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Kholnor Slickskin

Kholnor is a swamp ranger who roamed the Mist area of Drillian. He had had a rocky relationship with the Paladins and was accused of killing one of the brothers. Kholnor would take on a promising youngster who he felt had a true relationship with the swamps and could "feel the pulse of the bayou". Kholnor's relationship with the swamp witch Jourline lead to a daughter Kristelle? who Kholnor was happy to see could follow in his footsteps. He trained her in the ways of the swamp and she did become a swamp ranger also.

Kholnor disappeared in 334 SKR during a raid on an undead lord. He insisted on going on the raid despite the advice of both Jourline and his own mentor Arahael Mosskin.