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Nov 16 12 - Everyone Knows

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Nov 16 18:30:37 EST 2012 ====

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Nov 16 18:55:36 EST 2012

BiBo!!! is receiving the map rocky outcropping...

BiBo!!! has received the map rocky outcropping.

[Master] Llathandryll moved 14'10".

[Master] Howdy

[BiBo!!!] heya

[Master] going to test a new map with you

[Master] to see how fast it loads

[BiBo!!!] looks loaded to me

[Master] no a different one

[Master] more photo realistic

[Master] but ti will not work

[Master] you see the rocky outcropping now right?

[BiBo!!!] looks loaded to me

Guy has joined the game on Fri Nov 16 19:02:51 EST 2012

Guy is receiving the map rocky outcropping...

[Master] the other is still trying to load for you but only at 14%

[Master] hmmm

Guy has received the map rocky outcropping.

[Master] Hello Guy

[Master] you have the new correct map

[Guy] howdy

[Master] Marco do you still see a map?

[BiBo!!!] I see A map. if it is supposed to be a rock in the woods, then I see the map

[Master] yes you have the right map then

[Master] I am searching for the right map for the cave there in that hill

[Master] the one I was going to use apparently will not load

[Master] in a reasonable time for you guys

[Master] we do know that Lisa will be late

[Master] Tamara will not be in

[Master] so TMO and Bill are unknowns

[Guy] i probably wont be in for long depends on how much more pain i wind up in

[Master] what happened to you?

new guy has joined the game on Fri Nov 16 19:10:16 EST 2012

new guy is receiving the map rocky outcropping...

[Guy] couple weeks ago karens cat ran between my legs and tripped me

[Guy] my knee slammed into a wooden chest we have and ever since its been in agony

new guy has received the map rocky outcropping.

[BiBo!!!] and I will be making my dentist trip in about 20 minutes. should be quick as usual I hope

[new guy] unknowns?

[Master] and welcome Bill

[Master] grins

[Master] now we know you will be in

[new guy] heh

[Master] so to get you started properly tonight

[Master] what calamity happened to you Bill?

[Master] Marco has Dentist, Guy has a broken kneecap

[new guy] wrestled with and snapped a large wolf's neck... to save a halfling girl... not sure how I'm topping that

[new guy] well nothing this week.. few weeks ago had a bad case of food poisioning.. that sucked

[Master] grins

[Master] I did give Androp extra points for that last week

[Master] this week you are coming out of the woods and trying to figure out where the Kings Road is

[BiBo!!!] every road is the kings road. he doesnt like other people owning roads

[new guy (to Master only)] wasn't thinking of extra points ... was just thinking it was cool to save someone by thinking outside the box some

[Master (to new guy only)] and that is why you got the extra XP for thinking out of the box, grins

[Master] so the trees are thining out

[Master] you are wandering a bit

[Master] and you hear a whistle like a bird call

[Master] those with appropriate skills should make a roll

[BiBo!!!] Koorin: Detect Noise check:(d100) [1d100=36] 36 - ROLL FAILED against 20!!

[new guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[new guy] is alertness an appropriate skill?

[Master] no

[Sarengar (Guy) (to GM only)] Sarengar: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Master] thinking nature skills or survival

[BiBo!!!] observation?

[Sarengar (Guy) (to GM only)] Sarengar: Survival check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[new guy] nope.. don't have any of those.. but have tactics.. can I tactically observe something about the birds?

[Master] make an observation check

[Master] grins no to that

[BiBo!!!] dont have it :)

[Master] Sarengar failed both checks

[Master] Ok

[Master (to GM only)] Sarengar moved 24'02".

[Master] Androp Ilkep moved 39'11".

[Master (to GM only)] Sarengar moved 10'02".

[Master] Koorin, Cat, Ogre #2, Ogre #7, Lizardman #39 and Llathandryll moved 20'00".

[Master] Sarengar, Androp Ilkep, Cat, Ogre #2, Ogre #7, Koorin, Lizardman #39 and Llathandryll moved 32'05".

[BiBo!!!] sorry, gotta run

[Master (to GM only)] Witch #2 moved 8'04".

[Sarengar (Guy) (to GM only)] Sarengar: Boating check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[BiBo!!!] back in a bit

[Master (to GM only)] Sarengar moved 8'01".

[Master] Androp Ilkep moved 7'06".

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] well this will be awkward then

[Witch #2 (Master)] HSSSSSTTTTT

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((hmm my rolls arent showing up))

[BiBo!!!] I specialize in awkward (^.^)v

Witch #2 (Master) holdin gup hand to stop

[BiBo!!!] I am away from the keyboard.

Androp Ilkep (new guy) moves forward with his crossbow at the ready

[Master (to GM only)] Sarengar moved 3'02".

Witch #2 (Master) holding both hands out gesturing to stop

[Witch #2 (Master)] HSSSSSSSSS

Androp Ilkep (new guy) looks surprised but stops ... keeping his crossbow pointed at the person hissing

[Witch #2 (Master)] holds up one finger to her lips

[Witch #2 (Master)] quiet

Witch #2 (Master) gestures to move to your right

[Master] Witch #2 moved 11'04".

Witch #2 (Master) keeping both hands up and open

[Master] Witch #2 moved 5'03".

[Master] are you staying there in the middle of the path?

[Master] or moving?

[Master] Ogre #7, Cat, Ogre #2, Koorin, Lizardman #39 and Llathandryll moved 61'03".

Androp Ilkep (new guy) frowns and looks at Sarengar for a moment and then does as he is bid, keeping his crossbow aimed at the witch

[Master] Androp Ilkep moved 13'06".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 19'01".

Witch #2 (Master) whispers be very quiet

[Sarengar (Guy)] (((shes hunting wabbits lol)))

[Witch #2 (Master)] don't you know that a snail kite only calls out as the sun sets? why didn't you stop when you heard that?

Androp Ilkep (new guy) looks at the witch like she is crazed, "Uh.. yea. You see the thing is... " continues in a whispering tone of voice

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] I'm just looking for the road out of these parts so if you could point us in the right directions we'll be sure to listen to snails and fly some kites when we get back to civilization. Okay?

Sarengar (Guy) whispers to androp "whats a snail kite?"

[Witch #2 (Master)] looks at the two of you and shakes her head

Androp Ilkep (new guy) shrugs but keeps his eyes ont he witch

[Witch #2 (Master)] it is a hunting bird you fools

[Witch #2 (Master)] what kind of bandits are you ?

[Witch #2 (Master)] I thought I hired competent thugs

[Witch #2 (Master)] I thought there would be more of you too

[Sarengar (Guy)] we arent bandits

Witch #2 (Master) snorts,

[Witch #2 (Master)] fine, not bandits

[Witch #2 (Master)] what do you call your selves now? down on your luck men at arms, just trying to make a living?

[Witch #2 (Master)] still whispering

[Sarengar (Guy)] personally I call myself a ranger and I call you a cray hag

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((crazy))

[Witch #2 (Master)] a ranger would be great for this I suppose

[Witch #2 (Master)] if I needed to track where those retched beasts where but I know that

[Witch #2 (Master)] I hired you to get my stuff back from them

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Did you now? Could you refresh our memory of the deal?

[Witch #2 (Master)] I paid Tim at the bar to have a group of bandits meet me east of the road out of sight of the hills

[Witch #2 (Master)] he promised me he would send some competent strongarm types

[Witch #2 (Master)] I told him it needed to be more than a handful but he would know best

Androp Ilkep (new guy) glances at Sarengar and then back at the witch

Sarengar (Guy) shakes his head

[Androp Ilkep (new guy) (to Master only)] Tim at the bar... did we meet someone named Tim.. I can't remember

Androp Ilkep (new guy) shrugs and speaks quietly, "And you were supposed to meet them here at this time?"

[Witch #2 (Master) (to new guy only)] nope, you have not been in a bar in days and that was the other end of the swamps

[Witch #2 (Master)] TMO says have fun storming the castle without him, he might log in very late

[Androp Ilkep (new guy) (to Master only)] yea I know that but wasn't there a village or something we stopped in briefly fo

[Witch #2 (Master)] they were supposed to be here sometime today

[Androp Ilkep (new guy) (to Master only)] something with werewolf captives

[Witch #2 (Master) (to new guy only)] not after that werewolf village

[Witch #2 (Master) (to new guy only)] yeap that is the one but that was days ago

[Androp Ilkep (new guy) (to Master only)] there was no tim at the werewolf village?

[Witch #2 (Master)] so you two are it?

[Witch #2 (Master) (to new guy only)] not that you know of

[Witch #2 (Master)] you must think you are pretty good then

[Witch #2 (Master)] so what is your plan?

[Sarengar (Guy)] to walk away and leave you here?

[Witch #2 (Master)] what?

[Witch #2 (Master)] HSASSSSS

Androp Ilkep (new guy) chuckles, "Plan, yea.. about that... "

[Witch #2 (Master)] hissing through her teeth

[Witch #2 (Master)] how are you going to get my stuff back?

[Witch #2 (Master)] do you think those giants will just hand it back over to me?

[Sarengar (Guy)] id say you were going to have a bit of trouble getting your stuff back

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] We're not who you're looking for... we're just moving through this area to get to King's Road...

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Maybe you're hired help will be along shortly.. or maybe they won't. Either way... we'd appreciate you pointing us the right way.

[Witch #2 (Master)] you tell me you are afraid of a couple of giants?

[Witch #2 (Master)] what kind of bandits are you?

[Witch #2 (Master)] they have my kettle

[Witch #2 (Master)] that was magiced by my grandmother

[Witch #2 (Master)] I need that back

[Witch #2 (Master)] you can have anything else I just need my kettle

[Sarengar (Guy)] how many giants are there?

[Witch #2 (Master)] see now you are making more sense

[Witch #2 (Master)] two

[Witch #2 (Master)] young ones I speculate

Androp Ilkep (new guy) frowns and looks at Sarengar

[Witch #2 (Master)] foolish to pick on me

[Witch #2 (Master)] but what can I do when my hip is acting up

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Sarengar, you're not really thinking about doing this are you?

Sarengar (Guy) winks at Androp

[Sarengar (Guy)] what kind of giants were they and which direction did they go?

Androp Ilkep (new guy) sighs and shakes his head but remains silent, lowering his crossbow

[Witch #2 (Master)] they are up there in a cave on that hill

[Witch #2 (Master)] I think they are still inside but I tried to keep out of sight, that is why I was stopping you

[Witch #2 (Master)] we have to be quiet them might hear us

[Sarengar (Guy)] I never said we were going after them

[Witch #2 (Master)] I cannot beleive you

[Witch #2 (Master)] I thought I was hiring good bandits

[Sarengar (Guy)] I told you we arent bandits

[Witch #2 (Master)] someone who could strong arm some people and get my stuff back

[Witch #2 (Master)] hisssses through her teeth again

[Witch #2 (Master)] so what do you want then

[Witch #2 (Master)] if you go get my stuff back

[Witch #2 (Master)] if you are not bandits

[Witch #2 (Master)] I know I know just men at arms down on your luck

[Witch #2 (Master)] I don't care what you call your selves

[Witch #2 (Master)] I just want my stuff back

[Witch #2 (Master)] you can keep what ever else they have in there

Sarengar (Guy) looks at Androp "what do you think?"

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] I think... I don't want to fight giants without proper motivation... beyond some kettle

Androp Ilkep (new guy) looks at the witch poignantly

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Listen, if you struck a deal with someone, what was his name?

[Witch #2 (Master)] I on't know any bandits, that was Tim's task

[Witch #2 (Master)] he was supposed to send me some bandits

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Tim... right. And where did you talk to this Tim person?

[Witch #2 (Master)] back in town

[Witch #2 (Master)] you know tim

[Witch #2 (Master)] everyone knows tim

[Witch #2 (Master)] what are you trying to pull?

[Witch #2 (Master)] you won't get any money from me until I get my stuff back

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Everyone, huh? Well, how about you indulge me and tell me about this Tim person.

[Witch #2 (Master)] squints at you

[Witch #2 (Master)] Tim, big guy, red head, runs the general store, only place to get ale in these parts for miles around

Androp Ilkep (new guy) nods once, "I think I need to go have a talk with Tim. There was no mention of giants.

[Witch #2 (Master)] well you can do that after you get my kettle back

Androp Ilkep (new guy) shakes his head, "Yea, about that... I don't know how to put this any more directly... we're not the people you hired"

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] You get it? We're not the bandits you hired... we don't know any Tim person and we're sure as hell not going to fight giants for some iron pot of yours. Is that perfectly clear you snail listening sunset kite flying crazed person?

[Witch #2 (Master)] I do not fly

[Witch #2 (Master)] blinks

Sarengar (Guy) chuckles

[Witch #2 (Master)] you really don't know that a snail kite is?

[Witch #2 (Master)] small bird? looks like a hawk?

[Witch #2 (Master)] hunts the edges of the marshes for snails

[Witch #2 (Master)] you can't even be a ranger can you?

[Witch #2 (Master)] believe you that you are not bandits, you aren't good enough to be bandits

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] No, I don't and really don't care. Good luck with your hired help.

[Witch #2 (Master)] what are you two farm boys trying to find your way in the world?

Androp Ilkep (new guy) looks over at Sarengar, "Are we done here?"

[Witch #2 (Master)] no no

[Witch #2 (Master)] hssssss,

[Witch #2 (Master)] look

[Witch #2 (Master)] maybe you are not the bandits I wanted to hire

[Witch #2 (Master)] but you can do the job anyway

[Witch #2 (Master)] I don't care who does it

[Witch #2 (Master)] are you good men? you wouldn't want ot see an old lady getting robbed on the side of the road would you?

[Witch #2 (Master)] you would want to do something about that right?

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Well, unfortunately for you ... I do care if it is me going after a couple of giants...

[Sarengar (Guy)] oh so you go from hiring thugs to being a old lady whose been robbed

[Witch #2 (Master)] the world is a dangerous place, an old lady has to do what she can to get by

Androp Ilkep (new guy) chuckles, "Yea, first she's hiring thugs and now she is a helpless old woman. What next?"

[Witch #2 (Master)] do you need a love potion?

[Witch #2 (Master)] squints at the two of you

[Witch #2 (Master)] what am I saying

[Witch #2 (Master)] of course you need a love potion

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Like I said, maybe your hired bandits will be on their way here ...

[Witch #2 (Master)] how do I know

[Witch #2 (Master)] you are here

[Witch #2 (Master)] you can do the job

[Witch #2 (Master)] that works for me

[Witch #2 (Master)] I will even make you both a love potion

[Witch #2 (Master)] when you bring me back my kettle

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Not interested. I don't like the idea of making someome love me if they don't do it willingly... and beside.. helpless old women don't use such things anyway.

[Witch #2 (Master)] of course I don't use love potions, I don't need that to catch a man

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Why don't you slip some of that love potion into a drink and have Tim drink it... he'll be more apt to help you then

[Witch #2 (Master)] Tim? I don't think he could get my kettle back

[Witch #2 (Master)] and why are you changing the subject?

Androp Ilkep (new guy) thinks a moment

[Witch #2 (Master)] you are supposed to be getting up there and getting my kettle, not talking about my love life

[Witch #2 (Master)] you two are strong boys

[Witch #2 (Master)] you should be able to hand it to those louts easy enough

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] What about vampires? Do you know anything about killing them?

[Witch #2 (Master)] sure

[Witch #2 (Master)] stab them in the heart

[Witch #2 (Master)] cut off their heads

[Witch #2 (Master)] burn the bodies

[Witch #2 (Master)] then they might not come back

Androp Ilkep (new guy) rolls his eyes, "Yea, good idea"

[Witch #2 (Master)] only think that for sure gets vampires is sun

[Witch #2 (Master)] gestures to The Mist all around

[Witch #2 (Master)] and that is not happening anytime soon

Androp Ilkep (new guy) looks at Sarengar again, "Are we ready to move on?"

[Witch #2 (Master)] you can't leave!

[Witch #2 (Master)] I will shout out

[Witch #2 (Master)] I will

[Witch #2 (Master)] you try to leave and I will scream bloody murder

[Witch #2 (Master)] the giants will come get you

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] I'm pretty sure if you attract the giants' attention I can outrun you

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Especially someone with a "hip that is acting up"

[Witch #2 (Master)] you would throw an old woman to the giants??

[Witch #2 (Master)] you are a bad man

[Witch #2 (Master)] I guessed right that you were bandits

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] You're calling your own doom on yourself if you start screaming and the giants come. Not my fault nor my problem

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Nah, not yet."

[Sarengar (Guy)] if we were bandits you wouldnt be standing ther babbling

[Master] Ogre #7, Cat, Ogre #2, Koorin, Lizardman #39 and Llathandryll moved 80'00".

[Master] Ogre #7 moved 15'09".

[Master] Llathandryll moved 8'08".

[Master] Koorin moved 3'06".

[Witch #2 (Master)] so who is the rest of your motley crew then?

[Witch #2 (Master)] they sure look like bandits to me

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Tax collectors."

[Witch #2 (Master)] (LOL)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "That is the proper term we prefer to be referred by."

[Witch #2 (Master)] well then go collect from those giants!

[Guy] sorry all im done my knee is killing me

[Witch #2 (Master)] (feel better Guy!)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Have these giants been bothering you ma'am?"

[Guy] night all

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((nighty))

Guy has left the game on Fri Nov 16 20:21:44 EST 2012

[Witch #2 (Master)] (Marco I take it you did not read the chat? Bill can you sum up for him please)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((every time I try, it scrolls back down whenever someone says something))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((so I never bother))

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Listen... this crazed old woman *indicates the witch* thought we were bandits... she hired.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Oh. Well if you hired us, we need our payment."

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Bandits! And that we're supposed to go get some iron pot that was taken by a couple of giants up on that ridge

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "We accept gold, magic or virgins."

[Witch #2 (Master)] you can have anything you find in there except for my kettle

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Us going to steal from some giants does not constitute you paying us."

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Now, I don't know about you... but I don't feel like tangling with some giants for some iron pot.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "That is just us going and stealing stuff for our own profit."

[Witch #2 (Master)] well I thought I was hiring some decent bandits

[Witch #2 (Master)] I did promise to make a love potion or two for you after you get back

[Witch #2 (Master)] it is hard to move aorund with this bad hip and all

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Now we are talking."

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Maybe you did... But we're not them.

[Witch #2 (Master)] I should say so, you are not decent bandits at all, you must be very bad at this

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Very well. 2 love potions for your pot. We get to keep anything we find. Do the giants need to stay alive for any reason?"

[Witch #2 (Master)] what do I care?

[Witch #2 (Master)] you can add them to your menagere there

[Witch #2 (Master)] all I want is my kettle

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Very well. Let's go."

[Witch #2 (Master)] I get the cat

[Witch #2 (Master)] even the lizardman and ogres,

[Witch #2 (Master)] but why do you want to keep a halfling around like that?

[Witch #2 (Master)] is that some weird elf thing?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "She cooks."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "You wouldnt believe what she can do with food."

[Witch #2 (Master)] maybe when you get back we can exchange reciepes

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "REALLY?!?!?!"

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "Hurry! LETS GO!""

[Master] Branwyn and Indigo moved 157'09".

[Master] Llathandryll moved 33'03".

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "What kind of giants are they if you dont mind me asking?"

[Witch #2 (Master)] hill giants

[Hill Giant (Master)] Ok so on the outcrop map now

[Hill Giant (Master)] you are hding behind those trees

[Hill Giant (Master)] you can see an overhang there

[Hill Giant (Master)] that covers up an cave area

[Hill Giant (Master)] it can't be too deep in there

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] So we see a giant lizard and thats it?

[Hill Giant (Master)] the top of the hill might be 60 feet higher than where you are standing now?

[Hill Giant (Master)] yeap

[Hill Giant (Master)] giant lizard sunning itself on the ledge there

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "I am gonna go talk to it!"

[Master] you are hiding in the shrubbery there near the base

[Master] scale is correct

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] Ogre #2 moved 4'06".

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] Koorin moved 65'09".

[Master] Koorin moved 6'02".

[Master] that is about a ten foot rise there where the bare rocks are

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] need a climb walls or something?

[Master] that would work

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Climb Walls check:(d100) [1d100=20] 20 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 55!!

[Master] ok so that would be one round of sneaking up to it

[Master] then one round of climbling up and a bit onto the upper ledge

[Master] Koorin moved 10'05".

[Master] Koorin moved 26'03".

[Master] Koorin moved 11'09".

Androp Ilkep (new guy) stands by the shrubbery leaning on his staff

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Um... should we stop her or something?"

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((need another check?))

[Master] if you want to scramble up that bit yes

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Climb Walls check:(d100) [1d100=19] 19 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 55!!

[Master] Koorin moved 17'05".

[Master] Koorin moved 20'03".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin moved 22'10".

[BiBo!!!] Koorin targets Giant Lizard. Distance: 273'07"

[Master] Time of Day: 08:57 AM. Day 27 See ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 27th, 342 SKR.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ...huh? I was using the measuring tool and it said this was 30 feet, now I target and it says 300

[Master] I show it is about 30 feet

[Master] with the altitude

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] so its 30 feet then? not 273'07"?

[Master] correct

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] okay

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin casts a spell against Giant Lizard: Animal Friendship: I convince an animal that I want to be friends.

[Master] checking HD

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] hopefully 10 or less

[Master] Giant Lizard: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!

[Master] so it fails its save

[Master] wait

[Master] no

[Master] that spell takes an hour to cast

[Master] is she really going to do that?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yep

[Master] OK

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] it sits calmly for the duration of the spell at least

[Master] so you are all down there waiting on her

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] casting

Androp Ilkep (new guy) takes a seat as Koorin casts

[Master] Ok

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "We should probably go up there in case something decides to eat her while she is having a chat..."

[Master] Time of Day: 09:00 AM. Day 27 See ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 27th, 342 SKR.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] :: walks over to Koorin::

[Master] Time of Day: 10:00 AM. Day 27 See ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 27th, 342 SKR.

[Master] so an hour is ticking away

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((is there a way up that doesnt require climbing?))

[Master (to GM only)] Hill Giant #3 moved 4'05".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] from the north for example

[Master] no that is a sheerer way up

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ah

[Master] but as you see from where you are a hill giant does poke his head out of the cave

[Master] stands on the ledge to look around

[BiBo!!!] Llathandryll targets Hill Giant #3. Distance: 143'01"

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Llathandryll casts a spell against Hill Giant #3: Charm Monster: I charm (2d4) [2d4=3,1] 4 hit dice worth of creatures or 1 creature of 4 hit dice or more on a failed save vs spell.

[Master] Hill Giant #3: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

[Master] holy cow

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] :D

[Master] there has to be a limit to that?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] 60 yards

[Master] Ok

[Master] so he is charmed

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I wonder how many friends he has..."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Lets go ask."

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] ((added to the menagerie))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Llathandryll moved 84'00".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::waves to the hill giant:: "Hey up there!"

Androp Ilkep (new guy) stays seated by the shrubbery

[Master] he squints down at the noise

[Master] grunts

[Master] but apparently does not understand you

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Do you speak common?"

[Master] no response

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::nods:: "Guess not. How about jotun?"

[Master] (does Llath speak that?)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((no. but that is besides the point))

[Master] chuckles

[Master] brb as you two figure out a plan

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] ((My plan is pretty simple... hang back by the shrubbery and wait))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((mine seems to be to charm everything that comes our way then march on whatever castle we are headed to with an army at my back))

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] ((that works))

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] wry grin the problem is communicating with them

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((thats fine. we just point and click))

[Master] so

[Master] you have a hill giant charmed up there

[Master] and after a while Koorin finishes with her animal friendship spell on the giant lizard

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] koorin has a mount now

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] its big enough to ride right?

[Master] yes

[Master] for her it is

[Master] 15 foot long

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yay. she has a mount

[Master] so what next?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I guess we make our way up. I motion for the others to come

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] is there any point where the incline is kind enough to not require checks?

[Master] no

[Master] if you area giant it is not much more than an inconvience

[Master] would be like a 4 or 5 foot tall wall to you

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::waves at the hill giant and points to himself and friends, motioning like he is picking something up and carrying it up the mountain::

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] ((can't we just stand on an ogre or get a boost from one?))

[Master] Hill Giant #3 moved 36'02".

[Master] Koorin moved 24'08".

[Master] Koorin targets Hill Giant #3. Distance: 1'04"

[Master] reaches down to pick Koorin up and drops her on the ledge

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::smiles::

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "thanks!!"

[Master (to GM only)] Hill Giant #4 moved 13'07".

[Master (to GM only)] Hill Giant #2 moved 3'02".

[Master] is your group moving up?

Androp Ilkep (new guy) gets up and moves over to the rock incline

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((arg... something just came up that I need to take care of. I need to get going :( ))

[Master] chuckles

[Master] poor Bill

[Master] how do you want to handle this?

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((sorry!))

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] um... probably postpone... because Androp is not going against hill giants by himself

BiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Nov 16 21:08:53 EST 2012

[Master] do you want to just get out while the getting is good?

[Master] get back to the road?

[Master] climbing the hill you can see the road from here

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] well, it just is unfortunate because Androp really has no desire to help this old woman

[Master] that is fair enough

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] fighting hill giants for a kettle.. yea that wisn't something he would do

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] but I'm the only player so I think we should call it a night and wait for the others to decide.. I don't want my characters choice to ruin everyone elses desires

[Master] ok

[Master] I understand that

[Master] I am certain they will go along with what ever you do

[Master] grins

[Master] but I agree you should not be taking on hill giants by your self

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] nah.. they wouldn't . They'd be interested in getting the kettle and seeing what loot the giants have...

[Master] Ok

[Master] so we will pause it here then

[Master] and pick up next week

[Master] Lisa and everyone should be back by then also

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] unfortunately... I won't be here next week... as I'll be out of town for the holiday

[Master] DOH!

[Master] where are you heading off to?

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] which probably works out though because this isn't something Androp would be interested in overly muich... Pittsburgh

[Master] family there?

[Master] one of the older players Lorie, is from Pitz

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] yep... aunt, uncle, two kids... big house inviting a lot of the family over for turkey day

[Master] she does not get a chance to log on except once a year or so

[Master] that is a very good thing

[Master] we are planning on small this year

[Master] only 8 of us

[Master] we did one time make the effort to get everyone in the same room

[Master] was 34

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] they have a huge house... haven't seen it yet so that willb e good too

[Master] sounds like a very good time

[Master] get to be gone for more than just the three days?

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] yea it should be... not looking forward to the flight though

[Master] yeah that is where Lisa is

[Master] was in Seattle all week for work

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] fly out Wed. and back the following Tues.

[Master] the extra day should be good

[Master] Wed will be crazy

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] yea should be

[Master] LAX just got the "award" for being the second worst airport

[Master] after O'Hare

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] thankfully I'm flying out of Burbank and not LAX

[Master] I imagine that is much easier

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] and I leave early in the morning so I should be there by dinner time Wed. night... which is ideal. Just hopethere are no delays or cancellations.. happened to me once before on Thanksgiving... ended up having turkey at a holiday resort with the USC football team.. kinda sucked

[Master] yeah not how I would envision it

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] in Phoenix

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Anyway, I'm going to get some food. Sorry for the no show tonight... I'll see you in a few weeks. Have a great holiday.

[Master] have a great night and trip

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Best holiday if you ask me

[Master] see you after everything!

[Master] I do like it

[Androp Ilkep (new guy)] Take care and thanks

new guy has left the game on Fri Nov 16 21:18:39 EST 2012

XP awarded