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Jul 16 10 - Norjak - Ophioglossum

[BOB] ==== Gaming session started: Sat Jul 10 11:26:46 EDT 2010 ====

[BOB] Time of Day: 06:30 PM. Day 16 Mid ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 16th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jul 16 17:56:55 EDT 2010 ====

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 18:18:28 EDT 2010

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Temporary Modifiers - Paralysis, Poison or Death Save: (PPDTM) : CHANGED: null (+4). Rod, Staff or Wand Save: (RSWTM) : CHANGED: null (+4). Magical Spell Save: (MSTM) : CHANGED: null (+4).

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified:

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Saving Throws - ADDED: 13. ADDED: 15. ADDED: 14. ADDED: 16. ADDED: 16.

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Saving Throws - Paralysis, Poison or Death:: CHANGED: 13-4 (13).

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified: Saving Throws - Rod, Staff or Wand:: CHANGED: 15-4 (15). Magical Spell:: CHANGED: 16-4 (16).

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Wealth - DELETED: Spellbook, 25 lbs, null.

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 19:01:01 EDT 2010

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

[BOB] Hey there Kaz

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 19:02:16 EDT 2010

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

[BOB] we were missing you

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] and what the heck?

[BOB] is that two kazes? or a guy and a kaz?

[Kaz] Hey there

[BOB] I show two of you logged in

[Kaz] wow, that's freaky, I see it

[Lisa] Hi Kaz

[Kaz] Ummm

[BOB] ok will kick the other one out just in case

[Kaz] I'm seeing everything in duplicate - everything everyone says

Guy has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 19:03:27 EDT 2010

Guy is receiving the map Base Map...

Kaz has left the game on Fri Jul 16 19:03:27 EDT 2010

[BOB] Lisa going to restart Klooge

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[BOB] ok

[BOB] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jul 16 19:05:44 EDT 2010 ====

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 19:06:10 EDT 2010

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

[BOB] Ok, looks better now

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] will be right back

Guy has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 19:06:34 EDT 2010

Guy is receiving the map Base Map...

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 19:06:41 EDT 2010

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

Guy has received the map Base Map.

[Kaz] hrm

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

[Kaz] Yay, I'm not seeing double!

[Guy] grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[Kaz] Well, unless I cross my eyes. :D

[Guy] thats your normal look though hun

[Kaz] Bite me

[Guy] ok

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d2+-1) [1d2=2] 1, Roll #2: (d2+-1) [1d2=1] 0, Roll #3: (d2+-1) [1d2=2] 1, Roll #4: (d2+-1) [1d2=2] 1, Roll #5: (d2+-1) [1d2=2] 1, Roll #6: (d2+-1) [1d2=2] 1

[BOB] Ok, so Lisa has been working on cleanign up her character sheets

[Lisa] that was strange

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=2] 1

[BOB] (1d6-1) [1d6=4] 3*6

[BOB] 6(1d6-1) [1d6=6] 5

[BOB] can only do it one by one I guess sorry

[Lisa] I don't like your rolls - stop it

[Kaz] were they messy?

[BOB] just testing

[Lisa] smiles

[Kaz] Young Lady, have you forgotten to clean your room again?

[Guy] whats wrong with her character sheets?

[BOB] saving throws are fixed for Indigo

[Kaz] I need to fix Kristelle's con.

[Lisa] I got it

[BOB] and she lacked some details about spells

[BOB] so we have that updating now

[Lisa] have to calculate how much room I have in spell book

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=3] 2

[BOB] No Mike tonight

[BOB] Lorie and John are expected

[Guy] depends on the level of the spells and the size of the book

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=5] 4

[Kaz] Oh, Bob, one thing I noticed is that Miranda's spell count doesn't change when she casts

[BOB] nods at Guy, spell level plus 1d6-1 pages per spell

[BOB] groans at Kaz

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=1] 0

[BOB] we can check that later

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=6] 5

[Kaz] I can keep track of it manually, it's not a big deal, and it's what I did for the longest time with Moirra.

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=1] 0

[Kaz] I'm just letting you know, is all.

[BOB] soon as Lisa is done with this want to finish off the Norjak story

[BOB] and thank you

[Guy] so glad i dont have to worry about spells lol

[Lisa] don't want to hold things up - I can finish later

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=6] 5

[BOB] roll them out lisa no worries

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=5] 4

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=4] 3

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kristelle modified: Ability Scores - Health: (HE) : CHANGED: 13 (14). System Shock:: CHANGED: 85 (88). Fitness: (FI) : CHANGED: 13 (14). Resurrection Survival:: CHANGED: 90 (92).

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kristelle modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=4] 3

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=2] 1

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=6] 5

[BOB] and I am going to give out the story award XP as we worth through this too

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d6+-1) [1d6=6] 5

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d3) [1d3=3] 3

[Kaz] Okay

[Lisa] and done

[Guy] yay

[BOB] Branwyn XP award: 1000. Level-up!

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Kaz] Congrats Bran :)

[BOB] Kristelle XP award: 1000. Next level in 658.

[Lisa] great! more character sheet updating! :)

[Guy] lol

[BOB] Kristelle XP award: 500. Next level in 158.

[BOB] Foriso Fairhand XP award: 500. Next level in 3051.

[BOB] Branwyn XP award: 500. Level-up!

[BOB] Imari XP award: 500. Next level in 10840.

[BOB] Miranda XP award: 500. Level-up!

[BOB] Indigo XP award: 500. Next level in 2569.

[Kaz] When Kristelle levels, then I can update Miranda's level too. Yay. :)

[BOB] wait for it all to trickl in

[Kaz] Have fun with that, Lisa. :)

[Lisa] ooh yah! glad I finished Indigo so only one to fix now

[Kaz] :)

[BOB] Kristelle XP award: 500. Level-up!

[BOB] Foriso Fairhand XP award: 2500. Next level in 551.

[BOB] Branwyn XP award: 2500. Level-up!

[BOB] Imari XP award: 2500. Next level in 8340.

[BOB] Miranda XP award: 1250. Level-up!

[BOB] Indigo XP award: 1250. Next level in 1319.

[Kaz] Dingage!

[BOB] and there you go

[BOB] that includes all the XP up until the story awards for Norjak

[Kaz] (1d10) [1d10=1] 1


[Kaz] OMFG

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Personal Information - Experience:: CHANGED: 20807 (23307). Next Level:: CHANGED: 40,000 (20,000). Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 5 (4). Wizard: (WL) : CHANGED: 5 (4).

[Kaz] sorry

[BOB] and I forgot to add in the 10% bonus awards to people

[BOB] will add those in later on tonight

[Kaz] Umm.... that was a practice roll... yeah, practice.

[BOB] chuckles

[BOB] sorry Kaz

[Kaz] razzingfrazzing

[Kaz] I'm the worst tank in the history of the world

[BOB] nah

[Guy] the rogue is a better tank lol

[BOB] the paper mache ones are worse

[Guy] lol

[Kaz] I'm pretty sure the papier mache ones have more hit points than I do, lol

[BOB] chuckles

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Personal Information - Hit Dice:: CHANGED: d5 (d4).

[BOB] 5d4 not d5

[BOB] grins

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Personal Information - Hit Dice:: CHANGED: 5d4 (d5).

[Lisa] Roll #1: (d4) [1d4=3] 3

[BOB] Ok

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kristelle modified: Saving Throws - Paralysis, Poison or Death:: CHANGED: 11 (13). Rod, Staff or Wand:: CHANGED: 13 (15). Petrification or Polymorph:: CHANGED: 12 (14). Breath Weapon:: CHANGED: 13 (16). Magical Spell:: CHANGED: 14 (16). Personal Information - Next Level:: CHANGED: 36000 (18000). Combat - Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 27 (26). Melee THAC0: (THAC0) : CHANGED: 16 (17). Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 5 (4). Ranger: (RL) : CHANGED: 5 (4).

[BOB] everyone saw on the party pack the gems that Foriso appraised for you

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 21 (17). Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 21 (17).

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kristelle modified: Skills/Detections (d100/% based) - CHANGED: Move Silently -- Total (% - w/modifier): 40 (33), CHANGED: Hide in Shadows -- Total (% - w/modifier): 31 (25),

[Kaz] yes

[BOB] ok

[Guy] oh and i think your math might have been off too

[BOB] so Lisa you are done for now?

[BOB] how so Guy?

[Kaz] mine?

[Lisa] sure

[Guy] got to pull up last weeks run right quick

[Kaz] brb

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[BOB] ok

[BOB] Lisa can you please double check the Training page

[BOB] make sure the stats there are correct

[BOB] levels, etc

[Lisa] I can tell you they are not but will pull it up

[BOB] thank you

[Lisa] so much recent leveling

[Guy] never mind i read it wrong that night

[BOB] Miranda is level 4 now

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kaz] back

[BOB] Kristell is level 5

[BOB] Imari is level 5

[Kaz] Ooh, let me fix Miranda's sheet

[BOB] Foriso is level 4

[BOB] Bran is level 5

[BOB] Indigo is level 3

[BOB] Foriso might go up in level again

[Kaz] (1d8) [1d8=6] 6

[BOB] Indigo has an outside chance

[BOB] and when Kaz and Lisa are ready

[BOB] we can finish landing the Javelin and talking to the people at the Keep

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Saving Throws - Paralysis, Poison or Death:: CHANGED: 9 (10). Rod, Staff or Wand:: CHANGED: 13 (14). Petrification or Polymorph:: CHANGED: 12 (13). Breath Weapon:: CHANGED: 15 (16). Magical Spell:: CHANGED: 14 (15). Personal Information - Next Level:: CHANGED: 13000 (6000). Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 25 (19). Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 25 (19). Melee THAC0: (THAC0) : CHANGED: 18 (20). Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 4 (3). Cleric: (CL) : CHANGED: 4 (3).

[Lisa] I am ready

[BOB] no hurries tonight

[BOB] taking our time

[BOB] making sure everyone gets what they want done

[BOB] training etc

[Guy] guess what bob

[Lisa] Was thinking of letting Kaz fill in what she wants for training for her characters

[BOB] yes?

[Guy] Ill be in next week too


[Guy] its will be after 7 but ill be in

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified:

[BOB] just in time to save them

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[BOB] ok, so the three of you have things to talk about/ask/contribute before landing?

[Kaz (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: Level 1 -- Maximum: 5 (4), CHANGED: Level 1 -- Current: 5 (4). CHANGED: Level 2 -- Maximum: 4 (2), CHANGED: Level 2 -- Current: 4 (2).

[BOB] what do you want to make sure happens before you meet with them at the keep

[BOB] the anticipated time of arrival is what si listed on the calendar righ tnow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we can have Kristelle try another scroll case - hehe

[Guy] do we warn the mage about the chest?

[BOB] chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes - we have to

[Kaz] *GASP*

[Kaz] You actually want Kristelle to destroy another scroll case?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] would happen to any one

[Kaz] (but thanks for reminding me - I couldn't remember why I wasn't at full HP)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] actually Foriso missed the trap = he should open the next one!

[Kaz] lol

[Guy] if i do im keeping the scroll

[Branwyn (Lisa)] that you can't read?

[Guy] not yet

[Guy] in a few more levels ill be able to use it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] can read magic?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] if it's that type of scroll of course

[BOB] thief ability at higher levels is able to use magical scrolls

[Branwyn (Lisa)] cool

[Branwyn (Lisa)] could be a muffin recipe

[Guy] but i do have a 25% chance to read it wrong and cast the reverse

[BOB] of course it does not have to be magical it can just be a scroll of "proclamation of national day of liver" or something

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yuck

[Kaz] Why do I have the feeling that scroll is really a proclamation of something stupid?

[BOB] but in any case

[BOB] what did you want to make sure of before meeting at the Keep

[BOB] appraising and figuring out magical items can wait till you are safe on the ground

[Kaz] yep

[Branwyn (Lisa)] "

[BOB] so talk to me

[Guy] what do we have left to appraise?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we are delivering the chest and warning the mage so he doesn't send vicious demons after us - that's all I know)

[BOB] nothing until you go up a level

[Kaz] silver dagger, I think, but it doesn't matter right now. What else do we need to do

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he did that last week)

[Kaz] nevermind, then

[Kaz] okay, so do we also warn him that the island is tilted, or do we let him find out for himself?

[Guy] warning the mage is good so we dont have an angry thief come after us

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[Kaz] I think that, except for specifying the island at an angle, the rest of the warning can be that everyone and their mother seems to have vandalised the keep, and it's in a shambles.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sure

[Guy] sounds good

[Guy] warn about the air pirates or no?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he was attacked by pirates before - why he sent us - so I think we're good there)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (there is that possibility of some creature in the garden, but I'm sure he can handle that)

[BOB] so landing? everyone gathered at the keep?

[Guy] you hope

[Kaz] and there's the bat creature above the garden

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's what I meant)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (couldn't remember what it was)

[Kaz] Bob, what was the RL date of the session when we took the job?

[BOB] first day of Norjak

[BOB] if you look at the story arc page

[BOB] is there

[Kaz] I guess that would make sense

[Branwyn (Lisa)] May 14

[BOB] waiting

[Guy] shes checking to see what all we had to do

[Branwyn (Lisa)] for Godot?

[BOB] nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] pizza?

[BOB] yullote

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he's late?

[BOB] for a very important date

[Branwyn (Lisa)] smiles

[Kaz] So, we just had to 'secure the castle', not specified from whom, but his concern was pirates, so I'm going to say we've upheld that part of our job.

[Kaz] And get the journals, which we believe we have done.

[Guy] but we dont know for sure

[Kaz] No, we don't, but he can tell us if we have.

[Guy] im willing to try as long as we can all see the save roll


[Guy] i noticed that almost every time i have to make a roll only to you Bob ive failed it lol

[BOB] grins

[Kaz] Hrrrrrmmmmm

[BOB] at least you can see the results later

[Kaz] What are you trying to say, Guy?

[Kaz] (yeah, like the log can't be edited! lol)

[BOB] lol

[Guy] im saying bobs bad luck for my thief rolls lol

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so landing at the keep

[BOB] the guard calls out

[BOB] the send down to the Lord

[BOB] they help you tie off on a tower

[BOB] and you all disembark

[BOB] dragging all your things to the main entry hall

[BOB] Medoro puts a guard over anything you want to leave here

[BOB] rathe than drag into the main hall

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we only want to take the chest with us I think)

[Kaz] Just the chest with the journals

[BOB] ok

[BOB] then he escorts you into the main hall

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[Medoro (BOB)] Lord Mosskin, the Dragonslayers have returned from their mission

[Medoro (BOB)] Mage Yullote, the Dragonslayers have completed their mission

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] mutters about heralds

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] Welcome back

Kristelle (Kaz) smiles at Missus Mosskin.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] I do hope your travels were not too dangerous?

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] They were... interesting.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] To say the least.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] wheres the fun if its not dangerous?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Mage Yulllote, I am not sure if you were aware that your island is rather - awry.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] Oh? what do you mean ?

It's me has joined the game on Fri Jul 16 20:03:04 EDT 2010

It's me is receiving the map Base Map...

It's me has received the map Base Map.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Hiya Lorie))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Well, it sits at an uncomfortable angle.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Hi Lorie!)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (howdy)

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] an angle?

[It's me] ((Evening all - just home from the Farmer's Market ))

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] (fresh corn?)

Kristelle (Kaz) holds her hand straight out, then tilts it to the approximate angle.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] you can slide out the windows pretty easily

Mage Yullote (BOB) frowns, and it was that way when you found it?

Branwyn (Lisa) stifles a groan at the memory

Kristelle (Kaz) raises an eyebrow.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Captain, was it that way when we found it?

[It's me] ((peppers, onions, peaches, apples, muskmelon))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((you're making me drool, stop it!!))

Kristelle (Kaz) looks steadily at the mage.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] When we arrived at the castle it was severely damaged, I did not see any further deterioration of its capabilities while we were there

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) grins at Branwyn

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] hummmph

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] so you are telling me it is unliveable?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I also feel it only fair to warn you that every pig and their mother has picked through the place. In short, it is a sty.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] did you retrieve the journals at least?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] It is not unliveable to a powerful mage who knows spells or has servants to fix and clean the place.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] we think we did

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We believe we have retrieved the journals. We believe they are housed in this chest.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] There is some spell, or trap, or effect of looking inside that causes petrification, though.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Therefore, we don't really know for sure.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] good to know you tested it

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] did you attempt to dispell it?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] looking at Branwyn

[Kristelle (Kaz)] However, a *ahem* pwerful mage such as yourself should be able to handle it properly.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It definitely got tested. It is not within my powers to have removed it unfortunately.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] very well

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] I will take your word for now that the journals are in the chest and I will explore that in the morning

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] when I can be prepared

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] did you find anything else of interest?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Indeed, it may be that the journals themselves are - as you made sure to state - beyond our capabilities of handling. So that there is nothing we could have done about it, but you could.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] you know for somebody who couldnt get his own stuff you sure seem to want to look down on us. Next time why dont you take your snooty attitude and long nos and do it your own self

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] twitches his hand, or I could control those I send tighter

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Not if you wish to live.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] go ahead send zombies and i hope they come back and stick a halberd right up your

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] nose

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Do not threaten my friend. He did his job, he did it well. He doesn't require you to like him, just as you do not require him to like you.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] you can rest assured that I do not feel any desire to like him at all

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please, it was an arduous task and we are tired, but are happy to have brought you what you asked of us.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] good because i cant stand your smell

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] nods at Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Foriso!

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Tiptoes, I think that's about enough. Let it go.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] coughs, so do tell us Miss Branwyn

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] what did you do on your journey?

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] please sit down and have a bit of drink and food

[Branwyn (Lisa)] /nods at the Missus and sits down

Kristelle (Kaz) nudges Foriso toward the table and takes a seat herself.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The trip over was mostly uneventful.

[BOB] Missus Mosskin targets Mage Yullote. Distance: 4'04"

[BOB] Missus Mosskin moved 3'04".

[BOB] Medoro moved 9'06".

[BOB] Arahael Mosskin moved 10'09".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Very lovely, flying through the clouds.

[BOB] Mistress Mosskin moved 7'07".

[BOB] Foriso Fairhand moved 6'02".

[BOB] Kristelle moved 12'09".

[BOB] Branwyn targets Mage Yullote. Distance: 4'09"

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) sits on the chest

[BOB] Branwyn moved 19'06".

[BOB] Indigo moved 14'02".

[BOB] Miranda moved 10'01".

[BOB] Imari moved 12'03".

[BOB] Captain Harkness moved 30'08".

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] could you breathe up there?

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] was it very hot that close to the sun?

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We could breathe quite easily and it was much too far from the sun to harm us

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It was quite beautiful among the clouds actually.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yeah we were a lot closer to thge moon than the sun

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is no mist at that height and one could see for miles from the Captain's ship.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] It was quite wonderful.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] no Mist?

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] how could that be?

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] the Mist is everywehre

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] the mist is afraid of the moon

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((/facepalm))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] One the way back we ran into pirates. That was interesting.

[Missus Mosskin (BOB)] that must have been frightening

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No, we were able to drive one ship off, and Captain Harkness did some very fancy flying.

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] Lucky for you pointing at Yullote they fufilled your end of the bargin

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] they damaged the one ship

[Kristelle (Kaz)] The Javelin outclassed both pirate ships.

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] quiet well done I thin

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] think

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yeah we didnt let pirates scare us off

Kristelle (Kaz) turns to look at Foriso.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] A quiet thief is a good thief.

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] (lol)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ahh but the best thief is one who doesnt seem like a thief

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You certainly do a good job at being very untheif-like.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (((just ask any politician lol)))))

Kristelle (Kaz) mutters under her breath, a comment about distintegrating scroll cases.

[BOB] as the dinner winds down

[BOB] the hosts are appreciate of your adventures

[BOB] Lord Mosskin seems intrigued by the Temple of Air and Light

[BOB] Missus Mosskin is interested in the story of the Vanity

[BOB] and the evening ends in a generaly good mood

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Mage Yulotte, may I speak with you before you retire for the evening?

[BOB] anything else you would like to do this evening before retiring? there are rooms in the tower for you before you go back to the Farm House

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] of course, we can share a drink in my rooms

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would like that.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Meanwhile, Kristelle is asking Missus how to go about hiring a farm manager))

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] so later that evneing in Yullote chambers

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I wanted to ask you a question if I could.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] yes?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I believe I am ready to learn more advanced spells, but I have lost my original master.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] how did you do that?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] was he burned at the stake?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] did you run away from him?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you know if any one who might be willing to take on a mage willing to learn?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] did he banish you?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No, he left to seek an enemy and left me behind.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He was always very kind to me.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I believe he did it for my protection.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But I am lost as to where to find him.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] you wishmy help in seeking your old master?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps you know of him? Bellamin Tannyth

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] looks a bit puzzled, Tannyth, I thought he was only a hedge wizard, dabbled in love potions and the like

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hmmmm. No, that does not sound like him at all.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] very well

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] so you are being discrete in asking if I will take on the burden of teaching you some new skills?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would not dare to presume that you would take me as a student.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But I would be most grateful if you did.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Or knew of a mage who would.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] what could you offer me in return for teaching you these new skills?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] do you bring me some hidden treasure? some rare spell you have found?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I could pay you once I have spoken with my friends in our party. I am afraid the spells I have would be of little interest to someone as powerful as yourself.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] it is not always the powerful who survive but often the subtle find a way to see another day

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is true

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I found a partial spell book at the castle when we were there, but have not learned any of the spells within it yet.

Branwyn (Lisa) shows Yulotte the new book

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] return to your friends, and if you find the resources to interest me I will take you on as a temporary apprentice, I will need to cleanse that chst before I can use the journals and apparently will have to arrange for cleaning in my new home

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] Hmmm

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] that might be acceptable as a downpayment

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] bring that with you tomorrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] downpayment? all of them?

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] that remains to be seen

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs regrettfully

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I was rather hoping you might have an eye for gems

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] gems can be very useful for many things

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] especially for those who take to the air, all that gold and silver can be so burdensome

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Very much so

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then we shall talk more tomorrow.

[Mage Yullote (BOB)] bid thee well in the dreamlands

[Branwyn (Lisa)] goodnight

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so in the morning

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sigh - Yulotte - new master)

[BOB] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 17th, 338 SKR.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((yullote= dirt bag lol))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((hehehe))

[BOB] Lisa what spells do you actually have to trade with him? and what else do you want to offer

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry - had to do that - no other mages in vicinity)

[BOB] how are you dividing up the loot, etc

[BOB] and training who for what?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (could trade new spell book, but not eager)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((i thought that had been settled before?))

[BOB] he was not takign the spell book only the spells in it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so I could learn them too?)

[BOB] you give him permission to copy the spells

[BOB] yes

[BOB] you can both use it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yay)

[Kaz] hehe

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (much better then)

[BOB] scrolls on the other hand are a one way thing

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((ill take the cloak i can always use the extra help))

[Kaz] I'm fine with that.

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kaz] Any objections, Lisa?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Nope. Foriso's the only one that can climb anything anyway :)

[Kaz] true, true. Guy, put it on your sheet.

[BOB] you are not quite sure yet what it is

[BOB] soon as you figure that out you can have the XP for it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sticky fingers - so you stick when you touch things, right?

[BOB] Lisa did you list the spells from both books on your sheet now?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Foriso Fairhand modified: Magic Item Summary - ADDED: cloak of sticky fingers, , .

[Branwyn (Lisa)] not the 2nd book that I have not learned yet

[BOB] what are the spells that are in that book?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Accelerate Plant Growth (2nd lvl), Maximillian's Stony Grasp (3rd lvl), Ray of Fatigue (1st lvl), Sky Hook (2nd lvl)

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so you can put those on that note tab with the # of pages for each

[BOB] and between those and your other spells

[BOB] and some money

[BOB] gems or such

[BOB] for the training

[Branwyn (Lisa)] will be cheaper by giving him spells right?

[Kaz] yes

[BOB] so Foriso needs to learn two levels of thief skills right?

[BOB] and yes to lisa

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yup

[BOB] so far it seems like that is the farthest out ?

[BOB] what about NWP for Foriso

[BOB] Kristelle has the one WP she wants,

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((foriso gets to deal with the 1 person in the netire keep that actually scare the heck out of him))

[BOB] Indigo has the one NWP planned out

[BOB] Imari has the new spell level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Foriso has a wp if he wants too

[BOB] Miranda has the new spell level

[Kaz] I have to figure out Miranda's profs, too

[BOB] so waht are you actually goign to try to fufill during training?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i dont get any proficiencies until next level

[BOB] you have 1 NWP and 1 WP for Foriso plus the two levels of thief skills

[BOB] that need training in

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i get a proficiency every 4 lvls

[BOB] and you are level 4

[BOB] so Indigo is solved

[Kaz] brb

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] im a lvl off then

[BOB] Branwyn is solved

[BOB] at least her first bit of training

[Branwyn (Lisa)] just have to figure out how much and what to pay with

[BOB] I think it depends also on Foriso and how long his training takes

[BOB] Imari & Indigo will be 1 week out, 4 weeks training and 1 week back

[BOB] it will cost Indigo 1,000 gp total

[BOB] over those 6 weeks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] and Imari will cost the same?

[BOB] if you delay it longer it will cost less

[BOB] Imari will not cost for the spell training

[BOB] but it will for the NWP and or WP

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kaz] back

[Branwyn (Lisa)] might as well delay as long as it will take Foriso to have his so we all finish together

[Branwyn (Lisa)] and get a better deal perhaps

[BOB] 7 weeks rathe rthan 4 weeks is 700 gp instead fo the 1,000

[BOB] so Foriso at two levels of thief skills

[BOB] are you goign to try to add on a NWP or WP?

[BOB] Miranda to learn her new spell level is 1 week travel there, 1 week travel back

[BOB] spell training does cost her

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yeah i was looking at the nwp

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so what is the total pool of money to spend on training?

[Kaz] I"m going to hold on to Miranda's WP slot. If the mace ends up doing anything (good) for her, then I'll train in maces.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i think ill go for either locksmithing or observation

[BOB] locksmithign is available to you

[BOB] so that is three trainign sessions for Foriso

[BOB] one for indigo

[BOB] one for branwyn

[BOB] one for Kristelle

[Branwyn (Lisa)] if we count every thing except silver dagger and non-gold in old chest we have 10,612 gp worth of stuff

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we said before 10% of that does not go in training fund so that leaves roughly 9,500 gp

[Branwyn (Lisa)] for training

[BOB] ok, and Indigo will use 700 over 7 weeks

[BOB] Kristelle is only training in the WP?

[BOB] doing that over 7 weeks is also 700

[Branwyn (Lisa)] could be longer if Foriso wants nwp training too

[BOB] true

[Kaz] Kristelle is only training in the WP and doesn't mind taking 7 weeks or even more.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so plenty of cash left for my new library :)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] foriso unfortunately will have the longest training time

[Kaz] Also, how long would it take for Miranda to add Animal Training, provided there is someone to train her?

[BOB] same time frames

[Kaz] seven weeks?

[BOB] yes

[BOB] at 700

[BOB] quicker for more

[Kaz] plu the two weeks for her travel and spell training

[BOB] right

[Kaz] so, if she takes nine weeks, then the others can take nine weeks... what does that drop the price down to?

[BOB] Foriso wil be a total of 18 weeks and 2,000

[BOB] plus a fafvor

[Kaz] (Animal Training, as Guy pointed out to me, is an excellent way to make money))

[BOB] favor

[BOB] two levels of thief training and locksmithing

[BOB] over 18 weeks

[Kaz] that means other people can drop the cost of their training even more, Bob?

[BOB] yes

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] locksmithing will add a +10 to my open locks check

[Kaz] Then I think that is the way for us to go. Lisa? Agree, disagree?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] nice

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sure

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so 18 weeks it is

[BOB] that means Indigo training is only 300 gp

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sweet

[BOB] so a total of 2,300 so far

[Kaz] Kristelle 300, too?

[BOB] yes if that is the only thing she is doing

[Kaz] yes

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so up to 2,600

[Kaz] Miranda is doing spell training and Animal Training

[BOB] then Miranda

[BOB] will be 1,400

[Kaz] 1400 for Miranda?

[BOB] 2 seven week trainign periods plus 2 weeks of travel

[Kaz] ahh, okay

[BOB] 16 weeks altogether

[BOB] so now up to 4,000

[Kaz] 7 weeks for spell training?

[BOB] can be faster if you want to pay more

[BOB] 700 gp for 7 weeks

[Kaz] I thought spell training was different from prof training.

[BOB] nope

[BOB] just normally is faster because priests have a high wisdom but you have to pay for that

[Kaz] you only accounted for 16 weeks

[BOB] yes

[BOB] did you want to do more?

[Kaz] what if I add a week to each?

[BOB] woudl reduce the price down a little about 100 gp

[Kaz] okay, do that

[BOB] very well

[BOB] so 3800

[BOB] total

[Kaz] What about Imari?

[BOB] that leaves us with Miranda having one WP slot open and how many NWP?

[BOB] Imari will have her spell level

[BOB] and time for a NWP

[BOB] her spell training is different but the NWP has to be paid normally

[Kaz] Miranda will still have 2 NWP open

[BOB] ok

[Kaz] Mike didn't specify NWP training for Imari, so I don't know what to say about that.

[BOB] so giving Imari 700 to train in what ever NWP he wants?

[Kaz] All that's left is Branwyn.

[Kaz] How long is Imari's spell training?

[BOB] he has the time to train it just need to account for the cost

[BOB] 9 weeks for training and travel

[BOB] so 9 weeks left

[Kaz] That leaves 9 weeks for NWP. Is it 700g for 9 weeks?

[BOB] 700 for 7 weeks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] and he can decide next week or does he miss out cuz he's not here?

[BOB] so 9 weeks would be around 500

[BOB] if you pay fo rhim

[BOB] he can pick next week

[Kaz] let's say 9 weeks at 500

[BOB] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] do you know if he wants to nwp train?

[BOB] so total is 4,300 gp and 18 weeks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he seemed looking for something special

[Kaz] If he doesn't, then we just put the money back in the pot and Imari finds something to do for 9 weeks.

[BOB] nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he can collect feathers

[Branwyn (Lisa)] she rather

[Kaz] What is the rest of the cost for Branwyn?

[BOB] depends on how much she does

[Branwyn (Lisa)] needs 3rd level spell training

[BOB] for the training is the spells she has to share plus 1,000 gp in gems

[Kaz] Well, we need to take itinto consideration, too.

[BOB] and that will take 5 weeks

[Kaz] What a greedy master

[Kaz] (as if there was ever any doubt)

[BOB] he has a decent wisdom and will not slow things down

[BOB] he wants to leave

[Branwyn (Lisa)] wouldn't have expected a good deal from him

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so we're at 5,300

[BOB] nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no money needed for me to learn new spells

[BOB] and Branwyn is at 5 weeks into the 18 week training period

[BOB] to roll to learn no but to write them in your book (copy them if you want) costs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I could start a library but that will take some cash as well

[BOB] and you culd start your library

[BOB] etc

[BOB] and you do have NWP to learn perhaps

[BOB] or WP

[BOB] actually not WP

[Branwyn (Lisa)] only will have to add the 1 new 3rd level spell - the others are already in a book

[BOB] so Kaz you can tell me what you are selling off to equal the 5,300

[BOB] I will work out the time line

[Kaz] okay, will figure it out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If I could start a library, I would forego the nwp for now

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] not the silverdagger though

[BOB] Kaz and Guy what about the library?

[Kaz] I know not the silver dagger.

[Kaz] We both say go for it, Lisa


[BOB] to be able to research 1st level spells is 2,000

[BOB] for 3rd level spells you need a total of 8,000

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank You!! It will be good in the long run


[Branwyn (Lisa)] How much to write new 3rd level spell in book again? I forgot

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we have to account for that too

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] most mages dont get to start their librarys till much later so if branwyn can start it now its will be even better for her at higher lvls

[Branwyn (Lisa)] would be wonderful

[BOB] is 100 gp per page of the new spells

[BOB] that covers the cost of the ink and such

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Did I pay that for Knock?

[BOB] you should have

[Branwyn (Lisa)] of course we did

[BOB] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What am I saying?

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] wheeeeee

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so walking through things

[BOB] 5 weeks in Branwyn is done

[BOB] with 3rd level spells and learns "x"

[BOB] which she will decide later

[BOB] and how much did you spend on the library?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'll have it ready next week

[BOB] 2,000?

[BOB] 4,000?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] 2,000 for now I think

[Kaz] You want me to figure that into what we are selling?

[BOB] yes please Kaz

[BOB] and Lisa roll 1d6+4 twice please

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d6+4) [1d6=1] 5

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d6+4) [1d6=6] 10

[BOB] Guy you can add in your new thief skill levels and the locksmithing

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Did I win?

[BOB] so the 1st level library is ready in 15 weeks,

[BOB] so 5 weeks and you have a third level spell and spell level training

[Branwyn (Lisa)] will be good timing then - can be going while I train?

[BOB] then you want to roll the % to learn those new spells

[BOB] in the new spell book

[BOB] each of those takes 1 day per level plus 1d4 days and 100 gp per day

[BOB] half of that cost gets added to the library as well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] why do I have to pay for spells already written down and bound?

[BOB] it costs for you to copy them

[BOB] if you are not copying them then no cost

[BOB] just the time to learn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] not copying - will carry two books

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so please roll those new spells

[It's me] ((Can I offer some advice on that?))

[BOB] 1 day per level plus 1d4 days per spell

[BOB] and please do Lorie

[It's me] ((Lisa, while I know the party doesn't have a lot of "cash" I would HIGHLY recommend copying the spells. You never know when you'll need them for your own))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] copying them into other book or in library?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] guess I'm not understanding

[BOB] other book

[BOB] so that those spells are in two spell books

[BOB] you have space in your traveling book right now for them

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so are safer?

[BOB] would have an off site backup grins

[It's me] ((Exactly BOB))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] smiles

[Kaz] how much to copy the spells?

[It's me] ((Ask BOB how many times John lost spells, had his memory wiped, or well died with the spell books in hand))

[BOB] 100 gp per day, each spell is 1 day per level plus 1d4

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't mind if we can spare the cash and everyone else agrees

[Branwyn (Lisa)] can sopy them at any time though correct?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Foriso Fairhand modified: Skills/Detections (d100/% based) - CHANGED: Pick Pockets -- Modifier: 10 racial, 10 agil, 15 base, 5 no armour (10 racial, 10 agil, 15 base), CHANGED: Open Locks -- Modifier: 15 agil, 10 points, 10points, 10 base (15 agil, 10 base, 10 points), CHANGED: Find/remove traps -- Modifier: 5 base, 20 points, 15 points, 15 points, 5 dex (5 base, 20 points), CHANGED: Move Silently -- Modifier: 10 agil, 10 points, 15 points,10 base 10 no armour (10 agil, 10 points), CHANGED: Hide in Shadows -- Modifier: 5 racial, 10 dex, 10 points, 15 points, 5 base, 5 no armour (5 racial,. 10 points), CHANGED: Detect Noise -- Modifier: 10 points, 15 base (10 points),

[Branwyn (Lisa)] copy

[BOB] if you only do the new damaged spell book to start

[It's me] ((I have no vested interest here, just sharing experiences...))

[BOB] is a start

[Kaz] It's valuable knowledge, Lorie. Neither Lisa nor I have that experience.

[BOB] mages can be expensive to upkeep

[Branwyn (Lisa)] very high maintenance

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Foriso Fairhand modified: Skills/Detections (d100/% based) - CHANGED: Pick Pockets -- Total (% - w/modifier): 40 (35), CHANGED: Open Locks -- Total (% - w/modifier): 45 (40), CHANGED: Find/remove traps -- Total (% - w/modifier): 60 (25), CHANGED: Move Silently -- Total (% - w/modifier): 55 (30), CHANGED: Hide in Shadows -- Total (% - w/modifier): 50 (30), CHANGED: Detect Noise -- Total (% - w/modifier): 25 (10),

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I could take my chances for time being and after next windfall copy them

[Kaz] Branwyn's already proven to be worth her weight in gold. We'll do as much as we can, as long as other party members don't suffer for it.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] sheesh

[BOB] Lisa roll the # of pages for each spell

[BOB] and your % chance to learn each spell

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] my thief skills were way screwed up

[Kaz] on your sheet?

[It's me] ((John's mages were a huge financial upkeep, but the spells we had in the party for YEARS were awesome))

[Kaz] No wonder you suck so bad!

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] id like another crack at some of those gems and the scroll case

[BOB] after you go up in level guy

[BOB] which will be very soon

[Kaz] just need to know how much Branwyn's spell copying costs

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to BOB only)] not sure what happened but some of my skills were lower than what they should have been

[BOB] no worries Guy

[BOB] tonight is to figure that all out and make sure things are right

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] find/remove traps is now 60%

[It's me] ((Mike will be so pleased to hear this :O) ))

[BOB] much improved

[Kaz] I have a list of stuff to sell, Bob, that covers the 7300 we're paying for training and library. I can always add to the list when Lisa rolls for the spell copying.

[BOB] ok

[Kaz] Of course, I just *KNOW* one of the badly appraised gems is on the list, so I may have to re-do it.

[BOB] workign through the mechanics with Lisa for the spell issues

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am bitching at him

[It's me] ((John had a formula... can she not use that?))

[BOB] she is

[BOB] it is just the first time she is doing this

[BOB] going step by step

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (1d100) [1d100=14] 14

[BOB] and that is a success

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sp okay for plants

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (1d100) [1d100=75] 75

[Branwyn (Lisa)] okay for stony grasp

[BOB] grins

[BOB] ties go to the player

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (1d100) [1d100=89] 89

[BOB] that is a no

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no ray of fatigue

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (1d100) [1d100=82] 82

[Branwyn (Lisa)] eek - no sky hook :(

[Branwyn (Lisa)] can try again at 6th level?

[BOB] you get to roll again next level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] makes copying cheaper

[BOB] they are part of your library still

[BOB] so now need to roll for each of the four

[BOB] the spell level +1d4 in days

[BOB] that is the time it took

[Branwyn (Lisa)] even though I didn't learn them?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] you CAN cast the spell right out of the book BUT you would lose the spell that way

[BOB] then the two that you did learn is the # of days /100 gp

[BOB] and no Guy

[BOB] she needs to KNOW the spell to cast it out of the spell book

[BOB] it not like a scoll where you do not need to know it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d4+2) [1d4=3] 5

[BOB] you are thinking different versoin fo the rules

[BOB] 5 days adn 500 gp

[Branwyn (Lisa)] for plant spell - 2nd level?

[BOB] oh so 6 adn 600

[BOB] and then next

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I did 1d4 plus 2 - not right?

[BOB] yes that is right sorry

[BOB] 5 days and 500 gp

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Foriso Fairhand modified:

[BOB] did not look at that I appologize

[Branwyn (Lisa)] trying to do this right

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d4+3) [1d4=1] 4

[Kaz] is that for one spell, or for all of them?

[BOB] you are doing well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] stony grasp

[Branwyn (Lisa)] one spell

[BOB] ok so 900 total GP

[BOB] for the two spells you sucessfully copies

[Branwyn (Lisa)] if we want to spend it now

[BOB] and 9 days

[BOB] then you have two more spells that you spent time learning but did not manage to copy

[Kaz] well, we CAN cover it now.

[BOB] do it Kaz add it to the total cost

[BOB] make things more streamlined

[BOB] and lisa need two more rolls from you please on the time for the other two spells you did not learn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so can Indigo make some cash gambling in taverns in between swim meets?

[Kaz] I don't know if other people have NWP's already known that they can use to make some kind of money during the 18 weeks. Kristelle is hiring out in her spare time as a tracker and/or hunter/skinner, and Bob said it will cover living costs.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] foriso has locksmithing and appraising

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d4+1) [1d4=4] 5

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d4+2) [1d4=2] 4

[BOB] excellent

[BOB] let me total the days

[BOB] Ok so at this point

[BOB] 7 weeks have gone by

[BOB] Branwyn is done with her training

[BOB] she attempts to learn the new spells

[BOB] books start coming into the library from various merchants

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yulotte is her new best friend

[BOB] Kristelle has learned her new skill

[BOB] Indigo and Imari are in Carnak learning

[BOB] Foriso is practicing and practicing

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yullote is a dirtbag lol

[BOB] Miranda is traveling

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and foriso is scared wtiless of his mentor

[Kaz] lol

[Kaz] There had to be ONE person he was scared of!

[BOB] so Lisa are you going to do anything more with spells?

[BOB] you have a few more weeks

[BOB] or you could learn a NWP

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I did not pick the 3rd level I wanted to learn from training yet

[BOB] 11 weeks until Foriso is done

[Branwyn (Lisa)] can I do that next week?

[BOB] nods that is included in the time of training

[BOB] and yes that is not a problem we have that slot "paid for"

[BOB] you have 11 weeks to kill at this point

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think I've spent enough money today - will wait on nwp training

[Kaz] let me know when you're ready for the list of stuff we're using to pay for all this

[BOB] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] what's the damage?

[Kaz] Silver candlestick (600), gold plate (100), prayer book (200), coral (500), jade (500), jet (500), sardonyx (1000), spinel (500), chrysoberyl (100), opal (1000), opal (200), topaz (500), white pearl (500), peridot (500), and garnet (500). On top of that, using the 1000 gp that we just got at the crooked keep.

[Kaz] Please check my math, and then confirm my suspicions about the sardonyx and make me cry.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] llol

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] oh what else was left to appraise?

[Kaz] Has Foriso leveled since the time he tried to appraise the gold/ruby ring?

[BOB] yes he has for those

[Branwyn (Lisa)] not that we're selling it, but you could appraise the mace? Don't think you tried that before

[BOB] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 18 See ___ tre, Sow {Late Spring} 18th, 338 SKR.

[Kaz] So, yeah, appraise the gold/ruby ring, and the mace is a cool idea

[BOB] so you can see that the date has advanced

[BOB] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 18 See ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 18th, 338 SKR.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] so just the 2 items?

[Kaz] yes, for now

[BOB] it is now early summer of the next year

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Foriso Fairhand: Appraising check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Foriso Fairhand: Appraising check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[BOB] you spent the late fall, all of the winter and spring in training and at the Farm House working on things

[BOB] at the farm house you now have a 2,450 Gp library

[Branwyn (Lisa)] do we have enough to build your bench Kaz?

[Kaz] I don't know, I guess we'll see

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified:

[Kaz] First Bob needs to tell me if any of the gems were the wild appraisals, in case I have to pick other stuff

[BOB (to Guy only)] the ring has a 60 gp ruby in it but the overall value due to art work is 500 gp

[BOB (to Guy only)] the mace is worth 2,000 gp as an art object and the crystal is attuned to undead but that is all you can figure out

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] hmm this ruby isnt very good its only about 60 gold

[It's me] ((bench = altar?))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] but the ruby and ring combined are worth about 500 gold because of the artwork

[BOB] and your costs are fine

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Kaz was going to get us a bench with secret hidden compartment for our valuables

[Kaz] No, it's just a bench for sitting on, but specially constructed to hide a chest in, and solidly built so no one would guess it hides anything.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] the mace we could sell as an art object for about 2000 gold

[Kaz] Wow, really? Okay.

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Spells - CHANGED: Read Magic -- # Memorized: +1 (+0), CHANGED: Comprehend Languages -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), CHANGED: Unseen Servant -- # Memorized: +1 (+0), CHANGED: Maximillian's Stony Grasp -- # Memorized: 1 (0),

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] the crystal is attuned to undead in some way but im not sure how or why

[BOB] you do hear back several weeks later about how some lucky merchant got a great deal on a garnet for only 200 gp that he later sold to a magic user for 2,000

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sigh

[Kaz] ouch

[Kaz] you suck, Bob.

[BOB] thank you, bows

[Kaz] You didn't have to tell us that.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] rofl

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yes he did

[It's me] ((Yes he did... this is BOB))

[Kaz] I hate you, and now I'm going to stomp off and pout in a corner.

[It's me] ((LOL... he feeds off of that Kaz, don't let him win))

[Kaz] :D

[Kaz] And I'm gonna kick the wall and break my toe, AND THEN YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!

[Kaz] (mostly because then I'll call you and WHINE about it.)

[BOB] Ok, so ready to move on?

[BOB] you are all gathered at the farm house

[Kaz] I think I'm mostly used to his little arrows to the heart, Lorie. They are mere nuisances.

[Kaz] But they still kinda smart a bit.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] move on to adventure or more busy work?

[It's me] ((wait until an NPC dies because of something you did / or didn't do))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] too late

[BOB] Indigo moved 30'02".

[BOB] Widow Washburn moved 30'06".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we have one scroll case to open, 1 scroll to read and two potions to taste

[Kaz] I dunno, Lorie. Mage Yullotte could die, and I'd throw a freaking party!!

[Kaz] three potions, Lisa

[Widow Washburn (BOB)] knocks on the door

[Widow Washburn (BOB)] Excuse me

[Widow Washburn (BOB)] I know it is early in the morning

[Branwyn (Lisa)] oops that's right

[Widow Washburn (BOB)] but you have a visitor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but Bob doesn't care)

[Widow Washburn (BOB)] (we can do that in a bit, lets set this up)

Lisa is receiving the map Farmhouse...

Lisa has received the map Farmhouse.

Kaz is receiving the map Farmhouse...

Kaz has received the map Farmhouse.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Oh? Please, let them join us.

[BOB] Widow Washburn moved 3'06".

[BOB] Man in cloak #1 moved 3'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is it red?)

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] a tall figure in a dark green cloak stands in the doorway

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] in a gloved hand it holds a scroll case

Kristelle (Kaz) stands.

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] he stands in teh doorway for a moment then tosses the scroll case over to Foriso

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Good morrow, sir.

Kristelle (Kaz) looks from the man to Foriso.

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB) (to Guy only)] you reconginze the symbol on the case as your mentors

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] uh oh

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] you can not see his face

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] the cowl is pulled forward and he is wearing gloves

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) carefully opens the case

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] lets see what we have here

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB) (to Guy only)] it is time to go fetch something for me, the bearer of this will tell you what he wants you to do, I want you to follow that request and bring me back the Black Dagger of Sardix that you find on this quest

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] stands quietly paitently waiting

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) looks at the cloaked figure

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] what do I need to do?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I have a proposition for you and I was told that the Dragonslayers were the group to pull this off

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] you were told right

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] reaches up and pulls back the cowl of his cloak,

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] he has a mans body but a snakes head

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Friend of yours, Foriso?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I want you to assassinate the head priest of my temple

Kristelle (Kaz) blinks.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And what lead you to believe we are paid assassains?

[It's me] ((what's the name of the deity))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] To whom is the temple dedicated?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I am the second priest of the Temple

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] not of mine but it is something that I at the very least need to do. I hope that you will be willing to help though

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I want to be the First priest

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I intend to hire you to help me reach that goal

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And so we kill an innocent man? And a priest for that matter?

Branwyn (Lisa) looks towards Miranda

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] you are warm blooded, you like killing

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] I dont think man is quite the right word

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Branwyn, we have no knowledge of anyone's innocence. Be that as it may...

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] you are not part of lin dao

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] you would not understand our ways

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Priest to what god?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well let him speak as to why this priest should die other than this one's greed?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Branwyn,Kristelle if you would rather not get involved I understand

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I will give you a map to the temple

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] I have to do this though

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] you will pass a lizardman community

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] you can do what you wish to them

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] then when you reach our part of the swamps

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] you can slip into the temple on the holy night

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] kill the high priest and take anything you wish

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] from the second priests coffers

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] the high priests coffers are not to be touched

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] looks at Kristelle

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] do you wish to protect lizard men?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] or woudl you like a map and key to their village

Kristelle (Kaz) watches the visitor, deep in thought

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Why would I protect lizard men?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This is vile

[Kristelle (Kaz)] And yet, still, I ask... priest to what god?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Sorry Branwyn but I have to do this

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] do you understnad huo jiao?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] or the path of shui jiao?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] why do you care who the priest is I wish to surplant

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You will have to explain to me why this priest deserves death.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((sure, make it the parts of the deity page I haven't gotten to yet, Bob!))

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] becasue he stands in my way

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] some humans need a reason to do things

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is all? Why not kill him yourself?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I can not rise to his position if there is any doubt about how I achieve it

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I intend to be near the lizard man village

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] just after you arrive there

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Ill take the maps you spoke of

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] naturally it will be presumed I had my tail wrapped up in their misfortune

[Kristelle (Kaz)] naturally

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] and could not possibly be involved in anything happening back home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And if we are caught, we are murderers of a priest

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and of course if we fail you can look innocent of that as well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who has done nothing wrong

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] if you are caught you might make acceptable slaves

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] he stands in my way that is enough to warrent his death

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] youll have your death

Branwyn (Lisa) stares at man with disgust and revulsion

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] but the cost may be more than you realize

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I believe we, as a group, must discuss this. Perhaps you would like to sit in the sun for a few minutes?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I will retire to the courtyard

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, leave us

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] bobs his head and pulls the cloak back up and over

[It's me] ((Heading out for the evening ... take care all))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] theres not much to really discuss, Ill be going

Kristelle (Kaz) sighs and sinks back into her seat

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((night Lorie))

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] night lorie

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((bye lorie))

[BOB] Man in cloak #1 moved 42'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (night Lorie - thx for help!)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] For you, perhaps, nothing to discuss.

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) hands Kristelle the note from the scroll

Kristelle (Kaz) stares at the cryptic marks on the paper, then back at Foriso.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] trust me Im not exactly thrilled about this but I have no choice

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Perhaps you have forgotten, my friend.

Kristelle (Kaz) hands the page to Branwyn.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Of your kindness, Branwyn?

Branwyn (Lisa) nods, takes note and reads it

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] the scroll was from my mentor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That thief in the jail cell?

It's me has left the game on Fri Jul 16 22:44:03 EDT 2010

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to Lisa only)] it is time to go fetch something for me, the bearer of this will tell you what he wants you to do, I want you to follow that request and bring me back the Black Dagger of Sardix that you find on this quest

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yeah

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Asking for the Black Dagger of Sardix for payment is one thing

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] so you can see I have no choice in this

Kristelle (Kaz) looks from Branwyn to Foriso and back.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But killing an innocent to get it?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No Yuan-Ti is innocent, Branwyn.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] the black dagger is for my mentor anything else we get is ours

[Kristelle (Kaz)] They are born with black hearts.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't like this.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i dont like it much either BUT I do however like living

Kristelle (Kaz) sighs.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] It is not much to my liking, either.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Well, except for wiping out a village of Lizardmen...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Miranda, you can't be willing to do this either, can you?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I like THAT very, very much.

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

Miranda (Kaz) huddles in her chair and shakes her head in the negative.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And I though Yulotte asked too much of me.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] thats the price we pay sometimes for our mentors

[BOB] (grins, and who is the only person here afraid of their mentor?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So you go without question, Foriso?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((lol)))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] afraid so

[Miranda (Kaz)] Branwyn, the fact of the matter is, if the current First priest were in the shoes of the current Second priest, he'd probably do the same thing.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] some guilds of acquirers is like that to

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I still do not want his blood on my hands if he has done nothing to deserve it

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] fine ill kill it myself

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But you shall surely die of you attempt this alone

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] maybe

[Miranda (Kaz)] I am sure that he has done plenty to deserve it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I will go with Indigo to protect you and make sure you may carry out your deed, but I shall not kill this priest

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] theres always that chance in life

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I do not care what he may or may not have done if I do not hear of it myself

[Miranda (Kaz)] I hate that he dangles this Lizardman village before me like a prize.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] well Im sure my mentor knows more about each and every one of us than we would like

[Miranda (Kaz)] Most likely.

Miranda (Kaz) sighs, rises again, and paces back and forth a few times.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Im sure he knows exactly what each one of us would like or fear the most

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Maybe you could return this dagger to your mentor's chest. Now, that I should not mind.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to BOB only)] how much of what my mentor has told me about himself and mosskin can i really talk about?

[BOB (to Guy only)] anythying you want ot share feel free

[Miranda (Kaz)] I'm afraid, Foriso, that the death of this priest must be by your hand. The lizards, however, I shall gladly exterminate like the vermin they are.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] If by some miracle I was able to do that Branywyn we would lose everything here and I mean everything

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He is that powerful?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] he is friends with Lord Mosskin

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then why does he keep him in jail?

[Miranda (Kaz)] Honestly, that man will be friends with just anyone, won't he.

[BOB] (even your father, ;P )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Remind me not to become too good a friend of Lord Mosskin

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((yeah, no ish))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] the cell is for my mentors protection not to keep him locked up, he can leave any time he wants

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He has that many enemies?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] any good thief winds up with lots of enemies

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((he's totally like Lord Vetinari, in the Discworld series. In one book, a usurper had imprisoned him in his own dungeon, but no one ever noticed the lock was on the INSIDE of the cell))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] someday I may be just like him

Branwyn (Lisa) shudders at the thought

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But would you want to?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and all of you will be like Lord Mosskin

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and all of you will be like Lord Mosskin

[Miranda (Kaz)] And then people will wonder why you, Branwyn, are friends with such a person.

Branwyn (Lisa) shakes head

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I hope not

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] what seems evil or wrong to one person may not appear that way to another

[Miranda (Kaz)] who knows, maybe some day someone will think you are just like Yullotte.

Miranda (Kaz) shudders

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Miranda (Kaz)] However, as your friend, I pledge to smack you senseless if I see you turning into that.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please do so

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] our mentors do shape us to some extent but that doesnt mean we will turn into exact duplicates of themselves

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((them ourselves))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, I believe our actions create our destiny. We do not have to follow the same paths

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] in this case though I owe my mentor this favor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I cannot speak for the others, but Indigo and I shall go with you and protect you so that you may succeed in your task.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] besides we will get to watch Kristelle deimate a lizardman village

Miranda (Kaz) smiles thinly

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] hmm

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] I wonder what the odds would be of her doing it by herself and living are

[Miranda (Kaz)] Miranda, will you come with us? You needn't raise a hand against the priest, that is Foriso's task.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] maybe I can place some wagers and raise a lot of money by betting on Kristelle

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((says Kristelle, in Miranda's voice because I can't remembger to switch back and forth))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is hard to remember)

Miranda (Kaz) shrugs, then nods slowly.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We can't do this without you Miranda. Foriso will need your blessings

[Branwyn (Lisa)] As will we all

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I know, I know. I said a lot as Miranda that was meant to be from Kristelle.))

Miranda (Kaz) straightens her shoulders.

[Miranda (Kaz)] And you shall have them, Branwyn.

[Miranda (Kaz)] I promise.

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Miranda warmly

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] besides maybe we can get enough wealth that we can add onto your library Branwyn

Kristelle (Kaz) pats Miranda's shoulder and smiles at her.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So it is settled.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] or maybe even some more books

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can't think about that right now, Foriso. I am sorr. But you are good to think of me.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Shall we call this snake back into the room?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] what are friends for

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I will get him.

[BOB] Man in cloak #1 moved 38'01".

[BOB] Man in cloak #1 moved 5'09".

Kristelle (Kaz) goes out to the courtyard and gestures to the Yuan-Ti.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Please, join us.

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I am pleased you have decided on this course

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] was there ever any doubt?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] the ways fo the warm bloods are not clear

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] far too hasty

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] extravagant wastes of energy

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] far too alive for any cold bloods to truly understand

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] the temple is deep into the Mists

Kristelle (Kaz) narrows her eyes as she loos at the visitor.

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] this map will help guide you there

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((looks, even.))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and the map for the lizardman village?

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] I will meet you at the lizardman village marked on the map

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] on the 22nd

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] we will be there

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] I warn you though

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] if you try to betray us in any way I will have your heart served to my mentor on a copper platter

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] as I said far too hasty

Branwyn (Lisa) nods approvingly at Foriso

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] and extravagant

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] he leaves a bone scroll case

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] no extravagant would have been using a silver or golden platter

[Man in cloak #1 (BOB)] and quietly leaves the house

Kristelle (Kaz) grins at Foriso

[BOB] and there we go

[BOB] the name of the adventure is Ophioglossum

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] wow what a name

[Kaz] Damn, Bob

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the map is in the case?)

[BOB] yes

[BOB] I will have it for you in game next week

[BOB] a map to the temple and a map fo the temple is what he gave you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] that's a hard core assignment Bob

[BOB] bows, thank you,

[BOB] will be a good challenge

[Guy] i like having foriso afraid of his mentor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] and now we work for evil purposes

[Kaz] I don't think there should be any alignment issues. After all, Yuan-Ti are all about murdering, destroying, and desecrating everything in their path.

[BOB] three to four game sessoins of traveling there

[BOB] three or four sessions at the temple

[Kaz] We just have to consider it bringing evil to justice.

[BOB] and three or four on the way back

[BOB] and yes

[BOB] you can explore some of that online both on the site and off

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so more evil can take its place - yipee

[Kaz] Bob, seriously, please keep in mind what a hard time we had on the floating island.

[BOB] you can of course come up with your own plans and schemes to handle the usurpers

[BOB] yes Kaz

[Kaz] A challenge is good, but we shouldn't have to worry that every encounter is going to be a party wipe.

[BOB] but you also have more skills now too

[BOB] is a good balance

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we're 5th level now - piece o' cake :)


[Guy] not all of us are 5th lvl

[BOB] there is the traditional pages to do some planning on

[Branwyn (Lisa)] will be by end of next week

[BOB] for example boats

[Branwyn (Lisa)] you are so close

[BOB] supplies,

[BOB] etc

[Kaz] I have ONE skill, and all it does is give me one extra attack every other round. It's not like we've gotten so powerful.

[BOB] is a 4 day journey to the lisard man village

[Branwyn (Lisa)] can't wait to start grabbing lizard ankles!

[Guy] lol

[BOB] and the temple is a couple of days past that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] they do have ankles don't they?

[Kaz] Nah, you grab them by their tails, then swing them around.

[Kaz] Then you throw them into a tree or a rock, and squash their little, tiny brain.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] stone hand could grab tails too

[Guy] ankles yes but like kaz said tails are more fun

[BOB] and when you go look for that name I think you will find it appropriate

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so lets save things and I will see you all over the weekend I do hope

[Branwyn (Lisa)] a plant?

[BOB] John Lorie and Mike can all catch up

[Kaz] Adder's tongue, nice.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ahhh

[Guy] do we still do rper of the night?

[BOB] yes we do

[BOB] you can vote online later if you wish

[Guy] i vote for a 3 way tie between us

[BOB] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would say Guy for tonight even though he jeopardized my training with his pointy nose insults to Yulotte!! :)

[BOB] you all did excellent tonight

[Branwyn (Lisa)] almost jeopardized

[Kaz] just as an interesting aside, although it may be pertinent...

[Guy] rofl

[Kaz] and ROFL Lisa!!!

[Kaz] Yes, Guy for RP

[Kaz] Anyway... Ophioglossum is greek, and means snake's tongue

[BOB] Kristelle XP award: 150. Next level in 17508.

[BOB] Branwyn XP award: 150. Next level in 19043.

[BOB] Foriso Fairhand XP award: 250. Next level in 301.

[Kaz] a snake's forked tongue has been, in old stories, a symbol of duplicity.

[BOB] whistles quietly to himself

[Kaz] In other words... don't trust this Yuan-Ti bastige.

[Kaz] I say we kill the Second Priest, too.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] which doesn't mean that we can't be the ones being duplicitious. What if we steal the dagger and head home?

[Guy] scroll back

[Branwyn (Lisa)] not bad either

[Guy] foriso has to do waht the yuanti saiys

[Branwyn (Lisa)] true, sorry - should have pasted that note for Kaz

[Kaz] But that doesn't mean Kristell and Branwyn can't find him guilty of being (forgive the language) a total douche, and worthy of execution.

[BOB] The dagger is the key for Foriso really

[Kaz] As Foriso heads back to his mentor with the dagger, we slide our blades into Second Priest. MUAHAHAHA

[Guy] how much can you tell us without giving anything away?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] it is time to go fetch something for me, the bearer of this will tell you what he wants you to do, I want you to follow that request and bring me back the Black Dagger of Sardix that you find on this questit is time to go fetch something for me, the bearer of this will tell you what he wants you to do, I want you to follow that request and bring me back the Black Dagger of Sardix that you find on this quest

[BOB] but will have to see if you can achieve that without following through with the other demands of the Yuan-Ti

[Branwyn (Lisa)] that pasted too many times!

[Kaz] Well, thank you for finally telling me what the damned note said!

[BOB] is ok

[BOB] chuckles

[Kaz] Guy is sitting right here, you'd think he'd read it to me.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] as you can see - I get messed up with keyboard commands for copy and paste

[BOB] laughs

[Guy] i didnt think about it and i forgot that kristelle cant read

[BOB] Ok so this should make for some interesting debates on the site

[BOB] I will try to be available to bring up klooge this week as well

[BOB] if people want to work on things here

[Guy] mikes gonna be mad he missed out

[BOB] Kaz we can talk about that chest thing also

[BOB] get that straightened out

[Kaz] I didn't even update my pages with the training.

[BOB] I will go over the party pack adn my items and such

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so we are leaving same day as today?

[Kaz] So yeah, I guess I'll have to catch you.

[Kaz] Okay Bob

[BOB] you have today to gather supplies and leave

[BOB] is the 18th, you are meeting him on the 22nd

[BOB] is a three day journey

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so no time for read magic - just spells to kill

[BOB] what would you want the read magic for?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] always wish you aren't always in such a hurry

[Branwyn (Lisa)] read scrolls

[BOB] you can do that

[BOB] we miss communicated on that earlier

[Branwyn (Lisa)] but do not want to waste spells if we are killing things

[BOB] you had several weeks

[BOB] you clicked off

[Kaz] He's always pushing us from place to place. One of these days, we'll refuse to go until he lets us sit down and roleplay a relaxed day.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] that was what I was trying to say to you before you told me to be quiest and let you start next adventure

[BOB] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[BOB] I apologize for that

[BOB] grins

[BOB] we will work those out also then

[BOB] scrolls, potions, etc

[BOB] before you leave

[Branwyn (Lisa)] was thinking spell conservation :)

[BOB] you will have time to work on those

[BOB] on days 2-17

[BOB] or such

[BOB] then on the 18th ready to leave

[Branwyn (Lisa)] thank you :)

[BOB] but it is drawing late for me

[BOB] and I do have to work in the morning

[Guy] night all see you next week after 7

[Kaz] Night night, then.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] goodnight!

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[BOB] night

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jul 16 23:40:08 EDT 2010