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Carissa Braun

Lorahana Uladi

Family Tree

Female High Elf of Divaekah - Born 998 TGR
Wife of Yinris Zaurahel
Mother of Ellidor and Shi'Nynze Zaurahel

Lorahana Uladi comes from a small clan in the Bindbole Wood. Although she lived her first few decades peacefully, her clan soon found itself clashing with a group of would-be settlers. The details of the clashes are known only to those closest to her, but it is common knowledge that Lorahana lost many dear to her over the years of fighting, and that she did not come away unscathed.

Eventually word of their distress, and need for assistance, reached the ears of the elves in the Lorien Woods. While the attempted settlers were dealt with in a way that satisfied Lorahana, there was also need for help to rebuild and fortify the clan. Many negotiations and remediations were required between the elves of the two woods. It was during this time Lorahana met Yinris, an elf who quickly won her heart through music.

There were few ties left to keep Lorahana in the Bindbole Wood. She eventually followed Yinris back to the Lorien Woods and Divaekah, and started a family in a place where she felt far safer than she ever did growing up. While Lorahana still visits her clan at least once a century, and took both her children with her during her latest visit decades ago, she feels no draw to return there for good.

It is well-known and understood that Lorahana has a vast dislike for anyone who is not an elf. There is a joke that she would much prefer the company of a drow than that of a human, especially a male human, but all know there is a grain of truth to it. Lorahana has made no secret of her preference of elven seclusion, although over a century living in Divaekah has made her soften her stance some upon watching the commerce and interactions with other races in the market. She herself avoids the area unless necessity brings her there.

While Lorahana sometimes comes off as strict with her children, especially her daughter, it is clear she simply wants to protect them from the experiences she had growing up. The failure she feels from losing her son has only intensified her desire to protect Shi'Nynze. Although Yinris has soothed some of her more extreme ideas, such as preventing Shi'Nynze from ever leaving the woods, Lorahana is not without other ideas. She knows from experience there are ways to cure wanderlust. Her current attempt is to replace the feelings of wanderlust with feelings of love. If love could draw Lorahana away from her clan, she believes it is also strong enough to keep one within the clan. It is simply finding the right individual for her daughter.

Lorahana is loving to her family, amicable to the clan, neutral towards elven strangers, and the definition of snobby and unfriendly, and sometimes downright hostile, to non-elven strangers.