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Procog - Kayugan - Priests - Gods

Procog is an outlier of the Kayugan pantheon. The family of gods existed before anyone noticed that he was among them. Always on the outside Procog was considered the eccentric cousin who was mildly interesting at parties but not worthy of full inclusion of all events.

Then one day when Aclim was out traveling through a forest Procog appeared in front of his horse startling it and causing Aclim to come to a stop. Just then a hunting arrow from Venery smacked into the trunk in from of him. Credited with saving Aclim's life Procog received more attention to his comments and actions.

Role-playing Notes:

Procog is an intermittent god. He will appear to a follower and deliver a message in their dreams but he will not appear in physical form before his followers. Because he has spurned the use of avatars this causes his believers to need to convince others of their visions without any actual proof other than the results of the vision. Procog's visions can come often or rarely with some worshipers being blessed by a string of revelations while others only get one in a lifetime.

Gods Information

Alignment: True Neutral
Worshiper's Alignment: any, most are non-lawful
Area of Control: fate and chance encounters
Symbol: a spinning coin

Avatar Information

Procog does not have any avatar that appears to followers.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+, Con 12+
Alignment: Any non-lawful
Turning: nil
Armor: Chain mail or lighter
Weapons: Any edged or missile weapon, blunt weapons prohibited
Level Limit: none
Hit Die: D10

Major: Divination, Time, Travelers
Minor: All, Chaos, Guardian, Numbers, Weather

ProCog Spell List

1st level - find traps as per thief special abilities

Duties of the Priesthood

Priests of Procog travel the world in order to be where they are needed before they are needed. From helping with farming issues, preventing war or even supporting a just rebellion, they show up to help where and when they are needed. They also arrive just in time to meet their new acolytes at the point in time when they need guidance. There are very few churches to Procog as most are always traveling. Most are small monasteries that are in geographical nexus between areas, like mountain ranges passes.

As traveling priests with an over developed sense of time and future, they have major access to the spheres of Divination, Time and Travelers and minor access to All, Guardian, Chaos, Weather and Numbers. In addition to spells, their connection to the future gives them a natural unarmored AC that improves with level, greater hit point to simulate the ability to avoid damage and the ability to defend themselves while unarmed.

As near constant travelers, they tend to pick up skills normally associated with bards/rogues and at first level have the ability to find traps as a thief though not to disarm them and it is more of an instinctive perception and not a knowledge of how traps works. Also they have learned to travel light, being restricted to chain mail or lighter armor. They tend to Inspire people of all races and ages, often giving somewhat cryptic messages to complete strangers that eventually tend to make then feel better or at least more prepared to cope with what is about to happen or has happened. The priest believes they have the ability to sense when something he is about to do will have immediate dangerous results if he concentrates before he does the action. This has developed into a part of the way of the life of the priest as any uncommon action or decision will be contemplated often to the dismay of his or her companions.

Known Worshipers

QuiFon Ruminell - dwarf priest of Procog traveling with the Dragonslayers


By the numbers:

Feature or PowerPoint Cost
Major Access to Divination Sphere10
Major access to Travelers Sphere5
Major access to Time Sphere10
Minor access to All Sphere3
Minor access to Chaos5
Minor access to Weather5
Minor access to Numbers5
Minor access to Guardian3
AC Improvement15
Unarmed Combat15
Inspire Allies5
Proficiency Crossover - Rogue5
Level 1 Power Find Traps as Thief10
Extended Duration for Divination spells10
D10 for Hit points10
Followers - Whenever build Stronghold10
Odd behavior-2
Armor Restriction-5