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Chapter 2 - Magic Items - Character Stories

Magic Item Histories

Item Name - Contributor


Set of Javelins of Lightning (4 total), created by the High Priest Brothdin of Zeus for use against the invading Kayugan armies of 1132 TGR. The army she headed was reported lost with 100% casualties that same year. The entire set of javelins appeared in the Prince of Dryads Lair court’s treasury in 1202 TGR. By 1230 TGR they had been individually given out to Heroes of the Prince. The Bishop of Tracia? of Zeus collected three of the javelins in the year 1235 TGR, and destroyed one of them in a fight with a Frost Giant. The remaining two were kept in the churches treasury until 1240 TGR, when a young thief appeared with the lost javelin, and somehow tricked the church into releasing the other two to him. The church is currently hunting for these holy items. Current: Trag Debrut has the three in his possession.
  • Joshlins Wrath
This +2 horsemans mace was created in Loosend by the High Priest Wellin Joshlin. He created this mace to combat undead in Drillian.
  • Magical Arrows
+1 magic arrows (12 known to be created), created by the witch of Cilharen, created and given to a young female ranger who helped the witch rid her forest of a hobgoblin incursion in 1244 TGR. Current: Mara? has two of these arrows in her possession
created by the Master Weapon smith Paul Stoop in 1227 TGR (319 WPR) in Rivertown near Wolfspack. Was on display in his shop for 10 years before it was stolen by an unknown thief. Current: in possession of Gil Fishman.
  • Varsta Huitoa - Flail of Striking
Varsta Huitoa was created by a lucky accident by a priestess of Kiputytto in Blackwater. In an attempt to create a self flogging device she turned a flail into a much more powerful weapon than she had attempted.


  • Miscibil - +2 Cutlass
This cutlass has changed hands several times over the last three decades. It was created by the Pirate Mage Loprin who haunted the pirate isles of the Rumbling River for his captain Viltorg the Invincible in the year 1229 TGR. 5 years later Viltorg died in a battle with Captain Rolm from the Dryads Lair navy who took the cutlass as a prize. When Captain Rolm died he left the cutlass to the Kayugan church who assigned it to several adventuring priests over the years. Eventually it ended up in the treasury of the Kayugan temple in Rivers Bend. The Priest of Rivers Bend chose to give this weapon to Sarengar Swiftbreeze to use to further the churches goals when they heard he was going to assist in building a new church in Drillian at the Jistille Estates and exchanged a cursed battle axe he had found during the Six Griffons Lodge story arc.
  • Taezali - Khopesh +1/+5 Druid Slayer, When used against the Grand Druid, it shows it's true form. Otherwise, just +1 - currently in the Greenborough Treasury
  • +1 short sword of quickness
last known to be used by the Ranger Forcat of Baylon (see Duchy of Brandorn)
  • +2 long sword, created in 1249 TGR by the Lady Kylia for her companion Darmin, currently in his possession.
  • Sword of Elvenmire - Fritz
  • +2 Dancing Short Sword with wave crest design along blade. Unknown creator, design is similar to three different noble houses in the Island Kingdoms. Last seen in Wolfspack. Current: Mara
  • +2 short sword unknown creator, but known to be owned by the High Druid of Isa, given by him to his father in 1247 TGR. Current: in possession of Rasha Zana.
  • Short sword of quickness (+2)
created by the Enchanter Birch. She lived in the Duchy of Polnar? from 1101 TGR till her death in 1115 TGR. It is not known exactly when she created this sword, but it has her insignia engraved on the hilt. It is not known who was in possession after her death, but this sword was known to be in the hands of the murderer of the King of Pilnt? in 1162 TGR. The next time it is known to appear is 1194 TGR at the siege of Wolfspack, the officer carrying it disappeared in the Bronda Hills in the retreat. Currently owned by Draconis Elgar?.
  • +1 Dagger
no sign of who created the weapon, but later the Archmage Belane's symbol was added to it (see Duchy of Brandorn)
  • Silver Dagger (unfinished)
created by the master weaponsmith Pliler of Vasnet, lost in a dice game to a wandering mage, found by Branwyn in the Norjak adventure
  • Shurkural's Family Blade - passed to her through her father and grandfather, this quality blade stood her in good stead until it was melted and shattered by a remorhaz in the far north. Reforged at the Jistille Estates into a prime quality blade, it has since been silvered and given a minor enchantment, making it far more effective against lycanthropes. Runes along the blade spell out the word 'werefoes'. The sword was lost to a bugbear tribe, but mysteriously restored to her at a lost shrine in the wilderness. The blade now bears a copy of the unknown lettering from the shrine upon it's blade. Shurkural intends to find out what she can about her benefactrix.
  • Tebhoundrin - Called Teb for short, the name translates to 'Sword - Mage Stealer' (teb-houn-drin)in Elvish. Intelligent Long Sword currently in the possession of Keldorldrin Teken'lyl (Elvin Fighter/Thief).


  • +2 Full Plate Armor
wished for by Darmin, and in his possession, this armor is decorated with an engraving of a scene of three mountain peaks each with a sun rising behind it. The metal has a bluish tinge to it, and radiates a protection aura as well as a conjuration/summoning aura.

+2 Large Shield

last known to be used by the Ranger Forcat of Baylon (see Duchy of Brandorn)

Miscellaneous Items

  • Cloak of Shadows - Kira
Obtained in the Chaos Dungeon, one of Kira's first adventures and her trial by fire. It was a gift of one of the 'Gods' encountered during that adventure and is only usable by a Thief. Its properties are to give the wearer invisibility when invoked, or the wearer may shapeshift to a bat or a cat. It's come in handy a time or two.
  • Cape of the Hornet
created in 25 WPR by the Mage Wolf in Wolfspack. This is one of many created as a form of defense for the city. Several are still in the armory, many more have been lost over the years. This one is currently possessed by Draconis Elgar?.
The Dragonslayers have two of these. One in Gon and one in Roadhaven to link the Protectorate of ElvenStier with Lady Kylia's lands
  • Jozia - Figurine of Wonderous Power {Owl}
Jozia has been in the Sahnjhasi family for three generations. Discovered in the lair of a Naga in the Great Swamp Jozia became loyal to Alito Sahnjhasi who transferred control to his grandson Rhibosi when he left out on his journey into The Mist.
  • Flute of Seduction
Found by Miranda Paige during the Say it with Flowers adventure. This flute acts as a Charm Man spell in the hands of a female user. After Miranda learned to play, she found that she can control who is charmed based on how she plays. Apparently, when trying to control whom gets charmed, language is important. Further research needed.
Found by the group during the Everyone Knows adventure in the stomach of an ankheg Ilero has since claimed it as a useful tool and weapon, and is rarely found without it somewhere on his person.
  • Magic Ear
This is a two part magic item. One half is small golden horn two inches long that can hear everything said as a normal human can. The second half is a similar small silver horn that the user can hold to their ear and hear what there is to hear around the first half. This effect will work with the two halves separated by up to 150 feet.
  • Medal of ESP
created by the Wu Jen To Sai in Hungtse Province?. It is thought to be over 400 years old, but as To Sai lived twice for 200 years each the exact year is not known. Currently possessed by Draconis Elgar?.
Dwarves guard the secret of Moon Rocks as part of a racial secret.
The Dragonslayers use a Scroll of Shelter as their party pack to carry around miscellaneous gear that might be needed during an adventure.
  • Ring of Water Breathing
created by the Mage Liloam who worked with the Mermen near Mizzen in recording their histories.
  • Wand of Fire Negation
created by the Mage's Guild in Wolfspack, has the libraries symbol engraved upon it.
  • Ring of Clear Thought - Jāsan
This ring was created by Sorcery Master of Estanil Quiturse who felt a need to block out all distractions and utilized the power of this ring during an attack in -636 CER. A merchant took possession of the ring in 432 CER from her heirs in repayment for gambling debts. It was lost track of over the years until the mage Sequirtuo for the Mercenary Unit Klac and used it successfully in several campaigns in the Small Kingdoms. current:Branwyn
  • Ring of Mind Shielding
used by the Archmage Belane who disappeared in the underdark hunting Mindflayers
  • Ring of Protection +2
a gold ring with the letters F R E D engraved upon it. current:Tristan Elaire
  • Chalice of Charon
This is not a magical item
Carved from one of the teeth of Tiamat, this chalice was used by Charon to safely drink the waters of the Lethe River.
  • Wand of Wonder
created by Ruavain Zaurahel, passed on to her granddaughter Shi'Nynze Zaurahel.