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Chapter 2

Learning Spells

This is the information on how Mages of any type learn spells and keep records of them for future memorization. Priests follow these same rules for any spells they wish to put into a permanent type of storage. When mage spells are memorized they must be read from a source. Mages typically read from their own Spell Book to memorize a spell. To read a spell in any written format other than their own spell book they need to use the Read Magic spell. Spells written in a spell book are permanently in place and do not disappear. If the Mage chooses to memorize a spell from a Scroll then the spell disappears after it is read.

When the mage wants to add a new spell to his list of available spells to memorize he must have a copy of the spell he wants to learn. (New spells are covered under the Researching Spells section of this chapter) When found the mage needs to use Read Magic to determine what spell it is. Then if desired to add to the list of known spells they must have an open slot for memorization. A percentage to Know Spell check (from table 2) is made as the mage reads over the spell to see if he is able to understand the intricacies of the spell. If successful the mage can add it to a storage device to eliminate the need for Read Magic again in the future. If this check is failed then the mage can attempt it again after they have gained one additional experience level.

When inscribing a spell it takes up a random amount of space in the storage device. This changes every time the mage writes the spell. The spell uses up a number of pages equal to the level of the spell plus 0-5 pages (1d6-1). Each type of storage has a different maximum storage as noted in spell books. Spell Scrolls hold up to 25 pages of spells, and cost 50 GP per page. Spell Books can hold up to 100 pages and cost 50 GP also. Traveling Spell Books can hold up to 50 pages but the cost of each page is 100 GP. For purposes of writing into a spell book the cost of the quill and ink are included in the cost of each page. The number of pages in a book is determined at creation and can not be altered. Most spell books will have some blank pages used for protection enchantments and the like.

When the mage has made his check and is ready to inscribe he uses an unopened bottle of ink and a fresh quill. The spell takes one to two days per spell level to inscribe into the spell book. During this time he can not be interupted for anything but the basic eating and essentials. If something does occur the spell is ruined, and needs to be redone. The pages are filled with gibberish and still consume space in the Spell Book.