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Player Communication

This page is for news, announcements, game discussions, and issues that might have previously gone into emails. Anyone can start a topic or add to one already started. Please type four dashes after your name and before starting your message so it is easy for everyone to see each person’s contributions.

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5/25 TMO

Michael - I'll have to think about your request, see what else I can come up with. If anything. RWBY is kind of unique. You might want to look up EruptionFang on YouTube though - he does a pretty good analysis of the series.

RoosterTeeth has several other shows, but they are all wildly different from RWBY: Red vs Blue, Camp Camp, Nomad of Nowhere. Perhaps I'll come up with other ideas for you by next week.

Link of custom D&D critters for Shi to obsess over:

5-24 BOB

TMO you can have Marisu respond, she is in the next skiff and can easily have overheard part? some? all? you get to choose. The last part about not wanting to marry someone was very emphatic so could be a point to start with.

TMO: I didn't realize the skiffs were close enough for easy chatting. With your post to the OOC conversation, stated as the GM's Truth, I'll put in Marisu's thoughts here in a bit, after arranging things in my head.

5/23 TMO

It's going to be real hard pretending I hadn't read Anastacia's tale... >.<

5/21 Lisa

That’s a great analogy! I like it.

I don’t have any insider info either. I think I posted somewhere before that I am just going with this how she would see it and I know that there is a chance that she could be totally wrong and get betrayed. I want her character to be her and not second guess herself just because “Lisa” knows that Bob can have the story twist in all different ways at any moment. I am having Branwyn act like Branwyn and I am going off her IC knowledge, history with the NPCs, and the ways Branwyn generally reacts to things. (I seriously sound like I have multiple personality disorder!)

TMO, I think you did a fantastic job last Friday! I like watching the progression and development you are giving to Marisu and actually don’t want you to talk about it too much OOC. I like to be surprised during roleplay sessions and see how things go. Makes it much more fun.

Everyone else’s characters acted somewhat how I would expect them to act – which was very supportive of their friend. Why wouldn’t they? Very good roleplay from everyone all around. And I got more surprises there too – which is fun and was the inspiration for my IC post over the weekend. So thank you! :)

5/21 TMO

Poor Branwyn. ;) The analogy came to me last night that she and Marisu are kinda in similar situations. Both of them having to react to important events without knowing for sure what the truth really is. Like they're siblings whose parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce. 0:)

Another thought I had last night was that, while I'd love for nothing more than to talk with folks about the Marisu situation when we meet up, I have a feeling it will make for a better story if all of that is handled in-game. Every question or situation that is answered out-of-character is one that won't show up in game anymore. However, I do want to state for the record that I'm working off the same information all of you are - i.e. - None. ;) Bob hasn't given me anything he hasn't mentioned in the logs.

5/12 Carissa

You never know what you'll find at a book sale...
It was only $1 so of course I bought it. It's a small book. If you have a deep desire to read it, let me know. I'll bring it.

Yes please!!! That would be awesome! - Mario 5/12

5-11 BOB

So we are back.

Over the last 24 hours we had our Phone line cut, our Cable line (so no TV or Internet) cut, Nyrma's Mom go into the hospital and back out, and the water pipes for the sprinkler system cut spewing water all over the place.

But now we are back to normal and the game is on tonight.

TMO - Bob, please share your definition of normal with us, because I don't know that it matches mine.

5/11 Lisa

Bob's landlines are working and the cable guy just showed up. Things are looking hopeful for Internet and game tonight.

5/10 Lisa

Bob wanted me to let everyone know that his landscaping guys just chopped up the telephone and cable cords to his house. The earliest appointment he could get to get his Internet fixed is Saturday. Kind of puts a damper on the possibility of playing tomorrow night. Unless one of you local peoples could give Bob a place to run the game tomorrow??

Bob will post a status update later. Stay tuned.

5/7 John

Thanks Carissa, I do not remember seeing this page, I was just going off of the proficiency Animal Training. I am gonna add a link to each other and see if I can train a bit more when the time comes.

5/6 Carissa

Could have waited until Friday, but putting this here since it applies to Eddie (John) and to seek clarification from BOB:

Decided to reread dog training page to look at skills. Found that:

  1. Water skills: This trains the dog to enjoy entering the water and swimming. Normally, without water skills, a dog must make a successful resist instinct check to enter water over its head. No such check is made for dogs with this skill. Furthermore, dogs with water skills may dive and swim beneath the waters surface with a successful resist instinct check. Dogs without this skill may never be enticed to voluntarily submerge.
    1. Yes, if they can swim they can dive, and yes, Anor could have chased that lizardman.
  2. Alarm: The dog remains in a given area and alerts its master (bark, whine, and howl) when strangers enter that area. The dog can monitor any area that is well-defined (i.e., a room or chamber). If no such boundaries exist, such as in a field or forest, the dog alerts its master of intruders within a 50’ radius. Alarm can also be used to cover a party’s rear during movement.
    1. The real question: does this apply while on the skiff? I can't imagine the wolf (or dog) is helping steer or anything. They're probably told to keep a look out. No boundaries, and technically remaining in an area (the skiff) so I can see it applying, but also moving boundary since the skiff is moving, so can see you saying no, still doesn't substitute for observation or alertness. So...can if be used/helpful when skiff traveling?:

5/4 Mario

Time to rewrite the rule books, and break out the suit of field plate +3 in the Party Pack!


Going to be late. There's a graduation thing. But i do plan to make it.



I added a list of food and beverage preferences on the Planning page for the game.

Please add what you like and as important what you do not like.

I like meat on my pizzas, some do not. Let us know so we make sure everyone's preferences are considered.

TMO - I am absolutely not a picky eater. I'll eat about anything on pizza. If I'm ordering for just myself I get Italian Sausage + Black Olives + Mushrooms. Snack-wise: nuts, chips, dip, veggies, pretzels, whatever. If sugary junk is available I'll probably binge a little on it, but I'm not worried about that for a single weekend.

4/29 Carissa

Current Skiff Configuration has had some significant updates and overhaul which is main reason for posting here. Go check, see if you're happy with things, know that we still have enough time between now and Friday for new thoughts and changes to happen ;)

...but I think I'm happy with it for the moment. I think.

Update: Changed spots, moved discussion to skiff page, comment on changes there please :)

Not skiff related, but feel free to say bye for now to Jennevive (and anyone else) if you feel like it.

4-27 TMO

Well, as I told Bob, that didn't go like any of the scenarios I'd run through my head, but it went very well I thought. Thanks all for putting up with the drama. I'm not sure how much longer it will last, but there's a fair number of hanging threads in both my character's storylines that might crop up at any time. Don't be shy about tugging on any of them if you feel like it, either. :) People who spend this much time together and care for each other would definitely do that.

Hmm.. in fact, it might be worth assembling a page where we keep a collection of things about their characters that the others might want to talk about. I'm usually doing good just to remember *my* characters' plot threads. Remembering other characters' threads accurately is often beyond me. Something similar to my notepad, but organized by character. Opinions?

  • I think that's a great idea! Want to start us off? There is no shortage of hidden secrets and drama in almost/if not all of the PCs lives. Lisa
  • Great idea! I certainly don't remember all those threads to be able to tug them. This will help for all of them :) - Carissa

4-22 BOB

Yes to TMO when your group was adventuring it was illegal to be a Therianthrope in Drillian.

However with the 'convert the Eustaces into werewolves' rumors and apparently maybe confirmed by Anastacia that might not be the case any more.

Also I updated all the character XP with the 10% through the end of A River Runs Through It plus I updated the character sheets in KloOge to reflect the new XP goals so the level up will not pop up again until you really do level up.

I checked the Character Level entry for each character, their Experience entry and the Next Level entry for everyone. I did NOT chance the level of your character in the rest of that section {i.e. Thief: Level 6, etc.} because that {should} show the level you have been trained up to. I also did NOT check saving throws or Hit Points for anyone.

This brings us all up to date on the Bonus Experience Points you will have until after Wedding Crashers is finished.

4-22 TMO

Bob - can you tell me what Marisu knows about the legal status of weres in Drillian? At least as of before she went to Dryads Lair, since it might have changes since then and she wouldn't necessarily know.

ie - I thought it was illegal to be a were, with a penalty of death.

4-21 BOB

So all the new pages are up for the new Story Arc. We are picking up here on the site at breakfast with the Royal Family, then a quick formal greeting in Court to welcome you all back. Then in mid day you will be leaving and heading off into the swamps to try to get to the wedding on time.

As everyone will see the Era page goes back to a fairly static one and the Story Arc page will be updating throughout. I think that this current Wedding Crashers story will play out over about 20 sessions or so. That takes us from now through the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game and then into the BOB's Birthday Game on 2018 09 22 and beyond.

Once this story arc plays out and everyone is home in Jistille again we will take a three or four session Recovery story arc for cleaning up experience levels, training, roleplaying break time, etc. I expect that story arc will only take about three sessions but we will be clicking off a year or more of game time to make sure everyone gets all they want done.

There was a bit of XP given out so far and I will be updating XP again before we start next week with the 10% bonus that some characters have earned. First thing next week is making sure people have the correct Hit Points and THAC0 and Saving Throws. Then unpacking and repacking and heading out into the swamps.

4-20 BOB

Very glad we had everyone in for that last part. I am looking forward to a race through the swamps with lots of craziness. Then all formal and proper for a wedding at the mid point of the adventure. Then find your way back home.

After this Wedding Crashers Story Arc I will have one labeled Recovering for training and rebuilding and sorting out all the things. During the week I will add in the remaining bonus XP to everyone as well so there is more to come shortly. Then more at the Anniversary Game, and again at the end of Wedding Crashers so there will be potentially lots of training and building and organizing.

New pages will be up later this weekend to accommodate In Character and Out of Character discussions about the new story arc as well.

4-17 TMO

Just to ruin the lives of all you who love the Disney Hercules movie: In Greek mythology, Megara (/ˈmɛɡərə/; Greek: Μεγάρα) was the oldest daughter of Creon, king of Thebes. In reward for Hercules' defending Thebes from the Minyans at Orchomenus single-handed, Creon offered his daughter Megara to Hercules,[1] and he brought her home to the house of Amphitryon.[2] She bore him a son and a daughter,[3] whom Hercules killed when Hera struck him with temporary madness; in their hero-tombs in Thebes they were venerated as the Chalkoarai.[4] In some sources Hercules slew Megara too,[5] in others, she was given to Iolaus when Hercules left Thebes forever. She was mother of Leipephilene by Iolaus.[6]

In some traditions, in order to atone his guilt, he was forced to perform the Twelve Labours, but in Euripides' tragedy, Hercules' return from his encounter with Cerberus in Hades begins the agon.

4-16 BOB

I have the info for TMO, Lisa, Spring and Carissa for arrivals and departures. Michael is not on the calendar yet. If you can message me your details I will add it on to my calendar so we can make sure the Mario Cart is timed right. :)

4-12 John

Still feel we need an answer on how much cargo we have to finish the skiff planning. Everyone should have their personal belonging, the party pack and especially the scroll is with Indigo but is there anything else specific we need to know. Cooking items and suppliers with Jilly? Bedding with Shur ? Or some of both with everyone?

4-12 BOB

Just a quick note to say that I have gotten two comments in the last couple of days now that said, "You have a great website!" And I said, "It is all my players contributing."


4-12 BOB

So overall it looks like there are options to bring Sarengar back if that is what Guy wants. We are also clear now on infections.

You are about 66 miles away from Jistille at this point. Needing to use the Scroll of Shelter to retrieve the wand you just have to find a wall. So actively searching for a hut or building will do as you are traveling along the stream here. You pass them all the time, they are just not significant enough to create an encounter for you on the rolls unless someone special lives there.

Hopefully Guy will be in early on Friday, you can move things forward and we get to Jistille by the end of the month.

4-11 John

Yea, I was worried you missed it. I knew we knew he could be a weregator but as not sure how much Hoffman knew, so I had some fun. Figure we have to wait until Friday to roll but can still have a little more fun on line.

4-11 Lisa

Brother Foto's objections duly noted. :)

I thought about this right when it happened on Friday night, but then when Guy's character died, I lost it. Until last night...

After Sarengar turned into a weregator, he BIT Miranda!!

I thought since Branwyn was only told the tale second hand, maybe this is something Hoffman and Miranda would like to discuss? Or your post, John, had so many fun things in it, I only addressed two of them on this first go round. I went back and posted that Sarengar turned into a weregator since it seems Hoffman didn't know that happened. (Time gets fuzzy for me sometimes on who was where for what) Also someone should follow up on that Himdal conversation drop! Hoffman's getting converted?

From chatlog:

[Master] Sarengar: Attack: Bite: (14-(d20+0)) [1d20=19] -5. HITS [Miranda Paige]] (AC FINAL: 10)!!!

[Master] Sarengar: Damage v SM: Bite: ((1d6)+1) [1d6=2] 3 [MODIFIED (+1)] added to: [Miranda Paige]]

TMO - I don't remember the infection event specifically, and apparently haven't made it there yet in my note-taking.
TMO - Correction, I had made it there, but it wasn't called out in the logs, and had overlooked it. It was Shur's first day, so I didn't realize what was happening and have her give him the cure.
TMO - Also, Bob has passed some knowledge to Shurkural about weres, so if it comes up in conversation she can pass it along.

4-10 John

Thank you Lisa, this will require some thought. How to quote Deadpool but still be in character.

TMO: you could always adopt your own personal logo/symbol:

Carissa: Not sure that one would work. Ever gone shopping at Target? You go in planning to buy one thing, but end up buying everything except that thing. Hoffman would just attract all the other creatures except the one he meant to attract ;)

4-8 BOB

I updated some links to make it easier to find things.

Thank you to all for collaborating on the new Skiff and Watches pages. Those will help make things go smoother over the next few months of travel through the swamps on your first adventure in the new Era.

I updated the listing of potential players and characters for the Anniversary Game, listing some of the characters that I think are available for guests. I will be creating new additional NPC's for people to play as well once you make it back to Jistille and start the first adventure of the new Era.

I have to double check the Alligator XP still.

Two or three more sessions of travel it looks like then you will be home in Jistille.

4-7 BOB

Fixed the Ilero HP issue adding 9 to him.

Did not check the alligator XP issue John mentioned, will do that later.

Great work on the Skiff page, that will be very helpful for several months. Thank you all.

4-7 Lisa

I noticed when doing the chat log that Kenna sent 9 pts of healing to Ilero and it doesn't look like he got it applied. Can you please check that?

4/7 Carissa

John set up this niffy Current Skiff Configuration page. Just want to make sure people see it. I set it up with configuration of before entering the swamp (minus cargo change) pending Guy's response to Lisa's memory of the wand.

And yes, I know we sometimes hate planning, but now is your time to speak up if you didn't like the arrangements from last night :)

But speak up over there, please!

4-7 Lisa

Woke up at 3:30 am and thought - Wait! We have a Wand of Resurrection! So I looked at the Party Pack and I had it under the Magic Item category (which would put it in the room scroll). But that is an insanely stupid mistake. It should go in with the scrolls and potions chest, which the whole point of carrying it around is, so we have these things when we need them... Wish my brain worked as well when I am awake as it seems to do when I am asleep.

Can we let Guy know that we have this option?

4-4 TMO Augmented Reality D&D:

3-29 TMO

3-28 BOB

Yes Branwyn would recognize that opera as there were two different discussions about it with Sarengar.

Yes I reached out to Kaz and Guy, Guy is not sure if he can make it.

Jenn and Sean are both confirmed now, Marco will be in for one of the two days he said and likely bringing a kid with him.

I reached out to Eric, Devin and Bill also. Bill's email bounced back. No response from Eric {as expected, someone else might have alternative means of contacting him?} and TMO knows Devin so will be able to forward responses.

That leaves Christy as one person I have highlighted to come that I have not heard from at all. Then there is Jeff and Rob both local people who will be last minute decisions I am sure.

3-28 Lisa

Can I roll Local History nwp on the opera? I went to Rolz and rolled a 1 (honest!)

Speaking of Sarengar, have you reached out to Guy and Kaz for the Anniversary Game? It would be nice if they could at least be online.

3-27 BOB

TMO I did double check the pummeling tables and and there is no additional check after you make that percentage roll to knock someone out. Unlike when you roll a Knockdown (which no one even me remembers to do) where you get a save with the pummeling table if you make that small percentage chance then you get to reap the reward.

-- So be it! I will attempt to remember that every attack with the Fist is a check on the chart. ;) Dunno if there are some monster types that are immune - undead obviously, not sure about others. (Ilero next tries to suckerpunch a gelatinous cube..) I do wonder if I can code the attack roll to automatically append a percentile roll? *shrug* - TMO

3-26 Mario

Hi All! I have moved the Build A Token post to its own page for consolidation. Look for the page here. I posted a link to a document where you can select the components for your token, if you choose to have one. Check it out and let me know.


3/26 TMO

Bob - this is a just off-the-cuff though regarding Pummeling and knocking someone out. Would it make sense to give the target a save of some sort to resist? CON or PPD perhaps?

3-19 Lisa

Those are great! I hope Branwyn gets an ocean view room. :)

And your map is fantastic! I love all the detail you put into it. Maybe you could make Bob some swamp maps.

3-19 Mario

As you may or may not know, I work for the Marriott Hotels Learning and Development team. I create learning objects for our property management system. Currently, I am reworking trainings that should live for quite while into the future. The screen shots below will be incorporated into the learnings that should live for a long, long time!

3-11 BOB

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

In just a few weeks we will celebrate 25 years for my campaign on May 11th.

Then on June 1st and 2nd I will host the 25th anniversary game for people from all over the Country to fly in and celebrate together.

Then on June 8th we will celebrate 15 years of having online participants in our game.

We have had 50 players so far throughout the years.

We are getting close to wrapping up our 100th adventure that the players have participated in.

I had a talk last night with one of my players about what adventures I want to run in 2020.

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

3/11 Carissa

Who Knows What Here (When Why How)

Just so no one misses it, link there is trying to now summarize who knows what in regards to Queen Cinna and the situation (and separate player knowledge and character knowledge). I can only keep track of so many characters (easier when it's not in chat, too). Feel free to add anything you know your characters know and that I missed (and link to where it was discussed for organizational purposes, please!).

3-10 BOB

On the Armorer page it shows 2 weeks for a shield and 4 weeks for leather armor. So yes it is possible just takes longer than you have in town right now.

  • - wasn't sure if it being dragonhide would change the time
    • Only in cost, if you did not have the hide in the first place and will want a higher skill person to hopefully avoid a failure on the proficiency check to make it

3-9 TMO

Bob- Ilero is looking to try and convert some of that black dragon hide into leather armor for him, if possible. He doesn't know if it's possible, or how long it might take, or how much it would cost. While we're idle in Rivers Bend he'll try to find an armorer who would be able to educate him. Odds are we won't be in town long enough to get it done here, but if he can, great.

3-7 BOB

So that everyone knows what I am planning.

This week and likely one or two more sessions will be involved in Rivers Bend and getting out of the city and into Drillian. You need to work out transport for everyone and everything. When you were traveling TO Dryads Lair you had a full barge for all the household goods {Indigo saving it at the last moment from thieves one night} and you will need to work out that plus the increased number of people you have with you also. Skiffs, oars and what ever else. We will likely be clicking off a day or nine to make this go smoothly for everyone.

Then you travel into the swamps of Drillian and into The Mist.

You will stop at the Jistille Estates as that is your home base. Then you will get another adventure shoved at you right away.

That adventure will lead through the Anniversary Game. After that is completed then you will make your way back to Jistille.

AT that point we will pause and potentially skip forward in time by months. That will be the time for people who need training, to organize things when everyone actually gets to sit down and relax for more than a night or two. Other than Branwyn and Tiberius everyone has been in full adventure mode for the past year and a half or more. They are finishing their honeymoon and look who shows up on the doorstep to drag them back to reality.

One reason I mention this is one of these nights all the Bonus XP from the current and previous Era will be added to everyone's character sheets. Plus the bonus xp for abilities (ie Branwyn gets an extra 10% based on Intelligence) that I have not added in for a year and a half of game play. So there will be some potentially significant XP awards coming. It will create training opportunities. I do not want to pause/click off time until after the Anniversary Game because there will be more XP along the way through that and I want a continuity for the story line.

TL/DR: adventures continue, training is delayed


3-2 BOB

  • 22-6-1267 TGR {22-6-345 SKR}/{22-6-331 RBR} Branwyn and Tiberius arrive in Rivers Bend
  • 11-7-1267 TGR {11-7-345 SKR} - the rest of the group arrives in Rivers Bend

So there is 17 days total for Branwyn's time in the city. They arrived and spent a couple of days, then had her meeting with Bellamin at some point. Then Lisa can decide what the honeymooners did.

2/28 Carissa

When a local news story inspires you. It's been a slow news week...

2-26 BOB

So it looks like we will have a nice long stretch of games right into the Anniversary Game.

I am starting to do more obvious work on Drillian pages as we get closer to doing more adventures there. Some of it is historical in nature for background stuff and others are for upcoming adventures. As always I want everyone to contribute as they wish. Build a town, add a small noble family, flesh out something in history, etc.

Over the next couple of sessions it looks like the two groups will reunite in Rivers Bend and then make your way down into Drillian.

2-20 BOB

Yes I like Hin2 also with the slightly darker version. I can live with either.

I like Hin2 too - Lisa

2/20 TMO

I've added a Hin2 style suggestion, a bit browner/darker to give it more contrast to the basic gold color. While I could read the gold font, it wasn't something I'd want to do for long. Let me know if you think it's too dark, it can be tweaked further.

I tweaked the size of the Hin font so it's a bit smaller. Because Symbolism. :)

That is an amazing tweak and I fully support the size change. Also like the color - Carissa

2/19 Lisa

Yeah, blue was kind of a "give up and go for something safe" color. I can read the gold and completely don't mind if you change it back. When I looked at it I was worried that BOB, who is colorblind, or others might not be able to read it easily against the parchment-style background. Can everyone read it all right?

And thanks for editing the session style key page. I totally forgot to do that!

2/19 Carissa

Thanks for the tips, Lisa! I always thought Tuesdays were better. I'll compare one day, but hope to book tomorrow.

Not related to that, long story short, in updating the visible styles page with Hin I saw you initial tried gold for color. Apparently I really liked that idea (Gold Hill, I'm guessing?) because now I'm back to try to make it work. Blue just doesn't fit in my mind. Up for changing it gold you can read? Or some variation of that? This one at least shows well on my screen.

2-19 Lisa

Airfare Booking Tips: 54 days out is still roundabouts the best amount of advance time to book airfare. Sundays are the best day of the week to book at low prices. Lowest fares for departing on Th/Fri and Returning on Mondays (but for hotel people the fare difference would have to exceed the extra hotel charges so shouldn't make much diff returning Sun or Mon). Got this info from the 2018 Air Travel Outlook Report, put out by the Airlines Reporting Corp. & Expedia. You can look at it here if you are interested in that sort of thing:

2-18 BOB

Fun things from everyone over the past weeks.

I added a tentative plan of events for the Anniversary Game just to have some times available for ease of planning. Nothing is written in stone yet except playing 7 to Midnight and Noon to Midnight. Please add in your own thoughts. My days when I run the normal BOB's Birthday Game days are similar to that except adding in walking at the park, if anyone wants to come pace with me. Mario is a good cook.

Again for those traveling the Hampton Inn and Suites in Coconut Creek 5740 SR 7, Coconut Creek, FL 33073 is the closest hotel and Fort Lauderdale (FLL) is the closest airport. TMO and Spring are staying at my house. Do not let housing keep anyone away.

I will be taking the week before and the week after for vacation to make sure that things are clean around the house, last minute game prep is done, etc.

For anyone who does not normally play with us on a weekly basis they will have an pre-genned NPC to play that can easily be continued before or after the anniversary game.

Only a dozen more sessions to go.

2-15 Lisa

Wow, John! That is incredible. :) Can't believe that BOB created a world where every day has its own name.

Also - Someone remind me to get the Ancestry login info on Friday please.

2/13 Carissa

Hahaha wooow! That was more entertaining than expected. Now, I admit I haven't seen it yet, but I have a feeling Stirges On Broadway won't hold a candle to that puppet show. As for the undergarments? Surprised but not really by Shur's admission ;P

Also two Indigo was really confusing. I can only imagine the confusion at the time.

Didn't think to post it earlier, but here's a possible spoiler alert of something we might encounter upon returning to Drillian/Jistille Estates. Forgot when it was added, but I believe it was recently (as in within the past few months)...

If only I knew how SKR translated to TGR to know a better timeline.

Thanks BOB! If I did my math correctly, spoiler alert happened a few months short of two years ago. Next thought is if there might be another spoiler alert on the way...?

3/18 Edit: Just to keep all this together, adding it here rather than new post. In searching for answers to Jennevive's information (since she certainly won't give it up), I found out that Jennevive mentioned the spoiler alert way back when (Nov1017). Actually, she said there were two so... But will also add one is missing from Ancestry as well as the lineage page.

2-12 Lisa

Awww ...that puppet show makes me miss Marco. :( And yes you have to follow BOB's link and find puppet on the page to get the undergarment ref in the title to this post.

I have a busy week for work, but can try to work something in if you are feeling inspired. I don't have anything compelling off the top of my head at the moment.

And yes, we do need to start thinking about home. That was next on my Howard list of discussion topics before we all got covered in stirges. Maybe you can flip up the map of Orchard House sometime. I remember thinking it was HUGE when we moved in. And Branwyn has her own medium sized tower that she and Jilly used. I thought that was pretty good sized and now she has a husband and two apprentices and Jilly besides herself. I am thinking Orchard House is going to feel pretty small when we all get there.

I believe Rivers Bend is the last real city stop before the Mist - so last chance at divination for anyone that wants to do any. I thought Portown was the closest place to Jistelle where we could dock a ship as big as the knar - otherwise wouldn't we have taken it closer to home anyway? Portown has a tavern and taverns have information, so I was definitely planning on using our skiff making time there to try to get as much gossip as we could as to whether the Queen was residing at Jistelle, and other matters. We may also want to get Marisu some scruffier clothes for the trip back so she doesn't look so Countess Doeskin-like when we return, but these are all fun IC discussions to have.

2-11 BOB

I re-saved the chat logs from this year to the new date format and added the ChatLog category to each of them.

At this point I am not going to go back and do the work on changing them for 2017 and earlier. If TMO or John (or anyone) wants to go forward{backward?} with that project please feel free. I am leaving the old chat logs with the old date format there in case of links from other pages etc so that those still work.

Also Lisa, did you want to do more stories in Rivers Bend before the rest of the group arrives? It is easy to have Tiberius get involved in something.

Finally once everyone does make it back together I wanted to point out that the reason this last leg of A River Runs Through It stops in the Jistille Estates and not simply when you get into Drillian is that you will be entering The Mist and heading to Jistille because 'that is what you have always done' and you do not have any good information on what the state of the Kingdom is. Plus you want to get the knarr as close to Jistille as you can so that you have a base of operations to work out of in your unknown future. And also Branwyn's sense of obligation to the Mosskin family and her own home is there now too.

You will I expect attempt to find out information on the way after the group leaves Rivers Bend but I also expect that you will not quite take anything you hear along the way as the pure truth until you talk with the Queen herself.

Also you do need to go read this chat log and experience the true chaos of Lisa and Marco and TMO at a puppet show.

2-5 TMO

... and I really want to add the following to Branwyn's letter to Tiberius:

"P.S. - And your mother is a vampire."

LOL! Considering that the man can't read, the whole letter is somewhat of an exercise in futility. But that would make things easier. :) Lisa

2-4 BOB

Michael Happy 100th game session! (as of 2018 01 26) Our 19th player to reach that plateau.

Happy 50th birthday to John! (as of today) I think he is only the 3rd person to reach that plateau while playing in the game? (BOB, Barb and John?)

2/4 Carissa

Squeezing under here to leave that up there. Congrats to Michael and Happy Birthday to John!

Thanks, Lisa! Glad you like it! It was a bit tedious, but fun seeing a pattern forming like who maybe is on YouTube too much (no names mentioned not because I'd be on that list, nope), common artist choices, and the surprise of not a single link posted during the Birthday Game! Not sure what that'll mean for the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Game...

Glad you like the tables. I wasn't sure about them. BOB already made one tweak I was contemplating. Might change them to advanced tables later, or maybe wait until next Era, but that's neither here nor there nor really important - just thoughts for me to come back to later :)

2-4 Lisa

@Carissa - Fantastic job with song page!! Looks great and looks like it was a lot of work. Thank you! :)

1/31 BOB Excellent letter and meeting as always Lisa. Of course Tiberius can go traipsing around the city creating adventures :) Was there one in particular you would like? grins

I should have time on Friday morning also before I go to the Art Event that late afternoon.

1/31 Lisa

Finally wrote the Loplin missive. Move it if it's in the wrong place. It's kind of a "for the record" kind of thing since I don't know when/if we will ever interact with the cast of characters from Dryads Lair again, but 7 years of playing with Bob teaches me that good relationships with NPCs can be helpful and you never know when one of them may pop up again. Anyway, I think I only owe one more letter and then any further Rivers Bend outings I feel like writing. I can always respond to one if Tiberius gets it into his head that he wants to make an excursion. :)

1/28 Carissa

BOB's idea is now reality with Songs from A River Runs Through It. We decided to make it its own page so summaries page doesn't get too busy with more info and such. It's a work in progress, but if you have ideas or contributions, go for it! Otherwise, I'll slowly be working on it for the next two weeks :)

And for now, the official link is under A River Runs Through It - Sessions Summaries. That'll probably change next Era (and current thought is one page per Era rather than per story arc - provided we don't get too crazy with YouTube links).

Updated: put up first one (most recent first is easiest) and will go continue that format unless someone suggests otherwise. Or I decide I hate it and change it.

1-23 Lisa

Finally posted but wasn't sure where to put it. BOB can you move it if it needs to go somewhere else, as well as responding and filling in anything you want throughout the post? Thanks

1-22 BOB

Quotes I unearthed while researching...

"This book obsession with the Queen is a bit unsettling. The last time Queen Wilamina got overly interested in her reading material, she disappeared without telling anyone, got kidnapped by werewolves, took to hiding in the Count’s castle and then ended with me taking part in making that fiend Count Drake a vampire. Doesn’t she have a parade to watch or something? "

1/15 Carissa

  1. Oh right. Duh. And double-checked schedule and shouldn't actually be late Friday unless something comes up.
  2. There. I think *almost* everyone is one there with exception to the dwarves (too much math and little care for their age at the moment) and the new NPCs (Tarsaps) mainly because I'm not happy yet with their story and might rewrite it. Hopefully their ages make sense? Wish I had just stuck to generalized "middle-age" and "super old" but noooo. Also added a few extra NPCs and family trees to the slightly more important ones. Probably won't add them to the page, but they're at least on Ancestry. And a few relationships. Have fun with it!
  3. If only Ilero hadn't chickened out and backstabbed those 32 orcs we could have had a bigger ship... ;)

1-15 BOB

TMO emailed me this:

Bob, This is just a me thing, and if you decide to do it, would involve a *lot* of pain and work. So I don't expect you to go with it. ;) The dates for the game sessions are MMMDDYY, and when sorted in the Search list (or categories), the game sessions are sorted into an order that is very hard to look through. Whenever I put dates in file names (I do this a lot at work), I use YYYYMMDD (2017-01-11) so that everything always sorts into ascending order. Like I said, changing would be an incredibly massive task. 25 years of files and links .... *shudder* But I thought I'd at least put the idea out there for you to consider (assuming you haven't before now).

So I thought I would take the time to post a bit about why I did this. Over in the Dragonslayer Thoughts section that has fallen on hard times.

1-15 Lisa

Good news that Portstown is out of the Mist. Then all I need to do is roll the dice one more time on a teleport. Portstown is where we usually dock the knarr, Branwyn has stayed at the tavern there and was where we had the original meeting with Toybin, Anastacia and Red Cloak after Wilamina disappeared so she should have enough familiarity to make it a relatively safe roll. Because my teleport rolls are never close calls, right? :)

1-14 BOB

No to Lisa that Portown is inside The Mist.

Yes to a hard limit of 20 people on the Knarr.

Yes this puts a kink in the planning in Rivers Bend when the two newlyweds expect to re-board their ship to head home.

I will point out that before you hit Portown you will be inside of Drillian and all that entails with a civil war maybe happening etc.

It will depend on what you find out before you get there and who you want to walk in with.

1-14 Lisa

I realized when I was looking at updated pages with all the people on the knarr, that we are fully loaded with 20 people - without Branwyn and Branadarus! Do they need to get their own boat? Is 20 people on the knarr a non-negotiable reality? If I remember correctly Portstown is inside the Mist so we can't teleport - is that correct?

I do like how all these NPCs want to follow around my PCs, but they are seriously overfilling the knarr.

1-14 BOB

Yes to Shi being able to ask, there is an In Character page here for a reason :) Use the Leg C In Character page to ask away for anything that anyone wants to before getting the loading of the knarr started next week.

Yes to being able to add new people in Ancestry. How I do it is I pick a person, make a husband of wife of that person as the new tree that I want to start and then build up that. You can then go remove the original link for that person and the tree still stands on its own. We have lots of disjointed trees there with various Dragon families or Elves on there already.

1/13 Carissa

  1. Shi meant to ask if there were any letters (or birds with letters) at the manor before they left and since they technically haven't left yet (and there is a chance work might make me late on Friday...)
  2. Trying to add to Ancestry like previously requested, but I don't know how to add someone completely new with no relations to anyone else on the tree? Figure it's worth asking on here since it might be worth others knowing, too.

1-10 BOB

I am ok with people tagging categories on pages. It might make searching easier also because you could restrict your search to that category only.

BUT I would not require it from anyone and I would not want it to interfere with the ease of what we do now by just adding the brackets.

How it looks to work with Ilero's page seems just great.

If people do choose to use them then we should have a page set up to keep the categories organized (ie spelled consistently) which we can add as an appendix to the Rule Book.

1-9 TMO

Okay, this is a little out of left field, about the wiki. This is not my first wiki. 0:D One of the things I set up on my previous wiki was the use of Categories. From a bit of research, it looks like this version of PMwiki handles them a little bit differently than my prior one, but it's still usable.

A category is a flag added to a page, and a page for that Category automatically links to every page with that flag on it. So, for example, if we put the flag PC on every player character page, the wiki will automatically create a page called Category.PC with a link to all of those individual pages.

  • If* we want to give this a try, it will take some planning and forethought on how we want it to work.

If anyone wants to see the previous wiki, here are some links (I'm not responsible for a lot of the content - it's user supported):

I honestly don't know for sure if this would be worth the effort of doing, but it might be. The wiki here has a defined and intentional style, and categories have not been part of that design so far.

1-3 BOB

I was thinking along those lines of adding color commentary/notes on people and places to the pages that have things you visited. Mostly off of the Rivers Bend - City Proper page and the various districts. Very much the Branwyn's guide to Rivers Bend sort of thing.

1/3 Lisa

Slightly confused. You mean just making a summary page that consolidates info we already have? Mario and Carissa are world building - which is absolutely fantastic by the way. I'm not good at that, so I hope that's not what you are asking. I did find that it took me a while to even find the page that lists all the regattas, so I can do a kind of highlights page of the people to see and places to go in Rivers Bend kind of thing. Fodor the World Traveler's Guide to Rivers Bend?

1/2 BOB

Also Lisa if you have information about places, people, events to add to the pages for Rivers Bend so that everyone can find it that would be a very helpful thing. Grins, sort of like what Carissa and Mario are doing for their village.

Rivers Bend and Loosend are going to back to being the big cities on the edge of your adventuring area so the more info there the better. Plus the more there for when the group arrives the better.

1/2 - BOB

You have a good point on how often the regattas are. They start at the harvest festival (beginning the 8th month so about two weeks away) with practices and then kick off with the Regatta di Burano on the 1st day of the Ninth month.

Which is to say that if Branwyn and Tiberus stay in Rivers Bend for a while you will be there, or the group might be there in time of them depending on how long everyone takes.

Branwyn teleported on 22-6-1267 TGR, arriving in Rivers Bend that same day under a pile of fish. :) So you have about 62 days before the anniversary of the race you did during Pirate Queens. Of course there is always something happening in a city like this. Feel free to watch or participate in a smaller run up regatta to the main events later on in the year.

The rest of the group is currently on 4-7-1267 TGR and about to reach Dryads Lair the next day. So the earliest they would arrive in Rivers Bend would be about the 10th. That gives the newlyweds about 18 to 20 days of alone time in the city if they wait until everyone arrives.

Sarengar is at the Opera house working on his current production. You have all those NPCs at your disposal as well.

1/2 Lisa

Great! I will try to work on some things. I forgot before to ask - Are you sure there are no regattas? I checked the page and there is one every month from the 9th month to the 1st month of the year and we are in early fall are we not? Not that it really matters I guess. I was just going through our old Rivers Bend information yesterday since that seemed a better plan than college football.


Lisa, I should be available for several posts this week before we get to Friday. Only a couple of meetings and I need to work on a presentation for Friday morning so I will be distracted to look on the site during the day. :)

You can run with the Lodge with no problems.


1/1 Lisa @BOB

Last teleport entry is up. I did want to have a Branwyn/Bellamin chat at some point and can't really do it myself as I wanted her to talk about the vampire and don't have the necessary information to answer my own questions. Well I could, but you might disagree with the answers. :) Let me know when you want to do that.

Hope you and John enjoy Branwyn's choice of lodgings in the city.