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I was pondering Skeletor (sorry – can’t remember his real name) in the vault and I think we might be able to take this guy down without having to wait for the next day. The books he is guarding are meant to control demons. So my theory is this Skeletor is being controlled to guard the vault. Which means to me that he won’t be running around the castle chasing us; he will stay in that room close to what his job is – safeguarding the books.

So, Imari, can back up as far as possible and still be able to cast. Then she can lay down her Spiritual Hammer on this guy for as long as it takes to kill or nearly kill him. If he does come out and at least one of us makes our saving throws, that person can push him out the window down three floors onto the pile of broken glass to finish him off or at the very least get him out of the castle heavily wounded.

Since we still have to kill Shambling Mound the next day, it would be nice to get rid of this guy as soon as possible. Any thoughts?



As far as rope and/or other supplies are concerned, I think people who were not able to stick around last Friday night and people who were not there who will be in for tomorrow's session should have a chance to make sure they have what they want/need with them, as long as it's not metallic. I don't really see how it's fair to players to have them start off on an adventure without have the chance to take what they need (within reason).

There is no knowing what will happen when we get to the island. For all we know, the pirates have already landed and we will have to fight them, in which case Feather Fall will not be as handy as combat spells. Other than that, your best advice will be from people who have played arcane spellcasters; I haven't and don't really have any thoughts about how to use the various spells. Helpful, that's me!


I agree - very dangerous. Almost like Bob is trying to kill us. It is our job to disappoint him.

Rope? Who’s got a rope? Kaz and I were so busy trying to deal with metal weight issues for us and all of the characters who weren’t there, that we did not stop to pick up some rope before we hopped aboard the ship. We can see if we can find some on the ship or at the castle, but as far as I know, we are ropeless.

Any advice on spells for the day at slanted castle would be appreciated since I have been mulling on this since Saturday.

I was reading up on Feather Fall and it seems like it might work, depending on where we were falling. Casting the spell will work on everyone in a 10 foot radius of where I cast it. My range for casting is up to 40 yards away. The duration at my level will be 4 rounds or an equivalent of a 480 foot of drop. So, it seems anyone falling out a window near me would be okay, as long as they grabbed onto to something once they hit ground to keep them from falling off the edge of the castle island. Where I don’t see it being of much help would be if someone fell off the island itself or fell out of the dirigible mid-route.

I was also looking at my Burning Hands spell as a possibility in case of pirates on the return trip. This would definitely be tricky since I am not looking to set our own ship on fire. The only way I could think of this working would be to have us be very close to the other ship with our deck at the level of their sails/balloon then I could cast Burning Hands on their ship’s floatation device, hopefully sinking it. The problem with this spell is that the flames only shoot out 5 feet from my hands, so like I said, we’d have to be mighty close. But we would be anyway, if pirates attempted to board us.

So, my thoughts for spells would be Feather Fall, Burning Hands, and Magic Missile, besides my 2 Knock spells. I was debating forgoing Magic Missile and doing two Feather Falls for the day. Any reactions or thoughts?


This adventure is extreemly dangerous. Ships on water are dangerous. Pirates are dangerous on water and castles on land are dangerous. Add the elevation and the 45 degree angle and to me it spells death. I hope BOB manages the danger level. By the way Lisa, Feather Fall only lasts a short while. It wont help falling outside as after one round the person falling will be too far for ropes so you will only delay the inevitable.


Okay. I guess I don't get what Bob's saying. DB Cooper = Thanksgiving = Jistelle Feast. If that is the connection, then it is already done (the feast) and we don't have anything to worry about, right?? Was that supposed to lull us into a false sense of security or something?

The Norjak event timeline runs like this: Cooper gets on plane with supposed bomb and demand list. Plane lands in Seattle, passengers leave. He gets his loot and 4 parachutes and plane takes off again to take him to South America or somewhere. He jumps out on that trip and is never heard from again.

So if Bob is running adventure based on that story, my concern would be on the return trip. We get there just fine when there's nothing good on the ship, but then the Captain or pirates try to steal our loot on the return? Does anyone know how to drive a dirigible? I'm right there with Kaz. Anyone trying to hijack our loot will meet with an untimely end if I have anything to say about it.


Grins, glad to see people researching.

Norjak is actually the correct spelling (without the c) and it is the name the FBI gave to the investigation of the DB Cooper case.

DB Cooper incident = Thanksgiving Weekend = Jistille Estate Feast?


Just in case y'all don't know, Norjak is the name of a book about the Dan 'D.B.' Cooper hijacking. He's the guy that 'jumped ship (plane)' while it was still in flight, and disappeared with the money.

A hijacking could be an interesting twist, but if Dan Cooper thinks he's getting our uber lewts, I'll push him off the 45-degree angle island with my own little fingers. Bastige!!


To be clear this is one of the types of adventures that the one round behind does not work well on. Right now all the main players have a character on the ship (the Javelin) in anticipation of them logging in during the course of this adventure.

If something does go wrong on the ship, it can be a long way to fall, and being one round behind will not help all that much ;)