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This page is for news, announcements, game discussions, and issues that might have previously gone into emails. Anyone can start a topic or add to one already started. Please type four dashes after your name and before starting your message so it is easy for everyone to see each person’s contributions.

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4-23 That's not entirely true Bob. We aren't dead, we are under a spell. And I cannot see the other characters getting themselves zapped after watching 4 people get hit. They will carry on. It is just a matter of whether they will give up on the frozen characters and move on without them or if they will save them. It's in their hands. Who knows? Maybe the other characters will say 'forget them, we have a temple to find' and go on their merry way. The person who originally set the trap will eventually come back and release us and take us in for questioning. The previously frozen characters will move over to the dark side and hunt down the characters who left us to rot in the wilderness. Could be very exciting. But far from over. The possibilities are endless.

And that is very good news Eric! :)


I'll do my best to catch up so I'm not totally lost. Sounds like quite the situation I'm stepping in to!! I should be on next week as well. I'm thinking my weekends should be open more often for gaming so I should be back soon to a full player. Not a part timer...


We will play Long Live the King first with Mike and Eric in because they are the only ones that can save the group (with the help of Tonya and Felicity we hope).

If they save the group then we can pause it there and go back to The Enemy of My Enemy for the second part of the night.

If they do not save the group then we can go back to The Enemy of My Enemy permanently because everyone else will be dead.

With a week to plan on-line I would like to start that story arc off first to see what happens.


I thought if Eric was in we would play EOME? The other adventure is just standing arround.


I say it is up to Eric

That is excellent news Eric.

The very quick summary.

You are on a path, you come across two tents and a broken down wagon. Indigo investigates and is "paralyzed". Then Qui, then Miranda, then Foto. Lisa and John will be in and have commented on the Out of Character thread.

Shur is still not paralyzed - but TMO will not be in.

Imari is not paralyzed and is flying above all on her hippogriff - Mike should be in.

Leatherus should have help from the new two players who are auditioning as well.

More summary beyond that is dependent on surviving this encounter.


Extremely good chance I will be on Friday. I'm going to give it a 96% chance. Unless the D&D gods hate me, count me in. I'm super behind on what's happening in the LLK arc. I'm buried at work but I'll try and catch up. If anyone has time to post a quick and dirty summary that would be appreciated.


This will be an interesting week.

We ended the session on Apr 18 14 with 4 of the 6 characters paralyzed from some unknown effect as you were dealing with an empty campsite.

Mike has Imari and TMO has Shur still available. Then there will be who ever else shows up to help save the day.

In the Out of Character Thread for Long Live the King there is a map of the current situation for everyone to talk about this week and plot and plan to see what can be done to save our heroes.

This will be fun,


Good to hear you will be in. I want a waterproof mic in the shower just for that reason.

And yes it is not too late to still have a word or two with the horse. We will do that at the beginning of the night.



should be in tonight. hooray. also, thought of something in the shower, where all our best thinking gets done. Don't know if it is too late, but i'd like imari to ask the talking horse for some of his hair. i gots me a plan to do something fun.



Sorry to hear. Hope the best for you. I will be looking forward to your return



My work has decide that I am in need of a weekend of work. It was very generous of them. I have to go to the lovely land of Ohio this weekend to review the status of a project we are starting. I don't think I will be able to make it Friday. I was really hoping to. I will be trying to post online this week and next as much as possible. If anything should change I will post and let everyone know....



Doesn't matter to me. It seems like we are much closer to finishing Tristan's adventure than Indigo's. I fully expect the EME crew to be sitting around doing nothing while we wait for Indigo's group to return. We are steps away from Greekness in the caverns while Indigo is talking to a pony over a week's journey away from home and he still has no clue where the temple even is, much less where the shield is.

Whatever people want to do is fine. Tristan's adventure is a faster pace one and so I understand and find myself also having the eagerness to continue, while Indigo's is more of a slow trudge. Not to mention the whole competing religion, which priest is going to kill which priest holy war amusement that goes with the world of Tristan. Last count I believe is four competing sects all about to say their hello's. I can hardly wait. If everyone is good with having one finish earlier than the other, I'm good with it too. Branwyn can always find things to do at home to get herself into trouble. Or, if she suddenly becomes psychic or something, there is a lady dwarf that wouldn't mind having a chat with her in Primsen.


I will take that into consideration John. I do fully expect that the only time the two group are going to be synced up again is when both story arcs are over.

There is a nice chance for RP on both story arcs right now also.


I think we should keep on EME as long as Eric is in. We are behind in the time line, have more characters in LLK and more to discuss on line to keep the story fresh. Not to mention, if we don't get caught up, we may get stuck only playing the older one untill we catch up



So unfortunately I have social obligations that I can't get out of with any grace or chance to sleep in my own bed tonight. Sadly, I will be out tonight. Hopefully nothing gets in my way next week.


I heard from Eric today. He will be in tonight (Apr 11 14) and next week as well. So tonight we will run Enemy of My Enemy and then next week go back to Long Live the King.


So all I missed is one of my henchmen getting robbed by a member of the party and contemplating eating a talking horse. Oh the talking horse knows of a local tourist attraction.

Not bad.



Sorry Eric,

I will not make your return. Please have fun without me.


I will be there tonight. This is my game on week. Next week I will be working most likely. See you around 10. Shoot me a text if you get on earlier Bob!


Just a reminder about tonight (Apr 04 14) that we will start very late.

I hope to be home by 10 so we will have time to continue the roleplaying from the threads on the site. We will see who is actually in for those last two hours to determine which story arc we pick up.

I believe Mike and Lisa will be in tonight, beyond that I do not know.

For next week it will depend on if Eric is available to go with which story arc. I think we will be getting back into the every other week if Eric's schedule is back to normal. Who will be available?



hey guys, sorry for the lack of attendance right after I came back. It was Ren Fair season down here and we get pretty hectic with that and guests coming in most Friday nights. Then the last two weeks were broken computer weeks. But now I have my computer back, no more fairs to go to and I'm all ready to go. at ten, apparently.



I won't be on this Friday... Yea work! Have fun for me.



I'm sorry we won't be seeing you for a while. :(

But I am very happy you are back to work and getting hours.

All the best to you and Karen and hope to see you soon. We will miss you!



That stinks Guy, but at least I hope you are making the extra money. There will be a spot for you.

Once a Dragonslayer Always a Dragonslayer


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