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Main / Recovery

Chapter 3


See also Fatigue for complete information on fatigue points.


A character who is knocked out must immediately make a system shock roll. If he makes his roll, he will awaken in 2d6 min (rnds). If he fails his roll, he will awaken in 2d6 hrs.

Temporary damage

A character recovers temporary damage at a 1 hit point every five min (rnds). If temporary damage has caused unconsciousness he wakes up at 1 hit point or more. If both a knockout and temporary damage cause a character to go unconscious then both conditions must be met to awaken.

Normal damage

Is healed at 1 point per day. Bed rest will increase this to 3 points per day. If a week of bed rest occurs, then constitution bonuses can be added also.

Magical healing

Magical healing affects first normal damage then affect any temporary damage. If magical healing is applied to a knocked out character, and he passed his system shock roll then he wakes up immediately (assuming he is above zero hit points). If he failed his system shock roll he is still unconscious but can calculate time of recovery in min (rnds) instead of hours.


A character becomes unconscious when they reach zero hit points. At that point all spells are lost, anything that requires concentration is completed, and the character falls to the ground bleeding.

If the character receives magical healing the same round they reach exactly zero hit points they do not go unconscious but all the effects of loosing spells etc. are suffered.

If magical healing is applied after the character goes unconscious (from -1 to -10) then the effect of the spell is altered. The character recovers to 1/2 hit point no matter what spell is used. This state is referred to as 'walking wounded'. The character can shuffle along on their own power but is incapable of doing anything that requires effort or concentration.

Unconscious characters bleed at the rate of one hit point per round from Zero down to negative 10 hit points. At this point the character is dead.


Recovering from Fatigue

If a character or monster spends one round resting, making no moves or attacks of any kind, he gets the chance to recover one category of fatigue (exhausted to fatigued, fatigued to fresh) by rolling a successful saving throw vs. paralyzation. Characters modify the die roll by a cumulative +1 bonus for each consecutive round they spend resting. The character's hit-point bonus for exceptional Constitution is also used as a modifier to the recovery roll. When a character recovers a fatigue category, his fatigue number is re-set all the way back to its original value. He gets a second wind and can rejoin the fray.