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News & Updates

Current Story Arc : Diplomatic Entanglements Era - several threads see Calendar of Events

Anticipated Next Scene: Organizing and planning for next events

Next missed session : October 2nd no game

Current Tabletop Connect version to use: v0.4945 (September 12, 2015)

Recent developments in the campaign

We are working through our transition from KloOge to Tabletop Connect. The process will have lots of ups and downs thank you to everyone for working together on this.

The campaign is continuing to be more complex with all the story lines in the City. I am looking for more ways for us to explore outside of Friday nights without anyone feeling pressure to do more then they want.

Recent updates to the web site

RSS Feed to add to your favorite news feeds.

I added a download link of the most current DSWorld file for people to be able to download to the Campaign World page. If you have not downloaded this yet or have an old copy I would suggest it as a very helpful tool for keeping track of the places mentioned by the various NPCs.

I updated all of the character's XP totals to include the 10% bonus through the Alia Valebat Era.

There is a page detailing the Dragonslayer Training Plans that is the defacto listing of the characters in the campaign at the moment, with their levels and future plans for training.