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News & Updates

Current Story Arc : For the Love of Mist Era - Claiming Skull Church

Adventuring Area: Craniate Wastes - Skull Church - Dragon Fen

Anticipated Next Scene: Beginning to tackle the list of construction and mining encounters, Indigo Howard, Craigh, Brer, and Thistle went to see a new discovery in the just opened silver mine. They found a magical door blocking one of the passages. We pick up trying to decide options on dealing with this obstacle.

Next missed session : Aug 6th

Dates Players will miss :

  • Spring 7/9, 7/16, 9/24.

Recent developments in the campaign

Dragon Fen is developing sources of income and the group is exploring the Wastes more thoroughly.

Recent updates to the web site

RSS Feed to add to your favorite news feeds.

There is a download link of the most current DSWorld file for people grab on the Campaign World page.

All of the character's XP totals include the 10% bonus through the Third Time is Tradition story arc.

There is a page detailing the Dragonslayer Training Plans that is the defacto listing of the characters in the campaign at the moment, with their levels and future plans for training.