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Partik the Raven - Shardik - Priests - Gods

Partik, the raven, is the undertaker of the pantheon. He is seen as both the taker of the dead and as a god of the wind. The sayings "May the wings of Partik guide your journey (safe travels)" and "May Partik take you home (to your death)" show the different sides of this god. His priests are also noted for two activities that they engage in. The first is on the battlefield, where they either hurry on "home" the fallen, or perform "miracles" and raise the dead. This is all done through the use of a ceremonial dagger or the use of necromantic spells (healing spells being foreign to pantheon). The other custom they have is the eating of the brains of respected people or animals. This is done to honor them and is symbolic of their granted powers. At fifth level his priest can speak with the dead (as per spell (ref ph214) once per day. And at tenth level he gains the ability to subsume any person or animal he eats the brains of. This grants all knowledge and memories of the person or animal, but not the abilities. Up to one person per level can be consumed this way. However there is a 5% chance, cumulative, that when the memories are assumed the priest will go mad. This is progressive also (ie one person 5%, second person 10%, etc). The more people subsumed the greater the prestige and normally the greater the power of the priest.

Role-playing Notes:

Notes on the God's interactions with their followers.

Gods Information

Alignment: true neutral
Worshiper's Alignment: any
Area of Control: bridge of life and death, crossing barriers
Symbol: silver dagger or an outline of a raven

Avatar Information

Notes and descriptions of how the God's Avatar appears.

Str Dex Con
Int Wis Cha

Special Att/Def: description of the special attacks, defenses, and abilities of the Avatar

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: 12+
Alignment: any neutral
Turning: turns
Armor: any non-metal
Weapons: any, dagger first
Level Limit: none
Hit Die: D8

Shamans: yes
Requirements: 9+
Alignment: true neutral
Level Limit: 5th
Hit Die: D8

Major: All, Animal, Astral, Elemental Air, Necromantic, Thought, War, Weather
Minor: Chaos, Combat, Numbers, Summoning, Law, Wards

5th Level : Speak with Dead once per day
10th Level : subsume an intelligent beings entire memories by eating their brain, 10% cumulative chance of going insane per being consumed.

Duties of the Priesthood

Description of what the Priesthood's overall goals and activities are centered around.

Known Worshipers

Imari - Priestess that is part of the Dragonslayers Company