that does not belong to them and we must get it back

[Master Earwine (Master)] chuckles, I think that is what makes them Pirates Lass

JohnAA is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

JohnAA has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, but that they cannot keep this thing

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I must retrieve it at all costs

[It's me] :: sighs ::

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Ouch, I know that look

[Master Earwine (Master)] (River Baikal is the one that heads to the SW john, and it a day or two to the mist)

[It's me] :: frowns more ::

[Master Earwine (Master)] if you know they have it

[Master Earwine (Master)] and you believe that they are in town

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] how many gates are into the city? How hard is it to get inwithout someone seeing

[Master Earwine (Master)] there is only one gate to the city

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (my map did not quite load right)

[Master Earwine (Master)] but no one comes through that way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The last I checked they had it and they are to be here at the full moon. That is all I know

[Master Earwine (Master)]

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] we should send them an invitation

[It's me] We should put a skewer through their brains

[It's me] but that's just me I suppose

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (works for me)

[It's me] They are pirates... we are laboring for way too many nicieties

[Master Earwine (Master)] if I can ask, what did they take from you?

[It's me] that are undeserving of them

[It's me] :: resumes frowning and keeping her mouth shut ::

[Master] Time of Day: 07:15 PM. Day 27 See ___ se, Eap {Late Fall} 27th, 339 SKR.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They have stolen the bowl of air from the Temple of Air and Light

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This is why they are so formidable at sea

[Master Earwine (Master)] well if you know what they have,

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Of course they cheat "Pirate"

[Master Earwine (Master)] how could they use that for the regatta

[Master Earwine (Master)] LOL

[Master Earwine (Master)] (that was very nice John)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't know that they will be in the regatta

[Master Earwine (Master)] Pulls out a chart of the city and surrounding areas

[Master Earwine (Master)] hmmm

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] But would they be allowed to enter the race at the last minute?

[Master Earwine (Master)] a bowl of air, I suppose it would be best for sailing

[Master Earwine (Master)] oh no

[Master Earwine (Master)] the racers have been set for months

[It's me] ((This chap is about as helpful as a dull knife -- BOB NPC ))

[Master Earwine (Master)] if they are not in the race then why must be wanting to win on betting on someoen else

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ah

[It's me] ((We should move it along and actually try and catch them. This chap will be helpful with his reminder of "Well if you already know..." until Marco wakes up ))

[Master Earwine (Master)] holds a candle over the map

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (We have heard they are quite adept at disguise. They could be anyone.

[Master Earwine (Master)] tracing paths

[Master Earwine (Master)] you know

[It's me] ((They are Drow, right?))

[It's me] ((Ask where Drow might hang then :) ))

[Master Earwine (Master)] draws a ling

[Master Earwine (Master)] line

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no idea - based on pirate story of women pirates who dressed as men)

[Master Earwine (Master)] that is a straight stretch of the course

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::looks at line I cannot see::

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I see

Indigo (Lisa) peers over the map following Earwine's hand

[Master Earwine (Master)] (can you see it now)?

Lisa is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

Lisa has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] smiles

[Master Earwine (Master)] if you were there on one of those bridges you would have a straight shot at most of the contestants

[Master Earwine (Master)] so if you cut through that lagoon righ there you can avoid them

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hmmm... that is good to know. Llathandryl will be pleased to know about this

JohnAA is receiving the map Chandlery map...

JohnAA has received the map Chandlery map.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Which lagoon?

[Master Earwine (Master)] points (the one with the blue dots just to the east of the second mark)

[Indigo (Lisa)] I see

[Master Earwine (Master)] so if you want to catch your pair

[Master Earwine (Master)] points to the pyromancer tower

[Master Earwine (Master)] you can see that whole setion of the course from up there

[Master Earwine (Master)] I will have to put some money on your crew Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] But we don't have a spyglass!

[Master Earwine (Master)] oh I am sure they have one up there

[Master Earwine (Master)] they are mages afterall

[Master Earwine (Master)] begging yoru pardon misstress Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes?

JohnAA has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 16:15:16 EDT 2011

JohnAA is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Master Earwine (Master)] not to say that mages are a bad thing

JohnAA has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Of course they aren't

[Master Earwine (Master)] (you want me to kick your other log in John?)

JohnAA has left the game on Sat Sep 03 16:15:52 EDT 2011

[Master Earwine (Master)] better?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If they have created a wonderful tower that you can see the city from I am sure everyone is grateful

[It's me] :: laughs ::

[Master Earwine (Master)] chuckles, only Mages are allowed in there, I am not sure that everyone is exactly grateful

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well I am anyway

[It's me] Mages don't help willingly and without an in for them

[JohnAA] sure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you didn't say this was a mage only tower)

[JohnAA] Again with mages and towers

[Master] Ok, short break for food

[JohnAA] why have I never had a tower

[Master] will be right back up just popping something in the microwaves

[Master] LOL

[JohnAA] popcorn chicken?

[Master] stick around John, Branwyn is about to start on a building project

[Master] brb

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[It's me] (In BOB's world towers almost ALWAYS mean Mages and usually either feebleminded or evil ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not my bldg project)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (last night he kept saying we need to go to the tower - you can see everything)

[It's me] ((ha! church building is YOURs))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I was thinking something like Coit Tower)

[JohnAA] I am not comming back to play until I get to take over the memorial dungeon

[JohnAA] or at least some dungeon

[It's me] ((Well since BOB retired the character that has the key to get in, I don't see that happening anytime soon))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you can have the caverns under skull church)

[JohnAA] gee thanks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (goblins, a necromancer, lots o' fun stuff)

[It's me] ((hardly the same))

[It's me] ((Necromancer... was he the nice one or mean?))

[JohnAA] find a tower with a strange wall yet?

[JohnAA] red cloak dead yet?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (nope)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he's MIA and we went to Loosend)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he'll pop up again when we least expect it)

[JohnAA] probably in a tower

[It's me] ((we should take her to the nice Necromancer))

[It's me] ((of course, there's always the retaking of Thedd to be done))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (there's a nice necromancer?)

[It's me] ((now there's some prime necromancy in action ))

[It's me] ((Yes, he was very pleasant ))

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[It's me] :: whistles :: Nothing to see here... we're just talking about the weather

[Master] grins

[Master] no Towers yet John,

[It's me] ((time gives you perspective.... we should have had the nice necromancer resurrect the Spider Lady ))

[Master] but after this is over here in Rivers Bend and then you get the flowers

[Master] and yes that is true lorie

[Master] then Branwyn has to build a church, and you know how construction projects go with higher level characters

[JohnAA] somehow I thoght she did not want to come back

[JohnAA] Um, Branwyn in not a priest

[Master] reincarnate would be the only way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that does not mean she can't build a church)

[JohnAA] if we had high level characters we would not need to build a church for someone else

[It's me] ((looks at Branwyn's shackle of a church and laughs ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she got brought back after plague death)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (now owes a church)

[It's me] ((I have a high level character and a church and my own town ))

[JohnAA] does that men you are now immune?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes - finally)

[Master] yeap

[It's me] So Branwyn, what are you doing for the next 10 years ????

[JohnAA] you just left it in your other computer

[It's me] ((No, some DM took her away ))

[JohnAA] ::whistkles and waits for next subject::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that would be sad - could it be a small church?)

[It's me] So then... what are we doing?

[Master] Ok, so youhave new ideas

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (a prayer shack)

[It's me] ((depending on the deity, probably won't work ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (adobe adoration hut)

[Master] you have a better plan for the race

[JohnAA] i may get real drag here, two movies over the internet here

[Master] other options are use divination some how

[It's me] ((What deity is it?))

[Master] to find the pirates

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like divination)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (too bad we ditched the gypsies)

[Master] foto?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can't remember off the top of my head - Bob?)

[JohnAA] 2nd level at best will not be much

[Master] your church? is for the Kayugan church, I think Belinos in particular

[Master] something is better than nothing John

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (at least I don't have to build a church for the self mutilators)

[Master] I think Lorie missed that one

[It's me] ((Kayugans... oh dear ))

[It's me] ((:: whistles :: )) Good luck!

[JohnAA] Augury only gives us 1/2 hr lead time

[Master] but you have spells tonight and in the morning

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no all night fortune tellers in the city?)

[Master] lots of them for carnival and such

[Master] but who can you trust

[Master] the streets are alive with people

[Master] harvest is done,

[Master] goods to be sold

[Master] parties

[Master] is a good season to be here in the city

[It's me] ((Drunk gypsies always tell the best truths...ask Marco when he wakes up ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I'm up for anything you guys want to do)

[Master] so what questions to have Foto try and answer before sleeping and relearning spells

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how many questions do we have?)

[JohnAA] it's only what we will do in the next 30 min.

[It's me] ((Did anyone try the local guilds?))

[Master] not yet Lorie

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and if he fails he gives us a wrong answer)

[JohnAA] If we go west will we run into the pirates

[It's me] ((Or look at the worker's board for them hiring??))

[It's me] ((theives don't like Pirates on their turf, they probably would help ))

[It's me] ((well sort of help ))

[JohnAA] It soulnds like we should wait to look for the bowl afetr the race

[Master] or try to watch for it being used during the race and react to it

[JohnAA] We added the thought that Brawyn will be at the tower

[Master] ok we can do that right now, she can go over and introduce her self

[Master] any questions etc?

[JohnAA] i dod have a question on the map

[Master] ask away

[JohnAA] the red line misses a flag

[Master] he was pointing out a straight line section of hte course

[Master] ifyou wanted to use wind on

[JohnAA] but woun't that boat miss a flag?

[Master] that is the second flag to the third flag section of the course

[JohnAA] so most boats go that way

[Master] it makes sense to row as fast as you can in a straight line rather than curve around

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but also has bridges from which it would be easy to sabotage other boats)

[Master] so Branwyn heads off to the tower

[It's me] ((BOB, do I see any pubs nearby?))

[Master] sure lots

[JohnAA] is the bowl made of metal?

[Master] bone

[It's me] ((Okay, against my better judgement, I pick on that seems to have the shadiest characters outside and enter ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (dragon bone)

[Barkeep (Master)] they bar is busy with lots of small groups of people

[Barkeep (Master)] some are holding up a piece of slate with various colors on them

[Barkeep (Master)] and scribbling notes

[JohnAA] look for big bets

[It's me] ((::observes :: ))

[Barkeep (Master)] you see the Black and Gold of House Orva seeming to be the favorite on most boards

[Barkeep (Master)] but people keep people placing bets on the Orane and Aqua as you see more money coming in

[It's me] ((Is there a mix of people / gnomes / dwarves / elves inside?))

[Barkeep (Master)] mostly humans, some others

[Barkeep (Master)] dwarves are rare, so are halflings

[Barkeep (Master)] in fact Sarengars friend is the frirst Dwarf that Branwyn, Indigo etc have ever seen

[Barkeep (Master)] no elves in this part of the city though some in the high class areas

[It's me] ((:: nods :: makes sense ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (which one was a dwarf?)

[Barkeep (Master)] Rendan

[It's me] :: approaches one patron :: What makes the Orane and Aqua so appealing for a bet?

[It's me] ((I clearly look like I'm from these parts))

[Barkeep (Master)] I hear they got a special in

[Barkeep (Master)] they got their captain back and no one knows

[It's me] Oh, that was great timing for them

[Barkeep (Master)] yeah

[Barkeep (Master)] just like it was bad timing for Del Trill

[It's me] Del Trill ?

[Barkeep (Master)] losing their captain this afternoon to a fever

[Barkeep (Master)] the green and red will be long long shots tomorrow now

[It's me] How unusual

[It's me] was their illness plaguing the town?

[It's me] Should I be worried?

[Barkeep (Master)] no

[Barkeep (Master)] crosses him self

[It's me] :: wipes off invisible germs ::

[Barkeep (Master)] I have not seen the Plague here in two months

[It's me] two months? What drove it away? A powerful priestess ?

[Barkeep (Master)] but of course with Carnival here now it might get worse

[Barkeep (Master)] they just dump the bodies in the lake

[Barkeep (Master)] they go downriver and take the Plague with them

[It's me] Does anyone know the origin of this plague?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Marco would have a fit)

[It's me] Perhaps I should return to my forest where it is safer...

[Barkeep (Master)] no one knows what brings on teh Grey Death

[It's me] I was keen to see the Carnival boat race, but it seems this place is more dangerous than I feared

[Barkeep (Master)] I can help protect you if that is what you want

[It's me] Plagues, Pirates, dead Captains

[Barkeep (Master)] what Pirates ?

[It's me] Did you hear that Pirates are afoot?

[Barkeep (Master)] no

[Barkeep (Master)] the city watch will be having a fit

[It's me] Someone told me that there were Pirates, using evil magic to cause havok

[Barkeep (Master)] it figures they would try to sneak in this time

[It's me] Do you know where they are most likely to be found? I would NOT want to be in that part of the city

[It's me] or where they would dock their boat

[Barkeep (Master)] if I were a pirate I would not dock my boat in the city at all

[It's me] Oh, that is a relief... far outside the city is a good thing then

[Barkeep (Master)] I would bring in a small boat along one of the small canals and avoid the watch

[Barkeep (Master)] he POKES a finger at Amelia, that way you can stab them quick and get away

[It's me] ((John / Lisa -- have you looked at the canals at all?))

[It's me] Oh! That is a plan

[Barkeep (Master)] but don't worry you are safe with me

[It's me] You are clever... you would make a dastardly Pirate I am sure

[Barkeep (Master)] I would not let a pretty thing like you get poked by any pirates

[It's me] :: ruffles at the mention of Pretty ::

[It's me] Says nothing

[It's me] :: glances at the time teller moon ::

[JohnAA] i am thinking lots of possiblities

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just got in last night - have not looked at the canals in depth)

[JohnAA] trying to focus on what we can do

[It's me] Oh! It's very late... I didn't realize! I need to meet my cousin!

[It's me] Thank you so much for your information. I'm sure to be safe now

[Barkeep (Master)] stay a few

[It's me] :: gives a polite smile ::

[Barkeep (Master)] I have to keep open for the gentlemen here

[It's me] I must be off... perhaps our paths will cross again.

[Barkeep (Master)] then I can help you home

[It's me] I'll be fine I'm sure

[It's me] No canals ... no plagues

[Barkeep (Master)] so who are you betting on tomorrow

[It's me] Oh... I am still not sure

[It's me] I will talk to my cousin and see what we can agree upon

[It's me] :: waves ::

[Barkeep (Master)] grunts in disapointment

[It's me] :: leaves and rejoins the group ::

[It's me] Hoffman...

[It's me] What sort of town have you brought me to?

[JohnAA] (did we come together?)

[It's me] ((nope...))

[Master] sure

[Master] lol

[Master] ok

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] GOD leads me where I am needed

[It's me] ((that's the joke!))

[It's me] yes Yes...

[It's me] the tracker

[It's me] I forget

[It's me] In any case, might'n your colleague and the two of us have a brief word?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Trackers Follow, We arrive just in time

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (nice one)

[It's me] ((oh no... this is just another in a long line of John quirky characters!))

[It's me] :: moves away from the dock to discuss her information share ::

[It's me] :: recounts all that she's learned and tries not to leave out many details ::

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::bows::

[It's me] ((for BOB: Dolphins cut Will Allen ))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Instinct tells me Del Trill will have the Bowl

[Master] (was expected, bet he signs with someone else or goes to practice squad to come back in the fourth week)

[It's me] ((Agreed BOB...just sharing latest Tweet ))

[Master] nods thanks

[It's me] ((Not sure if you all had that info before from other NPCs, but wanted to try and move along with how they were getting in ))

[Master] Everything you know about the city and the regatta you learned in the last part of last nights session, or today

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] It's hard to care about the race beyond fining the bowl, still not sure if i am going to be on the boat

[Master] fame and honor to the winning team

[Master] and presumed fortune

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Saranger is committed to the race)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I know and if he is your friend I want to help

[It's me] ((We are Dragonslayers... we care naught for either ))

[Master] just depends on who else swims, Sarengar, Indigo Hoffman and Amelia?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (who is supposed to polymorph?)

[Master] Koorin is goign to try to have the seals interfe along the course somewhere, if you can point out a spot for Marco that would be good

[Master] not sure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (all this important stuff was when I was with cable guy so I am fuzzy on race details)

[Master] you can always put NPC rowers in the gondola

[Master] they have the same chances

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (would seem like if everyone is going to take that straight line - that would be a good spot for koorin and her seal attack)

[Master] as long as Sarengar is there and makes his boating check

[Master] ok as John and Lorie ponder the map

[Master] Branwyn stops by the tower

[Apprentice (Master)] Hello, how can I help you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hello, my name is Branwyn. I have just arrived in the city and wanted to visit your tower.

[Apprentice (Master)] smiles that is nice Branwyn, but we only allow fully trained Mages inside of the tower

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then there shall be no problem then

[Apprentice (Master)] raises an eyebrow

[Apprentice (Master)] please demonstrate

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] cast knock - I would really like this one's pants to fall down - I assume he is wearing a belt

[Apprentice (Master) (to Lisa only)] is a female

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] that sucks

[Apprentice (Master)] and Branwyn casts and the room behind the apprentice Sprouts doors

[Apprentice (Master)] and cuboards open everywhere

Apprentice (Master) lokking around

[Apprentice (Master)] I am sure they appreciated that upstairs,

[Apprentice (Master)] most people go for subtle things like lighting candles,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am sure they did

[Apprentice (Master)] but welcome

[Apprentice (Master)] come in

[Apprentice (Master)] I will bring you upstairs

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (snicker snicker)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Amateurs light candles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] anyone who can light a candle can come in?

[Apprentice (Master)] it is a good beginning

[Apprentice (Master)] but I will take you to the master for his approval

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you

[Apprentice (Master)] as you are walking up stair case upon stair case

[Apprentice (Master)] are you here in town for carnival?

[Apprentice (Master)] the fourth floor

[Apprentice (Master)] the fifth floor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You could say that

[Apprentice (Master)] most of the apprentices are out trying to get what leads they can on the race

[Apprentice (Master)] tis a pity that divination works so poorly on these chaotic thing

[It's me] ((afk a few to walk with Boo Boo))

[Apprentice (Master)] sixth floor

[Master] Apprentice moved 7'10".

[Master] Branwyn moved 6'09".

Branwyn (Lisa) chuckles, "And how are they doing with that? there must be better ways for the apprentices to make some coin"

[Apprentice (Master)] Oh I suppose they come out even in the end

[Master] Apprentice moved 7'02".

[Apprentice (Master)] Master you have a visitor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I've got a black screen)

[Master] Branwyn moved 1'02".

[Apprentice (Master)] a Mage Brawnyn,

[Apprentice (Master)] from?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay - small room area)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roppenmere

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (really???)

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] Branwyn of Roppenmere who likes to play with fire?

[Master] Apprentice moved 2'10".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (do I see him?)

[Master] Branwyn moved 4'11".

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 3'09".

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] looks her up and down

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Master??

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] smiles warmly

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] how have you been child

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 11'00".

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] ome in

[Master] Branwyn moved 12'07".

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (smiles)

Branwyn (Lisa) without thinking runs over to hug him and then stops remembering herself

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] opens his arms for her

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I ... thought you were dead

[Master] Apprentice moved 13'01".

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] many have wished that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I didn't know what to think

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] now you too?

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] smiles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You left me

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I left Roppenmere

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You left me

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I gave you a spell book and a head start

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would have fought with you

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] and you would not have lived a good life

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You had so much to teach me still

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I am very pleased to see you have continued to practice

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] what have you been doing?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Of course. My family cast me out. This is all that I ever wanted

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] why did you come here of all places?

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] truely?

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I though you were living there still after all these years

[Branwyn (Lisa)] To be a mage like you, yes. This is what I wanted.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No after you left, I had nothing left in Roppenmere

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I looked for you until I had no gold left then I joined a mercenary unit

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] you did not come here for me?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I did not know you were here!

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] we must catch up on things then, where are you staying?

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I will have one of the aprentices make up a room for you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A friend's Palazzo

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] smiles, you are moving in higher circles for certain now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Much has changed

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] not many Nobles would want to have a mage living with them

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] very well done

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] how long have you been in the city that we have missed each other?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is this your tower?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We have only just arrived today

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I am the current master here yes, but it has been here for many more years than I have

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I heard this tower affords the best view of the coty and so I wanted to see it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (city)

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] that is does

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I can see the entire harbor and up the the Nest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Did you defeat your enemy then?

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] down to the Chandler Cowles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I was so worried

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I defeated him but his protege got away

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It was not fair what the townspeople did to you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] who is this protege?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (let me guess Red Cloak?)

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] (LOL not that obvious)

Branwyn (Lisa) hoping it is not yulotte

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] you would not know him

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] let us talk of happier things

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] will you be here long?

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I would like to hear yoru stories, and to hear of your studies

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] what have you learned?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] For a little while at least

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh many things. I have had a few interesting teachers since you left

[Branwyn (Lisa)] My first teacher was not much more skilled than I but he died of plague

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then there was Yulotte ....

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He was quite skilled and generous with me

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] he is well known if not well liked

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But he was trying to control demons and I do not know what has become of him

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Some wish to blame him for the plague but I do not think he is that powerful

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have no quarrel with him

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] shakes his head no the Plague is not the act of man

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] or we would all perish

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I will show you the view

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 22'10".

[Master] Branwyn moved 15'03".

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] This window allows you to see the start and fiinish of the race

Branwyn (Lisa) looks out

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 6'07".

[Master] Branwyn moved 10'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The city is breathtaking from here

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] this one the northern portion of the city

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] smiles in the day it is even more beautiful

[Master] Branwyn moved 31'05".

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 32'00".

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] and up there is the Nest

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] and out to Outreach and the Great Plains

[Master] Branwyn moved 24'06".

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 29'01".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It looks desolate. That is where I must go next

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] and far in the distance there, is Roppenmere

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] always just over the horizon

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have no interest in Roppenmere

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] with that steel in your voice there must be a story

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] but that is for tomorrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] the town has mistreated us both

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] they did not understand is all

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] I will see you in the morning?

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 34'02".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh yes

[Master] Branwyn moved 37'01".

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 1'04".

[Master] Bellamin Tannyth moved 5'00".

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] do not come up without an escort

[Branwyn (Lisa)] An escort?

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] taps on the statue

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] it recognizes my aprentices

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] gestures around

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] and all here is stone so I do not worry about other problems

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You teach all these others

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] no not all

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] only the ones with a spark

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] like you

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have missed your guidance

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] we will talk in the morning

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] good night Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] All right

[Branwyn (Lisa)] goodnight master

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] so Hoffman and Amelia have any other questions before morning?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that was a huge surprise)

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 PM. Day 27 See ___ se, Eap {Late Fall} 27th, 339 SKR.

[Bellamin Tannyth (Master)] smile, thank you

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] no

[Master] Ok

[Master] so morning breaks

[It's me] ((who is going to fix it!))

[Master] Time of Day: 06:00 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (was dealing with cable guy when people were planning boat race - any spells I need to have ready?)

[Master] you have four hours before the race actually starts (noon)

[Master] sorry 6

[Master] math is hard

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (have to figure out spells though - lol!)

[Master] yes you do

[Master] John and Lorie can give advice

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] well no touch spells for you today

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] if you are in the tower

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (wasn't really part of plan today, am I?

[Master] that is where you can see what is happening then rush to the part of the course that needs help

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol - down 10 flights of stairs and across city)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] detect magic might be nice

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Telkinis is a bit high for you I think

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] any wind spells?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] or water spells

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no - I think maybe one of the priests may have a wind spell)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (detect magic - yes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (most of my spells are for killing things)


[Branwyn (Lisa)] (have polymorph other - but last night we couldn't decide what to make)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] That is not a spell I would use on party members, unless you have to save a life

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (wasn't sure if causing an oil slick on the river water do much)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] like change into merman to save from drowning

[It's me] I am wondering if Sky Hook might be useful

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Phantasmal killer looks like fun

[It's me] Unseen servant and magic missile are always handy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like that one but it attacks a creature - not sure we can use that in general)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] sounds like we can attack people just not boats, but then i am not that kind of guy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (unseen servant - could toss small things at boats?)

JohnAA is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

JohnAA has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (If we see someone trying to interfere with the race - a magic missile zap might not be the worst thing in the world)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] or could grab a bowl if you are close enough

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what could grab the bowl?)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Unsen Servent, maybe

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] you have to be within 30 ft

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] it specificly says fetch

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so not sure how good being in the tower is)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that straight line seems to be key)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] If I am not on the boat I am near flag 3

Lisa is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

Lisa has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] tower only allows you to see things that could happen, no need to stay there, or even be there if you have a different plan

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Sarengar also has foriso's old web cloak)

[Master] the scale on the map is correct

[Master] it is just about 2/3 of a mile along that stretch from flag 2 to flag 3

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] a lot depend on bing in front

[Master] I want you three to feel ready to tackle things

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

[Master] do you think you can give Saren any help on his Boating Proficiency check?

[Master] anything in the party pack that could help?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that is a problem - we need his boating prof check for example)

[Master] John you would be amazed at Lisa last month

[Master] saved Saren from a necklace of choking

[Master] with a potion of metal fatigue

[Master] that was the curse that marco was talking about earlier also

[Master] you can look at Koorin's spells as well as Tulips

[Master] at least one of them should be back later on I do believe

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we have a protection from magic scroll - would that work on a boat or only on a person?)

[Master] I would think either

[Master] but not both

[Master] I am avoiding putting the 30 boats on the map to move around

[Master] only going to put the You are Here marker for your own boat

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] good

[Master] grabbign a drink while you two collaborate and recuperate

[Master] then we can do anything you want before the start of the race

[Master] brb

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how are we going to do this race without Guy and Marco?)

[It's me] ((Excellent question, I hope we don't have to ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I hope not either)

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] you really do want Guy here

[Master] no one else has boating

[Master] and you know the other captains do

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] or a potion to turn into a water elemental

[Master] worse case you just ahve to deal with the crowds and along the course and you do not have an actual boat in the race

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] anyone have a monster manual for what to turn me into

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sarengar is the the race no matter what - we would just not have his rolls to go with him)

[Master] do you want me to tell you what?

[Master] this is true Lisa

[Master] his boat will compete no matter what

[JohnAA] didn;t this group go against some sort of water creature?

[Master] on the river,

[Master] scrags

[Master] a dragon

[Master] a giant gar

[Master] wraiths

[Master] bugbear pirates

[Master] a plague ship

[Master] those are in teh last month

[JohnAA] wraith are not water creatures, bugbears are not either, even if they are pirates

[JohnAA] I just am starting to like the idea of being turned into a good water dragon, what metal would that be

[JohnAA] starting to think of all sorts of use for that spell

[JohnAA (to Master only)] I think my back story should be that I am a rat polymorthed into a human, so if I die I turn back into a rat

[Master (to JohnAA only)] LOL

[JohnAA (to Master only)] that would freek them out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I am just worried about subtlety - we talked about this last night. the most powerful houses in the city are competing. If we go too far in cheating and they think/know it is us, there will be consequences)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we can be disruptive but if we cross a line they will come after us)

[JohnAA] I just do not think it is Hoffman's way to cheat, as far as some of the party memenrs no problem

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (my characters are not thrilled either)

[JohnAA] I can see pushing the boat or making waves but not all out cheating like charming

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo is working on being ready if someone messes with us. Branwyn wants the bowl)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (If we don't win I will not be upset)

[It's me] (aside from the bowl, why MUST the group participate? shouldn't we focus on catching the pirates / bowl ???))

[JohnAA] I

[Master] only Sarengar is a requirement for the race

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (well we found out Sarengar was already entered and he needed crew)

[Master] based on his patron

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he has helped us so we would help him)

[Master] that is why you three can solve this without them

[It's me] ((we should be combing canals for baddies ))

[It's me] ((sailing is for waterproof dwarves and slippery elves))

[JohnAA] are the boats all open rowers with some sails?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[JohnAA] clearly the bowl can be hidden but do we know how it works

[Master] all the competing gondolas are for rowers, a handful have a colapsable mast to put up a single sail like a viking long ship does

[Master] so given what you know from the people you talked to, two best ways to use the bowl in this regatta are at the start/finish in the open water

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you know as much as I do - if pirates have stolen it, I am assuming it is a pretty good sailing aid but I doubt that is what it was designed for)

[Master] or along that straight away where you have the alleyway

[Master] your guess is you use it to create wind

[Master] seems to be the most logical

[JohnAA] the start/finsih line is the line in the bay?

[Master] yes

[Master] cannot break it until noon

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified:

[Master] grins, tempted to call Guy and wake him up

[Master] two hours is enough

[JohnAA] Do you know what Kaz is up to?

[Master] no

[Master] so any ideas for last minute things to do this morning before the race starts?

[Master] do you want to place your self in the city

[Master] for where you will be to start and if you end up in the boat then we just put you there

[It's me] I think I want to get up early and do a canal walk

[It's me] for "invaders"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (still mulling over spells)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that sounds good)

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 3142'09".

[JohnAA] well I guess we can move from the staring point to the third flag well before the boats go arround

[JohnAA] but so much could hapen anywhere

[JohnAA] "too many questions"

[JohnAA] any big bets on Dell Trill?

[Master] yes

[Master] Time of Day: 07:00 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[JohnAA] Hoffman moved 675'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Spells - CHANGED: Detect Magic - Wizard -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Unseen Servant -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Lightning Bug -- # Memorized: 0 (+1), CHANGED: Phantasmal Killer -- # Memorized: 0 (+1), CHANGED: Polymorph Other -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null.

[JohnAA] Hoffman moved 2545'06".

[Master] to start the day the leader board is Black & Gold (Di Orva) Orange & Aqua (De la Veraci) and Loredan is in third, but the long shot is now Del Trill, would pay off at 20 to 1

Guy has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 18:36:38 EDT 2011

Guy is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Master] B & G is 3-4 and O& A is 5-3

[Master] well looky here

[JohnAA] brb

Guy has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Welcome back!)

[Guy] im alive agai

[Master] so to sum up for you Guy

[Master] your team is expected to come in second now

[Guy] wow

[Master] behind Di Orva in the B & G

[Guy] just because sarengar is back?

[Master] Del Trill's captain came down with a fever and is out

[Master] there is a line on the map where they think the bowl of wind might be used

[Master] Time of Day: 07:45 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[Master] Amelia is out scouting the canals now

[Master] will be back in a short bit

[Guy] what bowl of wind?

[Master] LOL

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you sound like marco)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the bowl of wind - we need to repay the favor for bringing Kristelle back from the dead)

[Guy] you got it back?

[Master] LOL

[Master] oh man

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (seriously?)

[Guy] hey im still waking up give me a break

[JohnAA] we need a quick link to the party pack

[Branwyn (Lisa)] 9lol)

[Master] it is on top of the adventures page

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we need bowl of wind that pirate queens have)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (they may or may not be in the race)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (del trill team capatin getting fever is suspicious)

[Master] they were one of hte favorites

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if someone was going to use bowl of wind - that straight line Bob has in red on the map would be an ideal place to use it)

[JohnAA] found it, not much offensive

[It's me] ((afk need more iced tea ))

[Guy] ok thank you for the recap

[Master] lots of other things happened but that is the short version

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (am I forgetting anything?)

[JohnAA] Brawynn met his master and Lorie almost got stalked

[JohnAA] oh yea, we need Guy here to win the race

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ( he knew that!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (guess we need to hammer out who is where and who is doing what exactly)

[Master] I put people on teh map

[Master] but if Sarengar is here

[Master] we can use him to show the boat

[JohnAA] it seems simple, if we get the water elemental to push us into the lead then you put up a web behind yourslef and clear sailing

[JohnAA] I am so afraid of doing something to get you disqualified

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or our heads chopped off)

[JohnAA] you know we are going to make enimes, that is a given

[Guy] which star is the first point the northern or the southern?

[Master] northern

[Master] witershins

[Master] couterclockwise

[Master] nods to lisa

[Branwyn (Lisa)] smiles

[Master] Harbormaster moved 1385'00".

[Master] Indigo is in the boat

[JohnAA] Guy did you read the site for the latest quotes?

[Master] where did you want to place your other people?

[Master] he will not get that one John

[JohnAA] I am set

[Guy] no i havent

[Master] but it is very nice one

[JohnAA] you are a fan of Robert right?

[Master] LOL

[Guy] which robert?

[JohnAA] V

[Master] do you want Amelia (Lorie) in the boat with another NPC rower?

[Master] or ?

[JohnAA] who gets the potion?

[Master] right now is Sarengar and Indigo

[Master] that is why I am asking

[It's me] ((how did the canal walk go?))

[Master] you could give it to her

[Master] Amelia says that the canals are getting lined with people, especially along that straight away and near the four mark

[Guy] lets do that Amelia and another npc

[Master] there seem to be some bets on if the Orange and Aqua have bribed someone to let them row through the Palace district

[Master] instead of going around

[Guy] did we?

[JohnAA] whistles

[Master] crickets

[Guy] should i take that as a yes

[JohnAA] i thiought you were the man of money

[JohnAA] Your the captain, this is your show

[JohnAA] I am here to serve

[Master] you are the one who lives here Sarengar, they would not even know TO do that in the first place

[JohnAA] Aye Aye Captain

[JohnAA] Captain, theres no more power

[Master] Sarengar moved 122'06".

[Master] what are you chances at making your boating check ?

[Master] that is the last piece of the puzzle

[JohnAA] right the last piece

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what's the first piece?)

[Guy] ehh 50/50

[Guy] better chance of that than my opera singing lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (any priest out there to bless Sarengar?)

[Master (to It's me only)] you can see that it will be hard to jump into place during the race but the closest route is from the harbor strait back to near the Spice Market for a close up view of any contestant left after that straight away

[JohnAA] did you know the party pack has something that makes you sing better

[Guy] no it doesnt lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (have to remove that - sorry)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (long story)

[Guy] you missed that discussion lol

[JohnAA] potion that makes you want to sing, knowing you'd do it well, feel smarter

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (everything else is okay)

[JohnAA] or you used it already

[JohnAA] what the F for

[JohnAA] I should have been there that night

[It's me (to Master only)] okay

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (was tested - but then not registered and tested again and used - just a mix up and I forgot to remove it)

[JohnAA] what about the oil that lets you be in tune with wood instruments?

[JohnAA] giggles

[Master] it allows you to control wooden objects

[JohnAA] does anyone have a chane to llok up Metamorph Liquids, seems might be important in a boat race

[JohnAA] WHAT!

[JohnAA] This is the perfect time for that , especial if you want to cheat

Dee has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 19:01:59 EDT 2011

Dee is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Guy] hmmm

[JohnAA] YEA!

[Master] and there you go another priest back

Dee has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hi Dee! glad you are home safe)

[Guy] welcome back dee

[Master] oh yeah that too ;)

[JohnAA] how much control over wood and how big a wood

[Master] have to drink the whole potion, have to touch the wooden object but several square yards

[JohnAA] so we could nudge our own boat and not be cheating?

[Master] or make it heal its self

[Guy] that would be good for indigo

[JohnAA] that needs to be on the boat

[Master] more than a year ago Kristelle and Branwyn testing potions, Bran makes a little sliver person march off the end of the table

[Guy] brb need a drink

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what would we tell the boat to do? go faster as I am in control of ye?)

[It's me] we should be near the spice market

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that is potion we are talking about?)

[Master] yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I liked my splinter guy - was sorry I told him to leap to his death)

[JohnAA] funny

[JohnAA] I'm a real boy

[JohnAA] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (wasn't thinking about the consequences)

[Master] Dee you have any spells that will help out Sarengar?

[Master] or help with knowing where to be when

[JohnAA] been a long time I have laughed this much in one day

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (to help his boating prof?)

[Master] smile every friday night, free admision

[Dee] hmm, let me see....

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's a good thing)

[JohnAA] would not say free, but tks

[JohnAA] are we going to deal with fatigue?

[Master] yes

[JohnAA] anyone one have remove fatigue

[JohnAA] or add fatigue

[Dee] would lighten load help?

[JohnAA] how much affect does Strength have on the race

[Master] the basic race mechanic is that you get your boating check twice each leg

[Master] a dex check to get each flag

[Master] or to drop off

[Master] automatic if going slow

[Master] checks if faster etc

[Master] strength will add to speed on the straight aways

[Master] so two strength checks in the race

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but if say Indigo fails dex check to get flag, sarengar can also try to grab it? or vice versa?)

[Master] yes

[Master] one for each person in the boat

[Master] the racing ones are only one person wide

[JohnAA] i personaly and professional would not use the potion of Polymorp for the race, but would consider the spell if had a good option

[Guy] ok ive gotg a route planned out lets see what yall think

[JohnAA] shoot

[Master] everyone sees the pointer Guy has up

[JohnAA] yes?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yup

[Guy] too fast?

[JohnAA] lost you after the last flag

[JohnAA] I thought that was the royal district you need permision to go thru

[Master] yes it is

[Master] right there yes,

[JohnAA] do you have friends in high places?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Oh! We forgot!)

[Master] you can go through the canal and under the royal bridges

[JohnAA] how badly do you want to win?

[Guy] didnt know i went into restricted spots

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Some nefarious person gave Amelia a scroll for you - supposed to be a letter of introduction)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I think it is a trap but you never know)

[Guy] thought we stayed just out of it

[JohnAA] OH Brother can check for traps

[Master] chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (didn't mean to interrupt - I just didn't want to forget again)

[Master] that stretch right there under the royal bridges is traditionally off limits

[Master] there is the way out and around

[Guy] but not officially off limits?

[Master] is upstream for the river

[Master] but there are other canals as well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if rumor is that we have permission - can Sarengar check with Redrum or whatever his name is to see what the scoop is?)

[Master] you can always opt for a different route along the way as things change

[Master] no way to get to the Palace and back in time for the race to start

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[JohnAA] what are the rules for getting on and off the boat

[Master] start with an even number, keep an even number the entire time you are racing

[Master] if someone falls out you can get them back in

[JohnAA] how about one jumps out and another jumps in

[Master] as long as the boat does not continue racing

[Master] if it is a clean transfer

[Master] not unprecedented for a spectator to jump in to help out

[JohnAA] so I did not see what affact str has on racing, does it add to the roll?

[Master] adds to the distance you travel on a straight away

[Master] only two spots on this course really

[Master] Con is more important to keep on rowing

[Master] any last questions?

[Master] ready to jump in?

[Guy] what aboujt endurance?

[Master] 3 checks to the first flag, 2 to the second, 2 to third, 2 to fourth, 2 to finish line

[Master] endurance helps a lot

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so Branwyn is at the end of that straightaway - she is going to cast detect magic for the bowl as the boats start to come)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (then she will cast unseen servent to cast as the boat passes her - sound good?)

[Master] each flag you get a dex check to snatch it at speed

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo will have extra oars and his repair tools in the boat)

[Master] all the gondolas go roughly the same speed

[Master] so the checks are what makes the difference

[Guy] actually if nobody objects we will slow down and make sure we get the flag first try and then speed up again

[Master] with four successful dex checks you would be 4 steps ahead of the others

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can Tulip give us a boost to the checks?)

[Master] with four chances at each check

JohnAA has left the game on Sat Sep 03 19:33:11 EDT 2011

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ( so we are not cheating at all then? except Koorin has already sent the seals on some secret mission)

[Master] you seem to be ready to counter lots of potential cheating

[Guy] im fine with us not doing much cheating

[Master] Amelia Sunstrider moved 3716'02".

[Master] Branwyn and Amelia are in place

[Master] or is AMelia in the boat

[Guy] ameilia is on boat i thought

[Master] Amelia Sunstrider moved 3557'11".

[Master] Indigo moved 1229'06".

JohnAA has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 19:35:44 EDT 2011

JohnAA is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Master] ok so the two o them next to the Harbormaster for ease of use

[Guy] and we have an nbpc as our 4th

[Master] WB john

JohnAA has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] all stats of 12 on the NPC

[Guy] hmm wonder if our kobolds could help

[Master] 10

[Master] sorry

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought hoffman was 4th?)

[Master] guy? john?

[Guy] john did you have a plan for hoffman?

[JohnAA] to serve as Captain saw fit

[Guy] ok the hoffman will be our 4th

[JohnAA] so out of water

[Master] Tulip moved 69'08".

[JohnAA] out of my element

[JohnAA] but strong and resiliant

[Master] Llathandryll moved 52'09".

[Master] and where do you want Renden?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (want 2 kobolds as 5 and 6?)

[JohnAA] have flaotie will row

[Guy] indigo is in the front and im at the back amelia and hoffmnan are in the middle

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or just us 4)

[JohnAA] Con of 17 shoould help

[Guy] at the second flag watching out for trouble

[Master] ok

[JohnAA] only there

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Spells - CHANGED: Magic Missile -- # Memorized: +2 (+3), DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null.

[Master] Renden Ironbreaker moved 52'04".

[Guy] we have people covering other points along the raceway

[JohnAA] can I have one throwing club with me?

[JohnAA] Brother is near Flag 4

[Master] yes to john, clubs are not considered weapons

[Guy] how about gaffs?

[Master] Tulip is at the Spice Guild

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and might make a nice hole in a passing boat)

[Master] just after the staight away

[JohnAA] the crew from a movie?

[Master] and Gaffs are a weapon

[Guy] well technically they are a sailing device that can be turned into a weapojn ;P

[Master] Time of Day: 09:00 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[Master] so any spells to cast before the crews get in their boats?

[Guy] much like belaying pins

[Master] traditionally everyone is out by the dock master at 11

[Master] or so

[Master] then the race starts at noon

[Guy] any good spells?

[Master] the craft all gather and try to get the best running start they can without going over the line

[JohnAA] Blesed Watchfull ness

[Guy] oh and nobody is wearing armour

[Master] smile

[JohnAA] on Captain

[Guy] or weapons

[Guy] we just happen to have some belaying pins on board though

Guy whistles innocently

[JohnAA] Iron Virgil on hoffman, just for good measure

[Master] who is casting those John?

[Master] you have Tulip and Foto right now

[JohnAA] Foto

[Master] durations?

[Master] Dee you there?

[Dee] yeah, barely

[JohnAA] Blesed Watchfullness is 7 hr

[Dee] what ya need from me?

[Master] ok, so anyone have suggestions for Tulip to cast before Dee crashes? ;)

[JohnAA] Iron Virgil is days, but does not seem to have specific affectr on this race

[Dee] Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing.

[Master] Time of Day: 10:00 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[Master] anything else from Foto before he goes off to his post?

[It's me] ((pretty much anything that doesn't require continuous chanting or line of sight ))

[Master] what is the duration on bless?

[JohnAA] detect evil

[JohnAA] 6 rounds

[Master] so would not help

[Dee] Ya, cuz pirates are evil.

[JohnAA] Chant would be great if they could also row

[Master] nope

[Master] ok so improvise when they come by then

[Guy] i think we are ready

[Master] Branwyn is ready and waiting at the end of the straight away, Renden is at the head of it

[JohnAA] so Guy did you hear you have Blessed Watchfull ness

[Master] Tulip is there at the spice house after they go past Brawnyn

[Guy] which means what?

[Master] and foto is at the last mark

[JohnAA] the priest confers exceptional powers of observation and alertness to one creature for the duration of the spell. While blessed watchfulness is in effect, the designated sentinel remains alert, awake and vigilant for the duration of the spell. In fact, it takes a roll of 1 to surprise someone under this effect. He resists sleep spells and similar magic as if he were 4 levels or Hit Dice higher than his actual level and gains a +2 bonus to saving throws against other spells or effects that could lower his guard or force him to abandon his watch, including charm, beguiling, fear, emotion, and similar mind affecting spells. If the effect normally allows no saving throw, the watcher gains no special benefit.

[Guy] i dont know that spell john

[Guy] very nice

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we are ignoring the scroll before the race?)

[Guy] yeah

[Master] OK

[Master] last call

[JohnAA] Wine cooler

[Guy] we head for the starting line

[JohnAA] do we have extar oars?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

Lisa is receiving the map Pyromancers Tower floor 6 image...

[Master] Time of Day: 11:58 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

Lisa has received the map Pyromancers Tower floor 6 image.

[It's me] ((I'm driving... iced tea please )) :)

Lisa is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

Lisa has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] the crowd around the harbor murmers as the contestants are out set up

[Master] some are starting forward

[Master] there are a dozen sails up

[Master] Time of Day: 11:59 AM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] and suddenly an immense gust of wind BLOWS through the contestants

[Master] and

Sarengar (Guy) sets a flag with the veraci colors at the back of the boat

[Master] check

[Master] boating check Sarengar

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Master] Time of Day: 12:00 PM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[Master] the wind SHOVES several of the boats foward just before the mark

[Master] all twelve sailing ships are disqualified

[Master] two other racers are

[JohnAA] ouch

[Master] the field is already down to 16

[Master] Sarengar moved 2538'00".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (good thing we don't have a sail?)

[Sarengar (Guy)] coincidence i think not

[Master] next check Saren

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[JohnAA] much better

[Master] Sarengar moved 1475'06".

[Master] next check

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[JohnAA] ::rows with all his might::

[Master] Sarengar moved 2687'07".

[Master] next check

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[JohnAA] are we in the lead?

[Master] now dex by Indigo

[It's me] :: grumbles about rowing ::

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Master] you pass the mark at speed and snatch the flag

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] good for the soul

[Master] Sarengar moved 2315'07".

[Master] boating check

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] nice!

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] woot

[Master] and going down the next set of canals

[Master] Sarengar moved 1804'06".

[Master] a check at the bridge

[Master] boating

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] and a dex by Indigo

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (I was not expects play by play but how are we doing?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 16!!

[Master] ok, so Hoffman is next in line

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] dex

[Master] yes

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Hoffman: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Master] and he snatches it

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] GO TEAM

[Master] Renden shouts to you as you go by him YOU ARE IN SECOND PLACE!!!!!! ROW YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!

[Master] Sarengar moved 690'09".

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[It's me] :: gives him a death stare ::

[Sarengar (Guy)] and when we hit the straight away i cast web behind us

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] WOOO

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Good morning Marco!)

[Master] choice tiem you see the straigh away ahead of you

[It's me] ((morning sunshine ))

[Master] the boat in front of you suddenly turns to port

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] :: whispers to the seals to get in the way of the first place people::

[Master] to go a differeent way

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] right right

[Master] do you go down the straight away?

[Master] or follow the leader?

[Sarengar (Guy)] let them we take the straight away

[Master] Sarengar

[Master] ok make a boating check

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] Sarengar moved 1491'11".

[Sarengar (Guy)] i use web as we start the straight away

[Master] ok

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar casts a spell against : Web: For (2*5) 10 turns, 8 10' cubes of webby goo hold everyone in the area in place. NOTE: Not available.

[Master] and then suddenly another gust of wind right in your face

[Master] Bran has observation?

[Sarengar (Guy)] so do i

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Hoffman: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] yall is observant

[Master] Sarengar moved 54'04".

[Master] ok so make a navigation check Sarengar

[It's me] ((afk Boo Boo walk ))

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Navigation check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] we knew this was the area for trouble

[Master] and Branwyn sees a cloaked woman on the bridge up ahead

[Master] push her way into view

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how far away is she?)

[Master] then look back behind her

[Master] just over 400 feet

[Master] Sarengar moved 307'07".

[Master] Sarengar rows through the wind storm

[Master] and under the bridge

[Master] Sarengar moved 279'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (zap perhaps innocent cloaked woman?)

[Lisa] Branwyn targets Woman in Cloak #1. Distance: 441'01"

[Master] and as the other boat comes out from behind the island behind Branwyn

[Master] they are waving the third flag wildly,

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((while killing an innocent may not disqualify you from the race, it could get you arrested))

[Master] the lady in the cloak pumps her fist

[Master] Sarengar moved 465'02".

[Master] Indigo dex check

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she is 300 feet away - how are they going to know it's me?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Master] Sarengar moved 838'09".

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((what are you using?))

[Master] and the contestants race on by

[Master] the two in the lead

[Indigo (Lisa)] (was going to magic missile her)

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((everyone would see that

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((witnesses everywhere))

[Sarengar (Guy)] Row me hearties row

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] rows

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] rows

[It's me] :: frowns :: ((doesn't like being a bastard or a hearty -- would prefer being a princess ))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] GOD put me here to row!

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] YEA!

[Master] the Green adn Red of Dell Trill neck and neck with teh Orange and Aqua of De La Veraci

Branwyn (Lisa) pushes through the crowd to get closer to cloaked woman

[Master] two different bridges

[Master] but you can go the same way she is

[Master] Branwyn moved 205'09".

[Master] Woman in Cloak #1 moved 302'02".

[Master] Woman in Cloak #1 moved 45'04".

[Master] Sarengar moved 1444'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I want to follow her)

[Master] ok to Bran

[Master] and to Saren anotehr boating check

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] wow

[Master] so your successes have kept you up with the other team

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] take that

[Master] you are neck and neck

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Kept up?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] who is on that boat

[Master] or they have kept up with you

[Master] Woman in Cloak #1 moved 261'09".

[Master] Branwyn moved 129'09".

[Master] Woman in Cloak #1 moved 36'10".

[Master] Branwyn moved 17'04".

[Master] Woman in Cloak #1 moved 17'07".

[Master] suddenly Branwyn and the woman are in the same alleyway 60 feet apart

[Master] (1d20) [1d20=6] 6

[Master] Branwyn can roll Init

[Master] Woman in Cloak #1: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=5] 15

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=5] 13

[Master] ok so jumping back to the race but Bran goes first

[Master] Sarengar moved 634'02".

[Master] Saren needs another boating check

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Brother is watching them come down the path

[Master] Sarengar moved 1440'02".

[Master] so you are coming to the fourth stop

[Master] Sarengar moved 28'00".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Master] does that help Marco?

[Master] that check is not needed Guy

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] an error has occured apparently

[Master] Llath and Foto are there to see the exchange

[Sarengar (Guy)] ok good lol

[Master] does that mean you cannot see the map?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] what exchange?

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] yep

[Master] ok try logging out then back in

BiBo!!! has left the game on Sat Sep 03 20:19:41 EDT 2011

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] sorry flags

[Master] will switch to Bran in the mean time

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] kick her but Brawnny

[Indigo (Lisa)] (eek - have not figured out what to do)

[Master] she does not recognize you obviously

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 20:20:31 EDT 2011

BiBo!!! is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[It's me] ((decapitate's the only way to be sure ))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] snicker

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((there can be only one))

BiBo!!! has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[It's me] ((and then maybe set her on fire so she doesn't regenerate))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (don't we have a problem slaying people in the streets)

[It's me] ((But don't tell Bibo...he might mumble about laws and crimes ))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I think you have anger issues, not sure yet

BOB's laptop has left the game on Sat Sep 03 20:22:06 EDT 2011

[It's me] ((I haven't insulted any NPCs or killed any party members...I think I'm well adjusted ))

[Master] just looked at the laptop and the same problem Marco was having

[Master] and marco you see where you are now?

[BiBo!!!] ((I see the map now, though there are no competitors))

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I can not empty my garbage, that is why I had my issue twice

[Master] no only Saren to show the track of the race

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Sarengar moved 25'11".

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] sorry

[BiBo!!!] okay, so are they still neck and neck?

[Master] they are slightly behind because of that missed check

[BiBo!!!] how slightly?

[Master] oh wait, I forgot a str check

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] rows harder

[Master] who has the best str?

[Master] make that check and you will be even again

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo is 17)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ive got a 16

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Hoffman: STAM check: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Master] good enough

[Master] neck and neck

[BiBo!!!] okay, how close are they to each other?

[Master] and Llath sees two flags float up from the Green and Red boat

[Master] to go into the basket

[Master] and as it shoots past under the bridge you can see two little shrunken human mages sitting in the bottom of the boat as two other normal sized humans row furiously

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] do I have time to cast dispel magic?

[BiBo!!!] I make an illusion of an old man on a dingy doddering about in the course in the way of the enemy boat

[Master] sure

[Master] and yes to Marco also

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I do thusly on the floating flags

[Master] and Indigo can make a dex check for the flag exchange

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Brother Fotopoulos casts a spell against : Dispel Magic - Priest: I dispel (11-(1d20)+3) [1d20=7] 7 level magic.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Master] and one of the flags for the green and red DROPS into the water

[Master] they come to a scrambling halt to pick it up

[Master] as Indigo jumps and SLAMS two flags in the basket as you shoot on by

[Master] falling backwards into the boat onto Hoffman

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] that was close little, err great warrior

[BiBo!!!] the old man in his dingy smiles and parks in front of the enemy boat and waves. "Hello! Which way is it to the fish market?"

[Master] then you see a lost old man in a beaten up dingy in your path Sarengar

[Master] Sarengar moved 475'10".

[Master] and back at Branwyn

[Master] the crowd rushing in two direstions now to see the huge pile up at the webs and seals

[Master] and to the finish line to see who will win

[BiBo!!!] so it IS like car racing

[Master] laughs

[Master] Bran is up

[Master] then we pick up the exciting conclusion of the race

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((Well follks it looks like the Duke boys were in a bit of trouble, and cousing Daisy was having problems of her own))

[Master] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] cantrips cloud of gnats in her face

[Master] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] STOP!

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ONly if I can be Bo

[BiBo!!!] ((are we gonna jump over a ravine while sticking our heads out the sides of the boat?))

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] swatting

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] swattting

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] jumps at the shout

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] arm cluching somethign inside her cloak

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] turnign to run back the other way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against : Detect Magic - Wizard: For (2*7) 14 rounds I can detect magic in a 10'x60' path in front of me. NOTE: Not available.

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] yes a glow under her cloak

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 180'03".

Branwyn (Lisa) chases after her again

[Master] Branwyn moved 120'05".

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] she is about 120 feet away from you now

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] what do you do

Dee has left the game on Sat Sep 03 20:34:53 EDT 2011

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (need to get closer unless my unseen servant can run that far)

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] nope

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I don't want to kill her in the street)

Branwyn (Lisa) runs faster to catch up

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 129'02".

[Master] Branwyn moved 254'06".

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] you get to the corner and she is gone

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] no grease?

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] lookign up and down the street you do not see her

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] still detecting magic

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not today)

[BiBo!!!] look up

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] there is that building there she could have ducked into or the one across the street

[BiBo!!!] or down

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ( I should still be able to detect magic)

[BiBo!!!] depends on what the buildings are made of, they may block it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Bob?)

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] sorry was in a dialog box

[BiBo!!!] also the thickness of the walls is important

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] and yes you can detect magic still but need to stand still and concentrate

Branwyn (Lisa) stops between the two buildings and concentrates

[Master] Branwyn moved 61'02".

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] and jumping back to the race

[Master] leaving her in suspence

[Master] ok neck and neck

[Master] coming to the curve

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I thought they stopped

[Master] you can shoot straight out and into the river then power row

[Sarengar (Guy)] thought they had to stop and get their flag

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] how did they catch up so qucik

[Master] jsut a sec

[BiBo!!!] they didnt react to the old man at all either?

[Master] or you can cut through the palace district

[Master] when you look at the other boat

[Master] one of the minature men is growing in size to normal

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] i was not sure which way we are facing

[Master] and pointing at the old man in his boat

[Master] the other is pointing at the flags and lifting them up to the basket

[Master] and as you are making your choice which way to go

[Master] the old man and his boat EXPLODE into a ball of ice

[BiBo!!!] lol

[Master] Sarengar which way

[Master] river or palace

[BiBo!!!] I change the illusion to make a wall of ice now

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that wasn't very nice)

[Sarengar (Guy)] palace

[Master] Sarengar moved 372'05".

[BiBo!!!] freezing the water in front of them

[Master] Sarengar moved 1164'01".

[Master] boating check

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] so only two flags in place?

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[BiBo!!!] olld man floats unconscious on the ice stretching across the way

[Sarengar (Guy)] why did i get 2 rolls on 1 click?

[Master] and the others look to be heading out alogn the river

[Master] roll again

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] ok

[Master] Sarengar moved 1843'04".

[Master] boatign check

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] and you are moving out into the royal waters

[Master] the royal guards pull their bows out

[Master] str check

[BiBo!!!] lol

[Indigo (Lisa)] (duck!)

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: STR check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Master] LOL

[Master] Sarengar moved 1505'09".

[Master] Sarengar moved 672'01".

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] rolling low today

[Master] and no check needed

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] thank GOD for not in combat

[Master] you coast out from the canals

[Master] the only competitor in view

[Master] and you cross the finish line

[Master] Sarengar moved 1017'04".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (yay!)

[Master] a full minute or more ahead of the Green adn Red

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Hail Captain

[It's me] ((Congrats one and all))

[Master] and now a quick pause

[Master] then back to branwyn

[Master] that was amazing Guy

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((cant believ e i rolled so well ))

[Master] brb

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (fantastical boating! hope you will sing as well later on in the month)

[BiBo!!!] well, its only because you have to roll low. klooge only rolls low

[It's me] ((^^ ))

[JohnAA] did they bowmen not shoot at us or was that str check to see if we still made it past them?

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yeah just need a way to raise my cha before then lol

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i think to see if we made it past them))

[BiBo!!!] yeah really, opera singer with a check of 7. how the heck did you get in the main show?

[JohnAA] becauseof his boating, its a political ting

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i had a few great performances))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and is funny - you are big sea ranger but everyone in town says - oh yeah that singer)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((actuallly im a sea ranger that why i have boating at all lol))

[BiBo!!!] ((yeah, especially considering he isnt so good at singing))

[Master] Branwyn moved 1'02".

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((well think about it because my cha is so low thyat when i do succeed at it its always going be good))

[BiBo!!!] ((lol, thats the case for everyone though))

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((but opera isnt what he loves the sea is, he just enjoys singing too))

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::dusts off his hand and goes off to where the ladies at::

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] OK

[Master] no one knows that Branwyn has cornered someone

[Master] only possible person was Tulip

[Master] so she is on her own right now

[Master] Bran knows that the detect magic shows in this bar

[Master] the Owl and the Hare

[Master] mostly empty, everyone is out at the races

[Master] but a couple of people inside

[Master] they look up startled when Bran opens the door so quickly

[Master] Branwyn moved 5'00".

Branwyn (Lisa) runs in and looks around for the cloaked woman

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The woman in the cloak. Where did she go?

[JohnAA (to Lisa only)] she may be a red herrins, as far as the bowl is considered

pat-77371 has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 20:56:17 EDT 2011

pat-77371 is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

[Master] Hey there Pat that was fast!

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to JohnAA only)] true, but it is the only lead I've got

[Barkeep (Master)] looks at Branwyn

[Barkeep (Master)] then points down the hall

[It's me] ((Hello Pat ))

[Master] Barkeep moved 1'08".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you

[Barkeep (Master)] (Pat is a new potential player, just finding us, help him out while i do this with Bran please)

Branwyn (Lisa) heads down the hall

[JohnAA] Hey Pat!

pat-77371 has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] Branwyn moved 20'02".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Hi Pat!)

[Barkeep (Master)] two doors

[JohnAA] This is not you father's Dungeon and Dragins

Branwyn (Lisa) tries the first one

[Barkeep (Master)] (someone might need to private message him with the phone)

[JohnAA] We don't do dungeons as often as you might think

[Master] Branwyn moved 4'08".

[It's me (to JohnAA only)] I would love a random dungeon

[JohnAA (to It's me only)] I wish Oblivion was multi player, or you had an x-box

[JohnAA] /it"s you would love it

[Barkeep (Master)] no one in the bedroom Branwyn

[pat-77371] hello all

[It's me (to JohnAA only)] no xbox , wii and ps2 or pc

[Barkeep (Master)] hey Pat after this quick combat will help you out some

[Master] Branwyn moved 15'03".

[pat-77371] ok sounds good

Branwyn (Lisa) goes to second door and opens it

[cook #3 (Master)] HELP

[cook #3 (Master)] screems

Branwyn (Lisa) looks in the room

[cook #3 (Master)] and Bran can see that the woman in the cloak has a dagger to her side

[cook #3 (Master)] and an arm wrapped up around her

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] I do not care who you are

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] just leave

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] and no one gets hurt

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You should let her go. I can kill you where you stand

[JohnAA] take her down

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] you would have already if you could

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] you are just trying to delay till you can get the watch here

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] that is not going to work

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Really?

[Master] cook #3 and Woman in Cloak moved 2'11".

[Lisa] Branwyn targets Woman in Cloak. Distance: 10'00"

[It's me] ((Zig Zag ... duck ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against Woman in Cloak: Magic Missile: Magical bolts shoot forth, each doing (1d4+1) [1d4=3] 4 points of damage. The caster fires forth 1 at first level and an additional one for every second level after that until he fires 5 at 9th level. So assuming they are all going at one character for now, they deal (4d4+4) [4d4=3,4,4,3] 18 damage!

[Master (to GM only)] Woman in Cloak: No adjustments made.

[JohnAA] oh now i remember Zig Zag

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] lol

[JohnAA] that was code

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yes

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I wasnt even there and I remember that :-P

[JohnAA] oh the good o'days

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yeah, back when we had dice and saw people and stuff...

[Master (to GM only)] Woman in Cloak's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 10 (-18) - Heavily Wounded

[It's me] ((yes...))

[Master] cook #3 moved 6'09".

[JohnAA] remember props?

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] jumps away and KICKS at the woman in the cloak

[JohnAA] burt paper and figurines

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (screwed up my screen - how do I get rid of the picture icons on the bottom?)

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] (1d20) [1d20=8] 8

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that was cook right?)

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] yes

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] the icon bar is the tilda

[Master] and the woman in the cloak screams in pain

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thanks)

[Master] drops the ivory bowl she was carrying under her cloak

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can we talk now?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] crack

[Master] it is laying there at her feet

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] who are you

[It's me] ((ehn, that was the treasure from the quest... ))

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] just

[JohnAA] One woman swat team

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against Woman in Cloak: Unseen Servant: A little unseen force does stuff for me for (6+7) 13 turns. NOTE: Not available.

[JohnAA] sorry one man

Woman in Cloak (Master) scrambles to grab it

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] falls to one knee

[JohnAA] He's Batman

Branwyn (Lisa) send unseen servent to go fetch the bowl while Branwyn blocks the door

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] then turns and BOLTS out the back door

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 7'00".

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 9'02".

[Woman in Cloak (Master)] are you chasing her?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] so who has the bowl now?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (my question too)

[Master] branwyn does

[Sarengar (Guy)] yay6

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] no need to chase I suppose

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] unless you really have a grudge

[JohnAA] sealteam6 give Disney a quarter

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I was going to chase her - she can't go that fast injured)

[Master] up to you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (might be a reward for her)

[Sarengar (Guy)] be careful

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I want her)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] go nuts if you want, just dont get killed or arrested

[Sarengar (Guy)] she might not be as hurt as you think

[JohnAA] but servent has limited range and speed

[Master] have to make a quick choice

Branwyn (Lisa) chases her through the back door

[Master] ok

[pat-77371] brb 1 min

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 197'03".

[Master] Branwyn moved 54'02".

[Master] Bran sees teh woman running twoards the bridge she was on in the first place

Branwyn (Lisa) chase her down

[Master] you make it out to the main street and see her about 120 feet ahead

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 88'10".

[Master] Branwyn moved 227'11".

[pat-77371] love the way the map works on here

[Master] it is crowed at the bridge as people watch the other racers slowly makign their way out of the mess back there

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 44'05".

[Master] Branwyn moved 40'05".

Lisa is receiving the map Regatta di Burano course...

Lisa has received the map Regatta di Burano course.

[Master] she is about 100 feet ahead pushing through the crowd

Branwyn (Lisa) wonders about the stamina of this woman but keeps pushing after her

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 50'01".

[Master] Branwyn moved 104'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I still have servant with me?)

[Master] she looks back at you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] STOP!

[Master] yes

Branwyn (Lisa) sends servant to grab at her cloak

[Master] (1d20) [1d20=17] 17

[Master] and fails to keep her balance

[Master] (1d20) [1d20=5] 5

[Master] OH

[Master] falls over the bridge into the water

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 46'06".

[Master] SPLASH

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Jeez!))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] can she swim?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] tell me shes a pirate who cant swim

[Master] floundering

[Master] then sheds her cloak

[Master] and starts to swim to the side

[Master] Woman in Cloak moved 58'03".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] it is hard to swim in a heavy cloak

[JohnAA] i hope you do not know from experience

Branwyn (Lisa) runs across bridge to other side where she is

[Master] Passer by

[pat-77371] Roll #1: (d3) [1d3=3] 3, Roll #2: (d3) [1d3=1] 1, Roll #3: (d3) [1d3=3] 3, Roll #4: (d3) [1d3=3] 3

[Master] points and whots

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I do know from experience

[Master] shouts

[Master] Hey

[Master] HEY

[Master] look

[Master] Branwyn moved 123'01".

[Master] Anne moved 33'00".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] was part of police testing

[Master] and Branwyn is right there to grab her as she is trying to pull her self up out of the water

[pat-77371] oops sorry thought that would happen on another window

[Master] is ok Pat, we will give you a ful tutorial in just a bit, plenty of time they are feeling very happy

[JohnAA] there is a little box you can check to roll to DM only but is good

[Master] huge quest just finished

[Master] and Edit and Preferences are a lot of changes you can make including what name shows here, etc

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((big race just won))

Branwyn (Lisa) grabs her and holds her down on the ground wishing Indigo were here

[pat-77371] ahh thats cool and I like the messaging part,

[Master] a couple of people stop and stare at Branwyn

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((I am sure llathandryll wishes he was there))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] She is a pirate! Go get the guard!

[JohnAA] intresting Bibo

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((though more to watch than to help))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Help me keep her down!

[Master] after a few moments two guards men come wandering by

[It's me] ((wandering? wow, I feel really safe in this town :: shakes head :: ))

[guard (Master)] what do we have here?

[guard (Master)] a little too excited are we about the racing today?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have caught myself a pirate

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((well, the town isnt under attack, someone accusing someone else is a pirate isnt exactly urgent business))

[guard (Master)] have you now miss

[guard (Master)] and how do you know that?

[JohnAA] she said Aarrrr

Branwyn (Lisa) she was holding the poor cook at the owl and hare hostage with a dagger

[guard (Master)] that is a bad thing to be doing for sure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] and I caught her cheating at the race this afternoon

[guard (Master)] but what makes her a pirate for doing that?

[guard (Master)] OH

Branwyn (Lisa) tugs on her hair

[guard (Master)] really now

[pat] lol there are parrot claw marks on her shoulder

[guard (Master)] grabs her by the arm

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Which one are you anyway? Anne or Mary?

[guard (Master)] cheating on the race?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((the jolly roger tattoo gives it away))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[JohnAA] snicker

[It's me] ((I'm actually Ginger, but thanks for asking ))

[Anne (Master)] I am Anne

[Anne (Master)] but I did nothing wrong

[Anne (Master)] I want a trial

[Anne (Master)] holds her head up

[It's me] ((cooks take themselves hostage ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm sure you do

[Anne (Master)] glares at Branwyn

[Anne (Master)] you need to protect me from this wench Sir Guard

[Anne (Master)] she is just jealous her ship lost

[Anne (Master)] while mine won

[Anne (Master)] (remember you have no idea yet)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] She is in your hands now. She needs no protection from me

[JohnAA] he know hes a boy

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((wait for it))

Branwyn (Lisa) to the guards

[guard (Master)] the guard looks at Branwyn

[guard (Master)] looks at Anne

[guard (Master)] looks back at Branwyn

[guard (Master)] where would you be staying Miss?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] At the Palazzo de la Versaci

[It's me] ((At the top of the mage tower, come find me...I'll fireball you ))

[guard (Master)] where is that?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how can the guard not know the noble's palazzo?)

[guard (Master)] because there are more than 100 noble families and this is a district almost a mile from the one you are staying in

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (there are far too many noble families to keep track of))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] North Bayside

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((damn rich bastards))

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((its de la veraci))

[It's me] ((it's like a Drow city above ground ))

[guard (Master)] very well miss

[guard (Master)] we will be holding this one in the local cell here before turning her over to the harbor master if she did cheat on the race

[guard (Master)] he is the one in charge of the gallows

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And please talk to the cook I saved from death at the Owl and Hare

[guard (Master)] looks at Branwyn strangely,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The one she was going to kill? I told you that before

[guard (Master)] why would I go talk to a cook?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((cheating is far more serious charge))

[guard (Master)] shakes his head as country strangeness and takes Anne off to the jail cells

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So it is acceptable to kill cooks in Rivers Bend?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((so long as you arent cheating on a race by doing it, yes))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I give up)

[Master] she did not actually die

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((lol))

[Master] but you did get the bowl and you did catch one of the Pirate Queens

[Master] and amazingly you also managed to win the race

[JohnAA] single handed

[Sarengar (Guy)] and we won the race

Branwyn (Lisa) looks around to try to get her bearings and find her friends

[JohnAA] that was a team effort

[Master] best place to meet up is the Plazzo

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((were we trying to catch the queens or just get the bowl?))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Taxi!)

[Sarengar (Guy)] both i thought

[Master] Tulip moved 16'07".

[Master] Indigo moved 13'07".

[Master] Hoffman moved 10'01".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (all we need is the bowl - priestess said we could do whatever we wanted to to the pirate queens)

[Master] Amelia Sunstrider moved 17'10".

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 10'09".

[Master] Llathandryll moved 6'10".

[Master] Koorin moved 4'08".

[It's me] ((loose ends = haunting future ))

[Master] OK

[JohnAA] i said we would make an enemy

[Master] I put everyone on teh base map

[Master] just to make things a bit easier to see for the moment

[Master] OK

[Master] so to collect our selves here

[Master] Time of Day: 05:00 PM. Day 1 Trall, Ohm {Early Winter} 1st, 339 SKR.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry I was not ready to make a proper legal argument at the time)

[Master] about five hours later everyone is being toasted in the Palazzo main ball room

[Master] a more formal party will be tomorrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I was just worried that if I mentioned the bowl that the guards would want to confiscate it)

[Master] you get a chance to fill each other in on what you did what you saw etc

[JohnAA] good deal lisa

Branwyn (Lisa) collapses in a chair in the corner

[Master] I seriously did not thik you woudl finish this tonight

[Master] I thought the race, and start a chase for one of the girls

[Master] very very well done

[Sarengar (Guy)] i didnt think we would win the race

[pat] always good to surprise the GM

[Lisa] Was wonderful!

It's me has joined the game on Sat Sep 03 21:39:19 EDT 2011

It's me is receiving the map Base Map...

It's me has left the game on Sat Sep 03 21:39:20 EDT 2011

[Master] So Pat just to fill you in a bit, this is the Pirate Queens story arc

[Master] they started it on May 13th

[Master] so this is the 16th session for this story arc,

[Master] not all of them last this long

[Master] but we do keep things moving along

It's me has received the map Base Map.

[Lisa] we have not been chasing pirates for 16 weeks

[Master] smiles at Lisa,

[Master] you got on the boat at Loosend 16 weeks ago

[Master] back in May

[pat] thats cool you always use the same characters right? just different goal sets?

[Master] right one long campaign

[Guy] unless a character dies

[Master] we will start you off with an NPC to let you test drive, see what we do

[pat] well thats a given heh

[pat] thats cool

[Guy] sarengar is my 4th character'

[Guy] ya know bob i stll miss Valgar

[It's me] Night all..congrats on your big win

[Master] we have lots of rules fo rhow things run

[JohnAA] ta ta

[Master] for characters etc

[Guy] night

[pat] yeah I read some on your site

[JohnAA] I miss freki

[Lisa] Goodnight Lorie! So glad you came to play today)

[JohnAA] you never forget your first character

[Master] today is a special Birthday Game, an annual extra all day long game

It's me has left the game on Sat Sep 03 21:43:56 EDT 2011

[Master] normally on Friday nights

[Master] or Saturday mornigns for Marco

[Master] he is in Japan

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] my first character lasted an hour of real time, I can forget him just fine

[Master] chuckles

[JohnAA] frowns with a smirk

[pat] yeah I noticed your schedule, friday nights are good for me most times

[Master] good

[Master] I have to use the restroom will brb, Guy and Lisa and Marco and John this is Pat, Pat this is the group

[Master] grins

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[pat] hi all

[Guy] howdy

[JohnAA] I am just his brother who stopped by today

[JohnAA] but I used to play

[pat] you dont play much anymore?

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] John takes a hiatus then comes back

[JohnAA] like never

[Master] we are hoping he is coming back soon

[Master] Lisa, Guy and Marco are here every week for the most part

[Master] Dee is another new player just starting with us

[JohnAA] unfortunatly for BOB I found OBLIVION

[Guy] im here when work permits

[Guy] which reminds me I wont be here on friday

[pat] heh oblivion is ok but not my favorite

[Master] that stinks Guy

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] john, you try dragon age?

[JohnAA] yea, the demo is too over the top for me

[Lisa] so not coming back soon John?

[Guy] tell me about it i was not happy when i saw that

[JohnAA] and i like making my own characetr

[Master] what sort of characters do you like to run Pat?

[pat] heh was just asking the same type of question

[pat] do you mean like fighter or mage type or roleplaying type?

[Master] both

[Master] we have a mix of types of players and character classes

[pat] well I play all kinds I usually come up with a character idea then decide how to make it work in the world

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] you make your own character in dragon age. though truth be told I dont like the system all that much. but the story is fun and the character interaction is excellent

[Master] ok

[JohnAA] maybe i was looking at II?

[Master] I never have time ofr other games

[pat] like in a game we just started back up I am running a dragon slayer from the council of wyrms books

[Guy] ok follks i have to run t6he lightning is starting to get bad here

[Master] but one thing that we have tried to do here is keep a high instance of roleplaying

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh, btw, if anyone is interested in joining my shadowrun game, we could use another player or two

[JohnAA] enjoy captain

[Master] stay safe Guy

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] just lost a player, so the group is a little low

[Lisa] stay out of striking range

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] laters guy

[Lisa] great boating

[Guy] yall have a good night nice meeting you pat and john get your butt back to bothy shadowrun and d&d

[Master] what part of the world are you in Pat?

[Lisa] goodnight!

Guy has left the game on Sat Sep 03 21:54:49 EDT 2011

[pat] ohio

[Master] ok

[Master] in case you did not notice

[Master] all the chat logs get posted to the site

[pat] yeah I did see that

[Master] so if you ever say somethign you want private, like a phone number or email, grins do not post it in here

[Master] but the private messages do not get saved

[pat] ok will remember that

[Master] there is a whisper mode in the chat so that only one person can see it

[Lisa] you would delete that if it happened

[Master (to pat only)] like this is a whisper

[Master] and yes I do Lisa

[Master] on the occasion it has happened

[Master] the other thing Pat that John pointed out when you first logged in

[Master] the strange part about the campaign for most people right now, is that there are almost no dungeons

[Master] all the action is taking place above groun

[Master] ground

[pat] thats cool

[Master] it puts a nice perspective on things

[pat] most of the games I have been in have been running that way

[Master] Lisa what do you think the current purpose of the party is?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((to pay off our debts?))

[Lisa] ummmm repaying favors?

[Master] grins

[Master] Ok

[Lisa] only a couple left

[Lisa] seriously though

[Lisa] we are a mercenary group

[Lisa] we should be adventuring for cash and prizes

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I dont think we have ever done anything as long as I have been in that wasnt about paying off something or another off

[Lisa] we started our characters at 1st level though with very little cash or skills so have incurred some debts

[Lisa] we cleared out goblin caves before you came

[Master] skull church was another mostly non-favor

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] paying off healing, raises, training, whatever

[Master] a lot of the favors have been for training

[Lisa] did a whole set in Jistelle estates

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] its a wonder anyone survives as an adventurer

[Lisa] gremlins etc

[pat] yeah it looked like training could get expensive

[Master] currently this Pirate Queens story arc was about repaying the Temple of Air and Light that did a raise dead for the group

[Master] they have one more favor

[Master] that will be the Flower Power story arc

[Lisa] two

[Master] that is a timed thing

[Master] grins

[Lisa] my church

[pat] lol flower power

[Master] then there is Branwyn's favor for being raised which is to build a church to that god

[Master] but you can also do things before and during that time as well

[Master] grins, yeah I try to come up with names

[Lisa] but then we can go witch hunting

[Master] ahhh yes

[pat] oof that sounds expensive as well

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] you level up and spend everything you have and more on training. I swear we adventure to pay for the training we need for adventuring

[Master] chuckles just making sure you see the road ahead pat

[Master] it is fun, it always creates lots of adventures to have

[Master] but the group is not sitting on a pile of gold at the moment

[pat] lol yeah we played hackmaster for awhile training was expensive there too

[Lisa] we are not broke either though

[Master] you do have the orchard house

[Lisa] we have been in worse places

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] wait, for a priest's 5 seconds of effort to raise someone, we hve to build a church? the favor is not equal man!

[Master] the farm by skull church if you want it

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] does he at least pay the costs of the construction?

[Master] you have a handful of magic items

[Master] you have a decent growing library

[Master] a good name for your selves,

[Master] Branwyn was asked to be court mage

[Master] you have some good things out of this adventure too

[Master] and no Marco, that is the point Branwyn has to fund construction to show her gratitude

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] a church costs way more than raising does

[Master] John knows the construction rules fairly wel

[Master] a small church is cheap

[Master] not asking for a cathedral

[pat] so what type of NPC you thinking of me running?

[JohnAA] this is why I went through so many characters, not to be a burden on the party

[Master] was up to the group actually

[JohnAA] thats and I like making characters

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] you can be one of the kobolds

[Master] LOL

[Master] that is mean

[Lisa] lol

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] no no, that is fun

[pat] heh I almost made a kobold character

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] and a good exercise in creativity

[Master] they have a half dozen charmed kobolds they just captured that were pirates

[JohnAA] I would love to be a kobold

[pat] lol

[Master] if that is what it takes John

[Master] and Pat is game for it

[pat] was making him to fight in the arena

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I think it would be an excellent test of rp

[Lisa] they are now our ship's crew

[Master] I can set up two kobolds

[Master] basic fighter types

[JohnAA] but charmed, not sure

[pat] sure I can run a kobold just give me some background and I can take it from there

[Master] and if Pat does decide to join and everyone thinks he fits in he can use those XP for a different character as well

[JohnAA] PC Kobold?

[Master] yeap

[Master] I have only allowed races you have met

[Master] so up till now no dwarves

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] kobold is a pirate that we captured, thats all you really need to know

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] my char charmed them, so they are friends with him

[Master] ok

[JohnAA] was thinking I am just pretending to be charmed as I don't want to be a pirate

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] lol

[pat] heh

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] kobolds are that smart?

[Master] that is wisdom not inteligence

[pat] they can be check the humaniods book

[JohnAA] one in a million are smart enough

[Master] wisdom to know how to react

[Master] intel to know what to do

[Master] will be interesting

[Master] ok so in any case

[JohnAA] would be

[Master] we have time

[Master] next week you want to go after the other pirate queen?

[Lisa] go find her boat?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] would like to get trained finally...

[Master] ok

[Lisa] you will need to become a dragonslayer to get the dragonslayer cash

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] got 3rd level spells and a prof for llath, 2nd level spells and thief skills for koorin, maybe a prof for her too I dont remember

[Lisa] but I know a very nice mage who might train you

[Master] Koorin needs to go back to Gold Hills for training

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] been needing training for like a month of real time now

[pat] so are some running more than 1 character?

[Master] the Hin temples are there

[Lisa] henchmen

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] seriously man? you make training way too much of a nuissance

[Master] nods Player Character and then henchmen

[pat] ahh

[Master] you can send her away and she will come back

[Lisa] thief training could be here

[pat] brb

[Lisa] priest training in gold hills

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well, her god would do thief training I assume

[Lisa] she shouldn't have to go home to pick locks better

[Master] so we will start next week with celebrating the victories

[Lisa] her god is a thief?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yeah

[Lisa] lol

[Master] she is multi classes trainign for thief side can come from anywhere

[Master] but god granted thief abilities come automatically

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] but since she has to go to the church anyway,, might as well get the thief training there

[Master] so you can train her here

[Master] she can

[Master] she can do it all there

[Master] or split

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] as part of being a priest of that god is being all thiefy

[Master] before training is set though I will give out the XP for this story arc

[pat] ok back

[Master] so you don't need more the next day

[Master] web

[Master] wb pat

[Master] and by the way, Pat, male or female?

[pat] male

[Master] grins, ok, jsut checking

[pat] 40 married

[Master] nice

[Master] fits in with all of us, except marco being the youngest

[Master] you are what 28 now?

[JohnAA] kids?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yep

[pat] thats cool I have 2 boy 18 and girl 17

[Master] horrible that I know Marco's age by how many years he has played for me

[pat] lol

[JohnAA] WOW

[JohnAA] I knew I started late

[Lisa] both almost out the door

[Master] chuckles

[pat] they live with thier mom. but my daughter is actually moving in with us next year to go to college

[JohnAA] cool

[JohnAA] I am 43 with two 7 yr olds

[pat] cool

[pat] you did start late

[Master] Koorin moved 3'11".

[Master] Llathandryll moved 2'02".

[JohnAA] oh yea, but it's all cool

[JohnAA] two for one deal

[pat] twins huh?

[JohnAA] one of each

[pat] always good

[Lisa] at least you saved time on that

[Lisa] :)

[JohnAA] (:

[Master] Pat any questions for the group?

[Master] I will set up two kobold icons for next week

[Master] and you can roll then for your stats

[JohnAA] but if that is all the fun for tonight, I will retire to my humanoid book

[pat] ok sounds good

[Master] I take it you have the 2nd edtiion books?

[pat] and no questions

[pat] heh yeah lots of pdfs

[Master] feel free to add me in Yahoo Messenger

[JohnAA] how many xp would I get if I made a Kobold

[Master] I am on 24/7

[Lisa] Great day Bob! Thank you so much

[Master] if you want to transfer over Hoffman?

[Master] 75%

[pat] I never use IMs so dont have any installed

[Master] or you can take it on as a hench

[Master] ok

[JohnAA] i realy like Hoffman too much

[Master] no worries, you know the email

[Master] ok

[pat] yep

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] kobold hench!

[Master] then we will work somethign out as a hench John

[Master] no need to give up on Hoffman

[Master] the next adventure by teh way

[Master] Flower Power

[Master] is to go get two flowers out on the great plains

[Lisa] Goodnight all!

[Master] it is a favor for a treant

[JohnAA] Good Day Marco, Good Night Lisa

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] night lisa

[Master] needs them for a potion, flowers that have never seen the shade of a tree

[pat] heh treants are fun

[JohnAA] take care BOB, see you tomorrow

[Master] yes to john

[Master] bye to lisa

Lisa has left the game on Sat Sep 03 22:26:02 EDT 2011

[JohnAA] Pat, Enjoy

[pat] have a good one

[Master] explore the site

JohnAA has left the game on Sat Sep 03 22:26:30 EDT 2011

[pat] will do

[Master] ask any questions on the Players Communication thread

[pat] ok

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] so howd pat come into existance?

[Master] what are you up to today Marco?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] writing probably

[Master] I have been posting about our auditions on a couple of sites

[Master] where did you find us Pat?

[pat] I saw the add on gamefinder

[Master] cool

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] been working on a novel for about a month now

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] based on some npcs from my shadowrun game

[pat] what kind of book?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] you familiar with shadowrun?

[pat] heh yeah love the game

[pat] can never get anyone to play

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well, I am using the system in my own world

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] been running for almost a year now

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] there is an npc group of shadowrunners that sometimes get in the way of the pcs

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] writing a novel about them

[pat] sounds cool, I had a troll adept once became a high mucky muck for the elves by accident

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] cool, if you are interested, like I said, we need more players

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] started with 5, down to 3 now

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] would like at least one or 2 more

[pat] when do you play and how often?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] weekly, tuesday nights

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] 7pm est

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] 8am for me

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] wednesday

[pat] hmm might try it I got a friend who would love to play you using the same system?

[pat] klooge?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] using 4th edition sr rules, dont use klooge at all

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we use skype

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I do all the dice stuff

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] just voice chat mostly

[Master] you have to give up the ivory and plastic sometime Marco ;P

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well, if I had a good way for my players to roll dice I would

[pat] not sure dont want to jump into to much at once let me think on it

[Master] yeah I get to try him out first Marco,

[Master] grins

[pat] lol

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] sure

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)]

[pat] so next week friday at 7 am I going to be making most of the character? you mentioned rolling stats

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] is the campain website, though most of the action is on the forums

[Master] we will roll stats first thing when you log in

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we do a lot of rp on the forums when the players arent being lazy

[Master] I will likely be able to bring up earlier than 7 as I am off that day I think

[Master] but you can work up your ideas on him, you know the starting point

[Master] you get to decide the rest

[pat] well I get off of work around 4:30

[Master] no worries

[Master] there is teh rule book section on the site

[Master] chapter one is all about character creation

[Master] a lot of it is up there now

[pat] so I will shoot you a e-mail and give you some ideas

[Master] sure thing

[Master] or you can post in the player communication if you want others to comment

[pat] kk

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] tell your friend to mail me if hes interested in joining btw. my address is on that website

[Master] very few pages there are totally locked out for editing

[pat] just so you know my typing and spelling generally suck

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] so do bobs

[pat] ok will let him know

[Master] no worries, I can see when someone starts to type here so we tend to pause and let that thought get out

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] often we dont know what he is saying due to spelling errors

[pat] lol

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] his brother john is not much better

[Master] yeah yeah

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we call it the anstett curse

[pat] well I am gonna head out and get some sleep

[Master] have a great night

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] laters

[pat] you too

[pat] later on

pat has left the game on Sat Sep 03 22:38:57 EDT 2011

[Master] have a great day sir

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] and I suppose I will go brave the rain for a sandwich

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] night bob

BiBo!!! has left the game on Sat Sep 03 22:39:42 EDT 2011