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July 11 14 - The Enemy of My Enemy - Long Live the King

[Master] I am arranging food and beverage options

[Master] I will be back and forth by the screen

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jul 11 19:04:10 EDT 2014 ====

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jul 11 19:04:48 EDT 2014

Lisa is receiving the map Archway...

Mike has joined the game on Fri Jul 11 19:05:05 EDT 2014

Mike is receiving the map Archway...

Lisa has received the map Archway.

Mike has received the map Archway.

[Master] how are you guys?

[Mike] hey

[Lisa] Hello

[Mike] so i will not be playing for the next two weeks

[Master] that stinks

[Lisa] good - so you all will be back when I am gone

[Master] jeeez

[Lisa] :)

[Mike] i'll be in virginia and sarasota

[Master] where are you going Mike?

[Lisa] I want to go to the polar vortex

[Master] well Viriginia might not but Sarasota has Internet

[Master] and that will be a very weird thing if that happens

[Master] and so where are you off to Lisa?

[Lisa] Virginia

[Master] seriously?

[Master] Mike is starting a trend?

[Lisa] unless it gets cancelled the first week in august

[Master] ok

[Master] so cycled through a few pictures for everyone there

[Master] now you are back on page one of the new character sheets

[Master] Mike did you see this in your email?

[Mike] nope

[Mike] i haven't checked my email in a while

[Master] ok I think I sent it to your gmail addy

[Master] this is the new character sheet project

[Master] we can have multiple pages

[Master] so I divided things up into easier to digest blocks

[Master] page one is Abilities

[Master] The heavy lines are boxes that the Player fills in

[Master] all the other boxes the program will auto fill in from my programing

[Mike] that's cool

[Mike] is this for the new program?

[Master] yes

[Master] in your email is a link to download the beta test versions

[Master] so this page I think is 99% done

[Master] I need to double check some alignment things, etc

[Master] but all the information is on there

[Master] can you think of anything else?

[Mike] where are you going to have all the other info like race for example?

[Master] a different page

[Master] I will show you the Combat page now

[Master] Lisa pointed out I need to change that roll button earlier

[Master] I thought it was red

[Master] apparently it is not

[Master] but there is the Movement box with all the possible things you need to know

[Master] the only thing that the movement box does not handle is magic spells like Haste

[Master] but we can still have spells affect it I just did not put in a separate box to show the adjustment

[Mike] well the weapons box should be broken up into some fields

[Master] definiately

[Master] but the data list portoin of the programing is not done yet

[Mike] hell, weapons themselves could probably cover a whole page the way you're doing it

[Master] so I do not know what to put there yet

[Mike] because you need all the boxes, well half, that klooge uses and in this style that'll take up some space

[Mike] name, attack type, init, thac0, thac0 mods, damages, damages mods

[Master] nosd

[Master] we will have all of that

[Master] just not sure how to lay it out yet

[Master] plus I want to be able to just import it like we currently do

[Master] those are on his list of things to do

[Master] most of this will just be javascript programing

[Master] so it will be pretty easy to modify things

[Master] Saving throws will be straight forward

[Master] Init works well like that I think

[Master] I cannot come up with anything else about hit points

[Master] I am unsure how to deal with Parrying

[Master] I think with tumbling i will make a button to roll the check

[Master] and apply if it works

[Master] ?

[Master] wondering if there should be another entry box for Basic AC

[Master] all the adjustments before fatigue and encumbrance

[Mike] basic ac?

[Master] So Indigo is a 4

[Master] -2 for dex -4 for armor

[Master] brings him to an AC of 4

[Master] so show that number

[Master] then apply the other adjustments

[Master] the encumbrance chart on our site

[Master] Carl, the person who is creating Tabletop Connect

[Master] is using that table as an example

[Master] for what people will want to program in

[Mike] shouldn't indigo have a size modifier on his ac?

[Mike] or is that just init?

[Master] no

[Master] that is just for certain Giant sized creatures

[Master] and yes to Init

[Master] there will still be the S M L, etc

[Master] and then here on page three

[Master] is where I have started to sketch out the other sheets we will use

[Master] That brings us to 8 different pages for a character sheet

[Master] I cannot think of anything else we could possibly need

[Master] but remember these work for every creature, npc, pc, etc

[Master] so please help out with comments and suggestions

[Master] later on the site or email

[Master] Lisa you have been quiet, do you like the changes I made to the Combat page?

[Mike] you will also need a space to describe random combat effects and rolls

[Mike] if you do this for creatures.

[Lisa] sure but I don't know very much as to what goes into the combat rolls

[Mike] like the crow's 10 percent chance to take an eye

[Master] hmmm

[Mike] with every peck it should also roll a percentage for that

[Lisa] the more complicated it will be for me the more I will balk

[Mike] it could also come in handy for pc weapons

[Lisa] like bird rules

[Lisa] :)

[Master] I think that Lisa has a good point that it has to be streamlined

[Mike] like my whip master who will use a cocatrice whip to stone everything

[Lisa] don't want to wade through 20 pages of stuff that I will use maybe once in 5 years

[Mike] a field to describe effects would be nice

[Master] I think that the better solution is to make those special attacks part of the weapon itself

[Master] to have it roll those things etc

[Master] I do plan on having a description type of system like Klooge does

Eric has joined the game on Fri Jul 11 19:33:31 EDT 2014

Eric is receiving the map Archway...

Eric has received the map Archway.

[Master] Hello Eric

[Eric] hi everyone

[Lisa] Hi Eric

[Master] earlier than expected is good

[Eric] i'm on pretty tight time tonight

[Eric] ya can't stay late

[Eric] i have to go to work at 5

[Eric] Nice

[Master] new updated character sheets

[Eric] those look good

[Eric] I can only play for an hour or so...

[Eric] But i thought a little is better than none

[Eric] LOL

[Eric] nice

[Eric] yep

[Eric] thats me

[Lisa] I was right there and didn't realize the first day it was raining so hard

[Eric] lol man were you in that building to the left?????

[Lisa] yup

[Lisa] DEQ

[Eric] that's where my office is

[Eric] LOL

[Master] LOL

[Master] LOL

[Lisa] wow

[Eric] we could have passed each other

[Eric] small world

[Master] that is just crazy

[Lisa] no kidding

[Lisa] I thought you would be across town

[Eric] nope right there

[Lisa] 2 daya I was running back and forth from DEQ and state archives down the street

[Eric] we're fully gutting that building. tomorrow we have a scary lift

[Eric] nice

[Eric] funny stuff

[Lisa] next time

[Eric] ya i'll be there till spring

[Master] so with an hour to go, start with Enemy?

[Master] or ?

[Eric] sure or i can just play along the other

[Lisa] you need that much sleep eric?

[Eric] lol I have to do some paperwork

[Eric] we're lifting 99.3% of the crane capacity tomorrow

[Lisa] let's do enemy

[Eric] very scary

[Lisa] wow

[Eric] you may see that on you tube...

[Eric] brb

[Lisa] send us a link

[Master] Imari XP award: 500. Next level in 6852.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 500. Next level in 112818.

[Eric] k sorry

[Master] no worries

[Master] we are at the point where you just finished up the big fight

[Eric] my son has learned how to open the door...

[Master] you sent out the Greek priest

[Master] the outside door? or just to his room?

[Eric] outside... and he's sooooo fast

[Eric] he was 2 doors down

[Eric] ok so we need to clear the temple still correct?

[Master] Time of Day: 12:04 PM. Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Man {Early Spring} 12th, 343 SKR.

[Lisa] (thought you were about to speak to dead archbishop)

[Eric] ah yes. thanks

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Can I tell from any regalia who he is?)

[Master] it was all melted

[Master] and or burned

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (well that's no good)

[Master] only reason you know it was him was that priest you dismissed told you it was him

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ok I'll try this zombie he was created from one of the priests right?)

[Master] yes

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 19'02".

[Master] Jennevive did that

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] right. I couldn't remember if it was the priests or our following companions

[Eric] Tristan Elaire targets Zombie. Distance: 2'10"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire casts a spell against Zombie: Speak with Dead: I may speak with the recently deceased and ask a few questions.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Bran "we should see if he knows of any traps, maybe where they store any treasures?, where there would be others?? Thoughts?"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Did i disconnect?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hmmm... I've never talked to a zombie before. Can he say all that?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no - was me sorry)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I don't know. I haven't spoken to the dead myself

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But those sound like good questions.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] They will only know what they did in life though

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He might know which one was the archbishop was if he saw him burn perhaps. Or if anyone is in the church right now.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (he will talk for 2 rounds with me Bob)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how many questions does that make?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Bob?

[Master] 2

[Master] you get to ask 2 questions

[Mike] what is his quest?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay then - what's it like being a zombie? )

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tell me son of Hades... Where do you keep your treasures

[Master] (thinking)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] no problem

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to the others

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (zombie thinking is not a good sign)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] We need to be precise. Branwyn any thoughts on our last question?

Branwyn (Lisa) looks expectantly at zombie

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I can cast this on others if needed but it does expel one of my most powerful spells I can cast

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't want to waste your questions. That wasn't a good one?

[Zombie (Master)] "locked away"

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles "no i thought it was pretty good"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I hate you Bob)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I did too.

Branwyn (Lisa) follows zombie gaze to see if he was just turning his head or was looking at something specific

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh - I thought you said looked away)

[Zombie (Master)] "the dead tend to give extremely brief and limited answers, often cryptic, and to take question literally"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I am dyslexic tonight)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol ya i saw that

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] i didn't think this was going to be easy

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] :)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tell me... How do I find the locked treasures

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Shit... my wife needs help with the boys..... GRRRR if i can come back I will... I have a few more minutes

[Zombie (Master)] "In my special spot"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Zombies seem to be pretty useless both dead and undead.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) sighs

[Mike] well if we kill everything upstairs we'll find something

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I don't think we will get much from these..

Tristan Elaire (Eric) kicks the zombie over

[Master] I did rule that being turned into a zombie broke the ability for the zombie to have a save versus the Kayugan priest

[Master] as he already failed that one before

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] sweet!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] so atleast we know there are treasures here in a secret spot...

[Master] being different religions and all

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well unless there is another secret door in this room there's nothing here.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Or they melted

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] hmm

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (there is nothing past the statues in the black area is there?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ok i'll try and come back in a few. I have to help my wife... Happy wife happy life and all... SUCKS)

[Master] (by the way not to derail things here, but Eric did you know that Imari got turned into a wereraven?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] LOL nope

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] cool

[Valedianna (Mike)] Valedianna: Looting check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 15!!

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we have an altar, statues , pillars and a pool)

[Master] if you make it back

[Valedianna (Mike)] does val see anything good to take?

[Master] you can help her make her save to turn to human

[Master] DOH

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] sounds good

[Master] Leatherus is not a priest

[Master] but in any case

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] not in the slightest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I hope she isn't a raven all the way home!)

[Master] go and hope you can come back

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] k be back soon hopefully

[Master] Val looks around this area

[Master] she can tell that the most valuable thing here is in that sarcofogas

[Master] those are the relics of someone important

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and no exits other than how we entered?)

[Master] correct

[Master] beyond that there are the two existing statues

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d12) [1d12=8] 8

[Valedianna (Mike)] Valedianna: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [1d100=31] 31 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[Master] that are very large and well made

[Valedianna (Mike)] checking the sarcafogas

[Master] and obviously valuable but no practical way of doing anything with them

[Master] and no traps

[Valedianna (Mike)] but we can come back with someone with stone working and take them off the bases. hehheh

[Master] BUT

[Master] there is a magical ward on it

[Valedianna (Mike)] "Hey, someone come get rid of this ward so I can loot this thing."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (too bad I am unable to learn dispel magic)

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 58'06".

[Valedianna (Mike)] so once the old group way back in the day came uppon some big ass jade statues in a dungeon

[Valedianna (Mike)] and on eof the group had stone working

[Valedianna (Mike)] so they basically carved up the statues and just sold the chunks of jade as treasure

[Master] Aunt Jennevive casts a spell against : Dispel Magic - Priest: I dispel (11-(1d20)+7) [1d20=6] 12 level magic.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and the magic fizzles

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok nm she's going to do it.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] i have about 30 min or so

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Jennevive says You better hurry

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] then i need to bury myself in paperwork

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I doubt that will last more than a moment or two

[Valedianna (Mike)] val opens it

[Master] inside is a mummy

[Valedianna (Mike)] and pulls out as much stuff as she can

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Valedianna (Mike)] pulls the mummy out of she has to

[Master] surrounded by gold

[Master] silver

[Master] gems

[Master] etc

[Valedianna (Mike)] gams first!

[Master] make your looting check

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (better than just another mummy - but is Val cursed now?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] wait

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I can try and dispel

[Master] I will see how much you grab

[Valedianna (Mike)] Valedianna: Looting check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 15!!

[Master] Jennivive already did

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] oh sorry

[Valedianna (Mike)] auntie has val's back

[Master] checking how much you can snatch with that roll

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Valedianna (Mike)] it's funny, the bob npc is going to get the most glowing part of the report back to finglas

[Eric] Tristan Elaire no longer targets Zombie.

[Master] brb

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and it is very nice of her to get us loot before she leaves)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (both of you even)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Bran were there any tunnels we missed?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] anywhere you remember from last time?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] As far as I remember just the one leading to the church

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods ok I didn't want to leave any of these priests behind

[Branwyn (Lisa)] well the crypts are still probably full of ghouls

[Master] so Val snatches up (2d6) [2d6=6,6] 12 gems and then has to decide which to take a gold goblet with figures on it (art object) or a wand

[Master] quick which does she take

[Valedianna (Mike)] goblet

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A flip of the ol' kLoOge.Coin results in: Heads

[Master] and then the mummy starts to move

[Master] and Val SLAMS down the lid

[Valedianna (Mike)] she flies back up to the top of the chamber

[Master] she was not touched and is not cursed

[Valedianna (Mike)] "The mummy woke up!"

[Valedianna (Mike)] well that's a good thing

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (can we ready who is entombed?)

[Master] no one tried to check before opening

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] read

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will check now

[Master] Tiera

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tiera... Does that ring a bell with anyone?

[Master] Aunt Jennevive: Religion check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Are you SURE you read that right?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) points to the markings

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] We need to leave that alone

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Who was he/she

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] He IS Lemminkainen's shield man

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] He will come back from the grave to protect his liege

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Death is not a barrier to him

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you do not want to interfeer with that

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] In that we agree Jennevive

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Greek or Kipyuotto?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Suomi

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Lemminkainen is one of the Heroes of their legends

[Valedianna (Mike)] "Too bad. There was a bunch more treasure in there."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the Greeks started a big fire on top of him.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Perhaps they knew who he was and were trying to extinquish him?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They probably should have taken the stone lid off first then

Branwyn (Lisa) shrugs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He's safe now.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] If Greeks were smart they would be a bigger problem

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then we are in luck that they are not

[Valedianna (Mike)] "That can be said about a lot of things."

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then it is time for us to continue our mission

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Let us continue the cleansing this place

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sounds fine to me.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] shall we start at the top? and work our way back down?

[Valedianna (Mike)] "As long as you guys keep doing th ekilling, I'll keep taking things."

Tristan Elaire (Eric) takes note of the structural system of the temple here

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire: Engineering check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (for my future plans for this place)

[Master] this section still seems structurally sound after the fire

[Master] the pillars across the middle are not damaged

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ok)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Let us go

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Keep your eyes open

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Yellin and Polinia "Are you ready to come back up with us?"

[Valedianna (Mike)] ::walks with Jennevive::

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (arent they in teh crypts?)

[Yellin (Master)] I will take back a report about what happened here

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought they were making the death masks for the two dead friends)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so long ago)

[Yellin (Master)] (yes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good. Then come with us.

Branwyn (Lisa) follows Tristan

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 103'10".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (i'll go back to the crypts to try and get to that access to the church above)

[Master] Yellin moved 22'09".

[Master] Aunt Jennevive, Tristan Elaire, Valedianna and Branwyn moved 41'11".

Branwyn (Lisa) whispers to Tristan "If she makes a report back, perhaps pilgrims will arrive in the future. It is a possibility."

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 26'04".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) whispers to Branwyn "I still haven't figured out what to do with her..."

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 27'03".

[Master] Branwyn moved 22'07".

[Master] Yellin moved 7'09".

[Master] Polinia moved 13'05".

[Master] Valedianna moved 31'07".

[Valedianna (Mike)] we don't want no pilgrims. all they do is cause the natives trouble

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] but that is true

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] but make good turkey

[Master] Aunt Jennevive, Polinia, Tristan Elaire, Valedianna, Yellin and Branwyn moved 75'08".

[Master] Valedianna moved 21'05".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 17'05".

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 21'10".

[Master] Branwyn moved 21'02".

[Master] Polinia moved 22'05".

[Master] Yellin moved 21'04".

[Master] Valedianna, Polinia, Aunt Jennevive, Tristan Elaire, Yellin and Branwyn moved 74'11".

[Master] coming up to the area that Jennevive Turned those ghouls earlier

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Ok guys I need to get the boys to bed

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] then i have a TON of paperwork

[Master] have a great night sir

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If i can i will get on later

[Master] we shall see you next week?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] sorry all

[Branwyn (Lisa)] will be in next week?

[Master] later would be great also

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] hopefully

[Master] good

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] be back if I can

[Branwyn (Lisa)] be safe tomorrow

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] thanks

[Master] yes

Eric has left the game on Fri Jul 11 20:34:56 EDT 2014

[Valedianna (Mike)] are we continueing or switching now that he's gone?

[John Anstett] has joined the game on Fri Jul 11 20:35:31 EDT 2014

[John Anstett] is receiving the map Archway...

[Master] is up to the two of you

[John Anstett] has received the map Archway.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] three

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[Master] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hi John!

John Anstett hey

[Valedianna (Mike)] hey john

John Anstett hello

[Master] door brb

John Anstett I take it we are on EME?

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we have been - eric just left)

John Anstett ah

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (val got us loot and narrowly escaped mummy's curse)

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] b

John Anstett yea!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we discovered? zombies are not good talkers even after death)

John Anstett call me surprized

[Valedianna (Mike)] nope. they're kind of dumb

[Valedianna (Mike)] hence the desire for brains, i suppose

[Valedianna (Mike)] i'd be okay with switching

[Valedianna (Mike)] counting down more days of travel

[Valedianna (Mike)] since this is eric's story, right?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we can continue down ghoul filled halls here or go to camp where Mike's character can't speak and we are on watch)

[Master] true

[Master] John? your input

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (except when it is Lias's story and that doesn't matter)

John Anstett I do not think I can match last times with all the rolls without encounters

[Master] wry grin

[Master] so we switch to Indigo

Lisa is receiving the map Archway...

Lisa has received the map Archway.

John Anstett I feel out of time with the main characters so far back in time, but I am ok either way

[Valedianna (Mike)] imari's inability to speak is temporary

[Valedianna (Mike)] she'll make that roll some day

[Master] Time of Day: 07:04 PM. Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Man {Early Spring} 17th, 343 SKR.

[Valedianna (Mike)] maybe

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I hope so)

John Anstett so healing first

[Valedianna (Mike)] or she'll just be a raven forever.

John Anstett we are at campl

[Master] yes

[Master] so it is the first watch

[Master] healing first John?

[Master] then roll for encounters

John Anstett just looking, need 29 point for full

John Anstett and brother should still have his blesed watchfull on for a couple days

[Indigo (Lisa)] (tmo won't be in for 2 weeks if that matters)

John Anstett i reakly like to pretend the character is here, even when the player is not

John Anstett Brother Fotopoulos targets [Shurkural]]. Distance: 10'10"

John Anstett Brother Fotopoulos casts a spell against [Shurkural]]: Cure Moderate Wounds: You're healed (-1d10-1) [1d10=9] -10 points.

[Master] [Shurkural]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 43 (10) - Lightly Wounded

[[John Anstett] (to GM only)] Character sheet for Brother Fotopoulos modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 2st Level -- Current: 4 (5).

[Master] work out healing and watches, will be right back

John Anstett so rwo orrisons will be 16, 15 for Qui and one more for Shur

John Anstett kuri

[Master] b

[Master] [QuiFon Ruminell]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 34 (15) - Unharmed

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo will take 2nd since he is only non caster)

[Master] [Shurkural]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 44 (1) - Lightly Wounded

John Anstett Miranda and Brother on 1st? Qui on third?

[Master] ok

John Anstett Can Imarri help on third?

[Master] then roll for first

John Anstett Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=14] 14

[Master] and Imari? 2nd with Indigo or 3rd with Qui?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=2] 2

John Anstett brb

[Indigo (Lisa)] (don't let the roll influence you)

[Indigo (Lisa)] :)

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Imari (Mike)] imari can go whenever

[Imari (Mike)] since she's not got to worry about spells

[Master] so 2nd or 3rd?

[Master] flip a coin Mike

John Anstett b

[Master] and?

[Master] Mike?

[Imari (Mike)] sorry

[Imari (Mike)] heads

[Master] A flip of the ol' kLoOge.Coin results in: Tails

[Master] so thrid

[Imari (Mike)] i said heads

[Master] so Indigo is on the middle

[Master] alone

[Master] he has no fire going I am guessing?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no but he can see in dark)

[Imari (Mike)] okay, laundry is done

[Master] no alternertness or observation right?

John Anstett Brother Fotopoulos no longer targets [Shurkural]].

[Imari (Mike)] i swear to god if i don't get my shirts up to hang right away they look like crumpled paper

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no but he is awake)

[Imari (Mike)] do ravens need 8 hours of sleep?

[Master] longer

[Imari (Mike)] can imari take two watches?

[Master] it is wearing but yes

[Master] for right now

[Master] Indigo is on watch

[Master] Imari is perched on the top of the broken tower here

[Master] Imari moved 67'06".

[Imari (Mike)] perching is good

[Master] and Indigo sees a group of 4-6 man sized people (most likely human) moving along the roadway

[Master] heading north

[Indigo (Lisa)] (away from them then)

[Master] they seem to be attempting to move under cover of darkness

[Master] to avoid detection

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we are going south to primsen)

[Master] yes

John Anstett (I want to talk about that)

[Imari (Mike)] we should ambush them

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so is the party approching us or am I watching them already away from us? )

[Master] they are approaching from the south moving north

[Indigo (Lisa)] (john - something to discuss now or later?)

John Anstett (in charter later)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can I see anything about them? they are armed? )

[Master] cannot tell

[Master] they are cloaked

[Indigo (Lisa)] (how far away?)

[Master] Indigo can spot them about a hundred yards away

[Imari (Mike)] he should have the hyppogriff on watch with him

[Indigo (Lisa)] (and we are not hidden - just on side of the road)

[Master] right

Indigo (Lisa) eyes the men unhappily and looks down at the group

John Anstett you should eye the die ;)

Indigo (Lisa) goes quietly over and shakes Miranda awake

[Indigo (Lisa)] Shhhh -- there are half a dozen men approaching.

John Anstett [Miranda Paige]]: CON check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

John Anstett are they in red cloaks?

[Indigo (Lisa)] They're in cloaks probably coming from Primsen

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] /whispers

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can I tell that?)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] it is really dark

[Master] very hard to tell colors in the dark

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) whispers are they carrying torches?

[Master] no

Indigo (Lisa) picks up and tosses a pebble up at the stone near Imari

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) whispers "well I stay up for a bit but will need a light to be of any real use

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] /whispers I hope they want to be left alone like us

[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't have a torch but you can make a fire can't you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] or you can take my pouch with the belt buckle of light in it.

Indigo (Lisa) hands her the small pouch

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) whispers tks, I will wait for your cue

[Indigo (Lisa)] But maybe when they get close we can open it and surprise them

[Indigo (Lisa)] bright light in their faces?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We don't know if they are good or bad

[Master] they are very close now

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) nodds

Indigo (Lisa) looks to see if Imari is awake

[Master] last chance to do something

[Master] appears to be asleep

[Indigo (Lisa)] shine the light at them and we'll say hello

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) are you sure?

[Imari (Mike)] or just let them go

[Imari (Mike)] and if they stop you can talk

[Guard (Master)] AHHHHHHH

[Indigo (Lisa)] they'll probably see us when they pass anyway they'll be right next to us

[Guard (Master)] WHAT THE HELL!!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hello!

[Guard (Master)] WHO ARE YOU!

[Guard (Master)] RUN!

[Guard (Master)] RUN!!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] From what?

[Guard (Master)] and the group starts to run north

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) watches them run by

Indigo (Lisa) watches them running away

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] gmta

[Indigo (Lisa)] Not very friendly

[Imari (Mike)] well that takes care of that

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sorry I woke you Miranda.

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) no problem, I appreciate the concern

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) hands back pouch

[Indigo (Lisa)] Thanks.

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) be well

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) get comfortable

[Indigo (Lisa)] (whenever this kind of stuff happens I always wonder what would have happened if I chose a diffrent way)

[Master] good

[Master] smile

[Master] that is my goal

[Indigo (Lisa)] (iIndigo will pinder the thought for the rest of his watch)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (ponder)

[Master] smile

[Master] and then on third watch

[Master] Qui

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=3] 3

[Master] what is Qui doing for his watch? how is he set up?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] of course

Indigo (Lisa) hands qui the pouch with the light in case he needs it

[Master] and brb rest room break

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can dwarves see in dark?)

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] so how was your solo watch?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (yes)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Strange. Six men in cloaks were coming north from Primsen. Miranda shined the light on them and they yelled and ran away.

Indigo (Lisa) points north away from them "That way"

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] yoou scared the normal folk

[Indigo (Lisa)] I guess so

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] That is a bit if an Omen

[Indigo (Lisa)] but it is strange for men to be travelling that late without torches

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I would say it is a sign we shoulld go North

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] That is true

[Indigo (Lisa)] not sure how they could even see where they were going

[Indigo (Lisa)] We will be very soon

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] But you plan on traveling south first?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Of course. We have to.

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] we do?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We can't leave Jilly so far from home.

[Indigo (Lisa)] And the wagon and the horses that the Queen gave us with the reward money

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I thought we would pick her up later, but I understand, that would take a while

[Indigo (Lisa)] It will take so much longer if we have to walk all the way back to Jistelle.

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] that is just money

[Indigo (Lisa)] I told her we would be back in a few days

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] and if there is any issue with our travel, we may regret it

[Indigo (Lisa)] If we go home without her on foot and then have no horses to come back and get her we could leave her stranded in Primsen with no money for a month!

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] but never leave a woman waiting, that what i was told

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] sleep well, wish me well

[Indigo (Lisa)] Good luck

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] no more goblns

[QuiFon Ruminell]] ([John Anstett]) whistles to Imari

[Master] so Qui

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (yes)

[Imari (Mike)] because that's going to wake her up

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] [QuiFon Ruminell]] moved 71'09".

[Master] fire? or?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (no fire)

[Imari (Mike)] Imari: CON check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Imari (Mike)] you better climb up there to wake her up. lol

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (i can cast a spell if I need to

[Master] so Qui is there

[Master] walking, thinking

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] watching

[Master] adn there are torches coming from the south

[Master] with hoofbeats

[Master] what does Qui do

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] waks to the south a bit to get a better look

[Imari (Mike)] is imari awake?

[Master] and Qui is quickly over taken by a group of horsemen

[Master] men on horseback

[Master] carrying torches

[QuiFon Ruminell]] ([John Anstett]) steps off road

[Indigo (Lisa)] (pitchforks?)

[No Name (Master)] HO THERE!

[No Name (Master)] WHO ARE YOU!

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] Greeting travlers

[No Name (Master)] HALT?!!!!

[No Name (Master)] ROUND UP!

[QuiFon Ruminell]] ([John Anstett]) steps back agaiin

[Guard (Master)] CIRCLE UP

[Guard (Master)] CIRCLE UP

[Guard (Master)] QUARRY

[Guard (Master)] QUARRY

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] NO

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] NO I am not Quarry

[Master] and QUi is surrounded by horsemen

[Master] Imari and Art can make Con checks

[Imari (Mike)] Imari: CON check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] the rest can wait for a moment

[Imari (Mike)] Artiark: CON check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!

[Guard (Master)] a man on a horse comes up close to Qui, waving a torch down to see him closer

[Guard (Master)] WHo are you?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] My name is Qui Fon

[Guard (Master)] What are you doing out here?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] traveling to Primrose

[Guard (Master)] You are not one of the fugatives

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] primsen?

[Guard (Master)] what brings you to our fair city?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] or no, do I look like a prisnor

[Guard (Master)] We are chasing a group of fugitives

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] for a woman, waht else

[Guard (Master)] have you seen them?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] My friend said a few humans were running past to the north

[Guard (Master)] what friend?

[Guard (Master)] HOOOO!@!!!!!!

[Guard (Master)] LOOK AROUND!

[Guard (Master)] THERE IS MOER THAN ONE!

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] He is sleeping, no need to wake him

[Guard (Master)] STAY ALERT!

[Guard (Master)] the group of horsemen starts to spread out

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] Do not hurt them, you wake them they may think you mean harm

[Guard (Master)] WARE!!! WARE!!!

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] surly you do not think I travel alone

[Master] everyone can make a Con check at a +8 now

[Master] to be woken up before getting stomped on by a horse

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] Please do not start a fight for no reason

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] [Miranda Paige]]: CON check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Guard (Master)] WATCH

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] Brother Fotopoulos: CON check: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!

[Guard (Master)] HE CLAIMS ATTACKS

[Guard (Master)] WARE WARE

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: CON check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 [MODIFIED (+8)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 22!!

[Master] Imari and Art?

[Master] everyone is suddenly surrounded by armed horsemen

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I would think you have your hands full chacing the prisnors

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] We are not prisnors

[Indigo (Lisa)] What's going on?

[Master (to GM only)] Guard #6 moved 14'03".

[Master (to GM only)] Guard #5 moved 17'03".

[Master (to GM only)] Guard #4 moved 13'07".

[Master (to GM only)] Guard #3 moved 8'09".

[Master (to GM only)] Guard #2 moved 8'03".

[Master (to GM only)] Guard #1 moved 2'08".

[Imari (Mike)] we're awake already

[Imari (Mike)] made our con checks the first time

[QuiFon Ruminell]] ([John Anstett]) calls out SORRY GUYS

[Master] Guard #5: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=6] 16

[Master] Guard #6: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=5] 15

[Master] Guard #1: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=5] 15

[Master] Guard #2: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=9] 19

[Master] Guard #3: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=8] 18

[Master] Guard #4: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=8] 18

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] Brother Fotopoulos: Initiative: ((d10+10+-1)-10) [1d10=4] 3 [MODIFIED (-10)]

[Imari (Mike)] Artiark: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=6] 16

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] [Miranda Paige]]: Initiative: (d10+10++0) [1d10=3] 13

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] [QuiFon Ruminell]]: Initiative: (d10+10++0) [1d10=5] 15

[Imari (Mike)] Imari: Initiative: (d10+10+0) [1d10=6] 16

[Guard (Master)] KEEP THEM SURROUNDED!!!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Initiative: ((d10+10+-2)-10) [1d10=5] 3 [MODIFIED (-10)]

[Guard (Master)] so the group is surrounded around the campsite here by a set of men on horseback

[Guard (Master)] there are torches dancing in the air

[Guard (Master)] and one of the guards is up close to Qui

[Guard (Master)] staring down at him

[Guard (Master)] Tell me why you are here

[Guard (Master)] who is here with you?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] We are travelig to Primsen, you probably want to talk to the Kight

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] you are really over reacting

[Guard (Master)] what over reaction?

[Guard (Master)] you are hding somethign

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] nope

[Guard (Master)] you saw the fugitives and did not tell us

[Guard (Master)] you are here in the dark with no fire

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I told you we saw humans as soon as you asked

[Guard (Master)] you will come with us for questioning

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] and am I running?

[Imari (Mike)] Imari will remain quiet and watch

[Guard (Master)] gather your things

[Guard (Master)] come with us

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] its right over here

[QuiFon Ruminell]] ([John Anstett]) walks back to camp

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can I hear any of this?)

[Guard (Master)] KEEP YOUR EYS OPEN

[Guard (Master)] (yes they are yelling)

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] Hey Sir Indigo, these people want to talk to use

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] us

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sir? You are after the men that ran by? They ran north. You won't catch them if you take us to Primsen.

[Guard (Master)] Who are you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We'll be there in the morning anyway to see the commandant.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (got disconnected for a sec)

[Guard (Master)] What makes you think the Commandant will see you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sir Indigo a knight of the Queen

[Indigo (Lisa)] Lady Jilly is in Primsen taking care of business for us.

Guard (Master) sucks in his breath

Guard (Master) his horse steps forward

[Indigo (Lisa)] We were tired and did not want to continue our journey so we just stopped here to rest for a bit

[Guard (Master)] stares down at Indigo

[Guard (Master)] You are a knight?

Indigo (Lisa) shows his tabbard up so they can see it

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes

Guard (Master) obviously thinking to himself

Guard (Master) thinking

[Indigo (Lisa)] If we knew the men were fugitives I would have tried to stop them. When I said hello they just took off running.

Guard (Master) nods

[Guard (Master)] very well

[Guard (Master)] Report to the town guards in the morning

[Guard (Master)] RIDE RIDE

[Indigo (Lisa)] We will.

[Guard (Master)] FIND OUR QUARRY!

[Guard (Master)] go

[Guard (Master)] GO

[Indigo (Lisa)] Good luck to you!

[Guard (Master)] GO

Indigo (Lisa) waves at the guards

[Master] and they ride off into the night

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (to Indigo) That was more scary than the Goblins

[Indigo (Lisa)] They just got a bit confused

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hope we didn't hold them up too much.

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I did not want to tell them too much, but....

[Indigo (Lisa)] But with their horses they should catch them

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] Hope I did not keep you up too much

Indigo (Lisa) waves his hand "not at all!"

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I will go back to watch, you go back to sleep

[Indigo (Lisa)] I hope those weren't our horses...

[Indigo (Lisa)] Okay. Wake me again if you need me.

[Master] Time of Day: 07:15 AM. Day 18 See ___ tre, Man {Early Spring} 18th, 343 SKR.

[Master] and in the morning

[Master] [Shurkural]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 46 (2) - Lightly Wounded

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett]) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Brother Fotopoulos modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 2st Level -- Current: 5 (4).

[Master] Miranda does not get spells

[Master] did not get full sleep

[Master] Imari did not get full sleep

[Master] Imari does get another save

[Master] to try to change

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I was hoping miranda didn't use any in last 24 hours)

[Imari (Mike)] imari got full sleep

[Imari (Mike)] she was on third watch and even overslept on that watch

[Master] ok

[Imari (Mike)] Imari: WIL check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Imari (Mike)] woo! finally

[Master] and Iamri wakes up sitting on the top of the tower tehre

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (you got BOB'd)

[Imari (Mike)] ::looks around and whistles for Artiark. When he flies to her she flies him down to the camp and gets dressed::

[Imari (Mike)] "It looks like I am back to human form again."

[Indigo (Lisa)] You're back!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] How did you like it?

[Imari (Mike)] "It is wonderful."

[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't know if I'd want to be a bird because then you would have to eat worms and bugs.

[Imari (Mike)] "I can't wait until I have mastered the transformation and can do it like that man did."

[Imari (Mike)] "Poor Artiark needs to get used to my new self."

[Imari (Mike)] ::pets him::

[Indigo (Lisa)] so now you are going to try to change back tomorrow?

[Imari (Mike)] ::smiles:: I think I need to wait for the next moon cycle."

[Imari (Mike)] "Then I will see how I turn back."

[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh. Okay.

[Imari (Mike)] "Why? Do you prefer me as a bird?"

[Indigo (Lisa)] No! I like it better when I can talk to you.

[Indigo (Lisa)] But I thought you said you had to change back and forth to get to do it like the man did.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I just didn't know how often you could do that.

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's probably better today anyway since we are going into town.

[Imari (Mike)] "I'm not sure yet either."

[Imari (Mike)] "So I think I will wait until the moon dictates I change."

Indigo (Lisa) nods

[Master] 5 more days

[Master] then the 6th day will be the day before a full moon

[Indigo (Lisa)] So we'll still be on the road

[Indigo (Lisa)] Are we ready to go to town?

John Anstett sure

[Master] just a sec my eyes are burning for some reason going to wash them out

[Master] brb

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] ok

[Master] so

[Master] heading into town

John Anstett yes

[Master] you apprach the wall

[Master] the guards recognize Indigo

[Master] and allow you in

[farmer (Master)] Sir?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes?

[farmer (Master)] do you have anything to spare for a man down on his luck?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sure.

Indigo (Lisa) pulls a few coppers out of his pouch and hands them to him

[farmer (Master)] Bless you sir

[farmer (Master)] bless you

[Jilly (Master)] INDIGO!

[Jilly (Master)] youa re back!I

Indigo (Lisa) jumps

[Jilly (Master)] I knew you would come back

[Jilly (Master)] This is such good news

[Jilly (Master)] I mean I fully expected you to come back

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well I said we'd be back.

[Jilly (Master)] did you find...

[Jilly (Master)] um

Jilly (Master) looks around

[Indigo (Lisa)] But you weren't sure?

[Jilly (Master)] did you do what you needed?

[Jilly (Master)] no no

[Jilly (Master)] I bet that you would

[Jilly (Master)] I can make a nice bit of money now

Indigo (Lisa) grins

[Jilly (Master)] the guards in town said you would be dead by now

[Jilly (Master)] no one ever comes back from looking for that secret temple

[Indigo (Lisa)] You told them where we were going!

[Jilly (Master)] I just made a couple of bets

[Jilly (Master)] you were gone a long time

[Jilly (Master)] that was very smart of you

[Jilly (Master)] made everyone think you would not come back at all

[Jilly (Master)] I am very happy you did come back

[Indigo (Lisa)] Errr - yeah

[Indigo (Lisa)] You haven't seen Sir Toybin have you?

[Jilly (Master)] was it exciting?

[Jilly (Master)] was it dangerous?

[Jilly (Master)] what?

[Brother Fotopoulos ([John Anstett])] gambles like you

[Jilly (Master)] why would he be here?

[Jilly (Master)] he would be home with the Queen

[Jilly (Master)] I bet they are expecting a new baby by now

[Jilly (Master)] I already bet it would be a girl

[Indigo (Lisa)] We ... we think we may have seen him or someone who looked like him

[Jilly (Master)] you will bring me back here to collect my winnings right

[Jilly (Master)] I am sure I will win

[Jilly (Master)] it has to be a girl next right?

[Jilly (Master)] no one has two boys in a row

[Brother Fotopoulos ([John Anstett])] we know we saw someone that looks like him

[Jilly (Master)] not a queen anyways

[Jilly (Master)] silly

[Jilly (Master)] you must have been really tired

[Jilly (Master)] dreaming you were home

[Jilly (Master)] I bet that is what it was

[Jilly (Master)] you wanted to be home so bad

[Jilly (Master)] in any case you found it?

[Jilly (Master)] that is really good

[Jilly (Master)] I am very happy

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm ....

[Jilly (Master)] I knew you could do it

[Jilly (Master)] that is great

[Indigo (Lisa)] Let's not talk about that until later, okay?

[Jilly (Master)] wait till the Mistress hears about this

[Jilly (Master)] she will be very happy

[Imari (Mike)] ::nudges Indigo in the back of the head with her elbow:: "I told you."

[Jilly (Master)] OOOOOOOHHHH

[Jilly (Master)] yeah

[Jilly (Master)] shhhhhh

[Imari (Mike)] "Too trusting, little one."

[Jilly (Master)] have to be quiet

[Indigo (Lisa)] Did you get our horses back?

[Jilly (Master)] Oh

[Jilly (Master)] ummm

[Jilly (Master)] sort of

[Jilly (Master)] we got horses back

[Indigo (Lisa)] That was your job while we were away.

[Jilly (Master)] they are not the ones we came with

[Jilly (Master)] but we got our cart

[Jilly (Master)] I made sure that was the same one

[Indigo (Lisa)] Wagon

[Jilly (Master)] right right

[Jilly (Master)] wagon

Jilly (Master) scuffs her foot

[Jilly (Master)] so

[Jilly (Master)] did you find anything fun?

[Jilly (Master)] pretty?

[Indigo (Lisa)] You did good then Jilly.

Jilly (Master) beams

[Indigo (Lisa)] Thank you.

[Jilly (Master)] thank you Indigo

[Jilly (Master)] HUGS him

Indigo (Lisa) squirms around

[Jilly (Master)] I am so happy you are not dead

[Jilly (Master)] I mean

[Jilly (Master)] well

[Jilly (Master)] you know

[Indigo (Lisa)] Me too!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Do you know who those fugitives were last night? We got woken up by them and their hunting party

[Jilly (Master)] the guards are always searching for people

[Indigo (Lisa)] Do we need to see anybody or can we just get our things and go?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We have to see Bert

[Indigo (Lisa)] We need to pay for the cart and mule we lost on the trip.

[Jilly (Master)] OH no

[Indigo (Lisa)] But is that all?

[Jilly (Master)] he loved that mule

[Jilly (Master)] he really did

[Jilly (Master)] it was his only friend

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'm sorry

[Jilly (Master)] well I suppose unless you count the cat

[Imari (Mike)] so did art

[Jilly (Master)] but I have not seen any cat

[Jilly (Master)] he just talks about it a lot

John Anstett I am away from the keyboard.

[Jilly (Master)] but we can go see him

[Indigo (Lisa)] Can you pay him while we get some breakfast?

[Jilly (Master)] I can make you breakfat!

[Jilly (Master)] unless you are going to see that woman again

[Jilly (Master)] is Qui interested in her?

[Jilly (Master)] she is strange

[Jilly (Master)] can you lose your mind when you lose your leg?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I dunno. I was just thinking of eating at the inn while you got our stuff and then we can leave.

[Jilly (Master)] I bet it is hard to lose too many things at once

[Jilly (Master)] maybe if you kept them all tied together

[Jilly (Master)] or in one sack

[Indigo (Lisa)] Your legs?

[Jilly (Master)] then if you lose the sack you lose everything at once

[Jilly (Master)] maybe that is it?

[Jilly (Master)] she lost her sack?

[Jilly (Master)] (grins go and try to follow that!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (impossible)

John Anstett I am back at the keyboard.

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] b

[Jilly (Master)] so what do you want to do?

[Jilly (Master)] Qui is going to see his girlfriend?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I have no interst in chacing "her"

[Imari (Mike)] ::Nudges jully in the back with her spear butt:: "Has anyone told you that you talk too much?"

[Jilly (Master)] OH lots of times

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Jilly is going to pay what we owe and get everything ready to leave while we have some nice cooked food before hitting the road again)

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] we are here to collect our things and go home

[Jilly (Master)] but I always just smile and tell them that they need to listen faster

[Imari (Mike)] "You will learn more by observing than by chattering on like a songbird."

[Imari (Mike)] hey bob, will i get to collect a murder of crows like other were ravens?

[Jilly (Master)] I thought you liked birds?

[Jilly (Master)] (and yes in time)

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (this is the start of a new priesthood)

[Jilly (Master)] LOL

[Master] so you finally manage to get Jilly to gather up your things

[Master] you have a wagon

[Master] and a couple of horses

[Indigo (Lisa)] (a couple?)

[Master] that look like they are more plow horse than warhorse

[Master] two of the horses clearly have the brand of the Queen

[Master] so they were yours

[Master] the others not so much

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] [Miranda Paige]]: Animal Training check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 16!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] (better than nothing)

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] but by late mornign you have what gear and horses Jilly managed to gather for you

[Master] sorry brb my eyes keep burning

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Imari (Mike)] "Let's be on our way."

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (sunblock from earlier? or just too much time on the PC?)

[Imari (Mike)] "I'd like to be closer to your home than further when I change next. That way if it takes a while I will at least be in a safe place."

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] If we are close enough, you can fly ahead with Jilly

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] she will vouch for you

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] not sure why

[Master] I think just tired

[Master] was up at 6

[Master] but want to make sure everyone has everythign that they want out of town before we stop for the night

[Imari (Mike)] me too. then i rolled over and went back to sleep

[Master] before we end I want ot be done in town and back at the archway

[Master] You are here Long Live the King moved 6'08".

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I can not think of anything

[Master] that Overall Map is to give you an idea of how far you have to go

[Master] the boundry map is the close by stuff

[Master] getting back north to Ponce is your first objective

[Master] which is two days north at least

John Anstett not really a second option for travel

[Master] so anything in town?

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Questions? problems?

[Imari (Mike)] i'm good

John Anstett as long as we have food, we should be good

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I'm good)

[Master] so one encounter roll for the way north then

[Imari (Mike)] (d20) [1d20=13] 13

[Master] very good

[Master] and back at the archway with your gear and everything

[Master] you can make it to the crossroads

[Master] by nightfall

John Anstett do we need to stop?

Indigo (Lisa) swings his legs happy to be riding and not walking again

[Indigo (Lisa)] (test)

John Anstett near the tree?

[Master] yes

[Imari (Mike)] no. we will walk straight home

[Imari (Mike)] sleep is for the weak

John Anstett for the week?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Making it to the crossroads is good

[Master] ok

[Master] that is one more encounter roll

John Anstett Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=11] 11

John Anstett that is good right?

[Master] yes

[Master] so it is evening and you are approaching the crossroads

John Anstett I am thinking Brother and Qui on first watch and casting nap on miranda

[Master] Indiog can make a knowledge check

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: KNO check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

[Master] the notice of Looking for Adventurers is still not there, where it used to be posted

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that's because we took it)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (any new signs?)

[Master] nope

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so how much did you win betting on us Jilly?

Jilly (Master) smiles

[Jilly (Master)] opens up her pouch to show several silver pieces

Indigo (Lisa) his jaw drops

[Indigo (Lisa)] Everyone in town must have thought we were dead!

[Jilly (Master)] I did tell them that you had never been in the mountains before

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] excuse me?

[Jilly (Master)] and that the only time you ever saw a giant before was with a huge army to back you up

[Indigo (Lisa)] Did Miss Rodelle bet against us?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Rondelle)

[Jilly (Master)] did you know there are werewolves in teh hills?

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] miss

[Jilly (Master)] at least that is what they said

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] (where)

[Jilly (Master)] OH

[Jilly (Master)] she bet with me

[Jilly (Master)] she thought you were going to come back

Indigo (Lisa) smiles

[Jilly (Master)] she made some gold

[Jilly (Master)] I did not have any gold to wager

[Indigo (Lisa)] I am glad for her

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'm sorry Jilly

[Jilly (Master)] she said that the short humans would know what to do

[Imari (Mike)] brb

[Jilly (Master)] but I said that you would be the one to tell everyone what to do

[Jilly (Master)] but Imari seems a bit strange

[Indigo (Lisa)] That isn't exactly how it turned out

[Jilly (Master)] is she ok?

[Jilly (Master)] you all look a lot more tired than you were

[Jilly (Master)] did you get your sleep?

[Jilly (Master)] did you remember to eat your supper?

[Jilly (Master)] I knew I shoul dhave some with you

[Jilly (Master)] I bet you did not eat supper every night did you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Probably not

[Indigo (Lisa)] But we'll make up for it when we get home.

[Indigo (Lisa)] And Imari is just getting used to herself again.

[Indigo (Lisa)] She's fine.

[Jilly (Master)] When we get home I will make Koorin make you a big pot of soup

[Jilly (Master)] you will like that

QuiFon Ruminell ([John Anstett])] I will like to be home

[Indigo (Lisa)] As long as the whole pot is for me. She can make more pots for everyone else.

[Jilly (Master)] grins happily

[Brother Fotopoulos ([John Anstett])] I have not been home in years , it sems

Indigo (Lisa) nods "It's been a long time"

[Indigo (Lisa)] We just have to make it back to where the towns are and it will be better.

[Indigo (Lisa)] So I guess I will take second watch again

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 200. Next level in 112618.

[Master] Valedianna XP award: 200. Next level in 33525.

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 200. Next level in 12929.

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] XP award: 100. Next level in 14026.

[Master] Imari XP award: 200. Next level in 6652.

[Master] [QuiFon Ruminell]] XP award: 100. Next level in 2532.

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos XP award: 100. Next level in 24046.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 150. Next level in 37471.

[Master] OK

[Master] Time of Day: 07:01 PM. Day 18 See ___ tre, Man {Early Spring} 18th, 343 SKR.

[Master] I am going to halt here

[Master] go watch my eyes again

[Brother Fotopoulos ([John Anstett])] understood

[Master] sorry for cutting it short

[Master] by my eyes are burning

[Brother Fotopoulos ([John Anstett])] wash?

[Master] wash

[Master] yes

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no worries - get some rest)

[Master] look for visine or someting

John Anstett keep an eye on them

[Master] John you and Lisa next week

[Indigo (Lisa)] stick your head under a faucet

John Anstett have a good week all

[Master] Mike is out, TMO is out

[Indigo (Lisa)] eric is hopefully

[Master] night all

[Master] yes

John Anstett ttfn

[Indigo (Lisa)] goodnight

[Master] have a great week

[John Anstett] has left the game on Fri Jul 11 23:01:09 EDT 2014

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jul 11 23:01:11 EDT 2014

Mike has left the game on Fri Jul 11 23:01:28 EDT 2014

XP awarded