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Mar 20 09 - Trade Wars

[BOB] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Mar 20 17:52:57 EDT 2009 ====

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

Vicki] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 18:07:24 EDT 2009

Vicki] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Vicki] has received the map Sample Bridge.

Vicki] is receiving the map Encounter area 1...

Vicki] has received the map Encounter area 1.

Vicki] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Vicki] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Vicki] Hi all, just popping in while I can. Don't know how long I'll be able to stay.

[Vicki] I am away from the keyboard.

Guy] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 18:28:10 EDT 2009

Guy] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Guy] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Guy] howdy all

mikE] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 18:29:36 EDT 2009

mikE] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

mikE] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] greetings everyone

[BOB] organzing things here, will be back soon

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[mikE] hola

[Guy] buenis dias

[mikE] so i guess we're worm disecting tonight

[mikE] i think i did this in middle school

[Guy] lol

[mikE] woohoo! my girlfriend finally told me how to make leftover chinese food rice edible again

[Guy] how?

[mikE] save your wonton soup broth, spoon some in with the rice, cover and cook.

[Guy] ill tell kaz

[mikE] hehe.

[mikE] man, i love some of the random mythbusters stuff.

[mikE] i like it when they shoot shit

[mikE] i wanna go work for them. that'd be awesome

[Guy] now that would be an awesome job

[mikE] yup. they're testing bullet stopping myths on this one

[Guy] sweet

[mikE] apparently if you have 15 pizzas in warming cases you can stop 10gauge buckshot. lol

[BOB] sorry guyes

[BOB] adobe is updating

[BOB] soon as that is done I can find out what you found inside the worm

[BOB] or wll find as the case may be

[BOB] my old GW basic file had two missing links

[BOB] trying to update to current tech

[BOB] grins

[mikE] updating always causes problems

[BOB] the good news is you found magic items

[BOB] if you search right

[mikE] we will carefully cut through this worm in a manner that does not cause it to fall off.

[BOB] it just happens to the one lost physical book

[mikE] so what do we find?

[BOB] chuckles, more than that

[BOB] unless someone has hunting

[Vicki] I am back at the keyboard.

[mikE] someone does

[mikE] yup

[BOB] and who would that be?

[mikE] i don't know. someone does somewhere.

[BOB] chuckles,

[BOB] well this will be a bit

[BOB] is in the middel of downloading the full new version of reader 9.

[BOB] no clue why the install of Air wiped out the Reader

[Guy] like me

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] but I am ready to start without that

[BOB] wish I knew what they were before you start cutting

[BOB] actually

[BOB] what are you goign to to with teh dead dwarf?

[Guy] bait?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] Looks at you... We should build a cairn

[SwiftVein (BOB)] recover his body, bury him with his axe

[Guy] go right ahead

[mikE] unless it's a magic axe.

[mikE] then we scavange it.

[SwiftVein (BOB)] it is Redroot's axe

[SwiftVein (BOB)] it should be buried with him

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[mikE] is it magic bob?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] (how would you know? it is inside the worm)

[Liam Dugan (Guy) (to BOB only)] Jorkki any magic nearby?

[Vicki] I am away from the keyboard.

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Guy only)] not on this end of the bridge, but I can only sense things close by

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Guy only)] (only within 15 feet )

[mikE] because i'm asking you and you know all

[mikE] is it magic?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] (no way for you to know until you explore and find it)

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] so lets explore

[BOB] you have the dead "wrom" on that end

[BOB] it has a spine, so more of a snake

[BOB] it is dead and the front 2/3 are hanging off the bridge and dandling down

[BOB] the rear 1/3 is filling up the passageway there

[BOB] no way through right now

[BOB] you can just hack your way in, but without knowledge might/will cause the thing to tumble down

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] carve it into worm steaks

[BOB] does anyone have hunting?

[BOB] or any sort of skill you think might be useful?

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] hunting

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ive got it

[BOB] so make that check

[BOB] to see if you are able to open it without cutting it in half

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ] Liam Dugan: Hunting check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[BOB] very very good

[BOB] you are cutting it open and you are able to find Redroot and pull him out

[BOB] then you find three large baskets still intact right behind him

[BOB] plus 3 mroe that are partially disolved in the stomach

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] pull out the baskets

[BOB] ok, after you get all six out

[BOB] you find soemthing else stuck behidn them

[BOB] Now we roll to see what items you actually get

[mikE] staff of the magi

[BOB] give me three percentage dice please

[mikE] c'mon, daddy needs a new staff

[BOB] you two can each roll one

[mikE] are we rooting for high or low?

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] (( how? ))

[BOB] high gives you weapons, low gives you rings, middle gives you articfacts perhaps

[mikE] use the dice roller or type in d100 in whale tail brackets

[BOB] all are good and bad

[BOB] either way you want

[Vicki] I am back at the keyboard.

[mikE] okay.

[BOB] one set of percentage

[BOB] then one set of d1000

[mikE] rolls (d100) roll: 50

[mikE] oh lookit that.

[BOB] chuckles

[BOB] real roll please

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] (d100) [1d100=34] 34

[mikE] staff of the magi there

[mikE] darn. i forgot the exact way klooge shows it.

[mikE] (d100) [1d100=2] 2

[BOB] ok, so Guy roll a (d1000) [1d1000=114] 114

[BOB] and Mike aslo pleae

[BOB] and then Vicki

[BOB] you can roll the same

[mikE] (d1000) [1d1000=157] 157

[Vicki] d1000

[Vicki] ok...

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] (d1000) [1d1000=24] 24

[Vicki] (d1000) [1d1000=487] 487

[BOB] and a die 100 please aslo vick

[Vicki] (d100) [1d100=41] 41

[BOB] then as I am working out what those mean, Min can interact with the two of them

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((Min needs a new face))

[BOB] chuckles, Vicki got you onto the table with staff of the magi

[mikE] oh, come to me tac nuke

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((I did what?))

[BOB] as you are clearing out the mess

[BOB] you find a rod, a ceramic container of oil, and a bone scroll tube

[mikE] aw man...

[mikE] we can make our own potions and scrolls

Guy] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 19:18:10 EDT 2009

Vicki] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 19:18:31 EDT 2009

[mikE] i was hoping for one weapon/item that didn't just replicate a spell

Guy] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 19:18:39 EDT 2009

Guy] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Guy] has received the map Sample Bridge.

Vicki] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 19:19:06 EDT 2009

Vicki] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Vicki] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Guy] any chance of knowing what they are?

[Vicki] Mike, you can make a bone scroll?

[mikE] it's not a bone scroll, it's a bone scroll tube

[mikE] anyone can make a scroll tube

[Min Sun (Vicki)] oh

[BOB] you do not know if something is inside

[mikE] wizards/priests can make a scroll of any spell they can cast

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((i see))

[mikE] and with our resources, we can really research/find any spell we could want to learn if we don't already have it

[mikE] well, let's pocket it all for now.

[mikE] we can examine it later

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ::looks around::

[BOB] you can only pocket the three magic items

[BOB] the 6 baskets

[BOB] you have not opened

[Guy] so open the baskets

[BOB] and you are just guessing they are magic items, because they did not disolve

[BOB] sure, who wants to open them? any thieves?

[mikE] none on.

[Guy] are they locked?

[mikE] but, what are the baskets made out of?

[BOB] not saying that just asking about trap detection

[BOB] but Liam can open one

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((wouldn't they be magically enhanced if they haven't decayed?))

[BOB] they are made of soem sort of woven material

[BOB] not straw like you would expect

[Guy] what the heck

[Guy] i open one

Fritz] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 19:25:18 EDT 2009

Fritz] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Fritz] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[BOB] by the way you are on the bridge still

[mikE] well, here's a thief

[BOB] the worm is blocking up that exit still

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((Hi Fritz))

[Guy] hey fritz

[mikE] fritz, go find traps on baskets pulled out of the worm

[BOB] and the scroll case?

[mikE] i doubt there will be any after being eaten by a worm, but go for it.

[mikE] scroll case will be a magic trap if anything.

[Fritz] Hello

[Fritz] what do you want me to do and to whom or what?

[mikE] we need to go get zombie fudge for the magic traps.

[mikE] open baskets

[mikE] might be trapped

[mikE] but i doubt it.

[Fritz] Give me a quick run down on what is going on what you found

[mikE] hell, they're wicker, we can always just cut out the bottom.

[mikE] 6 baskets, scroll tube, rod, potion

[mikE] bone scroll tube, ceramic flask

[Guy] not wicker

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=92] 92 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((do we find anything else?))

[BOB] some materials not straw, (which would be wicker)

[BOB] no traps on the baskets

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=68] 68 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[BOB] none on the scroll tube

[Guy] so lets open them up

[BOB] you find a mixture of three kinds of coins

[mikE] gimme the scroll tube then.

[mikE] i'll be able to tell if it's wizard vs. priest

[BOB] Liam can make a knowledge check

[mikE] but i can't tell what it is if it's wizard

[BOB] and Finglas can make a wisdom check

[Guy] ] Liam Dugan: KNO check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[mikE] ] Finglas: WIS check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[BOB] Liam knows that these are Fen, Yuan and Tael coins

[BOB] currenty from Shou Lung

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] (6d10) [6d10=8,9,9,5,8,3] 42 + 10

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to BOB only)] I would know that too possibly coming from Semphar

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] Why would this worm have coins from Shou Lung in it?

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] looks like 52 total

[Finglas (mikE)] "It likes to travel."

[BOB (to Fritz only)] yes, and other things, but he opened them, waiting to see if he shares

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Ate someone that was from there

[Finglas (mikE)] bob, give me a coin total for our records?

[Finglas (mikE)] i'll put this crap on my sheet and we can decide which city it all goes to at the end of the adventure

[BOB] 1000 fen, 2800 yaun 6000 tael

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((is that a lot or not?)))

[BOB] but first Mike

[BOB] how are you carrying it?

[BOB] putting it where?

[BOB] and the scroll case

[Finglas (mikE)] in the hole!

[BOB] you open it up

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] How about exchanging it in kazefryn

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] level 7 character again?

[Finglas (mikE)] it's like a hot dog down a hallway.

[Finglas (mikE)] i don't think we need to exchange it.

[BOB] and you see on the sheet of velum you pull out " Ate someone that was from there"

[Finglas (mikE)] we've got enough money really, and we just might want the regional coinage someday. we're using our drow coin now, finally.

[BOB] yes to Vicki

[Finglas (mikE)] wait, wait, the scroll says "Ate someone that was from there"?

[BOB] then the words How about exchaing it in ... appear on the sheet

[Finglas (mikE)] ah. it records whatever it hears.

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] current and max hit points both at 52, right?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I speak in drow bob tell me what language appears on the scroll. "How are you doing?"

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] The perfect spys tool

[Finglas (mikE)] i'll close it up quick

[BOB] weird writing appears on teh paper in your hand

[BOB] and fills it up

[BOB] you close the case

[BOB] you are not sure how many more sheets are inside

[BOB] when you show rave

[BOB] he can tell you the writing is How are you doing, written in Drow

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] (is it closed away?)

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] I need to work on proficiencies and equipment as well...

[Finglas (mikE)] so any of us have a way to tell what the potion is?

[BOB] the bone scroll is now closed away, the one sheet he pulled out is full

[BOB] it apparently holds about 1 round of conversation

[Finglas (mikE)] kinda useless.

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((grumbles at bob for putting Min in the underdark naked))

[Finglas (mikE)] good for getting wenche's numbers in the tavern

[BOB] Min has the normal oriental armor

[Fritz] Woohoo neked female's in the dark!!!

[BOB] and as far as everyone knows he is male

[BOB] make an intuition check Liam and Finglas

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((lol, not according to her sheet... and Bob's right, so far, Min appears masculine))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] You said she was naked

[BOB] Min has the normal oriental armor

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] if she was naked it would be a really sad woman

[Finglas (mikE) (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Finglas modified: Magic Item Summary - DELETED: null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] if we couldn't tell

[Finglas (mikE)] ] Finglas: INU check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 19!!

[BOB] humans all look alike to pixies

[Finglas (mikE)] yeah. like trolls.

[Finglas (mikE)] did i make it? lol

[BOB (to mikE only)] you realize that only Rave'

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((I meant without weapons and such in her character sheet... I wasn't done with her sheet and now I have a playing character again *sigh*))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Hey we can tell male from female...Especially if they have big knockers

[BOB (to mikE only)] only Rave's words were appearing on the scroll

[BOB (to mikE only)] even though others were talking

[Finglas (mikE)] asians don't have knockers

[Min Sun (Vicki)] I suppose that's your favorite spot to hide in a female, huh?

[Finglas (mikE)] they have...... knots in the wood

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Nope second favorite place...the wooly garden is my first favorite place

[Finglas (mikE)] /bob moo

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((*eyeroll*))

[Finglas (mikE) (to BOB only)] moo

[Min Sun (Vicki)] use /dm mike...

[Finglas (mikE) (to BOB only)] okay, then does that mean it only works on pixies? not the person holding it?

[BOB (to mikE only)] grins, not saying that would be for an identify spell or more experimenting,

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I might be able to tell what kind of potion it is, but I don't have easy access to my magic coin choices

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] So is everything worked out/figured out?

[Finglas (mikE)] need to identify the rod

[BOB] you ahve a rod and a ceramic flask with a potion in it

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] can I just do this later on, and get back to the game play... we'll figure out her stuff later. Just needs one weapon for now and a light armor if any at all...

[BOB] and you still have the dead body on the bridge of the dwarf

[BOB] plus the exit filled with dead worm

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Min Sun modified: Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 52 (null). Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 52 (null). Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 7 (1).

[Finglas (mikE)] shove him in the hole, too.

[Finglas (mikE)] we can give him back to the other dwarves for a propper burial

[BOB] what are you taking out of the hole?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] We most likely will need to pay his family for his services

[BOB] those 6 baskets alone will take up a lot of space

[Finglas (mikE)] we already are

[BOB] plus a body

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Do the baskets look like they hold an unusual amount of coinage?

[BOB] no

[BOB] there are thousands of coins in teh six baskets

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Ok so we can put them in the P-hole..

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] well how about the scroll of shelter then?

[BOB] scroll of shelter is a once every 24 hours

[BOB] you can do that now

[BOB] but you packed them both pretty full

[BOB] will have to eliminate things

[BOB] Mike put ti on the web site

[BOB] so you know what you have, what you can ditch

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I can't go to the web site at the moment as I am using my phone card. Connection is limited

[BOB] Mike and the rest can help out with that

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Can I take a look at the rod while Mike figures out what our storage situation?

[BOB] sure

[Finglas (mikE)] let's ditch the winter clothing and bedding for 13

[BOB] that will give you space for the 6 baskets

[Finglas (mikE)] and throw away the 20 torches?

[Finglas (mikE)] ok.

[BOB] and a body

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((You're going to ditch that here in the underdark?))

[Finglas (mikE)] that's enough.

[BOB] and you look at the Rod Rave

[BOB] it is magical

[BOB] that is obvious because there are no marks on it

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] No writing?

[BOB] no nicks, scratches, etc. after it was eaten and digested

[BOB] nothing at all on it,

[BOB] it a stick of ebony wood

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Anything/sensation from touching it?

[BOB] none

[BOB] no tingling, no magical lights

[BOB] Jorkki says it is magical

[BOB] in case you needed confirmation

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] No recording saying " I am the magic rod of cancellation"?

[Finglas (mikE)] plus, we've eaten a day's worth of food and water. that's some extra room

[BOB] actually you have eaten 5 days worth of food and water

[Finglas (mikE)] and dwarves are short.

[Finglas (mikE)] there we go. plenty of room

[BOB] butthat is in the scroll?

[BOB] so you will not be able to open that in the next 24 hours

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] How about a hollogram appearing that shows a pictoral of how to use it and what it does?

[BOB] nope, and no shaft of light or unholy flames either

[Finglas (mikE)] then let's take out another day's worth of food and water for ourselves

[Finglas (mikE)] we can all carry that much

[BOB] ebony rod of wood, about 8 inches long

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I eat light

[BOB] just barly longer than a wand

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Hey that sounds a bit familiar...small but familiar

[BOB] groans

[BOB] not from the islands

[BOB] and never been used

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I have an ebony rod that is a bit longer than 8 inches

[BOB] as far as you can tell

[Finglas (mikE)] never been used. no wonder it sounds familiar to him

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Nope I 've used mine

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] hehehe

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] your hand doesnt count fritz lol

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((ooh, ouch!))

[BOB] ok, so moving on

[BOB] how are you clearing the path?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] (growls in Guy's direction)

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((what are we going to do with the worm?))

[Finglas (mikE)] cutting?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Making a million bite sized morsels out of him

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Did anyone look inside the worm?

[Finglas (mikE)] that's where we got the treasure

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((that's where we found all this stuff, Fritz))

[BOB] Liam idd

[Finglas (mikE)] liam had hunting, so gutted it with expert ease

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] oh bob said hole...sorry...Must be on the second boat

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] If he gutted it then he can slice and dice and we can drop the pieces parts in the cavern

[Finglas (mikE)] so... rolling, rolling, rolling?

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] sorry folks but im gonna take off for a bit hopefully ill make it back before the night is over

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Gut this thing before yo go

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] thought i already did

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I mean chop it up

[BOB] you opened it Liam

[BOB] but it is still filling the passageway

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] hunting roll again?

[BOB] it it a huge thing

[BOB] that would help you cut it in half

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ] Liam Dugan: Hunting check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[BOB] and let teh dangling part drop

[BOB] safely

[BOB] so now no one will get dragged down over the edge

[BOB] they can deal with teh left over plug Guy

[BOB] have a great night if we don't see you

[BOB] so Mike and Fritz, and Vicki,

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to Guy only)] see you later, if not, I'll talk to your wife later

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Yes boss

[BOB] you have this big plug of a dead worm filling up the passage way out

Guy] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 20:02:45 EDT 2009

[BOB] the key issue is solved in you won't get dragged over the edge

[Finglas (mikE)] great. let's get rid of it

[BOB] by the dangling part

[BOB] the issue is how do you get rid of the rest

[Finglas (mikE)] chop it up

[Finglas (mikE)] whatever works

[BOB] normally not an issue, but you are on a bridge

[BOB] chopping results in blood flowing all over

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I try and pull it with my ring ...I can lift 800 lbs

[BOB] slipper

[Finglas (mikE)] don't make us draw up a plan and do the physics work here.

[BOB] giving you options for dice roll modes

[BOB] mods

[BOB] the ring won't work, too heavy

[Finglas (mikE)] the ring will work.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Well I know one thing I could do ....I need some DM opinion though

[Finglas (mikE)] with a worm cut in half, he can drag out 800 lbs of crap at a time

[BOB] sure, ask away

[Finglas (mikE)] empty otu the worm gibblet by gibblet

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Does lightning cut if it is directed in a thin line through a soft object?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Such as the worm...

[BOB] worm was over 200 foot long, is a HUGE thing, and no can not control lightning that way, it is a aiming thing, so would hit it burn it but not cut through it

[BOB] and there are bones, and such here, we keep calling it a worm, but it is more like a snake

[BOB] the key issues are cutting through it results in a slippery condition to try and get through

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] No that wasn't my question about was about lightning cutting. and carterizing was my next question

[BOB] or other options you have for opening it

[BOB] no lighting does not cut

[BOB] it wil lcauterize

[BOB] you can just slice adn dice, then make your Dex checks to get through the gore

[Finglas (mikE)] fritz, just have rave use the ring on ant while ant chops it all up

[Finglas (mikE)] no slipping there

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Ok well I can disentegrate it would that work?

[BOB] or those both work too

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I am asking you bob?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Ok...give me a sec to bring up the potion and I will tell you what I am going to do

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] what weapon would I be using with Min?

[BOB] /flails? what did you chose back when? no swords

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] I don't remember choosing anything for weapons, etc.

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Potion of the Corrosive This mixture gives the drinker the ability to dissolve material with a touch of the hands. Once activated, the corrosive touch remains for 2dl2 rounds whether the affected character wants it to or not. The character can dissolve 1 cubic foot of nonliving material such as soft stone or wood per round if actively trying to touch as much material as possible. This ability can be used to cut holes in walls, sculpt statues, create handholds in sheer cliffs, and so forth. Tougher materials, such as gemstones, hard rock, or metal, dissolve at half the rate, and acid-resistant materials, such as ceramics or crystal dissolve at one quarter the rate. Involuntary corrosive touches dissolve 1 to 4 cubic inches of material depending on its strength. Enchanted items gain a saving throw vs. acid. Corrosive hands are deadly in combat, inflicting

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Id8 points of damage per hit.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Will that work Bob...I will be very careful not to touch myself or anything else after I drink the potion...nothing but the worm

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Bob?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Hello?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Am I lagging?

[BOB] back, had to add weapons to Min

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Oh sorry

[BOB] Vicki you have your three basic ones there now

[BOB] not sure if they are properly formatted yet

[BOB] and yes to Frtiz

[BOB] that will work out

[BOB] just takes a while

[BOB] but the time should not be an issue

[BOB] Frtiz could you check Vicki's sheet please for the weapon format?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I become visible...I do not touch myself, any of my clothing or stuff...I only touch this HUGE worm and dissolve it away.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Sure Bob

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Min Sun modified:

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Bob I see no weapons on her sheet

[BOB] I jsut added three there

[BOB] damn it

[BOB] just a sec I did not commit it when I exited

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Make sure you hit "enter" as well when you load them

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire casts a spell against Kit: Gold Coin: Make any magic potion, oil, salve etc. 3 times a day

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Kit moved 90'07".

[Fritz] Rave Starfire no longer targets Kit.

[BOB] ok, there they are fritz

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Min Sun modified:

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Sorry bob...Nada

[BOB] Then I give up

[BOB] no time to do that in th emiddle

[BOB] I picked the Trhee piece rod, the tetsubo and the lajatang off the list

[BOB] those are all appropriate for Min

[BOB] you are all on the new map

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ok, I'll fix that later

[BOB] after you clear the bridge

john2] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 20:21:06 EDT 2009

john2] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

john2] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((Hi John))

[SwiftVein (BOB)] this section is a lot tighter than the previous areas we were in, Swiftvein says

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Hiya John))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I will be happy to scout ahead if the party wishes

[john2] hello all

[Finglas (mikE)] so less hotdog down a hallway, more untapped virgin?

[john2] I see with Mike and Fritz here, you don;t need me

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Always need you John and I am only partly here

mikE] has edited Finglas's effects.

[SwiftVein (BOB)] fritz is actually moving tonight

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I am moving into my new house and could leave at any minute

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((Well, it wouldn't hurt to have you here, John))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I am afk for a bit...

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[SwiftVein (BOB)] and so you see the narrow sections here,

[SwiftVein (BOB)] Swiftvein warns the ceilings will be low

[SwiftVein (BOB)] and your bow will be mostly useless Finglass

[john2] so ant up front

[Finglas (mikE)] in an area like this, anterias and a bow is about all that can attack at once

[john2] besides Rave if he is here

[SwiftVein (BOB)] no, bows need arc to get the arrow beyond very close range, adn teh ceiling and area is too tight for that

[SwiftVein (BOB)] is why he is warning you

[Finglas (mikE)] don't need an arc. ant's a dwarf, fin's an elf. he shoots right over ant's head.

[john2] maybe Kit 2nd?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] all bows need an arc

[SwiftVein (BOB)] that is how they reach those long ranges

[john2] Paul can be really small and still cast some spells

[Finglas (mikE)] .... yeah.... long rangers... not short

[SwiftVein (BOB)] close range as in a dozen yards or so

[Finglas (mikE)] short ranges are a straight shot.

[Finglas (mikE)] i've got my point blank ring on, bob.

[SwiftVein (BOB)] ok

[Finglas (mikE)] i bloody well know ranges

[SwiftVein (BOB)] just making sure you know

[SwiftVein (BOB)] don't want you surprised by it later on

[Finglas (mikE)] nope. i don't know shit about shooting bows. no clue.

[Finglas (mikE)] you can shoot a bow in small areas. they're not like grenade launchers which have a minimum range requirement

[Finglas (mikE)] in fact, you're most accurate at short ranges where you don't need to put an arc into the shot to compensate for distance.

[SwiftVein (BOB)] chuckles, some of these areas are less than 6 feet tall

[SwiftVein (BOB)] you will have trouble standing let alone firing

[SwiftVein (BOB)] so

[Min Sun (Vicki)] anyone 6 feet tall or taller?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] moving forward

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 4'01".

[Finglas (mikE)] low ceiling is different from "tight" bob.

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 5'04".

[Finglas (mikE)] tight is 5' corridors

[Finglas (mikE)] can't stand is a whole different story.

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((just how low is the ceiling?))

[SwiftVein (BOB)] right were you are is ok

[SwiftVein (BOB)] swiftvein is standing on the entrance to a cavern

[john2] so swift, ant, paul, min, kit?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] there are a few ways out of this

[SwiftVein (BOB)] this area is about twice as tall as me (8 foot or so) but it gets tighter on the left path

[SwiftVein (BOB)] and stays about the same on the middle one

[SwiftVein (BOB)] which way would you like to go?

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 2'11".

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] has Min been introduced to the party yet?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I will scout ahead which ever way you want me to go and I will report back to the party what I see.

[Fritz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] meaning does she know all the party members by name?

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Vicki only)] I did some, but that is what I was tellign you to do back at 7 while I was looking up things

[Finglas (mikE)] "We're tall. We'd rather not have to crawl."

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Vicki only)] yes she knows names

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] was going to ask Fin something but didn't know if she knew him by name

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 4'10".

[Min Sun (Vicki)] "Fin, which way would you like to go? Knowing what you do about these paths..."

[Finglas (mikE)] ] Antarias moved 11'10".

[john2] (I think he was implying the taller of the paths

[SwiftVein (BOB)] (and sorry all for soem reading things are really lagging on my end)

[SwiftVein (BOB)] (for some reason things are lagging)

mikE] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 20:34:53 EDT 2009

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((need a reboot?))

[john2] (if it is me I can leave?)

[SwiftVein (BOB)] we will see

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((I don't think it's any of us John))

[BOB] ] Finglas moved 11'04".

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((Fin's moving awfully slow))

mikE] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 20:37:16 EDT 2009

mikE] is receiving the map Maze area 1...

mikE] has received the map Maze area 1.

[BOB] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Mar 20 20:40:00 EDT 2009 ====

mikE] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 20:40:23 EDT 2009

mikE] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

mikE] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 1'10".

[BOB] much better

Vicki] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 20:41:02 EDT 2009

john2] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 20:41:11 EDT 2009

john2] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

john2] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[BOB] so swift is out front right now

mikE] is receiving the map Maze area 1...

mikE] has received the map Maze area 1.

[BOB] but you can see that the passageways close in quick adn tight

[BOB] so you need to figure out who will go first

[BOB] etc

Vicki] is receiving the map Maze area 1...

Vicki] has received the map Maze area 1.

[BOB] Rave could fly in front but will not be able to get back behind that person a lot of times

[mikE] ant should go first since our first guide got himself killt

[BOB] thi sis the space to decide that

john2] is receiving the map Maze area 1...

john2] has received the map Maze area 1.

[john2] what is with all the things on Kit?

[mikE] i just did

[BOB] what things john?

Fritz] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 20:44:26 EDT 2009

[john2] there is a plannet in the circle

[john2] she is off color too

[BOB] she has the protection from evil still runnign you should take off

Fritz] is receiving the map Maze area 1...

Fritz] has received the map Maze area 1.

[BOB] but just changed the user state

john2] has edited Kit's effects.

[BOB] from what she had before

[BOB] but is still damaged, no clerics have logged in yet from that point

[john2] no problem

[Vicki] So John and Mike both agree that Ant's in front...

[BOB] and you are goign to the right not the left, the left is the very short ceilings

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 11'05".

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 3'11".

[BOB] is that what you want? or someone else behidn Ant?

[john2] I sugest Paul

[mikE] ] Finglas moved 11'02".

[Vicki] Bob, does this have to be a single line or can it be two beside each other?

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 6'06".

[john2] but Fin may try to shoot

[BOB] you can see how narrow it is now, and it gets narrower,

[BOB] that area Ant is in front of

[Fritz] Let me go first I can look

[BOB] is only 2 foot across

[BOB] beyond that it widens into a 7 foot wide area

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I will check it out

[BOB] so mostly single file

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire moved 19'06".

[BOB] before you move fritz

[BOB] are you carrying a light?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Yes

[BOB] letting others see where you are?

[BOB] or?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] No I was going to investigate first

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so don't move then

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] OK

[BOB] I will just explain it to you, so you don't reveal huge chunks of the map

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Ja Boss Man

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I move silently as well

[mikE] are we moving yet?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] No bob is telling me what I see

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Or he is going to

[BOB (to Fritz only)] you pass that small opening and into a small cavern with 4 exits, the first right goes a short way but narrows and curves down like a worm hole, the next goes around a short bend into another small chamger, the next one seems to lead to a larger area, and the fourth one leads to that same area around a set of pillars

[mikE] i'm sorry, but i've gotta say bob this is one of the slowest sessions in a long time and i'm losing interest quick.

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 7'06".

[BOB] do you have a suggestion for me Mike?

[mikE] after two hours we've cut up a giant snake and entered a cave area.

[BOB] how do I tell you what you have up ahead

[BOB] when you have an invisible flying person doing teh scouting

[BOB] without revealing the map

[mikE] take us along the map to the next encounter. ant's in front, guide is telling him where to go.

[BOB] last time we let fritz fly ahead and you saw the whole battle scene from two caverns away

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I go and tell them what I saw...Now I have to go healp miriam.."BOB (to Fritz only)] you pass that small opening and into a small cavern with 4 exits, the first right goes a short way but narrows and curves down like a worm hole, the next goes around a short bend into another small chamger, the next one seems to lead to a larger area, and the fourth one leads to that same area around a set of pillars"

[Fritz] I am back at the keyboard.

[mikE] okay, guide, lead us the tallest way. go.

[BOB] so Ant is up front, rave is right behind him, adn Paul behind that

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 4'03".

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 7'00".

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 8'05".

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 28'01".

[BOB] is that what you want?

[mikE] fine.

[BOB] the two ways ahead are the tallest

[mikE] great. let's go.

[BOB] the second right is the widest

[BOB (to GM only)] ] Grey Ooze moved 1'03".

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 10'03".

[BOB] Grey Ooze targets Antarias. Distance: 4'10"

[BOB] ] Grey Ooze: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=8] 18

[BOB] Combat has begun!

[BOB] ] ROUND: 0

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 7'10".

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 9'05".

[BOB] ] Finglas moved 13'02".

[BOB] ] Kit moved 23'08".

[john2] ] Paul Elvenstire: Initiative: (d10+10+0) [1d10=8] 18

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 5'06".

[BOB] ] Min Sun moved 22'11".

[john2] ] Kit: Initiative: (d10+10++0) [1d10=3] 13

[BOB] ] SwiftVein: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=9] 19

[Vicki] ] Min Sun: Initiative: (d10+10++2) [1d10=6] 18

[Vicki] ] Rave Starfire: Initiative: (d10+10++2) [1d10=6] 18

[BOB] ] ROUND: 1

[mikE] ] Antarias: Initiative: (d10+10+-1) [1d10=3] 12

[BOB] ] INIT: 12 GOING: Antarias

[mikE] ] Finglas: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=7] 15

[Vicki] I don't think Rave's is right... :S

[BOB] ] Grey Ooze: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=6] 16

[mikE] rave's is never right for some reason

[BOB] So ant

[Vicki] I thought I was rolling Min's not Min's and Rave's with the same roll

[john2] no light so he did not see the ooze

[BOB] right

[BOB] Ant did

[BOB] Rave did not

[mikE] is fritz here or not? if he is rave is going first

[BOB] he is not here

[BOB] Ant is up

[BOB] and in any case no one else can do anything but Ant

[BOB] he is filling up the passage

[BOB] and Paul is blocking him from retreating

[john2] it looks like the path to the right go to the same place?

[BOB] you think it is yes

[Vicki (to BOB only)] I accidently rolled Rave's init at the same time as I rolled Min's init

[BOB (to Vicki only)] no wories,

[mikE] we're supposed to be able to move through friendly squares.

[BOB] you can't move through bodies

[BOB] is why I spend a half hour explaining

[BOB] getting you to understand

[BOB] ONLY ant can deal with this right now

[BOB] until someone backs up and lets him leave

[BOB] and takes his place

[BOB] area is too tight

[mikE] ] Antarias moved 2'02".

mikE] has edited Antarias's effects.

[BOB] ] INIT: 13 GOING: Kit

[john2] you could hold movement

[BOB] yes to John

[john2] kit's holding

[john2] no i guess he has to move back for anyone to move

[john2] ] Kit moved 11'05".

[BOB] ] INIT: 15 GOING: Finglas

[mikE] Finglas targets Grey Ooze. Distance: 21'00"

[mikE] ] Finglas moved 10'06".

[mikE] ] Finglas: Attack: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking +3: ((10-+0-(d20+0))+2-10-1-1-2-1) [1d20=13] -16 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY HITS Grey Ooze (AC FINAL: 10)!!!

[mikE] ] Finglas: Damage v L: Arrow of Lightning +1: ((d6)+26+2) [1d6=1] 29 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to: Grey Ooze

[mikE] apply damage please.

[BOB] ] Grey Ooze's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -2 (-29) - Dying

[mikE] okay.

[BOB] checking against the lightning

[BOB] ] INIT: 18 GOING: Paul Elvenstire

[mikE] against?

[mikE] it's the one thing gray ooze is hurt by.

[BOB] defenses

[john2] crosses fingers

[BOB] Paul?

[john2] so we do not know if it's dead yet?

[BOB] coorect

[john2] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 6'11".

[john2] that give ant enough room to back up?

[BOB] make an observation check Paul

[BOB] and yes to Paul

[john2] no to obversation, Alertness or Int?

[BOB] will give you alterness

[john2] wis?

[john2] ] Paul Elvenstire: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!

[john2] i guess not a gimmie

[BOB] ] INIT: 18 GOING: Min Sun

[BOB] ok, Finglass do you have danger sense? or altertness?

[mikE] no

[BOB] ok then

[BOB] how about Ant?

[mikE] ] Antarias: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!

[mikE] ] Antarias: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Vicki] I'm gonna hold action for now...

[BOB] ] INIT: 19 GOING: SwiftVein

[BOB] Ant yells out WATCH OUT - pointing behind Finglass

[BOB] what do you do?

[john2] can I look?

[BOB] you did not see anything,

[BOB] Mike?

[john2] but when Ant yells? only Fin can react?

[mikE] does fin see anything after that?

[BOB] not yet

[BOB] you can tell me what you want to do to react

[mikE] then... i guess i do nothing. it's not fin's turn anyway.

[BOB] anyone

[mikE] move

[BOB] which way would you move?

[mikE] toward ant and such.

[BOB] ok

[mikE] away from the apparent danger.

[BOB] Paul?

[mikE] behind the dots by paul

[BOB] so that is Fin's intention

[john2] i seem to have my back to a wall of sorts

[BOB] nods

[john2] waiting till I see something

[BOB] ok

[john2] if Kit can move she might move up to see

[BOB] Goblin #9 targets Finglas. Distance: 15'00"

[BOB] ] Goblin #9: Attack: Short Sword: (20-(d20+0)) [1d20=12] 8. Probably MISSES Finglas (AC FINAL: -3).

[BOB] that might be a hit

[BOB] no, it is a miss,

[BOB] after all the mods

[mikE] ac 8???

[mikE] even so, not hardly.

[john2] if it was Paul maybe

[BOB] and Ant points to a goblin that was trying to backstab Finglass,

[BOB] as it scuttles down the hole behind him

[BOB] ] Goblin #9 moved 9'04".

[BOB] Combat has finished.

[mikE] why are comercial candies so happy to march off to their death by ingestion?

[john2] you are one deep thinker mike

[john2] moving on? keeping an eye on our back

[mikE] since slime is not doing anything can we know it's dead?

[john2] Min you ok to bring up the rear?

[BOB] it has not moved in a couple of rounds

[BOB] you might not want to go through that area

[mikE] sure. goblins won't surprise us now, and thus have virtually no chance to hit.

[john2] what do we see?

[BOB] you can go down that worm hole the goblin went down

[BOB] or to the right where Fin is

[mikE] why does a brittish car show use mph? shouldn't they use kph?

[Vicki] I'll bring up where I'm needed

[BOB] or figure out how to clear the ooze

[mikE] worm hole then?

[BOB] Swiftvein shrugs

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] BAck

[SwiftVein (BOB)] it is not the path I would choose, but

[SwiftVein (BOB)] if you want to go through that area

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((welcome back Fritz))

[john2] what about casting item on the ooze and foldigng it up?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] if there is one gobbo I would think there are others

mikE] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 21:18:47 EDT 2009

[john2] Rave can you tellnkenis the dead ooze down the goblin hole?

[john2] or do i need to chane into a umberhulk and cut out a trench to the hole?

mikE] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 21:20:30 EDT 2009

[john2] guess he is still reading

Fritz] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 21:20:57 EDT 2009

mikE] is receiving the map Maze area 1...

mikE] has received the map Maze area 1.

[john2] BOB it is only 10 ' can a cut a small trench for the ooze to flow?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] sure, just takes time

[john2] I start small, make sure it flows then make it bigger

[BOB] (are you guys seeing things ok? or is the lag too much again?)

[john2] seems ok

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((not sure))

[BOB] mike?

[BOB] &&&&

[BOB] ok,

[BOB] it seems that the net is just too slow for some reason

[mikE] i can see the ma

[mikE] map

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((typing is fine))

[mikE] ] Finglas moved 2'01".

[john2] just waiting for you to say the ooze is moving

[BOB] do you want to continue? or give it up as a lost cause tonight?

[john2] ckick a turn?

[BOB] I already deleted the ooze

[BOB] is why I asked

[john2] then we move on

[mikE] so the ooze is gone?

[BOB] ok

[BOB] yes

[john2] Paul changes back into flying halfling

[mikE] okay. let's keep going then

[john2] looks much wider, Paul chages back into Paul with Wings

[BOB] ahead into the cavern? or to the right passage?

[mikE] cavern i guess

[john2] follows

Guy] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 21:27:27 EDT 2009

Guy] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Guy] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[john2] Kit moves up if we go 2 by 2

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 18'00".

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ((Welcome Back Guy))

[john2] some guy just joined us

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 13'11".

[Kit (john2)] so Min, how do you like the caves so far?

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 43'05".

[BOB] ] Kit moved 52'03".

[BOB] ] Finglas moved 27'08".

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 33'01".

[BOB] ] Liam Dugan moved 29'10".

[Guy] hiya again

[BOB] ] Min Sun moved 38'08".

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 27'09".

[Kit (john2)] welcome to our personal little Heck

[Guy] what happened to mike?

[mikE] i'm here

[Min Sun (Vicki)] "it's like going through the darkest part of the tunnel without an end."

[BOB] so it turns there and branches into three parts

[Kit (john2)] I did not mean Kit would go to the front

[BOB] you can figure otu how you want to approach this area

[BOB] again getting very tight

[mikE] are we going right?

[BOB] and you hear music coming from up ahead

[BOB] you have to go right

[Kit (john2)] well we want to go one way

[BOB] then you could go left straight or right

[Kit (john2)] ] Kit moved 7'04".

[Kit (john2)] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 4'00".

[mikE] is the music good?

[BOB] the music seems like pan pipes being played

[Min Sun (Vicki)] bbiab, this is now decided to act up on me...

[BOB] it sounds nicely

Vicki] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 21:31:29 EDT 2009

[BOB] nice

[BOB] like someone with talent

[BOB] but can not make out which way it is coming from

[Kit (john2)] Paul stuffs cotten in his ears

[mikE] well, let's go our way and hope they're not there or nice.

[mikE] good idea

[BOB] so is everyone doing that? going in deaf?

[Kit (john2)] ::follows::

[BOB] and is ant back in the lead?

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 17'05".

[Kit (john2)] Kit does not have cotton

[mikE] unless kit wants to go

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

mikE] has edited Antarias's effects.

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] not me

[Kit (john2)] no, thank yopu

[Kit (john2)] you are the undestructiable

Vicki] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 21:34:11 EDT 2009

Vicki] is receiving the map Maze area 1...

Vicki] has received the map Maze area 1.

[Kit (john2)] I am the one with the charm

[Kit (john2)] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 12'09".

[BOB] the music seems to be coming more from the upper section (Ant's left) than the two to the right

[BOB] the one on the far right has that very tight spot

[mikE] do we want to meet the music man?

[BOB] would have to take off your armor to squeeze through that

[Kit (john2)] i am sure we are making enough noice if they want to come say hi

[Liam Dugan (Guy) (to BOB only)] any evil or magic close by?

[Kit (john2)] so middle?

[BOB (to Guy only)] none that Jork can see

[mikE] okay.

[Kit (john2)] you want me to make it a little bigger?

[mikE] sure

[mikE] brb

[mikE] I am away from the keyboard.

[Vicki] ok I'm back and klooge has decided to behave now for me... lol

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] or rather I can make it a little bigger

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::changes onto Unberhulk::

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 2'05".

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::makes curve for Ant's big butte::

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 5'06".

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 4'03".

[BOB] ] Min Sun moved 1'01".

[BOB] ok, so after traveling trough the maze for a day or more

[BOB] you get to an area that Swiftvein says is the most dangerous

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so far or the entire trip?

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] Why is it so dangerous?

[BOB] so far, the entire trip has been at least 6 or 7 days already

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (that is a good question too)

[mikE] I am back at the keyboard.

[SwiftVein (BOB)] this is an area where we will find several slimes

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (it's all down hill from here?)

[SwiftVein (BOB)] nasty things

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((i thought sdo lol))

[SwiftVein (BOB)] plus there is the danger of flooding

[SwiftVein (BOB)] we will have to move quickly

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((oh you mean theres scree around here lol)))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] flooding of slime or water?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] water

[SwiftVein (BOB)] points to the walls

[SwiftVein (BOB)] see up here, points to a spot near the ceiling

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::looks at wall::

[SwiftVein (BOB)] this is where this was under water less than a week ago

[SwiftVein (BOB)] I am not sure what you want to do abotu it

[Liam Dugan (Guy) (to BOB only)] would mountain survival help here or would it be underdark survival?

[Min Sun (Vicki)] What is this place?

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Guy only)] underdark survival

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] how big is the area that gets flooded?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] the maze is what we call it

[SwiftVein (BOB)] various areas of it flood

[Finglas (mikE)] "You know the way, right?"

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] how long will it take us to get through?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] empties from one to another

[SwiftVein (BOB)] well, we shoudl cross it in less than a day

[SwiftVein (BOB)] but if a flood comes

[SwiftVein (BOB)] when I am here with my partner, well ex partner

[SwiftVein (BOB)] we just run, we are tied together, so we don't get seperated

[SwiftVein (BOB)] we can go the dry way

[SwiftVein (BOB)] but more chance of slime that way

[Min Sun (Vicki)] Maybe we should tie ourselves just in case

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] and how long will that take?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] the floods wipe them out

[SwiftVein (BOB)] both are the same

[SwiftVein (BOB)] just which danger you want to risk

[Min Sun (Vicki)] hmm... water or slime....

[SwiftVein (BOB)] and if it rained in the sunlight world three days ago

[SwiftVein (BOB)] takes that long for it to drain down here this far

[SwiftVein (BOB)] looks at your group

[SwiftVein (BOB)] floods or slime?

[Finglas (mikE)] well?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so if it starts to flood, we get washed away

[Finglas (mikE)] with lower water we might be fine with the flooded way

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] what kinds of slime?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] if you have lower water?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] I ahve seen several colors

[Min Sun (Vicki)] thick and sludgy or thin and runny slime?

[Finglas (mikE)] i think i'd rather chance water than slime

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] Paul can cange int a fish, Kit can swin and she is strong

[Liam Dugan (Guy) (to BOB only)] is there a way that mountain survival would help?

[Min Sun (Vicki)] I'd chance water anyday...

[Finglas (mikE)] ant has waterbreathing

[Finglas (mikE)] fin's got spells

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Guy only)] you would guess that any flooding woudl be flash flooding sort of thing, so very dangerous

[Min Sun (Vicki)] Min has very light armor on her

[SwiftVein (BOB)] (any metal armor means no swimming)

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] Ant is who I am most worried about

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so he will not drown

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] If we do get any flooding its going to be flash floods and thst not a good thing to be in

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] paul changes into 1/2 aquatic elf

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I am good to go

[john2] I am back at the keyboard.

[Min Sun (Vicki)] what about the guide, paul?

[Kit (john2)] anyone want to be tied to me, ::swinnging a rope::

[Min Sun (Vicki)] Toss it this way, Kit

[Liam Dugan (Guy) (to BOB only)] can i use mountain survival to try and see if theres a chance of flooding?

[Finglas (mikE)] so how long does it take to cross?

[Kit (john2)] You too easy, and tosses hima rope

[SwiftVein (BOB)] a day or so

[Kit (john2)] at adwarf pace

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Guy only)] no but if it does come your way you could get a chance to react to if faster

[Finglas (mikE)] ] Finglas casts a spell against : Water Breathing: I'm half Snork.

[Liam Dugan (Guy) (to BOB only)] hey im trying lol

[Finglas (mikE)] 12 hours of water breathing goodness

[Min Sun (Vicki)] ::catches the rope:: "Chances are we're all going to be tied up together."

[Finglas (mikE)] let's go

[Kit (john2)] ::follows::

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 10'08".

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 2'06".

[Min Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] if Min is known as a male still, wouldn't that mean he's going by the other name I had for him?

Liam Dugan (Guy)] follows along

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 6'10".

[Kit (john2)] Liam what about you

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Vicki only)] your choice

[Kit (john2)] you want to be part of a trio?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] Ant stops at a very narrow spot

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] I guess

[SwiftVein (BOB)] can not squeeze through in his armor

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] going to be harder to react tied up though

[Kit (john2)] just hold on if you want

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] Let me get that for you

[Kwan Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] for now, Min is known as Kwan until they discover he's really a she

[SwiftVein (BOB) (to Vicki only)] tell everyone else that then

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] can i get through?

[SwiftVein (BOB)] without armor yes

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 11'03".

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 14'03".

[Finglas (mikE)] then i guess he's out of armor

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] NO that takes too long

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((for now, Min is known as Kwan until he's discovered that he's not really a male, then to others he will be known as Kwan and to the party as Min))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] BOB just wants one shot at mr undestructable

[BOB] lol

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] Paull can change to a Unberhulf at any point and open the passage way, just a bit

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((can we expand the opening?))

[BOB] ok

[Finglas (mikE)] okay. sounds good.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] not like the whole world is going to colapse on us

[Kwan Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] why can't I control Min/Kwan?

[BOB (to Vicki only)] no clue

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] can the Dwarf detect safe walls?

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((way to give bob the diea))

[Finglas (mikE)] you say that with mr. "rocks fall" is our dm?

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] it doesn't really show me on the map though I am seeing the same map everyone else is

[BOB] dwarves can

[BOB] ] Kwan Sun moved 3'00".

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so Ant, you tell me when I go too far

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 14'10".

[BOB] and the cavern widens a bit

[BOB] there si that pinched area up ahead there

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] then I go back to second place

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((I saw paul move, but not Kwan))

[BOB] ] Kwan Sun moved 4'05".

[BOB] ] Finglas moved 3'08".

[BOB] ] Kit moved 1'06".

[BOB] ] Antarias moved 21'00".

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 33'04".

[BOB] ] Kit moved 17'01".

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] are these important or can I eliminate them?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (i drew for a reason)

[Kwan Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] still unable to see Kwan moving

[BOB] you can plow through them

[BOB] understand John

[BOB] ] Liam Dugan moved 26'01".

[BOB] ] Kit moved 5'00".

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] but is it safe, i am asking a dwarf not the DM

[BOB] ] Kit moved 6'04".

[BOB] ] Finglas moved 17'10".

[BOB] ] Kwan Sun moved 5'00".

[Kwan Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] thanks

[BOB] nods, Swiftvein says you can move those

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ] Kwan Sun moved 12'02".

[BOB] uphead that pinched area

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] done, then staright right?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 12'06".

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 10'03".

[BOB] yeah

[BOB] looks at teh walls

[BOB] lots of water through there

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] now or has been?

[BOB] maybe we should widen it a bit?

[BOB] has been

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] start with that

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 1'03".

[BOB] save verus poison Paul

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ] Paul Elvenstire: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 8!!

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 4'09".

[BOB] ] SwiftVein moved 2'05".

[BOB] ok

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ickky?

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 4'11".

[BOB] (5d4) [5d4=2,4,2,2,3] 13 points of damage

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 46 (-13) - Moderately Wounded

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] from?

[BOB] ] SwiftVein: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL FAILED against 16!!

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] a dwarf witha 16 save

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] what is he 2nd level

[BOB] no, just unlucky

[Finglas (mikE)] no dwarf should ever have a 16.

[BOB] wry grin, i fyou have a 6 con you do

[Finglas (mikE)] an average con gets you 4 to your poison save

[BOB] but too late now

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((guess what))

[Finglas (mikE)] you gave him a 6 con?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so what happens?

[Finglas (mikE)] seriously?

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((Kaz will be in soon))

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((What, Guy?))

[BOB] was not planned on them both dying this soon

[Finglas (mikE)] why the hell would a frail and sickly dwarf do anything more than sit in the corner of the forge and wait for death?

[BOB] so if she gets here, might save him

[BOB] he is techinally dying not dead

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] (( shes opening klooge as we speak)))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] can we tell from what?

[BOB] but with no priests

[Finglas (mikE)] what the fuck?

[Kwan Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] one's on the way

[BOB] Paul starts coughing as soon as he opened up that section

Kaz] has joined the game on Fri Mar 20 22:08:30 EDT 2009

Kaz] is receiving the map Maze area 2...

Kaz] has received the map Maze area 2.

[BOB] so welcome Kaz

[BOB] and do you have cure disease?

[BOB] you do have all your spells for the day

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((Hi Kaz, great timing))

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((she says she thinks so)))

[Kaz] Hey guys

[Kaz] Is Paul still on Moirra's shoulder?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] do we see the colored area

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] NO

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] he is an Umberhulk,coughing

[Kaz] ] Moirra moved 4'04".

[BOB] sorry No to Moirra, and no to seeing colored area

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((*blink* Paul was on Moirra's shoulder?))

[Kaz] Moirra targets SwiftVein. Distance: 0'10"

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] but thank you for comming and asking

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (as a pikie)

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] pixiw

[Kaz] lol

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] pixie

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((oh, i see))

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((hes a bug lol))

[BOB] so your dwarf guide is down, gasping and shudddering as he looks like he is dying

[Kaz] Poisoned?

[BOB] Paul is in umber hulk form, coughing but seems to be ok

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::pulls him to Moria::

[BOB] there is a whiff of something in the air, they were on the lookout for slimes

[BOB] but he went down in a lump

[BOB] make a healing check to see what is wrong

[Finglas (mikE)] poisoned? we don't know. we don't have a priest in the group.

[Kaz] ] Moirra: Healing check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] NOW we do

[Finglas (mikE)] i suppose if i want to be a priest i should go play wow

[BOB (to Kaz only)] mold spores, infectious

[BOB] grins at mike

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I thought Fin was a priest

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((if you ask me, we're lucky to have made it this far tonight without a priest))

[BOB] always forget that about him

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] mutters: priest that can't tuen or heal

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] might as well be a mage who cannot cast spells

[Finglas (mikE)] i am a fucking priest

[Moirra (Kaz) (to BOB only)] is that disease, then?

[Finglas (mikE)] i can heal, i can even turn.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so why were you waiting?

[Finglas (mikE)] i mean, maybe it was just my imagination, but i'm pretty sure he even cast a spell.

[Finglas (mikE)] because we have no priest.

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((Ok, now I'm confused))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::winks at Moirra as Umberhulk, points at chest::

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::cough, cough::

[BOB] so Moirra made her check

[BOB] if Finglass wants to make a check

mikE] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 22:16:13 EDT 2009

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so Mike is not there BOB?

[BOB] no not at house

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::cough, cough:: (trying to get attantion

[BOB] so Moirra can try the cure disease on Swiftvien

[BOB] or on Paul

[BOB] which ever you wish

[Moirra (Kaz)] I'll try the dying one, first. Sorry, Paul.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] do I need cure diease? check me first

[Moirra (Kaz)] ] Moirra casts a spell against SwiftVein: Cure Disease: Disease is cured.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] :;feigns tears::

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] ((let the umberbug die we can always get another one somewhere else lol))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] umberHulk

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] sniff sniff

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I don't get no respect

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] (( no its umberbug lol))

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((So, did the cure disease work for Swiftvein, and if so, how many HPs is he down?))

[BOB] he comes back with one hit point

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ouch

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] do we still have the other dwarf body?

[Moirra (Kaz)] ] Moirra casts a spell against SwiftVein: Cure Serious Wounds: You're healed (-2d8-1) [2d8=8,5] -14 points.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I wanted to cast Deep freeze

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] on it

[BOB] in the scrol of shelter

[Kaz] Moirra no longer targets SwiftVein.

[BOB] has been dead for three days or so

[Kaz] Moirra targets Paul Elvenstire. Distance: 45'00"

[BOB] and no to Kaz

[BOB] you can have that back

[Kwan Sun (Vicki) (to BOB only)] are you going to have some time this week to sit with me in klooge to finish Kwan's Character sheet?

[BOB] he is walking wounded

[BOB] can not take anymore healing

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I will cast Deef freeze on it now

[Moirra (Kaz)] Ohh, okay

[BOB] for the next day

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so it will not decompose any more

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((Do I need to do a healing check on Paul, too?))

[BOB] remember John can only open it once every 24 hours, and yes to Kaz

[Moirra (Kaz) (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Moirra modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 2 -- Current: +4 (+3).

[Moirra (Kaz)] ] Moirra: Healing check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[BOB] paul is damaged but not infected

[BOB] Moirra can explain what it means to be infected

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((John get us some food while you're at it, so we can create a little more room))

[Moirra (Kaz)] ] Moirra casts a spell against Paul Elvenstire: Cure Serious Wounds: You're healed (-2d8-1) [2d8=6,7] -14 points.

[BOB] ] Paul Elvenstire's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 60 (14) - Lightly Wounded

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((Gee, 14 seems to be my number today.))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] we can;t stay in this place, its too dangerous

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] we should have food, you all rest and eat while I cave us out a path arround this

[Moirra (Kaz)] We all need to step back away from here.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] clean tunnel easiest way to go

[Kaz] Moirra no longer targets Paul Elvenstire.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 6'11".

[Moirra (Kaz)] ] Moirra moved 9'08".

[BOB] John where are you going?

[Kwan Sun (Vicki)] ((I can't stay awake any longer, sorry. I'm really tired now. Good night and have a great week.))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I was digging a new path arround this area, can I see how far the effected area is?

[BOB] night Vicki

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] TTFN

[BOB] no to john, that is why I was asking

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((Night Vicki))

Vicki] has left the game on Fri Mar 20 22:27:12 EDT 2009

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] how far into the "day or so" are we?

[BOB] an hour or two

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] does Moirra know if holding a rag over our mouth well prevent infection?

[Moirra (Kaz) (to BOB only)] Yes, does Moirra know that? :D

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] or what caused the infection, to give us a clue if we can burn or wash away the "poison"

[BOB (to Kaz only)] you know it is something that infects, make a wisdom check

[Moirra (Kaz)] ] Moirra: WIS check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 19!!

[BOB (to Kaz only)] anyone infected with these spores dies and becomes a Mold Man (Vegepygmy is the actual name)

[Moirra (Kaz) (to BOB only)] Okay, so what about preventing infection? Do I know how to do that?

[BOB (to Kaz only)] only a wish spell will bring them back, although cure disease cast before infection starts cures it , cast after it starts kills them

[BOB (to Kaz only)] you know it is a cloud form of spore spread, not sure if skin or inhalation

[Moirra (Kaz) (to BOB only)] So Swiftvein is going to die and become a Mold Man?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] Moirra, my dear, er my dear priest, lady friend, does this seem to be an airborne issue?

[BOB (to Kaz only)] no you stoped it, a couple more rounds and your spell would have killed him

[Moirra (Kaz)] That cloud is mold spores. I don't know if the infection is via skin contact or inhalation, though.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] but it is a cloud

[BOB] (Note you see no cloud, she just knows that is the type of infection you both got)

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ok, so I turn back into Paul

[Moirra (Kaz)] We need to make sure that we stay away from it. Also, keep on the lookout for Mold creatures.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] tell everone to get back, I am going to summon an air elemental, and have the elemental blow it all away from here

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] unless Moria has a beter plan?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] Liam?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] just us three again?

[BOB (to Kaz only)] stiring up the air?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] funny

[BOB] stirring up the air?

[BOB] where will you blow it to?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I think the elemental can keep it away from us, take it with him when he goes

[BOB (to Kaz only)] you better explain the mold creature thing, how they rise from the dead bodies

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] it's not going to effect it will it?

[BOB (to Kaz only)] and perhaps you might actualy kill people by tryingto help them

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] be effected by it i mean

[BOB] you do not know if it will be affected

[Moirra (Kaz)] Paul, these mold spores that get into the body, they kill you. And when you die, you basically become a mold creature.

[Moirra (Kaz)] We have to be very careful about this.

[Moirra (Kaz)] And we have to watch out for anyone else who has been infected by this...

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] do you have zone of sweet air?

[BOB] Note Swiftvein was not dead from hit points, he failed a save and colapsed

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] but he is cureed?

[BOB] he is walking wounded

[BOB] you want to share the other part Moirra?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] the posion is no longer effecting him

[Moirra (Kaz)] Well, we might actually kill someone while trying to help them.

[Moirra (Kaz)] Someone who is infected will actually die if we try to Cure the Disease.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] how is the sweet, er sweatty little druid

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] you just did I thought?

[BOB] (a particularly fun monster for our anti harm priest to deal with if I do say so myself)

[Moirra (Kaz)] I stopped the infection before it took him.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so cure disease once the mold takes hold killes the mold thing

[Moirra (Kaz)] And I'm not that sweatty, actually, just a bit dusty. But thank you for noticing.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I er, sorry,i was lost in thought

[Moirra (Kaz)] Once the infection takes hold, Cure Disease will kill the person.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I can dust you off, or maybe not, where was I

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so we have three options

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] 1) destroy or move the cloud

[BOB] you do not see a cloud

[BOB] but point taken

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((sorry, that misconception is my fault, I guess))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] 2) find a way arround

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] 3) find a way to protect us

[BOB] (no kaz you are right, it is a cloud sort of thing, but there is no cloud here that you see right now)

[BOB] just being clear

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] do you per chance have detect poison and would that let us see the cloud?

[Moirra (Kaz)] I wish I knew how to destroy the spores. That would be the safest for anyone who has to pass this way.

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] so you do not know if fire would work?

[BOB] so that Kaz knows the bit she missed,

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((actually, I DO have detect poison))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] but would that work like we want

[BOB] you are going this way becasue you chose the flodding way over the Slime way

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((Sorry, Bob, I know I missed something. I'm kinda brainless right now.))

[BOB] (is ok you were not here)

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I like it that way

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] er, soory

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I mean, it;s ok Moirra

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((LOL))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (still in character)

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((that was totally ooc, the brainless comment.))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ((i know, I could not help myself))

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((OH! And flooding... does that have anything to do with the mold spores, perhaps? Mold likes some moisture.))

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((And Bob, I know enough about the spores to know what they do, but I don't know how to destroy them? Is that right?))

[BOB] if you could see the spores or really the mold they come from then yes you could figure that out perhaps

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] you should know if they can be burned, just wish I had a real fire

[BOB] actually Moirra will speak up to that one

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] does Moira kmow if dectect poison will work?

[BOB] Some molds like fire and it causes it to double or triple in size

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] to see the cloud we think is there

[BOB] no detect poison is on a person not an area

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] does she know what mold this is?

[BOB] not until she can see the actual mold

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I let her examine me some more

[BOB] chuckles

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] AAAAAAAAHHHHH

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((I REFUSE to check an umberhulk's reflexes))

Liam Dugan (Guy)] offers Moirra an arrow to help her out

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (I am Paul at the moment)

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (so you have Zone of sweet air Kaz, That will keep the spores from entering an area, once it is cast)

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((Well, I guess that's different. So, I'm using an arrow as a tongue depressor?))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] (once that is up, BOB, can we bring a piece of mold in without getting infected?)

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((ZoSA works on gasses. I don't know if it counts for spores.))

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] ::shakes head::

[BOB] you can try that,

[BOB] but why not wait till next week

[BOB] we can wrap up here, you can puzzle out solutions on the site

[BOB] then start fresh next week

[BOB] Kaz you will be here next week right?

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] i wish the dwarf was one round behind

[BOB] we play next week, miss the week after that, then pick up again and play until August

[BOB] as far as I know

[Moirra (Kaz)] Yes, I'll be here next week

[BOB] so that will be good

[BOB] rather than rushing

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] good night you two, and peace out BOB

[Kaz] 'specially when I'm brainless

[Kaz] Night, John

[Paul Elvenstire (john2)] I was so in character, Iswear

[BOB] grins

[Kaz] Night Bob

[Kaz] lol

[Kaz] Yeahhhh, right

[john2] TTFN

[Kaz] btw, I'm not blonde.

[Liam Dugan (Guy)] night

[Kaz] laters

[john2] we all have our blonde moments

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