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Loosend - City Proper

On the island where the city of Loosend is built eight different areas have evolved as sections of the city.

The North End of the city contains the Celtic temple simply called The Altar (#4). This area of the city still has natural landscaping and is the oldest part of Loosend. The Altar is in a walled compound that also has a large keep (#1), the north tower (#2), an armory (#3) and four other separate churches. This section is actually on the Western most part of the island.

The section called the South End of the city takes up the Eastern end of the island.

  • 16 - Belinos Cathedral
  • 17 - Shanty District
  • 18 - North Docks
  • 19 - Fish Market
  • 20 - South Docks
  • 21 - Brothel Square

The Arena district takes up a large portion of the central island. The district surrounds the Arena (#14) where several times a month events are held. Across from the south entrance of the Arena is the Medicus (#15) building that houses several healing orders. The district also contains an adventurers guild and several taverns and inns.

The Town Square is where proclamations are read and much of the daily trading business takes place.

  • 13 North Gate
  • 12 Town Square

The City Center is where the Administration Coucil is in residences as well as the Merchants Guild headquarters.

  • 11 - Temple of Ukko
  • 24 - Administrator Building
  • 25 - Baths
  • 26 - Merchants Guild

The Old City is the section where people settled first and is just outside of the North End.

  • 6 - Stables
  • 7 - Temple of Odin
  • 27 - Slave Traders

Sanctuary Quarter has many churches and also is the main entrance to the city from travelers coming from Drillian.

  • 22 - South Gates
  • 23 - Temple of the Winds

The Street of Scholars is not a straight street which some on the street are known to hypothesize about.

  • 8 - Baths
  • 9 - Librarium
  • 10 - Cemetery
Loosend - City Proper
Players Map of Loosend - City Proper.