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May 04 12 - Desperate Old Men

[Master] ==== Gaming session has been running for 38 minutes and 48 seconds ====

[Master] I will be back after drinks and food are procured

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Guy has joined the game on Fri May 04 18:33:16 EDT 2012

Guy is receiving the map Base Map...

Guy has received the map Base Map.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Hello

[Master] I tried sending you a couple of maps Guy

[Master] but I think you are back on the base map now

[Guy] yup base map

[Master] good

[Guy] and i get 8k exp for being the first right lol

[Master] lol

[fvincent-76129] Hello

Lisa has joined the game on Fri May 04 18:51:01 EDT 2012

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

fvincent-76129 has joined the game on Fri May 04 18:51:11 EDT 2012

fvincent-76129 is receiving the map Base Map...

[Master] and Hello

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

[Guy] howdy

fvincent-76129 has received the map Base Map.

[Master] Guy this is Tasha

[Lisa] Hello all! :)

[fvincent-76129] Pleased to meet you.

[fvincent-76129] HI Lisa

[Master] how does it look for you on that end now Tasha?

[Master] Edit and Preferences to change lots of things

[Guy] hi and welcome to the insanity

[fvincent-76129] Trying to remember how to change my name in the chat

[Master] Tasha and Lisa got the group moved forward Guy

[Guy] i was reading

[Master] glad for that

[Master] Marco is flying again today

[Master] so no luck there

[Master] have not heard from TMO or John

[Lisa] to and from on Fridays? that's no good

[fvincent-76129] My kids are still around until about 8ish, so not sure how it's going to be on this end

[Master] no worries Tasha

[Master] you can go to Edit and Preferences to change your name to a friendlier one

[Master] Lisa and Guy are better to ask what they like to use

[Tasha] Let's see if that worked

[Master] beautiful

[Tasha] woohoo!

[Master] did you have any burnign questions Guy?

[Guy] just one toybin isnt with us right

[Lisa] lol

[Lisa] nope

[Master] correct, he and Miranda went to drop off the Princess

[Master] then head down to the Ghostwood Domain to stake out the Drake Estates

[Master] you are on teh path to the Vilmar Citadel

[Master] you are in the Vilmar Estates already

[Guy] good because i would have to kill toybin if he was with us

[Tasha] It should be next morning at manor house, right?

[Master] it can be

[Master] you went to the master's chambers to sleep

[Master] stab it with your steely knives

[Master] and you can wake up and start in the morning

[Master] or if there is anything you want to do overnight

[Tasha] not me

[Master] Sarengar XP award: 500. Next level in 6064.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 500. Next level in 107452.

[Lisa] it will take us all day to get to citadel?

[Master] yes

[Guy] see told you i needed my 8k bonus for being first lol

[Master] doesn't matter because you can't stop to train anyway

[Lisa] you're going to level again in no time

Guy sulks in a corner

[Master] so heading out first thing in the morning?

[Master] Sarengar kicks a rock as you walk

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Master] stupid something doing something

[Master] and so traveling along

[Sarengar (Guy)] singing a song

[Master] you have one new large wine skin Branwyn

[Tasha] Sarengar is the opera singer, right?

[Master] that contains the concentrated dye

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yup)) [Branwyn (Lisa)] (we have two)

[Master] ok

[Master] and moving along

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I will add to party pack this week)

[Master] give me a d20 Guy for encounters

[Master] thank you

[Sarengar (Guy)] (noooooooooooooo)

[Sarengar (Guy)] (d20) [1d20=17] 17

[Master] ok

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((brb))

[Master] and Tasha you can roll now

[Master] two ways to roll, one from the dice panel

[Tasha] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=11] 11

[Master] and the other is to type it here in chat

[Tasha] did you get my roll?

[Master] here in chat you type the curly bracket (thentypethed20thentypetheendcurlybracket) [1d20=20; 1d0=] -1

[Master] DOH

[Master] (1d20) [1d20=6] 6

[Master] like that

[Tasha] [1d20]

[Tasha] (1d20) [1d20=5] 5

[Master] yeap

[Master] and so using the first roll up there

[Master] and you make it through several farms

[Master] have to wade across a few streams

[Master] but overall things are ok

[Master] Time of Day: 02:13 PM. Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 12th, 342 SKR.

[Master] then you reach a larger boggy area

[Master] you can go around or through

[Master] the reason it gives you pause is that you will be a foot or two deep in the water and muck

[Master] not bad for the humans but for Indigo

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and not a nice way to arrive at the citadel gates either

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how do you know he's the king? He's the only one who hasn't got shit all over him)

[Master] smile

[Tasha] how far across is the bog?

[Master] you think it is about three quarters to a mile

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how long to go around?)

[Master] when Sarengar is here he can do a check to see if he has an idea

[Master] you do not see an easy way north or south

[Master] an easy way across to the north or the south

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (other questions - can we be sure depth is only 2 feet all the way to the other side and can Heckat swim if needed?)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((back))

[Master] yes anyone can swim

[Master] just not enough to get places, but enough to not drown in a second

[Master] and Sarengar can make his survival check

[Sarengar (Guy)] what am i checking?

[Master] the bog area here

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Survival check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Master] Sarengar walks a bit into the bog and tests the water

[Master] he comes back and says that there is clear flowing water within a mile of the bog

[Master] this bog likely extends north and south along that water

[Tasha] so we can get filthy walking through and then clean off later in the water...

[Master] yes that is what he thinks

[Master] choices are muck or head north around the bog

[Tasha] brb

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we might as well just go through it. I will take the spell books in the backback though so I can carry them high. Was not planning on more swamps today)

[Master] Ok so heading out across the bog

[Master] you move forward

[Master] Lisa your turn for an encounter check

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=19] 19

[Master] and you are all successful

[Master] minor inconviences, but no python wrapping up anyone

[Master] you do make it through to the clear water

[Master] there on the other side you see that you have a small river

[Master] sluggish movement but Sarengar knows this must be the Crystal River

[Master] that flows right by the Citadel

[Master] you only need to head upstream now

[Master] you can trudge along the bog/edge of the water

[Master] and a little bit of walking you see two peasents in skiff

[Master] poling along the river, fishing

[Master] gathering plants

[Master] they are surprised to see you here

[Sarengar (Guy)] hows the fishing?

[Man #5 (Master)] where are you from? You must be lost

[Man #6 (Master)] cuaght a couple good shiners

[Man #6 (Master)] looking for some catfish now

[Man #6 (Master)] sure are tasty

[Indigo (Lisa)] Why would you think we are lost?

[Sarengar (Guy)] they sure are

[Man #5 (Master)] you are stuck in a bog, no boat

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Sarengar "We aren't lost are we?"

[Man #5 (Master)] the road is that way , points his thumb over his shoulder north

[Man #5 (Master)] you are two miles or so south of the ford

[Sarengar (Guy)] not stuck in a bog i knew where the river was. i prefer walking by the water than i do a road

[Man #5 (Master)] I prefer to be ON the water than IN it

[Sarengar (Guy)] sometimes i agree with you

Man #5 (Master) looks at his friend

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri May 04 19:32:25 EDT 2012

JohnAA is receiving the map Base Map...

[Man #5 (Master)] Not sure what we can do to help,

JohnAA has received the map Base Map.

[Man #5 (Master)] (hello John)

[Sarengar (Guy)] but there are times when swimming beats walking or even being in a boat

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((hey john))

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think we are almost to where we are going though

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hi John!)

[Man #5 (Master)] where are you heading little boy?

Sarengar (Guy) chuckles at that

[Indigo (Lisa)] I am not a little boy!

[JohnAA] hello all

[Sarengar (Guy)] my son is a young man as he will be quick to tell you

Sarengar (Guy) winks a t the fisherman

Man #5 (Master) nods

Sarengar (Guy) whispers to Indigo just play along for now

[Man #6 (Master)] hey maybe he is like that sotry

[Man #6 (Master)] that little boy of wood

[Man #6 (Master)] what was his name

Indigo (Lisa) sighs

[Man #6 (Master)] Pinocio?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] My name is Indigo

[Man #5 (Master)] No not Indigo, that is not right, I don't remember that from the stories

[Man #5 (Master)] it is somethign else

[Man #5 (Master)] I don't know though, you would have to ask one of the priests

[Man #5 (Master)] but sure I will call you Indigo

[Man #5 (Master)] hello Indigo

[Sarengar (Guy)] well neighbor we should be getting on with our journey, good luck with the catfish

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hello Sir

[Man #5 (Master)] what way are you heading?

[Sarengar (Guy)] heading towards the citadel

[Man #5 (Master)] well good luck to you

Man #5 (Master) squints at the sun

[Man #5 (Master)] You might make it there before they close the gates

[Sarengar (Guy)] we are surely going to try

Man #5 (Master) waves

Sarengar (Guy) waves

[Master] and they head on south

[Master] poking and prodding the bank

[Indigo (Lisa)] If they close the gates at sundown it is good we went through the boggy place

[Sarengar (Guy)] lets get moving folks we need to be there before they close the gates

[Sarengar (Guy)] and indigo my apologies for calling you a child

[Sarengar (Guy)] but unfortunately it seems thats how they see you

[Master] sending everyone a new map you can talk about

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's okay. I think it's going to happen more often before this adventure is over.

[Sarengar (Guy)] although that could be to our advantage

[Master] what map does everyone see now?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (citadel map )

[Master] Tasha? John?

[Master] Guy?

[JohnAA] looks like city

[Master] ok

[Sarengar (Guy)] if they think you are a child then they wont be expecting you to be a fighter

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((the citadel map))

[JohnAA] I thought the citadel was bigger

[Master] Ok so you all see the customs spot in the lower right corner

[Sarengar (Guy)] yup

[Master] that is the only gate to the citadel

[Master] now that you have had this map for a day or two to look at as you travel

[Master] wanted to answer any questions etc

[JohnAA] what is the white crake in the north center?

[Master] crack?

[Master] that is where it is torn

[Indigo (Lisa)] (where the page ripped)

[JohnAA] ohhh, , lets go there first

[Master] chuckles

[Master] did anyone have any questions about the map?

[Master] before just POPPING in

[Indigo (Lisa)] (which inn is the nice inn and which has the gambling in the basement?)

[JohnAA] this is from him whoes name we do not know

[Master] north inn has the gambling

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that's by the military district correct?)

[Master] citizens district

[Master] Shield Wall inn

[Indigo (Lisa)] (then where is trhe military district?)

[Master] the other is the Empty Hand Inn in the Market District

[Master] the Military District is the center north section of the citadel

[Master] from right to left, Citizens, Military, Lords across the top

[JohnAA] sounds like we will be arriving too late to go in as two groups

[Indigo (Lisa)] (where the torn part is)

[Master] Customs, Market and Church

[Master] there are scattered places outside the walls as well

[JohnAA] are there street signs or entrances seperating the districts

[Master] from your map no

[Master] only interior gate is from Customs into the Citadel and the cat at the Lord's Fortress

[Master] gate

TMO has joined the game on Fri May 04 19:48:38 EDT 2012

TMO is receiving the map Base Map...

[JohnAA] there clearly is set up that way, do we have any idea if each area has any special rules?

[Master] Hello

[JohnAA] TMO ! HO!

TMO has received the map Base Map.

[Master] no word from anyone on special rules

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((hey TMO))

[TMO] howdyhowdy

[Master] the man in the red cloak marked the two Dungeon entrances for you

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hi TMO)

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] I will want to visit the church as soon as possible

[Sarengar (Guy)] how may of us are there?

[Master] your new map is the citadel as is obvious TMO

[Master] and Tasha is away from the computer but is our newest audition

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] regardless of any other reasons to be here, I need to stop by

[Master] she is playing Heckat

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] I count 3

[Indigo (Lisa)] (way more than that)

[Master] brb

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i meant characters not players))

[Tasha] ok, all caught up. sorry about that

[Tasha] hi John. Nice to meet you TMO.

[JohnAA] i have three characters, 2 for lisa,

[JohnAA] guy tmo and tasha 3 more

[Tasha] I'm playing only Heckat, so that brings us to 6.

[JohnAA] not sue about marco

[Branwyn (Lisa)] will be 10 if everyone shows up next week

[TMO] good to meet you too, Tasha. welcome to the party.

[Sarengar (Guy)] the reason why i ask is i was talking to lisa about maybe seperating the group into smaller parties

[Tasha] Bob mentioned dungeons. do we think she's being held so crudely?

[Lisa] I don't

[Sarengar (Guy)] because i figure that branwytn is going to be recognized and watched

[JohnAA] i expect we will ind ourselves in one

[Sarengar (Guy)] indigo MIGHT be recognized

[Lisa] I don't mind what we decide

[Sarengar (Guy)] but most of the rest of us shouldnt be

[JohnAA] guy, i am afraid seperating will not help much

[TMO] are we in the citadel, or still plotting our insertion?

[JohnAA] maybe not known but noticed

[JohnAA] plotting

[Lisa] My only concern is what happens when I say I am her with 2 people and am at dinner with the Count and find out half of you have been tossed in a dungeon

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[TMO] plotplotplot

[Tasha] seems like a few of us are performers. can we use that as cover to get some of us into the palace?

[Master] you are about 2 miles south of the citadel, in the bogs along the banks of the crystal river

[JohnAA] what ever we do, someone needs to stay behind to watch for though kind of things Lisa

[Lisa] do I admit I really snuck in with a bunch of other people and make me look like a spy or let you figure it out yourselves

[Sarengar (Guy)] im not thinking we should get into trouble just yet just get as much info as we can

[Master] you have a 50 50 chance of making it to the citadel before they close the gates for the night

Tasha is receiving the map Base Map...

[JohnAA] so will be harder to split in two goups unless we do it now

Tasha has received the map Base Map.

[TMO] as the theoretically sneaky one, and the least known face, Ilero can try to go in 'alone'-ish

[Lisa] we are on a time out now though - stop the clock for a moment can't we?

[Master] right

[TMO] that way if he's caught it doesn't reflect on the rest of the group

[Master] not pushign you forward

[Master] here to answer questions about the lay of the land

[Sarengar (Guy)] the whole being caught is what i want to avoid

[Tasha (to Master only)] how do I get back to the citadel map from the base map?

[Master] I think the question is being caught doing what Guy?

[JohnAA] TMO did you hear about the invisible thief turned to stone somewhere on a city rooftop?

[Master] there you go Tasha

[Tasha] tx

[Lisa] I don't want anyone to either but stuff happens

[TMO] lost internet for a sec

[JohnAA] we have plenty to explose before we have to break the law

TMO has left the game on Fri May 04 19:58:43 EDT 2012

[Sarengar (Guy)] being caught doing anything wrong until we know for sure whether our princess is here

[JohnAA] brb

TMO has joined the game on Fri May 04 19:58:56 EDT 2012

TMO is receiving the map Base Map...

TMO has received the map Base Map.

[Lisa] If we are going to split up we should just pick groups and do it

[Sarengar (Guy)] it might be easier to get info if we arent being watched for being part of branwyns group

[TMO] lost internet for a sec

[Master] you are back TMO

[Master] I think the more important thing is to have a plan for who you are

[Lisa] Branwyn will stay at nice inn at market district and try to get in to see the count

[TMO] yarp. The comment I posted while disconnected got sent, thus the two mentions

[Master] and you can make a good guess that she will be able to get an audience at least

[Sarengar (Guy)] if we stay together it might be a little more difficult BUT we might get access to the count

[Lisa] we may want to have the priests go in that direction as they will want to investigate the temple?

[TMO] who in the group is realistically unknown as part of the dragonslayers entourage?

[Tasha] The least recognizable of the group should go with her

[Lisa] we have priests of the same religion as the temple inside don't we?

[Sarengar (Guy)] brb

[Master] I think you have a good plan about the Church district, and yes you have at the very least Branwyn who is liked by the church

[Lisa] QuiFon is going to attract the same kind of attention here as he did at the Kilts place

[Lisa] so he might as well come with me cuz there is no sneaking him in quietly anywhere

[Lisa] as children run screaming from the room :)

[Lisa] He's going to eat us!!

[JohnAA] but I still think if no one knows he is with Brawyn, it will work better

[Lisa] that's fine - like I said it doesn't matter too much to me

[Lisa] but we do need to decide

[Lisa] so decide

[Master] sorry checking on something

[Lisa] Indigo is going to stay at the inn with the gambling since he has a gaming proficiency

[JohnAA] so I would like Qui Fon and Hoffman to stay back

[Lisa] he might as well make us some cash while he is here

[Lisa] so we have Branwyn going nice in and lord's fortress

[JohnAA] Brother to go with Indigo

[Master] ok fixed,

[Lisa] Indigo going to sleazy inn with Foto

[JohnAA] I will some spending money

[JohnAA] need

[Master] the Main temple is to Cogse, you know there are two minor shrines near it in the complex

[Tasha] Heckat to go with Bran

[Lisa] I did not change everyone's characters sheets but I think we were supposed to have everyone have some gold and silver

[Master] on the party pack is a list of the small belt pouches that were set up

[Lisa] Bob- you did the coins in 8 belt pouches opn party pack?

[Lisa] thank you yes

[JohnAA] do we want the thief to at least enter with "my group"

[Lisa] so we should all have sopme spending cash to get stuff

[Master] 8 large belt pouches with 13 GP and 7 SP each in them (totalof104gp">-1

[Master] plus two other puches with gems

[Lisa] right now Indigo has the chest and so forth

[Lisa] if you need something you will have to find him or we can make some arrangements for that

[Lisa] not sure how that should work

[Master] I will offer one minor addition to your plans, that Indigo should go in with Branwyn as if he is recognized they will expect him to be with her

[Master] then he can split up and go "find new friends" after you get in

[JohnAA] i thought that was a given

[Lisa] that makes sense

[JohnAA] Guy, think you want to be with the famous people?

[Lisa] hoffman and quifon are entering together and not asociated with us in any way then?

[Master] Branwyn, Indigo, Sarengar, Heckat makes up a group of people that would fit at the Lords Table

[JohnAA] how do we decide on Marco's characters?

[JohnAA] Yes to Lisa

[JohnAA] no offence

[TMO] and Ilero alone?

[Master] Qui and Lath are both rare enough to bring attention to themselves

[TMO] or with the second group?

[Lisa] does Sarengar want to be with me? I dodn't think so

[Lisa] didn't

[JohnAA] I would enter with the second group, single poeple get noticed more

[JohnAA] you can walk arround alone once inside

[Master] I was only commenting on the four that would be most likely to get invited to a dinner

[Lisa] I thought Sarengar wanted to run around with Indigo

[Sarengar (Guy)] yeah

[Master] all of that is possible

[Lisa] he's here! I thought you went away

[Sarengar (Guy)] and if indigo is recognized then yeah sarengar will stay with him

[Sarengar (Guy)] sorry cooking dinner so ill have to leave one last time in a few

[Lisa] so send marco's characters in with Illero?

[Sarengar (Guy)] yeah

[Sarengar (Guy)] those 3 arent known really a sbeing with branwyn and indigo yet

[Master] tasha feel free to comment , you know the citadel as well as anyone else

[JohnAA] three groups? or with Hoff and Qui?

[Sarengar (Guy)] jump right in we dont bite hard

[JohnAA] we need a lot of help

[Lisa] I hate planning more than anything so please chime in

[Tasha] It's a little hard because I don't know all the histrories, let alone myself, but

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol we know lisa we know

[Lisa] I just want to go in and figure it out

[Sarengar (Guy)] thats ok tasha i still dont know all of sarengars history and I created him lol

[Lisa] are we there yet?

[Tasha] if Branwynn is recognizable, that means she has some kind of influence, which might help get any of us out of trouble

[Master] remember also you can anitcipate that this might take 9 to 14 days inside the citadel so you have lots of chances to try different things

[Tasha] so does it really matter if we're with her or not? We can really just break you out anyway

[Tasha] Or, some of pretend to be a traveling show, and get into the party that they will have to entertain Branwynn

[Sarengar (Guy)] brb again dinner is finally ready

[Master] grins, or you are there to entertain Branwyn

[TMO] should also have some rendezvous times and places pre-scheduled, so if one group gets captured, the other will know when they don't show.

[Master] she is a court mage, she would have a following

[Master] very good idea TMO

[Tasha] which is what I meant

[Lisa] not comfortable with the branwyn;s entourage thing

[JohnAA] I think we have two groups and two inns, we should have no issue communicating

[Lisa] liked it better when I had no status

[TMO] c'mon, Bran! Get the Star Attitude!

[JohnAA] someone from Braywn;s group just needs to go wjhere Qui fonis staying and say, did I hear there is a dwarf staying here

[TMO] rendezvous doesn't even have to be a physical meet. Just be seen somewhere at right time.

[Master] Ok so Tasha and TMO have a good handle on things

[Master] Lisa can improvise

[Lisa] lol

[Master] TMO you can roll the check to see if you make it to the citadel in time before the gates close

[Master] roll any die, evens you make it odds you have to find a place to stay outside

[Master] and enter in the morning

[Sarengar (Guy)] ok back

[Lisa] (what is this general area called?)

[Master] Vilmar Estates

[Master] this is the Vilmar Citadel

[Lisa] (but we are out of Drillian right?)

[Master] where Count Vilmar lives

[Lisa] (I knew that part)

[Master] Drillian is the overall Kingdom, Vilmar Estates is one of the leading familes of the Kingdom

[Lisa] and the offical name of the ceremony? I keep getting it mixed up. It's not really a coronation is it

[Master] the Coronation is when the QUeen gives her crown over

[TMO] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=2] 2

[Master] and you are in on the secret that the Queen is actually going to do that to her Queen Presumptive

[Lisa] but it is the naming ceremony?

[Master] this is commonly called the Assigning Ceremony

[Master] or Naming Ceremony

[Lisa] thank you

[Master] the Queen Names her Presumptive Heir

[Master] most queens do that a couple of years before they have that heir take over

[JohnAA] I thought eveyone know she has three presumpitves?

[Lisa] trying not to fall into any similar traps like I did with the how many mosskins can you name thing last week

[JohnAA] Ah

[Master] that is a tradition that has developed over the last couple of changes in the ruling family

[Master] chuckles at Lisa

[JohnAA] do we have any reason why she is in a hurry?

[Tasha] brb

[Master] no

[Master] traditionally there have been assassination attempts on presumptives

[JohnAA] Miranda asks Tolbin

[Sarengar (Guy)] oh and you people are so lucky tonight

[Master] Toybin does not know anything, Anastacia would be

[Master] how so Guy?

[Sarengar (Guy)] i was originally going to go see the avengers tonight

[Sarengar (Guy)] but the times didnt work for me

[JohnAA] thank thor

[Sarengar (Guy)] at least the times for 2d

[Lisa] so did Illero get in?

[Master] yes

[TMO] woo!

[Master] the group makes it in time to get in the gates before they close

[Master] when you are in customs you can choose to say who you are with

[Lisa] what about hoffman and quifon?

[Master] efveryone

[TMO] We will own this place by morning! .. as soon as I find the 'Launch Coup' button here...

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Lisa] lol

[Master] new map loading

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I think I screwd that up

[Master] John? TMO?

[Master] do you see the map?

[JohnAA] yes?

[Master] Sarengar and Heckat on it ?

[JohnAA] just icon on a black screen

[Sarengar (Guy)] yup

[Tasha] me too

[Master] ok

[Tasha] sorry, just got caught up

[TMO] I see black

[TMO] my god! it's full of stars!

[Master] chuckles

[Master] Ok so everyone sees themselves on the bridge there?

[Sarengar (Guy)] yup

[Master] Guard moved 12'06".

[JohnAA] still black

[Sarengar (Guy)] oh before i forget

[Sarengar (Guy)] hey tasha

[Tasha] I see myslef on a black screen. If that's a bridge, then yes

[JohnAA] must be night with no moons

[Tasha] :)

[TMO] still black

[Master] you only see black? Guy you see the bridge right?

[Sarengar (Guy)] you have 1 strike against you

[Sarengar (Guy)] sure do

[Master] ok

[Master] what is Tasha's strike?

[JohnAA] cheater, DM's pet

[TMO] we have all been kidnapped and blindfolded

[Sarengar (Guy)] for playing 4.0 lol

[Tasha] sorry! Still have a regular Monday game

[Master] OK I am going to shut down klooge

[Sarengar (Guy)] but she does get a bonus for playing 3.5

[Master] and then bring it right back up

[Master] so your can load that map properly

TMO has left the game on Fri May 04 20:39:05 EDT 2012

JohnAA has left the game on Fri May 04 20:39:08 EDT 2012

Tasha has left the game on Fri May 04 20:39:12 EDT 2012

Lisa has left the game on Fri May 04 20:39:15 EDT 2012

Guy has left the game on Fri May 04 20:39:18 EDT 2012

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri May 04 20:39:41 EDT 2012 ====

Guy has joined the game on Fri May 04 20:40:59 EDT 2012

Guy is receiving the map Gate District...

TMO has joined the game on Fri May 04 20:41:03 EDT 2012

TMO is receiving the map Gate District...

Lisa has joined the game on Fri May 04 20:41:35 EDT 2012

Lisa is receiving the map Gate District...

Guy has received the map Gate District.

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri May 04 20:42:08 EDT 2012

JohnAA is receiving the map Gate District...

Tasha has joined the game on Fri May 04 20:42:27 EDT 2012

[Master] The map is loading properly now

[Master] I messed up and adding icons to it as it was loading before

[Master] after a moment everyone will be set

Tasha is receiving the map Gate District...

Tasha is receiving the map Gate District...

TMO has received the map Gate District.

[TMO] I see Bridge!

Lisa has received the map Gate District.

[TMO] although bridge looks like it's cut off at the top

JohnAA has received the map Gate District.

[TMO] ah, blackout

Tasha has received the map Gate District.

Tasha has received the map Gate District.

[Master] and it looks like eveyrone is back to normal

[Tasha] Aha!

[Master] and yes to TMO and Tasha

[JohnAA] as normal as I was, but I can see

[TMO] for relative definitions of the word 'normal'

[Master] this is to show how the obscurment works

[JohnAA] soetimes too well

[Master] I black out the map then reveal it in pieces for you

[Master] like so

[Master] Time of Day: 07:45 PM. Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 12th, 342 SKR.

[Guard (Master)] HALT!

[Guy] who goes there

[Guard (Master)] why does everyone wait until the last mintue to rush inside

[Guard (Master)] we have to close the gates,

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Guard (Master)] do you have your passes?

[Sarengar (Guy)] no pass sorry

Guard (Master) groans

[Guard (Master)] OK

[Guard (Master)] so you go straight ahead to the gate there

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] I am but a travlers, I know nothing about passes

Guard (Master) points to the north

Sarengar (Guy) waves his hand in front of the guard "we dont need any passes"

[TMO] shouldn't Qui Fon do that?

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] (stinking)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((and that was meant ooc lol)

[Guard (Master)] looks at Qui with a startled stare

[Guard (Master)] what, I guess who are you?

[Guard (Master)] no way you have a pass

[Guard (Master)] never mind

[Guard (Master)] just to straight ahead there

[Guard (Master)] looks at the rest of the group

[Guard (Master)] do any of you lot have a pass?

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] ::heads off, straight ahead::

[Guard (Master)] or are you going to all make us work tonight?

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] QuiFon Ruminel moved 36'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am sorry for that

[Sarengar (Guy)] im afraid we will be making you work

[Tasha] Sorryy, not me

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] Hoffman moved 34'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But we are visiting for the first time

[TMO] Ah, if I had thought to buy the Bribery skill, you wouldn't have to work.

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] (well....maybe)

Ilero (TMO) shrugs to indicate he doesn't hae a pass either, and waits patiently for the guard to process the group in front of him.

[Guard (Master)] very well, go straight past the sherifs office there on the left, through that gate and wait in the courtyard,

[Guard (Master)] I will get someoen to proccess you

[Sarengar (Guy)] at least its not raining

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you

[Guard (Master)] sheppards you through

[Master] Heckat, Indigo, Ilero, Brother Fotopoulos, Sarengar, Guard and Branwyn moved 89'09".

[Master] Hoffman and QuiFon Ruminel moved 55'11".

[Master] Hoffman, Indigo, Ilero, Brother Fotopoulos, Sarengar, Guard, Heckat, QuiFon Ruminel and Branwyn moved 118'08".

[Tasha] brb

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos, Indigo, Ilero, Hoffman, Sarengar, Guard, Heckat, QuiFon Ruminel and Branwyn moved 22'10".

[Guard (Master)] so you can see the area you are in

[Guard (Master)] there are the three building there forming the sides of the courtyard

[Guard (Master)] the well with a cover near the center there

[Guard (Master)] and another well farther up in the center of the open area

Ilero (TMO) starts to get dizzy

[Ilero (TMO)] (who is Ilero supposed to be travelling with again?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought it was marco's characters)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Llath and koorin)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yup its ilero,koorin and llathandryll))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (will be good - koorin is another thief and llath does enhantment stuff)

[Ilero (TMO)] (who are not here right now, right?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (right)

[Ilero (TMO)] (okay, thx)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so you can get them in all kinds of trouble for next week)

Ilero (TMO) looks innocent.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((rofl))

[Master] who is going in first?

[Master] Guard moved 13'08".

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] Qui fon tried to

[Master] with anyone else?

Ilero (TMO) steps back to allow the larger group to go first.

[Master] Hoffman moved 31'08".

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel moved 27'06".

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] with Hoffman

[Master] foto?

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] is with indigo

[Master] ok

Ilero (TMO) takes the opportunity to rubberneck like a tourist. (a tourist with the Observation skill and the eye of a thief)

[Master] Ilero moved 18'11".

[Master] Indigo moved 3'06".

[Master] Heckat moved 4'09".

[Master] Sarengar moved 2'02".

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 9'04".

[Master] so three groups to process and make those checks anyone who has observation etc

[Master] hear noise, etc

[Master] Hoffman and QuiFon Ruminel moved 43'10".

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] Hoffman: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] woot

[Master] the first two are escorted up a short bit of stairs into a building

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (since we are in different places now)

[Ilero (TMO)] Ilero: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] After all the traveling we have done, i hope this will not take long

[Master] Ok so Qui and Hoffman are inside the building

[Master] you see that clearly john?

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] yes, looks like blueprint

[Master] that is what you get for your observation inside, a much better idea of the many rooms inside the building

[Master] for Bran and Ilero outside

[Master] to the south and east are open stables

[Master] but there are a couple of doors back there also

[Master] and Ilero spots a door in the shadows of the tower

[Master] apparently a quick way up top rather than the main gate

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (guard tower?)

[Master] Sarengar says, OH LOOK a well, I think there is water down there

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (rofl)

[Master] Ilero moved 60'00".

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] ::smiles::

[Sarengar (Guy)] (meh)

[Master] Ilero moved 6'04".

[Master] guard tower there near Ilero

[Ilero (TMO)] (door right there?)

[Master] nods

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((bob you suck lol))

[Master] Ilero moved 45'02".

[Ilero (TMO)] (keen)

[Customs Guard (Master)] (and back inside)

[Customs Guard (Master)] OK, so what the hell are you?

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel moved 8'00".

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] Well, a priest of Procog, a dwaf if you insist on race

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] Human

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel moved 6'09".

[Master] Hoffman moved 7'07".

[Master] Customs Guard moved 2'08".

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] travler, carpenter

[Customs Guard (Master)] Dwarf?

[Customs Guard (Master)] really?

[Customs Guard (Master)] I thought you were mythical?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] yes he is a dwarf, i can vouch for him

[Customs Guard (Master)] procog I get,

[Customs Guard (Master)] I take it you are here to see the shrine

[Customs Guard (Master)] but dwarf?

[Customs Guard (Master)] really?

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] I am realy, dwarfs are real

[Customs Guard (Master)] you don't eat people?

[Customs Guard (Master)] looks at Hoffman,

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] I happen to be.. no

[Customs Guard (Master)] you will vouch for him? stay with him while he is in the citadel

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] not even a bite

[Customs Guard (Master)] do you need a guard on him?

[Customs Guard (Master)] to help you out?

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I trust him with my life and my future

[Customs Guard (Master)] well if there is any trouble I am going to blame you

[Customs Guard (Master)] hands you a little chit of paper, these are your papers while you are here

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I am proud to be his friend

[Customs Guard (Master)] do not lose them

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] thank you

[Customs Guard (Master)] hadns both to Hoffman

[Customs Guard (Master)] have a good night

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] You too

[Master] and hoffman and qui emerge from the customs doorway

[Master] and are escorted back towards the main avenue

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] ::quicly walks away::

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] do we have to vist the church tonight

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel and Hoffman moved 87'09".

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel moved 11'02".

[QuiFon Ruminel (JohnAA)] I believe the time to visit will be tomorrow

[Master] Hoffman moved 13'07".

[Master] an dthrough the gateway

[Master] into the main citadel

JohnAA is receiving the map Gate District...

JohnAA has received the map Gate District.

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos, Indigo, Sarengar, Heckat and Branwyn moved 127'01".

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 136'06".

[Master] Indigo moved 9'06".

[Master] Sarengar moved 4'07".

[Master] Heckat moved 8'00".

[Master] Branwyn moved 5'04".

[Ilero (TMO)] brb

[Master] there is the customs house map

[Master] TMO the door to the tower is there on the right,

[Master] not saying you want to go into it but letting you see it

[Master] the rest are escorted up the stairs into the main room

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos, Indigo, Sarengar, Heckat and Branwyn moved 38'06".

[Master] Branwyn moved 11'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 22'09".

[Master] Sarengar moved 18'05".

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 20'11".

[Master] Heckat moved 23'02".

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 PM. Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 12th, 342 SKR.

[Customs Guard (Master)] Hello Ladies,

[Customs Guard (Master)] and gentlemen?

[Customs Guard (Master)] looking at Foto and Indigo

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good evening to you

[Customs Guard (Master)] How can I help you

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] ::nodds::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose we need passes for a vist here

[Customs Guard (Master)] please do not let that beast piddle on teh floor, pointing to Sarengar

[Customs Guard (Master)] and yes, Miss,

[Sarengar (Guy)] beast?>

[Customs Guard (Master)] (your otter)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (treble)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I want to call him tribble)

[Sarengar (Guy)] my otter has better manners than some people

[Customs Guard (Master)] I am sure he does, you would not beleive, did you see that THING that came in ahead of you?

[Customs Guard (Master)] a dwarf they claim it to be

[Customs Guard (Master)] and you are?

Sarengar (Guy) picks Treble up and holds her

[Customs Guard (Master)] looking at the group

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar is my name and my pet is Treble

[Customs Guard (Master)] very well, and your friends?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Does the otter need a pass too?

Customs Guard (Master) shakes his head slowly, no

[Customs Guard (Master)] do you think the otter needs a pass?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] I am Brother Fotopoulus

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is good, she would probably lose it anyway

Sarengar (Guy) grins at Branwyn

[Sarengar (Guy)] or eat it

Customs Guard (Master) slowly smiles as it dawns on him you are joking

[Customs Guard (Master)] if I give him one on a fish he might eat it

Branwyn (Lisa) grins at the guard

Sarengar (Guy) laughs

[Customs Guard (Master)] and you two ladies are?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn, Court Mage from the Jistelle Estates

Customs Guard (Master) straightens up

[Customs Guard (Master)] Greetings Miss, Branwyn, lookign confused at how to address her

[Customs Guard (Master)] Mage

[Customs Guard (Master)] um

[Customs Guard (Master)] sorry

[Customs Guard (Master)] no offence Miss

[Ilero (TMO)] back

[Branwyn (Lisa)] None taken. Mistress Branwyn is fine for your purposes I would assume

[Customs Guard (Master)] honor to meet you

[Customs Guard (Master)] yes yes just fine thank you

[Customs Guard (Master)] and your companions are with you?

[Customs Guard (Master)] how manyh?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is tasha here or did she go afk?)

[Customs Guard (Master)] quickly counts off four,

[Customs Guard (Master)] or does the otter count as one?

[Customs Guard (Master)] do you have four or five with you Miss?

[Customs Guard (Master)] Mistress Branwyn I mean

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Four besides myself

[Customs Guard (Master)] (she was AFK I think with the kids)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Do I count as one or 1/2?

[Customs Guard (Master)] very well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you need their names?

[Customs Guard (Master)] Oh if you speak you count as one

[Customs Guard (Master)] and yes please if you do not mind Missress Branwyn

[Customs Guard (Master)] if it is not too much trouble

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] should have kept my mouth shut

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (good thing we did not bring the parrot)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We have Indigo here and Brother Fotopoulos

[Branwyn (Lisa)] As well as Sarengar and Heckat

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can't remember many last names - sorry)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (just don't call me late for dinner)

[Customs Guard (Master)] very well

[Customs Guard (Master)] scribbles

Indigo (Lisa) nudges Branwyn and whispers trying not to start laughing "You should try out that mysterious part and see how it works for you"

[Customs Guard (Master)] and you are staying with the lord

[Customs Guard (Master)] sorry to detain you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] With the Lord? I had planned on getting a room at the inn. This is for all of us?

[Customs Guard (Master)] Oh

[Customs Guard (Master)] I thought you were staying with him

[Customs Guard (Master)] I am sorry

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Don't get me wrong. I am honoured

[Customs Guard (Master)] does he know you are coming?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't believe he knows I am here

[Customs Guard (Master)] Oh,

Sarengar (Guy) turns to branwyn "My Lady will you need me to remain with you or may I be free to find a room at the inn?"

[Customs Guard (Master)] then I am sure you will be invited as soon as you let him know

[Customs Guard (Master)] the Inn

[Customs Guard (Master)] Oh yes,

[Customs Guard (Master)] I would recommend the Empty Hand Inn,

[Customs Guard (Master)] right down this street right here

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That would be wonderful.

[Customs Guard (Master)] go through the gate,

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at the guard "And you won't tell the Lord for me? I thought that is why you took all of our names down."

[Customs Guard (Master)] that is the way of the lost bag

[Customs Guard (Master)] then you are in the square of goods

[Customs Guard (Master)] and the Empty Hand Inn is on your left

[Customs Guard (Master)] Oh I can send a runner if you wish Misstress mage branwyn

[Customs Guard (Master)] if you want me to pass along your names

[Tasha] (sorry for disappearing. difficult night with the kids. gonna have to go now. Have fun with the rest of the session!)

[Customs Guard (Master)] we normally just keep things here for a day or three then trash them

[Sarengar (Guy)] good luck tasha

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry about that - goodnight!)

[Customs Guard (Master)] (night Tash see you next week!)

[Ilero (TMO)] g'nite

Tasha has left the game on Fri May 04 21:30:59 EDT 2012

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] TTFN

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (sounds so familiar)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't want to put you to any trouble. thought with such a complicated entry process that reports must be sent to the Count.

[Customs Guard (Master)] oh no

[Customs Guard (Master)] just in case of trouble

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But it was my intention to send my regards if he wished to see me.

[Customs Guard (Master)] but we rarely have that

[Customs Guard (Master)] I can send a runner for you if you wish

[Customs Guard (Master)] or someone at the Inn can I am sure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is good to know. I was in Loosend a few years ago. That place was nothing but trouble

[Customs Guard (Master)] looks in awe

[Customs Guard (Master)] That is on the other side of the Kingdom

[Customs Guard (Master)] almost another land

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It does feel like it

[Ilero (TMO)] (heh. wait until it's Ilero's turn)

[Ilero (TMO)] (Hi, I'm from another land past the far side of the kingdom)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is only one entrance to the citadel. The Count must come through here as well every time he wishes to return home. But I suppose in such a beautiful place he does not leave it often

[Ilero (TMO)] (I think. unless I have the map turned around in my head)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (nice)

Branwyn (Lisa) chuckles a bit, "But he does not need a pass does he now?"

[Customs Guard (Master)] he does not need a pass no, smiles

[Customs Guard (Master)] the Count comes out fairly often

[Customs Guard (Master)] his sons are in and out almost every day

[Customs Guard (Master)] the two of them are quite active

[Customs Guard (Master)] (and yes to TMO you are the other side of Loosend, even farther north)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Overseeing the lords who serve the Vilmars?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] does that make a lot of paperwork for you?

[Customs Guard (Master)] Oh we just let them go in and out

[Customs Guard (Master)] they travel in a small group

[Customs Guard (Master)] it is not much work

[Master] Ilero moved 12'05".

[Master] Ilero moved 7'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I do wish more places were like this. Most towns just let anybody in and you can't keep track of anything.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you very much for your kind welcome

[Customs Guard (Master)] if you ever need anything Misstress Branwyn mage just ask

[Customs Guard (Master)] I will be glad to help

[Customs Guard (Master)] ask for Ulrick

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Ulrick

[Sarengar (Guy)] sorry all i need to head to bed gotta work tomorrow

[Customs Guard (Master)] Ok Guy

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Enjoy?

[Sarengar (Guy)] i will be in for a while next week

[Ilero (TMO)] g'nite

[Master] very good

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Sleep

[Sarengar (Guy)] have fu n

[Master] no game first week of June

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ((hope so!)

[Master] second week we should be

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (goodnight)

Guy has left the game on Fri May 04 21:42:34 EDT 2012

[Ilero (TMO)] (and then there were three)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (not for long)

[Master] Ok so Ilero is with the customs guard now

[Master] John before you leave

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] ( yes)

[Master] are you heading to the EMpty Hand ? or the Shield Wall Inn?

[JohnAA] a monk like priest, near the church area, how can he turn down the empty hand

[JohnAA] it's a sign from GOD

[Master] ok

[Master] so same map as the rest for now then

[JohnAA] do they have common rooms?

[JohnAA] finsih with TMO first

[Ilero (TMO)] (I'm not needing to log out - go ahead)

[Master] no

[Master] sorry was double checking the number of rooms availalbe

[JohnAA] we only need one

[JohnAA] maybe a stall?

[Master] 14 rooms in the Inn total and 9 of them are emtpy right now

[Master] there is no stable here, they would direct you to the Shield Wall Inn for that

[JohnAA] np

[JohnAA] we check in forst, let them fight over the rest of the rooms

[Master] ok

[Master] grins

[Master] and good night John

[Master] pick up there for you next week

[JohnAA] ok,

[Master] Lisa TMO I will be right back bathroom break

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you are leaving?)

[Master] then TMO gets grilled

[Ilero (TMO)] dun-dun-DUN

[JohnAA] good as time as ever

[JohnAA] catch you all on line

[Ilero (TMO)] cya

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (where do you want foto to stay?)

[JohnAA] with Indigo, so he will be safe

[JohnAA] fit in more or less

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo wanted to stay at the sleaze motel so he could gamble all night)

[Master] lol

[JohnAA] Foto will be his back up

[Master] moving them to that map then

[Master] Indigo moved 49'08".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (now that I think about it Branwyn should keep thwhile we are in town - probably safer at her place)

[JohnAA] he will cast Iron Virgil on him

[JohnAA] Brother Fotopoulos targets Indigo. Distance: 4'04"

[Master] Indigo and Foto are on the Shield Wall Inn map

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what does that mean?)

[Master] the big group is on the Empty Hand Inn map

[Master] Ilero is in the Customs Office

[JohnAA] Brother Fotopoulos casts a spell against Indigo: Iron Vigil: For (7+4) 11 days, the target has no need for food or drink and can easily withstand harsh climes. Sleep can be replaced with meditation.

[JohnAA] that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the perfect Vegas spell)

[Master] chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sweet)

[JohnAA] ttfn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (night John)

JohnAA has left the game on Fri May 04 21:53:34 EDT 2012

[Master] Ok Lisa you can blip back and forth between which ever maps you want

[Master] Oh

[Master] just a sec

TMO is receiving the map customs house...

TMO has received the map customs house.

[Master (to GM only)] To get Base Map #1 moved 31'01".

[Master] Ok now Lisa and TMO there is an icon on the map to get the overview map

[Master] you see that on the tree?

[Ilero (TMO)] don't see it on customs house map

[Master] no

[Ilero (TMO)] ok

[Master] on your list of characters on the tree

[Master] there should be a To Get Base Map

[Master] and To Get Overview Map

[Ilero (TMO)] tree?

[Master] left hand section of Klooge with all the characters on it

[Ilero (TMO)] mine is a bar across the bottom

[Master] grins

[Ilero (TMO)] with icon pics

[Master] ok

[Master] to get base map there?

[Master] OH

[Master] click on the map TMO

[Master] then hit the 1 on your keyboard

[Ilero (TMO)] there we go

[Master] I think you turned off your campaign tree

[Ilero (TMO)] apparently so

[Ilero (TMO)] haven't seen that bar in a long time

[Master] so can choose a character there to jump to that map

[Ilero (TMO)] ok

[Master] so you have access to the Overview of the Citadel and the base map like normal

[Master] Lisa you are ok?

[Master] and TMO ready for your Interrogatoin?

[Ilero (TMO)] (indeedy do)

[Customs Guard (Master)] Thank goodness you are the last one tonight

[Customs Guard (Master)] sorry you got stuck behind those freaks

[Customs Guard (Master)] and we had a Court Mage too

[Customs Guard (Master)] can you believe it

[Customs Guard (Master)] a real dwarf

[Ilero (TMO)] (is travelling with an elf and a halfling O_o)

Customs Guard (Master) shakes my head

[Customs Guard (Master)] (grins, one round behind, fog of war :P )

[Ilero (TMO)] (yay!)

[Customs Guard (Master)] (or he is shell shocked from the previous groups)

[Customs Guard (Master)] I wonder if the rumors of the circus coming to town are true

Ilero (TMO) is exaggerating his accent. "Yah, dey iss wery stranjje seeing group. But iss okay, Hy no upset wit waiting."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you missed that last week - was a real circus travelling around)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not just us)

[Customs Guard (Master)] So where are you from?

[Customs Guard (Master)] and what is your name?

[Ilero (TMO)] Ilero Sausha, uff Lisjask in Blackwater.

Customs Guard (Master) starts,

[Customs Guard (Master)] Blackwater?

[Customs Guard (Master)] what are you doing here?

[Customs Guard (Master)] are you on your way to the Uklo Estates?

[Customs Guard (Master)] to be with more of your own kind?

Ilero (TMO) nods deeply. "Yah, Blackwater. Hy trafel wery ffar. See world, do stuffs beefore marry wife father arrange."

Customs Guard (Master) grunts

[Customs Guard (Master)] I bet she is some fat cow too

[Customs Guard (Master)] it is always the way, they can't get a man on their own

Ilero (TMO) shrugs. "Not know. Never see her yet."

[Customs Guard (Master)] they get someone to latch onto

[Customs Guard (Master)] chuckles

[Customs Guard (Master)] ran before even seeing her

[Customs Guard (Master)] smart man

[Customs Guard (Master)] you know you could stay here

[Customs Guard (Master)] our women are very nice

[Customs Guard (Master)] able to hold their own

Ilero (TMO) grins and winks. "Hy may chust tink bout doing tat, yah."

[Customs Guard (Master)] there are no churches for you here

[Ilero (TMO)] (can y'all read my phonetics okay? Or do I need to tone it down?)

[Customs Guard (Master)] (doing great)

[Customs Guard (Master)] but I suppose you will not have any trouble in the citadel over night

[Ilero (TMO)] Hy try not cause trouble much. Stranjjers offen not welcome, so get punish more. Hy practice quietness much."

[Customs Guard (Master)] (aqnd in case you need a quick link TMO )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we can understand just fine - like it)

[Customs Guard (Master)] puzzles that otu then nods, YEah sure, stay quiet and no one will notice you

[Customs Guard (Master)] that is one way of making it through the day

Ilero (TMO) slips a gold coin onto the table. "Pliss, so Hy not put tongue under foot, any rule or custom Hy need know bout, so not offend?"

Customs Guard (Master) eyes grow wide at the gleam of gold

[Customs Guard (Master)] quickly slips it off the table

[Ilero (TMO)] (I think 'tongue under foot' is my new favorite quote)

[Customs Guard (Master)] (grins)

[Customs Guard (Master)] quickly tears the page out of his notebook he was writing names in

[Customs Guard (Master)] hands it over to Ilero

[Customs Guard (Master)] no one will know you were here

Ilero (TMO) takes the page and, glancing curiously for a moment at the names, folds it up casually and stuffs it in a pocket. "Tanks much. May Hy ask hoo in charge here, where Hy can stay or shop? An is dere danger place not safe for stranjjers to go?"

[Customs Guard (Master)] I woudl think if you go to the Shield Wall Inn you will fit in there just fine

[Customs Guard (Master)] it is a right out of the gate then north to the Lord Jostin Memorial

[Customs Guard (Master)] the Shield Wall is right there

[Customs Guard (Master)] (and yes all the names of your group plus one more set are on the page)

[Ilero (TMO)] (unanticipated bonus)

[Ilero (TMO)] (no answer to the other two questions?)

[Ilero (TMO)] (I kind of stacked 'em up, sorry)

[Customs Guard (Master)] (Sorry)

[Customs Guard (Master)] If you stay at the Shield Wall Inn you should not have any troubles as long as you watch your back,

[Customs Guard (Master)] this is Count Vilmar's citadel you are in his lands

[Customs Guard (Master)] but you should be safe in most of the Estates, and inside the Citadel there are guards who patrol

[Customs Guard (Master)] (sorry, was sortign through windows, have 16 of them open at once, closing some of them now)

Ilero (TMO) nods. "Hee good guy? Reel strict wit rules, or pritty loose? Hy cin tell much by watch other pipple, but guard always know best, yah?"

Ilero (TMO) smiles and winks.

[Customs Guard (Master)] The Count is fair, he can be strict when he needs to be, but if you follow the rules then there will not be any problems

[Customs Guard (Master)] I can tell you that if a guard looks at you strange

[Customs Guard (Master)] just say

[Customs Guard (Master)] May Saint Clig watch over you

[Customs Guard (Master)] and he will know you are good

Ilero (TMO) repeats it carefully, "May Sainte Klik watsh offer yoo."

[Customs Guard (Master)] Ok, you have a good night sir

[Customs Guard (Master)] and stay out of trouble

[Master] Time of Day: 08:15 PM. Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 12th, 342 SKR.

[Master] Time of Day: 08:30 PM. Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 12th, 342 SKR.

[Ilero (TMO)] Tank much, Sir. Hy try best not get in trouble.

TMO is receiving the map Gate District...

TMO has received the map Gate District.

TMO is receiving the map shield wall inn ground floor...

TMO has received the map shield wall inn ground floor.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (very nice)

[Master] all the scales are correct on all the maps, they all line up

[Master] you all made it in with no problems

[Master] Ilero got a bit of a bonus with the journal page

[Ilero (TMO)] (Charisma 10, hard at work for your benefit)

[Master] you are at the two inns

[Master] lol

[Master] you like the maps so far?

[Master] the color one takes a bit to load but is ok?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] very much

[Ilero (TMO)] Yah. Tey loook nise.

[Ilero (TMO)] ;)

[Master] your kids will kick you in the morning TMO

[Ilero (TMO)] they better not. I kick back.

[Master] chuckles

TMO is receiving the map Empty Hand inn Ground floor...

TMO has received the map Empty Hand inn Ground floor.

[Master] feel better about the direction things are going in now?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] would illero recognize any of the names on the list?

[Master] all of your group

[Ilero (TMO)] is the whole map available?

[Master] plus there are three others at the top

[Branwyn (Lisa)] besides us!

[Master] the other three names he might

[Master] does he have reading and writing?

[Ilero (TMO)] think so, hold on

[Lisa] ooh that always helps

[Ilero (TMO)] yar

[Master] and to get the whole map is double click on To get VOerview Map

[Ilero (TMO)] 12

[Master] only need a check in very stressfull circumstances

[Master] so you can read the names and pass them on to the group when you see them

[Lisa] I don't have that overview thing

[Ilero (TMO)] now that you mention it again, I don't see 'To get overview map' on my tree

[Master] how about now

[Ilero (TMO)] handout 4, gate district, customs house, empty hand, shield wall inn

[Ilero (TMO)] not yet

Lisa is receiving the map Empty Hand inn Ground floor...

Lisa has received the map Empty Hand inn Ground floor.

[Master] To get Overiew Map moved 1'01".

[Master] it is listed as a PC now

[Master] should be able to double click on it to bring up that map

[Lisa] nope

[Ilero (TMO)] nope

[Ilero (TMO)] now I have it

[Lisa] now I see it

[Master] I just sent it to you

[Lisa] it is a map and not a PC like thing

[Master] now if you get a different map can you go back?

TMO is receiving the map customs house...

TMO has received the map customs house.

[Ilero (TMO)] yar

Lisa is receiving the map Gate District...

Lisa has received the map Gate District.

Lisa is receiving the map overview map...

Lisa has received the map overview map.

TMO is receiving the map overview map...

TMO has received the map overview map.

Lisa is receiving the map shield wall inn ground floor...

[Master] ok

Lisa has received the map shield wall inn ground floor.

[Master] I am guessing you want to roleplay out the two Inn's and signign in for the night?

[Master] or did you want to click to morning?

[Master] and do you have a desired place for Llath and Koorin to stay?

[Lisa] they are with Illero I thought

[Master] just double checking if that is where they are staying

[TMO] fine with me

[TMO] I like the tree better than the icon bar. uses less room

[Lisa] we can always change things around later if marco isn't happy

[Lisa] icon bar is bad

[Master] you can get rid of the icon bar with the tilda

[Master] click on the map and hit the tilda

[TMO] found auto-hide icon bar in preferences

[Master] I only have the Tree and Map in one part of klooge and the Chat History in another window

[Master] now that you have a better feel for the maps

[Master] question?

[TMO] not offhand

[Master] it is apparent that John intends to head over to the Temple district

[TMO] how badly did I overtip the guard?

[Master] a month or so salary

[TMO] lol

[Lisa] lol - you got a lot for your money

[TMO] 'stupid rich foreigner'

[TMO] wasn't sure how valuable gold was in this campaign. Some it's very valuable, others you can maybe buy a beer with it.

[Master] typical room will cost silver a night

[Master] copper and silver are mostly used day to day

[Master] gold is like big bills are today

[TMO] guard may have a hard time spending that gold coin, if it's that rare.

[Master] easy to see it as a big tip

[Master] nah, can break it up easily enough

[Master] was a good amount, not too crazy high but not too low

[TMO] cool.

[TMO] what next?

[Master] that is my question for you

[Master] everyone made it inside

[Master] with a place to stay

[TMO] Okay. Next up then, we steal the Declaration of Independence

[Master] John is heading to temple district in the morning I am guessing

[Master] lol

[Master] Indigo will be gambling

[Master] Branwyn will ?

[Master] Ilero will check out the market place?

[Master] or?

[TMO] yes, good start. might be able to find a contact with the seedy underbelly there.

[TMO] will play up the quiet, respectful foreigner too.

[Master] if you look at the overview map

[TMO] Hy no want in trouble, Sir.

[Lisa] when do you mean?


[Master] and compare it to that do you understand where you are?

[Lisa] Indigo is not going to be gambling all day and night!

[Master] grins

[Master] I was thinking that we start next week with him getting into the gambling portion of the inn

[Lisa] I think we will be corssing paths as we go around

[Master] either at night or in morning

[Lisa] crossing

[Lisa] I am sure Illero will want to go down there at some point too

[Lisa] Branwyn will also want to be shopping and paying respects here and there

[TMO] brb. putting boys to bed

[Lisa] Indigo might go to the military district?

[Master] nods

[Master] understand that

[Lisa] what is in citizens district besides the inn?

[Master] with a quick glance

[Master] there is a temple to a warrior god

[Master] a monument to the original Vilmar

[Master] a couple of homes

[Master] some buisnesses of some sort

[Lisa] but you want to know our first order of business?

[Master] just trying to make sure everyone is happy

[Master] this will take a lot of juggling on my part the next few weeks

[Lisa] I was not sure I could just knock on the Count's door so I thought I would send him a note

[Lisa] I am sure!!

[Lisa] I could write one on the IC page and have someone send it over

[Master] have bran make an observation check

[Lisa] then if you want to start with a response to that that would be fine or Branwyn can visit the market district

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Master] ok final bit of info for the nigth then

[Master] as she was going down the street to the Empty Hand Inn, she notices that there is a third Inn not on your map that is next to the customs area

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I wonder why Ulrick didn't tell us about that inn.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks for a sign

[Master] called Fat Merchant Inn

[Master] and yes to IC and OCC additions during the week

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is interesting. Maybe we should poke our heads in there later

[Lisa] but only for things happening later tonight or early tomorrow morning?

[Lisa] you want to start Friday with us heading out in the morning?

[Master] I think later tonight woudl be ok

[Master] we can start at the evening,

[Master] then jump to morning with no problems

[Lisa] so onloy roleplay what we can do tonight - that is what I wanted to make sure of

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 200. Next level in 107252.

[Master] Sarengar XP award: 200. Next level in 5864.

[Master] Heckat XP award: 150. Next level in 0.

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel XP award: 100. Next level in 2265.

[Master] Hoffman XP award: 150. Next level in 30266.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 100. Next level in 17810.

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos XP award: 50. Next level in 4792.

[Master] Ilero XP award: 250. Next level in 8807.

[Lisa] Illero for rp tonight

[Master] already did it

[Master] grins

[Lisa] okay

[Master] anything you want me to change up for the next couple of weeks?

[Master] how maps load, people on which maps?

[Lisa] not sure we need the black outs on the big map

[Master] ok

[Lisa] seemed to make things a bit slower and we have already seen the map so it is not a big surprise

[TMO] back

[Master] one thing I can do if people want

[Master] is to put an Icon on the map in district

[Master] that the playes can open and add to the notes section

[Master] or I can do that on the site

[Master] so you have it available when the game is not up

[Master] and TMO you saw that Bran found a third Inn on her way to where she is staying

[TMO] yes.

[TMO] and thanks for the rp award

[Lisa] well deserved :)

[TMO] I meant to ask IC, btw, but we didn't get to it. Does Ilero know what the Uklo Estates is/are?

[TMO] I don't remember it, but that doesn't mean much

[Master] Uklo is a Suomi name, so he can guess that it is someone with a tradition of the same religion

[TMO] ok

[Master] but as to who the Uklo's are, that would be Bran's local history

[TMO] he will probably follow up on that then some time this week, out of curiosity if nothing else

[Master] and she can tell you that there was a Queen Uklo who started up the Order of Brotherhood paladin order

[Master] the Drillian history page has a list of what Bran knows off the top of her head about Drillian

[Lisa] I read over the timeline this week

[Master] I added to it today and yesterday

[Master] Royal Consort names for the most part

[Lisa] it is quite entertaining

[Lisa] Vilmar is not really a bad guy

[Lisa] the family anyway

[Master] the Vilmar family has been on the winning side of all three civil wars

[TMO] I am making a note of that pass phrase Ulrick gave Ilero, btw. :) It sounded to me like a code of some sort.

[Master] if you go to the Kayugan religion page, there is a St Clig there

[Master] and I am glad you liked it Lisa

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for Ilero modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] I think the last 100 years of Royal Families is now fleshed out enough

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for Ilero modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for Ilero modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for Ilero modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for Ilero modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for Ilero modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Lisa] and you just made up that entire history. very very nice

[Master] thank you

[Master] there is some stuff from the Twelve Kings era that I have not worked out

[Master] but that is more than 600 years ago

[Master] so not sure it matters at the moment

[Master] grins

[Master] TMO you will have to puzzle over the history too

[Master] see what you think of it

[TMO] ok. where do I find it?


[TMO] I just managed to find the Kayugan religion. Clig is mentioned in the table, but no details

[TMO] ok, had actually been to that page


[Lisa] I just go to news & updates then recent changes and see what Bob has been doing lately

[Lisa] or if anyone's been writing messages etc

[Master] that is what my bookmark is too

[Master] from New & Updates you can jump to a lot of things

[TMO] I'll have to bookmark that then

[Master] don't worry TMO you do not need to read the entire site

[Master] yet

[Lisa] I will also try to put up who is where on the OOC page

[Master] thank you

[Master] Ok going to shut this down

[Master] have a good night both of you

[Lisa] goodnight all

[Lisa] have a good week

Lisa has left the game on Fri May 04 23:16:01 EDT 2012

TMO has left the game on Fri May 04 23:16:32 EDT 2012

XP awarded