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May 14 10 - Norjak

[BOB] ==== Gaming session has been running for and 17 seconds ====

[BOB] I am off to get drinks and change will be back up shortly

[BOB] Tonight is the start of our 18th year!

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

Kaz has joined the game on Fri May 14 18:38:23 EDT 2010

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] howdy hooo neigborino

[Kaz] Hey there

[Kaz] Oooh, you're chartreuse!

[BOB] notice no floating chat on the map

[BOB] and I have no idea what color I am

[Kaz] yay!

[BOB] and the dice panels are working better

[Kaz] gah, how do I get the chat off my map?

[BOB] lol

[Kaz] not the floating chat, the other.

[BOB] undock chat

[Kaz] thank you

Death has joined the game on Fri May 14 18:40:56 EDT 2010

Death is receiving the map Base Map...

[Kaz] my chat is not docked, it's something else

[Kaz] Heya Mike!

Death has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] um what is happening for you Kaz?

[BOB] Rolls next to icons

[BOB] is the problem perhaps?

[BOB] make sure that is not checked

[Death] wow... this sucks

[Kaz] hrm

[BOB] what does Mike?

[Death] my chat window is now small on the right, and the icons are huge taking up most of the space on the left where the chat bar used to be

[Kaz] Yes, that seems to have been it, Bob

[Death] and i can't just drag to resize like in the last version.

[BOB] you cna not resize there you are correct Mike

[BOB] he changed that

[Death] he did it again. screwed up the program right when it was working.

[BOB] was on purpose but I do not know why

[Death] so how do i resize now?

[BOB] you can not

[BOB] you have to undock chat

[Death] because he's an idiot and doesnt' know how to build a good interface?

[BOB] then you can resize anyway you want

[Death] great. i have it docked because it's more convenient docked on a single screen for me.

[BOB] you could try undocking chat and maps

[BOB] then you would have different floating windows to jump between

[Death] i undocked chat and no chat window popped up.

[BOB] Kaz how do you use Chat?

[Death] i had to redock it. what the hell?

[BOB] undock chat then view chat

[Kaz] undocked

[BOB] is in the view menu Mike

[Kaz] You have to View Chat History

[BOB] apparently some game use the chat floating on the map exclusively

[BOB] and never view the chat history

[Death] oh my god.... and now with the chat window undocked, when the mouse goes over the icon bar to get to the windows tool bar it takes focus off chat back to map

[BOB] that is a windows function

[BOB] to snap focus where your pointer is

[Death] so you can't click on the chat windown, then scroll up to it to do anything unless you have it covering the icon bar

[Death] it only does that on klooge for me

Lisa has joined the game on Fri May 14 18:46:50 EDT 2010

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

[BOB] do you use the icon bar?

[Death] i can have multiple windows up.

[BOB] you can hide that too

[Death] yeah.

[BOB] ok

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] thought I was the only one using that

[BOB] and welcome Lisa

[Death] tell him he royally screwed the pooch on this one.

[Death] you don't take away options! you just add more

[Death] what an idiot

[BOB] grins

[BOB] people were complaining about the square/hex thing

[BOB] that we never use

[Death] i'm not sure i feel like relearning how to use klooge tonight

[BOB] but apparently is was moved out of preferences and into the DEF file stuff

[BOB] people hated it

[BOB] until they saw they could really do fun things with it make it work for their systems then they liked it

[BOB] is very basic change mike, already tested combat and did nto see any changes

[Death] and did he take it away from them in this version?

[Death] it's basic, but annoying as all hell

[Death] i basically will have to change my habit of how i go from window to window just for klooge now.

[BOB] it does take a bit to get used to maybe, I have always used the undocked chat

[Death] fan freaking tastic

[Death] it's not the undock, it's the pulling focus

[BOB] even on the laptop

[BOB] ahh

[BOB] that I can not help with

[BOB] I get annoyed sometimes too

[BOB] have not solved that fully yet

[Death] although with one screen you can't veiw the combat map and talk strategy as well with it undocked

[Death] this is freaking stupid

[BOB] but tha thas been that way for at least 2.x version and after

[BOB] did you undock the map?

[Death] but for the last two versions i could have my chat docked

[BOB] experiemnt with it

[Death] okay, with everything undocked i can potentially rebuild the old interface, EXCEPT how do i use any of the toolbar functions and buttons without it completely covering up all my little windows now?

[BOB] brb door

[Death] and undocked my icon bar and minimap disappeared

[Kaz] Hiya Lisa :)

[Lisa] sorry - cannot re-dock chat box

[Lisa] annoying - cannot see anything

[Lisa] but hello! :)

[Death] yeah, this was a really brilliant move on his part.

[Lisa] is stupid

[Death] and now why is the stupid chat back on the map????

[BOB] back

[BOB] and if you have the chat on the map make sure your option for Show Rolls next to Icons is unchecked in preferences

[Death] i have the chat delay set for 0

[Death] isn't that what stops it from appearing on the map?

[BOB] not the only thing

[Death] what else do i need to check for it to go away?

[BOB] but both Kaz and I do not have the chat on the map at all

[BOB] do you have Rolls next to Icons unchecked?

[BOB] that was checked on mine had to uncheck to stop all thigns from appearing on the map

[Death] i do now

[Death] and that stopped the chat?

[BOB] nods

[Lisa] Is your chat box docked on your screen?

[Death] what does that have to do with anything?

[Death] it is now

[Death] and i can see two things that were typed at a time

[Death] because undocked is a pain in the ass

[Death] i don't think i feel like dealing with this tonight

[Lisa] how did you get it to dock?

[Death] edit, preferences, check the option for dock chat

[Lisa] I did that

[Lisa] actually was like that when I logged on :(

[Lisa] this sucks Bob

[Death] yup.

[BOB] sorry

[BOB] as of this moment I can not change things

[Death] tell kurtis it's really stupid to take away functionality in a program

[BOB] we can come up with a feature request to submit later that put in a particular thing you want to happen

[Death] forcing people to use a certain screen layout after having it mutable before is just retarded

[Death] i'd be perfectly happy to have the docked everything back to the way it was

[Death] chat on top of icons, and you can drag the top of the chat window up and down

[Death] that was perfect

[BOB] I think that window layout changed

[Death] yes, yes it did

[Death] that's what we're bitching about

[Death] now the chat window is tiny

[BOB] I mean window layout

[Death] and you can't resize it

[BOB] meaning the frames of things changed

[BOB] Kaz do you see things the way you normally see them?

[Death] wow. in the docked format, the longer lines of chat actually go offscreen

[Kaz] ASide from you being chartreuse, yes

[Death] i couldn't read half of what you just typed bob

[BOB] what color is chartreuse? is this that different than before?

[BOB] it seems to be a yellow/green to me

[Kaz] chartreuse is a yellow green, yes

[Kaz] before, you were a bright, medium green

Death has left the game on Fri May 14 19:10:08 EDT 2010

[Lisa] testing

[Kaz] I see you testing

[Kaz] Do you see me seeing you testing?

[Lisa] testing again

[Lisa] nope

[Lisa] hello

[Kaz] hello

[Lisa] test

[Lisa] yay

[Lisa] testing

[Kaz] you forgot the '1... 2... 3... 4..."

[Lisa] 1234

[Kaz] :D

[Lisa] sorry - trying to adapt

[Lisa] think I have gotten it to the best it's gonna get

[Kaz] were you able to get the docked chat to work for you?

[Lisa] no

[Kaz] sorry

[Lisa] but got chat to top for delay for 5 to know I need to look in chat history

[Kaz] *hug*

[Kaz] can be frustrating

[Lisa] it's okay

[Lisa] thank you

[BOB] part of the problem is the program is sooo flexible

[BOB] and has to work under every operating system

[Lisa] Is Guy showing up?

[Kaz] he'll be here in 20 to 30 minutes

[Lisa] good

Barb has joined the game on Fri May 14 19:34:01 EDT 2010

Barb is receiving the map Base Map...

[BOB] outstanding Barb

[Kaz] Heya Barb

Barb has received the map Base Map.

[Lisa] Hi Barb

[BOB] I will let Lis and Kaz discuss chat settings with each other and Barb

[Barb] hi guys

[BOB] I will use the restroom and text john

[BOB] brb

[Lisa] Bob was talking about us putting together some settings to put on the website to deal with the update for now

[Lisa] Mine are pretty severe but I am used to the chat window docked like Mike's was

[Kaz] I don't dock it because I've had issues in past Klooge releases

[Kaz] (or at least A release)

[Lisa] So I have the chat floating at the top; upped the chat delay so I can read it before it disappears

[Kaz] Barb, do you see everything okay?

[Lisa] But that can be annoying

[Barb] i think i can

[Kaz] Lisa, why don't you just use the Chat History window?

[Lisa] I have that too

[Kaz] but you can't see what's on it?

[Lisa] but when I touch the map or my character sheet the chat historu minimizes

[Kaz] Barb, do you dock your chat?

[Kaz] Yes, Lisa. I guess it just takes getting used to.

[Barb] it is docked right now... not sure i lie it this way

[Lisa] so if I was targeting and someone wanted to scream NO!!! I would miss that piece of useful advice :)

[Kaz] I guess it's just a matter of what you're used to.


[BOB] Ok

[Kaz] I target, bring back my chat history, then do my dice thing.

[Barb] this has been the hardest software for me to leanr

[BOB] got a text back from John is not goign to be in

[Lisa] very sad

[Kaz] :(

[BOB] nods

[Barb] my first night back and he

[Barb] is not here

[BOB] would be good to have him and Barb together for this anniversary

[Kaz] Yes, what a shame

[Lisa] Oh God! Forgot about that!

[Lisa] I am sorry. Congratulations!!!!

[BOB] grins, thanks

[Kaz] Yes, congratulations, indeed :D

[Lisa] Sorry I started off in a bad mood :(

[BOB] not sure what you do for the 18th

[BOB] and no worries

[BOB] is fitting a Klooge update happened

[BOB] happened on our 750Th game too

[BOB] grins

[Barb] has it been 18 years?????

[BOB] John says sorry he is missing

[Kaz] No special thing for the 18th. It skips from the 15th to the 20th.

[BOB] grins, yeap Barb

[Kaz] So, you COULD go with crystal, which is the 15th anniversary.

[Barb] time flies

[BOB] a long time ago Brian brought you over to the house

[BOB] never met Barb before that night

[Barb] didnt realize it had been that long!

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so things to work on

[BOB] 1 barb's character

[BOB] 2 putting your level on the Dragonslayer Training Plans page

[BOB] and I do like that people are adding what they want to train for there, it helps me create the adventures so you can find people who can do those things


[BOB] and then I wanted everyone to check their movement rates, I think some of them are being shorted


[BOB] sorry for the links but there is far too much text to just copy to the chat room here

[BOB] so three small thigns to finish

[Kaz] Bob, did you want us to put our current level, or what level we're training for?

[BOB] current level please

[BOB] the training for will be clear enough that way

[Lisa] I don't understand the movement thing from the page you sent us too - sorry

[BOB] Ok

[Kaz] okay. Is anyone else editing that page? If not, I can do it for all of us.

[BOB] for example Indigo's movment

[BOB] that would be a help please Kaz

[BOB] Indigo starts at a 6 normal movement

[BOB] if he has a Stamina adjustment (which he does I think) you add that

[BOB] if he has a balance adjustment you add that (not sure if he does)

[BOB] so he might have a movement of 8 or 9 rather than the normal halfling 6

[BOB] does that make it clearer?

[Lisa] not really

[Lisa] where is it listed on character sheet? don't see movement

[BOB] Huh, looking now

[Lisa] Can I just pretend mine is right?

[BOB] grins

[Kaz] I think yours says 'fast' under movement

[Lisa] Indigo hasn't complained

[Lisa] Okay - Branwyn says fast and Indigo says nothing

[BOB] ahhh it is called Speed not movement

[BOB] ok

[BOB] that is the problem

[BOB] will make a note to fix that

[BOB] so Branwyn should be a 12 there and Indigo shoudl be a 6

[Lisa] thanks Kaz

[Kaz] I'm in Indigo's sheet, I can fix it

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Personal Information - Speed:: CHANGED: 6 (null).

[BOB] and Indigo has an attack adjustment of 1

[Kaz] or not

[Kaz] lol

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Personal Information - Speed:: CHANGED: 12 (Fast).

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified:

[BOB] and a balance adjustment of 2

[BOB] so he shoudl be moving 9

[BOB] not 6

[Kaz] whoever is fixing his sheet, please change ihs warrior level to 2

[Lisa] sorry - couldn't see chat while I was looking

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Class Levels - Warrior: (WARL) : CHANGED: 2 (1).

[Lisa] and done :)

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Personal Information - Speed:: CHANGED: 9 (6).

[BOB] great

[BOB] so Indigo is 50% faster than a normal halfling

[BOB] not bad at all

[Kaz] Hey Bob, How do I know what my Stamina adjustment is to my speed?

[BOB] the atk adj

[BOB] humans are 12

[BOB] plus atk adj plus balance adj

[Kaz] so, I'd actually be 13?

[BOB] nods

[BOB] slightly faster, able to move a bit more in combat

[Kaz] and the balance adjustment - what, under balance? Reaction adj?

[BOB] nods

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kristelle modified: Personal Information - Speed:: CHANGED: 13 (12).

[BOB] Lisa this helps, because Indigo before we checked could only move 3 (30 feet) and still attack

[BOB] now he can move 4.5 (45 feet) and get an attack

[Lisa] run little halfling, run!

[BOB] grins

[BOB] Barb how caught up do you feel?

[Barb] maybe 60%

[Barb] it'll come

[BOB] ok

[BOB] grins

[BOB] did you have a preference for how Emtsurt is introduced?

[Barb] no

[BOB] and do you know Indigo from before?

[BOB] the only other halfling in the group

[BOB] did you follow him here? or did you just happen upon the group

[Lisa] what - you think just because we're halflings we all know each other??


[Lisa] sounds racist to me

[Barb] how about i just came upon them

[Kaz] I think he's profiling.

[BOB] very well

[Kaz] Shall we call the ACLU?

[BOB] this is Arizone right?

[Lisa] lol

[Barb] lol

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so the short of it is Emtsurt was traveling with a group of human merchants, and when they stopped near the Jistille Estates she got off and ran into a group of Gnomes, their leader said "I know of another halfling, maybe he can help you and takes you to a dinner he is going to that night.

[Lisa] So Emtsurt is here in hopes of a hot date? :)

[Barb] of course i agree to follow

[Barb] got that right lisa

[Lisa] :)

[BOB] and does Branwyn or Kristelle or Indigo have anyting to do before the dinner?

[BOB] you have a couple of hours from the meting with the sergent to the dinner starts

[Lisa] as long as Indigo can pick up his chain mail after dinner we are fine

[BOB] he can pick it up before hand

[BOB] but not wear it to the dinner

[BOB] this is a semi formal dress

[BOB] they do not expect you to have formal dress

[Barb] and me with nothing to wear!

[Lisa] Indigo does not own a dress

[BOB] grins

[BOB] at least you can all be clean

[BOB] wipe the blood and mud off

[Lisa] that he can do

[Lisa] ankheg slime

[Barb] do i have to???

[BOB] smile

[BOB] Guy is updating and will be in shortly

[BOB] then we will have eveyrone at the dinner party

[Kaz] I'm sorry, had to unexpectedly run off for a moment

[Lisa] other than adding to equipment page - anything else I need to do with his character sheet?

[BOB] not yet

[BOB] when he is wearing his Chain his AC will change but will handle that later

[Lisa] good

[Kaz] What armour does he have now, leather?

[BOB] yes

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified:

[BOB] he has a good working set of Leather

[BOB] and now a good working set of Chain Mail

[Kaz] as long as we're in swamp country, he should definitely hang on to that leather

[BOB] both Halfling sized

[Lisa] yes

[BOB] and Lisa and Kaz did you solidify anythign about the Orchard House?

[BOB] did you have a name for it?

[BOB] and did you like the layouts and maps I sent you?

[Lisa] very nice - I was bad - did not do anything

[Kaz] I like the layouts

[Kaz] love the maps, yeah

[BOB] it is ok, not a homework thing, just want to be sure you are ok with it

[Kaz] We never considered changing the name, did we.

[Lisa] no

[BOB] right now it is called "the widow washburn's orchard house"

[BOB] you can change that if you want

[Kaz] ahh, okay

[Kaz] I did do my normal high-handed deciding of where everyone will sleep, lol

[Lisa] smiles

[Lisa] as long as I get a room for my future library, I'm good

[Kaz] yes, you get a room for your future library, heh

[Lisa] thank you :)

[BOB] Barb you saw that farmhouse map right?

[Barb] yes i did

[BOB] ok

[BOB] working with guy on his issues

[BOB] might be a few hours ;)

[Kaz] HOURS?

[Barb] let me take a quick nap then! :)

[Kaz] Try days... weeks, even.

[Kaz] He doesn't have issues, he has subscriptions.


[Lisa] LOL! He's not even here to defend himself

[Barb] that margarita is starting to hit me!

[Kaz] Don't worry, he'll get me back when I get home.

[BOB] Kaz you want to talk to him?

[BOB] you just updated you know what the screens look like

[Kaz] sure

[BOB] I will look over Barb's sheet to see what she has so far

[BOB] chcukles, which is nothing


[BOB] so you need to ass your thief skills

[Lisa] what was that Bob?

[Barb] ya calling me a nothing??? :)

[Kaz] Never!!!

[BOB] chuckles

[BOB] sorry just adding the thief skills to your sheet

[BOB] there was nothign there at all

[Barb] grin

[Barb] i really am nothing then

[BOB] I added in your basic levels now Barb

[Barb] ok thanks

[BOB] now you get 60 more points to distribtute between the skills (no more than 30 to one particular skill)

[BOB] and that will make you first level

[BOB] you are looking on the Skills section of your proficienes tab

[Barb] ok 60 more total...

[BOB] right

[Barb] can i do the editing or do you have to?

[BOB] you can

[Barb] ok.. see if i did it right

[Barb (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Skills/Detections (d100/% based) - CHANGED: Pick Pockets -- Total (% - w/modifier): 25 (15), CHANGED: Open Locks -- Total (% - w/modifier): 25 (10), CHANGED: Find/remove traps -- Total (% - w/modifier): 15 (5), CHANGED: Move Silently -- Total (% - w/modifier): 20 (10), CHANGED: Hide in Shadows -- Total (% - w/modifier): 15 (5), CHANGED: Read Languages -- Total (% - w/modifier): 5 (0),

[BOB] yeap

[BOB] that is right

[BOB] now I will go add your Dex modifiers for you

[Barb] at least i know i can count to 60

[Lisa] So we do not get the pleasure of Histile's company at the dinner? Too bad

[Kaz] Histile?

[Lisa] Court Mage

[Lisa] I probably spelled his name wrong

[BOB] ok

[BOB] now your thief skills are updated for Race and Dex

[Barb] ok

[BOB] and updated your sheet now Barb for the short sword

[BOB] adding dagger next

[BOB] ok

[BOB] both updated now

[Kaz] Okay... on the down side, no Guy tonight.

[BOB] sorry Lisa and Kaz we will get this right

[Kaz] On the up side, no sledgehammer at our house.

[Kaz] Don't worry, Bob. It always takes a little time. We're patient.

[Lisa] What happened to Guy?

[BOB] he is having trouble with the update

[Kaz] He's having issues getting the download to work

[Lisa] that sucks

[Kaz] I don't understand why it won't work with JZip. It worked for me.

[Lisa] I updated through Klooge install. That doesn't work? I don't know what JZip is.

[BOB] I told him to walk away from it for a moment

[BOB] then come back and try again

[BOB] he wants a sledgehammer and the address of the Klooge servers

[BOB] I am sure Mike will go with him

[BOB] but in any case

[Kaz] it'll all be fine

[Kaz] what can we do to help Barb?

[BOB] just one sec and we will start need to bring up some chat to copy and paste in

[BOB] you can help her with her proficiencies

[BOB] she has her two weapons in

[BOB] and her thief stuff in

[BOB] just the non-weapon ones to worry about

[BOB] brb

[Kaz] brb

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[BOB] ok

[BOB] did we lose you Barb?

[BOB] grins

[Barb] im here

[BOB] I was guessing you wanted dagger and short sword as weapons

[Barb] yes

[Barb] sorry..... was looking at other things in the program and not paying attention to the chat box

[BOB] grins is a good thing


[BOB] that is the list of all the possible proficiencies for you

[Barb] ok

[BOB] you have 7 slots to fill if you want

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kaz] sorry, back

[BOB] do not have to fill all of them

[BOB] but you can pick what you want

[BOB] and as you are doing that

[BOB] Lisa and Kaz are you both ready too?

[Lisa] yes

[BOB] the three of you can roleplay this next section before Barb has tohave her skills finalized

[Kaz] yes

[BOB] Time of Day: 07:00 PM. Day 9 See ___ de, Spe {Early Fall} 9th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] and as Evenign falls


[BOB] you are ushered into the main hall

[BOB] where several tables have been set up

[BOB] for a meal

[BOB] at the head table you see the Lord Mosskin

[BOB] and his wife the Missus Mosskin and his daughter Mistress Mosskin

[BOB] Medoro is up there in the background

[BOB] you are all seated together along the side table

[BOB] and across from y ou you see

[BOB] the Corporal the Sergent

[BOB] and Practumnarishkill the gnome who you helped set up the mine with and a halfling sitting next to him at his table

[BOB] eveyrone have an idea of what is happening now?

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((yes))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

[Barb] yes

[BOB] dinner is brought out on trays to each table

[BOB] tankards of ale

Kristelle (Kaz) nods a solemn salute to the Corporal and the Sergeant, winks at Practumnarishkill, and nods a greeting to the halfling.

[BOB] and a small cask of wine is broached

[BOB] and poured for toasts

[BOB] the Lord Mosskin gets up first

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] I want to thank you all for being such stalwart guards and providing everything that you billed your selves to be. I am glad to say that the Dragonslayers Company worked for me and I will give you a recommendation in your new role as Dragonslayers Company Detatched if any new employer asks. My subjects and my family thank you for your service to us.

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] raises his glass in toast and drinks

Branwyn (Lisa) takes glass and drinks too

[Mistress Mosskin (BOB)] then Mistress mosskin (the daughter mispoke earlier )

[Mistress Mosskin (BOB)] I want to echo my husband's thanks for providing such good service to our Estates and to the professionalism you have all shown in solving every problem you came across.

Kristelle (Kaz) salutes Lord Mosskin with her mug and drinks.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] then Missus mosskin

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] I will admit that when my father first hired a rain soaked scruffy group of mercenaries I had my doubts. The Dragonslayers Company has succeeded in allaying my fears and you all provided a wonderful service to our lands. I have learned more of the greater world through your diverse skills and outlooks. I grew to enjoy Mederro's reports on your actions out in the Estate and the tales of bravery and adventure make our lands seem richer. I know that my father's instincts were correct when he made his choice and proved again why he is worthy of such renown. I look forward to hearing more from the Dragonslayers in the coming year and I do hope you decide to stay here at the Estates.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] and a third toast and drink

[BOB] Medero looks over at your table inquisitively

Branwyn (Lisa) drinks again and starts to feel cheerier by the moment

[BOB] looking at your table like he is waiting for something

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Lord and Missus Moskin

[Emtsurt (Barb)] sipping and looking at branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We do hope to stay at the Estates and are making arrangements to stay at the Widow Washburn's orchard house

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You all have made us feel very welcome

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A toast to the Mosskin family for their generosity and kindness!

Kristelle (Kaz) smiles at the Mosskins but doesn't look at Lord Mosskin and can't seem to bring herself to speak.

Branwyn (Lisa) raises glass and drinks again

Kristelle (Kaz) salutes the Mosskins with her mug and takes another drink.

[BOB] and with the formalities out of the way the dinner begins

[BOB] you all tuck in and eat

[BOB] talking across the tables,

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] So Kristelle, tell me what happened to my Aide I sent along to find you?

Kristelle (Kaz) glances at Branwyn.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You sent an Aide to find us?

[Practumnarishkill (BOB)] Indigo do you know Emtsurt here? she is from Gold Hills too?

[Corporal Antero (BOB)] Branwyn, did you ever find out what that stuff was from the Inn's basement?

Indigo (Lisa) peeks up from his plate at Emtsurt and quickly looks down again

[BOB] Sergent Snowfoot: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=3] 13

[BOB] I sent my aide Denib Dae to find you two days ago

[Emtsurt (Barb)] i'm sorry... i'm not from the gold hills

Kristelle (Kaz) glances briefly from Indigo to Emtsurt, raises an eyebrow at Indigo, and turns her attention abck to the Sergeant.

[Practumnarishkill (BOB)] looks over at Emtsurt, really? I thought all halfings were from the Gold Hills?

[Emtsurt (Barb)] no sir

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Denib arrived to help us but then we have not seen him since

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Oh yes, Denib Dae. He was with us when we first approached the Orchard House - the 'haunted' house, as it were. I haven't seen him since.

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] hmmm, wonder where he went off to

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I hope that he is well where ever he may be

[Kristelle (Kaz)] He said not a word, but I admit we were a bit distracted by the gremlins.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] I hear you found some strange swamp creature out there when you were investigating the poor fisherman who was turned to stone

[Kristelle (Kaz)] he seemed an able young man.

Kristelle (Kaz) nods at Missus Mosskin, hastily swallowing a bite of meat.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I've never seen the like of it before.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] An odd, ugly creature, barely able to life its head to look around it.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Was there anything to be done about the unfortunate fisherman?

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] I do beleive that the Court Mage is lookign into hwo to change him back

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] grunts

Indigo (Lisa) takes another quick look at Emtsurt, blushes looks down again and quickly starts eating

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] or make a statue out of him

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] Father!

Branwyn (Lisa) chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would very much like to see the Court Mage's work in the matter if he should allow it

Kristelle (Kaz) looks down at her plate, obviously holding in laughter

[Emtsurt (Barb)] eatting, appearing to not pay much attention to the chatter

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] Mr Merryweather was a very nice old man

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] it was just bad luck that he ran across such a foul beast

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] looks back tot he group, how did you avoid his fate?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Bad luck, indeed.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh I simply put the creature into a deep sleep

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Was rather simple actually

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Luckily, it was just the one.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] However, I do not believe that was the creature that turned the man to stone.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm sure your Court Mage could have handled it quite easily himself, but we were happy to oblige

[Corporal Antero (BOB)] so Emtsurt is it? where do you hail from? are you here to join up with this Unit?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Indeed, there were at least a pair of cockatrice.

Branwyn (Lisa) nudges Kristelle

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] Oh?

[Emtsurt (Barb)] i have come to join up with them sir

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] more of them?

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] do I need to alert anyone?

[Medoro (BOB)] stiffens and leans forward

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Fortunately, the odd creature ate the cockatrices.

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] already signing up people toyour ranks? looking at branwyn and kristelle, very good

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] what do you think you will do for your first chance of exploring?

[BOB (to GM only)] Regor's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 15 (5) - Unharmed

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is there a goal that you have that we may do to further help your cause?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We are relatively new to these lands and many places are still unknown to us

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] then the door CRASHES open

Branwyn (Lisa) turns to look at the door

[BOB] and inside stumbles a large man being carried by two others,

[BOB] and a tall man dressed in very good clothes next to them

[BOB] Mage Yullote #1 moved 6'03".

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] Araheal you old devil

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I need a favor

[BOB] Medoro moved 16'02".

[Medoro (BOB)] Hear hear what is going on

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] is that who I think it is?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] Yullote you old reprobate, what the devil have you done this time?

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] Father, please, we are trying to entertain our guests

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] if we could move this to....

[Medoro (BOB)] Please who are you? and why do you intrude here?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] looks at the two men carrying him and gestures to be set down on a bench

[BOB] Mage Yullote moved 11'04".

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] ahhhh

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I am Yullote the Magnificent

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] a mage of some repute

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] you likely have heard of me, but do not be afraid I wish you no ill will ... yet

[Emtsurt (Barb) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Non-Weapon Proficiencies - ADDED: Observation, , , 1, , . ADDED: Bribery, , , 1, , . ADDED: Hiding, , , 2, , . ADDED: Forgery, , , , , . ADDED: Alertness, , , 1, , . ADDED: Appraising, , , 1, , .

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I have returned to my old friend's abode because I know he can help me with any problem

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] I want half of what you are getting for my take

Kristelle (Kaz) casually covers her mouth to hide her grin

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] always reachign for teh sky

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] you know if you just tried to reach for the mountain top you might get there one day

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] why do you over reach all the time?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] Oh? and did you ever reach into the sky?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] ahhh, grins broadly, that is why I am here

Kristelle (Kaz) glances briefly at Lord Mosskin to see how he feels about what the newcomer is saying.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] permit me to introduce Captain harkness

[BOB] Captain Harkness moved 8'11".

Branwyn (Lisa) note to self - think of stunning adjective to describe my own magnificence

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] (lol)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (*snerk)

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] Sky Captain Harkness, if it pleases you My Lord

Arahael Mosskin (BOB) eyebrows raise

[Emtsurt (Barb) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Non-Weapon Proficiencies - CHANGED: Observation -- Group: General (), CHANGED: Observation -- Modifier: +0 (). CHANGED: Bribery -- Group: Rogue (), CHANGED: Bribery -- Modifier: +0 (). CHANGED: Hiding -- Group: General (), CHANGED: Hiding -- Modifier: -1 (). CHANGED: Forgery -- Group: Rogue (), CHANGED: Forgery -- Modifier: -1 (). CHANGED: Alertness -- Group: General (), CHANGED: Alertness -- Attribute: wi (), CHANGED: Alertness -- Modifier: +1 (). CHANGED: Appraising -- Group: Rogue (), CHANGED: Appraising -- Modifier: +0 ().

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] Really?

Mistress Mosskin (BOB) hand on Arahel's arm, softly, you are NOT going with him

[Mistress Mosskin (BOB)] I do not care

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] glances quickly over, eyebrow raised, mother?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] growls

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] Yullote the wishfull thinker

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] tell me what your grand plan is

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] and how did you sucker such a fine man as a Sky Captain into it?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] a drink first Lord?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] waves a servent over

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] and food even if your tale is good enough

[BOB] servents bring over food and drink to the new comers

[BOB] Mage Yullote moved 8'06".

[BOB] Captain Harkness moved 17'08".

Branwyn (Lisa) glances over to the sergeant and corporal to see their reaction to all this

[BOB] the sergeatn looks like she is speculating on the Captain

[BOB] the Corporal is clearly mystified about the two fo them

Branwyn (Lisa) takes another drink and eyes the mage warily

Kristelle (Kaz) trades a glance with Branwyn, then looks over at the newcomers and studies the Captain.

[BOB] so after a bit of time goes by

[BOB] Time of Day: 08:00 PM. Day 9 See ___ de, Spe {Early Fall} 9th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] Time of Day: 09:00 PM. Day 9 See ___ de, Spe {Early Fall} 9th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] Yullote explains himself better

[BOB] it turns out that he had hired Captian Harkness to take him to a castle that the mage had recently found who's previous owner had met an untimely end

[BOB] on the way to the castle they met with a group of pirates

[BOB] and were serverly wounded

[BOB] half of the captains crew was lost

[BOB] along with all of his fighting force

[BOB] Yullote decided that the Estate was close and he could call in a favor form an old adventuring friend in Lord Mosskin

Indigo (Lisa) clenches fists at thought of pirates

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I want to hire some of your people to go secure the castle for me

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] they can take as a reward anything that they find

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] exept four black journals

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] they are locked into a vault, behind a secret door

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] and the castle its self of course

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I am taking that

Kristelle (Kaz) turns her head barely, just enough to share another glance with Branwyn.

Medoro (BOB) looking at Branwyn and Kristelle

Branwyn (Lisa) tries to leave face unreadable but her interest was clearly piqued

[Medoro (BOB)] We have no guards to spare, no one to go off on a wild goose chase he says quietly

[Emtsurt (Barb) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Non-Weapon Proficiencies - DELETED: Bribery, Rogue, , 1, , +0.

Kristelle (Kaz) looks over at the Corporal and raises an eyebrow.

[Emtsurt (Barb) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Non-Weapon Proficiencies - CHANGED: Alertness -- Attribute: (wi),

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] Do you have any brave souls who can stand a bit of adventuring?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And you want nothing from the castle except these journals? They must be quite important.

[Corporal Antero (BOB)] looks at the Sergeant and shrugs

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] they are only improtant to very experienced mages

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] they pertain to controlling live forces,

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] to binding souls

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And of course you would use this power for good purposes

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] you would not live through reading the first chapters

[Kristelle (Kaz)] A mage experienced enough to use them should be strong enough to take the castle, shouldn't they?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I doubt what I think are good purposes and what you think is Good are the same thing

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] but yes I plan on using them for a very good purpose

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I would have taken teh castle if the ship I hired had actually gotten me there!

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] but I lost two of my fighters

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] these two are not strong enough to continue

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] and the Captain swears he can get to the castle but has no crew to spare me to secure it

Kristelle (Kaz) glances again at Captain Harkness and murmurs, "A shame, to be sure."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And you would go with this group to secure the castle or remain here to drink Lord Mosskin's fine ale?

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] I can see you through any storm but I did not garantee a safe landing on the other side, he says to the Mage

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] fine ale? you have not been around Araeal that long have you?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] he serves swine piss most of the time

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] and the rest it is cat piss

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I will provide him with some good drink

Branwyn (Lisa) chuckles in spite of herself

[Kristelle (Kaz)] He has served us very fine ale. Perhaps he only serves piss to a special few.

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] good drink?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] that excuse for bad paint thinner you drink?

[Medoro (BOB)] looking at Branwyn, will you take this? get him out of here for me?

[Medoro (BOB)] I can help negociate the terms for you

Kristelle (Kaz) winks at Medoro.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] If she doesn't, I will.

[Medoro (BOB)] you will need a thief

[Medoro (BOB)] someone if there are traps in the castle

[Emtsurt (Barb)] ears perking up

[Medoro (BOB)] and if it is a mage's castle you will definately find traps

Kristelle (Kaz) lightly clears her throat as she glances at Foriso.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I find that two are better than one, sometimes.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Medoro, do you really wish us to take on this task? We know nothing of this mage.

[Medoro (BOB)] it appears that my Lord knows him

[Kristelle (Kaz)] My father's mentor does.

[Medoro (BOB)] and that is good enough for me

[Medoro (BOB)] and if that is really a Captain then he will be honorable

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Or if he can be trusted to live up to his part of the bargain

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Medoro, my Lord knows the mage. He even seems to enjoy verbal sparring with him. But does he trust him?

[Medoro (BOB)] I will do my best to keep him here until you return

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I hope so. What say you Sergeant?

[Medoro (BOB)] I do not know Miss Kristelle

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] I think this is a godo test of your ability to function as a unit

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] you need to sovle problems on yoru own,

Kristelle (Kaz) takes a deep breath, lets it out, and closes her eyes for a moment.

[Sergent Snowfoot (BOB)] I see nothing wrong with taking on this assignment

Kristelle (Kaz) motions Medoro close.

[BOB] Medoro moved 4'09".

Kristelle (Kaz) nudges Branwyn, then murmurs quietly to Medoro.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And if we do this thing, would you like the journals returned to you?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Or shall we leave them for you to retrieve?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Medoro (she says quietly under Branwyn's speaking), would you arrange for me to speak privately with myLord for a moment?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] It doesn't have to be immediately, just after dinner sometime.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] you can bring them to me but do not open them, I do not think you can hanldle that

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] or if you find the way into the secret vault you can come back to me and tell me where they are

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] it is a small keep

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] only three floors

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] a small island

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm sure I can handle that

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] it should not take more than a day to find everythign of value inside

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] perhaps you can even find a spell or two to learn

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] he did have a small library

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I intend to clear it out and install my own

[Kristelle (Kaz)] And who is currently making use of this keep?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] no one

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] coughs

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] if we get there quickly no one

[Kristelle (Kaz)] and Nothing?

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] those pirates were on a course for the island

Kristelle (Kaz) nods to the Captain.

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] we need to get there as quickly as possible

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] if we leave tonight

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] we can be there in the mroning

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] you can sleep on the ship

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Kristelle and whispers

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do we do this thing then?

Kristelle (Kaz) looks at Medoro.

[Medoro (BOB)] I can get you a quick audience as you are getting your things ready

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Will you negotiate terms for us? Contingent upon my final agreement, after my audience.

[Medoro (BOB)] nods

Kristelle (Kaz) murmurs in Branwyn's ear what the purpose of the audience is, and who with.

[BOB] Medoro targets Mage Yullote. Distance: 4'05"

[BOB] Medoro moved 31'05".

Branwyn (Lisa) nods and takes another drink

[BOB] Arahael Mosskin moved 18'10".

[BOB] Missus Mosskin moved 13'02".

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] Yes Branwyn?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (do I assume we are speaking privately, not in the dining hall?)

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] nudges her father softely

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] (no in the dining hall, but no one else can hear)

Kristelle (Kaz) clears her throat gently and takes a breath.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] My Lord...

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] Medoro is keeping the others occupied

[Kristelle (Kaz)] My father trusted you more than anyone I can think of, and so I do, too.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] So, if I may ask, do you trust this mage Yullote?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] as far as I can throw him

Kristelle (Kaz) blushes

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] he is a man of his word

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] as long as you know the meaning of every word

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Would you trust him with my father's daughter?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] if your father's daughter is a fool to jump off a bridge without knowing how to swim there is no one to help her

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I do not wish to seem rude, my Lord. Forgive me if it seemed so.

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] but if she knows what she is getting into then she must be smart enough to get out

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] afterall he will be my guest here

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] you will not need to deal with him at all

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you know to what purpose he would put these spells he is seeking?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] oh I suppose he is still trying to control demons

Kristelle (Kaz) raises an eyebrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Demons to do his bidding?

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] no

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] he just attempts to control them

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] that is what he is tryign to become better at making them do his bidding

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] I wold not touch any book he thinks is useful

[Arahael Mosskin (BOB)] or open it at least

Branwyn (Lisa) shakes head

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Why would a person want demons to do their bidding? Aside from no good purpose.

Kristelle (Kaz) shakes her head.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] if you do go on this mission

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] I will make sure that your home is taken care of for you

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] that you have a place to return to

[BOB] Medoro no longer targets Mage Yullote.

[BOB] Medoro moved 16'02".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is very kind of you

Kristelle (Kaz) smiles at Missus Mosskin.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Missus

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You are most kind.

[Medoro (BOB)] I have a deal

[Medoro (BOB)] you will accompany the Captain tonight

[Medoro (BOB)] you should arrive at the island in the morning

[Medoro (BOB)] you will secure the castle

[Medoro (BOB)] you are free to take anything and everything from it

[Medoro (BOB)] except for the three black journals

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I thought there were four

[Medoro (BOB)] and then you will return here with either the journals or a detailed report of where they are and that they are safe

[Medoro (BOB)] sorry, yes four

[Medoro (BOB)] shakes his head

[Medoro (BOB)] I was negociating per journal but he would not go for it

[Medoro (BOB)] he wants all of them

Kristelle (Kaz) grins at Medoro

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I doubt there is anyone sharper at your work than you are, Medoro.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And if they are not to be found?

[Medoro (BOB)] he has agreed that if you bring any dead bodies of your companions back here he will see that they are formally buried and safely

[Medoro (BOB)] he swears they are in the castle

[Medoro (BOB)] he insists you leave immediately

[Medoro (BOB)] is says this should be an easy mission for greedy adventurers

[Medoro (BOB)] take everything even if it is nailed down

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then we must pack our things

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

Kristelle (Kaz) chuckles

[Medoro (BOB)] I will have the Mage stay here at the keep until you return

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Does the halfling Emtsurt wish to join us?

Kristelle (Kaz) rises from her seat and bows to the Mosskins.

[Medoro (BOB)] the captain says a night;s journey there, a day in the castle and a nights journey back

[Medoro (BOB)] but he is willing to wait for you at the castle if you need be

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We thank you for your hospitality. How ungracious we must seem, rushing off.

[Emtsurt (Barb)] of course.... i joined to adventure and see the world

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then we shall be most pleased to have you with us

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles warmly

[Emtsurt (Barb)] thank you... you will not regret it

[BOB] Javelin moved 35'08".

[BOB] Javelin moved 31'00".

[BOB] Javelin moved 89'01".

[Medoro (BOB)] Ok

[Medoro (BOB)] so you go outside

Kristelle (Kaz) leans and whispers to Missus Mosskin, "Good luck dealing with the Magnificent Ego."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ((LOL!))

[BOB] Javelin moved 211'02".

[Medoro (BOB)] Ok

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Medoro (BOB)] barb you are missing yoru hit points

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ((why does Barb have a yellow triangle on her icon? or is it just me seeing that?))

[Emtsurt (Barb)] check my profs if you have a minute and make sure they're where the belong

[Medoro (BOB)] that was a facing indicator Lisa

[Medoro (BOB)] and I took that off

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ((okay))

[Medoro (BOB)] and Lisa look at her Proficiencies,

[Medoro (BOB)] you have one slot open Barb

[Medoro (BOB)] no

[Medoro (BOB)] sorry

[Medoro (BOB)] 3=4 is 7 not 8

[Emtsurt (Barb)] thought i had counted to 7 correctly, but then again...... :)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] looks fine to me

[Medoro (BOB)] grins

[Medoro (BOB)] and I added in the +10 for locksmithign to your open locks

[Medoro (BOB)] so you have a 45% chance now

[Medoro (BOB)] not bad at first level

[Emtsurt (Barb)] ok... that was my next question

[Medoro (BOB)] grins, forgery and appraising

[Medoro (BOB)] let me borrow that, I will give it back to you in a day or two after I see what it is worth

[Emtsurt (Barb)] nice combo dont ya think!

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((sorry, back))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ((have to keep our eyes on that one!))

[Medoro (BOB)] grins

[Medoro (BOB)] OK

[Emtsurt (Barb)] you dont trust me??

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ((hmmm....))

[Kristelle (Kaz)]

[Kristelle (Kaz)] weapon profs missing

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] and as you leave the main building Captain Harkness, looks up over the corner tower, there she is the Javelin

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] strongest ship you will eve see

[BOB] and the rest of you are amazed to see a ship, anchored to the top of the tower

Kristelle (Kaz) looks up and gasps.

[BOB] with a huge balloon over it

[Kristelle (Kaz)] She's beautiful, Captain. I've never seen the like.

[BOB] small wings protrude from the sides

[Emtsurt (Barb)] she is different....

[BOB] she can carry 200 pounds of metal,

[BOB] not another ship for a hundred leagues can best her at that

[Kristelle (Kaz)] What an amazing ship.

[BOB] Ok,

[BOB] so

[BOB] here is the deal, you are obviously goign to go onto a sailing ship

[BOB] of a different kind

[BOB] up into the air realms

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (Heaven forfend you get seasick... Look out below!!)

[BOB] Sky Captain Jack Harkness

[BOB] there is your side view

[BOB] and some of the dimensions for you

[BOB] you can see the raming horn on the front

[BOB] there is a huge zeplin like gas bag above the ship

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ((very nice))

[BOB] and there si your ship view

[BOB] on the top of the decks

[BOB] you have to go through your things now to decide what to take

[BOB] as the captian alluded to

[BOB] metal is a presish commoditiy in the air

[BOB] total between the group you cna have 200 pounds of metal with you

[BOB] swords, armor, etc

[BOB] and of course if you want to take home metal, such as coins, you need to keep room for them

[BOB] questions?

[Emtsurt (Barb)] i dont go anywhere without my S&C

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (How much does halfling chain weigh?)

[BOB] half as much as human

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (20 lbs, half human weight?)

[BOB] now you have to take into account the "one round behind people"

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (I know)

[BOB] at least Foriso, Imari, Miranda

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Equipment - CHANGED: Chain mail -- Weight: 20 lbs. (40 lbs.),

[BOB] I will move them onto the Javelin map for you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so our chain mail is 60 lbs right there

[Branwyn (Lisa)] taking Beth?

[BOB] your choice

[BOB] you could take her but force her to leave her chain at home

[BOB] let her take one metal weapon

[BOB] only have to count for a few pounds that way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] that would work

[BOB] off to the rest room while you do math

[BOB] count up your weapons,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo has done without chain mail so far - he can leave his behind

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I don't know how much the weapons weigh. Well, I know daggers are 1 lb.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn - 2 daggers, 2lbs. She can dump her 24 copper coins into party pack

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Now that we have the Orchard House, we each have a chest, too.

[BOB] short swords are 3 pounds each

[Kristelle (Kaz)] and long swords?

[BOB] daggers are 1 pound each

[BOB] long swords are 4 pounds each

[Kristelle (Kaz)] spear?

[BOB] the mace is crystal so does not count

[BOB] 5 pounds for the spear

[Kristelle (Kaz)] bill-guisarme?

[BOB] halberd is 15 pounds

[BOB] 15 pounds also

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I'll probably leave that behind, then

[BOB] Barb you have leather armor

[BOB] so standard thief abilities for that no negatives or positives

[Emtsurt (Barb)] ok

[BOB] you can fill in the armor bonus of 2

[BOB] and your def adjt of 2

[BOB] for a final AC of 6

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn 2 lbs & Indigo 6lbs if he leaves his chain mail behind

[Emtsurt (Barb) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified:

[BOB] not too bad

[Kristelle (Kaz)] what about sling bullets, bob?

[BOB] 1 / 2 pound each

[Kristelle (Kaz)] damn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] quarterstaff is non-metal right?

[BOB] right

[Kristelle (Kaz)] augh, I hate to leave my chainmail behind, but I guess I'll have to.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] otherwise, I'm a quarter of the allotted weight.

[Barb (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Armor - Armor Bonus:: CHANGED: -2 (null). AC FINAL:: CHANGED: 6 (10).

[BOB] you are the fighter Kaz

[BOB] it is to be expected

[Kristelle (Kaz)] gah

[Kristelle (Kaz)] even so.

[Barb (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Armor - DEX Bonus:: CHANGED: -2 (null).

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You should bring yours

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Once castle is secure could we make multiple trips with loot if we need to?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] After all, he would owe us for the work we did

[BOB] you will have to negociate that with the captain

[Kristelle (Kaz)] what is Indigo bringing, two short swords?

[BOB] he is agreeing to take you there, drop you off

[BOB] come back to pick you up on your signal

[BOB] and take you home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Was going to - only 6 lbs

[Barb] cant he be persuaded to make another trip?

[BOB] he might

[BOB] will be up to you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm sure we could persuade him

[BOB] what is currently negociated is the trip there, wait and trip back

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Money talks...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] give him something for his trouble if we have that much stuff

[Barb] everyone has a price

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yup

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Barb, what is Emtsurt bringing?

[BOB] and so you know the name of this Story Arc is.... Norjack

[Barb] all i have is a sword and dagger

[Kristelle (Kaz)] is that like Lojack?

[BOB] will let you go scramble to find out anything you want abou tthat

[BOB] grins

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I'm trying to find out from Guy if he wants to bring his sling. Gonna beat him if he dosn't answer me soon.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] AHA!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] the sound of someone getting a beating or did you discover something?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No sooner did I say that then he IMd me

[Branwyn (Lisa)] very good

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Does anyone think a sling and bullets would be helpful if we run into sky pirates?

[BOB] grins

[BOB] how does Indigo feel about sky pirates?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I'm thinking, possibly puncture their balloon...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] weight lightens if he uses them

[Kristelle (Kaz)] that's true

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Miranda can use a sling too, apparently

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think we should have the weapons we need

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We can make arrangements with Captain for a return trip if need be

[Kristelle (Kaz)] how many bullets each, do you think, for Foriso and Miranda?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'd much rather us lose a gem or something but all come back alive

[BOB] gems are not metal

[BOB] those weights are different

[Branwyn (Lisa)] 6 would be 3 lbs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] gems to bribe captain for extra trip

[Branwyn (Lisa)] used as an example

[BOB] the magic that allows the ship to fly only allows you to carry 200 more pounds of metal on board

[BOB] smaller ships can hold even less

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ack - I know Bob, you told us

[BOB] sorry

[BOB] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] what I meant was give up one piece of loot in exchange for us all being prepared weaponwise

[Kristelle (Kaz)] all she meant by 'losing a gem' is that we might use it to pay him to return.

[BOB] nods

[BOB] letting you work things out now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] not thinking about gem as metal weight

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes - stay out of this

[BOB] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] okay, we're at 75 lbs. want the list?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sure

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Kristelle - chainmail and 2 long swords, 48 lb

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Branwyn - 2 daggers, 2 lb.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Imari - spear, 5 lb.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Indigo - 2 short sword, 6 lb. (I'd really like him to have his chain, it's only 20 lb)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Emtsurt - short sword and dagger, 4 lb

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Foriso - short sword, dagger, 6 sling bullets, 7 lb.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Miranda - 6 sling bullets, 3lb.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] check my math, please. 75 lbs, or 95 if Indigo wears chain.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] math is right - Beth?

Guy has joined the game on Fri May 14 22:56:17 EDT 2010

Guy is receiving the map The Javelin...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no chain and just long sword? or spear?

Guy has received the map The Javelin.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] hi Guy! You made it!

[Guy] no thanks to klooge

[Branwyn (Lisa)] welcome aboard the dirigible Titanic.... errr Javelin


[Kristelle (Kaz)] Yay!!

[BOB] at least it is not the Hindenburg

[Branwyn (Lisa)] very true

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I don't know, I know Beth has been busy with her shop. I don't know what to do there.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] if we leave her at the orchard she will log in

[Guy] im still hurt?

[BOB] none of the healers has logged in

[Branwyn (Lisa)] if we take her with us - she won't

[BOB] and it is the same day

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I know

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Bob, have you spoken with Beth at all?

[BOB] you will heal some tonight during teh sailign trip

[Guy] just seems like ive been hurt for a long time

[BOB] and no, I have left a message for her but no responses, I know she was moving

[BOB] you have been Guy

[BOB] the last 4 game sessions

[BOB] and you have only gone through 2 days in that time

[BOB] John logged in two weeks ago and did some healing for you

[BOB] was the last time you had a healer

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Beth has a long sword and a longspear

[Kristelle (Kaz)] how much is a longspear?

[BOB] spear is same as Imari

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ahh, okay

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo will take chain mail if everyone agrees it's okay. Don't want to overload us unnecssarily

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I guess we'll make allowance for her spear, then.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I don't think it's an unnecessary overload against pirates.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] living is more necessary than lewt.

[BOB] Guy did you get an overview of what you are doing?

[BOB] Foriso Fairhand moved 21'09".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] we'll give Aeiria her spear, she can leave the sword home.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sounds good

[Guy (to GM only)] Character sheet for Emtsurt modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] okay, with that and Indigo's mail, we're at an equal 100 lbs.

[BOB] 100*50 coins per pound means you can bring back quite a bit

[Guy] umm not really i was finishing up beths character notes

[BOB] grins

[BOB] ok

[BOB] will let one of them fill you in then

[Kristelle (Kaz)] we're going to secure a castle against pirates and other would-be invaders for some dumb-ass mage who thinks he's a god.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Notice he's not with us...

[Guy] why and how much are we getting?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] most likely evil mage

[Branwyn (Lisa)] everything but the kitchen sink from this castle

[Kristelle (Kaz)] He's keeping the keep for his own, but we can have anything and everything in it (except for 4 particular journals)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] actually we could take the kitchen sink if we wanted

[BOB] and that is the castle

[Kristelle (Kaz)] yeah, he's just gonna replace it with a bidet.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] LOL

[Guy] and i suppose we are not supposed to even look at the journals?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] of course not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he says it would kill us

[Branwyn (Lisa)] too powerful for such lowly beings such as ourselves

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he wants them to control demons

[Guy] he dont know us vewy well do he

[BOB] that view of the castle is what you see in the morning

[BOB] when you wake up

[BOB] the Mist is thicker here, you are farther south

[Branwyn (Lisa)] are we going to be on a slant?

[BOB] and yes it is skewed at a 45 degree angle

[BOB] something must have gone wrong with the levitation spell

[Branwyn (Lisa)] does that affect us in any way?

[BOB] you will find out

[BOB] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] can't wait

[Emtsurt (Barb)] you know better than to ask that lisa

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so everyone can wrap up for the night,

[BOB] Guy you can adjust yoru settings

[Guy] hi barb

[BOB] Lisa seems to have a set that works well for her

[BOB] will be good to have two thieves along this trip

[Guy] oh yeah i get in just in time for the end lol

[BOB] chuckles, it counts!

[Kristelle (Kaz)] lol

[Kristelle (Kaz)] okay, we need to fix our sheets, too, to show we've left all our coin home?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] maybe we will be able to dock chat by next week

[BOB] yes please Kaz

[Guy] well at least i was able to finish your notes page Barb


[BOB] or at least note it on the party pack?

[Emtsurt (Barb)] thanks guy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] trying to be optimistic

[Branwyn (Lisa)] would like to see Mike next week and happy

[Guy] mike is never happy about klooge

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Wealth - DELETED: Copper coins, 24 coins, null.

[Emtsurt (Barb)] been nice but i need to get the dogs out. have a good weekend

[BOB] have fun Barb

[Kristelle (Kaz) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Imari modified: Wealth - CHANGED: Copper -- Carried: (24), CHANGED: Copper -- Cached: 24 (0). CHANGED: Food, assorted fruit, vegetable, meat, filled wineskins -- Carried: (30 lb worth), CHANGED: Food, assorted fruit, vegetable, meat, filled wineskins -- Cached: 30 lb worth (null). Encumbrance Totals - Wealth:: CHANGED: null (30.48).

[Guy] night barb

[BOB] see you on the site

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Goodnight Barb!

[Kristelle (Kaz)] night Barb

[BOB] Mike can be happier with it

[BOB] just takes time to play with settings to see what works best for each person

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Bob, for now I'm just showing it on everyone's sheet as chached

Barb has left the game on Fri May 14 23:14:53 EDT 2010

[Kristelle (Kaz)] cached, even

[BOB] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I deleted mine

[Guy] so i was the only one having the major issue?

[BOB] of downloading yes

[BOB] deleted your what Lisa?

[BOB] I see

[BOB] 24 coins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes

[Kristelle (Kaz) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Wealth - CHANGED: copper coins, 24 -- Cached: at home (null). CHANGED: Food - assorted fruit, meat, filled wineskins, 10 lb worth -- Cached: at home (null). Encumbrance Totals - Equipment:: CHANGED: 5 plus 3 (5). Wealth:: CHANGED: null (10.48). Total Weight:: CHANGED: 8 (15.48).

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can put them as cached and will work?

[BOB] you can add them back in or Kaz can do that for you

[BOB] nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can do it

[BOB] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Kaz is doing enough

[BOB] grins,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] more than

[Kristelle (Kaz) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Foriso Fairhand modified: Wealth - CHANGED: Copper coins -- Carried: (24 coins), CHANGED: Copper coins -- Cached: 24 coins (null). CHANGED: Food - assorted fruit, meat, filled wineskins -- Carried: (30 lb worth), CHANGED: Food - assorted fruit, meat, filled wineskins -- Cached: 30 lb worth (null). Encumbrance Totals - Equipment:: CHANGED: 4 plus 3 (4). Wealth:: CHANGED: 0 (30.48). Total Weight:: CHANGED: 22 (49.48).

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified:

[Guy] ohhh on a completely different subject did yall know m&m's had a chocolate covered pretzel one?

[BOB] no that must be new

[Guy] its pretty good

[Guy] its a blue bag

[BOB] I sometimes pick up a bag at Fresh Market, of peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, covered in dark chocolate

[BOB] glad you guys like the name Norjack

[Kristelle (Kaz) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kristelle modified: Wealth - CHANGED: copper coins -- Carried: (24 coins - 4.8 lb), CHANGED: copper coins -- Cached: 24 coins - 4.8 lb (null). Encumbrance Totals - Equipment:: CHANGED: 9 (24). Wealth:: CHANGED: 0 (4.8). Total Weight:: CHANGED: 49 (68.48).

[Guy] ok im gonna go watch some tv and go to bed its been a long day

[BOB] thanks for logging in Guy

[BOB] at least we know it will work next week now

[Guy] glad i was finally able too

[Kristelle (Kaz) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Aeiria modified: Wealth - CHANGED: Copper Coins -- Carried: (24 coins), CHANGED: Copper Coins -- Cached: 24 coins (null). CHANGED: Food - assorted fruit, salt pork, and filled wineskins -- Carried: (10 lbs worth), CHANGED: Food - assorted fruit, salt pork, and filled wineskins -- Cached: 10 lbs worth (null). Encumbrance Totals - Armor:: CHANGED: 0 (40). Equipment:: CHANGED: 5 (13). Wealth:: CHANGED: 0 (10.48). Total Weight:: CHANGED: 5 (69).

[Branwyn (Lisa)] us too

[Branwyn (Lisa)] anything else we need to do?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Okay, I'm done with sheets. Will have to remember to add back people's stuff to their weight after this.

[Guy] kill the wabbit!!!!!!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] wabbit season!

[Guy] duck season

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Wabbit Season!!

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Elmer season?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] okay, good night, all.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] goodnight!

[Guy] shhhh be vewy vewy quiet we'we hunting elmews

[Kristelle (Kaz)] See you next week, and during the week, and all that happy stuff. :)

Guy has left the game on Fri May 14 23:23:52 EDT 2010

Kaz has left the game on Fri May 14 23:23:59 EDT 2010

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so we start in the morning?

[BOB] nods

[BOB] going to pick spells, heal etc

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified:

[Branwyn (Lisa)] think I will ponder my spells over the week and pick on Friday

[BOB] nods

[BOB] and we can log in again over the weekend perhaps

[BOB] if you want to try different settings

[BOB] with the chat and maps, etc

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thanks. I feel pretty good now

[BOB] smile

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Will let you calculate our millions of exp points and close out

[BOB] chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] will see you later

[BOB] will do that tomorrow

[BOB] night

[Branwyn (Lisa)] goodnight

Lisa has left the game on Fri May 14 23:27:29 EDT 2010