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Nov 18 11 - Witch Hunters - Rivers Bend Stories

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Nov 18 18:20:19 EST 2011 ====

[Master (to GM only)] You are here #8 moved 8'09".

[Master] walking dogs will be back up in a bit

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Guy has joined the game on Fri Nov 18 18:51:06 EST 2011

Guy is receiving the map Witches Island...

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Hello Sir

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Nov 18 18:51:46 EST 2011

Lisa is receiving the map Witches Island...

[Master] hello Lisa

Guy has received the map Witches Island.

[Master] hmm

[Master] not sure about why slow

Lisa has received the map Witches Island.

[Master] might be my net connection

[Master] but I did some work here today, then shut things down

[Master] so you might just be getting the new stuff

[Guy] once i got the opening message it finished loading pretty quick

[Master] ok

[Lisa] hello :)

[Master] I am going to send a new map to both of you

[Guy] hi lisa

[Master] ok good

[Master] that was not too painful

[Master] now one more new one

[Master] sigh

[Master] what do you see?

[Guy] i see a bunch of dots

[Master] ok so not the Dukes Bath House map

[Master] only the Regatta Grid

[Guy] nope

[Master] grrrr

[Master] and witches island now?

[Master] OK

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Nov 18 18:57:59 EST 2011 ====

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Nov 18 18:59:25 EST 2011

Lisa is receiving the map Witches Island...

Guy has joined the game on Fri Nov 18 18:59:41 EST 2011

Guy is receiving the map Witches Island...

Lisa has received the map Witches Island.

Guy has received the map Witches Island.

[Master] Ok

[Master] so no new map yet

[Master] food is at the door brb

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] so how are you both doing tonight?

[Master] and Guy can you play next week still?

[Guy] as far as i know im still able to play

[Guy] ill find out for sure tomorrow

[Master] ok

[Master] I am going to plan on having a game

[Master] Lisa said she can

[Master] going to guess you and or marco can

[Guy] sweet

[Master] how was the week there

[Guy] ugh

[Guy] at least theres no snow here

[Master] chuckles

[Master] no snow here either

[Master] rainy day though

[Master] is only 75

[Master] and I am going to put in the XP now

[Guy] i wish it was 75 here

[Guy] must has xp

[Master] Pending XP award: 500.

[Master] Pending XP award: 500.

[Master] and now to give you the pending XP totals for Witch Hunters

bret-63640 has joined the game on Fri Nov 18 19:09:42 EST 2011

bret-63640 is receiving the map Witches Island...

[Master] XP award: 3045. Level-up!

[Master] XP award: 2800. Next level in 4742.

[Master] XP award: 1399. Next level in 0.

[Master] XP award: 1399. Next level in 6400.

[Master] XP award: 3300. Next level in 36265.

[Master] XP award: 1399. Level-up!

[Master] XP award: 2800. Next level in 22000.

[Master] and welcome breat

[Lisa] Hi Bret :)

[Master] lisa guy check your XP now

bret-63640 has received the map Witches Island.

[Lisa] just a sec - picking spells

[bret-63640] hay

[Guy] weeeeeeee'

[Lisa] we are flying over the tree?

[Master] yes

[bret-63640] after we check the shed lol

[Master] yes to Bret

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Spells - CHANGED: Burning Hands -- # Memorized: +0 (+1), CHANGED: Detect Magic - Wizard -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Magic Missile -- # Memorized: +2 (+0), CHANGED: Read Magic -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Spook -- # Memorized: +0 (+1), CHANGED: Whip o' Pain -- # Memorized: +2 (+1), CHANGED: Phantasmal Killer -- # Memorized: +1 (+0), CHANGED: Polymorph Other -- # Memorized: +1 (+0),

[Master] still have checking here to do but flying over the tree on way home, so I gave out the XP up to this point so far

[Lisa] is that correct???

[Master] and by the way Bret, you have earned just under 2500 XP to this point

[Master] is what correct Lisa?

[bret-63640] ok

[Lisa] Indigo levelled???

[Master] yeap

[Lisa] yipee!!

[Lisa] on to short sword mastery

[Master] we need to talk about that yes

[Lisa] it's been so long

Guy skips around chanting "XP,XP,XP"

[Lisa] so he will roll when we get back to witch hut?

[Lisa] lol

[Master] back to budgeford

[Lisa] that's what I meant

[Lisa] have no idea why I typed witch hut

[Lisa] XP delirium

[Master] and so what do you want to do here

[Guy] search shed

[Lisa] yup

[Master] ok, it is night

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I thought it was morning

[Master] are you going out to the shed where the Wisps are?

[Master] not yet

[Master] we are going to jump to morning as soon as you want to

[Master] but you never explored this building yet

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought we were sleeping there and searching in morning - weren't we?)

[Guy] ok so we explore this building

[Master] this room used to be some sort of common room

[Guy] ok so we sleep then explore in the morning lol

[Master] there is the fireplace

[Master] the table and ruins of chairs

[Master] and two nests of rags and weeds along that one side

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] the door to the outside, and the open doorway there to the west

[bret-63640] grumbles i cant find the dam exp chart in my 2 ed books

[Master] is on the site

[Master] chapter 1

[Master] but do not worry too much about it as you are a long way off from leveling

[Master] Belros is level 5

[Master] with zero XP to start

[Master] so you have not yet caught up to that level yet

[Master] and Sarengar and Belros looking in that next room?

[Guy] yup

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Sarengar moved 17'11".

[Master] Belros Milner moved 17'01".

[Master] this large room has an open doorway on the one wall

[bret-63640] ya i was just looking at it

[Master] the room it littered with weeds and garbage

[Master] there used to be some sort of chandeler there (the round thing) but it is on the floor in ruins

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] there is the one window near the far end that has oil cloth tacked up over it

[Master] and the doorway there

[Sarengar (Guy)] Be Careful in here no telling what may have crawled in

[Master] that has a door

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] nods

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 13'03".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Belros care to check the door for anything unusual

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] Belros Milner moved 23'06".

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] Belros Milner moved 33'09".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 1'07".

[Belros Milner (bret-63640) (to GM only)] Belros Milner: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 50!!

[Master] Belros snorts and pushes the door open

[Master] too rickety for a trap

[Master] but then the stench from inside hits you

Sarengar (Guy) draws his cutlass

[Master] and you see two dead halfling bodies rotting away on palets there

[Sarengar (Guy)] those poor halflings

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "well now we know why it smells like something died"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 10'01".

Indigo (Lisa) walks into the next room

[Indigo (Lisa)] Find anything interesting in here?

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "other then the dead botys no"

[Sarengar (Guy)] just a couple of bodies

Indigo (Lisa) shakes his head, "Smells awful"

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((bla cant type tonight lol))

[Master] Time of Day: 08:22 PM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Fey {Mid Winter} 15th, 339 SKR.

[Sarengar (Guy)] yeah they must have been here for a while

[Indigo (Lisa)] She kills the priest and just dumps them in a back room. Who does that?

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "some one into nercofela"

[Indigo (Lisa)] Don't know how she could have stood living in this filth

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((wate was that a featish back in this time lmao))

[Sarengar (Guy)] she probably never even noticed it

[Master] jsut toss the food where you were last eating it

[Indigo (Lisa)] We should probably shut that door and try to keep back the stench if there's nothing else in there.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Guess we'll be sleeping in the front room tonight

[Sarengar (Guy)] i agree

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "youldent sleep in here for any amount of gold "

[Master] ok, so who is standing guard?

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] wouldent*

[Sarengar (Guy)] i will

[Indigo (Lisa)] (3 watches as usual?)

[Master] yeap

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo will take one and Branwyn can take eithe r1st or 3rd with someone - she doesn't have spells left)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (at least not ones worth using most likely)

[Sarengar (Guy)] she needs a full nights sleep to regain her spells

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] i can take a shift

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so she can do 1st or 3rd - just not the middle shift)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (anyone have a preference?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo wil do 2nd shift)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ill take the last shift

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Sarenger will do 1st and Branwyn and Belros will pull 3rd)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (aha - a decision - okay Belros and Bran will go first then)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] sure

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 11'00".

[Master] and so Lisa roll a d20 please

[Indigo (Lisa)] (let Bret roll 1st shift)

[Master] ok

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((u just walked into a trap ))

[Master] Breat you roll a d20

[Indigo (Lisa)] (don't want to be responsible for 2)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] wow thats not my name

[Master] grins sorry

[Master] eating and typing

[Indigo (Lisa)] (he can't type either)

[Master] Mr Bret could you please roll a d20

[Master] grins

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] lol u get that

[Master] no

[Master] just type it here

[Master] {

[Master] d20

[Master] }

[Master] that will roll a die in the chat

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] (d20) [1d20=12] 12

[Master] ok

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] aha ok lol

[Master] and now Sarengar

[Sarengar (Guy)] (d20) [1d20=13] 13

[Master] and finally Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=15] 15

[Master] and no encoutners over the night

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] wooots

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 16 Mid ___ tre, Fey {Mid Winter} 16th, 339 SKR.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (and some night healing - wonderful)

[Master] Sarengar's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 22 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Llathandryll's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 16 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Belros Milner's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 19 (2) - Unharmed

[Master] Grevic Rowan: No adjustments made.

[Master] Koorin's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 17 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Branwyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 21 (3) - Moderately Wounded

[Master] Indigo's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 35 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Viridis Dundragon: No adjustments made.

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "ok so who is makeing the coffie "

[Master] no lights out side when you check

[Master] and so what are you doing with your bright shiny new morning?

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((thats a good thing right))

[Sarengar (Guy)] ill head for the shed

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 29'01".

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((geting some coffie then checking out that other building ))

Indigo (Lisa) follows Sarengar outside

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 33'01".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 27'01".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 28'01".

[Master] good solid door there for Sarengar

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] back i relly just put on some coffie lol

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] Belros Milner moved 13'02".

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] Belros Milner moved 25'05".

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] Belros Milner moved 51'09".

Sarengar (Guy) knocks on the door

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] Belros Milner moved 8'10".

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] Belros Milner moved 36'00".

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] whant me to look for traps

[Indigo (Lisa)] (always :) )

[Belros Milner (bret-63640) (to GM only)] Belros Milner: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=19] 19 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 50!!

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] bob thats on the door

[Master] Belros starts to shove on the door and then stops and points to a thorn near the handle

[Master] AHHHH

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "its a trap see"

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((oops))

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "u could aways try to kick it oppen tho"

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((why not))

Sarengar (Guy) tries to break down the door

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] (trps normaly meen theres something good inside they dont whant people geting at)

[Master] really?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sure - this could be fun)

[Master] OK

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yeah ill try it))

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Open Doors check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 9!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she says from the other side of the bridge)

[Master] make a save versus poison

[Master] Sarengar

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sweet)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ok can i try to remove what ever the trap is bob

[Master] and Sarengar snage his trouser on the thorn but avoids getting scratched by it

[Master] just need to make your traps roll again Belros

[Belros Milner (bret-63640) (to GM only)] Belros Milner: Open Locks check:(d100) [1d100=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 75!!

[Belros Milner (bret-63640) (to GM only)] Belros Milner: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=17] 17 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 50!!

[Master] ok

[Master] and the trap is disarmed

[Master] Belros tosses the thorn into the water

[Master] and the door is also unlocked now

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] oppens the door

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] lol

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] 'the trap is gone and its unlocked

[Master] and inside you see a pile of coins

[Master] somewhere over 500

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((woots looooooottttt))

[Master] mixture of silver and copper, with a few gold glittering in there too

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (think she could have paid for maid service or at least to fix her chandelier)

[Master] and some metal halfling armor

[Master] chain mail

[Master] and studded leather

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (seriouslY???)

[Master] yeap

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (indigo's been waiting forever to get his made back home and we just run into some)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((sweet))

[Master] just have to kill a couple dozen halfling clerics and there is sure to be a set that fits almost right

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (all armour halfling sized?)

[Master] yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we'll take them - Koorin might make use of them too)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (koorin in studded leather - kinda scary thought)

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((korn is a clearic right i thought they could only were cloth stuff ))

[Master] so what do you want to do with the loose coins?

[Master] what do you have to carry them in?

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((anyone got a back pack

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((clerics can wear any armour,but if she wears anything more than leather she has a penalty to her thief dkills))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (fills pack with 500 coins and promptly falls over backward)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((ok havent played 2nd ed in forver lol ))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo always has his large sack with him but not sure all will fit)


[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how did I not know a link was coming)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] we can split it up amoung all of us for now

[Master] ask and thou shalt receive

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] that way we can get it out of here

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((lol))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not sure copper is worth the trouble - like taking 500 pennies)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] 500 pennys is still 5 $

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] thats around a galon of gass

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((im good with digging through and takingh just the silver and gold))

[Master] if you spend an hour or two

[Master] you can sort through it fairly well

[Sarengar (Guy)] ill do that then

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (room has nothing but the pile of coins in it?)

[Sarengar (Guy)] and the armour

[Master] (2d12) [2d12=3,1] 4 gold pieces and (3d30) [3d30=30,30,27] 87 silver pieces and several hundred copper pieces along with two suits of chain mail and three of studded leather all halfling sized

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how hard is it to take the armour?)

[Master] will double check on the weight for you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (indigo is wearing plain leather but he might want one of the studded ones)

[Master] 20 pounds per chain mail suit, 13 pounds per studded leather

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (have a strange picture in my head on that - doesn't seem like something you want to be seen walking around in)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] and how many of them are there

[Master] 2 & 3

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((id wear the studded for now but keep a chainmail for when we arent on the water))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how much extra protection do you get versus the plain leather?)

[Master] wearing any metal armor will force you to sink in water

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so studs will sink you)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i think studded is ac7))

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "lets pack up and get out of here "

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((no studded leather is still leather))

[Master] no, studded leather contains extra strips of metal sandwiched between layers of lether to make it stronger

[Master] but in any case

[Master] it only increases your AC by 1

[Master] so Indigo would forgo it I think

[Master] leather is 8 studded is 7 chain is 4

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((brb))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (makes sense)

[Master] and for the 90 coins you need at least a small sack

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so everybody is good with taking gold and silver and armour? Leave the copper?)

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] sure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (indigo always carries his large sack in case of loot)

[Sarengar (Guy)] yup

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((back if you couldnt tell lol))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we should be good then)

[Master] one large sack will hold 30 pounds

[Master] so one suit of chain and the coins?

[Master] leaving the rest/

[Sarengar (Guy)] yup

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] brb

[bret-63640] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can branwyn carry a piece of armour? - we are going to halfling village - they would probably be happy to see us bring them back)

[Master] you can

[Master] just will slow you down to 6

[Master] but Indigo is moving that so

[Master] moving along?

[Master] anything before moving back to the village?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sarengar want to carry any of this back with us?

[Sarengar (Guy)] sure ill carry sopme armour

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Great!

Branwyn (Lisa) hands him the other chain mail set, while she picks up a leather one

Branwyn (Lisa) tosses Belros one of the leather ones, leaving only one behind

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not bad

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Nov 18 20:22:45 EST 2011

BiBo!!! is receiving the map Witches Island...

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((and now we can take all the armour lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (armour is worth something)

BiBo!!! has received the map Witches Island.

[Master] welcome marco

[Sarengar (Guy)] howdy marco

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hi Marco :)

[Master] I see your body is cooperating today

[Master] and so any last minute things to do before making yoru way back to the village?

[BiBo!!!] heya

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can't think of any)

[BiBo!!!] man that was slow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There you are! Here take this. Maybe we can sell them back at the village.

Branwyn (Lisa) hands Llathandryll the last set of leather armour

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::looks at the leather armor::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Unless Koorin wants one of these of course

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We have chain mail and studded leather

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Well she likes leather. anything special about it?"

[Master] it is free?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (it will most likely fit her)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((is what free?))

[Master] halfling sized chain mails (2 suits) and studded leather 3 suits

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You can think about it on the walk home

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((standard though?))

[Master] halfling sized but yes normal armor

[Master] you did find the magic dagger and the magic pot

[Master] cooking pot

[Master] at least that is your guess

[bret-63640] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] and the goblet

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] back

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((I am sure koorin would like a magic cooking pot. as for the armor, i think she already has some))

[Master] ok so moving along with yoru day

[Master] you gather up the coins and the armor

[Master] eveyrone takes their potty break

[Master] and you start off back towards budgeford

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] sweet

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((cool))

[Master] you make it past the Ogre hut

[Master] and the still not reset deadfall traps

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((we get spells back right?))

[Master] then when you approach Old man willow

[Master] you fly back over him

[Master] and then walk the rest of the way into town

[Master] and yes to marco you have full spells

[Master] and now you get to take advantage of the XP awards from earlier

[Master] so Indigo and Sarengar can roll their new hit points, etc

[Sarengar (Guy)] yay

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] everyones levellin. time to train again?

[Sarengar (Guy)] (d10) [1d10=10] 10

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] woot

[Sarengar (Guy)] YES!!!!

[Master] smile

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] nice

[Master] oh and Marco you shorted your self when you did the XP split, I found 500 XP you missed in your math

[Sarengar (Guy) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Sarengar modified: Combat - Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 33 (23). Melee THAC0: (THAC0) : CHANGED: 15 (16).

[Master] Koorin is updated to the moment too

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 6 (5). Warrior: (WARL) : CHANGED: 6 (5). Personal Information - Next Level:: CHANGED: 64,000 (32,000).

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] i havent changfed my xp total at all, but okies

[Master] everything is corrected now

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Llathandryll modified: Spells - CHANGED: Bind -- # Memorized: 2 (+1), CHANGED: Fly -- # Memorized: 0 (+0), CHANGED: Suggestion -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 1 (2).

[Master] not that it will matter for the moment

[Master] she will leave tonight to go get two thief levels of training

[Master] to have them finsihed before the next story arc

[Sarengar (Guy) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Sarengar modified: Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 6 (5). Ranger: (RL) : CHANGED: 6 (5). Personal Information - Next Level:: CHANGED: 75000 (36000).

[Master] letting Lisa and Guy update sheets

[Sarengar (Guy)] im good

[Master] then we will do the roleplay at the village before Koorin leaves

[Master] oh and Marco do you remember Ksenia?

[Sarengar (Guy)] i get 1 weapon and 1 nonweapon proficiency

[Master] besure to note that on the training page Guy

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Combat - Melee THAC0: (THAC0) : CHANGED: +15 (+16).

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d10) [1d10=2] 2

[Master] booo

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] one more time!

[Master] no

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that sucked especially since it will be 10 years before he levels again)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he gets a bonus thogh doesn't he?)

[Master] yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (1?)

[Master] is his con bonus

[Master] 2

[Branwyn (Lisa)] thank you

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 39 (35). Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 40 (36).

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (think Indigo is all fixed)

[Master] looks to be

[Master] Ok

[Master] talking to the mayor?

[Master] and or?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes - we're hungry)

[Master] Time of Day: 02:48 PM. Day 16 Mid ___ tre, Fey {Mid Winter} 16th, 339 SKR.

[Master] lol

[Master] first tea is served

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] ((lol ))

[Master] LOL

[Bill (Master)] Hello there! I was just writing to the temple to tell them that you were lost

[Master] Belros Milner, Indigo, Branwyn, Koorin, Sarengar and Llathandryll moved 81'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We were only gone over night!

[Bill (Master)] not many survive a night in the marshes

[Bill (Master)] let alone when the witch is stalking people

[Bill (Master)] how did you escape her?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But it was very sweet of you to be worried about us

[Sarengar (Guy)] there was no need for us to escape her

[Bill (Master)] passes out biscuits as his wife pours tea

[Sarengar (Guy)] she wasnt able to escape us

[Bill (Master)] he looks at you puzzled

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] :: holds up a jar of snail:: "This is her."

Indigo (Lisa) takes a biscuit happily and dips it in his tea

[Bill (Master)] wife drops tea pot with a crash

[Bill (Master)] and yelps

[Bill (Master)] Bill looks at the jar closer

[Bill (Master)] she does not look like a witch?

[Indigo (Lisa)] She used to! Before Branwyn turned her into that!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Not anymore. Add some salt and she will look a lot more witchy I guarantee.."

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "but things arent aways they seem"

[Bill (Master)] how did this happen?

[Bill (Master)] looking at Indigo

[Bill (Master)] seriously?

[Bill (Master)] looks at Branwyn

[Bill (Master)] you are a might mage?

[Bill (Master)] I had hoped you would be able to survive the dangers of the marsh

[Bill (Master)] but to do this?!@?!

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are you sorry we brought her back?

[Bill (Master)] no

[Bill (Master)] I am happy she is gone if she truely is

[Bill (Master)] will make the entire village happy

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Would you like her as a pet?"

[Bill (Master)] NO

[Bill (Master)] coughs

[Bill (Master)] I mean no that would not be appropriate for me

[Bill (Master)] I am sure that Miss Branwyn knows far better what to do with such a thing

Sarengar (Guy) grins at Bill as reaches for a biscuit

[Bill (Master)] the mayors wife brings out a new teapot and resumes pouring for everyone

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I was thinking of just salting her."

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "how about fryed snal "

[Branwyn (Lisa)] After what we have seen at her hut, I would like nothing more than to see her destroyed

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Once she dies, she will turn into a witch again."

Bill (Master) looks at his wife

[Bill (Master)] I think we are good here dear

Bill (Master) looks back at the group

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "So cooking her is kinda out, unless you like witch."

[Bill (Master)] cooking?

[Bill (Master)] what do I need to know?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "You have a recipe for witch? I didnt know they were edible..."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh stop it! The mayor doesn't want to hear such things

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] just roster like a pig smothered in honny

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "He asked..."

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] never know might taste lich chicken

[Bill (Master)] looks at the group cautiously

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Chicken can become liches? What a weird thought."

[Bill (Master)] what did you find out there?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I think the witch was a type of hag. Certainly wasnt any normal race. She was far too strong for that."

[Bill (Master)] a hag you say?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It was not a pretty sight, Bill.

[Bill (Master)] I thought they lived in groups of three

[Bill (Master)] what do they call them? a covey?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Sometimes."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Coven maybe?"

[Bill (Master)] ahh

[Bill (Master)] coven sounds more like it than a bunch of quail

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Well, you hunt them down the same." ::grins::

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] "i still say we burn her "

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Salting would be more fun."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "We can burn the remains after."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] As Llathandryll said, she will turn back into her original form upon death. You might want to do this in front of the village so that they will all know that the witch has truly been killed.

[Bill (Master)] and we can hope she does not have two sisters out there still

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is not something I would want to do at tea time

[Bill (Master)] I never considered the idea that she could be a hga

[Bill (Master)] hag

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Well mayor, do you think the people want to watch her die for their peace of mind?"

[Bill (Master)] oh no

[Bill (Master)] I think we shoudl send her to the temple

[Bill (Master)] they are the ones who put this burden on poor Koorin

[Bill (Master)] they shoudl see what they almost did to her

[Bill (Master)] how bad this might have turned out

[Bill (Master)] maybe that will make them think twice next time

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Okay, we can purify the witch there."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::shakes the bottle:: "Hear that? we are going on a little trip!"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] At least you can let priestesses stay in your village once again

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We managed to find several sets of armour fit for halflings. We thought maybe the village would be interested in acquiring them

[Bill (Master)] that is very gracious of you

[Bill (Master)] I will make sure you get fair market value for them

[Master] what are you letting go?

[Master] Indigo keeping one set of chain? Koorin keeping anything?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo has a set of chain waiting for him back home - not sure he needs two sets)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((not unless its magic, doesnt need the extra set))

[Master] grins will be months before he makes it home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (wait - he'll take the chain for outreach)

[Master] and Koorin does not want chain?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((she cant wear chain. only thief armor))

[Master] she can wear chain, just lots of minuses to her rolls

[Master] there is a chart for that on the site, grins

[Master] want a link?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((not according to her god. unless its elven chain))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Master] ahhh

[Master] so giving up 3 studded leather and 1 chain

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We have one set of chain mail and three sets of studded leather armour

[Master] 135 gp

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sold)

[Master] you know that is almost twice what you should have gotten for them,

[Master] but no one will buy for less

[Master] so now Koorin is heading out to the temple with the bottle of snail

[Master] and the chalice?

[Master] and or?

[Master] there are 12 holy symbols

[Master] some of them are halflings

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (before she goes - did she recognize any of the religious symbols we found?)

[Master] most I mean

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you said 9 last week)

[Master] 9 halfling gods, 3 non-halfling

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I guess she would take them to the temple

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] at least the halfling ones

[Master] what about the chalice?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] whats the chalice?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that is Norse isn't it?)

[Master] yes

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] find out if theres a reward for it frist

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] holy thing?

[Master] apparently

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so why would her temple want it?)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well, its norse, so no need to take it

[Master] for a tithe

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] would they take it?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] or want it?

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] i think we should take it th the church it goes to

[Master] the would exchange it with a Norse church

[Master] but you can do that too as Bret points out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she's giving them a boatload of symbols - she is not handing over a 2000 gp chalice)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well, if they can handle the exchange of all symbols, she will take them all

[Master] she is paying 1400 for two levels of thief training

[Master] plus the 9 halfing symbols

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] rember 2000gp was the price if we sold it on the black market

[Master] group is taking the chalice ?

[Master] giving Koorin some extra cash for a tithe?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] they can distribute all 12 symbols?

[Master] sure

[Master] the other 3 they can figure out

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] then she will take them all I suppose

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (will that work or does she need more?)

[Master] Ok, so Koorin heads out with a couple of gypsies who are traveling, she will return to Rivers Bend on 7-3-340

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can she send some healing my way before she goes? or are we clicking back to rivers bend?)

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::heals everyone before heading on her way::

[Master] more money to the church is always good

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thank you)

[Master] Sarengar's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 23 (1) - Moderately Wounded

[Master] Llathandryll's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 17 (1) - Unharmed

[Master] Koorin's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 18 (1) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Branwyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 22 (1) - Moderately Wounded

[Master] Indigo's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 40 (1) - Unharmed

[Master] Sarengar's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 33 (10) - Unharmed

[Master] Llathandryll: No adjustments made.

[Master] Koorin's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 21 (3) - Unharmed

[Master] Branwyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 30 (8) - Unharmed

[Master] Indigo: No adjustments made.

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] koorin can handle a tithe I think

[Master] anythign else to handle here in the village?

[Master] or CLICK to Rivers Bend?

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] cant think of anything

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at mayor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Have you heard anything from the gypsy Thyme?

[Bill (Master)] No I have not

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] presumably we get the stuff id'd in the down time

[Bill (Master)] but I would not expect her to be through here for several months

[Bill (Master)] if then

[Branwyn (Lisa)] oh well. I was just curious

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I was rather fond of her

[Bill (Master)] smile, I am glad you made friends, one can never have too many

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is true. And I hope we can all count on each other on that front

[Bill (Master)] I am most grateful to you Mistress Branwyn

[Bill (Master)] you and your friends have done a great service to our humble town

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It has been our pleasure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And I do hope that we shall meet again soon

[Bill (Master)] I only hope under happier circumstances

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes!

[Bill (Master)] and maybe we can have a proper meal for once!

[Sarengar (Guy)] Mayor with the food your wife makes i shall have too tell sailors that stopping here for a good meal is a must

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Its not a restaurant man."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "You dont want to put them out with random sailors from all over the world lining up at their door."

[Master] everyone says their good byes

[Sarengar (Guy)] it wouldnt be random sailors it would be only a few that i trust

[Master] several of the girls try to get Indigo alone in a corner

[Master] wanting to hear about his adventurers

[Indigo (Lisa)] (poor indigo)

[Master] the Mayor sets up the Inn for a feast for supper before you leave

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((lol))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (just when we have to leave)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((lucky koorin isnt there :-P ))

[Master] and in the evening you manage to make a gracious exit

[Master] sailing to Rivers Bend

[Master] and arriving there without complications

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] wooo

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] our training schedule cant handle complications

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Master] Ok, so everyone is back on the base map for ease now

[Indigo (Lisa)] (now we have 7 weeks to kick back at the palazzo?)

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 18 See ___ tre, Fey {Mid Winter} 18th, 339 SKR.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((and train any profs we need to train))

[Master] not really

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((most of us should have at least one))

[Master] Koorin - training in 2 thief levels (1400for14weeks) -1 done Llathandryll - training in NWP (signature spell) (700gpfor7weeks) -1 roleplay Regatta di Peipus on 1-12-339 SKR (sailing on the lake) Llathandryll - learn spells ?? Gp over ?? days Branwyn organizes upcoming trip to Outreach

[Master] that is from the Players Communication page

[Sarengar (Guy)] well i only am training 1 thing and thats the net


[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((lol))

[Master] I have two minor stories I want to run

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you want training now then?)

[Master] the Regatta di Peipus and a party

[Sarengar (Guy)] we arent sailing in the regatta right

[Master] yes

[Sarengar (Guy)] we are?

[Master] this is a different one than the Storica

[Master] what I wanted to do is run that and a party

[Master] then we tidy up and leave for Outreach

[Sarengar (Guy)] brb

[Master] each one is a single thing, takes a couple of hours of game time

[Master] so one game session at the most I think

[Indigo (Lisa)] (how long is the race in game time? can he train and still be in race?)

[Master] yes

[Master] race is a one day thing

[Master] party is a one night thing

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I have to go to temple of air & light - however long that takes)

[Master] nods

[Master] you have 14 weeks plus a day or three

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] lol, we are never going to stop racing are we

[Master] I am skipping over one of the regattas

[Indigo (Lisa)] (how much do we pay for Guy's training?)

[Master] and the last one if you do not want to run it

[Master] 700 gp

[Master] for 7 weeks

[Master] I wanted to run three of the five regattas so you see what each of them is like

[Indigo (Lisa)] (okay - will figure it out)

[Master] then you can decide in the future if you want to come back for more

[Sarengar (Guy)] back

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we already paid for Llathandryll

[Master] be right back

[Master] drinks

[Sarengar (Guy)] and training for me is 7 weeks?

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (yes)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((everything takes 7 weeks to train as a base. pay more money and you can speed it up. pay less and you can slow it down))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((pay nothing and you can slow it down to infinity))

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] (how about paying buy not killing the traner )

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((you could do that, but then your alignment becomes evil and bob takes you over))

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] (thats only if u kill him u could bluff and just say u would kill him )


[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((besides that, it is unlikely you would get through 7 weeks of training without the guards arresting you))


[Indigo (Lisa)] (is it odds and ends time?)

[Master] yes to lisa

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] identify!

[Master] grins

[Master] and appraising

[Master] etc

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we have a fancy wooden box to appraise

[Master] everyone will be doing something

[Branwyn (Lisa)] a piece of amber

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] money isnt so important. no one accepts that as payment anyway

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's all I have for appraising)

[Master] and for Identify?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I don't have a pearl)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we can get one here easy enough

[Sarengar (Guy)] and soon the nety will be coming out of the party pack

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] just deduct the money pretty much, that should be fine

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how much is that going to cost us and what do you want to identify?)

[Master] yes you can get a pearl here

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] and remember, one casting lets you id your level in times

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] 100 gp

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] omfg my chat disapeared again

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you know that spell I take it)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I do, but the highest level person should do it

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] as the % chance of it succeeding is based on level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that would be you)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what do you want to identify anyway?)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] bran doesnt know it?

[Sarengar (Guy)] what about identifying the net

[Master] Bran is the highest level mage

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] shes way higher level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I got detect magic and really don't know why since it is turning out to be a pretty useless spell)

[Master] we will do this tonight, next week start with regatta, then run the party

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well she can learn it. she would have a 80% chance to id as opposed to llaths 50%

[Master] the Sailing Event rules are on teh site, will let you go search for the link, grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I generally pick spells that will kill things)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] id takes 8 hours to cast, so you pretty much only prep it in town

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I am not spending 700 gp on spell training and 100 for a pearl etc and no one has even said what they want to identify)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] the magic items we just found

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] and trust me, its worth it

[Master] not 700 on spell training, is 100 per spell level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (then you do it)

[Master] but it is 100 pearl every time you cast the spell

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I can, but you have a much better chance of succeeding and you get more chances to do it

[Sarengar (Guy)] the net and the goblet

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] so if I cast it, I get 5 chances and 50% because I am 5th level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I think it would be cheaper to start a fire and boil some water and see what happens)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] if you do it you get 80% and 8 chances

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] for the same casting

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and the net - I have been asking to toss it on someone for months)

[Master] you have the dagger and pot from the witch, you have the net and ??

[Master] that is three items so far

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] it would only take you a day or two to learn and maybe 100 gp

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (why don't you want to do it? I don't understand why you are pushing a spell on me that you already have)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I have told you why. you are 3 levels higher, which means you have 30% better chance to succeed and 3 extra chances per casting

[Master] Llath has a 50% chance of finding something out, and up to 5 somethings, Bran can do 80% and 8 somethings

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] 80% chance to get it right vs 50 for me

[Master] for the same spell, cast with the same 100 gp pearl

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] its a big difference

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] outside of these times when we figure out what magic items are, you can just forget about the spell. it wont be a problem. you only need to use it during these downtimes

[Master] Ok, anything else beyond those three items?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] net, dagger, pot. cant think of anything else

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] hay everone im gona head to bek im about to fall asleep at the desk

[Master] have a great night Bret

[Master] see you next week?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] okies

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] nighty

[Belros Milner (bret-63640)] yep night all

[Sarengar (Guy)] night bret

bret-63640 has left the game on Fri Nov 18 21:58:13 EST 2011

[Master] ok

[Master] there are misc potions and scrolls too in the party pack if you get any extra chances

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh, we have random potions too?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we can id those too

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] how many?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] at least 2

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] okay, thats at least 5 things we need identified

[Master] Ok so Marco make your Indentify roll on the dagger, the net then the pot

[Master] and then we will see what happens from there

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] bran is definately not learning the spell then?

[Master] not at this moment

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=13] 13

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=6] 6

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=9] 9

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] go me

[Master] Ok so the first two work on teh dagger

[Master] turns out it is a +1 dagger, +2 against paladins

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] is it an evil dagger?

[Master] the next one works on the net, it is a +2 net

[Sarengar (Guy)] sweet

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] should probably destroy the dagger

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=13] 13

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=46] 46

[Master] ooops sorry +1 net

[Sarengar (Guy)] BOOOOOOOOOO

[Sarengar (Guy)] no changing you already said it was +2

[Master] the pot is a potion pot

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] wassat do?

[Master] and that final roll gets you the how it works

[Master] you pour one potion into it

[Master] plus an equal amount of pure water

[Master] and you have two equal potions to drink out of the pot

[Sarengar (Guy)] sweet

[Master] but you know there is more

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] is there a limit to how much we can do this?

[Master] but you do not have enough Identifies to figure tha tout

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] guess I need to cast again

[Master] ok

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] still need to id potions anyway

[Master] so that is two 100 gp pearls so far

[Master] and you get 5 more rolls

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=91] 91

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=27] 27

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=1] 1

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=56] 56

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] (1d100) [1d100=43] 43

[Master] so you know there is somethign about the pot but no clue what, will have to gain another level or have someone else cast to figure otu what

[Master] then you have an Ointment of Far Seeing, works on teh Elemental plan of Ice, you found that during the Skull Church adventure

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] random

[Branwyn (Lisa)] which one is that on the party pack list?

[Master] then you have a Scroll of Ha Rahni, that is the set of scrolls from the oriental area

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] wait, I thought I was iding the potions. read magic is fine for the scrolls

[Master] yes they did a read magic and knew it was from the oriental area but no one knows that langueas

[Master] so this works to help you solve that

[Master] and the final two rolls I guess are not used

[Master] ?

[Master] or do you have something else to indentify?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] you said there were 2 potions

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have no idea which potion Bob already did

[Master] that was the potion with unkown effect

[Branwyn (Lisa)] what I was thinking was the one that potion with unknown effect - no effect on skin, metal, wood, or Foriso's eye

[Master] that only works on the elemental plane of ice

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] lol. you tested it on his eye?

[Master] so unable to know what it does with out Indentify

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so that was not the potion we have labelled ICE

[Master] no

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] probably

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he put it in his eye!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] or not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Guy will have to explain that one

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] lol

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] that is like the worst possible place to test a random substance

[Sarengar (Guy)] i dont remember anymnore

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we also have oil that spreads thinly over a surface

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] cept possibly the genitals

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] possibly

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no idea what that does

[Branwyn (Lisa)] any liquid spreads over a surface

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] true that

[Master] I have marked that you gave that one to the Temple of air and light

[Master] you found it with the gremlins, gave it to the temple

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol - I don't have that - was probably because we didn't know what it did)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (i'll take it off list)

[Master] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (origami paper?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if we have extras)

[Master] youhave one set of paper, is several sheets

[Master] and the last one is an Oil of Anger

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] awesome... we need to get angry more

[Master] that covers all the unknown stuff I do believe

[Master] lisa can double check that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (apparently the list is not correct - so that would be a no)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I will fix with this informatrion though)

[Master] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we have two scrolls unread

[Master] yes

[Master] priest scrolls

[Branwyn (Lisa)] one is identify

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] read magic is no problem. thats free at least

[Master] from witch hunters

[Branwyn (Lisa)] any type of priest in particular?

[Master] you have not read them yet to know

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] huh?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we should have had koorin read them before she left

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] a normal read magic spell will tell us what they are thoough right?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] even if we cant use them

[Master] Oh you did have one last identify that worked, you can use that to say the dagger that Branwyn has is a +2 dagger, that she found in the Dragon Turtle wreckage

[Master] no

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh yeay

[Master] mage read magic will tell you they are priest scrolls

[Master] priest needs to read to know what they are

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] how do priests id scrolls then? they dont have a read magic spell

[Master] they do not need it

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ah, then they just know looking at it?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] is that +2 to hit or to damage or both?

[Master] both

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] always both unless stated otherwise

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] what are we gona do with the paladin killer?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] keep

[Master] and when you have someone who can appraise there are other things too

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we already have knights pissed off and having a knife designed to kill paladins probably wont win us any friends

[Branwyn (Lisa)] what if a paladin gets changed into a vampire and we need to kill him

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I think he loses his paladinhood whne changed into a vampire

[Master] depends

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] as he needs to be lawful good

[Master] plus you could give it to the paladins

[Master] rather than destroy outright

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we should probably do that in the very least

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I dont like the idea of keeping around a weapon ofobviously evil intent. it will only get us in trouble

[Master] no paladins around here

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] and then the paladins will owe US a favor mwahahahaha!

[Master] perhaps one or two visitors but there is the Paladin order in Drillian

[Sarengar (Guy)] dont have to worry about any knights anymore

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] still, dont wanna have people thinking we are paladin hunters or something

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] the sooner we are rid of it the better

[Branwyn (Lisa)] you can't tell by just looking at it

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we cant, but it might have a history and someone might recognize it if it does

[Master] that would be a Bard's legend lore

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] for example

[Sarengar (Guy)] well all im off to bed yall have a good night and i should be in next week

[Master] points to the bard standing in the corner waiting to show up

[Master] good night Guy

[Master] see you next week!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] night guy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so we are doing day after thanksgiving?

[Master] yes

Guy has left the game on Fri Nov 18 22:30:59 EST 2011

[Master] regatta and party

[Master] and during the week tidying up things and getting ready to go to Outreach

[Master] so in two weeks should be starting Flower Power

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] finally lol

[Master] going to send you both the new map

[Master] that loaded faster for you right Lisa?

[Master] and Marco you are loading now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] most of the party that was supposed to be going on this adventure isnt even around anymore lol

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Llathandryll modified: Spells - CHANGED: Spectral Force -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Suggestion -- # Memorized: 2 (1), Non-Weapon Proficiencies - DELETED: 1 free slot, null, null, null, null, null. Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 3 -- Maximum: 3 (2), CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 3 (1).

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] is it supposed to be basically a grid?

[Master] yes

[Master] Llathandryll moved 6'11".

[Master] llath there now as a marker

[Lisa] makes me think we are playing battleship

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] then its all loaded fine

[Master] the rules for the Sailing Events are on the site

[Master] you go through that starting line

[Master] around the first mark

[Master] around the second mark

[Master] back through the finish line

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I saw a version of battleship where the ships were big enough to hold shot glasses

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] and you took a shot when you were hit

[Master] everyone gets 500 XP for competing

[Master] and 1,000 XP for the winner

[Master] everyone is their own boat

[Lisa] that could be fun

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh, its an individual thing?

[Master] which lisa? regatta or drinking?

[Master] grins

[Lisa] either one

[Master] yes to Marco

[Master] is why I wanted to run this regatta

[Master] to show the three different types

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I have 0 faith in my ability to win

[Master] well read teh rules page this week

[Master] and ask questions

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] no boating skills and average physical stats at best

[Master] nothing like that applies

[Master] only thing that matters is Sarengar will get one extra bonus Puff Card if he makes his boating check

[Master] other than that everyone is even

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] puff card?

[Master] grins, you will have to read the rules

[Lisa] okay - I am taking off

[Master] I will be around this week too you can grab me to do a trial run if you like

[Master] have a great night Lisa

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] nighty

[Lisa] happy thanksgiving and goodnight

[Master] see you soon!

Lisa has left the game on Fri Nov 18 22:37:25 EST 2011

[Master] and you have a good day sir!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] thanks. laters

BiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Nov 18 22:39:33 EST 2011