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Link Sharing

There is a group on Facebook for those that are interested.

If you are looking for gear with the Dragonslayer Society Logo on it visit our store on CafePress.

We have a team on Kiva for our members and friends to join and help invest in others. Visit there at the Kiva Dragonslayers

There is also a Good Reads group that interested people can join to compare notes on favorite authors and books.

We also have a section on the site for our Players to share images. Here there can be images for the game to be used as icons in KloOge as well as maps from the campaign that tie back to the various adventures and story arcs. .

There is also a section for Players to share their own personal photos with the group or the world to use as they wish.

If you would like quick access to the Dragonslayer Channels on Discord here they are.

For priests - Compare/Contrast Bless, Chant, Prayer, Sanctify, Recitation {off site link}