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Chapter 1


The races of the world are broken up into four basic divisions.

Humans are the most prevalent in the world.

Demi Humans are the races that are most similar to humans and generally have the same type of relations with humans as humans do within their own race. These include Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings.

Humanoids are the races that are similar in shape to humans but have a different mind set or live in a different environment that humans are typically not found in.

Other Races encompasses the rest of the intelligent societal races. These form communities and have a language shared by the different members of the society. Their forms are radically different than the standard human body. These include such things as Beholders, Dragons, Kirin and many others.

There are also four ways of looking at how life is divided up or states of being.

The three branches of The Living all co-exist at a certain level but there is almost always some sort of conflict between any of the two when they are forced to live too closely together.

The Dead while having ceased to exist in this world continue on in what ever place their spirit rests, or if their spirit does not rest they may instead become Undead.

The Undead are powered by their own negative energies and while most are also part of the Created there are many that are self willed and fully capable of shaping their own destinies.

The Created for the most part encompass the various forms of Golems or low level created Undead.

Character Races

The vast majority of the characters in the world are human. Players can choose other races to play however to bring more variety to the adventuring group. Of course BOB will have the final say on which races are available.