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Pirate Queens - Out of Character Discussions

The first part of this adventure will be the group in Loosend starting to figure out both how they want to travel to Rivers Bend and if you can find any new information about what you are trying to accomplish.

I think any way we can get in without fighting is for the best. Stealth or charming might work well for that. For now we are outnumbered and have no solid proof that there are actual pirates that we are breaking in to find. So until we have proof that we are doing what we are doing for a reason, we are basically criminals and will be treated as such by both the dondello guards and the city guards. I don't really know how everyone is as far as stealth, but it is not really Llathandryll's strength. However he has a large number of charm spells which could be used to talk our way past people and (hopefully) get us some sort of uniforms that will make us look like we are supposed to be there. Having our weapons is nice, but again it runs the risk of causing law problems if caught in the street with them. Most of us right now either dont use weapons very much or already have some sort of weapon handy. We can go back if necessary, but I think we can probably get in and do what we need to do as we are. Fighting will probably make our job much harder and give the pirates a chance to escape, so if at all possible, I think stealth or deception is the way to go for this particular mission. To that end, a small boat or possibly swimming would be good options.


I will prepare for the group to start at the bridge if you have any parting words, the back to the Palazzo and if the potential new players show up I will have NPCs for them to use to go along on your raid.


notice the time line below and how far off we already are ;)


I think that sounds good. The bridge is a very high risk operation. I like the idea of perhaps taking a boat along the back. Maybe it will be a bit easier.


ok so ive been doing some thinking and maybe we should head back to the palazzo get fully armed up and make sure we have everybody and take a boat back to the island to destroy the pirates and the reputation of the dondello family.


So that everyone knows what I think the group wants and to let our new potential players see how I script potential adventures out.

Sep 16 11 - 1-9-339 SKR - roleplay the celebration party and do some in character talk about the Vanity and maybe even plan the course of action, tidy up characters

Sep 23 11 - 2-9-339 - go after the Vanity Sep 30 11 - 4-9-339? - finish with the Vanity? send Koorin off for training in priest spells {3-4 weeks?}

Oct 07 11 - everyone meets up in Budgeford on the Water? for Witch Hunters to pay for Koorins priest spell training {around 12-10-339}, run the Regatta di Storica? Oct 14 11 - Witch Hunting Oct 21 11 - Witch Hunting?

Oct 28 11 - wrap up Witch Hunting, sending characters off for training, with about 16 weeks until you want to leave Rivers Bend for Outreach

Nov 04 11 - travel to Outreach {start of Flower Power} around 2-4-340 SKR takes six days to get there, so one full week of travel time the end of month 4 to get to where flowers are blooming the beginning of month 5

I think Flower Power will take 4-6 sessions including getting there, roleplaying at Outreach and doing the adventure out on the Great Plains. Then perhaps one more session back to Rivers Bend and then one to Drillian by boat, and arrive back at the Jistille Estates sometime in January. That should be enough time for Pat and Alex to see if they like our game, and if we think they are a good fit.

If you are successful with the Vanity and with Witch Hunting you will pay off a favor for Koorin's priest training and earn some money in rewards to pay for the other training you want to do over that 16 week gap for the winter

I am willing and want to run two more regattas, the Regatta di Storica (the sailing one to Dryads Lair) on 1-10-339 and the final one of the season on 1-1-340 which is the Regatta di Sant'Erasmo run over the same course you just did.

As always these thoughts are subject to the whims of the players and what happens along each story arc.


After winning the regatta and capturing the Bowl of Winds

the potion does have a time limit but i can cancel it as well and there might be some penalty but not sure how much it would be. just have to wait and see on that

Ok heres is what i was talking with bob about when i got so quiet friday. Sarengar has a potion of polymorph self and i was trying to find just the right creature to polymorph into. I wanted to change to a reef giant but because of the size limits that wasnt going to happen so i kept looking and searching and i think i found the right choice with the Nereid. They are a little smaller than humans but they do have hands AND they are 95% undetectable in water which is my other reason for selecting it. I wont get any of her special abilities but at the same time i wont lose my memories either. Oh and Bob the undetectability isnt a special ability its a part of them which allows me to gain it.

Sounds good, Guy, as long as you're sure you want to use your potion for this. I hope there's something really good in that chest! Now that I am not staring at it, the lust for treasure seems to have ebbed. I am sure it will return as soon as Friday comes along and we are looking at it again. If you're good with it, I am. One thing I just thought of though - once you pick up the chest, you would no longer be undetectable would you? Or it would just look like the chest was floating to the surface? And does the potion just wear off or do you need a spell/another potion to reverse it?

654 gp - room and board and passage on Viking vessel
160 gp - food and drink for the Viking voyage
Chalcedony, white, worth 100 gp - passage on gypsy barge
Garnet, deep purple, worth 500 gp - dragon tollbooth
Amethyst, worth 100 gp - dragon tollbooth

Bob asked me to gather some things together for us to be carrying on this new adventure to use for money. Try not to spend it all in one place! Hopefully you can find something reasonable somewhere in between a raft and a luxury liner. Can't wait to get back and find out what river vessel we find ourselves on....

Also -- since you are in the land of priests, perhaps you should look for renting a healer if Kaz is going to be away for an extended period of time. Just a thought. Otherwise we can just shove Imari in front in all encounters since she has the most HPs.

I picked mostly gems as they are small and easy to carry. Besides, gems will fuel the airship for when we return to the temple. If anyone wants to change what we are carrying, feel free, just change the party pack pages with the changes. All characters should already be carrying 10 gp and 10 sp each for small stuff that they may need or pool together if necessary.

broach - two emeralds with goldwork clasp - 1018 gp
Aquamarine, pale blue-green, worth 1000 gp
Spinel, green, worth 500 gp
Garnet, deep red, worth 500 gp
Garnet, deep red, worth 500 gp
Spinel, red, worth 500 gp
Jasper, black, worth 100 gp
Smoky quartz, yellow, worth 100 gp
Carnelian, orange-brown, worth 100 gp
Large chest holding 1500 sp
Silver medal, masks on one side, Rivers Bend tree symbol on the other


Our Quest

I went back to the chat log to see what our goals are since it was so long ago. This will be repayment for the Priestess at the Temple of Air and Light (I think that was the name; I couldn't find it) bringing Kristelle back from the dead. The temple is in the clouds so we will have to book passage on an airship to return the artifact. Or Imari can just deliver it now that she can fly, I suppose.

[Priestess (BOB)] I do have a task for you that you can perform for the Temple
[Priestess (BOB)] There are two ladies we would like you to find for us
[Priestess (BOB)] Anne Bonney and Mary Reade
[Priestess (BOB)] they are on board the ship Vanity
[Priestess (BOB)] they have managed to acquire an artifact from the Temple that we would like returned
[Priestess (BOB)] but your charge is to find and return this artifact to the Temple
[Priestess (BOB)] we do not need them to return
[Priestess (BOB)] you may do what you wish with them
[Branwyn (Lisa)] What is the artifact?
[Priestess (BOB)] a bowl of wind
[Priestess (BOB)] it is carved of ivory
[Priestess (BOB)] from an ancient dragon's wing bone
[Priestess (BOB)] if we learn of additional information we will pass it along to you
[Indigo (Lisa)] But, but how will you know where we are to give us such information?
[Priestess (BOB)] I will give you a token
[Priestess (BOB)] that will allow me to find you
[Priestess (BOB)] not everywhere, as young Raven Imari says you are home in the swamps and the Mists hide much
[Priestess (BOB)] but I do have faith, nods at Branwyn, that when I need to find you we will
[Priestess (BOB)] she hands over a small crystal sphere