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Michael Alan Anstett, was born to John? and Laura 3/9/04, second twin to Miranda Page

For those that want kids, having kids brings such joy and a sence of compleation to their life. Having a mixed set of twins, when you are a part of a mixed set of twins, bring such a feeling of "this is meant to be" that the wonders of life seem so small and pointless compared to the family you have.

When we found out we were going to have one child, i wanted to follow in my good friend's example and have matching initals. As Laura and I had JAA & LAA covered, we considered all K names and then some M names if we had a second child. We had enough Matt's and I think Michael was a obvious choice, wanting a simple name but if he was born alone, he would problable be named Keith. When we found out we had twins, we decided it was more importat for them to share the same beginging letter. As Mirnda was alreay on top of our list, Michael and Miranda was clearly our choise. (We like to joke that we were going to name them Micky and Minni but Disney did not want to sponser us)

As we avoided family names to avoid duplicates, we used the middle names to keep with history. Michael's middle name to Alan like his fathers. Miranda's middle name Page is the maden name of Laura's grandmother.