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This page is for news, announcements, game discussions, and issues that might have previously gone into emails. Anyone can start a topic or add to one already started. Please type four dashes after your name and before starting your message so it is easy for everyone to see each person’s contributions.

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A post to see Tabletop in action from the map side of things. Done from a user rather than the programer.

Each picture has the DM side and the Player side next to each other.



I changed the header of the new section in the House Affairs IC page. I forgot there was a City Excursions page and so I will go fill that up instead. Sorry. Lisa


I am happy Lisa and Indigo will be involved in the dragon fight. I hope Mike does not feel forced into anything because he was not there Friday. I had not been as involved and had not fully thought things thru. I hope Mike brings which ever characters her wants to to the fight/adventure. I was a little concerned when I heard about the possibility of retiring Imari, though i fully support any decision he makes. You may have heard my comments about not particularly enjoying the current Arc and not having a main character prepared for this type of adventure. Whenever we are anticipating a confrontation such as the upcoming dragon, I always think what my next character might be. This time I am considering how what ever happens may effect how my characters change. But I will still have an idea for the next character, just in case. John

3-29 Thanks for the response, John. I was okay with Indigo sitting out for two reasons. 1) We only have 4 slots. We have two new people (Spring Ė not entirely new, but has not been in for longer than I have been playing, so re-new? :) ). Thatís half the slots. IMO, I do think the new people need to get in there Ė makes for IC bonding and OOC experience with the big combat scenarios. Mike would have no character there, so he gets one slot and then there is just one left. 2) You said you would have Hoffman hang onto the side of the airship to go, and he is bow proficient and fully man sized Ė Indigo is neither of those things. It seemed a perfect fit and logical to send Hoffman. We havenít seen you in a while and you wanted your fighter to be there! How can I not want you to do that? That would make me happy.

It wasnít that I donít want Indigo there for any particular reason, it just seemed like everything was falling into place nicely. I would never not send him to keep the character safe. When have I ever held the Indigo character back?

Iím not worried about the other characters. I am worried that the players may be, and donít want them to worry. I want them to have fun with it. Michaelís character is crossbow proficient so he should do just fine Ė or as fine as anyone else with a weapon out there. I was going to have Branwyn toss Marisuís crossbow into the room scroll so she didnít feel so weaponless, as well as Tristanís armor and morning star he uses, if he didnít take it already. Everyone should be geared up and good to go. I havenít forgotten the characters that went with just daggers thinking they were going to a simple parley. Branwyn will take care of them by sending them their stuff.

So after saying a bunch of things, it boils down to Ė I donít know what to say. I want everyone who wants to be there, to be there. It is '''becauseííí I am in game so much and have been in so many of these big combats, that I am more than fine to sit out and give other characters the dragon kill and the XP. I don't have any real interest in playing an NPC. But if it will make people unhappy that I am leaving my character home with his hopefully new girlfriend, then that is bad too, and of course, I will bring Indigo to the party. Just donít get upset if I go AFK for another planning session. Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm not a big fan of the airship for battle either. Airships don't turn quickly and again, it bunches everyone up and sets a situation for half the party to get gassed in one shot. That would be bad news. :) Lisa

3/29 I play also play a game called Oblivion. (A DND like video game, you may have heard of) The main goal is to save the would be emperor. There are always new quests and the important ones all need to be done as soon as possible but as there is no real time restraint built into the game, you can just wander around all over town and in all sorts of dungeons and abandoned keeps to fins adventure and treasure. It is a one person game but it is fun to be able to do do what ever you want to do, the quests will always be there when you get around to them. DND (Bob's game) is a social game. It is intended to be for everyone to play. Sure, as individuals we have own own goals and quests, but the primary goal should be the successful play of all involved. The current long term theme as well as short term challange seems to be how to best separate the party which in most DND games is the number one think not to do.

So for this to be a successful game as well as a successful adventure, I feel Lisa has to be involved. This is the important part.

As far as characters involved, I do not know enough about Hough to say if he is ready for this specific fight. The impression I got is he character is not designed to take on a dragon, though we never know what we might encounter. So the question becomes whomever does show up, who will they be able to play. I would hope anyone who shows up Friday can play an NPC from the ship or the "keep" as it is an important adventure. If Hoffman and Miranda (and I) are there, I have no issue letting someone play Hoffman. I just think it is more practical for Lisa to have first chance to play her character as she is in just about every week. If Bob and her are happy with her playing an NPC then we can let the characters be characters. If Michael is ready for himself and his character to go through his baptism of acid breath then I am ok with that too.

As far as planning until we have planed too much, as long as it stays on site, I am ok with that too a point. Best laid plans often go out the window after the first roll.I said it in character and I will say it here. I see no point to have the air ship anywhere around where we expect the the dragon. It is too much of a liability and too obvious that we intend to fight. If they can join in after the fight, maybe help if we need to pursue and finish off the dragon or as expected go get someone who has been carried off (is this why you do not want Indigo to go) then it is just a question of how far away and how to signal the ship. I do not think it will be able to keep up with the dragon, and we cannot use it to get everyone home so it may not even be needed.

Just my thought, just thought I would put that out there.


3-28 John Ė

You want Hoffman to go. You should send him! I donít need to have a character everywhere all the time. I donít want you not to send Hoffman just because you think it would be more fair or something. I am kind of glad I donít have a character going. You know how much I hate planning. I just want Indigo to wave his swords over his head, yelling and running towards the battle. The planning stages are excruciating for me personally. So it is a relief to me not to have to share in all the worry and strategy that is likely to go into this one. Iím not saying creative planning is a bad thing Ė not at all! Itís just not my thing and so it is probably best that my character stays home.

I remembered we had the room scroll last night so we can dump a bunch of weapons and armor in it and take that on the airship. Joseph is making a lasso so if anyone gets stuck in a cloud of gas, someone who can hit accurately can try to grab them and pull them out. We can have him make a couple if that would be better. Take some potions from the lab. Itís a dragon Ė the number one rule for fighting dragons is spread out and donít bunch up. One person might get gassed instead of the entire party at the same time. End of planning for me.

I have been sensing a little hesitation about this battle here and there. Everyone has different skills and abilities to bring to the table and many times characters have much more in their arsenals than they think they do at first glance. It's not always the biggest sword that wins the battle and with full attendance and a little creativity you will have a great team as is. So as I see it, you donít need Indigo. But if anyone has second thoughts... If a player doesnít want to put their character in danger, then they should most definitely say something before the airship ride next Friday and Indigo will go alongside Galdek and Hoffman (not instead of) and the fighters will go and help kick a little dragon ass. Just leave Indigo and Lisa out of the planning. Wake us up when itís time to start fighting if thatís what it comes down to, but I donít want John to sit Hoffmanís character out just for me. Tis not necessary and it makes me much happier to see players put characters who want to be out fighting and taking part in one of Bob's epic battles than to purposely have me put a character there just so we have equal participation. Again -- I think you all have a good team as is. :)


Sorry Lisa, I was thinking too much as my character. you (Indigo) should go. You can put Hofmann in his place in the morning.



Because it gets lost in all the stuff

Event Planning for all your plotting needs.


Sorry about last week guys I send a message to Bob explaining. It's a long story. I wouldn't mind being waitstaff if you are hosting a masquerade ball. I think that would be amazing. Also OOC for the moment. I will tell you a real life experience. I attended a masquerade ball in Utah where everyone was seriously drinking. It was odd for me because I don't drink. I will however tell you that as everyone was pounding the liquor for the event, and everyone wearing insane masks, and the aura of mistique, the night was insane and one I will always remember even if I fall into dementia. So many people telling me things they wouldn't tell their own mothers because they were drunk and wearing a mask! I could not unhear some of the things the university students ended up telling me. I think you could easily pull this off. If the party in the game is a no drinking affair, then a masqerade ball is still fun and productive for eavesdropping and intel gathering. However, I will bow to the wishes of the group and fulfill any task needed of me.

Michael (Hugh D'Ambray)


That would be funny. But Ilero doesn't have to speak. He can lurk and eavesdrop, or better yet, he can go as a mime and entertain the guests as he gathers intel! Everyone loves mimes! :) Lisa


  • snicker* I can just see Ilero trying to be sneaky in disguise. "No, you not know me. Hye wear mask, no can tell who hye be." But our new spy could be very useful in that situation. He could be a masked guest, or waitstaff (will they be masked too?). - TMO


In response to party questions -

I see 2 religious feasts next month at our place. I vote for a non-church related function besides those. If the dragon is coming on the 1st and group has to get back home and then the religious things are on the 15th and 25th, maybe not have another one until the 11th month? I wouldn't want half the group missing any parties.

But I also don't really have strong feelings on details. I liked the idea of having a party with the NPCs we haven't met yet. I like maybe a masked ball. Let our spies and sneaky types roam freely in disguise. Mistaken identities, opportunities for hijinks and mayhem. :)

Just some thoughts to start it off. Lisa

Tested every character and Indigo was the only one with the XP problem.

Finally solved it by rebuilding him.

Everything works right now.


Thanks for fixing Indigo. Glad you had the technology and could rebuild him.

I started the new Dinner Conversations section so those things can start.

We will need to be discussing details about the parties the group will host. I will want some details from the group on what you are doing so that I can build my story arcs around them.


I added a new line on the News & Updates page to include a Anticipated Next Scene to help everyone understand what is coming up for the next session.

As always this is only a guess on my part for what the Players want to do.

For this next Anticipated Scene we can start it here on the Site or wait until Friday.


To give people an idea of how nice our maps can look. Here is an example another tester created. Note that curved walls are not available yet in the Terrain pack, nor are stairs. But he was able to create this wizard's tower entrance maze.

We will really enjoy this once we get everything working.


There seems to be some issues with Java and Klooge tonight.

In case of being disconnected or the room seeming to be dead these are the options:

Grab BOB in some form of IM

Here is a link to the latest update for Tabletop Connect

If we do have to switch mid-stream tonight we will be ok and just do even more chat than maps, etc.

I will have both Klooge and Tabletop up and running just in case also. Of course I am using the East Coast server.


With some of the email back and forth that is going on some very good ideas for the Character Sheets has happened.

Here is something that those conversations generated when I brought up suggestions on the Tabletop Connect boards.

One of the plans is to have the miniatures in the game use something similar to this ( to indicate status on the miniatures.



Michael no programing on the Players part is required at all. 90% of the current video is about setting up character sheets, etc. Then the mapping ones will come out.

My intention is to set up that programing so that you only need to go to your Abilities Page and click on Muscle to roll a check that will automatically take into account all the possible factors.


3-2-2015 I looked over the Table Top Connect and let me tell you it is quite the program. I have been watching the videos and it looks like some macro commands might need programming experience. If that is the case I may need help setting up the program. Is such things as Dice Rolls already built in? He was showing how the dice were calculated and it looked like he showed via Java how it was set up. Will we have to tamper with that? I'm pretty sure we wont but I wanted to check.

Michael (Hugh D' Ambray)


Tabletop Connect has another new update. Now character sheets are about 90% of what we need. Only things missing are automatic drop down lists of Spells and Proficiencies.

However the scripting is now far beyond what we use with Klooge currently. Virtually all table looks ups are now completely automated. You will be very happy with the results.

Watch this video please and let me know what you want to add.

This will be great.

I also sent out an email with additional details and examples.



I took a peek at the end of chat and just wanted to toss my two cents in here. I do think that Hugh should go to the Feast if he wants to. That goes for everyone. It is a beer fest after all and one of the big celebrations. Branwyn, being the cheapskate that she is, only bought 3 seats at the front with the nobles behind the Prince. So two can go in with her and everyone else gets to go with a sort of general admission ticket and probably have more fun anyway.

Also, there are a ton of people at our house. From all of the guards, to the staff, and all of our characters. Just because Hugh comes to the house, it doesn't have to look like a meeting with the Ambassador. He can hang out with the guards or be coming to see any one of us. Lots of stuff we can do. I just don't want anyone to think that there are things that characters are going to be locked out of in order to do what they want to do. We can always think of something.

The only major restriction is we can't be in two places at once and so choices have to be made that way. And sadly enough, the character with the most restrictions at the moment is Branwyn. If she has her way, the DragonSlayers' summer home will be the most dangerous place she can find so she can get out and fight something. August in the Underdark anyone? :)


That is very nice Spring.

There is also an RSS feed if you want for any particular feed you prefer.

There is a link for that on the News & Updates page. ---

Hey guys, I am going to be late tonight 2.27.2015 by about an hour and a half. I am actually in a seminar right now and am being watched. As I type this I feel like a kid that snuck into the bathroom to smoke a joint so I will be on as soon as I can. Thanks! Michael (Hugh D'Ambray)

I've been having some trouble in the site picking up where we've left off, so I've scripted part of my page to display a list of the 20 most recently changed pages. If it might be useful to you too, see it at Spring Dew.



There would not be any benefit using a club over any other weapon during subduing because you are using the weapon in a way that is different than intended.

Non-Lethal Combat

If you notice there at the bottom of that page there is a link to subduing dragons that says you are going to complete that page. In 2007. grins you might want to get on that :)


I wanted to ask about using my club and what changes to the rules would be for subduing since it is a blunt instrument.


Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Life has gotten in the way of fun. I'm hoping to be on tonight. I've been working ridiculous hours as of late. I got sent to fix another catastrophe. I should be free on Fridays a bit more now. I think the worst is behind me. Hope to see you all later...


The only dates I know of at this time that I won't be available is a week in April. - TMO

Thank you for the input Spring, Lisa, John. I will look at April or May dates when I know more from Eric, TMO and others.

Potentially May 9th for the date

In other news Tabletop has released several new videos that detail how the program works.

The chat functions have been updated to include everything we can do and more now. One thing that people will like is check boxes to control who sees what chat messages. You can whisper to 3 people at once for example.

Character Sheets are getting an upgrade in the next update and we will start seriously working towards the new platform then.


My March is total kaplooey. I have three major 12-step conferences next month. After which I'd like to cry and get drunk. Thank heavens I'm not an AA! I also have a service commitment to scouts twice a month. I am tentatively good for Apr 4/5, Apr 18/19, May 2/3, May 16/17, and May 30/31. The calendar doesn't show any commitments for those. Thank you!


I would most likely show up, but not sure if any weekend would be better than any other.


I'm up for a bonus game. I cannot do it the weekend of April 17-19. I'll let the guys chime in on preferred dates, but I was thinking maybe doing it on a Sat/Sun when we don't play on Friday so we can still have a little non-D&D weekend time :) Lisa


A quick summary and question.

The Bag of Clouds story arc is still available for roleplay and planning. There are a few days before you will hear any news from the rest of the group about additional resources for the visit by the dragon. The Duke will only talk with Marisu and Tristan for when you have questions, discussions, etc.

We are at Ilero and Shur visiting the animal trainer in Who What Were and then returning to hear what Hugh found out with his visit to the church.

Then continuing on with that and deciding what you will do to wrap up your visit there. It is the late afternoon on the 18th and you want to be back in Dryads Lair by the night of the 21st to be ready for the Feast of Broodhoy on the 22nd.

{Calendar of Events for tracking things}

So there are lots of things to do here in the roleplaying pages and beyond before Friday's session. Friday the 13th. What could go wrong?

Also there is the question I posted on the News & Updates page about missed sessions.

Between now and the end of May we will end up missing 4 more sessions, which is normally all we miss all year long.

I would like to have a Bonus Game to make up for missed time. For those who have not been in one, a Bonus Game is an all day game on a Saturday or a Sunday. We start playing at Noon (est) and continue until Midnight as normal. No one has to be in for the full game but it is fun to get everyone together for an extended session.

We will be doing that on September 19th for the BOB's Birthday Game later on in the summer but I thought we might want to do one earlier as well.

Does anyone have a weekend to propose for a Bonus Game in March, April or May?

Also new updates to Tabletop Connect for anyone who wants to play around with it. Still not ready for us to use on a regular basis yet but it is getting close.

Looking forward to a few weeks of good play.


Good work on both story arcs now. We can do the go back home portion of Bag of Clouds on the Story Arc page and move that to the next key point.

The Who What Were can move forward here also if people wish to. There are a few things to tidy up and to decide what you plan on telling who about what. Then heading on home from there as well.

No game on the 7th but we will play on the 13th. I hope we can have more things done by then so we can use that session to finish loose ends and do the stuff in the city.

And welcome Corvus and Michael, they are both doing nicely on their auditions. Check out the chat logs if you missed a session.


So the hope for this week (1/30) is that we move forward on the Who What Were story arc. We will have another new player auditioning this week. He has already logged in and synced with Klooge so should not be a problem there.

For the Bag of Clouds story arc 99% of that can be done in the In Character threads.

I will be in Tampa using remote access to run the game.

Remember no game on 2/6 then back to our regular schedule.


Thank you sir.

Sorry to hear about your dad, Bob and John. - TMO

I'm planning on being there tonight. I will lay off the scotch this week. Last week I got trashed on accident. HONESTLY on accident. It was one of those I'm fine...I'm fine... And then I woke up on the couch in my hotel room computer on the floor....

Also, I learned why people do not negotiate treaties when heavily intoxicated. Its just a dragon... how hard could it be??


The old characters are so far out of sync now that they might as well be in a different world.

We left off that Story Arc with the group sailing off into the ocean looking for the pirate. Lost at sea, only one person ever besides Blue Gill ever came back. Falling into the water does not work, teleport does not work, scrying does not work, etc. You have to complete the adventure and solve the puzzle to be able to return back to the land of the known.

That was why you, Mike and others were all for restarting with new characters. After all this time I have zero belief that you can solve those puzzles to complete the adventure. People would need to start from May 2008 until January of 2010 to go through and read and re-discover all the clues.

Those characters were not parked somewhere until you wanted to bring them out without any consequences. You have to solve those problems first to see if they even live through that. I never said that any of those characters are still alive for that reason.

Just because you hear of places and people that the Players have heard from before does not mean you understand what is happening.

If Lorie shows up that would be great, I can have a character for her to play easily. If Sean or Jeff were to show up, if Devin or Bill were to show up that would be wonderful.

The players are what is important, not the characters.


Unless Lori shows up, then you should be prepared for KylIa, Finglass and Paul to do some crazy stuff to catch up the timeline.


So for this upcoming session we will not have Lisa. Depending on who is in we will do the Bag of Clouds first is my intention. Then when Spring is in we can continue back with Who What Were.


Sorry about missing last week. I had a friend drop by unexpectedly. I'm all caught up and it appears once again that Bob is going to make screwing with me a fun adventure... I mean really you had to knock off a priestess?? I'll be there tonight so the mind games can continue. Thanks Lisa for compiling that summary. That helped a lot.


Aha gotcha. Thanks. Heh, I parsed the file and found all the data directory references, but no data directory itself, so it sounds like that's one of the things that will sync when I log in.


Welcome back Spring. {I moved your comments here to the thread for this year}

All those XML files will auto sync for you when you log into Klooge the first time on Friday.

I will be home after 8:30 (est) on Wed and Thurs and most of the day on Friday if you want to log in early.

No worries to do so as it will just take you a few minutes when you log in on Friday.

It will be fun.



Um, hi! So, I have Klooge installed and I made the recommended edits to the file mentioned on the main communication page. I see that there are custom XML files we can use for definition, description, data, and character sheets. What I don't see is what the file names should be for these XML files. I'm missing it somewhere. What I also haven't found is connection information, but I expect I'll get that live. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Edit 9:30 PM MST.

What I did was dig around until I found XML files in lib > defs

I created a plain text file I called ADAmpD2.Mine.xml here and dumped the text of the definition file into it.

I haven't yet figured out anything about the data files. Next I'll try parsing the def file to see if it tells me.

So far I found this:


Thanks! --Spring

It was a great year and I look forward to another fun one with all of you. Happy New Year.


I have an update I would like people to run on their machines to help Klooge run better.

In your Klooge.werks folder (the main folder you installed Klooge in) there is a file called kLoOge.Werks.l4j

Open/edit that file with wordpad and change the two lines of -xmx and -xms

I recommend putting in -Xmx1024m and -Xms512m

Then just hit save (no need to change the file name)

When you open Klooge it will use these new values and we should have fewer drops.