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This page is for news, announcements, game discussions, and issues that might have previously gone into emails. Anyone can start a topic or add to one already started. Please type four dashes after your name and before starting your message so it is easy for everyone to see each person’s contributions.

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Yes to rtf/pdf versions of the books if you need them. Most of the rules are here on the site, but spells, yes that might be helpful to see in book form outside of the game. :)

To the tithing question. Priests have churches and organizations to maintain. With the ability to use spells to actively help or hurt your congregation various sects will have different levels of expected tithing in exchange for giving/with holding these spells. In general for our purposes I have said that priests should be sending back "an amount" to their church from their adventures (10% works as a round number). However most times it is a question of taking the money found and using it for training your self so you are more capable and can do more for the church.

That said the idea of doing favors for each other is a long standing tradition too. The current adventure is exactly that for the Kayugan church. So on the personal basis healing someone and expecting a favor back is normal behavior. The reason Branwyn built a church for the Kayugan religion and spent a couple hundred thousand gold (in total but building things involves a lot more than just a particular amount of gold) to build it in exchange for them bringing her back from the dead.

For an easy gold equivalent for favors I lean towards 100gp per spell level each time a spell is cast for someone.

On the question of room searches yes. Anyone with Observation has a chance at detecting something is off/weird/etc. about an area. Anyone can find a secret door (if there is one ;) ) on a 1 on a d12 if actively searching. Thieves and Elves get better chances just walking by and even better when actively searching. Hidden doors are even easier to spot, etc.

The idea of 'door' is meant to include any hiding space, such as the removable tile that Ilero found in the middle of the floor hiding the want. Or a rug that is pulled over a trap door. Yes you could find those by doing a tile by tile search or pulling back every rug you ever find. But using proficiencies and skills makes it the work of minutes rather than several hours.


1/21 Carissa

A) Hi Greg and Autumn!
B) Bob gives out free books, and I didn't get one??
C) Also, I can ask for tithes? Because I think Kel owes Shi tons by now ;)

Also for future room searches, apparently for elves:

- Secret doors: simply passing one finds it on 1 on 1d6; searching finds it on 1 or 2 on 1d6
- Concealed doors: find on 1, 2, 3 on 1d6

I guess it's only for doors, but useful if Ilero fails and Branwyn doesn't have her spell to check for them that day. And that's all I have for now.

1/20/2017 Michael

Hey all. Horrible way to start out the year, but it looks like I wont be in this Friday. I tried to find time to just do a simple summary as well, but it eluded me. Between classes, work, and... work, it's just not feasable tonight. I might pop on to say hi and see about some emergecny healing or something, but there's no way I can spend my evening playing with so much work going on. I love you all!

1/18 Mario

The hotel I was to open isn't ready, so their live date pushed. I hope to 'see' you all Friday!

1/17 Carissa

Oh, good ideas! I don't think we know anything about the statue, do we? I tried an observation check and failed. We never did much else with that statue, did we, besides tying it up? That'll be fun to explain to her :) Do we even know if it's a statue versus a Medusa-statue? We never ran into anything with wings...and I'm curious why she thinks that specific keep/temple might have the spear. Maybe the smashed statue is a clue. Fingers crossed for the language spell! At least we probably don't have a spell if it all was Kayugan contents. I have a feeling that if she is a zealot, she might try to take the spell from us (or be incredibly torn between her duty to Athena and her loyalty to the prince).

And yeah, I wish I was going to be there, too, especially the more we talk about this! Unfortunately, getting on late is iffy enough. I can't see any way I can swing getting on early when the conversation with the priestess is to happen :/

1/16 Lisa

Ohh, that's a really good point! I was thinking a literal spear. Wish you were going to be in on Friday. :( There were only 2 magic scrolls out of that batch of 15 and one was the Shield and the other was destroyed, so I think we're safe on that as far as truthfully saying we don't have an actual spear or a spell. The chest contents was very Kayugan and this priest is very Greek so I don't think even the destroyed spell would have been Greek. I was also thinking maybe they could take a look at that statue rubble near the gargoyle. Since they are Athena experts maybe they can tell if the pieces look like her. Give them something to do after we leave. Also, maybe they have a language spell and could question the goblins if they want to keep investigating.

1/14 Carissa

Ah, I did not know that! I figured all priests had at least some healing, but I guess we do need to find that out now. And yes, I hope Neith is willing to help. Perhaps she needs a cup of coffee first to wake up :)

It's good to be open to strangers. If not, the group wouldn't let Shi and Kel tag along (and some of the others?). And since most survived second watch unharmed, it is still possible to beat the priestess and her group if needed ;) While I'm driving Shi towards simply being naive and therefore suspicious of anything outside the Wildlands, the more I think on it, the more I think my suspicion is this being my first encounter with non-party NPCs. In other RPGs (mainly video games), it is rare to encounter a friendly NPC in the wild. More than that, after the centipede encounter I guess I feel we wouldn't be so lucky to have something benign follow. I think, in the end, it is not the NPCs I'm suspicious of, but Bob. :P

Not sure if it crossed the mind of anyone else, but I also realized after reading that that the Spear of Ares the priestess is seeking might not be an actual spear. The Shield of Cahus isn't a physical shield. We didn't check all the scrolls, right? Could one of those be what she seeks? One was a spell of conjuration. Would it have to be a priest spell or could it be any? Not that I'd want to give it to her. Like with the Shield of Cahus, I'm for sharing the knowledge. It'd be a shame to destroy it.

1/14 Lisa

Really glad you did not erase! I didn't think about them possibly having a roadmap (so to speak) to the Underworld or knowledge of such. It will be an interesting conversation over breakfast next week, that's for sure.

Not all priests are healers and we do not know yet if either of them can heal - unless I missed something in the conversation. Jennevive, who we were talking about last night, for example, is a priest with no healing powers at all. Neith did not try to help in the morning either even though Branwyn and Shi'nynze were fawning over their highly damaged friends. I would like her to help a little if she is willing.

One of my goals when we pick up the conversation next week is for Branwyn to find out if they can heal and see if they will help, either as a favor to their Prince, or in exchange for some gold or gems. I always keep some gold and gems out in case we need it. I didn't stuff everything in the room scroll - just the things we cannot replace.

Suspicious and/or wary is good. Not everyone is as they seem. I did notice she mentioned a scourge and infidels to both Shur and Hugh and she is definitely is quite the religious zealot. But Branwyn and the others haven't heard that part of the conversation, so it is hard to act on that in character until she starts mentioning it again to people.

My personal philosophy is to make my characters open to strangers that do not seem threatening, but that is how Bran and Indigo operate and does not have to be the same for everyone. I always figure if they turn out to be bad, we can always beat them up later. :) And it doesn't mean they plan to discuss Kayugan military scrolls or priceless artifacts. In my experience, some of the NPCs we have made friends with have given us pretty nice benefits and it would have been a shame to drive them away without giving them a chance.

1/14 Carissa

Okay this is has been completely bugging me since last night after I did a Mario of typing-but-erasing-comment (except in-game), and now knowing I won't be on next week (visiting family, but I will bring my laptop and if I can get their Wifi...maybe I can jump on late). And it may be because I'm still learning the story, but it bothers me that a priestess, who should be about healing and all that, completely ignored one near-dead and one-almost dead individual. Because she was starstruck OR after something.

Yes, I am still suspicious of her, and yes, I feel better now. See? Typed it and didn't erase it!

One other thought: Greek priestess might know how to get to the Underworld or at least to the River of Styx. Might be worth trying to see what knowledge she has of the chalice without letting her know we have it.

1/13 - BOB

Carissa asked if trips to the underworld are possible...... grins the answer to almost everything is yes, then the question becomes How? for the Why?

Book Marked (see Diplomatic Entanglements for additional details) is a story arc that is still being worked through. Branwyn will eventually have to steal/aquire a cursed book from the Royal Library and return it to the devils in Hell to let a demon from the Abyss leave and go home.

At least that is the current thought.

Again, the How? has not yet been figured out.

1/13 Mario

All my previous experiences with RPGs were never as organized as Bob's. They were simple hack-and-slash dungeon crawls for loot, with zero role play, or thoughts about why we were on this quest. We never received treasure with a reason (for use in further gaming situations). I didn't think about the chalice as being 'found' for future use, only that is was a cool item to have.

But I suppose we all know Bob better than that. I'm sure we can parlay this into something either valuable for us to use, or to someone else we will encounter. I'm totally open to any ideas you 'deep thinkers' have for it. Having played much much longer than I have, you all have tremendously better ideas; I never would have thought to use it to make potions, for example. It would have simply sat on a shelf, or been sold for way less than it should command. So thanks to you for thinking this through!

1/13 Carissa

I guess I haven't played long enough to quite appreciate the chalice as I should. I'm still on wow without knowing how wow it is. That said, I'm good with whatever as long as we think it is in the safest place possible. I'd hate to risk losing it. Are trips to the Underworld possible? Might be a good bargaining chip if so!

1/11 Lisa

All interesting ideas. I'm still in a little shock over the whole thing. It might also be helpful when we go to Hell to return that overdue library book. Enchant Magic Item is a 6th level Mage spell and so Branwyn couldn't even learn it until she levels. Turning that item over to a high level mage to do it would be expensive and risky if we don't completely trust the mage we hand it to. I don't know what priests have to do to enchant things. It's funny - I think about so many of the quests we have been offered. In a year or so a bunch of random adventurers could be sitting in a tavern across the land when a shadowy figure approaches them with an offer. Could they retrieve a certain chalice rumored to be housed at the Ambassador's manor at Dryads Lair (or wherever we are gamewise at that time). But basically I am open to whatever everyone wants to do with it that is possible.

1/9: Re: Chalice of Charon; some of this discussion should happen IC among the knowledgeable. Neither of my characters qualifies for this title, though, so I'll put my thoughts OOC here. First off, we could probably write our own ticket with the Greek church for this, assuming Charon is associated with their pantheon in this world. Second, we could keep it as a trophy in our HQ. No one would fault us for doing this with it, I'm sure. It would make us a target for thieves once word got out, of course. Third, Bob mentioned that it could be turned into some sort of powerful magical cup. That's for the mages to research and determine. One idea that just popped into my head, and would require a high level priest's assistance, I'm sure, would be a cup that could transmute water into healing potions. Not quickly, maybe once a day, or once a week. But it would allow the group to stockpile a few of those for travels when we may not have a priest handy. As a twist to it, maybe it would only convert holy water into healing potions. Or even, dare I say, unholy water. ;) Imagine how fun it would be to try and explain why we're trying to buy a stash of unholy water.




Sorry guys. I started to put together a summary for last week, but I life just flew at me with its pants down this week. Work is starting to gear up again and school is starting back up. Hopefully next week will reduce to a simmer for a little while, but I wont have our weekly summary up tonight. Sorry guys. :( Anyhoo, guess you'll have to read the full log for any info. As we play I can bring you up to speed though. It should help.

See ya later all.

1-4-17 Lisa

So sorry, Spring. Good luck with the deadlines. We will miss you!

TMO- We don't have to appraise everything necessarily. But since we've killed everything in this lovely place and have time to relax, we do need to check some things. Branwyn can try to see what is magical and what kind of magic it is. So everyone can empty their pockets. I would hate to have this killer magic item in our hands and not know about it until we get home.

Also we have at least a dozen scroll cases. We absolutely do need to open those now and see if these are the Brandish scrolls or some random priest or mage scrolls containing spells. I would like some trap detection before we start opening cases if we can, but hopefully Mario/Kel can do that if you are away.

And when we are done, I would like to open the room scroll and start shoving loot in that rather than try to carry so much valuable stuff in plain sight people/creatures that might like to take it.

I'd forgotten this was the annual awards day. Even if I do take JTom to his class, I doubt it will run long enough that I won't be able to log in at the end, for what it's worth. Are we going to appraise on the road? I thought that was a 'back in town' type of activity.

Take care, Spring! Hope you get everything done on time!


1/4/17 Spring

I'm sorry, friends, but I'm not going to be able to make it at all in January. I have two major ugly deadlines happening and I need every minute.

I hope February is better.

Let's all hope TMO can make it for the game play and the awards, as Kel doesn't have the Appraising NWP. Not sure what else is comparable, but I'm positive Kel doesn't have it. :0)


Well that is not very good news.

We do want you in for the awards night, plus of course they want you to do your job as appraiser in chief. Now you leave the fate of your loot in Mario's hands.


I might not be on this Friday. JTom has a shooting class Friday night. My wife has said she'd take him, but she said it with all the enthusiasm of someone volunteering to take a dead rat out to the trash. Also, she's sick, so she might just wuss out anyways. ;)


I decided to add in a new page for each Story Arc page {going forward} to collect the Session Summaries written by the players.

I collected all the ones that Michael has done to this point and copied them over to there. I am also leaving them here.

I created the new separate page because this page will get archived at the end of the year and it will be harder to link to or go back over after that happens.

Thank you to Michael for getting us started on this.