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Segojan Earthcaller - Gnomish - Priests - Gods

Segojan is a nature deity, but unlike Baervan, who is a deity of outdoors. plants and forests, Segojan's concern is the deep earth and the creatures within it. It is he who gifted gnomes with their ability to communicate with burrowing animals, and he is known to be on excellent terms with Calladuran, god of the deep gnomes (svirfnebli). Segojan burrows easily through earth, clay and even stone. In some pantheons, he is also the gnomish god of magic, but usually either Garl or Baravar has this role.

Segojan is a nature deity whose province is the creatures who burrow through the earth; he taught the gnomes how to befriend moles, badgers, and other subterranean animals. He appears as a grey-skinned gnome clad in armor made from grass and roots, accompanied by an intelligent stone golem.

Role-playing Notes:

Segojan is only likely to send an avatar when the affairs of gnomes underground, deep gnomes, and/or Underdark races are brought into conjunction. He attempts to defuse and avoid conflicts if possible. As earthy and pragmatic a deity as Segojan rarely sends omens; if he wishes to communicate with a priest, he does so straightforwardly, or sometimes by sending a burrowing animal to deliver the message for him.

Gods Information

Alignment: NG
Worshiper's Alignment: NG (any Non-Evil gnomes)
Area of Control: Earth and Nature
Symbol: glowing gemstone

Avatar Information

Segojan's avatar appears as a grey-skinned gnome who wears armor made of grass and roots. As a bard, he uses elemental (earth), illusion/phantasm and alteration spells. (Druid 14, Bard 7)

Str 17 Dex 13 Con 18
Int 18 Wis 17 Cha 13
MV 12 SZ 4' MR 35%
AC 1 HD 15 HP 120
#AT 1 THAC0 5 Dmg 1d10+3 (rod) +1

Special Att/Def: The avatar is immune to acid and petrification attacks, and can summon ld4 l6HD earth elementals once per day to serve for 6 turns. The quartz rod +3 he fights with can be touched to stone to bring forth a stone golem, once per day, which stays for the whole day to serve Segojan. His strange covering counts as leather armor +4.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Con 12
Alignment: Any Good
Turning: Turn at -4 levels
Armor: Any
Weapons: Any

Major: all, animal, elemental (earth), guardian, plant, protection
Minor: divination, healing, sun, travelers, wards

1st - Meld into Stone 5th - Summon (8hd) earth elemental for 6 turns 9th - Stone Tell 1/week

Duties of the Priesthood

Segojan's priesthood works together with that of Flandal to supervise mining and oversee safety and protection. They go further than others in actively seeking to watch over boundaries with the territory of Underdark races, and tunnels deeper underground than gnomes usually explore. They have particularly good relations with svirfnebli, and often negotiate with them and share information.
Level Limit: 13
Hit Die: d6
Shamans: No