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Orcs with Pointy Ears

Orcs With Pointy Ears Mystery Trail

[DM] ok, so Brad reports in

[Brad Johnson] Lord Paul

[Brad Johnson] there is news for you today

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I told you not to call me that

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] go ahead

[Brad Johnson] yes Sire

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] (am I in Gon?)

[Brad Johnson] we collected an excess of taxes this past month, and I put some of those towards hiring new guards

[Brad Johnson] the farmers in the West are complaining about Zombie attacks again

[Brad Johnson] the Necromancer in the tower there swears he has done nothing to rile them up

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] at least you asked

[Brad Johnson] and we have had two merchant caravans demand repayment for good stolen from them

[Brad Johnson] they claim that the Dragonlayers have stolen from them

[Brad Johnson] and they want repayment

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] did you take down their names

[Brad Johnson] yes Sire

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] make sure you blend in better

[Brad Johnson] I will do my best Sire

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] we have to look like we are local militia

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] tell them Paul lives in Roadhaven now

[Brad Johnson] very well

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] but I will look into both matters

[DM] and other misc matters that no one wants to hear about

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] spread the word to shit the troops a little west

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] (Is Paul and Kylia married? Why would Paul live in Roadhaven?)

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] it is winter so pluu from the north

[Lorie] (note the emphasis on TELL them I live in Roadhaven

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] not as much going on there unless the Mind Flayer are back

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] smile

[Carnesir] Lord Finglas, I have word from the Woods for you

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I send Kit to the western farms to hunt zombies

[Finglas (mikE)] "Yes?"

[Carnesir] there is news from teh Drow

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] and I get the names and investigte

[Finglas (mikE)] "I hope it is good news. I've had enough folly already."

[Carnesir] they have requested additional assistance

[Finglas (mikE)] "Gods, don't we have enough strenth to kill them all?"

[Finglas (mikE)] "No. Absolutely not."

[Carnesir] they have more trade goods to ship than they can get out now

[Carnesir] the Gnomes seem to be helping to a limited degree

[Finglas (mikE)] "We will NOT aid the drow. The only reason I suffer them to live is because we cannot yet destroy them all."

[Carnesir] but they are asking for more leeway

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] (the drow are impersonating us)

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] (I saw we kill them)

[Finglas (mikE)] "They are not permitted to use the gnomes as trade emissaries."

[Finglas (mikE)] "They are only allowed to trade through the gypsies."

[Carnesir] very well Sir

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Am I to understand you alow Drow to live

[Carnesir] I will ensure that the gnomes cease

[Finglas (mikE)] "If the gypsies do not suit their needs they can go find another hole to crawl out of."

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((Can you say WAR))

[Carnesir] along that note sire

[Carnesir] there was a complaint by a gypsy caravan that they were attacked

[Carnesir] traveling through the mountains

[Finglas (mikE)] "By who?"

[Carnesir] and that the Dragonslayers were responsible

[Finglas (mikE)] i have mountains?

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((heheh...Finglas - the original George Bush))

[Carnesir] tot he East sire

[Finglas (mikE)] since when did i have mountains?

[Carnesir] to get here

[Finglas (mikE)] i thougth i was in the middle of the forest

[Carnesir] they were coming over the pass

[Carnesir] and they were attacked

[Carnesir] they did not stop at Roadhaven

[Finglas (mikE)] so are these mountains part of the land i control or outside it?

[Carnesir] fearing Lady Kylia's wrath

[Carnesir] outside of it sire

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] (snicker)

[Finglas (mikE)] "Well, the Lady is quite prickly, but we can only patrol our forests."

[Finglas (mikE)] "And as for the dragonslayers attacking them, I know it is not us."

[Carnesir] (you are in the middle of the forest, the Great Trade Route goes north south to the West of you, the passes over the mountains that are East of you go past Roadhaven and become the Silk Road in Hallstatt)

[Finglas (mikE)] "If the people who attacked claimed to be us, then the gypsies are stupid to believe it."

[Carnesir] yes Sire, they came to us because we have provided assistance before to them

[Finglas (mikE)] "Do they truly think it was we who attacked them?"

[Carnesir] they did have a dragonslayer symbol they claim came off of a dead attacker

[Carnesir] but they had buried the body

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] we have symbols?

[Finglas (mikE)] ::sighs:: "I will meet with them."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] (killing a DS? no way it's true)

[Carnesir] (yes, the three entwined dragons on a shield)

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((How do they KNOW it was the Dragonslayers?)) ((would this be a good time to create a new campaign 8*P ))

[Finglas (mikE)] "I have two things to discuss with them it would seem. Though I am more concerned with the drow. Are our scouts still escorting every drow trade wagon?"

[Carnesir] yes Sire

[Carnesir] they have been instructed to do so

[Finglas (mikE)] "Very good. Let the drow know that if they start sending wagons without our scouts then those wagons will be viewed as hostile intruders. I will not bed to the drow as I am sure they will understand."

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((How long ago was he killed? Maybe a speak with dead spell would reveal more info))

[Carnesir] very well Sire

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] bed?

[Finglas (mikE)] "They are lucky I don't impart the aid of the real DragonSlayers to wipe them from this good earth as it is."

[Finglas (mikE)] that should have been bend

[Carnesir] and the Gnomes have unearthed a new vein of emeralds Sire

[Finglas (mikE)] lol

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] DAMM

[Carnesir] so the taxes from them should be increased

[Carnesir] currently they pay a flat rate, I suggest we raise that to a rate per mine

[Finglas (mikE)] "Well, send along my congratulations. That would be a good thing if we can get it past thier council. Work on that."

[Finglas (mikE)] "Send them a full diplomatic party for that."

[Wilson] and moving over to Morning in Roadhaven

[Wilson] Lady Kylia

[Wilson] how are you this morning

[Finglas (mikE)] "Carnesir, another thing. Our giant eagle population. I wish to find a young adult capable of carrying a grown elf. I think it would be fun to learn to ride a mount."

[Lorie] :: glares :: I've been immersed in dry air for an entire day

[Lorie] My skin is dry and itchy

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Booya

[Wilson] I am sorry for that mi'lady

[Lorie] Tell my some good news Wilson

[Wilson] perhaps a trip to the lake would be in order?

[Wilson] good news

[Wilson] yes

[Wilson] um

[Lorie] no visitors and the farmers are all happy

[Wilson] um

[Wilson] the farmers are mostly happy

[Lorie] mostly?

[Wilson] there was a good harvest

[Lorie] :: sighs ::

[Wilson] and they are certain they have enought to get through the winter

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well that is good news

[Wilson] and there has been nothing out of the spider lady caves in several months

[Wilson] the trades people have been restelss

[Wilson] apparently there have been more raids on caravans

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((That is room to worry actually about the spider caves))

[Wilson] and several people

[Wilson] that have claimed that the Dragonslayers have attacked them

[John] (I was thinking the same thing)

[Wilson] similar to previous reports I am afraid

[Wilson] Magic Missle and Fire Ball

[Wilson] along with swords and arrows

[John] signature DS spells (Typed sarcasticly)

[Wilson] ambushes along the Spice Road

[Wilson] I think we should take the winter to investigate

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: sighs ::

[Wilson] before the caravans start to travel again in the sopring

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] That's absolutely dreadful

[Wilson] there are many fewer caravans that can make it over the pass in winter

[Wilson] we could research here

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: pulls out her imaginary mental scroll of enemies :: well how to narrow it down could be rough

[Wilson] while sending out soem of people to investigate

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] If I may interject Lady Kylia? Maybe sending out a contingent of others to investigate rather than trouble yourself with drying your skin out more in the cold frigid air would be possible?

[Wilson] I can call Sir Finglas and Lord Paul to a meeting this evening

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: stares off in the distance as if lost in deep thought ::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] is this really worth troubling them with? They have so much on their plates already

[Wilson] well

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] There should be an easier way to deal with this

[Wilson] I am afraid that this part of somethign else

[Wilson] who would risk your wrath

[Wilson] and some of the reports do seem to be from far away

[Wilson] and all are on the other side of the pass or farther East

[Wilson] nothign along the Great Trade Route north or south

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] MacTyrr has heard nothing of this?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] And the Druids to the East neither?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Oh...this smacks of stupidity

[Wilson] the Druids in Halsltatt have not said anything

[Wilson] and Mactyr has not sent any messengers south

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] What have we heard from Greenborough and Gon?

[Wilson] notign in the past few days

[Wilson] after you returned from your Fire Giant hunt

[Wilson] they returned home

[Wilson] and have not returned

[Wilson] I can have them here if you wish this evenings meal

[John] (Khan is here)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: turns :: Khan, all is well in your lands?

[Finglas (mikE)] fin still sends elves to bless kylia's and gon's harvests and tend to kylia's garden

[Khan (John)] I have no lands

[Khan (John)] no one wants to see a troll in Gon

[Khan (John)] I wish I was up fro traveling with the DS but I am afraid I just bring you down

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: smiles :: You'v'e been a part of the Dragonslayer family for many years

[Khan (John)] Family yes, adventure no)

[Wilson] I will set up a meeting this eveing

[Wilson] a small feast

[Wilson] Time of Day: 06:15 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[DM] and now everyone is in Roadhaven who wants to be there

[Khan (John)] (to dovide the treasure?)

[Kaz] thansk

[Kaz] and...umm... thanks, too

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: sighs still lost in thought and wanders off to meditate, pray and ask for guidance ::

[John] Did Pau have time to talk to the victums?

[DM] which ones?

[Finglas (mikE)] my main three will gome

[Finglas (mikE)] come

[John] the ones he was informed of

[John] the names he was given

[DM] they were not in Gon

[Finglas (mikE)] fin, ant, and val

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Bob, there are some that don't look to be in Roadhaven))

[DM] they are off somewhere else

[John] and that is suposed to stop Paul

[Percy] Yep. Caught up. Still kinda in the dark, but I've read through most of the last 2 *hours* of chat...

[DM] everyone can move to roadhaven on the map or not as you wish

[John] ok, I leave a note for them to see me in Wolfs pack, next time they stop by

[DM] nods

[DM] and Paul can go find them next

[DM] as the rest are out adventuring

[DM] is exactly how things should be happening

[Percy] Sounds like we've got some work ahead of us, clearing the trade routes & such.

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I think it is henchmen but bob is setting it up for us to chose.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well organized fireballing dragon slayer impersonators don't sound like people to send our henches after

[John] we are roleplaying the big boys making a plan

[Percy] Sounds good, Bibo.

[DM] (yes to Marco, that is the next story arc, sendign the lower levels to go deal with something while the rest are researchign training and workingon other angles)

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] it is winter so we send someone else to investigate while we research

[DM] you are not sending them after anyone, you have no clues yet

[DM] you are planning and organizing

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] We need a henchman thief...

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] who does Vicki have?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] my henchman is a thief/illusionist

[DM] but first lets roleplay the part of actually finding out what you know and don't know

[Finglas (mikE)] how do 3rd level henchies match up with a 7th level main?

[John] BOB can we decide to investigate the Drow and where they are getting all the extra goods from?

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Tori continues to play. I suggest that a ceremony be done to make her an official dragonslayer so she has a good role as leader.

[Percy] We will always be able to use a 7th level (or higher) thief.

[John] I think BOB has a plan

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I agree with John

[John] Let's role play a little more

[John] we can always argue later

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I agree with John

[Tori (Vicki)] ((I'm actually confused as to what's going on))

[John] ::Paul arrives in Roahaven::

[DM] so everyone is in Roadhaven for a small feast tonight

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Where is my share?

[Finglas (mikE)] ::Fin, Ant, and Val arrive for dinner::

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Wilson!

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Is Tori, Moirra and Rave in Rivertown, or returning from Rivertown or are they all in Roadhaven already?))

[Wilson] (all in roadhaven now)

[Tori (Vicki)] ((I got lost 2 hours ago))

[Wilson] yes Sir Paul

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] How is Lady Kylia feeling tonight?

[Finglas (mikE)] "Good evening Wilson. Thank you for inviting us to dinner this eve."

[Wilson] you are most welcome Sir Finglas

[Wilson] how fares the bright leaves?

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((Also ther are Mentor and Valiant my henchmen))

[Finglas (mikE)] "It is always a pleasure to experience the hospitality of Roadhaven."

[Percy] "What a feast after so many days on the road. This is fabulous, Wilson. My greatest appreciation."

[Percy] ::nodding to Taurus::

[Christy] "Feast sounds *fabulous*!"

[Wilson] Certainly Sire Percival

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ((so should we be bringing along our henchmen here to introduce them or is this just senior ds's?)

[Wilson] I hear rumors that things are not all quite well in Greenbough?

[Wilson] (everyone can be here)

[Wilson] (good to introduce them)

[Taurus (Percy)] "Boss, this is great. I look forward to more adventuring, though."

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Thank you Wilson. Tori and Moirra and I are starving for a good meal after being on the road for so long

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((Snicker))

[Percival (Percy)] ::smiling::

[Finglas (mikE)] "Well, apparently a group of bandits have been masquerading as us and raiding passing trade caravans."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::sits in the far end of the room::

[Finglas (mikE)] "And then there are the drow, but I will give them no boons above what I've already had to give them."

[Wilson] We have heard reports of that here in Roadhaven as well

[Percival (Percy)] ::frowning at the news Finglas is giving::

[Wilson] are teh Drow under suspicion for the attacks?

[Wilson] none of the attacks I have heard of are on this side of the mountains

[Arilyn (Christy)] "Drow? I don't really care for Drow."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] you can make as you wish

[Finglas (mikE)] "Not that I am aware. They only want more trade caravans through my wood. The attacks were in the mountains east of Greenborough."

[Arilyn (Christy)] sure, John. I like elves, as you know :)

[Finglas (mikE)] "Oddly enough the drow have been behaving themselves perfectly."

[Arilyn (Christy)] "that IS odd. They must be up to something"

[Kaz] Isn't that suspicious in itself?

[Percival (Percy)] ::frowning suspiciously::

[Finglas (mikE)] "For once they must realize their place in life and are submitting to the rule of their betters."

[Arilyn (Christy)] "don't want to call attention to themselves"

[Arilyn (Christy)] "they believe their place is on the end of the swoed sticking out of your gut. make no mistake"

[Finglas (mikE)] "They know that they make more profit by cooperating with me than by starting a war."

[Moirra (Kaz)] I've never heard of a drow who didn't think they were betther than everyone.

[Percival (Percy)] "I don't know much about Drow, but what little I do know is that they are very cunning and very dangerous at all times."

[Arilyn (Christy)] "they are sneakier than that. they would never start an overt war."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I am all for putting a lille mussle on the drow

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Drow start overt wars all the time, what are you talking about?"

[Finglas (mikE)] "Luckily, being in my woods they cannot do anything above ground without my scouts knowing of it. The faries and the animals themselves are my eyes and ears."

[Arilyn (Christy)] "and it's not always about profit with the drow. they would rather have you dead than the coin you could get them"

[Percival (Percy)] "You just can't trust evil creatures."

[Finglas (mikE)] "Below ground they can start all the wars they wish."

[Arilyn (Christy)] "amen, tin man"

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "You can't trust good ones neither."

[Finglas (mikE)] "You say that, and yet we suffered that mage and now that priest to live."

[Percival (Percy)] ::shaking head::

[Arilyn (Christy)] "sure you can. I trust Percy"

[Percival (Percy)] "We have higher standards to live by and unfortunately those who are evil are in a position to take advantage of our good nature."

[Moirra (Kaz)] Just because a person's cause is believed to be good and righteous doesn't mean it is.

[Valedianna (mikE)] "Don't forget all the treasure that's been left behind."

[Finglas (mikE)] "Yes. Money that could have been well used by the temple."

[Finglas (mikE)] tons in the mage's house and all the stuff we just gave away.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "The only thing I trust is the pleasure of the moment. Have I introduced you all to my date for the evening? This is Lira."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::smiles:: "How do you do."

[Finglas (mikE)] let's go

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Hello Lira

Moirra (Kaz) smiles at Lira

[Valedianna (mikE)] "She's a bit shorter than your usual faire, gypsy."

[Wilson] Hello Miss Lira

[Moirra (Kaz)] Greetings, it is good to meet you.

[Valedianna (mikE)] "But cute."

[Percival (Percy)] "Greetings, my dear." ::bowing::

[Wilson] how did you come to know errr Sir Ramone

[Antarias (mikE)] "Nothing wrong with short."

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Oh it's sometimes nice to have a smaller lady."

Moirra (Kaz) raises an eyebrow and mouths "SIR?" at Wilson

[Valedianna (mikE)] "Ever had one with wings?"

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "He hired me on as a special effects artist."

[Percival (Percy)] (Just making sure I'm behaving properly for the lady)

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Indeed, she is quite the artist."

[Finglas (mikE)] "Your gypsy show is growing, Ramone."

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "She can make any evening a party. She is especially good at keeping the shows interesting."

[Valedianna (mikE)] "Can she also make the evenings interesting?"

[Percival (Percy)] (Speaking of shows)

Moirra (Kaz) blushes bright red

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Far be it from me to tell of my evenings with a lady."

[Percival (Percy)] "Here's a little song about the fire giants and the evil fire priests that were defeated by the dragonslayers."

[Percival (Percy)] "Hmmm hmmm hhmmm hhmmmm hhmmmmmh hhh hm hhhmmh mmmm."

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "But lets just say there are advantages to being with someone who can be anywhere and anyone."

[Percival (Percy)] (and so on and so forth)

[Finglas (mikE)] ::as Percy sings, turns to Paul and Kylia:: "What do you think we should do about these imposters?"

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I have a few people to investigate, but it is winter

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I need to get some cash then get to studying

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Honey, why don't you show the nice people a little of what you can do?"

[John] BOB how exactly are we suposed to dicide to let our henchmaen investigate

[John] just by being stuck up?

[DM] letting everyone get introduced still

Kaz motions with a tilt of her head to a young man who is looking around uncertainly

[DM] adn there will be somethign they can do

[Taurus (Percy)] "So, Lira, are you in theater or something?"

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Please do not fear this talk fellow

mikE has joined the game on Fri May 30 21:35:43 EDT 2008

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Lira smiles and snaps her fingers. The feast hall is suddenly replaced with a quiet beach. You can feel a cool breeze blowing over your skin as the sun sets into the water. The sounds of the waves gently lap at your ears as you notice willowisps float through the sky and illuminate the area with a soft glow.

[John] I am back at the keyboard.

mikE is receiving the map Base Map...

mikE has received the map Base Map.

Kaz has joined the game on Fri May 30 21:35:54 EDT 2008

[Percival (Percy)] "Oh, wow. What's going on here?!"

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] This tall fellow is Khan, he is kind at heart

[Arilyn (Christy)] "cool"

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] do not let his outward apparence fool you

[Percival (Percy)] "What manner of magic is this? We've been magicked away to a beach!"

[mikE] "Khan the troll. A most singluar person."

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] She snaps her fingers again and a band of mermaids appear in the ocean and begin to play some delightful music on instruments made of seashells. Sirens slip out of the water and dance around the tables, singing with the music.

[mikE] "It is an illusion, Percival."

[Tori (Vicki)] ((who's the client tonight?))

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] and he has been a DragonSlayer, longer then most of you have been adventuring

[Percival (Percy)] "I don't feel any harm will befall us here."

[mikE] "The gnomes are known for their illusionists."

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Like I said, she is good at what she does."

[Finglas (mikE)] "It is a very encompasing illusion to be sure."

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Percival (Percy)] "Oh. I see. Or rather, I'm seeing whatever she wants me to see. You are on *our* side, right?"

Moirra (Kaz) smiles at the young man and motions him to come over to her.

[Arilyn (Christy)] "poor magically challenged Percy"

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] She grins and says, "Of course I am. If I wasn't, this would be the bottom of a volcano and you would be in increadible agony right now."

[Finglas (mikE)] "We've done the volcano thing to death, thank you."

[Moirra (Kaz)] I wish to introduce to you Rhys. The temple has sent him to... well, fulfill his holy mission.

[Percival (Percy)] "I've never said I was magically gifted. Quite the opposite, dear Arilyn. You know I don't like too much magic!"

[DM] (we are on a mission from god_

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ((isn't percy high enough level to cast spells yet?))

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((snicker))

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) bows to the assembled group

[Finglas (mikE)] "And what mission are people attempting to send us on now?"

[Finglas (mikE)] "Do they not realize we have our own affairs to deal with as well?"

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] ((LOL Bob))

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] and are we going to get PAID

[Percival (Percy)] (Um, yeah, but I don't like *that* kind of magic.)

[Arilyn (Christy)] "we do like to keep busy"

[Finglas (mikE)] "I'd rather not keep busy by fetching library books or rescuing evil temples."

[Percival (Percy)] (My kind of magic is the divine intervention kind)

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] Lira snaps her fingers and once again everyone is in the feast hall.

[Valedianna (mikE)] "Paid? I like getting paid."

[Percival (Percy)] "Thank you Lira. That's enough of a demonstration. I don't think that will be necessary again."

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] "Not a problem."

Moirra (Kaz) bids Rhys to stay close, as he is obviously not very comfortable.

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I am very good at investigating things and hunting people down. I think I could do my best work going out alone to see if I can come up with some answers. I would suggest that my 2 companions join the group. They are very capable.

[Wilson] Be welcome in Roadhaven gentle Rys

[Wilson] I am sure that you will have many good times with the Dragonslayers

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Lira usually uses her abilities to enhance the shows for my dancing troupe. She is certainly good at making propper sets."

[Percival (Percy)] "Be at home, Rhys. We are Dragonslayers and you are welcome here." [Wilson] or at least Interesting times

[Arilyn (Christy)] ::you know, if I could just use my bag o' pretty dice, I think I'd feel more into making a henchman::

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I would like to introduce as Mentor a very gifted mage in his own right and Valiant his warrior bodyguard. A very talented swordsman with a trick or two up his sleeves as well

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: mutters :: usually deadly times

[Valedianna (mikE)] "Rave, perhaps you would like to find a home in Greenborough. We have a large community of pixies already."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I am sure he is filled with Natural tallent

[Percival (Percy)] "Welcome, Mentor and Valiant."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I would be more then willing to watch over Mentor

[Valedianna (mikE)] "They're lots of fun for getting into trouble with."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Make sure he develops properly

[Arilyn (Christy) (to DM only)] I miss Morgana

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Teach him the lesons he needs to learn

[Finglas (mikE)] "I was thinking of sending a group of troops out myself to investigate. But if the Dragonslayers are sending out a group as our representatives than I will offer my people's services to the mission."

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] My thanks to you Valedianna and Fin but I do have a home at the guild. I will consider your offer in the future though

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] ::noticable distrubed::

[Wilson (to Christy only)] soft smile you cna make a psudeo one with this follower at least

[Arilyn (Christy) (to DM only)] her twin sister-seperated at birth yet eerily similar
[Percival (Percy)] "What concerns you, Lord Paul?"

[Antarias (mikE)] "If we're going to be at home for a bit I will be taking command of our guard. Perhaps Bradwarden would like to get out of the city and gain some more experiences in the world."

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Ahhh yes I am sure you would but I believe he has a Master already that tutors him. And I promise you that his lessons are under strict supervision.

[Arilyn (Christy) (to DM only)] with a crazy love for pretty sparkly things

[Wilson (to Christy only)] grins

[Wilson] Coughs

[Wilson] I do have some information that has come in late today

[Wilson] that Lady Kylia asked me to look for

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] As a matter of fact I have been quite lucky to even be able to procure his services again.

[Finglas (mikE)] "Yes. Kylia, Paul, my captain of the guard is a stalwart warrior who could aid any mission to search out these bandits. Would you wish him to join the party you are sending?"

[Percival (Percy)] "Yes, Wilson?"

[Wilson] it seems there have been three attacks

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((OOC BTW how many people/characters will we need for this mission Bob?))

[Wilson] one fairly recent

[Wilson] (getting there)

[Percival (Percy)] "Hmmmmm."

[Wilson] and two others that are from the same group apparently

Percival (Percy) ::nodding thoughtfully::

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] ::listen as he watches Mentor::

[Wilson] they raided from a forest along the Spice Road

[Wilson] (check the website)

[Percival (Percy)] "Ah, cowardly bandits!"

[Wilson] where the road travels just to the south of a known Elven forest

[Wilson] but they were attacked by Orcs

[Finglas (mikE)] "Which forest?"

[Wilson] who apparently left Dragonslayer insignias

[Percival (Percy)] "Cowardly bandit Orcs!"

[Wilson] and apparently it is wel known that elves control that forest

[Percival (Percy)] "Um, cowardly bandit Orc Dragonslayers?"

[Finglas (mikE)] "So the bandits were attacked by orcs? Sounds like fate catching up to them."

[Wilson] so it is a mystery on how orcs would survive let along attack caravans

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Tori? what do you know of this?

[Wilson] the one person that survived swears they were orcs

[Finglas (mikE)] "No elves would normally suffer orc raiders in their forest. It sounds suspicious."

[Percival (Percy)] "We can't let them tarnish the good Dragonslayer name! We must do *something*."

[Moirra (Kaz)] Why should she know anything of it?

[Wilson] but none of the locals have ever seen anything but elves in that forest

[Moirra (Kaz)] And may I remind you that there are beings who can appear as other than they are.

[Finglas (mikE)] "Anyone who would believe that orcs are the Dragonslayers deserves to be killed."

[Percival (Percy)] ::puzzled::

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] she is new, maybe she is their spy

[Finglas (mikE)] ::glances at Tori and sighs:: "Then again..."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: yawns :: we could raze the forests

[Finglas (mikE)] "That is a good thought Paul. Perhaps we should confine her to secure chambers until we are sure."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] that would probably cut down on the chance of hiding

Moirra (Kaz) sighs

[DM] (in meta game terms, this ia an adventure for the low levels to explore while the higher levels research the people behind things, everyone should be 2-4th level except for Tori, and one per person should be a good number to take along)

[Arilyn (Christy)] "raze the elven forest??"

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and since the Dragonslayers are currently all in Roadhaven that should clear our name

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Why sure

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] WHy not

[Percival (Percy)] "I don't think that is necessary. Tori has proven herself to be worthy of our trust."

[Finglas (mikE)] "Has she?"

[Finglas (mikE)] "She killed a prisoner without our leave."

[Percival (Percy)] "She has been a valiant warrior."

[Moirra (Kaz)] Sir Paul, has it never occurred to you that full orcs probably dislike her more than other races do?

[Arilyn (Christy)] "as an elf, I'm gonna hafte vote a big N-O on that whole razing the forest thing"

[DM] (because I want vicki to prove her self with Tori first before giving her anyone else)

[Finglas (mikE)] "So far I have seen in her a wild disregard that all orcs carry and that makes them any good people's enemy."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] as former drow hate drow more then most

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] still, they are cunning

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay

[Tori (Vicki)] "No, I do not know of this, I was raised among humans. I do not know much of orcish activities of late as I have been traveling around with you. I can speak their tongue if you would like to find out."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] (Ah)

[Finglas (mikE)] /percival she killed the priest that ramone took captive and was questioning

[Moirra (Kaz)] She was raised by a human, and I have seen as much wild disregard in some other people.

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Thanks for bringing that up again Mike...))

[Finglas (mikE)] he asked. i just mistyped the private part. =P

[Khan (John)] This is something I can help with

[Khan (John)] Paul, let me go handle this for you

[DM] this will be a forest adventure

[DM] so plan accordingly

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] of course

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: ponders :: I should go

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I must say I am surprised here. I was told by my Mistress Sabrina that the Dragonslayers were a tolerant and good group.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You all should stay here...

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] warm clother and food

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I mean..most of you have lived through an adventure already

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I mean ones appearance has no bearing on who they are on the inside.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] why chance a second one

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] really?

[Arilyn (Christy)] like who has what...

[Finglas (mikE)] "You would go chansing down common bandits, Kylia?"

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Should I question a trol in your midst simply because he is a troll

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((I change into a troll))

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Well Rave, I vouch form him

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] What if I looked like this

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well ... I haved chased down common spiders...common wizards... common elves... common gnomes... what's bandits

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((I change into an orc))

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] what if I looked like this

[Tori (Vicki)] "Moirra and Rave both had traveled alongside me to Rivertown and back."

[Finglas (mikE)] "But Khan did not start as a troll. He was a good human before he died and was reincarnated in his unfortunate form."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I would see you as trouble in any form, you are still an outsider

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I thought that Tori proved her valiant nature with you at the temple. She sure showed it to me

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: sighs ::

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] one day does not make a person

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] What if I looked like this ((turn into Paul Elvenstire))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] BURN THE WITCH

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] BURN

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Oh... umm... nevermind

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] But battle and heart do...

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I have know those who spent years infltrating before striking

[Finglas (mikE)] ::nods to Paul's comment:: "She killed a useful prisoner without order to. She befriended the high priest of an evil god. I see little to trust."

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I am not a witch I am a newt ((turn into a newt))

[Finglas (mikE)] "Good thing. I hear that bats love newts."

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Well so did your leaders Paul and Lady Kylia

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I do trust her more then these new commers

[Finglas (mikE)] "Must watch for those bats."

[DM] killed by a fruit bat

[Tori (Vicki)] "By all means, if you run into an orc, you may not survive"

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] no no no. carried away by a fruit bat

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] maybe she will lead the team and we will have our answer for sure

[DM] (you should fix that on the site then Marco)

[Finglas (mikE)] "An orc would have to find me sleeping while chained up to get the better of me."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] What did I do?

[Finglas (mikE)] "And if the answer is a negative one we send our people off to die."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] yea Love newts?

[Finglas (mikE)] "If I send Bradwarden on this mission, he will not be lead by her. I do not like her or trust her yet."

[Tori (Vicki)] "And they can Finglas. They have Infravision and tend to attack when least expected to. They love the dark."

[Khan (John)] I will lean

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Look.

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] I can understand your misgivings Sir Paul to anyone new. I am trully a suspicious person myself. But sometimes we must look past the exterior to what is inside. I mean if I can change my skin so easily then I am sure someone else can as well. Why I have heard of people who were formerly another race being reincarnated into a new form....I mean should we trust the new form or what that individual was initially?

[Finglas (mikE)] "Bradwarden is not as skilled as we are, but he has proven me his worth through the planning and leading of Greenborough's defences."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: sighs ::

[Khan (John)] Er lead

[Khan (John)] I am smart

[Khan (John)] I know the DragonSlayer way

[Moirra (Kaz)] Finglas, I, too, spoke for the Priest. Am I also not to be trusted?\\ [Finglas (mikE)] "I would like to see Khan lead the party. He has been a Dragonslayer for longer than most of us here."

[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Well according to them Moirra you are evil.

[Arilyn (Christy)] "i remember khan when he wasn't a troll"

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I never said evil

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] ((turns from a newt into an elf with his normal face))

[Finglas (mikE)] "Moirra, while I count you as elf friend, I highly question that choice. I hope that in the future you will live up to the gift given to you."

[Tori (Vicki)] "I should not lead this group. I have not the experience as Khan has. I shall remain toward the back."

Moirra (Kaz) chuckles at Rave and pats Rhys' arm as the young man stiffens at perceived insult.

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] those who have something to hide

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] hide it for a reason

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] in this hall, all should be reveled if we are to be a team

[Moirra (Kaz)] A gift unasked for and unexpected. Do you regret the giving of it?

[Rave Starfire (Pancake)] Those who are different are different for a reason.

[Finglas (mikE)] "Anterias, I believe that we should fetch Bradwarden if he is to be involved in this. Send a messenger, please."

[Antarias (mikE)] ::nods and steps out::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: whispers to an acolyte and they run out of the room quickly ::

[Moirra (Kaz)] I gave what I had freely, for those I did not know, because it was the RIGHT thing to do.

[Arilyn (Christy)] "you know, we need one of those truth grid thingys like they have in Wolfspack or wherever it is"

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "You might want to be careful about what you say around Lira here. The last time someone said something about revealing everything, everyone's clothes disappeared."

[Tori (Vicki)] "If I have a vote in this, I'd recommend Khan lead us. I will help when we come across orcs, with the language."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::grins impishly::

[Finglas (mikE)] "No Moirra. I told you, you are elf friend."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: ponders what she did with that other chastity belt she had ::

[Finglas (mikE)] "That does not get taken back for one transgression. You will have to do worse before that title is taken. Though I must warn you, when it is taken back, it is not taken back lightly."

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Then my time here grows short, I will take my share and be off to do what I must do

[Moirra (Kaz)] And I hope I will always be, Finglas. But my choices are made from my heart, and my heart is guided by my God. And He is not evil.

[Finglas (mikE)] "But I suppose that your god would also have dire consequences for you if you did something bad enough."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Well mom always told me that if you are nervous, just imagine the audience naked. I just happen to be able to make my imagination real."

[Finglas (mikE)] "If you turn us naked, I will pin you to the wall and leave you hanging there for the next week."

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::chuckles:: "All the same, lets save that trick for another time."

[Finglas (mikE)] "Where is Alistair with his good concept of what to do?"

[Khan (John)] Lady Kylia, do we stil have all the winter geaar

[Bradwarden (mikE)] ::enters the room with the clip of horses hooves and bows his human half low at the people present::

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Sir, you called for me?"

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "As you wish." She grins.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Of course

[Finglas (mikE)] "Yes. May I introduce Bradwarden to you all. Bradwarden, you will accompany some others on a mission to go hunt down the bandits that have been besmirching our good name."

[DM] I would suggest that people try to work on what htey can tonight

[DM] here

[DM] on characters

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] orc teeth are like shark teeth, they break off and grow back in

[Taurus (Percy)] How about "Fighters in Armor"?

[DM] and planning

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] no no, mages with magic

[Taurus (Percy)] "Mages with spells"

[Taurus (Percy)] ::chuckles::

[Taurus (Percy)] ::sorry::

[Finglas (mikE)] isn't fighters with armor a bit redundant?

[Vicki] ok... so Bob, what's the actual line up plan?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] so is orcs with pointy ears :-P

[Taurus (Percy)] Exactly, bud.

[DM] no clue

[DM] you tell me

[DM] you know it is a forest

[Vicki] Khan... then?

[DM] you know there are supposed to be elves

[DM] and there are orcs

[Taurus (Percy)] John said you had a plan.

[Vicki] and orcs

[DM] and you need to investigate

[Taurus (Percy)] He *promised*.

[DM] there is a small village to jump to

[Vicki] LOL

[DM] and start your investigations from

[Taurus (Percy)] (well, he didn't promise, but I'm adding that for emphasis)

[DM] and exploring the forest

[John] what is the nearest town on the "trade route" to the last orc attack?

[DM] along the Spice Road

[DM] there is a small village near the last two attacks

[Kaz] go where? Are we going somewhere?

[DM] there is a small village along the Spice road

[DM] that is close to the attack

[John] we will start out near a village, we can go back there

[DM] that is the issue here, the "normal" things are too much

[DM] how much food? two weeks?

[Gretchen (Lorie)] three weeks to be sure

[DM] ok

[DM] The Village of Thenti

[DM] near the Thenti Forest

[DM] ddi you want to blip in the morning? or evening?

[DM] you can go on teh evening of the forth

[DM] or the morning of the fifth

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] morning I guess, if we do it in the evening we'll just have to rest again

[DM] you show up outside of town

[DM] and there is an old man sitting on a stump

[DM] outside of the largest building

[DM] he looks like a wizard of some sort

[John] Khan waves to the old man

[John] " cold enough ofr you ?"

mage uther squints and puffs on his pipe

[John] Khan looks like an tall ugly man

[mage uther] gonna get a lot colder

[mage uther] you'all are strangers here

[Khan (John)] Well here,yer

[mage uther] what are you doing around here

[Khan (John)] we are trying to help keep the road clear of orcs

[Valiant (Traveler)] we are here to investigate the false accusations against the Dragon slayer's

[mage uther] I don't believe you can keep the road clear of branches

[mage uther] let alone orcs

[Khan (John)] I said try

[mage uther] you all milling about there

[Khan (John)] to help

[mage uther] and who asked you to help?

[Valiant (Traveler)] we heard that there have been increasing raids done in this area and that someone has been impersonating the Dragon slayer's

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Human, we have heard of orc raids coming from the elven forest. We are here on a missive from Greenborough to investigate the orc presence in an elven community."

[Valiant (Traveler)] we have been sent by the true dragonsslayers to clear their names and find out who was causing all these problems

[mage uther] who are these Dragonslayers?

[Khan (John)] that may not be important

[Khan (John)] do you know of the ocs raids?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "It does not matter. What do you know of the orcs?"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::speaks up from near the rear of the group:: "Khan, have you found out the specific activities of the area lately?"

[Tori (Vicki)] "If not, could you?"

[mage uther] there have been a couple of orc raids

[mage uther] but there are no orcs in these parts

[mage uther] the elves would not tolerate that

[Valiant (Traveler)] world that seems like a true contradiction don't you think?

[Valiant (Traveler)] world = well

[mage uther] life is full of contradictions,

[mage uther] and the world still goes around

[Khan (John)] ::thums up to Tori:: getting there

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "When is the last you have seen the elves?"

[mage uther] I heard some singing about two weeks ago I think

[Tori (Vicki)] ::mutters "two weeks?"::

[Valiant (Traveler)] so how can there be orc raids if there are no orcs? What do you mean you heard singing?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::wonders why no one has investigated::

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "That is recent for elves. Where can we meet with the elves?"

[Khan (John)] still funny that there were orc raids from the elf woods

[mage uther] the elves sing when then travel

[mage uther] you don't know much abotu elves do you?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "They sing when they travel? That is what you know of them? It sounds like you know little. Where can we find the elves who live in this forest?"

[mage uther] you could go into the forest I suppose

[Tori (Vicki)] "Forgive me, but as you can see, I'm not exactly one to hang around elves."

[mage uther] there is a farm or two along the way maybe if you ask they can give you some help

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Then your village does not have direct contact with them."

[Valiant (Traveler)] I know quite a bit about elves since I happened to be one. But the doesn't mean that the singing was from the elves

[mage uther] the elves don't stay here in town

[Valiant (Traveler)] do you know the names of the people who live at these farms?

[mage uther] you could ask for ol' twiste

[mage uther] twister

[mage uther] he lives out on Granny W's stead

[Valiant (Traveler)] thank you and can we get your name as a reference?

[mage uther] you can tell them Uther sent you if you think it will help

[mage uther] then again how do you know that will help you?

[mage uther] Elder Rol might want to have a word with you if you are staying around these parts

[Khan (John)] just pointing the way will help

[Khan (John)] or that

[Valiant (Traveler)] and where can we find this elder? mage uther thumbs at the doorway

[mage uther] go on in there

[Khan (John)] Hey Uther, how were the local cros, will you have enough for all winter?

[mage uther] will be good I hope

[mage uther] of course that depends on any traveler we get

[Khan (John)] not much trade durring the winter I understand

[Khan (John)] much travlers

[Elder Rol] Hello

[Elder Rol] how are you doing today young man?

[Valiant (Traveler)] good day sir

[Elder Rol] who is the young woman with you?

[Valiant (Traveler)] Fine. We heard you were having some problems with raids in the area

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Old man, when was the last orc raid in the area?"

[Elder Rol] /me raised eyebrow

[Tori (Vicki)] "What is it, Brad?" ::listens keenly::

[mage uther] the last orc raid I heard of was about three weeks ago

[mage uther] maybe four

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "So you have heard from the elves since the last raid."

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "And what of the dragonslayers? What is their part in the raids?"

[mage uther] I haven't actually talked to an elf in years

[mage uther] not much traffic with elves for me

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "You said they were last heard from two weeks ago."

[mage uther] they are far too flighty

[mage uther] a bit frivilous

[mage uther] I said I heard them singing two weeks ago

[mage uther] I have not heard of the Dragonslayers

[Khan (John)] so after the raids

[mage uther] who are they?

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Elder, we are trying to find the perpetrators of the raids, to bring them to justice. Is there nothing you can tell us that will help us with our search?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "An adventuring group."

[Khan (John)] ((skip the plesentries, is that in character?))

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) looks to the Elder with an earnest but troubled expression

[Elder Rol] what do you need to know?

[Elder Rol] and if we can help I suppose we would

[Elder Rol] but everyone knows those Orcs came out of the trees and attacked those travelers

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] And where did they disappear to? Does anyone know?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] find out about the elves. the elves would have better information on them

[Elder Rol] into the forest

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Where did they attack specifically?"

[Elder Rol] the last attacks were back about a day on the road

[Elder Rol] they were pretty beat up

[Elder Rol] axes

[Elder Rol] fire

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "So, all around the same place?"

[Elder Rol] no

[Valiant (Traveler)] Did they have any distiguishing marks

[Elder Rol] other attacks happened farther east

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Where are the survivors?"

[Valiant (Traveler)] or ornamentation

[Elder Rol] yeah lots of them

[Tori (Vicki)] ((was anyone dead or are all still alive?))

[Elder Rol] seems they were out fo rloot

[Elder Rol] not killin

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "I didn't ask if there were any, I asked where they are."

[Elder Rol] I suppose they are were they belong

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Are there any around we can talk to?"

[Elder Rol] no one here in the village was hurt

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Elder, do you know where we might find the elves of this Wood, or how we might contact them?

[Elder Rol] they never come into town

[Elder Rol] although old Uther said he heard them singing a couple of weeks ago

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Do you never have contact with them at all?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] if they're any good at being elves all we should have to do is start walking in and they'll find us

[Elder Rol] /me shakes his head

[Elder Rol] I have never seen an elf live

[Valiant (Traveler)] Has anyone witnessed the raids and survived that we could talk to?

[Elder Rol] there was one that came though on the back of a horse once

[Elder Rol] the Lad said that he had shot him as a thief and was taking him back for bounty

[Elder Rol] I suppose there are survivors somewhere

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] You said no one of the village was hurt by these orc attacks. So, they haven't tried to attack the village? Or do you just have good sentries?

[Elder Rol] but no one live here

[Elder Rol] we have not been attacked by Orcs

[Elder Rol] the last raiders through here were a couple of months ago

[Elder Rol] some horsemen came through

[Elder Rol] chasing after some dwarven clan

[Bradwarden (mikE)] eh, they're just dwarves. who cares about them

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) looks bewildered

[Valiant (Traveler)] we have been asking you about the orc raids, is it possible that there has been others that we are confusing with the current Raiders?

[Elder Rol] there were orcs that attacked a caravan about three or four weeks ago

[Elder Rol] not near the village

[Elder Rol] no orcs have attacked us here

[Valiant (Traveler)] how far away were these raids?

[Elder Rol] a day or two East

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] were there other raids? Not by orcs but by someone else?

[Elder Rol] for one of the attacks

[Elder Rol] then the eariler one was farther West

[Valiant (Traveler)] And did they have any special markings that would distiguish them as you know?

[Elder Rol] maybe four days or so

[Elder Rol] the only wagons I saw had fire damage

[Khan (John)] (what side of the road, north or south)

[Elder Rol] I did hear tell of some sort of magical attacks

[Elder Rol] (the forest is north)

[Khan (John)] can we go North from here?

[mage uther]

[mage uther] I suppose you can go anywhere you want to walk

[Valiant (Traveler)] Are there farmers homes toward where these attacks were that we could get more information from

[mage uther] there are a couple of farms out that way

[mage uther] Granny W would be the one to talk to

[mage uther] she listens to the wind they say

[Valiant (Traveler)] and which farm is hers?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Then lets see granny W, unless you have anything useful to tell us?"

[Khan (John)] is she is North?

[Elder Rol]

[mage uther] she is along the road to the West

[mage uther] she likes the sunsets there

[Khan (John)] can we wait for the rest of the party

[Elder Rol] I would say for you to go to Granny W

[Elder Rol] to see what her and Twister have to say

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Where would we find her?

[Valiant (Traveler)] thank you Elder. Where are their farms located?

[Valiant (Traveler)] and who is twister?

[Elder Rol] if you track along the road to the West you shoudl find her farm a bit north of the track

[Elder Rol] Twister is her man on the farm

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Thank you, Elder

[Valiant (Traveler)] thank you. Have a nice rest of the day.

[Elder Rol] Time of Day: 08:15 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[Elder Rol] Time of Day: 08:30 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259

[DM] You travel along the track for an hour or so

[DM] Time of Day: 09:00 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[DM] Time of Day: 10:00 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[DM] adn you come upon a large man

[DM] who is dragging a mule

[Khan (John)] Bigger then me?

[DM] looks to be about 8 foot tall, big muscled person

[Khan (John)] Hello there sir

[Valiant (Traveler)] Is the mule on a wagon or is he pulling the mule trying to get it to move?

[Khan (John)] oh sorry clearly you work for a living

Twister grunts

[Twister] (the mule is digging in his feet resisting moving forward)

Twister growls and TUGS

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Stupid ass."

[Valiant (Traveler)] hello sir we are looking for Twister and Granny W

[Twister] twists and yanks

[Khan (John)] CAN WE HELP?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::mutters::

Twister looks over at Valiant

[Twister] yeah?

[Valiant (Traveler)] Yes sir. We need to speak to them. We have a few questions to ask them about what is "on the wind"

[Twister] nothign is on the wind

[Twister] the wind is cold

[Twister] feels like snow

[Valiant (Traveler)] well what the wind may be saying so to speak

[Twister] wind don't speak

[Twister] you daft or something?

[Valiant (Traveler)] any word or whispers of stories around....

[Valiant (Traveler)] ahhh it only needs to understand the language

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "We are looking for either the orcs or the elves."

[Twister] Granny don't abide no strangers around here

[Valiant (Traveler)] Ahhh but Elder Rol and Uther sent us

[Twister] well I rekon she would talk to them

[Valiant (Traveler)] Well ok, could you point us in the right direction to where she is so we can speak with her?

Twister points to a path that leads north off the track about 100 yards farther west

[Twister] up the path there to the house

[Valiant (Traveler)] Thank you sir... Have a nice rest of the day.

[Bradwarden (mikE)] ::moves down the path::

[Bradwarden (mikE)] ::lookin' for the lady::

[Bradwarden (mikE)] ::secretly wishing to destroy all humans::

[Valiant (Traveler)] Moves with the rest of his group up the path while the swanmay tries to get the mule to obey her

[Valiant (Traveler)] knocks on the nearest door

[Khan (John)] :: stays with Twister & the mule in case needed::

[Twister] you best be loud when you approach

[Twister] she tends to be a bit anxious

[Tori (Vicki)] ::goes with the others::

[DM] the path twists north

[Valiant (Traveler)] Thanks for the information....((Shouts as he approaches the house..."Granny W, Twister told us you were up here and we were sent by Elder Rol, and Uther to speak with you"))

[DM] and then then around a small ridge

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((Shouts as he approaches the house..."Granny W, Twister told us you were up here and we were sent by Elder Rol, and Uther to speak with you"))

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((Shouts as he approaches the house..."Granny W, Twister told us you were up here and we were sent by Elder Rol, and Uther to speak with you"))

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((Shouts as he approaches the house..."Granny W, Twister told us you were up here and we were sent by Elder Rol, and Uther to speak with you"))


[Valiant (Traveler)] ((Stops))

[Valiant (Traveler)] OK Stopping

[Khan (John)] ::stops::

[Tori (Vicki)] ::stops::

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Says who?"

[Granny W] the stump next to you suddenly is coated in green flames

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Stop or the shrubbery will burst into flame?"

[Valiant (Traveler)] Hiya Granny W... We are here to ask you questions about some raids, and some orcs

[Granny W] what do you want to know? and why are you here?

[Valiant (Traveler)] We mean you no harm ((all this is shouted))

[Granny W] why would those fools send you out here?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "We look for the elves."

[Valiant (Traveler)] Elder Rol, and Uther thought you could give us some information. You are wise beyond belief they said

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "If you know where they are then we will be on our way."

[Valiant (Traveler)] They said that you know more than anyone in these parts

[Granny W] at least they know their betters

[Granny W] so what did you bring me?


[Valiant (Traveler)] A GNOME

[Granny W] (the flames are real, faire fire)

[Valiant (Traveler)] WE BROUGHT YOU A GARDEN GNOME!!!

[Granny W] nasty horrible creatures, I don't abide such filthy things in my garned

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "You BETTER not be talking about me tin man or I'll make sure you rust."

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((SMILES))

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Do you know where the elves are?"

[Valiant (Traveler)] OH THIS GNOME IS CLEAN...AND CUTE I HEAR...

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Or where the orc raiders camp?"


[Granny W] how blind are you boy? you have four feet and they take away your eyes?


[Granny W] see those trees there?

[Khan (John)] ::looks at trees::

[Valiant (Traveler)] ALL HE HAS IS HORSE SENSE MAM

[Tori (Vicki)] ::looks::

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "So your knowledge amounts to the elves are in the forest."

[Granny W] I don't abide no gnomes

[Valiant (Traveler)] GNO DOUBT

[Khan (John)] Khan: Observation check: (d20) [5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Granny W] why are you snooping around my part

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "What's wrong with gnomes?"

[Bradwarden (mikE)] ::whispering to the group:: "If she is their wisest this is the village of idiots"

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] If we were snooping, we wouldn't have shouted out. We'd have crept in.

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) nods in agreement with Bradwarden


[Granny W] I expect you thought shouting woudl scare me off

[Granny W] I am not a flower of the valley you know

[Valiant (Traveler)] GNO TWISTER TOLD ME TO SHOUT...

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] No, Twister told us to be loud.

[Granny W] I can handle my self

[Granny W] that stump Twister

[Valiant (Traveler)] YOU GNOW...TWIST AND SHOUT

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Why would a group of 10 heavily armed people want to scare off an old lady?"

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) mutters "loopy"

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "We do not care about your farm. We are here to kill the orcs. If you know nothing of value to our mission, then we will leave you to your farm."

[Granny W] is he still brinign in old Rothbar's mule?

[Valiant (Traveler)] GNO IDEA


[Granny W] what Orcs" a bunch of hogwash

[Granny W] no orcs in those woods

[Khan (John)] I can hekp if you would like


[Granny W] the Elves wouln't abide them

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] So you don't believe that the Orc raids were perpetrated by Orcs?

[Granny W] shows how much you know


[Bradwarden (mikE)] ::sighs:: "No one here knows anything."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Could they be elves doing the raiding then?"

[Granny W] Elves want sparkly things just like Orcs do


[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Why would the elves care about a few travelers?"

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Orcs aren't so much known for their fireballs."

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Nothing, probably."


[Granny W] so you are going on your way now?



[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Well, since you don't know anything, there's no reason to stay, is there.

[Tori (Vicki)] ::Speaks softly to Khan:: What about the symbols you know about?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::encourages Khan to speak up::

[Granny W] unless you brought fixins


[Granny W] not feeding a herd like you

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Fixins? You want food?"

[Granny W] no handouts


[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] We're not asking to be fed.

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Who asked you to feed us?"

[Granny W] Time of Day: 11:00 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.


[Khan (John)] they are dragonslayers symbols, they probably know no more then the mage

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Why are we talking about dinner when it's not even noon yet?"

[Valiant (Traveler)] YOU UP FOR PLAYING RUSSIAN?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "We though if you're offering to prepare something, I'm sure we could pay you for your trouble."

[Khan (John)] sounds like we are done here

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Maybe have a conversation over lunch."

[Granny W] I am not sparing none of my grub for you

[Bradwarden (mikE) (to DM only)] do i sense anything out of place in the woods around us?


[Granny W] gonna be a hard winter

[Valiant (Traveler)] DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA

[Bradwarden (mikE)] how about some of her pupa then?

[Granny W] you can see it on the moutains

[Granny W]


[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Well, we have our own food I suppose if you aren't offering. We could still have that lunch though."

[Granny W] taint no raiders here

[Valiant (Traveler)] WE GNOW....WHERE ARE THEY. DO YOU GNOW?

[Granny W] why are you here bothering me

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Because you are supposedly so wise and knowledgeable

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "We were just told you were the person to ask about the area."

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Although I'm finding that very hard to believe, at this point.

[Valiant (Traveler)] OK WELL SEE YA WE NEED TO GO

[Tori (Vicki)] ::turns to leave::

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) turns away

[Khan (John)] ((discussion here on past chat, please hold))

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] That was a waste of time. I can imagine they must be laughing in the village over their jest.

[Granny W] I know everything about this areas

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "You could have fooled me."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Since you've just been giving us a lot of I don't knows."

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Sounds like you know nothng to me."

[Granny W] what do you want to do

[Khan (John)] if the elves would not allow orcs, why are there orc raids?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "We want to find the raiders in this area and deal with them. If you can help us in that matter, we would appreciate it."

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((OK I teleport back to elder rol and ask him some more questions

[Granny W] there are no orc raiders, I tol ya already can't you listen?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "There are raiders though."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Regardless of what race they are."

[Granny W] sure there are always raiders


[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Well, point us in their direction."

[Khan (John)] word came to us they were orcs, are they pretending to be orcs?


[Granny W] I am telling you no elves would abide by Orcs in their woods

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "Who would be stupid enough to confuse elves with orcs?"

[Valiant (Traveler)] Enough with the orcs...dagnabbit...

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "That's great. So what raiders ARE here."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "And where can we find them?"

[Valiant (Traveler)] none

[Khan (John)] do you have a way to contact the elves?

[Gretchen (Lorie)] :: nods her head silently in agreement ::

[Valiant (Traveler)] ahhhhhhrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh

[Granny W] there are always groups of people trying to take what ain't theirs

[Tori (Vicki)] ((It's apparent Granny can't see Tori))

[Valiant (Traveler)] Time to go back and interogate the Elder Rol

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Yes yes yes. Who are the current ones?"

[Bradwarden (mikE)] there are no raiders here, there are raiders a day to the west, and to these idiots a day away isn't part of their inbred world

[Khan (John)] do you have a way to contact the elves?

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((Starts walking back to town))

[Granny W] I could

[Tori (Vicki)] ::walks with Valiant::

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ""But?"

[Granny W] why would I ?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Why wouldn't you?"

[Khan (John)] I would help you get the mule back in

[Granny W] I don't do nothin for just anyone

[Khan (John)] I would help you get the mule back in

[Khan (John)] what else would you want or need? Food?

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((And back in town speaking with Elder Rol...))

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Well, we aren't just anyone, we're here to try and help. It would be nice if you could help us do that. If you want payment, we can arrange something."

[Granny W] how much food could you have on you

[Valiant (Traveler)] ELDER ROL, ELDER ROL

[Valiant (Traveler)] ELDER ROL, ELDER ROL

[Valiant (Traveler)] ELDER ROL, ELDER ROL

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "How much do you want?"

[Valiant (Traveler)] ELDER ROL, ELDER ROL

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] The elder was more useless than this old lady

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] don't know why you'd wanna go to him

[Elder Rol] yes sir? what are you doing back here?

[Khan (John)] well I would prefer to bring it back later, our stuff is all iron rations

[Valiant (Traveler)] Good were the only one to speak with survivors correct?

[Elder Rol] I think I was

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "We have food and can arrange to have more food brought here after the raiders are taken care of."

[Valiant (Traveler)] Did the survivors state anything unusual about the raiders?

[Valiant (Traveler)] Did they appear to be classic orcs, or was there somthing unusual about the raids...maybe something you noticed in their stories

[Granny W] you bring some food then I will see if I call the elves for you

[Elder Rol] I think that they were Orcs

[Elder Rol] they had axes

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Sure." ::reaches into a bag and pulls out a week's worth of rations:: "Food see?"

[Elder Rol] they used fire to stop the wagons

[Valiant (Traveler)] Ahhh and they cast spells correct.?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] we have better chances of just blindly walking into the woods

[Elder Rol] some told of magic hitting them

[Elder Rol] like darts out of no where

[Valiant (Traveler)] do you know how they created the fire?

[Valiant (Traveler)] ok....and did they have a number as to the raiders?

[Tori (Vicki)] Valiant, don't you think these people would recognize the difference in the language?

[Elder Rol] what makes you so interested in these?

[Valiant (Traveler)] Probably not, but good question.

[Elder Rol] I thought you wanted to stop the raids

[Elder Rol] not join them in raiding?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "You wouldn't have anything of interest to us."

[Valiant (Traveler)] Yes but if you have knowledge of your enemy you can better defeat them

[Valiant (Traveler)] So did these raids occur at night or during the day?

[Granny W] so are you leaving? or bringing me food?

[Elder Rol] the raids were at night

[Valiant (Traveler)] Did the raiders clearly speak orcish or another language?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ((I already said.....)) "Sure." ::reaches into a bag and pulls out a week's worth of rations:: "Food see?"

[Elder Rol] the horsemen usually raid caravans during the say

[Khan (John)] (marco pulled out food)

[Granny W] (thought you said not iron rations sorry)

[Granny W] so set that down next to that stump there

[Valiant (Traveler)] Ok so there are 2 groups of potential raiders- Horsemen and Orcs

[Valiant (Traveler)] The last set of raids were done by which group?

[Granny W] let me see if you are really leaving something or if you are tyring to take advantage of an old woman

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] No, we will not set it next to the stump.

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::shrugs:: "Okay." ::puts the rations next to the stump::

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] You will "possibly" help us if we give you food?

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] That's paying to get nothing.

[Khan (John)] it's ok Rhys, we must earn trust by trusting

[Granny W] you leave it there and I will leave it there

[Valiant (Traveler)] How can we separate when we are talking about raiders wether you mean horsemen or orcs

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Um... okay."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "It's food, not some alchemist explosive."

[Elder Rol] I did not hear of them say who was saying what

[Tori (Vicki)] "Valiant, shall I speak in my father's tongue to see if they recognize it?"

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) frowns and mumbles under his breath

[Valiant (Traveler)] ok so when did the horsemen come and raid, and when did the orcs raid.

[Elder Rol]

[Valiant (Traveler)] where did the horsemen raid and when did the orc s raid

[Granny W]

[Granny W] as you leave the food and step back

[Valiant (Traveler)] where did the horsemen raid and where did the orcs raid...

[Granny W] you see a humped figure move out from behind a tree

[Granny W] and KICK it over

[Granny W] then poke it with a stick

[Valiant (Traveler)] which group had shields with dragons or a similair symbol on them

[Granny W] then mutters

[Granny W] I guess you mean it

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "You've slain the mighty food."

[Granny W] you can come in

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Are you happy now?"

[Granny W] but mind your feet

[Granny W] I don't want no dirt on my floor

[Granny W] and you stay out side

[Granny W] points at the Centaur

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Okay. Thanks." ::walks in, taking off her shoes at the entrance::

[Bradwarden (mikE)] "I wouldn't enter your hovel if I was invited, thanks."

[Khan (John)] ::looks at door, is it big enough?::

[Elder Rol] I know that there were complaints about these Orcs raiding

[Elder Rol] but I am not sure where they came from

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) stands just inside the door

[Elder Rol] I doubt the elves let them

[Elder Rol] everyone says the Orcs did it

[Bradwarden (mikE)] ::waits to move into the woods::

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] is granny w old and that's a bad icon or is she actually not a granny at all?

[Granny W] so inside the hosue the hunched figure stands up

[Granny W] and shakes off her cloak

[Granny W] and hangs it up on a hook

[Granny W] shakes out her hair

[Granny W] and opens up a window

[Granny W] to let Brad look inside

[Granny W] so tell me really why are you here, I don't abide no lying

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] We've told you from the beginning.

[Granny W] yes deary

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] We're trying to find the perpetrators of the raids, and bring them to justice.

[Granny W] but no one puts all their cards on the table right away

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] We've been told they were orcs, even by the village Elder.

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Supposedly they have been posing as dragonslayers and so the dragonslayers sent us to investigate."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "So, we are here doing that."


[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ((yeah, I asked, but bob never answered)

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((THE PICTURE IS A YOUNG WOMAN))

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ((picture means nothing in bob world))

[Granny W] she is a young blonde woman

[Khan (John)] does she sould old?

[Granny W] no

[Khan (John)] :: calls in window:: truly can you contact the elves today?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Obviously these raiders aren't what they seem. Orcs wouldn't be organized enough or care enough to bother pretending to be the dragonslayers."

[Bradwarden (mikE)] we just spent the last hour talking to these npc's and now they're fianlly all "so tell me why you're here"

[Valiant (Traveler)] ((she is a young woman...maybe human, maybe elvish we don't know Bob hasn't told us, who is pretending to be old))

[Bradwarden (mikE)] we go through this all the time. i can't think of one time we've ever not just given our purpose for being anywhere

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "If they had a beef with a group, they'd attack directly, not this cloak and dagger stuff."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "So, either they aren't orcs, or someone who isn't an orc is directing them."

[Granny W] I have not heard of these Dragonslayers

[Khan (John)] (of course not)

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Doesn't matter if you have or not really. The point is they are who have hired us to come and investigate."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "And that is why we are here. You asked, so I'm telling."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::allows Elder Rol to get a look at her::

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] We told even without being asked. We've been nothing but honest and up-front with you.

[Tori (Vicki)] "Did they sound like this.. ::speaks in orc::?"

[Khan (John)] :: calls in window:: truly can you contact the elves today?

[Elder Rol] I never talked to any raiders, I do not know what they sounded like

[Granny W] I can contact the elves if you like

[Granny W] but it will take a while

[Granny W] if you are really sure you want to talk to them then you could just travel north into the forest

[Tori (Vicki)] ::speaks in W Comm again:: "I hope you aren't frightened by my appearance."

[Granny W] there is an old wizard's tower in the center

[Khan (John)] hours?

[Granny W] if you head that way

[Valiant (Traveler)] Elder Rol do you know where we can buy some wagons around here and some horses so we could pretend to be a caravan

[Granny W] [Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "And is there anyone inhabiting this tower?"

[Khan (John)] a wizard maybe?

[Granny W] I heard that there was a wizard there

[Granny W] that is why it is called the old wizard's tower

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "I see, and this wizard can get us in contact with the elves?"

[Khan (John)] HOW long would it take?

[Khan (John)] to call the elves?

[Bradwarden (mikE)] i garauntee it

[Granny W] not sure in this weather

[Khan (John)] and how quickly will they respond

[Granny W] at least a few days I would reckon

[Khan (John)] How would you contact them?

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Granny W] wait till the new moon

[Granny W] and call them with a song

[Khan (John)] nuff said

[Khan (John)] we bid you good day

[Khan (John)] any issue finding the tower?

[Granny W] the wolves in teh forest?

[Khan (John)] pretty much North and we will see it?

[Granny W] there is the threat of snow soon

[Granny W] you can tell it on the mountains

[DM] Ok, so calling it a night there?

[DM] we can clarify on the site this week

[DM] and we start next session at the woods exploring ?

[John] so why are we not in the forest?

[John] or at least the farm

[DM] you are walking away from Granny W farm

[DM] and a young man calls after you

[Young man] Hey

[Young man] Hey

[Young man] Wait up!

[Khan (John)] Hello there

[Young man] Hi!

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Khan (John)] (does he have a weapond?

[Young man] I heard you were going into the forest

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) turns to the young man

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Yep?"

[Young man] (he has a club but no armor)

[Young man] well

[Young man] I thought I could come with you

[Young man] you look like you need some help

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Who are you and why do you want to come with us?"

[Khan (John)] ::laughs out loud::

[Chohen] my name is Chohen

[Khan (John)] can you count?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "And more importantly what skills do you offer other than a big stick?"

[Chohen] grins at you, I can count, and I know the forest better than you

[Chohen] (you can go back to town easily at this point if anyone has other things to do, talk to, etc.)

[Chohen] It looks to me like you are strangers

[Chohen] and you are stumbling around looking for something

[Tori (Vicki)] ((don't recall having anything special to do, just was a big jump))

[Chohen] you must be adventurers

[Khan (John)] it is true we do not know you

[Tori (Vicki)] ::stifles a snicker::

[Chohen] and after all, you don't learn as much on the farm as you do from adventuring

[Khan (John)] i certainly see the benefit for you

[Chohen] grins, well you know my name, and I don't know yours yet

[Khan (John)] but what would your parents say

[Chohen] good ridance

[Khan (John)] what is in a name......

[Chohen] that I am finally making a name for myself

[Chohen] that is what a name is for after all

[Khan (John)] oh, they would say good ridance, ok

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) stifles a smile

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Well, I'm Lira. What can we expect going into this forest?"

[Tori (Vicki)] *whispers to Khan* "What skills does he have that would benefit us?"

[Chohen] trees

[Chohen] bushes

[Chohen] birds

[Chohen] poison plants

[Chohen] wolves

[Khan (John)] ""maybe local knowledge""

[Chohen] orcs

[Chohen] elves

[Chohen] lots of stuff in there

[Khan (John)] so you know of orcs and elves

[Chohen] some

[Khan (John)] you have been in there?

Chohen sheepish

[Chohen] not from up close and personal

[Chohen] but I have tried to listen in

[Chohen] and gather what I can

[Khan (John)] we would not stop you from following, but we cannot gauarenty your safety

Chohen hefts his club

[Chohen] I can take care of myself

[Chohen] you can test me if you want

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Okay, so you've seen nothing in there. How is that any different from us then?"

[Chohen] looks over your group

[Chohen] anyone want to cast on me?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::tries to hide among others in the back::

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Why?"

[Khan (John)] no no, we certainy do not need to be fighting amongst ourselves

[Chohen] to test me, see if I am hiding anything

[Khan (John)] ::cantrip to make him glow::

[Chohen] don't you test people before they join you?

Chohen holds up a hand

[Khan (John)] Khan: Cantrip check: (d20) [13] 13 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Chohen] this looks like faire fire

[Chohen] Granny W does that trick a lot

[Khan (John)] you are not joining us, you might follow us

Chohen shrugs

[Chohen] as long as I can come along

[Khan (John)] for now

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "So you've said you've never been in the forest, so other than that big stick, what skill do you possess?"

[Chohen] I have all the normal Druidic training

[Chohen] I know several spells

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Prove it."

[Khan (John)] let's not waste spells

Chohen quirks an eyebrow

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Turn into a duck or something."

[Chohen] um,

[Chohen] not that advanced yet

[Khan (John)] (chuckles)

[Chohen] that is why they call it experience

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Talk to a duck then."

[Khan (John)] maybe identify some plants as we enter the forest?

[Chohen] do you have one here?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "No, that's part of your test."

[Khan (John)] (chuckles)

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Why would we give you a duck? Silly."

[Khan (John)] (does it float)

[Chohen] because it is heavier than a witch?

[Khan (John)] ooc?

[Chohen] (grins)

[Chohen] so can I come along?

[Khan (John)] so shal we continue

[Khan (John)] we, er I will not stop you

[Chohen] thanks

[Khan (John)] I will try and stop the oterhs from attacking you

[Chohen] want me to show you the closest path into the forest?

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "But no waving that stick in our direction."

Chohen shrugs,

[Chohen] not likely to ned to wave it at you

[Khan (John)] to the tower?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::shrugs:: "Let's continue."

[Chohen] you are just a cute girl

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Onwards."

[Khan (John)] if fact, you can lead, dear Chohen

[Lorie] Gretchen will be doing her thing

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] sure

[DM] what is gretchen doing?

[Lorie] the ranger thing

[DM] tracking? hunting?

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] looks good

[DM] anyting in particular?

[Lorie] tracking and nothing in particular...

[DM] ok

[DM] so far this looks to be a game trail

[DM] you are just on the edge of the forest a few hundred yards away to the West of Granny W's farm

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] what's with the raven?

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] has that attacked us, too?

[DM] there is space behind the tree with Chohen

[DM] and no one else noticed the raven yet

[DM] no attack from it

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] so it's just sitting there?

[DM] nods

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] okay.

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] "You, do you know where the elven city is?"

[DM] there is no elven city

[DM] Chohen says there is no elven city

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] "He'll be fine. Now this was known as an elven wood. If it is an elven wood, where do they live?"

[DM] I have never heard of anyone visiting an elven city

[Mentor (!!)] ((snicker))

[DM] I have only heard of the elves in teh forest

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] "And did you recognize that large bird? Might that have been a messenger of theirs?"

[DM] and of course the wizard's tower

[DM] every wizard has a tower right?

[Mentor (!!)] Have you heard of anyone causing the raids?

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] "We are looking for the elves."

[Mentor (!!)] Or the orcs

[DM] I am sure we can find some elves

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] "I come as an emissary from the elven city of Greenborough."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::snicker:: "Of course, I said that so this young man ::points to Chohen:: would know that too."

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] What are the chances that giant bird belonged to the wizard?

[Mentor (!!)] Or to you Chohen?

[DM] what to me?

[Mentor (!!)] The large raven that just flew off

[DM] I have never seen it in my life

[DM] why do you think it was following us?

[Mentor (!!)] With our luck...probably

[DM] it could be one of the senior Druids maybe?

[Tori (Vicki)] "Watching is more like it..."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Well, it didn't attack us so that's what matters."

[Mentor (!!)] Have you ever heard of the wizard in that tower having a familiar?

[DM] there was a lot of noise

[DM] I have not heard of any wizard

[DM] just that there is a wizard's tower in the middle of the woods

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] and this is a druid?

[Khan (John)] so does this path head to the tower?

[DM] Druid

[Bradwarden (Masked Avenger)] what kind of crappy druid doesn't know what's in his woods?

[Lorie] :: asks the man softly in elven where he hails from ::

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] he's never been in the woods before. he said so earlier. he's a crappy druid.

[DM] does not respond to Gretchen

[Khan (John)] (ears still rinning?)

[DM] getting better

[Chohen] Time of Day: 11:15 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[Chohen] Time of Day: 11:30 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[Mentor (!!) (to DM only)] do I see any magic on the druid?

[Chohen (to !! only)] no magic

[Chohen] Time of Day: 11:45 AM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[Chohen] Time of Day: 12:00 PM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] despite the fact that it says I've received the map, I've got nothing.

[Chohen] Time of Day: 12:15 PM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ohm {Early Winter} 4th, 1259.

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "You gonna talk to that thing Choder?"

[Chohen] I was trying

[Chohen] did nto seem to like me

[DM] drops his axe, "will be slave"

[DM] the last one just dropped to his knees and dropped his axe

[Taurus (Hans)] "Can we learn anything useful from this poor wretched creature?"

[DM] Thank you Brad

[Taurus (Hans)] "Tori, can you talk to it?"

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] the orc can

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Bob, now can I talk to the orc?))

[DM] you saved me

[DM] I am your slave

[DM] I will do what you tell me to

[Taurus (Hans)] "Ask it what it's doing here."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "More importantly, what it knows about orc raids in the area."

[Taurus (Hans)] "Was this a raiding party?"

[Taurus (Hans)] "How many more are there?"

[Mentor (!!)] I look at the armor and equipment of the orcs

[Taurus (Hans)] "Who's in charge?"

[Tori (Vicki)] (( Can we find his name first?))

[Taurus (Hans)] "We'll just call him 'Orc'"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::speaks to the Orc:: "Tell me your name."

[DM] Tori is the only one who speaks Orc

[DM (to Vicki only)] my name is shorg

[Tori (Vicki)] "Taurus, all orcs have names. It'd be nice to know their names."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Why? They don't care about ours."

[Taurus (Hans)] "You're the party leader, so that's fine with me."

[Masked Avenger] "Orc names are about as important as bug dung."

[Taurus (Hans)] "Plus you're the one who speaks orchish and we might find something useful."

[Masked Avenger] "She is not the party leader. Khan is the one in charge."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Orc:: "Nice to meet you, I'm Victoriana. What was your group doing? Raiding?"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates for the rest of the party in Comm::

[DM (to Vicki only)] we were searching for food, looking for deer

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Mike, Khan is in charge, but Tori is the translator between us and orcs))

[DM (to Vicki only)] and stryign to stay away from the stinking elves

[Mentor (!!)] She's the leader now since Khan is gone and she is the only one who speaks orc

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates:: His group was looking for food and trying to stay away from elves."

[Tori (Vicki)] ((sorry Mike))

[Masked Avenger] "You may follow her if you wish. I have my orders from Finglas."

[Mentor (!!)] ((Yes Vicki and I am speaking as Mentor))

[Tori (Vicki)] "Thank you Mentor"

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Christy)] a good idea. be scared of elves. that's right. We are wicked, I tell ya.

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Christy)] oops

[Mentor (!!)] ((Evil creatures we are))

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] ((LOL - so glad it's not just me who does that))

[Ariella (Christy)] kick your behind before you even see us

[Mentor (!!)] I wonder why it was so quick to agree to be our slaves? Could it be because it is the slave of other elves?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::speaks in orc:: "What do you know about the others speaking of raids going on in the area?"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates for others::

[Tori (Vicki)] ((too lazy to type it twice))

[DM (to Vicki only)] raids on who?

[Taurus (Hans)] "What elves is he talking about? THe drow?"

[Tori (Vicki)] "He said, 'Raids on who?'"

[Valiant (!!)] What drow?

[Valiant (!!)] I speak orc as well

[Valiant (!!)] I just remembered

[Tori (Vicki)] ::speaks orc to Valiant:: "Calm down"

Valiant (!!) raises eyebrow at Tori but keeps silent

[Masked Avenger] ::stamps impatiently::

[Taurus (Hans)] "What elves is he talking about?"

[Tori (Vicki)] "I can't remember who the raids were on... any help? I can translate to this orc for us, unless of course Valiant remembers."

[Masked Avenger] did any of these orcs have our crest on them anywhere?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::speaks in orc:: "What elves are around here that you speak of staying away from?"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates the next question::

[DM (to Christy only)] you can say you did not find any dragonslayer emblems on them

[DM (to Vicki only)] we stay away from all elves

[Taurus (Hans)] ::bends down to retrieve Shorg's axe.::

[Valiant (!!)] ((Mentor is searching them now))

[DM (to !! only)] we stay away from all elves

[Taurus (Hans)] ::and slowly hands it to him, handle first::

[Ariella (Christy)] I did search these guys and found no dragonslayers markings

[DM] Mentor does not find anything

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in orc:: "Do you know of anyone Carrying the Dragonslayer's crescent?"

[DM (to Vicki only)] who are the dragonslayers?

[DM (to !! only)] who are the dragonslayers?

[Taurus (Hans)] "He'll need this to defend himself. He's as good as dead without it."

[Valiant (!!)] These orcs know nothing about elves or raiding on the roads

[Masked Avenger] "Do not give the orc his weapon back. That would be folley."

[Taurus (Hans)] He said he was running from the elves, didn't he?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Comm:: "He wants to know what dragonslayers."

[Valiant (!!)] Nor does he know anything about the dragonslayers

[Taurus (Hans)] "I don't think he'll be any problem, Masked Avenger."

[Masked Avenger] "If he was running from the elves we should tie him and drag him back to them."

[Valiant (!!)] We know you avoid the elves but to do so you would need to know where they reside...can you tell us where we might find them?

[Tori (Vicki)] "He also stays away from all elves"

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Valiant was speaking in orc there))

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates Valiant's words::

[Masked Avenger] "Of course he does. He is an orc. It's like an elf saying to stay away from the drow."

[DM (to !! only)] we hide from the sneaky stinking elves

[Ariella (Christy)] does he stay away because he is so unattractive? I know it's hard for ugly people to be around us

[DM (to Vicki only)] we hide from teh sneaky stinking elves

[Tori (Vicki)] "Dwarves and orcs do get along"

[Valiant (!!)] Hide from them or stay away from their area?

[Taurus (Hans)] "Okay, the area is cleared. I think we would best be served by continuing to investigate these woods."

[Valiant (!!)] Have you or anyone of your tribe or even another tribe done any raids on caravans nearby?

[Taurus (Hans)] ::to find whatever we're trying to find::

[DM (to !! only)] hide, they roam the woods, they are in league with the wizard in the tower

[Ariella (Christy)] So did anyone else call dibs on the slave?

[DM (to Vicki only)] hide, they roam the woods, they are in league with teh wizard in teh tower

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Why would an elf want an orc slave?

[Tori (Vicki)] "He said, 'We hide from the stinky elves.' My guess is he can't stand the smell"

[Taurus (Hans)] ::what would you do with an orc slave, other than make Mike's char mad?::

[Masked Avenger] "HE can't stand the smell? Stupid orc."

[DM (to !! only)] we raid farms and caravans when we can get close

[DM (to Vicki only)] we raid farms and caravans when we can get close

[Masked Avenger] we could torture him for kicks?

[Ariella (Christy)] :I need someone to carry my stuff. He'll do for now

[Valiant (!!)] When was the last time you raided any farms or caravans?

[Tori (Vicki)] "They hide, and stay in the forest, and are in league with the wizard in the tower. They raid farms and caravans when they can get close."

[Masked Avenger] "I'd rather carry it for you than have this orc around."

[Valiant (!!)] IF you don't speak orc I wouldn't suggest him as a slave.

[DM (to !! only)] we stole a goat from a farm three days ago

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates Valiant's words::

[Taurus (Hans)] "Ah, there's a wizard here."

[DM (to Vicki only)] we stole a goat from a farm three days ago

[Ariella (Christy)] He's obviously not very bright if HE thinks ELVES stink

[Taurus (Hans)] "That explains a lot."

[Tori (Vicki)] "He only stole a goat from a farm 3 days ago"

[Valiant (!!)] So can you take us to the wizards tower?

[Ariella (Christy)] Why thank you Masked Avenger!

[Taurus (Hans)] "Or, rather, it lends itself to mysterious happenings."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates for Valiant::

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Elves do kinda smell like tree."

[DM (to !! only)] no the stinky elves are there, we hide from them

[DM (to Vicki only)] no the stinky elves are there we hide from them

[Masked Avenger] the char name is bradwarden

[Taurus (Hans)] "Great idea, Valiant."

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "I hate tree..."

[Valiant (!!)] oh

[Ariella (Christy)] Well, Brad, I really only need help carrying the heavy stuff like my bedroll and what-not.

[Masked Avenger] "Your bedroll is heavy?"

[Tori (Vicki)] "He said that the 'stinky elves' are in the tower."

[Valiant (!!)] If Tori feels uncomfortable with an orc slave we shall have him accompany us. He can lead us to the tower

[Ariella (Christy)] not heavy, but not very fun to carry

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Well, that's where we're headed. lead on."

[Masked Avenger] "Good. Then let's get rid of him and be on our way."

[Tori (Vicki) (to DM only)] Valiant speaks orc so I'll be able to translate in Comm

[Masked Avenger] okay, the wizard is a necro and the elves smell because they're undead

[Valiant (!!)] He can be our servant for the time being

[Ariella (Christy)] seems I have no need for a slave. He can go then, or kill him. Whatever

[Taurus (Hans)] "Yes, Valiant. Bang up job, mate."

[Masked Avenger] "If he stays heh will remain bound at all times. I will not have an enemy loose around us."

[Tori (Vicki)] "Valiant, I think we should take him with us. He knows how to call off the others and such."

[Masked Avenger] "And carrying your bedroll will not be a problem."

[Masked Avenger] "If any other orcs attack us, we can defeat them just as easily."

[Valiant (!!)] So Tori (in common) do you wish him to be your slave or would you like us to have him serve us for the time being us being Mentor and myself?

[Masked Avenger] "We haave nothing to fear from orcs."

[Taurus (Hans)] "Bradwarden is correct."

[Ariella (Christy)] ::smiles sweetly:: You have to be just about the nicest centaur I've ever met

[Valiant (!!)] Ditto Ariella

[Taurus (Hans)] "He's a very aggressive centaur. I like that."

[Valiant (!!)] I agree with that statement

[Masked Avenger] "Well, we centaur are just misunderstood by most races."

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Tori, does he know why the elves are raiding? And what's with the wizard?

[Valiant (!!)] /whisper hans

[Taurus (Hans)] "And they don't seem to be in the position to clear up any misunderstandings, either!"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Comm:: "I think the three of us could handle him."

[Masked Avenger] the full text of the three conflicting documents? lol

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] And did you ask him if the elves are disguising themselves as orcs when they raid?

[DM] (yes, grins, you and Kaz and look it over and work together on that over the next couple of months)

[Masked Avenger] "The other races think us stupid merely because we live in the woods and have no need for cities like the humans."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates in orc for Taurus::

[DM] translates what?

[Masked Avenger] "Ask him if the elves are the undead."

[Valiant (!!)] Well I suggest that (in common) only one of us be his master as it will be to difficult for him to follow separate leaders..IF you wish it is fine

[Ariella (Christy)] What would the other races know of a wonderous creature like yourself?

[Masked Avenger] "If his words, however unlinkely, are correct, foul smelling elves working for a wizard sound like the undead to me."

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) waits patiently for an answer

[Lira (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "... Okay, so tower then?"

[Masked Avenger] "That just sounds like jealousy to me. You two legs are so limited."

[Tori (Vicki) (to DM only)] I can't remember

[Taurus (Hans)] "Yes, Lira. Everybody else?"

[DM (to Vicki only)] Rhys asked a question, but I did not see one from Taurus

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) waits for an answer to the two questions he asked of the orc

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates for Rhys::

[Valiant (!!)] Thought about it but didn't want to make you feel inadequate.

[Tori (Vicki)] "He stays away from the elves and the tower, so he doesn't know who the wizard or elves are raiding, and apparently they're working against these orcs."

[Kaz] and I kinda feel like we're leaving out something basic, since I can't imagine why the elves would suddenly start behaving in such a way

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Comm to the others:: "Could it be possible that the wizard and elves are falsifying the Dragonslayers?"

[Kaz] Maybe we should get technical and ask if they are above-ground elves, or drow

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] "Makes more sense than orcs"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in orc:: "Are they drow or ones that are above ground?"

[DM (to Vicki only)] elves in trees

is receiving the map Forest One...

has received the map Forest One.

[Tori (Vicki)] "He says they're the elves in the trees."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Comm::

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Thank you, Tori, for asking.

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) falls silent and frowns.

[!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Valiant modified: Personal Information -

[Tori (Vicki)] "You're welcome Rhys."

[Christy] ::shakes head:: I suppose there are bad elves out there

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Comm, she asks the group:: "So what do you think?"

[Christy] perhaps they are behaving under durress

[DM] you can ask him more questions next week when we pick up again

[Christy] sounds like a plan

[!!] Thanks Bob...

[DM] debate and discuss during the week

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] The thing is, isn't this forest part of the domain of Greenborough?

[DM] no

[Christy] it's late and I need a shower

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Orc, she tells Valiant:: "I think we should keep him with us and we may have an orc army for us"

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] ((ok))

[DM] you are hundreds of miles east of greenborugh

[DM] over the Great Mountains

[Tori (Vicki)] ((ok))

[DM] you are north of Hallstatt

[Kaz] Really?

[DM] nods

[Vicki] That was a lot of typing...

[Christy] do we know anyting about the area

[Vicki] my fingers had a nice 10 minute break ;)

[Kaz] I thought we were on lands that were overseen by Greenborough. Huh.

[DM] no, you did not do any investigating before blipping here

[Christy] well, typical dragonslayers

[!!] Christy and Vicki we can finish the rest of your characters (the 5%) we need to do next week.

[DM] jsut zeroed in on where the attacks on caravans where

[Vicki] Christy, we sort of jumped right into the action

[Christy] yes we did

has left the game on Fri Jun 13 23:24:32 EDT 2008

[Chohen (BOB)] so where are we going to go now?

[Chohen (BOB)] do you really think we should go to that tower

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] searching the orc for weapons that may be hidden and now we will let him take us to thetower

[Lira (BiBo)] "you have a better option?"

[Taurus (Hansie)] "That sounds like a great idea!"

[Lira (BiBo)] "We dont. so to the tower we go."

[Kaz] What's on your mind, Chohen?

[Chohen (BOB)] I was worried that we don't know what is there

[Chohen (BOB)] an dit is a wizard's tower

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Well as we get closer we can do some snooping unless you can turn into a bird or something and search it out

[Lira (BiBo)] "Yea well, nothing ventured nothing gained."

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Well, we have dealt with wizards before, but maybe some scouting is a good idea.

[Chohen (BOB)] I know the elves are dangerous

[Lira (BiBo)] "So are humans."

[Tori (Vicki)] "They are?"

[Lorie :O)] :: scowls ::

[Lira (BiBo)] "But we deal with them anyway."

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Sounds like you know something.

[Chohen (BOB)] I only know that they people in town say

[Chohen (BOB)] I have not known them

Tori (Vicki) looks around at her group and says I suppose a majority of you are dangerous

[Chohen (BOB)] but maybe the orc knows?

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Well we have quite a few elves in the group maybe they should lead

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Why do the people in town say the elves are dangerous?

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] No they never see the elves

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Aside from what the orc said, that they are behind the raids and are conspiring with the wizard.

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Hey Orc...what is your name or do I just call you "Orc"?

[Lira (BiBo)] "Hes an orc, why would we call him anything else?'

[Taurus (Hansie)] "Let's continue towards the wizard tower. Maybe we'll meet some more orcs or some elves along the way."

[Orc #7 (BOB)] my name is Rold

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] I prefer to deal with individuals with respect

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Ok "Rold"

[Lira (BiBo)] "But not masses?"

[Taurus (Hansie)] "Okay, Rold. You can come along and help us."

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] How far is the elf area from here?

[Tori (Vicki)] "Rold will be turned over to Val'Iant and Mentor"

[Rold (BOB)] we are in teh elf area

[Tori (Vicki)] "He will follow them, and I will translate for them" ((that way I don't have to type in orc and common))

[Rold (BOB)] they are all around in these trees

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Ahhh...

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] ((Looks around in the trees))

[Ariella (Christy)] let's be on our way then. You have a plan to ensure our, uh saftey...right?

[Lira (BiBo)] "Well lets stop gabbing and go see these dangerous folk already."

[Rold (BOB)] no

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Yes my plan is that everyone be CAREFUL

[Taurus (Hansie)] "Sounds good. Let's continue. I feel as if we rested enough."

[Ariella (Christy)] careful sounds good

[Vicki] From last week's chat... [Tori (Vicki)] ::Translates:: His name is Shorg.

[Vicki] for the orc

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] who's name is Shorg? I thought it was Rold?

[Taurus (Hansie)] (I think his name was Shorg last week. This week, it's Rold)

[Vicki] yep that's what it shows

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Ok his name is Rold Shorg

[BOB] Yes to Fritz,

[BOB] Shorg is the tribe name

[BOB] Rold his his name

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Rold of the tribe Shorg

[Val'Iant Le Quella (Fritz)] Ok so which way to the tower chohen or rold?

[Taurus (Hansie)] "I don't have a problem exploring this whole forest if we have to, tree by tree. We'll find something sooner or later."

[BOB] in the mean time

[BOB] the rest of you can quiz Rold and Cohen more, and I will not be distracted by trying to solve other things

[Lira (BiBo)] what else do we have to quiz them on?

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Chohen, please tell me exactly what the folks in town are saying about the elves.

[Chohen (BOB)] I don't knwo of anyone who has seen them actually

[Chohen (BOB)] but there are those that say they hear them especially at night

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Hear them doing what?

[Khan (John (I think))] does anyone talk to the wizard?

[Chohen (BOB)] and of course there was that bounty hunter who had a dead one

[Chohen (BOB)] but that doesn't count does it?

[Khan (John (I think))] to Tori: stop that

[Chohen (BOB)] and they hear them singing

[Khan (John (I think))] to tori: he is on a need to know basis

[Khan (John (I think))] was the bounty hunter in town this week?

[Chohen (BOB)] no a couple of months ago

[Khan (John (I think))] what was the bouty hunter's name?

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] how did the bounty hunter die?

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Rather, how did the elf die?

[Ariella (Christy)] yeah, singing elves...sounds dangerous...

[Chohen (BOB)] I am not sure about who the bounty hunter was, I think they said he was hired by a caravan master

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] (as an aside to Ariella) That would depend upon what they were singing, no?

[Chohen (BOB)] singing elves could lure a man to his death

[Lira (BiBo)] Elves?

[Chohen (BOB)] like the legendary sirens

[Lira (BiBo)] "You sure it's an elf you're talking about?"

[Khan (John (I think))] did anyone notice anything diffrent about the elf, or mention anything about it

[Chohen (BOB)] it had pointy ears

[Khan (John (I think))] (exactly)

[Chohen (BOB)] was dressed in green

[Lira (BiBo)] "Because there are many pointy eared green dressing things that sing you to your doom."

[Vicki] ::in Comm:: Khan, that question would have been useful to get answers from him as well, but I could just speak in orc and leave everyone else on a need to know basis if you wish

[Ariella (Christy)] well, there are OTHER creatures with pointy ears you know.

[Chohen (BOB)] they say it was an elf

[Lira (BiBo)] "Coulda been a nymph."

[Lira (BiBo)] "Or a dryad."

[Lira (BiBo)] "Or a harpy."

[Ariella (Christy)] who are "they" exactly?

[Khan (John (I think))] to Tori: The orc is the enemy until I say otherwize

[Lira (BiBo)] "Or a witch."

[Lira (BiBo)] "Or a fruit bat."

[Lira (BiBo)] "Lots of non elf options."

[Chohen (BOB)] well I think Elder Rol knew it was an elf

[Lira (BiBo)] "Based on what?"

[Chohen (BOB)] he did not seem happy that the Bounty Hunter was carrying it over his horse

[Ariella (Christy)] and elves don't necessarily wear green

[Chohen (BOB)] and he said that this would be trouble

[Chohen (BOB)] that the elves would not be happy

[Ariella (Christy)] you could toss lots of things over a horse that would make the elve unhappy

[Lira (BiBo)] "Like dead elves."

[Khan (John (I think))] true but it sould like someone did not talk enough to Elder Rol

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] I don't believe that getting yourself into a lather over a perceived racial slight is going to help.

[Khan (John (I think))] Lets move on to the wizard

[Khan (John (I think))] anyine here from him regularly

[Chohen (BOB)] I don't know anyting about the wizard

[Chohen (BOB)] only that there is a wizard's tower in teh center of the forest

[Chohen (BOB)] I don't know anyone who has seen him

[John (I think)] as far as your concerned nothing has chaged

[Chohen (BOB)] Maybe Mage Uther would know

[Khan (John (I think))] of course

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Please ask Rold what he knows about the raids, Tori or Valiant?

[Tori (Vicki)] I can't unless Khan says so

[John (I think)] ooc is the timming of the bounty hunter before the start of the raids in this area?

[Rold (BOB)] (before the raids)

[John (I think)] to Tori: I did not say you cound not ask him things

[John (I think)] just not to tell him things

[Rold (BOB)] (at least the two raids you are concerned about with teh Dragonslayers, there have beenother raids)

[Tori (Vicki)] Ok...

[John (I think)] do not treat him ike a party memeber that needs o know what everyone says

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates in orc for Rhys::

[John (I think)] Sory if that was not clear

[Rold (BOB)] I don't know nothin about any raids

[Rold (BOB)] we been searching for food

[Rold (BOB)] hunting dear

[Rold (BOB)] deer

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in Comm:: "Wasn't telling him, was asking him the same question in orc."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates in Comm for the others::

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] So, you have not been near the roads?

[Tori (Vicki)] "He doesn't know about the raids, he's only been searching for food and hunting deer."

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates in orc for Rhys::

[Rold (BOB)] we travel the roads a bit

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates in Comm::

[Rold (BOB)] if there is a group of weak travelers we try and make a grab

[Rold (BOB)] but mostly at night

[Rold (BOB)] they don't see so well

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] What about caravans?

[Rold (BOB)] caravans are tough

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates in Orc for Rhys::

[Rold (BOB)] have lots of fighters

[Rold (BOB)] sometimes horsemen

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates back and forth::

[Rold (BOB)] hard to steal much

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) listens carefully to the reply Tori translates for him.

[Tori (Vicki)] (*sigh*)

[Rold (BOB)] need big hunting party for that

[BOB] ok, so back to the conversation?

[John (I think)] I am done with both, I do not see what else we can learn

[Tori (Vicki)] ::continues to translate back and forth::

[BOB] ok

[Tori (Vicki)] ((with the Q's and A's))

[John (I think)] wait,

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Rold, have you ever seen any other groups raiding?

[Khan (John (I think))] Tori, ask green if anyting has changed with the Elf and Wizards recently

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates::

[Rold (BOB)] I think that the elves have been more active

[Rold (BOB)] there is no wizard

[Rold (BOB)] that is just a scary story to tell bad little orcs

[Khan (John (I think))] is there a tower?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::in orc asks Rold:: "No wizard?"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::continues to translate::

Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz) frowns.

[Khan (John (I think))] (He may not know there is a wizard)

[Khan (John (I think))] the old guy in town may be the wizard

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Wasn't it Rold who said the elves were in league with the wizard?

[Khan (John (I think))] (yes)

[Rold (BOB)] (yes)

[Tori (Vicki)] ((yes))

[Kaz] LOL

[Kaz] that was an IC question

[Tori (Vicki)] "yes Rhys"

[Khan (John (I think))] So Tori, ask him when the incresed activity begain

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] So, the elves are in league with the wizard, but there is no wizard.

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates::

[Khan (John (I think))] or the orc is forgetting what he was suposed to say

[Rold (BOB)] the elves got angry about something

[Rold (BOB)] we stayed out of the forest more then

[Rold (BOB)] recently they seem to be less angry

[Rold (BOB)] so we are here more

[Tori (Vicki)] ((I don't think it'd be the problem with the orc as it would be the person playing the orc))

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates::

[Khan (John (I think))] like how recent are they less angry

[Rold (BOB)] (and I am trying to play him as teh confused low inteligence captive who is not supposed to be revealing anything)

[Rold (BOB)] in the last couple of weeks

[Rold (BOB)] they have not been as angry

[Khan (John (I think))] like the start of Winter?

[Rold (BOB)] they seems to not be in teh forest edge as much

[Rold (BOB)] yeah, when it got colder

[Tori (Vicki)] ((can understand now... if your intention is to confuse us all, it's working too ;)))

[Khan (John (I think))] boy he is full of helpful information

[Khan (John (I think))] (I can read between the lines)

Khan (John (I think))] (we are suposed to get confirmation that this started when Bouty hunter killed the elf)

[Rold (BOB)] (actually this was the encounter from last week you all skipped over, when you said you wanted to go forward and attack something)

[BiBo] cant expect that much usefullness out of him

[Rold (BOB)] (same as with Chohn)

[BiBo] talking to a captive orc we didnt have captive yet?

[Kaz] speak for yourself

[Rold (BOB)] (was supposed to be the convo with Chohen, then the orc encounter, then capture, so tonight we are catching that all up)

[Ariella (Christy)] we never stick to a plan

[John (I think)] why would elves pretend to be orcs and Dragonslayers and attack caravans

[John (I think)] just because one bountyhunter killed an elf

[BiBo] so that they dont get in trouvble for causing trouble

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Why would they attack caravans to begin with?

[BiBo] money

[Ariella (Christy)] so what bountyhunter killed which elf?

[John (I think)] they do not know

[Tori (Vicki)] ((does anyone have the ability to see through disguises?))

[John (I think)] yes, Paul

[Rold (BOB)] chuckles

[Tori (Vicki)] ((someone here?))

[Rold (BOB)] brb

[John (I think)] can I do a spell craft on the orc?

[John (I think)] to know one there

[Lira (BiBo)] well its clearly prosthetic skin. we should carve it off to be sure

[Ariella (Christy)] so someone's upset about some unnamed bounty hunter killed an elf who no one's knows his or her name?

[John (I think)] or that is what they want us to think (ie BOB)

[Ariella (Christy)] that's some sketchy information there.

[BOB] and Rold looks like a real Orc

[John (I think)] i give cohen the once over

[BOB] and the unnamed bounty hunter info can be had from the person who saw said bounty hunter which was not this Druid

[BOB] and yes to Cohen being a young Druid, human

[BOB] nothing that speaks out as "wrong" about either of them

[John (I think)] he is a druid

[BOB] with disquises and such

[John (I think)] er Druid

[John (I think)] or druid

[BOB] Druid

[BOB] on this side of the Great Mountains

[BOB] with a capital D

[John (I think)] khan makes a note not to tell Paul

[John (I think)] so I would normaly say we go back to town, but clearly there is an adventure here and we do not want to miss it

[John (I think)] Tori, sorry, ask him one more question

[John (I think)] Are there any other orc tribes in this area

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates::

[Lira (BiBo)] "and how big is this tribe"

[BOB] (the adventure is to solve the mystery, you very well may have to go back to town several times)

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates::

[John (I think)] the whole mystery?

[Rold (BOB)] there are two other tribes in the area

[Rold (BOB)] The incut tribe to the east

[Tori (Vicki)] :: Translates in Comm ::

[Rold (BOB)] and the rockjab tribe in the mountains to the West

[Rold (BOB)] (this part of the mystery yes John, who attacked the caravans in this area and why)

[Tori (Vicki)] ::then asks in orc:: "If there are only two tribes here, where do the Shorg tribe belong?"

[John (I think)] any changes in the way they interact recently

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates for others to know her question::

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates::

[Rold (BOB)] we hunt on the edge of this forest

[Rold (BOB)] and south

[Lira (BiBo)] how big are the 3 tribes

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] he didn't say there were two tribes in the area. He said there were two OTHER tribes.

[Rold (BOB)] we have about four fists of warriors in our tribe

[Rold (BOB)] the incut is smaller

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates in Comm:: then :: translates in orc::

[Rold (BOB)] and the rockjab is very strong

[Tori (Vicki)] ::translates back and forth:: (tired of typing when translating))

[Lira (BiBo)] how big is a fist

[Rold (BOB)] holds up a hand adn clenches it

[Rold (BOB)] opens and clenches

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] I'm thinking the number of fingers on his hand.

[Lira (BiBo)] gotta be more than 5.

[John (I think)] 4x5

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] that's twenty warriors

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] plus women, children, non-warriors

[BOB] and John what questions do you have?

[Lira (BiBo)] no one, everyone is lying or doesnt know the truth

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Khan, I believe it may be necessary to visit the village again.

[BOB] you did amazingly little research before sending out these people to solve the mystery

[John (I think)] well like you implyed there have been raider posing as DS for some time

[BOB] yes to John

[Lira (BiBo)] you always tell us to do research, and when we do we get nothing, then after you say why didnt you do research

[BOB] not implied but definate

[BOB] there have been many attacks on caravans

[John (I think)] forever

[Lira (BiBo)] we dont research because we dont expect to ever get useful info due to never getting useful info in the past

[John (I think)] when did they start pretending to be DS

[BOB] in the past several months

[Tori (Vicki)] Khan, do I need to translate it?

[BOB] it started in the summer

[Lira (BiBo)] at most we are told to look at the entry for a particular monster in the monster manual

[John (I think)] all over the silk road

[BOB] yes John

[John (I think)] any on "great trade route"?

[BOB] no

[Ariella (Christy)] were thet dressed like DS or did they just say it?

[John (I think)] this area was the first to say they were orcs?

[John (I think)] thay had our card

[Vicki] aren't we along the spice road, or is this along silk road?

[Lira (BiBo)] they had ds symbols

[Ariella (Christy)] we have cards?

[BOB] yes first that said they were Orcs

[Lira (BiBo)] little medals

[Lira (BiBo)] yeah

[Ariella (Christy)] so now people are saying that a bunch of ORC dragonslayers are causing trouble?

[BOB] some caravan masters are

[John (I think)] in this area only

[BOB] and they showed up at Roadhaven to be reimbursed

[BOB] for damages

[John (I think)] how stupid are they

[John (I think)] or do we think we would steal and give back

[Lira (BiBo)] seriously, who goes up to the people who attacked them and asks to be reimbursed for damages?

[BOB] the silk road travels right through roadhaven

[Lira (BiBo)] like, if we did that, we would just kill them

[Ariella (Christy)] i know that the DSers sometimes have a high rate of turnover (due to death and whatnot) but a whole bunch of orcs? No offense Tori, but orcs aren't exactly known for being DS quality

[BOB] which is what caught Wilson's attention, and when two attacks by Orcs happened, brought it up as a good place to start investigating

[Ariella (Christy)] so the orcs hear of bandits inpersonating the DS and think to themselves that sounds like a good idea?

[BOB] is one possiblity Christy

[BOB] if you think these orcs are coordinated enough for that

[Kaz] Who actually said it was orcs? The caravan leaders?

[BOB] nods

[BOB] I think it was John or Kaz that said it was Elves pretending to be Orcs

[Kaz] I vote that we hunt down the caravan leaders, who are surely the most idiotic morons ever to live, and beat the living snot out of them.

[Ariella (Christy)] i wouldn't think orcs could appeciate that plan enough to pull it off

[Lira (BiBo)] They wouldnt be smart enough to do it, i said that weeks ago

[Lira (BiBo)] and every week since

[Ariella (Christy)] elves masquerading as orcs masquerading as DS??

[Kaz] I also think the orcs are straightforward enough to not pretend to be someone they're not.

[Tori (Vicki)] and here we have an orc and not getting much for answers out of him

[Kaz] Why would they want caravans to fear the Dragonslayers, and not the mighty orc tribe?

[Lira (BiBo)] we arent gonna get those answers out of an or or a druid who knows nothing

[Tori (Vicki)] is it possible that the wizard may be involved and getting these orcs under spells?

[Ariella (Christy)] maybe their goal isn't getting the caravans but discrediting the DS

[Lira (BiBo)] which is why I didnt want to talk to either of these people to begin with

[Tori (Vicki)] I was following Khan's orders to talk to the orcs

[Tori (Vicki)] which was why I didn't attack

[BOB] and you are trying to find the elves to question them

[Lira (BiBo)] which is why I said at the beginning of the night, lets hurry up and get to that wizards tower

[Tori (Vicki)] ::asks in orc, then translates for others:: "Rold, do you know what area the elves live?"

[BOB] which you don't know where it is

[BOB] you are traveling mostly randomly through the forest right now

[Lira (BiBo)] we say hurry up hurry up, then we spend the whole night doing nothing

[Ariella (Christy)] we just don't like talking to Bob's very unhelpful NPCs

[Ariella (Christy)] because you only get a sliver of info if you ask precisely the correct question

[Ariella (Christy)] and it takes about 250 questions to find that exact question

[Ariella (Christy)] like I said earlier-attention span

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Well Tori asked a question and has yet to get an answer))

[Lira (BiBo)] every npc either knows nothing or never reveals what they know

[BOB] (what question?)

[Tori (Vicki)] ((I don't have the patience or attention span either))

[Kaz] maybe you have to piece the information together.

[Tori (Vicki)] ::asks in orc, then translates for others:: "Rold, do you know what area the elves live?"

[Lira (BiBo)] we have to get the information to piece it together

[BOB] he said earlier they live through out the forest

[BOB] it s their forest

[Lira (BiBo)] I thought we had clear directions to ths wizard tower and that the elves were likely to find us there

[Kaz] we had no directions to the tower

[Lira (BiBo)] thats what I was under the impression from the old lady that wasnt an old lady

[BOB] no you know there is a wizard's tower in the middle of the forest

[BOB] and that if you travel through the forest the elves will find you

[BOB] and you ahve spend a whole HOUR in the forest so far

[Tori (Vicki)] ::asks and translates:: "if it's the elven forest, why are you running into here if you hunt at the edge?"

[Lira (BiBo)] okay, so why are we talking to an orc who knows nothing and a druid who has never been in a forest?

[BOB] who do you want to talk to/

[BOB] that you know where they are?

[Tori (Vicki)] (( I was speaking to Rold))

[Ariella (Christy)] the theory is that if we walk on, the elves will come to us?

[Lira (BiBo)] yep

[Rold (BOB)] we hunt on the edge of the forest

[Ariella (Christy)] so let's mutitask and walk and talk at the same time

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Because we have an orc willing to talk to us and not attack us))

[Rold (BOB)] we are only a few hundred yards into the forest

[Rold (BOB)] (you are Chrsty)

[Lira (BiBo)] and the whole reason teh druid who has never been in a forest decided to come with us was that he could lead us through this forest to the tower

[Lira (BiBo)] thats what he said his selling point was

[Tori (Vicki)] "If we are only a few hundred yards into the forest, can you take us in further to where you stop hunting?"

[Tori (Vicki)] ((does that help?))

[Tori (Vicki)] ::asks in orc and translates in Comm::

[Tori (Vicki)] ((make the orc lead us further rather than wandering in their territory without a clue))

[Lira (BiBo)] I was totally under the impression that we knew where to fnid this tower, or at least had people with us who knew and that was the whole purpose of being here

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Nope, we wandered in clueless))

[Tori (Vicki)] ((because we were in a hurry to get this over with))

[Lira (BiBo)] granny said hey, the towers there, druid said hey theres a tower

[Rold (BOB)] from the previous session [Chohen] want me to show you the closest path into the forest?

[Rold (BOB)] and when asked if he knew the way to the tower

[Rold (BOB)] he responded

[Rold (BOB)] [Chohen] you are just a cute girl

[Lira (BiBo)] all the mentions of the tower kinda implied that it would be easy to find

[Kaz] Well, I hope he was talking to Lira and not to Khan.

[Rold (BOB)] everyone has said that it is in the middle of the forest

[Lira (BiBo)] a major landmark in the forest

[Rold (BOB)] chuckles

[Lira (BiBo)] and by middle I thought like literally the dead center

[BOB] yes to both Marco

[Lira (BiBo)] so.... why cant we get there?

[Lira (BiBo)] we have a ranger and a druid

[BOB] you can eventually walk around and find the center of the woods yes

[Lira (BiBo)] one of the two must be able to navigate us there

[Ariella (Christy)] okay, now that we've verified the tower, what say we go to said tower and bring the orc for further interrogation?

[BOB] and once again for Christy, how are you going to find the tower? by searching and looking and finding other people who live in the forest to tell you

[Lira (BiBo)] so, like I said, we arent clueless, the orc and druid are useless for info and lets get to the tower "-P

[Kaz] why are we going to the tower?

[Ariella (Christy)] why not?

[BOB] it not a why but a how at this point

[Ariella (Christy)] walk?

[Kaz] do we think the wizard is going to tell us about the supposed DS raids?

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Just to be crystal clear... what we know as players isn't what our characters know. The characters are clueless how to get to the tower))

[BOB] yes to Vicki

[BOB] so far you have not talked to anyone about how to get to the tower

[Tori (Vicki)] ((Bob, I knew that... just wanted to help clarify))

[Lira (BiBo)] then lets just start setting fire to trees until angry elves show up or all thats left is a wizards tower

[BOB] the two people here do not know

[Ariella (Christy)] okay Cho, do you or do you NOT know how to get to this tower in the forest/

[Kaz] I'm sure the ranger and the druid will love that

[Tori (Vicki)] ((and now Marco sounds like Mike))

[Chohen (BOB)] I know there is a wizard's tower in the middle of the forest,

[Chohen (BOB)] I have never been there,

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] Do you know anyone who has been there?

[Ariella (Christy)] do you have a general idea about the middle of the forest?

[Chohen (BOB)] we would have to follow the game trails, explore and hope to find some of the nicer creatures of the forest

[Chohen (BOB)] talk to them

[Chohen (BOB)] and hope they can guide us

[Lira (BiBo)] so why have we spent the last 3 hours here instead of doing that?

[Ariella (Christy)] well let's go find some kindly forest creatures then.

[Chohen (BOB)] like the blink dogs?

[Lira (BiBo)] blink dogs dont talk

[Ariella (Christy)] yeah, sure.

[Chohen (BOB)] the lawful good creatures that hung around

[Lira (BiBo)] they are useless

[Chohen (BOB)] ok

[Chohen (BOB)] so continueing to walk through the forest

[Lira (BiBo)] give me a hamster or badger and we can get some info, but blink dogs dont talk

[Rhys of Gilmairay (Kaz)] I was very interested in meeting the blink dog. I've never met one.

[Lira (BiBo)] leave the animals alone.