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Nov 05 04

mikE has joined the game

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

Lorie has joined the game

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] hey lorie

[DM] just finished our pool game

[mikE] hey lorie

[DM] will sent the map to you now

[DM] did you get that?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening all... how are you doing

[DM] welcome

[mikE] i'm thirsty

[mikE] and hungry

[DM] so I assume that means you map loaded?

[mikE] and i gotta pee.

[mikE] and i'm bored.

[mikE] and i ran out of cows to count

[DM] well that takes care of two of those right there Mike

[DM] get a cup, take a pee, drink, you won't be hungry after that either most likely

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, I have a map

[DM] great

[DM] and 333, will add that in right now

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] 333 who else is there?

[DM] Marco

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Ahh.. ::waves at Marco::

[DM] brb

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[mikE] okay. bob wants us to move along.

[mikE] know what that means? get the key, lorie.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] whoo hoo... I'm outtie outtie boudie boudie

[mikE] yay

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] what are the 3 of us supposed to do now? keep going down a path and kill stuff for no treasure???

BiBo!!! has joined the game

[BiBo!!!] heyo

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening Marco

BiBo!!! is now controllingAlastair

Jessica has joined the game

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening Jessica

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's bob

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] oh

Jessica is receiving the map...

Jessica has received the map.

[mikE] so what are we doing, lorie?

[mikE] it's past start time, so lets get going. you're the leader. :)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] okay, how quickly can we knock this thing out?

[mikE] the dungeon in whole?

[mikE] i'd guess about an hour the way it's so empty

[mikE] if we air walk around, the sharks can't get us.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... Marco can your familiar or whatever scout ahead for us?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I have a familiar?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] unless you're talking about laila

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] dont you have some animal that you travel with?

mikE is receiving the map...

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the gryphon that I left upstairs?

mikE has received the map.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ok, nevermind

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] why is the map gone?

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] bob's doin something

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what I don't know

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] but something

[DM] I took off the people who are not here

[DM] it went black

[DM] just a sec

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well then we cast air walk and go... scout it out and don't stop to pass go. We make this a recon and unless it's lots of treasure or a little girl, we don't stop and smell the roses, deal?

[DM] Lorie what do yoiu see?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well there's still this cave pouring out sharks

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] nothing

[DM] grey or black?

mikE has left the game

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we can go in there

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] why didn't we cast wall of stone or something and keep going

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Black

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] because there's probably more in there

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and by more, I mean more than just sharks

[DM] there is a problem with the router tonight I am afriad

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay

[DM] Nyrmna had a hard time loging on

[DM] and there are no local games showing here

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] can we manage without the Map?

mikE has joined the game

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I have a map, so yeah

[DM] Marco has the map

[DM] and the rest of you will soon

[DM] mike has it too now Lorie

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... so we need to kill lots of sharks... with airwalk Mike and I can cast like we're on land.

[DM] you are still black

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we have further down the tunnel, or shark spewing underwater tunnel

[DM] and there are no sharks visible

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I say we might as well go with the shark spewing, because if we don't now, we'll have to deal with em later

[DM] you shoudl be good now Loie?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and we might not be in as good a position to be dealing with them later

[mikE] but we see no sharks.

[DM] do you want me to clear the dead sharks?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh but we will

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, map here... agreed marco.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] please clear them Bob. thanks

[mikE] yeah. unless we want to animate them.

[mikE] wait.

[mikE] animated sharks could be fun.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::thwaps mike::

[DM] Bruce

[mikE] drag us around, fight off other sharks.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] into the shark cave!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Follows Marco

[mikE] i can't swim.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] none of us can, we're walking

[mikE] okay. right.

[DM] well then the place the sharks were coming out of is underwater

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's okay, we can still breathe

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and walk

[DM] and the tunnel you were heading down

[DM] becomes submerged allso

[mikE] who's going first?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::already went::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] big fighter...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::follows::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] lookie that, another shark

[DM] Shark #1 targets Alastair. Distance: 15'03"

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] init?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Alastair: Initiative:(d10+10+0) [3+10+0] 13

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] visual?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] another shark

[mikE] Finglass: Initiative:(d10(+10+-2)) [10(10-2)] 18

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] roll initiative

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Kylia Wolfslayer: Initiative:(d10+10) [3+10] 13

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well anothe dolphin that we're pretending is a shark

[mikE] bob died

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] LOL

[DM] Shark #1: Initiative:(d10+20) [5+20] 25

[DM] INIT: 13

[DM] GOING: Alastair, Kylia Wolfslayer

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] evil dolphin

[mikE] Finglass targets Alastair. Distance: 6'10"

[mikE] Finglass no longer targets Alastair.

[mikE] Finglass targets Alastair. Distance: 6'10"

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I can't see he shark to attack, is it within sword distance?

[mikE] Finglass no longer targets Alastair.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nope, not that you could underwater

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, then I cast bless on us, +1

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] cast magic missile at it's butt

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ooh... I could do that too

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or fin, or anywhere really

[mikE] Finglass targets Shark #1. Distance: 21'05"

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's all the same damage

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Kylia Wolfslayer: Magic Missile: I spy with my little eye a suitable target for (5d4+1)thesemissiles(dc={10+11) [(3+2+2+1+1)+)(] -1)

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Alastair: Magic missile: I cast Magic Missile at the darkness!!! (5d4+5) [(4+3+4+2+4)+5] 22 pts of damage! (DC=(10+1) [10+1] 11)

[DM (to GM only)] Shark #1's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 5 (-36) - Massively Wounded

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] uh, I think my spell damage is wrong

[Jessica] hi

[DM] yeah, we applied the correct one

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening jessica

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sort of ya, but we applied it right

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Thanks... I'll fix it later

[Jessica] Bob, icon?

[Jessica] heya Lorie

[DM] and adding Jess and Sean to the map

[BiBo!!!] Alastair targets Shark #1. Distance: 15'00"

Jessica is now controllingLaila

[BiBo!!!] Alastair no longer targets Shark #1.

[BiBo!!!] Alastair targets Shark #1. Distance: 15'00"

[DM] ok, moving on

[DM] INIT: 18

[DM] GOING: Finglass

[DM] INIT: 25

[DM] GOING: Shark #1

[mikE] Finglass: Attack #1: Spear: (14-(d20+4)) [14-(16+4)] -6

[mikE] Finglass: Damage v L: Spear: (2d6+0) [(5+6)+0] 11 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[DM] Shark #1: Attack #1: Teeth: (13-(d20+0)) [13-(3+0)] 10

[DM] Probably MISSES Alastair (AC FINAL: -2)

[DM (to GM only)] Shark #1's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -6 (-11) - Dying

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::does the dead shark death::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] yeah, dead shark

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] though I meant dance, not death

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] lol

mikE has left the game

[DM] Mike is resetting

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::patiently waits for 30 to have a room desc::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::starts tapping his foot as he impatiently waits for 30to have a room desc::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::starts thwapping bob over the head as he is sick of waiting for the damn room 30 to have a room desc::

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::pulls out his autofire shotgun and opens fire on bob for not getting the damn room 30 desc up already::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::kills klooge for freezing constantly::

Jessica has left the game

BiBo!!! has left the game

Lorie has left the game

BiBo!!! has joined the game

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::kills klooge::

BiBo!!! has left the game

mikE has joined the game

mikE is receiving the map...

mikE has received the map.

BiBo!!! has joined the game

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Alastair modified: Personal Information -

Grug has joined the game

[Grug] ty

[DM] and you shoudl now have the map Brian

[Grug] yep

Lorie has joined the game

[DM] sendiung you the map lor

[DM] and you shoudl be up and ready Lorie?

[BiBo!!!] ::roundhouse kicks klooge::

[BiBo!!!] ::and bob's router::

[BiBo!!!] happy bob?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ready to move along...have the map and all

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening Brian and Sean

[DM] we are still having a minor problem here,

[DM] Jess is not able to log in for some reason

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] can we at least get the room desc

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ok and I don't see my character

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] oh, never mind

[Grug] hi lori

[DM] there you guys go

[mikE] can we tell what's in the bladdres?

[DM] not from the floor

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] like floaters? keepin the nets floating?

[mikE] okay, someone go up there and get one.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or like stuck in the net?

[DM] you four carry on, the other two will join up later

[DM] like held in place by the nets, but still lots of room in the nets anyway

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] why can't I catch up???

[mikE] so how are the nets staying up there?

[DM] the nets are attached to the ceiling

[DM] and the bladders are craddled in the nets

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh.... so kinda like a hammock holding the bladders?

[DM] like a bunch of stuffed animals

[mikE] hey grug, go grab one of those?

[DM] suspended

[DM] from Lorie; sceiling

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, Bob, can you move me up a bit, I don't want to be at the back of the party right now. Thanks

[mikE] i call middle

[DM] you are next to Mike right now

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] do the bladders look natural or man made?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Then could you refresh the screen? I see me behind EL still.

[DM] resent Lorie

[DM] from here they look dark, and full

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] are they floating?

[DM] but no metal handles or anything

[DM] not floating

[DM] and Lorie, is that better now?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they look like eggs?

[DM] all of the group is close to the number

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] fish egs?

[DM] no the bladders do not look like eggs

[DM] and the bladders are opaque

[DM] so you can not tell from here what is inside

[DM] theyare about 20 feet above you at least

[mikE] someone go get one.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you go do it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I can't reach em

[mikE] i can't reach them. go swim up there or something

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I can't swim neither

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okay, sean is having connection problems, but he said he'd swim up and investigate, those of you playing along at home

[DM] Lorie is leaving

Lorie has left the game

Grug is now controllingGrug

[mikE] testies

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] istanbul!

[mikE] 1,2,...3?

[Grug] yes, i can chat

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] 100100100101011011011010101001000100010101001110100010101000101101010101

[DM] ok, try to move aagain

[Grug] nope

[DM] now try'

[Grug] no

[DM] and again all three of you

[DM] ok,

[DM] so I am going to shut the entire comptuer down

[Grug] k

[DM] to restart the router and everything

[DM] will be back up in a couple of mintues

Jessica has joined the game

mikE has joined the game

Jessica is now controllingLaila

Grug has joined the game

[Laila (Jessica)] yay

[Grug] yay

midnite has joined the game

midnite has left the game

[Grug] hello

[Laila (Jessica)] BiBo havin issues connecting to the internet

[Grug] again

[Laila (Jessica)] hi

[Laila (Jessica)] for the first time

[mikE] cuz he's ignorant

[Grug] :)

midnite has joined the game

[Laila (Jessica)] hey Virgil

[DM] ok, guys

[DM] closer and closer

[DM] Marco is not connected to the local network now

[DM] but is connecting to some weird thing

[Laila (Jessica)] send map

[Laila (Jessica)] yay map

Sean has joined the game

[DM] Mike, Brian, Jess you should all have a map now

BiBo!!! has joined the game

[Grug] i'm the map, i'm the map, i'm the map

[BiBo!!!] I'm not

[DM] ok, Virgil you have the map

[DM] right?

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

midnite has left the game

[DM] hmmm

[Laila (Jessica)] i can see the map

[Laila (Jessica)] happy map

[Sean] it's about friggin time!

[Sean] @#!#$!$! Windows

[Grug] yes have the map

[DM] ok,

[DM] good

midnite has joined the game

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::fireballs klooge AND bob's router::

[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

Sean applauds

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::and windows for good measure::

[DM] and everyone in and can read this now?

[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] ready to move along

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no, I can't read

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's very tragic

[DM] very

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (Bob, get a *real* router ... 8-P

[Grug] now we know what to get bob for christmas

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sooooooooo

[mikE] are we dead yet?

[Laila (Jessica)] maybe

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::thwaps bob::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] pay attention to the game bob!

[Laila (Jessica)] ::yawns::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the game

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] pay attention

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] here

[Laila (Jessica)] enough freakin geek speak

[mikE] i'm huuuungry

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no no, not ya ya ya, actually pay attention

[Laila (Jessica)] GAME

[mikE] are we there yet?

[Laila (Jessica)] BOOOOOOOOOOOB111

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] dunno, we're waiting for bob to pay attention

[Laila (Jessica)] PAY ATTENTION

[mikE] when are we gonna get there?

[midnite] hi all

[Laila (Jessica)] hey hey

[Grug] hi

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] are we there yet?

[DM] Virgil can you see the map by the way?

[midnite] nod

[DM] good

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sooooo

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what's fudge see

[DM] so Fudge is swimming up to look at bladders

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or die from

[DM] make a wisdom check Sean

[Grug] you can look at mine

[DM] you are all underwater

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge: WIS check: (d20) [14] 14

[Sean] PROBABLY FAILS against (6) [6] 6

[DM] guess that is a fail

[mikE] fudge is dumb as dirt!

[Grug] he knows how to make cookies

[mikE] he doesn't know to not look up with his mouth open when it rains

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] so not a clue

[Grug] do the bladders appear full?

[DM] yes

[Laila (Jessica)] can i check?

[DM] can you swim up there?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hey grug, you're probably better at checking

[DM] they are 20 feet up in the water

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] go check

[Laila (Jessica)] i can if Grug takes me there...i'm kinda hangin off his back

[Grug] i can take her up there

[DM] ok, so Grug and Laila swim up

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] okay, i untie one of the bladders and bring it down

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::takes cover::

[Grug] mantagrug swims

[Grug] up

[DM] Fudge attempts to untie

[DM] make a remove traps roll, in the room is ok

[E. L. Fudge (Sean) (to GM only)] E. L. Fudge: Traps: (1d100) [96] 96 -- Well, either I'm dead, or there's no trap.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] making the roll ...

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oh look! a 01!

[DM] oh good

[DM] [E. L. Fudge (Sean) (to GM only)] E. L. Fudge: Traps: (1d100) [96] 96 -- Well, either I'm dead, or there's no trap.

[DM] so the three of you are up near the nets

[DM] Fudge is attempting to remove a bladder

[DM] suddenly the room

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oops

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::is glad he moved::

[DM] and the room fills with ink

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] el fudge needs food badly

[mikE] cool.

[DM] this time is bad

[midnite] lol

[Grug] thanks, L (I call him by his middle name)

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] how bad?

[Laila (Jessica)] ::thwaps Fudge for making her even more covered in ink::

[DM] anyone have cure blindness?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sure

[mikE] yeah

[DM] three of you are blind

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] are we talking dead bad? Or NAACP bad for being a minstrel?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::points to finglass::

[DM] ink in your eyes

[Laila (Jessica)] thanks a lot Fudge

[DM] cure blindness, will fix it

[DM] or time and fresh water,

[DM] salt water will not

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] At least we don't be seeing any trouble any time soon.

[mikE] Finglass: Cure Blindness and Deafness: Just call me Jebus! (DC=(10+3) [10+3] 13)

[Grug] i cure my blindness

[DM] ok, so Fudge is cured

[mikE] grug call heads or tails

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Alastair: Rary's mind scan: So, whatcha thinking about? (DC=(10+4) [10+4] 14)

[DM] ok, so Fudge is not cured

[Grug] hmmm.. i like both

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ignore that

[DM] no airy water

[mikE (to GM only)] Character sheet for Finglass modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 2 (1). DELETED: null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null.

[Grug] head and tail

[Grug] lol

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] this is a pg 13 game brian

Laila (Jessica) starts to cry

[DM] no chasing tail

E. L. Fudge (Sean) works hard to develop my Spider Sense

[Alastair (BiBo!!!) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Alastair modified: Spells - CHANGED: Rary's mind scan -- # Memorized: 1 (0),

[mikE] nevermind. i can't cast underwater.

[DM] and no heads and tails

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so... does the ink dispurse?

[Grug] thats why i didnt say having my dick sucked and fucking pussy

[DM] the ink disburses,

[Laila (Jessica)] oh my

[DM] but the three of you are still blin

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] can we see now?

[Laila (Jessica)] I dont wanna be blind

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] blin blin!

[Laila (Jessica)] can anyone make fresh water?

[mikE] bling bling!

[Grug] at least we arent blind

[Laila (Jessica)] we are bling

[Laila (Jessica)] grrr

[Laila (Jessica)] blind

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] bling bling!

[Laila (Jessica)] we are blind

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] pip my eyes

[Laila (Jessica)] stop blinging

E. L. Fudge (Sean) is imitating Stevie Wonder

Laila (Jessica) is still crying

[DM] ok,

Grug imitating Ray Charles

[DM] so what are the other two doing

[mikE] so you're a druggie now, grug?

[Grug] sure

[mikE] awesome

[Grug] what do you mean tho?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] how many cures do you have finglass?

E. L. Fudge (Sean) makes note to buy a white cane when we get back to town

[mikE] 2

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you got create water?

[Laila (Jessica)] where's Kylia when we need her?

[Grug] feeding her kid or some stupid thing like that

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] feeding her kid to what?

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[midnite] hey none of that

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oh sorry, did I say "to what"?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I meant what 8-P

[Laila (Jessica)] yeah yeah yeah

[Grug] ok, so i am still blind?

[midnite] was commenting on grug's tatment

[DM] yes

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep, blind people are still blind for th emoment

[Grug] which one?

[Grug] lol

[DM] the three blind people are still blind

[Grug] you could be calling a lot of my statements into question

[midnite] hums three blind mice....

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] So Bob, does that mean I get a negative to my check traps?

[Grug] see how they swim

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

Laila (Jessica) is now laughing through her tears

[DM] yes to the negative

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::leads the blind people towards the island::

[DM] and laughing at Midnite

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Just how much of a negative?

[mikE] not much.

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm so happy that i cant stop crying

[Grug] do you have the 'detect trap while blind and underwater' proficiency?

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Darn!

[DM] Finglass targets E. L. Fudge. Distance: 22'09"

[mikE] so yes, i can cure all three of yous

[Grug] almost took that one too

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] You know .. I saw that and thought ... "that will never come up!"

[mikE] one way or another. on the surface

[Grug] lol

[Laila (Jessica)] so, all we gotta do is get to the surface and we can see again

[DM] ok, all back to the island now

[Laila (Jessica)] cuz Finglass is cool

[DM] any ideas on vessels?

[Grug] i promise Finglass I will get him laid (finally) if he cures my blindness

[DM] neuclear vessals

[Laila (Jessica)] but i am so gonna kick Fudge's ass when i can see him again

[Grug] lol

[Grug] once you can see him

[Laila (Jessica)] once i can see him, exactly

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] darn .. I forgot my +2 scrub brush

[Laila (Jessica)] that's what i said

[Grug] no, that's what i said

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[midnite] goonies quote

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, lets see, anyone got a container?

[mikE] everyone get a helmet bowl or sheild

[Laila (Jessica)] Bob, when i can see, i'd like to check out the vessels

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] anything that's relatively big and can hold water?

[Grug] we have an empty bladder

[DM] actually no one took the bladder

[Laila (Jessica)] yup

[DM] someone could go back for it

[midnite] these pipes are clean!!

[Grug] lol

[Grug] send EL

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] sure!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so anyone have a helm?

[Laila (Jessica)] well, it may not be safe to use

E. L. Fudge (Sean) feels around for an empty bladder

[Grug] no helm or even a helmet

[Laila (Jessica)] Reign has a helm, but he isnt here

[Grug] mine is full, ty

[mikE] okay, who's got their water bowls ready?

[mikE] you know, we've got water skins in the party pack.

[Laila (Jessica)] i have one too

[mikE] why don't you just get some of them?

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, i'm off to meet the food

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[midnite] meet the food?

[DM] food at the door

[midnite] oh... ok delivery or digorno?

[Grug] hello food

[Grug] come right in, food... we won't eat you....

[Grug] and now everyone takes a break

[DM] debating the whole wall and water issue

[midnite] i still haven't eaten all day...

[DM] you need a wall to unroll your scrollof shelter on

[DM] there are barrels of water in there

[DM] and then there is the barrels of ale back where the were person was

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[Laila (Jessica)] there's food now

[midnite] whats for dinner?

[DM] chicken wings

[Laila (Jessica)] shrimp

[DM] take out taxi

[DM] delivery

[Grug] so we could drink all the ale, so we have a container, and they could cure our blindness, but then we could go blind from the ale

[DM] sounds like a plan

[DM] Brian, Marco, what do you want to do

[Laila (Jessica)] we cant drink the ale, its contaminated

[midnite] no just plastered

[DM] that is a bad pun Virgil

[Grug] grug has a gallon of ale that he brought with thim

[midnite] i should shut up now

[Grug] *him

[DM] nah, that fits right in

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okay, so bob, can we unroll the darn thing on the island's wall?

[DM] not on the island's wall

[DM] but on the wall of the cave

[DM] but it will be up in the air

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, up on the wall

[DM] if you do not want to flood the scroll

[Laila (Jessica)] so, it cant make up its mind?

[DM] so who can fly?

[Grug] bob, how long have we been down here?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] bob says 3 hours

[Laila (Jessica)] well, i can attempt to climb up and put it up there

[Laila (Jessica)] but i cant see

[Grug] grug can lift you

[Laila (Jessica)] Grug cant see either

[Grug] grug will walk until he runs into wall, then lift you

[Laila (Jessica)] you could hurt us

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, i'm gonna try to climb up there

[DM] minus 33% for being blind

[Grug] grug has blind fighting, does that help in this situation

[DM] and climb up there

[Laila (Jessica) (to GM only)] Laila: Climb Walls: (1d100) [67] 67 -- Spider-Man, Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!

[DM] Grub can help her get to the wall,

[Grug] grub?

[Laila (Jessica)] roll went to Bob

[DM] [Laila (Jessica) (to GM only)] Laila: Climb Walls: (1d100) [67] 67 -- Spider-Man, Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!

[Grug] you calling me a worm?

[Grug] i saw that

[DM] so that is a miss

[Laila (Jessica)] damn

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] do it again

[DM] I just posted it to the room

[Grug] ok

[Laila (Jessica)] i'ma try again

[Laila (Jessica) (to GM only)] Laila: Climb Walls: (1d100) [49] 49 -- Spider-Man, Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!

[Laila (Jessica)] to Bob

[Grug] spins a web, any size

[Grug] catches thieves, just like flies

[DM] so that is a miss

[Grug] look out!

[Grug] here comes spider man

[Laila (Jessica)] and again

[Laila (Jessica) (to GM only)] Laila: Climb Walls: (1d100) [29] 29 -- Spider-Man, Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!

[DM] that succeeds

[Laila (Jessica)] yay'

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, get the water

[DM] unrolls teh scrool

[Grug] yay

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yay for unrolling teh scrool!

[midnite] lol

[Grug] love to unroll them scrools

[Laila (Jessica)] me too

[Laila (Jessica)] that was fun

[midnite] gotta love those easy to please audiences

[Grug] oh no, its secretly a scroll of bladder bursting, we all go blind

[DM] ok

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[mikE] okay, so you're all not blind again

[mikE] moving on

[DM] so eventually all three of you can see again

[DM] time passes

[Laila (Jessica)] thank you Finglass

[DM] have now been in caves for almost 4 hours

[Grug] i promise to get you laid

[DM] promise who?

[DM] and what?

[Grug] finglass

[Grug] for undoing the blind thing

[DM] but with what?

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] after all,

[Grug] and you too, bob, just cause you need it

[mikE] thank you grug. but let me pick the girl, eh?

[Grug] not right now

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] shall we go back then?

[mikE] sure. let's go.

[Laila (Jessica)] back to the full bladders

[Laila (Jessica)] that we now know are more freakin ink

[Grug] i'm not going back to them

[Grug] you swim on your own, woman

[DM] back to play with the bladders?

[Laila (Jessica)] i cant swim Grug

[Laila (Jessica)] you know that

[Grug] oh well, no playing with bladders then

[Grug] they make Grug's eyes hurt

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] not gonna play with them

[Grug] then what?

[Laila (Jessica)] there may be cool stuff in there

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] just gonna see what's left of the room

[DM] ok

[Laila (Jessica)] but my map isnt updating, so i cant see what we're doing, i can only read it

[DM] everyone is near the number 30 on the map

[Grug] ok

mikE has left the game

[DM] do you see that Brian?

[Grug] bye mike

mikE has joined the game

[Grug] the 30? yes

mikE is receiving the map...

mikE has received the map.

[Grug] is that what you mean?

[mikE] hey someone, go check that tunnel out.

[mikE] grug.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yeah, laila go check traps

[mikE] who can swim and stuff

[Grug] what tunnel?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] laila attached to mantagrug

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] southeast corner

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] of the room we're in

[DM] Brian do you see Laila near you?

[DM] on the map

[Laila (Jessica)] hang on guys, cant see what you're talkin about

[mikE] that tunnel to the southeast

[Grug] she is just above me

[DM] ok,

[Grug] but i dont see all of cavern

[DM] so the Internet players are not getting refreshes at all then

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, brb

[Grug] i guess not

Jessica has left the game

midnite has left the game

[Grug] do i need to leave and rejoin?

[DM] no

[DM] not yet

[Grug] k

midnite has joined the game

Jessica has joined the game

Jessica is receiving the map...

Jessica has received the map.

[DM] ok,

[DM] so that worked

[Jessica] i'm in!!!

Jessica is now controllingLaila

[DM] resending teh map to Midnite

[DM] and to Brian

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] hello?

[DM] ok

[Laila (Jessica)] hi

[DM] so everyone shoudl have a good copy of the map now

[DM] all in the big cavern

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] near the 30?

[midnite] ok got the map i see laila to the east

[DM] ok,

[DM] now Brian, what do you see? Laila near you or on the east wall?

[Laila (Jessica)] i should be right near Grug

[DM] I just moved you to the southern corner

[Laila (Jessica)] i see me

[Grug] there we are

[DM] so brian

[DM] can you move grug

[Grug] no

[DM] ok

[DM] so some sort of WAN connection problem then

[DM] we will keep resendign the map to you

[Grug] k

[midnite] i see three images of laila

[Grug] me2

[DM] the ghosts are previous moves

[Grug] now its one

[DM] I just resent the map

[Grug] we are at the mouth of the tunnel

[DM] you two are now in the far SE corner

[DM] exactly

[Laila (Jessica)] so i need to be doing what now?

[DM] the two of you are going to explore

[DM] (virgil you should have the updated map now

[midnite] yep

[Laila (Jessica)] what should i be seeing at the moment?

[DM] there you go

[DM] tunnel

[DM] and map to brian

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, check for traps leading into the tunnel, then lets move further down itt

[DM] map to virgil

[Grug] got it

[DM] roll that check

[Laila (Jessica) (to GM only)] Laila: Traps: (1d100) [98] 98 -- Well, either I'm dead, or there's no trap.

[Laila (Jessica)] Laila: Traps: (1d100) [15] 15 -- Traps don't bother me!

Jessica has edited Laila's effects.

[Laila (Jessica)] weird, it doesnt usually let me change it

[DM] ok,

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, so for the first check?

[DM] so you do not find any traps

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, moving down the tunnel then

[Laila (Jessica)] swim on mantaGrug

[Grug] mantagrug swims

[DM] Jess will move you Grian

[DM] Brian

[Grug] grug + brian = grian

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Laila (Jessica)] brug?

[Grug] lol

[Laila (Jessica)] what do we see oh wise one?

[mikE] bob's ignorant

[mikE] he needs to take a how to use the mouse you dumbass course.

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Laila (Jessica)] room desc?

[Laila (Jessica)] oh shit

[Laila (Jessica)] not good, not good not good

[Laila (Jessica)] swim away swim awa

[Laila (Jessica)] y

Sean has left the game

[Laila (Jessica)] swim away

[mikE] uh oh.

[mikE] ::static::

[mikE] what was that?

Sean has joined the game

[mikE] i think ::static:: my computer's having problems

[mikE] guess i'll just have to be a round behind.

[mikE] have fun kits

[mikE] kids

[Laila (Jessica)] grrrrrrrrrrr

[mikE] ::static::

[midnite] is that like runaway runaway....holy grail...

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm quoting Finding Nemo

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::casts holy hand grenade::

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[midnite] nod

[DM] just a sec, my machine is in the middle of a redraw problem

[Laila (Jessica)] so you know what i'm talkin about then?

[DM] then I will send brian the corrected map

Grug has left the game

[Laila (Jessica)] i dont wanna die

[DM] we will give him a few moments

[DM] I have no map on my end still

[DM] all I can see if teh chat room

[midnite] we all die its just a matter of when and where

[Laila (Jessica)] i dont wanna die, i like this character

[Laila (Jessica)] she's just coming into hersel

[Laila (Jessica)] f

Grug has joined the game

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm just figuring her out

[Laila (Jessica)] yay, Grug's back, dont let me die

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] now we're just waiting for Bob's computer