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Sep 03 04

JAA has joined the game.

JAA is now controling Paul

JAA is receiving the map...

JAA has received the map.

[DM] feel free to test away, work on characters,

[DM] do you need anything from my end?

[DM] going to grab some food will be back soon

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d50) [17] 17 -- 3d5

[DM] let anyone know who wanders in I am in and out

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] ok

[JAA] wand of wonder: Parse Error: missing quotations in result map

[JAA] Paul: test: chptm=6d6

[JAA] wand of wonder: Parse Error: invalid label assignment

[JAA] wand of wonder: Parse Error: invalid label assignment

Client has joined the game.

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d50) [10] 10 -- Slow 1turn

[JAA] Hello Client

[mikE] heyo!

[mikE] boy, this is different.

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] what is different

[JAA] slower I bet

[mikE] not being at the table.

[DM] ahh

[DM] you know that under other circumstances

[DM] I would have just had everyone stay here

[DM] game for hours on end

[mikE] lol

[mikE] that would have been cool, but for the full house, i'm sure.

[DM] in Japan that is what we did for Typhoons

mikE is receiving the map...

mikE has received the map.

[DM] 6 of us in a squad room,

[JAA] only if we were playing withhard core gamers

[DM] over 24 hours locked together in a 20 by 60 buildings

[JAA] none of these social gamers

Jessica has joined the game.

[Jessica] happy now?

[DM] Mike or John, care to whip up a couple of character sheets for me

[DM] lol

[DM] welcome jess

[Jessica] hi

[Jessica] can we change my picture?

[JAA] hey!

[Jessica] she's really ugly

[Jessica] hi John

[JAA] Jes has phone and power!

[DM] sure, will grab a hand ful of examples for you

[Jessica] Jess is not at home

[JAA] ooooooo

[DM] her shelter has lots of extras

[JAA] good for you

[Jessica] I'm weathering the storm at casa de Sean

[JAA] ok so not so good ;)

[Jessica] why?

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] wand of wonder: Parse Error: invalid label assignment

[DM] ok

[DM] everyone ok here?

[JAA] much beter

[Jessica] i'm here

[DM] John? Mike?

[JAA] except this item is slow

[DM] taps the mike

[DM] tap tap

[Jessica] its on

[JAA] no sound

[Jessica] lol

[Jessica] Laila looks much better now, thank you

mikE has left the game.

[DM] there are a couple of options for you to choose from

[Jessica] she could still be cuter tho

[Jessica] can i see more?

[DM] rolls his eyes

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] bob do you see anything happening with my work on the and

[JAA] wand

[DM] what am I looking for?

[JAA] I can't seem to roll the dice on it. Jes maybe you can try

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d69) [7] 7 -- Slow 1turn

[JAA] no it works

[DM] ok

[DM] mike is resetting his connection

[JAA] now it does not work, it is getting stuck

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [2+4] 6 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [4+4] 8 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[JAA] deck of many things A: Parse Error: unmatched bracket

[JAA] scroll up

[JAA] I did not ay that

[DM] did not say what?

[JAA] BOB I did not say scroll up!!!

[DM] my chat room is fairly large,

[Jessica] yes you did, i saw it

[JAA] Something is wrong with this program. I am having issues rolling dies and it is typing for me

[DM] Jess, feel free to type in anything yoiu care to on your sheets, storys, notes extra

[Jessica] your computer is possessed

[DM] lol

[DM] typing for you?

[Jessica] i cant think of anything at the moment that i need to do, but if i do, i will

[JAA] funny for you, wait till later and see what happends

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d69) [4] 4 -- Slow 1turn

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d69) [6] 6 -- Slow 1turn

[JAA] see I was able to but got a 4 and a 6, tell me how lucky that is

[DM] by the way Jess you saw you have two other images to choose from also?

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d69) [16] 16 -- 3d5

[Jessica] where was i supposed to see that?

[DM] right click and choose image

[DM] on your icon

[Jessica] i saw

[Jessica] i like the one with the red hair

[DM] ok,

[Jessica] the blonde is even uglier than the first onw

[DM] fine

[Jessica] lol

[Jessica] but thank you for giving me options

[JAA] Jess Ican make you one if you e-mail your request

[Jessica] cool

[JAA] I can make an ICON

[Jessica] thanks

[Jessica] i got it John

[Jessica] i am the queen of typos

[Jessica] lo

[Jessica] l

[Jessica] see?

mikE has joined the game.

[JAA] Then I must be the prince

[mikE] okay, i'll not try to load the map again... has joined the game.

[JAA] laod map bd

[JAA] bad

[Grug] bad map, bad

Grug is receiving the map...

Grug has received the map.

[mikE] hey bri. think you'll stay with us?

[DM] the map is the simple one

[Jessica] hey Brian

[mikE] well, that froze me last time

[mikE] try sending it to me, bob?

[Grug] sure, i'm not afraid of some hurricane named 'frances'

[DM] MIke did you do any of the monsters

[mikE] no. i told you last week i probably wouldn't.

[mikE] school and work have caught up to me.

[DM] we could really use a cople of them, if you get the chance to now please?

[DM] now now,

[mikE] which ones?

[DM] how about Shark, and sahuagin

[Grug] hello all, sry, was chatting elsewhere with more interesting people

[DM] those will help with the basic stuff

[JAA] WHAT GRUG? Who is more Intrestng

[mikE] okay. gimme a bit. i'll let ya know when i mail them

[mikE] I am away from the keyboard.


[JAA] Bob stop giving out homework and making people leave

[DM] does anyone else want some?

[DM] some quick XP to earn for typing in a character sheet ?

[Grug] who all's here? hi jess, hi sean, hi mike, hi bibo, hi fritz, hi lori, hi john, hi robert, hi bob, hi person who plays Reginald

[Grug] miss anyone?

[DM] that would be Trevor

[Grug] yeah, him

[DM] and you missed Barb

[Grug] is she here?

[DM] likely will be

[Grug] well then i wont say hi just yet, ok with you?

[DM] you can always see who is currently logged in on the botton of your campaign tree

[DM] so far only a couple of people

[Jessica] it's only, mike, john and myself, plus you and bob

[Grug] my campaign tree shows everyone

[Jessica] mine does too

[Jessica] doesnt mean we're all here

[Grug] oh, at the top

[Grug] ok

Sean has joined the game.

[Grug] hi sean

[Grug] brb

[Grug] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sean] Greetings and Salutations

[Jessica] hello to that person who is in the same room as me

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Hello back to the person that is less then two feet away

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] well we need to seperate you two already

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d69) [12] 12 -- 3d5

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d69) [7] 7 -- Slow 1turn

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] ok so

[DM] now what?

[JAA] see jes

[DM] john, the icon can be same as the rest you sent

[JAA] like I remember

[DM] you can send them to her, she can then forward me the one she likes.

[JAA] sorry for IMing you on an off party topic

[DM] Jess, remember you could just grab an image from anywhere,

[JAA] she has

[DM] you and sean can work on that too

[DM] and it is ok John,

[DM] that kind of IM is fine

[DM] no problems there

[JAA] best

[JAA] Well rolling the wand is so at best

[JAA] slow

[JAA] I am Klogging off to see if it helps

[JAA] Be right Back

[JAA] save the wand

JAA has left the game.

[Jessica] now i'm really cute

[Jessica] lol

[DM] I will admit it is a very nice picture

[Grug] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jessica] yup

[Grug] so last week we were moving on, but there were two aquatic elves who dove overboard and we didn't see them again

[Jessica] yup

[Grug] damn elves

[Jessica] yup

[DM] done for you JEss

[Jessica] thanks

[Jessica] yay

[Jessica] i love options

[DM] you could look for other pictures of this girl,

[DM] who is she? the current icon

[Jessica] Mena Suvari

[DM] and use different poses of her rather than mulitple girls

[Grug] yeah, like naked poses

[DM] then again, you might like multiple girls,

[Grug] who doesnt?

[Jessica] and yes, i should look for other pics, cuz she looks the most like what my character sheet says Laila looks like

[DM] looks innocently up in the air

[Jessica] multiple girls is good

[DM] lol

[Jessica] i'm gonna go scrounge for food and then look up more pics of Mena

[Jessica] brb

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

JAA has joined the game.

JAA is now controling Paul

JAA is receiving the map...

JAA has received the map.

[DM] need to use the bathroom, brb

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] What di I miss

[Grug] john?

[Grug] ok

[JAA] Yes

[Grug] who do we have that can go under the ship?

[JAA] well anyone can, just how far under you want to go and can they get back up

[Grug] who can take time to inspect under the ship?

[JAA] I take it you do not trust the Elves

[Grug] we have no aquatics

[JAA] We have no bananas either

[Grug] and no i dont trust them, they dove under, did not come up and we left

[Grug] so just answer my fucking question, lol

[JAA] you were sleeping below decks who told you :)

[JAA] Well then

[JAA] I can fly but not breate, I could cast Polymorh self into something and do it

[JAA] Was realy hoping to have a certain wand in the party pack

[JAA] Not sure if anyone else can

[Grug] are you there, sean?

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] back

[JAA] did you read our little conversation

[Grug] we were talking about you

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)]

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Yes, I'm here ...

[JAA] what a way to anound your self

[JAA] anounce

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] doing some other computer related stuff ... had to move websites to a new server (long story)

Jessica has left the game.

[Grug] i saw the email

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] yeah. Pretty much done now.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] thankfully.

[JAA] and not an entertaing one I bet

Jessica has joined the game.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] not fun at all.

[Jessica] sigh

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Greetings and Salutations

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] But the link I just sent is to some D&D stuff ... looks interestig

[Jessica] the only thing better than peanut butter is extra crunchy peanut butter

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] heh

[Jessica] ::grins::

[Grug] what about extra crunchy peanut butter and beer?

[Jessica] and now i will go on an image search

[Jessica] i have no beer

[Jessica] i have apple juice

[DM] what?

[Grug] it would still be better tho

[Jessica] yup

[DM] I laid in several bottles of wine

[DM] just in case

[Jessica] i left my beer at my apt.

[DM] and you call your self prepared

[Jessica] Spring said there was some here

[Grug] silly girl

[Jessica] but i am not in the mod

[Jessica] mood, that is

[DM] the mods for being drunk are killer anyway, ask Brian

[Jessica] lol

[DM] that drinking in the island kingdoms will do you in

[Grug] lol

[Grug] yeah, makes you want to go get tatooed

[JAA] BOB, I am still having serious issues with this wand

[DM] such as?

[Grug] leave your wand alone and play the game

[Jessica] LOL

[JAA] I canot roll the effect

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d69) [1] 1 -- Slow 1turn

[JAA] consistantly

[Grug] 1d69 ?? i like that roll

[mikE] I am back at the keyboard.

[Grug] hello mike

[Jessica] yay mike's back

[JAA] Mikeie's back and your going to be in troubble

[mikE] yes. my klooge time is up, so i get released back into the world.

[mikE] who's in trouble?

[mikE] you get them, bob?

[JAA] I was paraphrasing a song

[JAA] see if you can guess which one

[mikE] man, i'm hungry.

[JAA] Mike or jess see if you can click on the Wand of wonder and roll the custom dice

[Jessica] huh?

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [2+4] 6 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[JAA] never rolled an item before?

[Jessica] no

[JAA] look at the map, see the wand in the corner

[Jessica] and i am not sure to which item you are referring

Jessica is receiving the map...

Jessica has received the map.

[Jessica] ok, now i see it

[Jessica] what am i doing with it?

[JAA] left click on Wand and go to roll dice

[Jessica] k

[Jessica] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d100) [13] 13 -- 3d5

[JAA] go to custom and click on one at a time

[JAA] try again

[Jessica] i dunno what that just did, but i didnt see it

[JAA] see it did not work , same thing was happen to me

[JAA] BOB!!!!!!

[Jessica] it works, but very slowly

[Jessica] see, it went

[DM] sporru

[JAA] once

[DM] looking for an email Mike just sent

[DM] what happened

[Jessica] maybe it'll come back

[JAA] can you move the wand to the center of the map, close the decks

[DM] you are moving it

[JAA] I forgot I could. You see nothing when we roll the wand

[DM] there you go

[mikE] bob, try sending me th emap?

[DM] sending now

[DM] did that work?

[mikE] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d100) [74] 74

[DM] guess it did

[JAA] try again

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d100) [6] 6 -- Slow 1turn

[JAA] second time it did not work

[Grug] whats the prob? everything seems to work from here?

[mikE] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d100) [18] 18 -- 3d5

[JAA] like it has to reset itself

[mikE] how come i don't get an effect?

[JAA] I have not finished it, the effect is blank to make sure it works

[Grug] wtf are you guys talking about?

[Jessica] they are trying to roll for this particular item

[Jessica] and its acting all wonky

[Grug] so? it rolls every time

[JAA] If you see the map you will see an item Wand

[Grug] i see it

[JAA] No sometimes it does not

[Grug] no shit

[mikE] well, it's supposed to act wonkey.

[mikE] it's a wand of wonder!

[JAA] try the potion, it works every time

[Jessica] no, the rolling of it is wonky

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [1+4] 5 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [1+4] 5 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [1+4] 5 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[mikE] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [2+4] 6 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[mikE] wendy, i can fly!

[Jessica] nother pic comin your way, john

[JAA] see. I know the wand is more complex but give me a break

[JAA] tay

[Jessica] thanks

[JAA] otay

[Grug] ok so why do you do a custom roll?

[mikE] because you're bored.

[JAA] it's a function of a wand. A random roll

[JAA] not just a spell

[Grug] ok, who really cares about the wand right now anyway?

[Jessica] i guess they want it to work for tongith

[Jessica] or tonight, if that is better

[DM] well

[Jessica] hi

[DM] part of this is that it would be the worst magic item to get workin g

[DM] if they can get this one to work the rest will be fairly easy

[DM] oh, and I need a water map someone,

[Jessica] hey bob, you asked if anyone else wants hw?

[DM] Mike, Brian, Sean

[mikE] and john insists on probably one of the hardest first.

[DM] a picture of the sea

[DM] ask away Jess

[mikE] Okay. gimme a second, bob.

[DM] I have cut away maps, I need one of the surface

[Grug] like a real pic?

[DM] anyting at all is fine

[Jessica] you need me to do anything that i would know how to do?

[DM] now that is a loaded question,

[Jessica] lol

[DM] after all I am a married man

[Jessica] LOL

[DM] but you can help with the characters

[DM] everyone should know more about how the expressions and weapon things work,

[DM] feel free to experiment

[JAA] hey

[Jessica] here come more icons Bob

Jessica has left the game.

[JAA] it is more likly for us to find a wand of Wonder than a Deck of many things

[JAA] if I had an item I actual had I would work on it

Jessica has joined the game.

[DM] what items do you want to work on ?

[Jessica] grrr

[Grug] lol

[JAA] Witch Wand :(

[DM] I woudl love the magic swords,, all the potions to work corrrectly

[DM] want the potions to tick off uses

[DM] same as the wands, etc.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Bob ... did you need some help with something?

[DM] always,

[mikE] and there ya go bob. instant ocean.

Jessica is receiving the map...

[DM] did not get it yet Mike

[Grug] bob, do you need some help? because sean will be glad to do it for you

Jessica has received the map.

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [2+4] 6 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[JAA] bob, when we cast spells it does not work. I'm not a programer

[DM] help with which?

Jessica hugs john cuz he looks like he needs one

[DM] I am looking for the file that brian just sent me,

[Grug] lost it that quick?


[JAA] :)

[DM] ahh not in a compatable format

[Grug] jpg?

[DM] and John, what can I do about it?

[DM] Mike and Marco are the spell experts right now

[JAA] What can I do about it is my point

[DM] Sean knows some

[DM] and it is not a jpg Brian

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Sean knows some what?

[mikE] and just in case you want me to not be such a smart ass, i found a better pic for ya, bob.

[DM] ann

[DM] got it

[DM] send it along Mike

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Yes, I know an ann.

[Grug] the one i sent is called ocean.jpg and it is a jpg

[Jessica] mike, not a smartass, no

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] A couple actually.

[DM] some of the spell stuff

[DM] fixed it brian

[DM] when I saved it

[DM] I acidently removed the extension

[Grug] ahhh

[DM] stupid windows

[JAA] Laila looks cute, maybe she needs a hug

[Jessica] lol

[Grug] silly DM

[Jessica] aww

[DM] Mike you sent it to Email?

[mikE] yup.

[mikE] i'll send you the other one i found. although i rather like the first one.

[DM] ok, got them both

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] loading those and the new Laila images, jsut a sec

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] OK bob, I'll ask again. When we cast a spell or use a spell from a potion do you have to accept anything?

[JAA] again

[JAA] see ya

[JAA] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] when you come back John, no

[DM] I do not have to do anything for you to cast a spell,

[JAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] Mike, do you remember what you and Marco did for those?

[DM] back to more images

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] then it is a function of Kloge

[mikE] i never did anything, bob.

[mikE] i don't touch expresions.

[Grug] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] If nayone has an item that works like a spell, let me know and i will give you an expression

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] ok

[DM] do you want to have me add in Shade again John

[DM] there are a lot of spells on there

[JAA] NO bob

[DM] ok


[DM] ok,

[DM] pauseing to listen

[DM] tell me what exactly is the problem

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[JAA] try reading the history now and again. It does not roll everytime you click roll

[JAA] it's like it freezes or something

[JAA] for anyone not just me

[DM] but only on the wand

[JAA] yes

[DM] with the current expression

[DM] ok,

[DM] so

[DM] maybe it is the expression, too big? too long? I am not sure how to compact the programming for that

[JAA] it was rolling before but it gave an error, now it is shorter in character but not even giving an error

[DM] I am at a loss to help with that

[Jessica] ::does a happy dance in celebration of having cuter icons::

mikE is now controling Finglass

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] That sounds like a programming error on the part of the kLoOge programmers

[JAA] Potion of flying: Fly: You can fly for (1d4+4) [2+4] 6 turns (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] not much that can be done without the source code.

[JAA] bob can you copy the current file into a second file

[DM] sure

[JAA] or onpen a blank item for me

[DM] blank item it is

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Hey! leave my Chinese hat alone!

[DM] there you go

[JAA] tks

[JAA] that was funny

[JAA] I put it under spell

[DM] ok,

[JAA] there was a visual but no text

[DM] sorry guys, will be back in a couple of minutes, Nyrma wants me to eat somethign now

[DM] grrrr

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] I am done with items we do not yet have

[Jessica] lol

[Jessica] i like my icons John, thanks

[JAA] np

Jessica hugs John

[JAA] //me blush

[Jessica] i made you blush, hee hee

[JAA] how does that work again

[mikE] hey. i found a good part of this long distance klooging.

[Jessica] /me

[mikE] my ps2 is next to me!

JAA hits his head duh

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] cool

Jessica sticks out her tongue

[mikE] so while it takes an hour to figure something out, i can amuse myself.

[Grug] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jessica] yay

[Grug] is this something we need for tonight?

[Jessica] dunno

[Jessica] Bob went to eat

[JAA] I can eat and play

[Grug] good so lets talk about him

[mikE] someone should call bibo and see if he's getting on.

[Jessica] shrug

[Jessica] you call him

[JAA] or off

[Jessica] or are you too lazy?

[Jessica] and very funny John

[Grug] I'm sure John was cracking up

[mikE] maybe.

[mikE] but i'm not calling him. my phone's across the room from me

[Grug] lol

[Jessica] sigh, i'll call

[Grug] there he is

[JAA] yea he just signed on

[Jessica] see, if we talk about him enough, he shows up

[Jessica] didnt even get to dial the phone

[JAA] let's talk about Bob abd see if he shows up

[Grug] so if we dont talk about him he will go away?

[Jessica] lol

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

[JAA] We lcome Bilbo

[BiBo!!!] :-P

[BiBo!!!] heyo

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

[Jessica] hi BiBo

BiBo!!! has received the map.

[Grug] hi bibo

[mikE] there. i called him for ya.

[JAA] look we found a will for Shade!

[mikE] hope yer all happy now.

[BiBo!!!] lol

[JAA] written in her own blood

[BiBo!!!] bob dead already?

[Jessica] he went to eat

[mikE] francis took him out first.

[JAA] well he is at the bottom of the ocean

BiBo!!! is now controling Alastair

[JAA] don't know if he can breate

[JAA] do you mind if we polymorp Claw into a gold dragon

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sucks to be him. in other news, we just got 10,000,000 xp for killing a gm

[Jessica] lol

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no, but polymorph other isn't really capable of it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, a really small dragon maybe

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he's probably better off as a griffon at that rate

Lorie has joined the game.

[JAA] Polymorph self has a limit, I don't think other does

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hey lorie

[Jessica] hi Lorie


[mikE] hey mommy

[Grug] hey mom

[Lorie] Hey all! Feeding time ....

[Grug] thx, i'm hungry

[JAA] sick bastard

[Jessica] i dont think you want what she's got, Brian

[Jessica] lol

[Jessica] it only tastes good to babies

[Lorie] glad you're all safe. I have KFC happy to share

[Jessica] lol

[Grug] kfc only tastes good to babies?

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lorie] I am feeding ACD too

[Grug] i think its time for my diaper to be changed

[Jessica] didnt know you were away, but welcome back, John

[Paul (JAA)] two fisted feeder in more ways than one

Jessica thwaps Brian

[Paul (JAA)] either did i

[mikE] i want kfc

[mikE] i'm tepmted to grab some wings plus.

[Lorie] have to...she takes forever

[mikE] they're supposed to be open all night.

[Jessica] there's a kfc next to my apartment building

[Jessica] but i'm not there

[Lorie] bonus!

[mikE] hey bibo, what's the weather like since you can see outside

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] dark

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no rain no wind, but dark

[Lorie] there is a kfc et to bob's... ifyou're there

[Lorie] errr next to

[Jessica] we are all klooged in from our various homes, Lorie

[Jessica] i think

[Grug] et to bob?

[Lorie] ahhh

[Grug] is that like et tu brute?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] except for bob

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] who has forsaken us

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] again

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yeah, he's all about the forsaking lately

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::curses bob and his forsaking::

[JAA] can you still curse?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::raises shade to curse bob and his forsaking::

[mikE] damnit. wish i had some food...

[JAA] even beter you can raise

[Jessica] hey mike, get off your ass and go get some

[JAA] Mike where are you

[Jessica] thats what the rest of us would do

[JAA] I can e-mail you some of my steak

[Jessica] lol

[Jessica] that's evil John

[Grug] he wants to eventually be the pope, so he has to practice sitting on his ass, doing nothing

[JAA] have to use all the froen food,

[Lorie] I talked to Lior earlier... he's in Boston and parents are ok

[mikE] i can't get some!

[mikE] my car's blocked in the driveway


[Jessica] so take a car that isnt blocked

[mikE] and our house is a bunker, so there's no way to answer the door for delivery

[Jessica] i'm sorry, then, you are shit out of luck

[JAA] Mike, Can you get out of your house?

[Grug] you'll have to chop up some family members, get the oven heated up

[mikE] damn shuttters. they took like, an hour to close.

[mikE] not really, john. not at the moment

[Jessica] there's no food in your house at all?

[JAA] wow

[Jessica] not even now?

[Grug] do you have some sterno for later?

[mikE] i'd have to be loud opening the shutters to do it, and my mom just went to sleep. she'd probably castrate me if i woke her up.

Client has joined the game.

[JAA] I feel for you

[Grug] hi client

[Jessica] hello client

[Grug] hi silent client

[Lorie] mime client??

Client is now controling Reign Tandem

[JAA] I see if someone is reading my mind

[Lorie] Hey Fritz

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] oh no some one has possesed Regin

[JAA] Reign

[Jessica] the mimes have taken controll of Reign

Lorie is now controling Kylia Wolfslayer

[mikE] wish i had a mime right now.

[JAA] not Kylia too

[mikE] i'd bbq it.

[Grug] they could spread terror if they are controlling Reign, It could be a Reign of Terror

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I wish I was an oscar meier weiner

Lorie is receiving the map...

[Jessica] oscar meyer hotdog


Lorie has received the map.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that is what I truly want to be

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] to both

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] because if I was an oscar meier weiner

[Grug] then i'd ask a chick if she'd eat me

[JAA] I'm ok,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] this stupid klooge wouldn't be so damn buggy

[JAA] brain freeze

[JAA] cha cha cha

[Jessica] lol

[JAA] I am away from the keyboard.

Fritz is now controling Kip

Fritz is now controling Motubo

[Jessica] hey

[Jessica] its fritz

[Grug] why are all the icons below in yellow?

[Jessica] only on your screen hon

[Jessica] not on mine

[Grug] ok, fixed it

[Grug] not sure how

[Grug] cant make up your mind can you?

[Jessica] i picked this one

[Jessica] someone else changed it

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] back for a sec

[Jessica] yay

[DM] Trevor showed up here

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] for a sec, yay

[Grug] lol

[DM] fixing his situatin

[Jessica] you got a trevor?

[Jessica] lol

[DM] and then I will be back to read this list and work on the game

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jessica] hi

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Bob I sent you some new icons for me

[DM] will return in a couple more minutes

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] fritz, how many icons do you HAVE?

[Jessica] stop that

[JAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jessica] LOL

[JAA] Fritz broght his Party

Jessica is now controling Laila

[JAA] who keeps messing with the icons

[Jessica] klooge demons

Lior has joined the game.

[Jessica] hello Lior

[Lior] Hey, kids!

[Jessica] welcome back

[JAA] WHO you calling Kid!

[Lior] its the krusty the clown line

[Lior] hey everybody

[Lior] that fit you better, John?

[Grug] hey lior

Fritz has left the game.

[Grug] hi iranon

[Lior] yo Brian

[JAA] sorry did not reconnise the quote

[Lior] its cool

[Lior] the quote doesn't really work without the laugh and the intonation and so on

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] yea or may be a hey hey hey

[Grug] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] Grug know keyboard

[Lior] so how's the weather down there?

[JAA] at the moment fine next wind and rain

[Lior] : )

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::does a rain dance::

[JAA] we are west enough so far, some are in the dark

[Lior] Sean, i want you to know that I'd take boston weather over the crap you're having to go through any day

[JAA] at east my window has a mostly clear plastic shutter

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh god, I love hurricanes. Snow is hell.

[Lior] people already losing power and such in florida?

[Lior] snow is great

[mikE] dunno.

[JAA] some on the cost I heard

[JAA] coast

[mikE] i don't think we'll loose power at all.

[Lior] well, that's what they get for living on the coast

Lorie has left the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no one has ever been forced to eat there companions due to a hurricane

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] snow on the other hand

[JAA] I bet earlier that half of Florida would now I am not sure

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well we all know of stories for that

[JAA] Thank s for sharing

Fritz has joined the game.

[Lior] they didn't eat their companions because of the snow

Fritz is now controling Reign Tandem

[Jessica] so far the weather hasnt decided what it wants to do

[Lior] but because they had no food

Fritz is now controling Motubo

[Lior] you're misplacing the causal nexus

Fritz is now controling Kip

[JAA] whoa

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yes, the had no food, because snow lasts a hell of a lot longer than a hurricane

[Jessica] and i just read about a wicked nasty boat trip on which the ppl started eating each other

[Lior] Fritz is tonight's control freak

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

Lorie has joined the game.

[Lior] hey Lorie

[Jessica] welcome back Lorie

[Lorie] Lior!

[Lior] I'm back! not quite in black, but back nonetheless

[Lorie] thanks

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] ok

[JAA] now that quote I know

[DM] back and read through all of that

[DM] all very good things

[Jessica] hey Bob

[DM] Trevor is trying to get in touch with someone to go to their house

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] very good things?

[Jessica] lol

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we haven't said anything :-P

[DM] I did get your icons fritz

[DM] and I see that Lorie is back to normal now

[JAA] well

[Lior] Lorie? normal?

[DM] so

[Lior] nah

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] Fritz, I will add your new icons in a couple of minutes,

[DM] going to load a new map for everyone

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Dump all the ones you have for me except the original one for reign

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so if lorie is back to normal, does that mean she's about to fireball us?

[Lior] while you're at it...

[JAA] Bob you can close all the icon if you want

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] want you to be prepared

[Lior] i'm not prepared

[DM] good, so it is normal

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::commences preparation::

JAA puts head between knees

[Lior] i feel like i'm missing something

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we're gonna die!!!

[Lior] somethign important

Fritz is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

[mikE] i'm prepared. got my game boy and a candle.

Fritz has received the map.

Jessica is receiving the map...

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] casting!!!!!!!

[mikE] damnit bob!

Jessica has received the map.

BiBo!!! has received the map.

Lior is receiving the map...

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

mikE is receiving the map...

Lior has received the map.

Jessica has left the game.

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::turns most of the party into Piñata Golems::

[Lior] ooh, pretty

JAA is receiving the map...

mikE has received the map.

[Lior] now i'm prepared

JAA has received the map.

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] ok

[JAA] wow bfd

[DM] how did that go for everyone

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] am I suposed to have another map to look at???

[mikE] slow as hell.

[Lior] yeah, too pretty a picture bob

[DM] lorie, you should have the sea

[DM] and a ship on it with the characters

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] umm... no sea

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] no ship

[DM] ok,

[DM] how about the rest of you

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I have a DS logo and Kip and Claw

[JAA] I see the picture and the ship

[Lior] double click yourself on the left

[Lior] well, kylia

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] okay...I'll be gray in the interim

Lorie is receiving the map...

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Bob change my icons if you dont mind. Delete all the others except the original one you used for Reign

[Lior] BOB, while we're on the ship and until further notice, i look like an elf has joined the game.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Greetings and Salutations

[JAA] hello?

[Grug] hello has joined the game.

Lorie has received the map. has left the game.

Fritz has left the game.

Sean has left the game.

[JAA] I am away from the keyboard.

[JAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Grug] I am back at the keyboard.

Fritz has joined the game.

[Sean] I've left the game?

Fritz is now controling Reign Tandem

Fritz is now controling Motubo

Fritz is now controling Kip

Fritz is receiving the map...

Fritz has received the map.

Jessica has joined the game.

Grug is receiving the map...

[Jessica] ok, back no

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... I have a map :)

Grug has received the map.

[Jessica] w

[Grug] yay

Jessica is receiving the map...

Jessica has received the map.

[Jessica] i have a map

[Jessica] and i didnt crash

Jessica does a happy dance

[DM] ok

[DM] so everyone can see this?


[mikE] y

[Lior] yup

[Laila (Jessica)] we're all swimming

[Fritz] y

[Grug] yes i see you

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I see it Bob

[DM] good

[DM] thank you all

[Lior] is that ship in the distance an actual ship, or a part of the photo?

[Grug] your welcome

[DM] now, it is an icon

[DM] it is your ship

[Lior] there's one above that one

[Lior] up and to the left

[DM] I will try the next map with one person next, any questions first?

[Laila (Jessica)] i think that is part of the picture, Lior

[DM] sorry to get started this late,

[DM] Trevor needed help findin g a place to crash

[Grug] shiiiiiiiii...... shi told me that she loved me

[Lior] gave me time to finish catching up on my webcomics

[Laila (Jessica)] is trevor all settled?

[mikE] i gained a level in .hack.

[DM] at least he is not here,

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[JAA] yea Mike

[JAA] Bob has Forsaken Trevor

[Grug] and like a fool i believed her from the start...

[JAA] Grug sing well

[Laila (Jessica)] Grug has a rather nice voice

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Grug] shiiiiii.... shi said she'd never hurt me

JAA puts head between knees again

[DM] Fritz's control of Motubo has been revoked

[Laila (Jessica)] you ok?

[DM] Fritz's control of Kip has been revoked

[Grug] but then she turned around and broke my heart

[JAA] Bob is trying something

[Laila (Jessica)] ah

[Grug] no monkees fans here?

Laila (Jessica) ducks

[Laila (Jessica)] what song are you singing?

[Lior] they didn't even play their own instruments

[Grug] shi

[Grug] she

[Fritz] rock of ages

[Laila (Jessica)] the monkees were the first synthetic boyband

[Grug] you lying harlot

[Laila (Jessica)] not ly8ing

[Lior] yeah, there were some before them

[Grug] they played all of their instruments

[Grug] not you

[Lior] hey, i'm not a liar

[Grug] lol

[Lior] nor am i a harlot, but through no fault of my own, i assure you

[Grug] sorry, you truthful harlot


[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

[DM] ok

[Grug] the DM butts in

[DM] Fritz, added in your new icon and the one for Motubo

[JAA] it's al right

[DM] what are the other ones for?

[Fritz] I need a character sheet for laroosh

[DM] ahh.

[Fritz] and kip is ailea

[Lior] yeah, maybe you can use it to rename him

[Grug] lol

Fritz is now controling Motubo

[Lior] you know, reading through the logs today of the games i missed, i have to say, there were a lot of lame jokes i wish i could have made that none of you thoguht up of, i was very dissapointed

[JAA] hey, I get enough dumb looks

[Grug] you ARE the king of lame jokes

[Laila (Jessica)] well not all of us are as clever and witty as you are, Lior

[DM] okk

[Lior] this is true

[mikE] LaDush?

[Grug] which is?

[DM] so that should take care of everyone's icons?

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm happy

[JAA] How many people fit on this boat?

[Fritz] No make laroosh a pc please

[mikE] who would be so mean to name their children after that?

[Grug] brb

[Grug] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jessica] Fritz, you should be happy to know that i did not stay in my apartment

[Fritz] I am very happy

[DM] there, that is changed also

[Jessica] i am staying at Sean's til all this blows over

[Lior] no pun intended?

[Jessica] no

[Fritz] Bob that Demon animated goes with Motubo sorry

[JAA] see just thought that, knew not to say it

[DM] ok

[DM] sorry

[DM] ok, Fritz,

[DM] no animated icons for now

[mikE] please, no animated icons.

[DM] my machine is moving at a very slow pace

[Fritz] And I need the new face for Ailea ok I will stop it

[mikE] klooge can't handle it.

[DM] it is the size of the map

[JAA] no realy

[JAA] what abut all the icons

[DM] the number of icons

[DM] ok

[DM] everyone stop

[DM] whatever you are doing

[DM] just stop

JAA has left the game.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((sorry Bob, feeding ... can't stop :X ::ducks::))

[DM] phone

[DM] damn county can't do anything on theri own

[DM] Fritz did you stop editing that file?

[DM] hit committe?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] are you part of the Emergency Response team?

[DM] I am still lagging horribley

[DM] looks like someone is trying to edt something

[DM] and all I can get to is the chat rom

[Fritz] nope

[DM] ok,

[DM] will be back, just sit tight everyone will find this

[DM] ok

[DM] that is a bit better, removed the animated icon s

[DM] ok, it is the Laroosh character sheet

[Fritz] I am not editing it

[Fritz] It is on view

[DM] something is wrong with it,

[DM] it shows me that it is not open,

[DM] but it is the only thing up on my screen

[Fritz] I closed it

[DM] I am trying to work on it

[DM] sorry

[Fritz] Maybe he is looking for a spell

[DM] grin

[DM] ok

[DM] that seems to be better

[DM] nope

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hey Bob, can you IM me when we're going to start? I need to take care of something for the baby.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Thanks

[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] ill

[DM] I will

[DM] still searching for the error

[DM] you guys should be able to talk amoung your selves

[Fritz] I can edit icons for people now. I made all these icons myself

Fritz has left the game.

Fritz has joined the game.

[Fritz] Woops bumped myself off

[Jessica] lol

[Fritz] Bob can I help you with anything?

[Lior] i'm so upset

[Jessica] why?

[Fritz] Why don't you use a less detailed map like the ones I sent you Bob?

[DM] it is not the map

[Lior] i can't get the uncesored version of ichi the killer to download

[DM] it is the icon for larrosh

[Jessica] that sucks

[DM] fixed it now

[Lior] woot!

[Fritz] Who is Itchi?

[DM] still can not get the character sheet to close

[DM] but now everything else is better

[Lior] its an awesome japanese movie

[Lior] its so freakn' odd

[Jessica] so BiBo says

Fritz is receiving the map...

Fritz has received the map.

[Jessica] i have yet to find it

[Lior] but i've apparently only seen the censored version

[DM] ok

[Jessica] my blockbuster does not seem to carry it

[DM] so

[DM] Sean, John, everyone ok?

[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lior] i hope not, people shouldn't watch that movie

[Jessica] Sean says he's fine

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] John logged off 20 minutes ago Bob

[DM] Lorie,

[DM] damn

[DM] starting to lag agin

[DM] ok, I am going to shut down klooge

[Jessica] k

[Fritz] change ailea icon please bob when u can

[DM] and see what happens when it come back up

[Lior] should we just log back in as soon as we get kicked off?

[DM] no

[Lior] or wait a tick?

[DM] I will shut down,

[DM] then log back in

[DM] at abotu 7:58 or so, that should give me 2 minutes to fix this

Lorie has joined the game.

[DM] do not load the map Lorie

[DM] wait please

[Lorie] Okay.

Jessica has joined the game.

[DM] I want to test something else also

mikE has joined the game.

mikE has left the game.

mikE has joined the game.

[Jessica] i'm not gettin the map til someone else does it and survibes

[DM] exactly

[DM] thank you

[mikE] i'm gonna get dinner!

[DM] ok, Jess I will send you the map

[Jessica] k

[Lorie] Yeah for dinner!

Sean has joined the game.

[mikE] so whenever people here figure out what's open, i'll be gone for a bit.

[mikE] although, i doubt i'll miss anything.

[Jessica] have fun, mike

[DM] how is that Jess

Sean is receiving the map...

[DM] you do not have an icon on therer

[Jessica] and that is a rather cool map

[Jessica] no

Sean has received the map.

[DM] \damn ikt

Fritz has joined the game.

[Sean] wow ... we're all swimming in the ocean

[DM] stopp;[

[DM] no loading

[Sean] okay, treading water

[Fritz] Ok I am logged back on what next?

[mikE] now i hate to be a pain here, but now that we've spent an hour doing crony character sheets and icons, are we gonna play?

[DM] if everyone will stop loading maps and playing with things yes

Lior has joined the game.

[Sean] Greetings and Salutations

[Fritz] do not load maps

[DM] this is what I was trying to accomplish before hand

[Jessica] no loading of maps

[DM] just very frustrating

[DM] waste 45 minutes on Trevor,

[DM] now this problem

[DM] jess you see the ship?

[Jessica] yes

[Jessica] i see the ship

[DM] your opinoin

[Fritz] What were you doing with Trevor?

[Jessica] it is a rather cool shio

[Jessica] ship, too

[DM] is that a better thing to look at then the ocean?

[Jessica] yes

[DM] ok,

[Jessica] looks like we are somewhere as opposed to just floating

[DM] it seems to take a bit to load, we will look at that

[DM] for right now

[Jessica] k

[DM] I will send this map to the others,

[DM] one or two at a time

[Jessica] i will get a fresh beverage

[DM] please save it locally everyone

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[Fritz] What were you doing with Trevor?

[DM] he showed up at my house

[DM] thought he might crash here

[Lorie] Bob, let me know when I'm safe to load the map

[Fritz] What?

[DM] I will send it to you lorie,

[Fritz] do not load maps

[DM] will warn you ahead of time

[Fritz] He showed up at your house?

[Lorie] Thanks Bob

[Lior] he missed a memo

[DM] yes

[Lior] probably not doing his tps reports right either

[Lorie] He missed the memo, the boad, the news, the red flashing signs...

[Fritz] Which one? The ones about a hurricane in the area?

[DM] smile

[DM] I do get that one Lior

[Lior] i do watch the occasional hollywood movie

[DM] why

[Lior] i get dragged to them

[DM] lots of lag all of a sudden

[Fritz] Probably on girly dates

[Lior] those too

[mikE] i'm out.

[mikE] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] mike

[DM] damn it

[Lorie] watch movies even if you aren't starring in them?

[DM] ok,

[Lorie] Where is Bibo???

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lior] well, there's only one movie i've starred in, and i've only seen it once

[DM] who thinks they can listen to me

[Lior] i'm still waiting for the dvd transfer so i can send it out to everyone

[Lior] i do

[Fritz] Me

[DM] I just wasted 3 minutes of everyones time sending to mko mike

[DM] and he left

[DM] ok,

[Lior] filthy bastard

[DM] Fritz I am sending you the map

[Fritz] filthy filthy

[Fritz] ok I'm out

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jessica] BiBo has been away from his computer for over half an hour

[Fritz] j/k

[Jessica] dunno where he is

[Lior] haha

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Fritz] hehehehe

[Lior] maybe the computer finally stared back?

[Lior] and he's freaking out in the corner

[Sean] how can you type when you're in back of the keyboard, Fritz?

[DM] ok,

[Lior] upside down

[DM] so Jess and Frtiz should be able to save the map locally now

[DM] Fritz take a look at this one please

[Fritz] What a beautiful ship. Who ever made it should get salutations

[DM] we need a lower quality

[DM] the file is too big to make it easy to send to everyone

[Sean] umopapisdn

[DM] that is the lag issue

[Lior] speaking of movies though, i think i freaked out my roomated today when i was talking to my friend about making fetish movies of people falling over in the shower

[Fritz] you want it as a gif file?

[DM] sure try that

[Fritz] When do you want it?

[DM] as soon as you can make it

[Fritz] You will recieve them in 10 min

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Lior, that would officially creep me out... but then again, I'm easily creeped out

[DM] just this one to test please

[Lior] out of curiosity, what format are they now? jpg?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] People can be classified as Creepy or Lovely ;)

[Lior] the concept? or if there were actually movies like that?

[DM] love to be creepy?

[DM] that sounds like lior

[Lior] i'm lovely in a creepy sort of way

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sean] ack! Ack! I'm drowning! I vanished under the waves!

[Lior] do i have to save you?

[DM] lol

[DM] I am moving everyone to the shild again to solve this issue

[Sean] possibly ... I was looking at the map of the ocean, seeing myself sitting in the middle of it, then all of a sudden, I vanished!

[Sean] ah

[Lior] you watch too much mary poppins

[Sean] well, what do you expect with two kids?

[Lior] does anyone know if there are envelopes just big enough to fit a 4X6 picture in?

[Lior] i dont expect much with two kids

[Sean] It's Marry Poppins this, and Peter Pan that, and Fight Club the other ...

[Sean] oh wait ... you're not supposed to talk about Fight Club

[Sean] sorry.

[Jessica] um, you can get envelopes to fit 4x6 pics in at walgreens

[Lior] its ok, no one follows that rule

[Sean] um, can't you just put the picture against the envelope and see?

[Lior] ok... now, seeing as walgreens doesn't exist here

[Sean] CVS does though.

[Lior] i'm just wondering if such a thing exists

[Sean] and that's like a Walgreens.

[Jessica] it exists

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] no Walgreen's here either

[Sean] only it's not exactly like a Walgreens, because if it was exactly like a Walgreens, it owuld be called Walgreens.

[DM] hmmm, if a drug store is blocked by yoru hurricnae shutters does it still exist

[Lior] well, it all depends really

[Lior] what drugs are you on?

[Sean] possibly some very good ones

[Lior] then yes, but only in other people's minds, which don't exist

[Sean] Although you might want to check with your friendly neighborhood DEA agent and see if they're schedule 1 drugs.

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

[DM] ok,

[Lior] woudln't want your drugs missing any appointments?

[Sean] Greetings and Salutations.

[Jessica] dont load the map!!!

[DM] nah

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] there any reason why your game's takin me to some 3rd ed game?

[DM] the map is ok now

[DM] no clue

[Jessica] the third edition thing happend to everyone, BiBo

[Sean] what an odd ship ... it's round

[Lior] we think it may have to do with some kind of drug store conspiracy

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] can i load now?

[Lior] or was that a different line of thinking that i melded together?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] blah, klooge is bein weird, restartin it

BiBo!!! has left the game.

[Lior] we're on a flying saucer, Sean

[DM] youeveryone should have teh shield again now

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

[Lior] a flying saucer that has hit a few things on some landings, so its not a perfect circle

[DM] ok,

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

[DM] can lior or Marco tell me what third edition game it is?

[DM] what is the name of it?

[Lior] alex's forgotten realms game

[DM] maybe we just found a new bug?

[DM] ok,

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Fritz] That happened to me as well

[DM] I am still gettinga bunch of lag here

[DM] but my memory is mfine

[DM] adn we have no mor elarge map loaded

[Lior] maybe there's some problem with the server and we're sharing some bandwidth or something in some strange way that i'm not computer savvy enough to know about

[DM] Jessica

[DM] I am taking Laila off the map

[BiBo!!!] you are the weakest link

[DM] well

[DM] that did not fix it

[DM] Fritz you are next, just stay logged in

[Lior] bibo, if you're going to make references to bad tv shows, at least make them bad tv shows from before the year 1998

[DM] I am seeing if it the new icons we loaded tonight

[BiBo!!!] hey, it's still on

[BiBo!!!] just with a different host

[Jessica] ok, take me off

[Lior] that, by no means, makes it any less bad a tv show

[BiBo!!!] no

[DM] long gone

[DM] ok,

[BiBo!!!] but it isn't before 1998

[DM] now that did not fix it

[DM] next icon

[Lior] yes, so you shouldn't make references to it

[Jessica] why was weakest link a bad show?

[Lior] make references only to pre 98 bad tv

[BiBo!!!] oh

[DM] ok,

[BiBo!!!] okay


[Jessica] lol

[Lior] there you go

[DM] so that did not fix it either

[Lior] much better

[Fritz] kk I am sending you the files now. The maps were all gifs anyway but I redid them to see if it would help. You had it loaded as a Jpeg though did you realize that?

[Lior] aren't jpg's smaller?

[DM] then it came to me as a jpg, I did not open them until they came up in klooge

[DM] I only need one fritz

[DM] to see if tha tis the problem

[DM] right now

[Fritz] was just as easy to do all 8 of them as 1 so go ahead

[DM] my machine is so laggy

[DM] that I can only see a line after the previous one is on the room

[DM] is anyone else having lagg issues? or is it only me?

[Lior] i'm sensing no lag

[Jessica] i have no lag

[DM] ok

[Fritz] Why do you have a deck of many things and all those other icons? Why not install the camp map I sent you. I have no lag bob. How much ram do you have bob?

[DM] 256 allocated,

[DM] only using 127 right now

[DM] and only 53 of that is taken up

[DM] but my whole machine is freezing up

[DM] at least in Klooge it is

[Fritz] Maybe that is the reason. I have a gig here.

[DM] you do not have a gig allocated,

[DM] you have at most 500

[Fritz] total that is with the same set up for klooge as you but only using 30

[DM] if you changed the batch file

[DM] ok,

[DM] have not had a problem until tonight like this

[DM] I want someone, lior marco to please log out

[DM] log into the other game

[DM] to see if they are having issues as well

[DM] please

[BiBo!!!] sure

[Lior] sure thing

BiBo!!! has left the game.

[DM] something is screwy here

[Lior] i'll let him do it

[Fritz] He boots you out right away

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

[BiBo!!!] it's not there anymore

[DM] ok

[DM] so they either gave up or had no problems

[DM] we are just more stubborn

[Fritz] You want me to open up a game bob? I have 2 computers running

[DM] and now the lag is gone for me

[DM] hmmmm

[DM] maybe we did find a common error there

[Lior] i think it was some odd bandwidth sharing thing

[DM] if they finished

[DM] will have to ask later on

[DM] so we are back

[Lior] but i dont know how that could ever happen

[DM] everyone is on the ship

[DM] on the shield

[DM] not loading the ship yet

[BiBo!!!] there's ashield on the ship?

[DM] until this stays good for a while

[DM] care to IM or otherwise call everyoen back to gether?

[Lior] dont jinx it

[DM] and we can continue with the journey

[BiBo!!!] who isn't here?

[Jessica] well, i think that everyone who is gonna be here is here

[Fritz] The only thing missing is my wolf just so you know bob. I hadn't finished that yet

[Jessica] mike went for food, who knows where Brian is, same goes for John and Lorie

[BiBo!!!] wolf?

[DM] ok,

[Fritz] The maps have been sent Bob

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Lorie is food

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Lorie is good

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you're food?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] cool

[Jessica] hello Lorie

[Fritz] Lorie is being feasted upon. She is currently a smorgasborg

[Jessica] what do you flavor are you?

[Fritz] Ok so what are we doing Booby?

[DM] sorry, trying to see if it was a particualr icon or ot

[DM] not

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the usual, killing klooge

[DM] but can not find it

[DM] so we will continue along here

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::fires a rocket at klooge::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::misses because klooge has an ac of -40::

[DM] ok,

[DM] so the ship is sailing along

[DM] Brian and Lior were discussing the sea elves that never surfaced

Sean looks over the side of the ship, keeping the horizon in view

[DM] from the ship that met your

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

[DM] you sailed around that island

[DM] you were told to avoid landing on the beaches

[Lior] i would jump in the water and see if they're still there, but i dont know if i could take on two of them underwater.. i've never fought underwater

[DM] did anyone think of something else to look at explore?

[Fritz] I brought along several large barrels of sand. Some plants with fruits and berries and vines on them as well

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sand?

[Lior] are you a vampire?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's in abundance

[Fritz] Did you ever make a general map for us to see or look at?

[DM] a spice worm

[Lior] that was born in the desert?

[DM] yes there is a map,

[DM] but I am not loading it now

[DM] after all of this

[Lior] i can ride the spice worms

[Fritz] Why dont you send it to us in email bob?

[Lior] ; )

[Jessica] um, what is a spice worm?

[DM] will not be able to see it

[mikE] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] DUNE jessica

[Fritz] Why not?

[mikE] yay. the shield.

[DM] books and movies

[mikE] and dune.

[Lior] yeah, be a good geek and read it

[DM] because the scan is horrible.

[Jessica] lol

[mikE] i take it we're just chatting?

[DM] I need to redo it

[Lior] no, we're starting up

[Lior] but bob's ascared of loading up a real map

[Lior] we have no technical difficulties right now, and we dont want to spoil the moment

[Fritz] If you do that or mail it to me I will fix it up and send it out to everyone via email. That will make it better for us all

[DM] you can not improve the image,

[DM] I was trying at work

[DM] trust me

[DM] everyone will get it soon enough

[Fritz] I could even redo it via dundjinnni if you wish

[DM] it woudl have been ready at 7 except for other issues

[DM] so

[DM] on to the ship encounters

[DM] anythign else

[Lior] its ok bob, its a tough weekend out there

[Sean] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] so

[Fritz] I spoke to Trevor he said that nothing was happening out there

[DM] no one has anything to do with the ship of elves

[DM] yeah, right, like he would understand

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, they left right?

[Lior] does anyone want me to check the underside of the ship?

[DM] yes

[DM] the ship left

[DM] went back to the island

[DM] watchign you round the point

[Fritz] If you bring Motubo back and Laroosh we can try and get a spell to look under the boat and in the water

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] actually

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I can do it

[mikE] so can i

[Lior] i can swim guys, just so you know

[Laila (Jessica)] i cant, tho

[Lior] i'm going into character

[Sadoya (Lior)] i can swim, and deep too

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well okay, who wants to do this?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I can see without going down

[Laila (Jessica)] will you be safe if you look under the boat?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] brb

[Fritz] Okey dokey then guys go ahead. I was going to try and get a spell called sea sight

[DM] there you go Fritz

[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sadoya (Lior)] i can tie a rope around myself and tie the other end to the ship, and if i tug it, Reign here and maybe someone else can pull me out incase ther'es too much trouble down there

[Fritz] try and change ailea's icon if you can bobo

[DM] body surfaceing

[Sadoya (Lior)] but if there are safer ways, believe me, i'm all for them

Fritz is now controling Motubo

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, you want me to check before you go under for nothing?

[DM] what is the other one called?

[Sadoya (Lior)] sure

[Motubo (Fritz)] Ailea

[Laila (Jessica)] check

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's safer for sure

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] alright, casting

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Alastair: Clairvoyance: Give me sight beyond sight! (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[Sadoya (Lior)] BOB, we're assuming i was at tall the introductions, right?

[DM] no icon called that fritz

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so bob I'm lookin under the boat, I see anyone there?

[DM] yes LIor

[DM] and no Marco you do not see any body

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Ailea bob

[DM] you do see several hooks

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hooks?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] attached to anything?

[DM] you are not sure if they belong there or not

[DM] no

[DM] just large metal hooks

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I ask the captain, are there supposed to be hooks down there?

[DM] he looks at you with a "is he crazy stare" no, there are not supposed to be hooks on the hull

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] any idea why there would be?

[DM] no

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] probably a good thing to remove then?

[DM] (can not find it fritz, it must be called something else)

[DM] how are they attached to the hull ?

[DM] will it cause a leak if you take them out?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::looks::

[DM] can you patch the hole?

[DM] you see four hooks over all, they seem to be punched through the hull, sealing it as they are attached

[Motubo (Fritz)] Pssst Uhhhem I imagine they would be there for the netting and traps that the elves have around their islands to prevent us from entering. It was a common ploy they used near my homeland.. Hehehehehoohoo

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ah, well, anyone have a mend spell?

[Fritz] You should get it now bob

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or maybe some beeswax?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or tar?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] because we have holes in the boat

[Finglass (mikE)] what spells are in the plant domain?

[Finglass (mikE)] do i have shape wood?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] warp wood

[Motubo (Fritz)] I could ask my real good buddy Laroosh to see if he could find me the spell

[Finglass (mikE)] i'd know except i never got a spell list

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] not what you want though

[DM] I know sorry Mike, my fault on that

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Sure thing boss

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well that sounds good, whoever you are.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] might need 4 of them

[Finglass (mikE)] better your spells than mine, buddy.

[DM] Fritz, you might want to introduce to the group now

[Fritz] Yes I will send a formal intro in the email but a brief introduction I will give now

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] god, another fremlin

[DM] there is the new icon at least

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] You all remember my ward Ailea. She was the young shaman girl from Africa I took

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] there was a shaman girl in africa?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] as my ward and protege

[DM] the girl that Lex played a cople of weeks

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh, right

[DM] from the village that gave you the potions

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] dont be afraid of her strange powers and yes she is able to speak common now.

Grug has joined the game.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Motubo is a small friend that I saved but ended up having to hire I guess sometimes I am quite confused as to how he got me, but then he is my mage hireling from that area as well when I went back to return the items

[BiBo!!!] I am away from the keyboard.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] He is a ..... Uhmmm.... what do you call it....

[Motubo (Fritz)] "Sha'ir" oh big and glorius ugly and hairy one that I call master !

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Yes a Sha'ir. His companion and right hand is a genie or gen by the name of Laroosh

[DM] Jess, Mike, Brian

[Grug] yes, im back

[DM] any questions

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Hot ta meetcha all

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm just trying to process all of what was said

[Laroosh (Fritz)] So shall I go a lookin fer yer spell?

[Grug] yes, whats going on? I was helping a neighbor board up their windows

[DM] quick sumaary from Lior please

[Motubo (Fritz)] I have some experience with ships and such so if you "Big Feets" need help just ask

[DM] or not as the case may be

[DM] ok Brian

[Laila (Jessica)] "Big Feets"?

[DM] Fritz is bringing everyone up to speed on his henchmen

[DM] you found 4 hooks that have been implanted on the hull of your ship

Fritz has left the game.

[DM] and you are sailing past the elven island

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm not 100% here right now

Fritz has joined the game.

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] any questions Brian? Lior? anyone? beuller?

[DM] ok then

[Fritz] Ailea is a 14 year old girl and Motubo is a naked gremlin looking creature with a flame elemental by his side who is just a little smaller than he is

[DM] I will grab a quick bathroom break as fritz finishes and you guys decide what to do about those hooks

[Fritz] That is not his tail you see

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Fritz] So do you want me to try and get the spell?

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

Fritz is now controling Laroosh

[DM] is anyone paying attention here?

[Laila (Jessica)] sorta

[Sadoya (Lior)] i am mostly

[DM] ok

[Laila (Jessica)] sorry

[DM] can we fix that in any way?

[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Ok back

Fritz is receiving the map...

Fritz has received the map.

[Grug] sorry, was changing out of wet clothes, what are these hooks like?

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm the middle of a phone conversation i can't seem to get out of

Fritz is now controling Motubo

[DM] I will pause here,

[DM] let everyone catch up

[DM] they are metal hooks

[DM] four of them

Fritz is now controling Reign Tandem

[DM] afixed to the bottomonf the ship

[DM] looks like they were punched through the hull

[Laila (Jessica)] i dont have anything that will fix that

[Laila (Jessica)] sorry

[Grug] we are not taking in any water?

[Sadoya (Lior)] can we go down into the bottom of the ship and see the hooks from the inside?

[DM] no

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sadoya (Lior)] could we patch it from the inside?

[DM] no to taking on water

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so does the sha'ir get his mend spell?

[DM] you did not look in the bildge yet

[Sadoya (Lior)] i get on that

[Fritz] Do you want me to try?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yes please

[Motubo (Fritz)] Off you go laroosh

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that would probably be the easiest way to do it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] gonna need one for each hook probably

[Motubo (Fritz)] 65% chance bob

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d100) [29] 29

[Sadoya (Lior)] in the meantime, i'm gonna go down in the ship and see if i can see the hooks from the inside

[DM] ok, roll the number of rounds it takes

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [4+1] 5

[DM] ok,

[DM] got that

[DM] and yes Sadoya you try to get to that part of the ship

[DM] it is tight

[DM] smelly

[DM] mold

[DM] water

[DM] but you can see in the light of your rock

[Laila (Jessica)] eeew

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] as in leaking or just normal water?

Fritz has left the game.

[DM] where the hooks came through the hull, at lteast one of th

[DM] them

[Laila (Jessica)] can ido anything to help, Sadoya?

[DM] it looks like some sort of screw

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Umm...I am not 100% certain what the probelm is here...but we can't Warp Wood or something else less stressful?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we're trying to use mend

[DM] Laila is smaller, she woudl fit in the scummy water better

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ahhh

[Sadoya (Lior)] do we have any extra wood... and maybe some good nails around and a hammer or two?

[Laila (Jessica)] i dont want to go alone, but i will go if i am needed

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay...then I'll just be over here. Let me know when a cleric is needed.

[Sadoya (Lior)] you can help me look for the hooks here if you like

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okie doke ::waits for someone to hammer their thumb::

[Laila (Jessica)] ok

[Laila (Jessica)] i will help

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm just trying to think of ways to mend this if the spells dont work

Finglass (mikE) follows behind kylia and checks the fletching on his arrows.

Fritz has joined the game.

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, so i go down into the water, what do i see exactly?

Fritz is now controling Motubo

[Motubo (Fritz)] La lala lala lala

[DM] as you crawl throught he water

[DM] you hit a slimey dead fish

[Laila (Jessica)] ick

[DM] you get over to the point of the hook

[Sadoya (Lior)] be careful

[Laila (Jessica)] ok

[DM] it looks like it is screwed into the wook

[DM] wood

[Laila (Jessica)] can i see a way to unscre it?

[DM] it looks to be metal

[Sadoya (Lior)] dont touch it

[DM] you have a sharp point on your end

[Laila (Jessica)] not touching

[DM] there does not seem to be a leak right now

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] if we get that mend spell, you can just poke it out

[Motubo (Fritz)] Hey short fat lady need a hand?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hack the wood around it.

Laila (Jessica) turns to look at the ugly creature calling me fat

[Laila (Jessica)] "and what can you do to help?"

[Motubo (Fritz)] I can remove it if you like or give you a towel?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we wont take on too much water in the process

Motubo (Fritz) rolls on floor laughing

[Laila (Jessica)] how would you remove it without hurting the boat?

[DM] splashing in the water

[DM] motubo that is

[Motubo (Fritz)] I didn't say nothin bout de boat just myself

Motubo (Fritz) back strokes with his wings

[Laila (Jessica)] if there isnt a way to take it out without hurting the boat, i would prefer to leave it there til we have a better idea

[DM] a rat scurries along a beam of the ceiling

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we have an idea, you just aren't listening :-P

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm listening

[Sadoya (Lior)] you want us to knock the thing out?

[Sadoya (Lior)] from this end?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :;frowns, wondering why we couldn't get a boat without rats::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] little genie dude is coming back with a mending spell

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so when he comes back, knock out the hook and we mend the boat

[Laila (Jessica)] ok

[Motubo (Fritz)] Was I supposed to listen? Oh sorry I couldn't help it since all the splashing from the fat short lady here

[Sadoya (Lior)] how many hooks are there again? and do we only see this one from this end?

[Laila (Jessica)] there are four

[DM] four total

[DM] you found one inside so far

[Sadoya (Lior)] ok, lets look for the others

[DM] the others should be easy to spot now

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, so i'm gonna look for the others, since i'm smaller

[Laila (Jessica)] carefully

[Finglass (mikE)] (actually, fritz, she's not fat at all. she's a thin tallfellow.)

[DM] you splash though the goop

[DM] and find the other one near this one

[Fritz] Oh ok thanks

[Laila (Jessica)] how far apart are they?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] think we could get em both with one mend spell?

[DM] the other two must be in a different compartment

[DM] about 20 feet

[Laila (Jessica)] k

[Finglass (mikE)] (now, sebrina, i don't know about, so go for the fat jokes.)

[Laila (Jessica)] do we see a way into the other compartments?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hey Bob... I know your book has a section on underwater casting. Could you send that out when you get time this week?

[DM] will try

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I think it has something to do with the V and M portions of casting, correct?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Hey stick lady. Yo twiggy you done pretnding you are a worm or is "Fishbait" your nickname?

[DM] you have to go up one deck

[DM] and then down

[Sadoya (Lior)] is there any way we can see what these hooks are here for? are they magic or something?

Fritz is receiving the map...

Fritz has received the map.

[Grug] we have detect magic don't we?

Laila (Jessica) ignores the ugly naked monster

[DM] no one has cast it yet

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they probably have a way to remove em if we cause trouble

[DM] when you go back down

[DM] to the other compartment

[DM] you find the other two hooks

[DM] you know where all four are now, from inside and out

[Laila (Jessica)] are they the same distance apart as the first two?

[DM] Laila is a sticky smelly mess

[Grug] detect magic, this is a good time to do it

[Sadoya (Lior)] so what's new?

[DM] roughly,

[Laila (Jessica)] yes, yes she is

[Motubo (Fritz)] How about we just put Laila on the end of the hooks and see what kind of fish we catch?

[DM] adn the gen is back with the spell

[DM] one mend available

[Laila (Jessica)] just one?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Laroosh I can always count on you

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he can only get one spell at a time

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he can look again after

[Laila (Jessica)] ok

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] gotta use this one first though

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Anytime Boss. I am your Genman

[Sadoya (Lior)] you're his german?

[Grug] how did we first find these hooks?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Want me to see if I can unscrew the hook?

[Motubo (Fritz)] or are we going fishing with Laila?

[Laila (Jessica)] i am not bait

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I used a clairvoyance spell

Motubo (Fritz) rolls in the goopy water laughing

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I can detect magic

[Finglass (mikE)] Does that... thing ever shut up?

[Grug] you didnt see anything else?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nope, no elves, just hooks

[Motubo (Fritz)] I don't know ask her

[Motubo (Fritz)] Laila do you ever shut up?

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, will someone, Alastair maybe, see if these hooks are magic?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Alastair: Detect Magic: Sniff Sniff. I smell magic! Where's the magic? (DC=(10+1) [10+1] 11)

[Laila (Jessica)] yes, no?

[DM] no magic to be found

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nope

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] though they could be a spell component

[Sadoya (Lior)] so why the bloody hell did they screw with our boat?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] to keep us honest

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] lets get them out

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] at least as many as we can until we run out of mends

[Motubo (Fritz)] /slips under the water to unscrew the hook

[DM] ok

Sadoya (Lior) holds her breath

Laila (Jessica) covers her eyes

Laila (Jessica) peeks

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: is pondering why she let herself be talked into a water trip and wonders if she could sneak back home quietly::

[DM] you start to unscrew the hook

[Fritz] How deep is the water anyway booby?

[DM] water starts to pour in

[DM] 200 feet

[Fritz] in the boat?

[Finglass (mikE)] wow we have a big ass boat

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's a wonder we can dock the thing

[DM] you are in 200 feet of water,

[Fritz] No how deep is the water in the boat?

[DM] in the bildge it is now getting deeper

[Fritz] Feet bobisanevilbut how deep in feet?

[DM] was two

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so get that spell casted already

[DM] now maybe three

[Fritz] Thank you.

Motubo (Fritz) flies up in the air. does a flip and casts his spell. Range 30 feet

[Sadoya (Lior)] i lift up Laila

[Grug] i lift up sadoya

Sadoya (Lior) clears her throat

[Sadoya (Lior)] put me down

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] calls up to the captain "We may want to bring down some men to bail out water down here"

[Motubo (Fritz)] Mend you stupid hole....woops better not get the wrong one...step back Laila or you may be an old maid

[Motubo (Fritz)] Motubo: Enchant an Item: I'm bakin a cake! (DC=(10+6) [10+6] 16)

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] enchant an item?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Closest thing i had

[Finglass (mikE)] you know...

[Finglass (mikE)] before you all do that could i suggest something?

[Laila (Jessica)] thanks for lifting me, Sadoya

[DM] the captain sends men

[DM] the water comes in

[Finglass (mikE)] we might want to lower that water level before you go stopping the hole.

[Sadoya (Lior)] you're a bit late for the whole 'before you do that' bit

[Finglass (mikE)] not when i started. damn klooge

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we're bailing ::hands a bucket over::

[DM] you end up bailing enough to stop the flow

[DM] the mend spell seals the hole

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] You guys and gals alright down there? Don't let that naked Fremlin give you to much grief

[Finglass (mikE)] ::shrug::

[DM] you did not grab the hook unfortunetly,

[Finglass (mikE)] well, if you all want to do it the hard way...

[DM] no one was under the ship to grab it

[Laila (Jessica)] grrr

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] um

[Sadoya (Lior)] its ok, only grief he's going to be giving anyone is indigestion, if he keeps up his act

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] bob

[DM] yes?

Finglass (mikE) leans against the rail and watches the men lift buckets.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] didn't fremlen boy go under the ship to get it out?

[DM] no, he is in teh bildge casting mend

[DM] that was from inside the boat not outside

[Sadoya (Lior)] no one's outside the boat

[DM] you have one hook removed and resealed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I thought you said he couldn't unscrew it from the inside

[Motubo (Fritz)] And the bolt was on the inside correct?

[DM] no bolt

[DM] just a hook screwed into the wood

[DM] you did it from the pointy end

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we can do that? cool

[DM] the mend is on the inside,

[Motubo (Fritz)] ahhh yes.

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, there are three more hooks

[DM] yes you can, if you can avoid the disease roll,

[Motubo (Fritz)] I didn't get cut by the pointy end

[Laila (Jessica)] Mike, you had an idea?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well fremlin boy's immune to nonmagical weapons

[Motubo (Fritz)] of sadoya's head...kinda nice dont you think

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you said the hook's nonmagical :-P

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so no disease

[DM] lots of non-magical deseases out there

[Motubo (Fritz)] Ahhh you gave away my secret no fair

[Sadoya (Lior)] what about my head, you little mite?

[Motubo (Fritz)] not little mite...Dolomite

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yes, but the disease comes from him cutting himself

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he cant get cut on the hook

[DM] hmmm,

[Motubo (Fritz)] Correct-a-mundo paladin boy

[DM] if you say so

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he can only be hit by +1 weapons

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the hooks as you said are non magical

[DM] rats, dead fish, mold in the water,

[Motubo (Fritz)] Well booby did I feel myself getting cut?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] therefore

[DM] no cuts

[DM] so I guess there is no chance of a disease

[DM] according to your Paladin

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well not from the hooks

[Grug] lol

[Laila (Jessica)] there are lots of chances of disease

[Motubo (Fritz)] Ahhh what is a little rash or plague among friends

[Grug] the hooks were in the water, right?

Motubo (Fritz) sneezes

[Sadoya (Lior)] i do a healing/herbalism check on meself

[DM] and it does like warm wet enclosed spaces

Motubo (Fritz) looks at Laila

[Laila (Jessica)] what?

[DM] roll Sadoya

[DM] send to me only

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] think you could get us some more mendings?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Well at least it got the wet part right....but she looks kinda frigid to ome

[Sadoya (Lior)] Sadoya: Healing check: (d20) [18] 18

[Lior] PROBABLY FAILS against (16-2) [16-2] 14

[Sadoya (Lior)] hm,. dont seem to have herbalism set up

[Sadoya (Lior)] just roll d20 then?

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Want me to warm your bones missy. Come and give Uncle Laroosh a hug!!!!!

[Sadoya (Lior)] Roll #1: (d20) [17] 17

Laila (Jessica) glares at the ugly naked creature and turns away from him

[Sadoya (Lior)] well, failed those

[DM] you do not find anything other than dirt and grime Sadoya

[Motubo (Fritz)] Welp buddy time for another

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Yeppers

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] excuse me mutobo, could you get your friend to fetch us some more mend spells for the other hooks?

[Laroosh (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d100) [97] 97

[Laroosh (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [5+1] 6

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] heh, beat me to it

[Laila (Jessica)] Sadoya, can you check me please?

[Laroosh (Fritz)] La de da da de doo

[Finglass (mikE)] come here, laila.

Laila (Jessica) goes to Finglass

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::is glad he doesn't have to worry about any diseases::

[Finglass (mikE)] let the thing deal with it and stay out of harm's way.

[Laila (Jessica)] ok

[Finglass (mikE)] Finglass: Healing check: (d20) [13] 13

[mikE] PROBABLY FAILS against (wis-2) -1

[Sadoya (Lior)] can i check her bob?

[Finglass (mikE)] (ew. that one's messed up. i made that.)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob, are these guys out of earshot from Kylia?

[Fritz] REign is on dec

[DM] not really, the whole ship is only 40 feet across, adn about 80 long

[Finglass (mikE)] laila and i are next to you lorie

[Fritz] so is Ailea

[DM] you can hear vague words from below decks

[Finglass (mikE)] bob, does laila look okay from that healing check?

[DM] it is a fairly small ship

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] who is Ailea? I have no idea who these people are... sorry

[DM] hard to tell Finglass

[DM] she is fine now,

[DM] hard to tell what is a possible infection adn what is grime

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Psst... newbie Cleric... try healing and herbalism together for added knowledge :O) ))

[DM] your best guess is that she is ok, at least right now,

[Motubo (Fritz)] La doo da doo da day

[Finglass (mikE)] that roll made it, bob. something's messed up.

[Motubo (Fritz)] doo be do be doo be do da

[Motubo (Fritz)] whop ba ba loo ba a whop bap boom

Laila (Jessica) looks at the naked thing "why are you singing?"

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you only have 3 proficiencies?

Motubo (Fritz) walks over to Laila

[Laila (Jessica)] who?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] but I see the problem

[Finglass (mikE)] i fixed it

[Finglass (mikE)] Finglass: Healing check: (d20) [1] 1

[Motubo (Fritz)] So you roll around in the grime often or was this your first time?

[mikE] PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (16-2) [16-2] 14!!!

Laila (Jessica) glares at him

[Finglass (mikE)] you look fine, laila. why don't you enjoy the air up here with me?

[Laila (Jessica)] (the naked thing)

[Motubo (Fritz)] Ahhh a virgin.... I know I was one once too. I can help you with that if you wish?

[Laila (Jessica)] sure i cant stay and help?

mikE is now controling Finglass

Motubo (Fritz) winks at Laila

[Grug] to Motubo: Why are you bothering my friends?

[Finglass (mikE)] to laila: if you wish to, but it seems like the thing can roll around down there just fine

[DM] back with another spell

Laila (Jessica) shudders at the suggestive look on the fremlin's face

[Motubo (Fritz)] Motubo to Grug I didn't realize you could have friends

[Finglass (mikE)] to motubo: why don't you go back below and do your thing, thing?

[Laila (Jessica)] i wish to stay away from the ugly naked thing, so i will go back to the deck

[Finglass (mikE)] (jess, you're on the deck)

[Grug] well they havent attacked me yet, so i consider them friends

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Bob if he found the spell once that day do I have to roll for it again?

[Finglass (mikE)] (the deck is the top part)

[Laila (Jessica)] i know

[Finglass (mikE)] to reign: can you not control you minions, -paladin-?

[DM] every time yo search for a spell

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm stayin up there with Finglass

[DM] he found it the second time as well

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Ok that is what I thought

[DM] if you want a third one, roll again

[Laroosh (Fritz)] I have to cast it first

[Laroosh (Fritz)] do I do the same thing as far as the removal of the hook or does someone go below to try and get it?

[DM] party's option

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] do we care about them?

[Laila (Jessica)] can someone go below safely to attempt to bring one up?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Sure

[Fritz] Sure

[Laila (Jessica)] below meaning under the boat itself, not down into the bilges again

[Fritz] Right

[Laila (Jessica)] and we need the fremlin to cast the spell in the bilges when the hook is unscrewed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well I can arrange for him to be able to cast under water

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I will remove my armor and if someone will cast water breathing on me I will do it

[Sadoya (Lior)] i can do it

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Tie a rope on me to help pull me up. I am a good swimmer and I have good movement

[Sadoya (Lior)] and i dont think any spells would be needed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I don't have waterbreating right now, but I have airy water

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] That is just as good

[DM] better in some respects

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well if you can get down there without spells, more power to you

[Sadoya (Lior)] and i'd be easier to pull up

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] much more so

[Laila (Jessica)] i agree with Sadoya

[Laila (Jessica)] but please be careful

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Sure if he wants to but no one said anything so I volunteered waiting for a responce from the party

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and this is our response ;)

[Laila (Jessica)] yup

Reign Tandem (Fritz) throws Sadoya overboard

[DM] (Jess is Sean asleep or just not wanting to type)

[Sadoya (Lior)] well Reign, how about you hold on to the rope I tie around me and help pull me up... your strength would be very much appreciated

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] me J/k

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Water bad... land good

[Finglass (mikE)] nope. no water breathing here. ::leans agaist the rail next to kylia::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so sadoya goes down, fremlin mends

[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

[Sadoya (Lior)] i tie a rope around me first

[Sadoya (Lior)] and tie the other end to somewhere safe on the boat

[Sadoya (Lior)] then i dive into the water

[DM] like to the anchor?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::looks at the rope now tied around sadoya:: do you want me to hold that?

[Sadoya (Lior)] no

[Laila (Jessica)] (Sean is cooking dinner)

[Sadoya (Lior)] like... if the boat has a railing that's sturdy

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hey I have 18/00... I'm sturdy

[DM] not going to say it

[Sadoya (Lior)] i throw the other end of the rop to Kylia

[DM] not going to say it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :p Bob

[Laila (Jessica)] say it already

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you know you are

[Sadoya (Lior)] then i dive

Fritz is now controling Reign Tandem

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::holds the rope for lack of something else more interesting to do...still ponders going back to Roadhaven::

[DM] as long as Lorie gets it is all that matters

[Sadoya (Lior)] barely making a splas

[Sadoya (Lior)] h

[Sadoya (Lior)] do i have to fail any rolls bob?

[DM] judges, 9.8 9.8 9. 9.6 6.0 from the dwarves judge

[Sadoya (Lior)] or is my deep diving and swimming skills enough?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] lol

[DM] you can swim along the edge of the ship

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] deep diving

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nice

[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] a little short of vertical ??

Fritz is now controling Laroosh

[DM] you find the next hook

[DM] you tug on it

[DM] it is firmly in place

[DM] now that you are down here,

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] how will they know when to sast the spell>?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you're doomed

[Sadoya (Lior)] i knock on the wood

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] when water comes in the boat?

[DM] 'no apparent affect

[DM] make your open doors check to undo the hook

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it'll be pretty apparent I'm sure

[DM] but which of the three remaining ones?

[Sadoya (Lior)] i pray, slightly

[Sadoya (Lior)] the one that's solitary

[DM] no one specified before hand

[Sadoya (Lior)] there should be two closer together

[DM] will roll random for you

[Sadoya (Lior)] and one further away, from what i understood

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's not hard for him to know which is the right one bob

[DM] Roll #1: (d3) [2] 2

[Sadoya (Lior)] and i have to do an open doors check if i'm unscrewing it from the outside and the fremlin doesn't from the inside?

[DM] but your oh so friendly fremlin is in the bildge

[DM] yes, you are pulling against the screw, he was pushing it back the way it came in

[DM] slight differeence

[Sadoya (Lior)] yeah, but i have a grip, and i pulling out the way it came

[DM] hmmmm,

[Sadoya (Lior)] its along the same thread

[Laila (Jessica)] yeah, see i thought the idea was that the fremlin pushes the screw out, and Sadoya catches it

[DM] I will give you that one, for this screw

[Sadoya (Lior)] also, what jessica said

[DM] did not work that out in time

[DM] the other two will require the check

[Finglass (mikE)] it would be easier for lior

[Finglass (mikE)] after all, they were screwed in from below, so he just unscrews them.

[DM] nods, understand the point

[DM] you rip it out

[DM] water pours in

[DM] the mend goes off shortly afterward

[DM] two down

[DM] you have the hook in your hands

[Sadoya (Lior)] i go up for air as soon as i get the hook out

[DM] as you swim up

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d100) [33] 33

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you say candyman 3 times in the mirror and get eviscerated

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Sadoya (Lior)] i actually have a mirror

[DM] you surface

[DM] and get pulled back up to the deck

[Finglass (mikE)] how much water is in the boat now?

[DM] roll for rounds Fritz

[DM] not much

[DM] becasue you were prepared

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [6+1] 7

[DM] after a coulple of bails

[DM] less than was there before you started

[DM] some of this must have come in when they were screwing them in

[Finglass (mikE)] listen, why don't you people just let me deal with the water before you patch the last hole, hmm?

Snarl has joined the game.

[Laila (Jessica)] hey, Snarl

[Laila (Jessica)] got a new baby yet?

[Finglass (mikE)] as amusing as it is to watch all the sailors hauling those buckets around, i can make this a lot easier for us all.

[Grug] hi snarl, where's growl?

[Snarl] hello all

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] go for it you crazy elf you

[Sadoya (Lior)] you gonna pull a mickey mouse fantasia bit?

[Laila (Jessica)] that would be cool

[Finglass (mikE)] not quite.

[Sadoya (Lior)] no, that part sucked

[DM] lol

[Sadoya (Lior)] all those damned brooms

[Laila (Jessica)] i liked fantasia

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the whole thing sucked

[Finglass (mikE)] just call me when you do the last one.

[Laila (Jessica)] its one of my favorites

[Sadoya (Lior)] mickey's such an idiot

[Grug] Lior has a thing about brooms

Finglass (mikE) looks back out to sea.

[DM] Todd, feel free to ask someone for an update on what the hell they are doing

[Sadoya (Lior)] i am not your broom

[Sadoya (Lior)] we're screwing a boat

[Snarl] lol, okay

[DM] another fetish film Lior?

[Laila (Jessica)] i am not your carpet ride, i am ths sky

[Snarl] are you using a map?

[Sadoya (Lior)] shh

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] how about we just make all the rolls already so we can move onto something else :-P

[Sadoya (Lior)] there are people, bob, who will pay for anything

[DM] you are waiting for the shair to get the the third mend spell

[Sadoya (Lior)] i know, i've seen it

[DM] how much to they pay you Lior?

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm sunbathing and drying off

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] for sake of speeding this up, can you just make the rolls and tell us how many he gets bob?

[DM] sure

[Finglass (mikE)] as much fun as removing 4 hooks in 4 hours would be. maybe we can do it in 3.5.

[Sadoya (Lior)] nothing yet, no one's willing to be on the other end of the camera for any of my ideas

[DM] Fritz, go ahead wth those rolls

Grug has left the game.

[DM] oh my goodness,

[Motubo (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d100) [23] 23

[DM] and again

[Motubo (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d100+1) [25+1] 26

[DM] ok,

[Motubo (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [4+1] 5

[DM] and two rounds checks please

[DM] one more

[Motubo (Fritz)] Woops I will reroll

[Motubo (Fritz)] just to you

[Motubo (Fritz)] sorry

[DM] nah

[DM] it is ok

[DM] speeding things up

[Motubo (Fritz)] I wasn't paying attention

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's not like you don't see the rolls anyway

[Finglass (mikE)] so it takes some rounds, and when the last hook is unscrewed, i cast lower water, all the water pours out of the hole, and it gets mended. so we have a shipshape ship and we're sailing on, right?

[DM] actually you shouldn't see them

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] but we do

[Motubo (Fritz)] I do

[DM] will look into that then

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the person rolling always sees the rolls

[Motubo (Fritz)] Yes that is correct bob

[DM] not when DM only is set correctly

[Motubo (Fritz)] Yes you still do bob

[DM] but in any case

[DM] the last two are fixed

[Motubo (Fritz)] It just doesn't brodcast to everyone else

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yay, onwards

[Finglass (mikE)] thank you.

[Finglass (mikE)] who cares who sees the damn rolls?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] anything special about the hooks?

[DM] they are iron, simple easy to make

[DM] sturdy

[DM] but likely to rust in sea water

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh, bitch

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they wanted them to rust out under us

[Finglass (mikE)] yup

Grug has joined the game.

[Grug] i know you all missed me

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sadoya (Lior)] like the plague

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh well, onwards

[Laila (Jessica)] is there any way i can clean up a bit?

[Sadoya (Lior)] go for a swim

[Grug] why am i not listed anywhere?

[Laila (Jessica)] no thank you, i cant swim

[Sadoya (Lior)] you're not invited

[Sadoya (Lior)] you're not on the list

Grug is receiving the map...

[DM] back now Brian

Grug has received the map.

[Grug] ty

[DM] so the ship sails along

[Grug] did we get all the hooks?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep

[DM] ok, Todd, sending you a map to test your connection

[DM] everything ok with that?

[DM] and you are all ready with the ship now

[DM] sailing along

[Snarl] yes sir

[DM] thanks

[DM] ok, sending this new one to everyone,

Laila (Jessica) covers her eyes

[DM] that should be ok, for everyone except Loie?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Sorry all...but I am checking out for the evening. I can't keep my eyes open

[DM] I saw a few numbers low down

[DM] slow down

[DM] ok,

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I received the new map of thewater

[Grug] cya

[DM] cool

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] but no icons

[Laila (Jessica)] nighty Lorie

[DM] have a great night Lorie

[DM] thanks a bunch

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] In any case...night all

[Sadoya (Lior)] ciao lorie

[DM] feel good

[Sadoya (Lior)] see ya

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] heh, all I have is the chat box

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] everything else is greyed out

Lorie has left the game.

[Sadoya (Lior)] i see the map in the lower left, a sliver of it on the map screen, and the ds logo

[DM] do you have water for a map?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nope, all I see is gray

[Laila (Jessica)] i have water

[Laila (Jessica)] kinda

[Sadoya (Lior)] i moved the red box in the lower left hand corner, and now i have the water

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] cept for the chat window

[Sadoya (Lior)] but no icons

[DM] should be no icons at all

[Snarl] can't swim

[Sadoya (Lior)] learn to swim

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okay this is strange

[Sadoya (Lior)] one great big festering neon distraction, i've a solution to keep you all occupied

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I think klooge is begging to be restarted

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, brb

BiBo!!! has left the game.

[DM] any one else have a problem with this map now?>

[DM] I found the problem from earlier

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

[Laila (Jessica)] i see water

[DM] we had too high of an image in the boat

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

[DM] and using that on the image of the ocean

[BiBo!!!] there we go

[DM] causes overload

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm lagging a bit

[DM] you have the ocean now Marco

[BiBo!!!] no, shield

[Grug] i am having many klooge problems tonight

[DM] ok, brian and marco did that work?

[BiBo!!!] woah

[BiBo!!!] that is weird

[DM] what happened

[BiBo!!!] I see water, but it doesn't load right, not really sure how to describe it

[DM] ok,

[Grug] all i see is the chat window

[BiBo!!!] basically stuff in klooge isn't refreshing properly

[DM] so we will go back to the shield only

[DM] and continue

[Sadoya (Lior)] yeah, i';m having similar problems

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] you should all have the shield again

[Laila (Jessica)] brb, food is ready

[Grug] thats better

[BiBo!!!] yeah, must be the map

[Sadoya (Lior)] yeah, and everything flew back to normal

[DM] ok,

[Motubo (Fritz)] Bob why are you using that water? why not use the one I sent you?

[DM] file size

[Motubo (Fritz)] Bob why are you using that water? why not use the one I sent you?

[DM] you did not send me one from a top view fritz, only side views

[Motubo (Fritz)] I sent top view as well

[DM] nope

[DM] two identical side views

[DM] it is ok

[DM] we continue along

[DM] you sail from this iisland chain to another

[DM] as you cross the open sea area,

[DM] you encounter several large turtles,

[DM] a huge whale

[DM] and other non-dangerous encounters

[Motubo (Fritz)] Ok I just sent it bob

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, back

Motubo (Fritz) dives in the water to clean off and then flies back up on the boat

[BiBo!!!] heh, a whale watching expedition

[DM] ok

[Sadoya (Lior)] i take mental pictures

[Laila (Jessica)] (sean is quite a good cook)

BiBo!!! is now controling Alastair

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm being a tourist

[DM] everyone happy?

[DM] ready to get in trouble again?

[Sadoya (Lior)] with only a half hour left?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sure, happy, how much time passes inbetween?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] days?

Reign Tandem (Fritz) studies with Alastair about Oghma

[Sadoya (Lior)] should have a book called 'the Dogma of Oghma'

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's our bible

[Sadoya (Lior)] do you have a signed first edition?

[Sadoya (Lior)] i hear those are worth a lot

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yeah, signed by the O man himself

[DM] oh boy

[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] yes, well, my Karma ran over your Dogma

[DM] so moving on

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so have days passed bob?

[DM] the food stores are running low

[DM] several days have passed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] k

[DM] you sail onward

[Sadoya (Lior)] i thought we had enough for three weeks?

[DM] anything in particular you want to accomplish?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Can we fish?

[Finglass (mikE)] let me know when we see another giant turtle

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] get to where we're going?

[DM] it has been just over a week and a half so far

Ailea Morakenn (Fritz) cast goodberry to help with the stores of food to last longer

[Sadoya (Lior)] can i mix my rope use proficency with my seamstress proficiency and call it fishing?

[DM] fritz, something with that file not working will deal with it later on

[DM] no Lior

[Sadoya (Lior)] damn

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] why cst goodberry over the side? We can eat him!

[DM] that would be dragging a rope in the water

[DM] not fishing

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] isn't that what you do with a net?

[Sadoya (Lior)] yeah, but i'm good with getting sharp objects to the places i want them

[DM] long pointy sticks

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d4) [3] 3, Roll #2: (d4) [1] 1

[DM] in any case

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] Roll: (2d4) [(4+4)] 8

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] Roll: (2d4) [(2+4)] 6

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] Roll: (2d4) [(1+1)] 2

[DM] the next island you approach seems to welcome you in

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] neat

[Sadoya (Lior)] is the welcoming part the mouth of a turtle?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we found the island of cannibals

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] 16 good berries bob that is just one day I will do that every other day to reduce our consumption

[DM] well it is not quite that bad

[Sadoya (Lior)] so are these the little people, the big people, or the yahoos?

[DM] ok Ailea

[DM] these people on the island

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they're the googles

[DM] welcome you to ther port

[DM] the captain asks if you are comfortable with that

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] is it a safe port?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] What can you tell us of this island sir

[DM] the port is safe

[DM] the island is fair

[DM] there is one problem

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] What about starboard?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Then I vote we land

[DM] they lack men

[DM] it is run by women

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] great, the amazon island

[Laila (Jessica)] cool

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] It's an island of Amazon women?

[DM] they ask a particular...

[DM] gift

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] um ... it's not a *floating* island, is it?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] ??

[DM] before we will be alowed to leave

[DM] every male on board must

[DM] .... donate....

[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

[DM] looks at the women on board

[Sadoya (Lior)] ::steps next to Kylia and Laila and smiles::

[DM] it is a strict rule

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Donate what?!!!!

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] How many pigs are on the island?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, if it is the law, I don't really have too much of a problem with it. not like I have anyone waiting back home.

[DM] the essence of your man hood

[Sadoya (Lior)] they make you cut off what?

[DM] actually Marco, the rules of your order,

[Motubo (Fritz)] Donate my manhood or my lovin???

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] your essence only, no body parts needed

[DM] body parts are used

[DM] but not kept

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] um ... are there any *pigs* on the island?

[Sadoya (Lior)] lets see if anyone gets this one... 'i do not deny my essence to women'

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] or other large compliment of animal?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Is it used "personally" wink wink ?!?!?!??!?!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] says nothing about being chaste

[Laila (Jessica)] i am sooo glad i'm a girl

[DM] the captian says that several ships like landing there

[DM] but

[DM] the problem is the activities on land

[DM] can cause

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] such as?

[Motubo (Fritz)] But but but what what

[DM] um....

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm not sure what's going on

[DM] exhaustion

[Sadoya (Lior)] what do they mean by essence of manhood?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Woot

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] heh

[DM] it is known that several ships over the past few years

[Motubo (Fritz)] I got enough manhood for 4 women

[DM] have not left

[DM] and thier crews stayed on the island

[DM] this has not slacked the thirst of the women of the island

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] So if they don't leave, where exactly do the ... um ... donators, go?

[DM] the captain says he does not know

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Are there men on the island?

[DM] they have beached those ships

[DM] and canabilized them for parts

[DM] yes there are a few men

[DM] not many

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we have to keep the satisfied on top of everything?

[Motubo (Fritz)] I can help quench thier offense Laroosh.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] And livestock?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] animals?

[DM] they tend to be worn out quickly

[Laroosh (Fritz)] Non taken Boss

[Finglass (mikE)] I think I'll stay on board. I have no desire to rut to death with human women.

[DM] not allowed the captain say

[Motubo (Fritz)] Wimp

[DM] if we pull into port

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's not an option, if we go to the island, everyone has to go

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] No, I don't like this.

[DM] all males on board must go ashore

E. L. Fudge (Sean) dons a wig

[Motubo (Fritz)] hehehehhe "All Aboard the Love Train"

[Sadoya (Lior)] but... what if.. I don't know

Finglass (mikE) follows fudge

[DM] the captain says he was here once before, four years ago

E. L. Fudge (Sean) stuffs clothing down shirt

[DM] it took him two days to leave the island

[Motubo (Fritz)] Woos

[Finglass (mikE)] put a wig on an elf and insta wench!

[Motubo (Fritz)] Fag

[Sadoya (Lior)] i've always been able to choose...

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] are we okay for supplies or do we really need to dock?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Dock dock dock

[Motubo (Fritz)] Dock dock dock

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] can we make it to the next port without trouble?

E. L. Fudge (Sean) pushes Motubo over the side

[DM] the captain says you are ok with supplies, it is only two days to the next island

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] you can swim the rest of the way!

[Motubo (Fritz)] No NONONONONON

[DM] is only a small reef to negociate


[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, then if we have no real reason to stop, we might as well move on

[Motubo (Fritz)] NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

[Motubo (Fritz)] Don't do this to me

E. L. Fudge (Sean) points towards the island

[Motubo (Fritz)] Master stop them please

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] There's the island, Motubo. Have fun.

[Sadoya (Lior)] something tells me those aren't just ants in his pants

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Want we should lower a lifeboat for you, Motubo?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Motubo calm down

[Finglass (mikE)] shut up, thing. they wouldn't want something ugly as you, andyway

[Motubo (Fritz)] I got wings and you are a girlyman so be quiet

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] So fly over there and have fun.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] you fairy

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] if we don't have a good reason to stop here, then I vote we move onwards

[Motubo (Fritz)] I cant leave my Master...We have a contract

[Laila (Jessica)] hey, all you men

[Laila (Jessica)] stop figting and make a decision

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Vote: go on to the next island.

[DM] they are using thier heads

[Laila (Jessica)] yes, but the wrong ones

[Motubo (Fritz)] We have alot of good reasons....I have a is called Karma Sutra. I picked it up and it lists a bunch of good reasons. Want me to get it for you and start counting them

[DM] whistles in the dark

Laila (Jessica) sighs

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so anyone other than the fremlin want to stop?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I say continue

[Sadoya (Lior)] i'm not sure what i would do on such an island

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] speak now or we move on

[Motubo (Fritz)] Woos

[Motubo (Fritz)] I am speaking

[Motubo (Fritz)] Please stay

E. L. Fudge (Sean) keeps silent as he hopes to move on

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you aren't other than the fremlin

[Motubo (Fritz)] please please please

[Finglass (mikE)] let's go.

E. L. Fudge (Sean) points to lifeboat

Motubo (Fritz) sighs

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so onwards

[DM] ok, so the captain turns the boat

[Motubo (Fritz)] Not onwards...Onwards would be heaven

[DM] leaving the island behind

Motubo (Fritz) cries

[Motubo (Fritz)] Why did I sign up with a boat of wimpy men

[Sadoya (Lior)] /wonders what would have happened if they had docked

[DM] as you sail eastward

Sadoya (Lior) wonders what would have happened if they had docked

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (more than likely turned into some animal)

Motubo (Fritz) wished he could have found out

[Sadoya (Lior)] Xerxes

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] so do I

[DM] the captain asks for the sails to be struck down

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] probably slaves I'd guess

[Motubo (Fritz)] The captain survived

[Motubo (Fritz)] I would have

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] yeah, wasn't he same one that was the only survivor?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no, that's the navigator

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] elfag

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oh. Okay,

[Motubo (Fritz)] No that was the navigator

[DM] so with no sails

[Sadoya (Lior)] flight of the navigator?

[DM] you creep forward

[Motubo (Fritz)] to what?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] step by step ... inch by inch

[DM] the sailors get our the oars

[DM] poling along

[DM] the captain reminds you of this reef

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] singing our song!

[DM] dangerous

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] side ... by ... side!

[Motubo (Fritz)] I can cast a spell to determine depth would that help?

[DM] could hole the bottom of the ship

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] What's the weather like/

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] ?

[DM] he looks at you

[Motubo (Fritz)] I could have had a hole before

[DM] the weather is partly cloudy

[Motubo (Fritz)] Yeah yeah I can you want me to get that spell

[DM] rain likely before sunset

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, I'll go under deck to watch for holes

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] seas 3 to 5 feet with a moderate chop?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] 30% chance of rain?

[Motubo (Fritz)] I have alot of things I can do

[DM] strong chop

[DM] winds out of the south east

[Motubo (Fritz)] Well speak up. I get no nooky so I am feeling snooty

[DM] the captain looks at your group

[Finglass (mikE)] captain, how far across are the reefs?

[DM] is there something you can do to help us through this reef?

[DM] they are abotu a mile long

[Motubo (Fritz)] YES you no speeky ingais ?

[DM] the only way is to pole through them carefully

[Finglass (mikE)] nods

[DM] or pay the toll of the sea hags to the north

[Motubo (Fritz)] I can get a spell that tells the depth of the waters duhhhh

[Finglass (mikE)] and what is their toll?

[DM] if you didn't like the island of phasma you will not like thier requirements

[Motubo (Fritz)] Oh sure you are willing to pay sea hags gold but you wont let me give some lonely women some loving !!!!!

[DM] they require one male to stay with them

[DM] for one year

[Finglass (mikE)] we have one i'm willing to leave.

Finglass (mikE) points to the thing

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::snickers::

[DM] for each dozen they let cross

[Motubo (Fritz)] I vote for Finglass

[Finglass (mikE)] he was more than willing to go before.

[Motubo (Fritz)] Not to pay for a fag will I sleep with a hag

[DM] so if you can help us cross these reefs

[Motubo (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d100) [83] 83

[Motubo (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [4+1] 5

[DM] got them

[Motubo (Fritz)] second level spell

[DM] you pole closer to the reef

[Motubo (Fritz)] spell lasts 3 hourss

[DM] one of the sailors goes out on the bow spit

[DM] to guide the ship the navigator moves forward as well

[DM] the captain calls for all hands to the oars

[Motubo (Fritz)] lets me monitor when the water is closer than 30 feet to the bottom of the boat

[Motubo (Fritz)] and any depth up from that

[DM] name of the spell?

[Motubo (Fritz)] Depth warning. page 230

[DM] got it, just a sec will check that on e

[DM] you slowly move forward

[DM] ok, you get it

[Motubo (Fritz)] why not stop and wait

[DM] forgot the spell school and campaign area

[Motubo (Fritz)] cast spell.

[DM] the captain looks at your group ignoring the fremlin

[DM] then concentrates on the watches up front

[Motubo (Fritz)] fine if you want my help tell me

[Motubo (Fritz)] I will tell you when the something is within 15 of the hull of the ship

[DM] when you move up front

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d100) [25] 25

[DM] you see that there is a shallow channel of about 20 feet deep and 50 feet wide cut through the reef

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [3+1] 4

[DM] you slowly move along it

[DM] your spell constantly buzzing

[DM] there is a harsh scrapping sound at one point

[Motubo (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d100) [46] 46

[DM] the captain yells for someone to go below to check the hull

[Motubo (Fritz)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [5+1] 6

[DM] you slowly achingly make your way through

[Motubo (Fritz)] woops sorry

[DM] after the agony of the afternoon sun gives way to showers

[DM] you finally free your selves from teh reefs

[Laila (Jessica)] yay rain

[DM] you are able to pick up a little speed

[DM] the captain turns to you exhuasted n

[Sadoya (Lior)] a little speed would help

[DM] and that is why there are few men on that island

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they die on the reef?

[DM] the only way around it three days south

[DM] or the sea hags

[Snarl] well I better go all. Thanks once again for letting me watch. If you ever need a player let me know. I'm the babies schedule now

[Laila (Jessica)] nigty

[DM] thanks Todd,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] night

[DM] tell her we said hello

[Snarl] I will, she liked the post

[Snarl] thanks

[DM] get her her dice yet?

[DM] I have the large ones so the little ones don't choke

[DM] start them young

[Snarl] I will

[DM] ok,

[DM] so the next island everyone?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] onwards

[DM] I can stay up for a bit longer tongiht, want to run the next encounter to start the adventure off better next week, ok?

Snarl has left the game.

[Motubo (Fritz)] I can keep playing

[Laila (Jessica)] i am here for the duration

[Sadoya (Lior)] how much longer do you think it'll be?

[DM] about 15 minutes or so?

[Sadoya (Lior)] ok

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] not like I have anywhere to go

[DM] you sail north east again

[Motubo (Fritz)] I sent the map to you again bob

[DM] zig zagging along the island coast

[DM] ok,

[DM] hopping from island to island along this chain

[DM] you stop for fresh water at a small port

[DM] no facities there, only a spit with shady looking characters along the edges

[DM] you sail onward looking for the trail of BLue Gill

[DM] the pirate you thought to chase

[DM] you do not hear of any sign of her in these waters,

[DM] but you continue to sail northward

[DM] as you approach the next chain of islands.

[DM] Rose and gold vestige is of the day paint the sky like the living interior of a mother-of-pearl oyster shell. The vivid colors contrast starkly with the endless plane of dark water surrounding the ship. Blue aged clouds pile towards the roof of the sky in magnificent thunderheads to the north but their threat is still minimal and far off.

[DM] then

[DM] As a cool evening breeze blows in of the waves retold at redolent with the sea and salt, a cry goes up from the bow point” man overboard!" A glance in the direction of the wildly pointing finger of the lookout confirms the message; a humanoid figure does appear to be struggling weakly in the wine dark waves nearest the bow of the ship. It cries out in a thin wailing voice as the indisputable silhouette of a sharks fin breaks the surface of the water. The fin moves toward the struggling figure with lethal speed.

Finglass (mikE) throws a rope to laila and yells for her to tie a rope to it.

[Finglass (mikE)] i mean, i throw an arrow

[Laila (Jessica)] um, ok

[Finglass (mikE)] you have rope use, right?

[Laila (Jessica)] /me, ties a rope to the arrow

[Laila (Jessica)] yeah, i do

Reign Tandem (Fritz) drings a potion of water breathing. I not wear my armor on the boat. I grab a rope and tie it on my waist and to the ship

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] how far away is this?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] do not wear armor on the ship

[DM] jsut a sec guys the shark sheet is missing sorry

[Finglass (mikE)] and, i'm casting.

[DM] go ahead and tell me what you do

[DM] will wing it for now

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] how far is the guy and the shark?

[DM] about 50 yards away

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] how far the shark from the guy?

Motubo (Fritz) sends laroosh for a spell and flies over toward the man in the water

[DM] the fin seems to be closing in

[Finglass (mikE)] i cast water walk on myself, next round shoot the arrow with rope to guy and then shoot at sharks

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d100) [77] 77

[Motubo (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d6+1) [5+1] 6

[DM] what spell and a roll to see how long

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] casting I guess

[DM] ok,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Alastair: Enlarge: Just give it a little lovin then watch it grow. (DC=(10+1) [10+1] 11)

[Motubo (Fritz)] Levitate chance is 60%

[DM] so the first round spells start

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] trying to shrink the shark

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] give it a save bob

[DM] Roll #1: (d20) [7] 7

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I dive in and swim towards the man in the water

[DM] the shark fails its save

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] looks like it's probably shrunk

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] 90% smaller

[DM] Reign

[Motubo (Fritz)] What do I see in the water bob?

[DM] you are attacked by a second shark

[DM] as two more fins surface

[DM] one near Reign

[Motubo (Fritz)] Let me change my stats for you

[DM] and the other near the other figure

[Sadoya (Lior)] i jump in after reign

[Sadoya (Lior)] and go after the guy

[Finglass (mikE)] hey lior, want to be able to walk down there?

[Finglass (mikE)] i can affect 3 targets

[Sadoya (Lior)] sure

[Finglass (mikE)] anyone else?

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] I cast summon animals and summon dolphins

[Finglass (mikE)] if not, let me just wait for the second round.

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] 1 mile radius

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I suppose I'll take it if no one else is

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] an awful lupine looking shark

[Laila (Jessica)] yeah, they are

[DM] SHARK targets Reign Tandem. Distance: 9'01"

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] attacks shark

[Fritz] Reign Tandem targets SHARK. Distance: 9'01"

[DM] SHARK #1 targets Sadoya. Distance: 4'01"

[Finglass (mikE)] how does that underwater fighting work?

[DM] with a small weapn

[DM] or free actin

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it doesn't very well

[DM] SHARK: Attack #1: Teeth: (13-(d20+0)) [13-(5+0)] 8 [CRITICAL HIT]

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you need spear like weapons or daggers

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I have a ring of free action

[Sadoya (Lior)] i use my bastard sword one handed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] stabbity good, slashy and blunty, not so much

[Sadoya (Lior)] its all i got

[DM] SHARK #1: Attack #1: Teeth: (13-(d20+0)) [13-(6+0)] 7 [CRITICAL HIT]

[Finglass (mikE)] what was that sound file?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, you're walkin on water, so you're okay

[Sadoya (Lior)] and if i can walk on water, like Finglass said i could, it shouldn't be so bad

[DM] so that is two hits on your two

[DM] SHARK #1: Damage v SM: Teeth: (3d4+0) [(1+3+1)+0] 5 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] how big are these sharks anyway?

[Sadoya (Lior)] what ac did you hit on me?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] are they swallow us whole sharks or like, tear us appart sharks?

[DM] SHARK: Damage v L: Teeth: (3d4+0) [(3+2+1)+0] 6 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Grug] i'm sure i'll be here next week, bye all

[Finglass (mikE)] damnit, bob, check those rolls

Grug has left the game.

[Finglass (mikE)] the critical is messing up

[Finglass (mikE)] neither of those probably even hit.

[DM] checking now

[Finglass (mikE)] tear you apart.

[Finglass (mikE)] not giant.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, sharks do come big without being giant sharks

[Reign Tandem (Fritz) (to GM only)] Roll #1: (d20) [10] 10

[DM] looks right to me right now

[Sadoya (Lior)] what ac did you hit on me?

[DM] they hit AC zero or better

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] That is when the dolphins will appear

[Sadoya (Lior)] so zero or higher?

[Finglass (mikE)] bob, they hit 8 and 7

[DM] rolled an 8 and 7

[DM] double checking

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] 1 dolphin will appear bob

[Sadoya (Lior)] their first hit against me is going to be at a -6 ac, cuz i'm using my bastard one handed

[DM] ok, they both rolled 5 and a 6

[DM] against a 13

[DM] so hit ac -8 and -7

[DM] so both are hits

[DM] damage as done

[DM] Reign Tandem's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 103 (-6) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Sadoya's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 75 (-5) - Lightly Wounded

[Sadoya (Lior)] wait

[DM] and your attackes

[Sadoya (Lior)] i stll dont think that's right

[Finglass (mikE)] uh, no bob

[Sadoya (Lior)] it looks to me more like they hit ac 8 and ac 7

[Finglass (mikE)] i teach 7 year olds who do better math than that

[Finglass (mikE)] 13-7=6

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] might hit reign

[DM] ok,

[Finglass (mikE)] 13-8=5

[DM] just a sec

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] since he's swimmin without armor

[Sadoya (Lior)] they rolled five and six

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] No my ac is 3

[Sadoya (Lior)] with thac0 of 13?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] do you get dex while swimmin?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I have free action

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the point still stands

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I get all my bonuses

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I move normally

[DM] yes to dex because of the ring,

[DM] no to dex if swimming

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, how do you swim?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I also have water breathing bro

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] if you can dodge normally, I'd think you'd be doing a lot of sinking

[DM] free action negates stuff

[DM] ok,

[DM] lets wrap this up

[DM] do your attacks on the sharks

[Sadoya (Lior)] fine, but i still dont think they hit us

[DM] or wait till next week for this?

Lior is now controling Sadoya

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Reign Tandem: Attack #1: +3 Giant 2 handed Sword: (13-(d20+10)) [13-(6+10)] -3


[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Reign Tandem: Attack #1: +3 Giant 2 handed Sword: (13-(d20+10)) [13-(2+10)] 1

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] not doing the tomorrow game thing bob?

[Lior] Sadoya targets SHARK #1. Distance: 4'01"


[DM] we can double check the figures when we can see strairht

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Are the sharks large or medium?

[DM] large

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Reign Tandem: Damage v L: +3 Giant 2 handed Sword: ((3d6*2)+13) [((3+4+5)*2)+13] 37 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[DM] not sure Marco

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Reign Tandem: Damage v L: +3 Giant 2 handed Sword: ((3d6*2)+13) [((1+2+6)*2)+13] 31 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Sadoya (Lior)] Sadoya: Attack #1: Joyeuse 1 handed: (13-(d20+6)) [13-(15+6)] -8


[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Reign Tandem: Attack #1: +3 Giant 2 handed Sword: (13-(d20+10)) [13-(18+10)] -15


[Sadoya (Lior)] Sadoya: Damage v L: Joyeuse 1 handed: (1d12+9) [5+9] 14 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Reign Tandem: Damage v L: +3 Giant 2 handed Sword: ((3d6*2)+13) [((1+2+2)*2)+13] 23 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[DM] SHARK #1's Current Hit Points: adjusted to Lightly Wounded

[DM] SHARK's Current Hit Points: adjusted to Dead

[DM] ok,

[DM] so the three sharks are dead or fleeing

[Finglass (mikE)] sharks flee?

[DM] you grab the swimming bleeding figure in teh water

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] And I bring him to the boat

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sure they do, you'd be surprised

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] apparently the best way to make a shark leave you alone is to punch it in the nose

[DM] brace your self for text

[DM] "My name is Museio and I thank you for your aid. My strength is nearly drained. I am a message bearer; it is my sworn duty to deliver messages between the various sea elf communities's. It was my poor luck to be taking advantage of the swift Moray current to speed a message to the north when I noticed a band of the hated sahuagin at the edge of my site. They were near that island on the horizon. Cursed me to the maelstrom I tried to get close enough to spy on the sahuagin; they do not normally hunt in these water's. Taking advantage of a patch of seaweed I closed close enough to see and hear a strange conversation between an elf sized sea devil and an over large four armed sahuagin Lord such as I have heard horror stories of. It's large size indicates many years of an evil life. The smaller sahuagin queried the larger in the disgusting shark like language "and what of the final goal?" The larger creature responded, "As the deep mother commands, the stone which abides shall be returned to the throne of teeth." Then my luck ran out I was sighted by the smaller sea devil. His lightning quick response put a barbed point in me before I could do anything more then blink. Thank the dolphin goddess I lost then in this seaweed almost immediately but their shark servants must have followed my blood trail.

[DM] I will post this also to the email list now, so everyone can be ready with questions to begin next week

[Sadoya (Lior)] k

[DM] in case this is not clear, she is a female sea elf

[Laila (Jessica)] ok

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] gotcha

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I bring her up on the boat Bob

[DM] nods,

[DM] ok

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] And I tell Motubo to shut up and be good

[DM] so everyone is set for next time

[Laila (Jessica)] i'll be here one way or another

[DM] we will pick up here on the email list tomorrow,

[Laila (Jessica)] k

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] k

[DM] and then see what happens from there

[Ailea Morakenn (Fritz)] When the dolphin arives I ask it to look around and make sure the sharks are at a distance

[DM] wind picking up outside

[DM] the shutters are rattleing

[Finglass (mikE)] is it?

[Finglass (mikE)] i can't tell.

[Laila (Jessica)] nothin here

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] dead here

[Laila (Jessica)] so far as i can tell

[Laila (Jessica)] the damn thing moved

[DM] we always have a bit of a breze

[DM] where to now,

[Laila (Jessica)] west

[Finglass (mikE)] i heard it got slowed to 6 mph when i was out getting food

[DM] going to look at the 11 oclock

[Laila (Jessica)] k

[DM] have a great night everyone

[Laila (Jessica)] nighty

[DM] talk to you soon

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] night

Jessica has left the game.

mikE has left the game.

BiBo!!! has left the game.

Fritz has left the game.

Sean has left the game.

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