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Lake Peipus

Lake Peipus is a broad lake not quite as large as the inland seas formed by a quirk of geography and the confluence of three large rivers. The Rumbling River flows east from the Great Mountains and skirts the northern edge of the great plateau that forms the Great Plains of Everreach. The Velikaya River flows south past Dryads Lair where the large tributary Narva River adds its flow to the mix. Adding to this mixture the Chandler Cowles River comes from the west bringing huge amounts of silt. Finally along the northwest banks of the river is the Hobart Rivulet which emerges to the surface here for the last twenty six miles of its journey.

The independent city of Rivers Bend lies on the southwest corner of the lake, guarding the river traffic going west to the Small Kingdoms and east upstream of the Rumbling River as well as the only route south into Everreach. Just east of Rivers Bend the Baikal River gently drains water away to create the dense marshes and swamps of Drillian leading to the Great Swamp.

Lake Peipus is an extremely deep water lake with all of this water flowing into it. Strange creatures live in the deep dark core of the lake and surface occasionally to wreck havoc with shipping. The northeastern corner of the lake shore is geologically active with geysers and is overrun by creatures drawn to the heat. Most traffic stays along the western and southern shores of the lake for this reason.