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Main / Non-weaponProficiencies

Proficiencies - Chapter 1

Non-weapon Proficiencies

Below is a list of the non-weapon proficiencies available. Each of them is fully explained inside of the game using KloOge. There are also the non-weapon proficiencies data files for use with KloOge.

NameGroupSub Group# of SlotsAbilityMod
ActingGeneral 1Leadership-1
AdministrationPriest 1Reason+1
Agriculture - Rural setting onlyCraftRural1Knowledge+0
AlchemyMage 2Knowledge-3
AlertnessGeneral 1Willpower+1
AlmsPriest 1Appearance+0
AmbidexterityGeneral 1N/A+0
AnatomyMage 2Knowledge-2
AnatomyGeneral 1Knowledge+0
Ancient HistoryPriest ; Rogue ; Mage 1Knowledge-1
Ancient History - for Dwarves onlyPriestDwarves1Knowledge+0
Animal HandlingGeneral 1Willpower-1
Animal LoreWarrior 1Knowledge+0
Animal NoiseRogue ; Warrior 1Willpower-1
Animal RendingGeneral 1Aim+2
Animal TrainingCraft 1Willpower | Leadership+0
AppraisingRogue 1Reason+0
Appraising - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Reason+3
ArcanologyMage 1Knowledge-3
ArmorerWarrior 2Knowledge-2
Armorer - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Knowledge+0
Armorer, Crude - must be a BarbarianWarriorBarbarian1Knowledge-1
ArtilleristWarrior 1N/A+0
Artistic AbilityGeneral 1Willpower+0
AssimilationRogue 1Reason+0
AstrologyPriest ; Mage 2Knowledge+0
AstronomyPriest ; Mage 2Knowledge-1
AthleticsGeneral 1Balance-1
Awareness - must be from Al-QadimWarrior ; RogueAl-Qadim2Willpower+0
Bartering - must be a BarbarianCraftBarbarian1Reason-2
BeggingRogue 1Appearance+0
Begging - must be from Al-qadimRogueAl-Qadim1Appearance+0
BlacksmithingCraft 1Muscle | Knowledge+0
Blacksmithing - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Muscle+1
Bladesong - Elves onlyWarrior ; Priest ; RogueElves2N/A+0
Blind-fightingRogue ; Warrior 2N/A+0
BoatingGeneral 1Willpower+1
Boating - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Willpower+0
BoatwrightCraft 1Reason-2
Boatwright - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Reason-1
BookbindingMage; Priest 1Knowledge+0
BotanyPriest ; Mage 1Knowledge-1
Bower-FletcherWarrior 1Aim-1
Bower-Fletcher - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Aim+0
Bower-Fletcher, Crude - must be a BarbarianWarriorBarbarian1Aim+0
BrewingCraft 1Knowledge+0
Brewing - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Knowledge+1
BriberyRogue 1Leadership+0
BureaucracyPriest ; Rogue 2Reason+0
CalligraphyCraft 2Aim-1
Calligraphy - Oriental Lands onlyGeneralOriental2Aim-1
CamouflageWarrior ; Rogue 1Willpower+0
CantripProficiency Mage 1Knowledge-2
CarpentryCraft 1Stamina | Knowledge+0
CartographyCraft 1Reason-2
Cartography - Cartographer OnlyCraftCartographer1Knowledge+0
CeremonyPriest 1Intuition+0
ChantingGeneral 1Leadership+2
CharioteeringWarrior 1Balance+2
Chariot-jump - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World4Balance+0
CheesemakingCraft 1Knowledge+0
ChemistryMage 2Knowledge-2
ChicaneryRogue 1Aim-1
City Familiarity - Urban setting onlyGeneralUrban Area For 3 months1Knowledge+0
Clockwork Creation - for Clockwork Mages onlyMageClockwork Mage2Aim+0
Close-quarter Fighting - Humanoid races onlyWarriorHumanoids2Balance+0
Clothesmaking, Crude - must be a BarbarianCraftBarbarian1Knowledge-1
CobblingCraft 1Aim | Knowledge+0
ConcentrationMage 2Willpower-2
CookingCraft 1Reason+0
Craft InstrumentCraft 2Aim-2
Crowd WorkingGeneral 1Leadership+2
DancingGeneral 1Balance | Appearance+0
Danger Sense - Humanoid races onlyGeneralHumanoids2Willpower+1
Debate - must be from Al-QadimGeneralAl-Qadim1Reason+0
Del Chliss - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World2N/A+0
Detect Signing - Ninjas onlyRogueNinja1Knowledge+1
DiagnosticsPriest 1Willpower-1
DiplomacyPriest 1Leadership-1
Direction SenseGeneral 1Willpower+1
Direction Sense - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Willpower+2
DisguiseRogue 1Appearance-1
Disguise - for Dwarves onlyRogueDwarves1Appearance-2
Display Weapon Prowess - must be from Al-QadimWarriorAl-Qadim1Balance+0
Distant SenseGeneral 1Willpower+0
DowsingMage 1Intuition-3
DramatistGeneral 1Reason-2
DrinkingGeneral 1Fitness+0
Dwarf Runes - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Knowledge+2
EatingGeneral 1Health+0
EnamorRogue 1Appearance-2
EnduranceWarrior 2Health+0
EngineeringPriest ; Mage 2Knowledge-3
Engineering - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves2Knowledge+0
EscapeRogue 2Aim+0
EtiquetteGeneral 1Appearance+0
FalconryGeneral 1Willpower-1
Fast TalkingRogue 1Appearance+0
Feign-detect SleepRogue 1Knowledge+0
Field Of StudyCraft 1Knowledge-2
Fire-buildingGeneral 1Willpower-1
FishingGeneral 1Willpower-1
ForagingGeneral 1Reason-2
ForgeryRogue 1Aim-1
Forgery - for Dwarves onlyRogueDwarves2Aim-1
Fortune TellingRogue 2Appearance+2
Fungi Recognition - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Knowledge+3
Gae Bolga - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World6N/A+0
GamingRogue ; Warrior 1Leadership+0
Gem CuttingRogue ; Mage 2Aim-2
Gem Cutting - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Aim+0
Genie Lore - must be from Al-QadimPriest ; MageAl-Qadim1Knowledge+0
GeologyGeneral 2Knowledge-1
Giant Kite Flying - Oriental Lands onlyRogueOriental1Aim-3
GlassblowingMage 1Aim+0
Grooming - must be from Al-QadimRogueAl-Qadim2Balance+0
Haggling - must be from Al-QadimGeneralAl-Qadim2Willpower+0
HealingPriest 2Willpower-2
Healthy CookingPriestHalfling & Cooking , Healing, & Herbalism2Willpower+0
HeraldryGeneral 1Knowledge+0
Herbal Brew - must be Druid and have Herbalism*3PriestDruid & Herbalism*30Willpower+0
HerbalismPriest ; Mage 2Knowledge-2
Herbalism - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves2Knowledge+0
HidingGeneral 2Reason-1
Hiding - must be a BarbarianGeneralBarbarian2Reason0
Hold BreathRogue 1Fitness+0
Horde Summoning - must be a BarbarianWarriorBarbarian2Leadership-2
HuntingWarrior 1Willpower-1
Hunting - for Dwarves onlyWarriorDwarves1Willpower-2
Hypnotism ProficiencyMage 1Leadership-2
Iaijutsu - Oriental Lands onlyGeneralOriental1N/A+0
Information GatheringRogue 1Reason+0
IntimidationRogue 1N/A+0
InvestigationPriest 1Reason-2
JoustingWarrior 1N/A+0
JugglingRogue 1Aim-1
Juggling - for Dwarves onlyRogueDwarves1Aim-2
JumpingRogue 1Muscle+0
Languages, AncientPriest ; Mage 1Knowledge+0
Languages, ModernGeneral 1Knowledge+0
LawWarrior ; Priest 1Willpower+0
LeatherworkingCraft 1Reason+0
Light Sleeping - must be a BarbarianWarriorBarbarian1Fitness-1
Linguistics - only after 3 other languages are knownGeneralLang*32Knowledge+1
Local HistoryPriest ; Rogue 1Leadership+0
Local History, Dwarf - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Leadership+2
LocksmithingRogue 1Aim+0
Locksmithing - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Balance+1
LootingRogue 1Aim+0
Lower Plane KnowledgeMage, Priest 2Knowledge-2
Masseur - Oriental Lands onlyCraftOriental1Aim+0
Medicinal CookingPriestHealthy Cooking2Willpower-2
Mental ResistanceMage 1Willpower-1
MetalworkingCraft 2Balance-2
Metalworking, Al-qadim - must be from Al-QadimCraftAl-Qadim1Aim+0
Military ScienceWarrior 1Willpower+0
MiningCraft 2Willpower-3
Mining - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Willpower+0
MountaineeringGeneral 1N/A+0
Musical InstrumentPriest ; Rogue 1Aim-1
Musical Instrument - for Dwarves onlyPriest ; RogueDwarves1Aim-2
Natural Fighting - Humanoid races onlyGeneralHumanoids2Stamina+1
NavigationPriest ; Mage; Warrior 1Reason-2
Navigation - for Dwarves onlyPriest ; Mage; WarriorDwarves1Reason-3
Necrology - Necromancers onlyPriest ; MageNecromancers1Willpower+0
Netherworld KnowledgePriest ; Mage 1Willpower-3
Night VisionRogue 1Willpower-2
Noh - Oriental Lands onlyGeneralOriental1Willpower-2
NumeracyMage 1Reason+0
NumerologyMage 2Reason+0
ObservationGeneral 1Reason+0
Omen ReadingMage; Priest 1Intuition-2
OratoryPriest 1Leadership-1
OrienteeringGeneral 2Willpower+0
Origami - Oriental Lands onlyGeneralOriental1Aim+0
PapermakingMage; Priest 1Knowledge+0
PersuasionGeneral 1Leadership+0
PersuasionPriest 1Leadership-2
Pest ControlRogueDwarves1Willpower+0
PhilosophyGeneral 1Willpower-1
PoetryGeneral 1Reason-2
Politics - Nobles onlyGeneralNoble1Leadership+0
PotteryCraft 1Balance-2
Pottery - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Balance-3
PrestidigitationMage 1Aim-1
Prophecy - Seer OnlyPriestSeer1Intuition-2
ProspectingGeneral 1Balance-1
Quick StudyRogue 2N/A-3
Reading LipsRogue 2Knowledge-2
Reading Lips - for Dwarves onlyRogueDwarves1Knowledge-2
Reading-writingGeneral 1Knowledge+1
ReligionPriest ; Mage 1Willpower+0
ResearchMage 1Reason+0
RhetoricGeneral 1Leadership+0
Riding, AirborneGeneral 2Willpower-2
Riding, Camel Spec - must be from Al-QadimWarrior ; RogueAl-Qadim2Willpower+4
Riding, Horse Spec - must be from Al-Qadim or HordeWarrior ; RogueAl-Qadim or Horde2Willpower+4
Riding, Land-basedGeneral 1Willpower+3
Riding, Land-based - Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Willpower-2
Riding, Sea-basedGeneral 2Balance-2
Rope UseGeneral 1Aim+0
RowingGeneral 1Stamina-1
RunningWarrior 1Fitness-6
Sage KnowledgeMage; Priest 2Knowledge-2
Salmon Leap - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World1Balance+0
ScribeMage; Priest 1Aim+1
SeamanshipCraft 1Balance+1
Seamanship AerialCraft 2Balance+1
Seamstress-tailorCraft 1Aim-1
Seamstress-tailor - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Aim-2
Set SnaresRogue ; Warrior 1Aim-1
Shield-rim - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World2N/A+0
ShipwrightCraft 1Knowledge-2
Shipwright AerialCraftShipwright1Knowledge-2
Sign Language - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Knowledge+2
SignalingGeneral 1Knowledge-2
Signaling - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Knowledge+2
Silk Maker - Oriental Lands onlyCraftOriental1Balance+0
SingingGeneral 1Appearance+0
Singing - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Appearance+2
SkatingGeneral 1Balance+0
SkiingGeneral 1Balance+0
Slow Respiration - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1N/A+0
SmeltingCraft 2Knowledge-2
Smelting - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Knowledge+0
Soothsaying - must be a BarbarianPriestBarbarian2Reason+0
Sorcerous DuelingMage 2Reason-1
Sound Analysis - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Willpower+0
Spear Catch - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World2Aim+0
SpellcraftPriest ; Mage 1Reason-2
SpelunkingWarrior 1Reason-2
Spirit LorePriest ; Mage 2Appearance-4
SportsGeneral 1Aim+0
StatecraftGeneral 1Willpower-2
StewardshipGeneral 2Reason-2
StonemasonryCraft 1Stamina-2
Stonemasonry - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Stamina+0
Street Fighting - Urban setting onlyWarriorUrban2Aim+0
Street Sense - Urban setting onlyRogueUrban2Leadership+0
Stroke Of Precision - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World2N/A+0
Style Analysis - Oriental Lands onlyWarriorOriental1Reason-1
SurvivalWarrior 2Reason+0
Survival, Underground - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Knowledge+0
SwimmingGeneral 1Stamina+0
Swimming - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Stamina-1
TacticsWarrior 1Reason-1
Tactics of MagicMage 1Reason-1
TattooingCraft 1Aim+0
Tea Ceremony - Oriental Lands onlyGeneralOriental2Willpower+0
ThaumaturgyMage 1Knowledge-2
Tightrope WalkingRogue 1Balance+0
Toxicology - Ninjas onlyRogueNinja2Knowledge+0
TrackingWarrior 2Willpower+0
Trail MarkingWarrior 1Willpower+0
Trail SignsWarrior ; Rogue 1Willpower+0
TrailingRogue 1Aim+0
TumblingRogue 1Balance+0
Undead LorePriest 1Knowledge-1
UnderclassRogue 1Willpower+0
Underground Navigation - for Dwarves onlyGeneralDwarves1Reason+0
Venom HandlingPriest ; Mage 1Willpower-2
Ventriloquism proficiencyRogue 1Reason-2
Veterinary HealingCraft 1Willpower-3
Voice MimicryRogue 2Appearance+0
Warrior's Scream - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World2Health+0
Water Walking - Ninjas onlyRogueNinja1Aim-1
Weapon Improvisation - must be a BarbarianWarriorBarbarian1Willpower-1
WeaponsmithingWarrior 3Reason-3
Weaponsmithing - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves2Reason-1
Weaponsmithing CrudeWarrior 1Willpower-3
Weather SenseGeneral 1Willpower-1
WeavingCraft 1Reason-1
Weaving - for Dwarves onlyCraftDwarves1Reason-2
Whistling-hummingGeneral 1Aim+2
Wild Fighting - Humanoid races onlyGeneralHumanoids2Health+0
Wild Fighting, Barbarian - must be a BarbarianWarriorBarbarian2Health+0
WinemakingCraft 1Knowledge+0
Yoke-pole - must be from the Celtic WorldWarriorthe Celtic World2Balance+0