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Jul 09 10 - Norjak

[BOB] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jul 09 18:26:57 EDT 2010 ====

[BOB] When I return we will discuss what Kristelle thinks about coming back to life and what task the Temple of Air and Light will be requireing of you

[BOB] but first I must eat drink and potentially be merry

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

Death has joined the game on Fri Jul 09 18:29:18 EDT 2010

Death is receiving the map The Javelin...

Death has received the map The Javelin.

[Death] Hey bob

[Death] so the roofer should be done soon, but i'd rather play from here than show up late

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jul 09 18:46:40 EDT 2010

Lisa is receiving the map The Javelin...

Lisa has received the map The Javelin.

[Death] hey lisa

[Lisa] hello all

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Jul 09 18:49:02 EDT 2010

Kaz is receiving the map The Javelin...

Kaz has received the map The Javelin.

[Kaz] Hey gang!

[Kaz] Sorry, I'm having a time-zone disconnect...

[Death] so kristelle has an opinion on coming back?

[Kaz] Honestly, I'm too tired for Kristelle to have an opinion, but I'll figure it out.

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Spells - CHANGED: Burning Hands -- Expression: A 5' 120 degree arc of flame bursts from my hands dealing {1d3+($L*2)} points of damage! Save for half. (A 5' 120 degre arc of flame bursts from my hands dealing {1d3+($L*2)} points of damage! Save for half.), CHANGED: Lightning Bug -- # Memorized: 2 (1),

[Kaz] This morning, I oh-so gracefully slid the car into a ditch, and it's thrown my entire day out of whack.

[Lisa] OMG - Are you okay?

[Death] ugh. that sucks

[Kaz] Oh yeah, totally fine. I'm unhurt, car is unhurt...

[Lisa] that is good

[Kaz] Just one of those unexpected things that puts a carefully planned day to shreds.

[Kaz] It pretty much happened in slow motion, too. Meh.

[Lisa] have to get it towed out?

[Kaz] Yeah, a wrecker came and pulled me out.

[Kaz] My neighbor's been making fun of me all day, too. :D

[Lisa] lol

[Lisa] makes my day seem not so bad - thank you :)

[Kaz] So, how have you guys been? Had a good week?

[Kaz] My pleasure. You just let me know when you're having a bad day, and I'll be glad to do something really stupid to make it seem better.

[Death] had a roof leak

[Death] minor, but annoying

[Lisa] I'll let you know :)

[Death] roofer is finishing up now

[Kaz] Ooh, a roof leak can turn into a disaster if you don't catch it quickly. Good thing you got it taken care of quickly.

[Death] we've got all the house repair contacts you could ever need.

[Death] so that helps

[Death] we saw last airbender

[Death] it was terrible

[Kaz] I'm not surprised.

[Death] the acting was something that belonged in a b level movie

[Death] the dialogue was choppy

[Kaz] Guy said it would probably suck.

[Lisa] really? were you into the anime and did not stack up or just bad movie?

[Death] and the camera man seemed to love these extreme closeups that just got from the lips to the eyebrows

[Death] just a bad movie. never saw the show

[Lisa] too bad - was hoping it would be good

[Death] us, too

[Death] although a friend told me the show was worth watching.

[Lisa] none of the summer movies seem to be good unless you like toy story type stuff

[Lisa] am just patiently waiting for next harry potter :)

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] sorry on the phone wiht Rob (and was John)

[BOB] brb

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kaz] no worries Bob

[Kaz] omg, I could nap right now. Just put my face on the desk and pass out.

[Kaz] I have to go at 7 and pick up Guy, just so you guys know.

[Lisa] probably will go just as 40 pirates attack :)

[Kaz] of course, could it be any other way?

[Kaz] lol

[Death] i'm so hungry...

[Death] i always wait to order until i'm hungry

[Death] but by then it's too late

[Death] but i got the family discount from the roofer. lol

[Kaz] Hey, that's cool! Never discount the discount.

[Death] we get the family discount from all the repair guys

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] ok

[BOB] sorry for that

[BOB] Checked with John, he is fine with Kaz taking Miranda on a permanent basis

[BOB] Rob was checking in about the Italy trip, and catching up

[BOB] he might be at the Brithday Game also

[Kaz] cool

[BOB] yeah

[BOB] sorry for the accident Kaz

[BOB] glad your day is over Lisa

[Lisa] me too

[BOB] and hope you have lots of buckets Mike

[BOB] and so

[BOB] Kristelle is alive

[Death] why would i need buckets?

[BOB] roof leak

[BOB] Kristelle XP award: 333. Next level in 1658.

[BOB] Branwyn XP award: 333. Next level in 693.

[BOB] Imari XP award: 333. Next level in 11340.

[BOB] so we will pick up at the point of Kristelle coming back

[BOB] I skipped ahead a bit at the end of last week

[BOB] she does not come back from the dead at full hitpoints

[BOB] but there are healers in the Temple

[BOB] and will tend to everyone's wounds

[BOB] Branwyn adn Indigo would take the healing I am sure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (now you tell us - do we have to pay them too?)

[BOB] Imari has no problem with that right? she was healed by Miranda before

[BOB] Branwyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 17 (6) - Unharmed

[BOB] Indigo's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 23 (3) - Unharmed

[Death] she'll be healed

[BOB] Foriso Fairhand's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 25 (4) - Unharmed

[BOB] Imari's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 39 (15) - Unharmed

[BOB] Miranda moved 28'10".

[Death] horaaay

[BOB] and so Kaz? ready?

[Kaz] No, not really

[BOB] good then

[Priestess (BOB)] so my band of Dragonslayers

[BOB] Time of Day: 04:00 PM. Day 14 Be ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 14th, 338 SKR.

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Death] yes?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Priestess, I thank you for returning me to life.

[Priestess (BOB)] I am pleased you are happy to be on this mortal plane

[Priestess (BOB)] I am also glad to see you all refreshed

[Priestess (BOB)] I wish to hear what your plans are

[Priestess (BOB)] where do you seek to go in this world?

[Death] ::shrugs::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We must return to the Jistelle Estates and give the mage what he was requesting of us.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] After that we look for knowledge and training to better our skills wherever that may take us.

[Priestess (BOB)] it is very good to know that you honor your bargains and committments

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That we do

[Priestess (BOB)] I am sure Captain Harkness can deliver you to where you want to go

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He is most anxious to do so

[Priestess (BOB)] I wonder what skills you seek

Kristelle (Kaz) looks around, and gives a small shrug. "To be better at the things we do, but to learn new things, also."

[Death] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I do not know exactly what I wish to know, but when I find something, I will know that I wish to learn of it, if that makes sense.

[Priestess (BOB)] smiles

[Imari (Death)] i don't think i have any training to do

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes you do)

[Imari (Death)] nothing i know that i want though

[Priestess (BOB)]

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (5th level should be training 3rd level priest spells, no?)

[Imari (Death)] oh, i guess i do need that

[Priestess (BOB)] If I can give any guidence to finding a mentor we would be glad to help

[Branwyn (Lisa)] For me priestess, there are new spells I wish to learn but must seek a proper teacher. Does a priestess from the sky know of mages willing to train others?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (actually, Miranda DOES need some priest spell training, but I still need to figure out her profs.)

[Imari (Death)] "I will travel home and find another priest of Partik."

[Priestess (BOB)] those whose skill in magic are few anywhere you go but I am sure somewhere there exists a powerful mage who could share his or her knowledge

[Priestess (BOB)] many of the smaller lodgings are from those who have left the ground to reach for the skies

Miranda (Kaz) speaks up quietly. "I do need to learn some spells to better serve Idun."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A teacher will present himself when the time is right. I have faith in that.

[Priestess (BOB)] looks at Indigo

[Priestess (BOB)] and how does it feel to be a young man amid all these human females?

[Imari (Death)] your a mage, not a priest

[Imari (Death)] no faith for you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not even a tiny bit?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] I should always like to better myself but with everything that has happened to us, have not given it much thought.

[Imari (Death)] i think imari needs to learn how to fly

[Imari (Death)] we need a flight proficiency

[Priestess (BOB)] (smile will put that request in, think you want to find a ring of flying first though)

[Priestess (BOB)] I do have a task for you that you can perform for the Temple

[Priestess (BOB)] There are two ladies we would like you to find for us

[Priestess (BOB)] Anne Bonney and Mary Reade

[Priestess (BOB)] they are on board the ship Vanity

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Air ship?

[Priestess (BOB)] smiles, if we knew all the details we would not require your assistance in performing this task

[Priestess (BOB)] they have managed to aquire an artifact from the Temple that we woudl like returned

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They have stole from you?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((seriously, the priestess knows the name of the ship but not if it's an air ship?))

[Priestess (BOB)] they are not able to be found at the moment

[Priestess (BOB)] there are several options, they are in disquis

[Priestess (BOB)] they are in teh Mists over the swamps

[Priestess (BOB)] they have left this Plane

[Priestess (BOB)] we do not know

[Priestess (BOB)] if we find any additional information we will attempt to pass it along to you

[Imari (Death)] had to get food

[Priestess (BOB)] but your charge is to find and return this artifact to the Temple

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What sort of artifact to they carry? So that we may be sure they have it with them when we return them to you

[Priestess (BOB)] we do not need them to return

[Priestess (BOB)] you may do what you wish with them

[Imari (Death)] well, the swamps are more or less home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What is the artifact?

[Priestess (BOB)] a bowl of wind

[Branwyn (Lisa)] wind may be contained in a bowl?

[Priestess (BOB)] it is carved of ivory

[Kristelle (Kaz)] How can you be surprised, Branwyn? We are on an island of land floating in the air!

[Priestess (BOB)] from an ancient dragon's wing bone

Kristelle (Kaz) nods seriously to the priestess.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] What can you tell us, if anything, about the women that might help us to identify them?

[Priestess (BOB)] that is what we know of the tale so far

[Priestess (BOB)] we do not know how they aquired the artifact

[Priestess (BOB)] nor where they are

[Priestess (BOB)] we have learned of their names and the name of thier ship

[Imari (Death)] dragon wings are ivory??? man, we should have harvested all those dragons we killed

[Priestess (BOB)] (all ivory is is special bone material)

[Priestess (BOB)] if we learn of additional information we will pass it along to you

[Imari (Death)] i wonder if young ivory is worth more. we could go kill baby dragons for it

[Indigo (Lisa)] But, but how will you know where we are to give us such information?

[Priestess (BOB)] I will give you a token

[Priestess (BOB)] that will allow me to find you

[Priestess (BOB)] not everywhere, as young Raven Imari says you are home in the swamps and the Mists hide much

[Priestess (BOB)] but I do have faith, nods at Branwyn, that when I need to find you we will

[Priestess (BOB)] she hands over a small crystal sphere

[Imari (Death)] ::nods::

[Priestess (BOB)] is there anything else you wish from the Temple?

[Priestess (BOB)] you are invited to stay to watch the sunset if you wish

[Imari (Death)] an item of flight

[Priestess (BOB)] what sort of item?

[Priestess (BOB)] she holds up a black feather

[Imari (Death)] ring, cloak, piniata

[Imari (Death)] anything would be fun.

[Imari (Death)] being able to fly is useful

[Priestess (BOB)] I do not think you wish to pay the price for such frivolities

[Priestess (BOB)] when there are so many other things in your future

[Imari (Death)] im ooc bob

[Imari (Death)] no quotes

[Priestess (BOB)] ok

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I have to go get Guy now... back in a little bit!

[Priestess (BOB)] ok

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Priestess (BOB)] is there anything else you wanted here at the Temple then?

[Priestess (BOB)] or pushing off and heading to the Estates?

[BOB] you have spent almost a day here

[BOB] it will be by the time you leave

[Imari (Death)] estates

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (leaving sounds good)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you again priestess for all you have done for us, but we must be going home.

[BOB] she gives a slight bow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps the next time we visit you we may stay longer.

Branwyn (Lisa) bows to priestess

[BOB] and so you all return to the ship

[BOB] staying till sunset?

[BOB] enjoying the view?

[Imari (Death)] i don't see a reason to

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we can have a night battle?)

[BOB] chuckles

[BOB] the Estates are several hours away to the South

[BOB] was an overnight flight to the castle then you went north from there

[BOB] to reach the Temple

[BOB] you are out of the Mists totally right now

[BOB] if you wanted to drop people off along the way you could do that too

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I can see clearly now, the mist is gone)

[BOB] laughs

[BOB] I can see all obstacles in my way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (who do we want to drop off?)

[BOB] Miranda could go to Loosend

[BOB] for her training

[BOB] would save her a week of traveling to get there

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (does the captain want to be the dragonslayer taxi service?)

[Imari (Death)] by the way, on an unrelated note, did either of you see the news on the solar plane?

[BOB] it is on the way

[BOB] and yes that was a very cool story

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (heard about it)

[Imari (Death)] we can now fly indefinately.

[BOB] almost

[Imari (Death)] no no, not almost

[BOB] the Air Force apparently has something that can really do that

[BOB] has been up in space for several weeks now

[Imari (Death)] it got enough extra power through the day to power it through the night

[Imari (Death)] because it's got some huge ass wings

[BOB] that and there is zero heat

[Imari (Death)] well, yeah. in space there is no heat

[BOB] his water froze and his ipod broke because of the cold

[Imari (Death)] and you can fly forever.

[BOB] no the solar plane

[Imari (Death)] oh. lol

[BOB] the secret space plane no one really knows about

[BOB] except that some amature astromers started calling around

[BOB] talking about a new space craft they found and teh govt has to fess up and say it was theirs

[Imari (Death)] it's not like it's all that surprising. ametures with that x project competition have started doing it

[BOB] nods

[Imari (Death)] so we're dropping off bran for training?

[BOB] Miranda

[BOB] Bran has no one to train with

[Imari (Death)] and imari, and crew head back ot the estates

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (does she need money?)

[BOB] yes

[Imari (Death)] right. and how does miranda catch up with us again?

[BOB] she walks

[BOB] is a weeks travel from Loosend to teh Estates

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we haven't added it up and divvied it up between us)

[BOB] roughly that much for Imari too, from the Estates to home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I say let her wait til we have everything figured out cash wise)

[BOB] when guy gets here he can do some apraising for you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what is one week at this point, especially if Imari has to do it too?)

[BOB] do you have a rough idea of what you want to actually do for that training

[BOB] did you look at the training Page Mike?

[Imari (Death)] well i'd have to do two. one there, one back i guess

[Imari (Death)] nope

[BOB] Lisa updated it a bit ago

[BOB] I updated Inigo's level last week

[Imari (Death)] what's it got on it that's new?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just says priest level training Mike)

[BOB] I will go use the restroom to empty and then to the fridge to refill and be back in a short bit

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and whatever NWP you want but is when you want them)

[Imari (Death)] not sure what i want

[Imari (Death)] i also have a weapon slot

[Imari (Death)] might take a style with it rather than a weapon

[Imari (Death)] wish kaz was back

[Imari (Death)] i want to take indigo with me to train

[Imari (Death)] show off the new recruit

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol - she just left)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (why do you need Kaz for that?)

[Imari (Death)] isn't he her henchman?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he's mine

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Miranda's hers

[Imari (Death)] oh... right. well then, i want indigo to go with me

[Imari (Death)] be might be a good bargaining chip to lower the cost of training

[Imari (Death)] lookit the good priest teaching new followers the ways of our god

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you're going to convert him?)

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[Imari (Death)] sure am. already got him a necklace

[Imari (Death)] he's halfway there

[BOB] training for the Shardik pantheon is a bit different remember Mike

[Imari (Death)] just need to get him to put some feathers in his hair

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo does like you very much - as long as he thinks Branwyn is safe, he may want to go)

[BOB] you have to "pay it forward"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (He would not like that at all)

[Imari (Death)] ah. yes.

[BOB] so yes converting Indigo would be a good payback for Imari's first training

[Imari (Death)] well, she's training a new follower. and hasn't met a younger priest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how would that affect Indigo besides a personality shift?)

[BOB] he is not a priest

[BOB] so not even a personality shift really

[BOB] just further development for him

[BOB] but zero game mechanic changes for him

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but he could not get trained himself while following Imari - will have to think)

[BOB] he might be able to

[BOB] depends on what he wants to learn

[Imari (Death)] does he need training?

[BOB] there are training among the clans

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (don't 3rd level fighters get a new weapon and non-weapon proficiency?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (have to look it up)

[Imari (Death)] we'll turn indigo into a little barbarian yet

[BOB] chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (would not be a desperate need but would be nice if he could get stronger)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[BOB] can not change stats with proficiences

[BOB] need magic for that

[BOB] but the NWP endurance

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I did not mean his strength level)

[BOB] or things like that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry - have to watch my wording)

[BOB] is ok just making sure you understand

[BOB] is good to ask

[Imari (Death)] you know what you want him to train?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no he just got 3rd level last week and I didn't work anything out in my head yet)

[Imari (Death)] you could do another level of his main weapon

[Imari (Death)] it'll add to hit and damage

[BOB] that would mean Mastery

[BOB] he is already specialized

[Imari (Death)] hm.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (would have to find a master short swordsman, correct?)

[Imari (Death)] isn't there a level requirement for that?

[BOB] yes

[BOB] to both

[Imari (Death)] maybe his weapon style, then?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (will play around with it - most likely will not get that far tonight anyway)

[BOB] weapon mastery is 1 slot and 5th level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that will be a long time away)

[BOB] just have to keep one weapon slot open

[BOB] you will not earn another one until 6thlevel

[BOB] so if that is the way you want to go then you need to keep the one you have open now and not fill it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (another light year away for poor Indigo)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (why do I feel a pressure to decide now?)

[BOB] this is a good time to kick around ideas

[BOB] no pressure to make final choices

[BOB] that comes later on tonight or next week, wry grin

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we are waiting for Kaz and Guy?)

[Imari (Death)] you could wait until he hits fifth

[BOB] I did think it unfair to attack the ship with only the 2(3) of you on it

[Imari (Death)] just leave it open

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I could very easily - just don't know what the options are at this very moment)

[BOB] for your weapon slot, you can use that at 5th for Mastery level in short sword, or you can use it now to learn a new weapon from scratch or you can use it on somethign like a style specialization or the artillerist skill

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (If he waits, he could go with Imari to Partik and he would have a fun time of it)

[BOB] nods

[BOB] and you still have an open Non Weapon slot too right?

[BOB] or does that come at 4th level?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes - 3rd)

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so you have one slot to train for NWP

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] and one WP slot you want to leave open for now

[Kristelle (Kaz)] back, and Guy is on his way in

[BOB] and very good

[BOB] glad you avoided the ditch this time

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (his current ones aren't very useful)

[Imari (Death)] with a second slot of two weapon he could fight with two short swords and no penalty

Guy has joined the game on Fri Jul 09 20:33:23 EDT 2010

Guy is receiving the map The Javelin...

[Imari (Death)] hey guy

Guy has received the map The Javelin.

[BOB] Welcome Guy

[Guy] howdy all

[Imari (Death) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Imari modified:

[Imari (Death)] or he could get obs

[BOB] Lisa I think for Indigo you are better off just looking at the Non Weapon stuff

[BOB] and if you decide later you do not want to go for Mastery

[BOB] you can always use that open Weapon slot for something else

[Imari (Death)] i'd do either observation or swimming personally

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (swimming would be nice)

[BOB] who knows how to swim in the group? and more importantly are you a trainer?

[BOB] and Guy are you mostly caught up to where things are now?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I'm a planner type person - must look at all options and weight them - major pain in the ass)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Kristelle can swim))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I can swim and no I cannot teach anyone anything)

[Imari (Death)] imari knows how

[BOB] Imari is not a trainer though

[BOB] how about Kristelle?

[Imari (Death)] nope

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I don't remember - don't think so, though))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Guy is still catching up))

[BOB] thought you might have left him in the ditch

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Bite me))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (( ;-p ))

[BOB] grins

[Guy] ok im all caught up finally

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (welcome back)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Kristelle wanted to get Expertise, can't decide on whether to go Long Sword or Polearm. Any suggestions?))

[BOB] OK, so first choice actually

[BOB] Kristelle

[BOB] do you want to take on Miranda as a Henchman

[BOB] and what are you going to offer her as an inducement

[Imari (Death)] what have you used most?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((we need a healer, so if she'll stay on, then yes))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Long sword, Mike, because I get two attacks that way))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we won't kill her if she says no?)

[BOB] chuckles

[Imari (Death)] why do you get two with the sword and not the spear?

[BOB] the example of Indigo, you saved from slavery, healed him, offered him a place in the group and pay for his training and needs

[BOB] so what does Kristelle have to offer Miranda?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I don't know, what do I have to offer as an inducement? She can stay with her friends, or she can go her own way. It's not like she wasn't already part of the party.))

[BOB] she might stay with the party but would be an NPC follower

[BOB] camp follower, someone you hire

[BOB] pay her X ammount of GP a month, like any mercenary unit

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((She already HAS a place in the group, and we'd still pay her training and needs. What else is there?))

[BOB] ok

[BOB] those are good inducement

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Mike, I have dual-wield (I think) for long swords, and use two of them, hence the two attacks. Polearm I only have one.))

[BOB] I am just reiterating options, I do beleive your prefered choice is to take her on as a henchman so she goes up in level with the group, etc

[Imari (Death)] ahhh

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((If it's not dual-wield, it's whatever allows me to carry and use two long swords at the same time. Two-handed, maybe))

[BOB] so Kaz you roll a D20

[BOB] you want low

[Kristelle (Kaz)] (1d20) [1d20=7] 7

[BOB] ok

[Imari (Death)] you've got all you can get for dual weilding

[BOB] that modified by your Cha is enough

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Yay))

[BOB] so Miranda is officially with Kristelle

[BOB] you can take over the Miranda's Diary page

[BOB] etc also

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Mike, can learn Expertise for one of my weapons, which gives me an additional attack every other round.))

[Imari (Death)] so i'd say specializing in long sword is a good move

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((ok Bob))

[BOB] she cannot specialize

[BOB] is the choice of Epertise or Weapon of Choice

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((It's not specialize, it's expertise

[BOB] expertise gives more attacks

[BOB] weapon of choice gives a +1 to attack

[Imari (Death)] expertise

[Imari (Death)] then mastery

[Imari (Death)] but not grand mastery

[BOB] can not do mastery

[Imari (Death)] that's retarded

[Imari (Death)] why not?

[Imari (Death)] she's a warrior class

[BOB] only single classed fighters

[BOB] she is a ranger

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like that extra whack Indigo gets to take every other round)


[BOB] so now that we know Miranda is staying

[BOB] next question

[BOB] do you want an Pirate encounter?

[BOB] I am willing to forego it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we have a choice?? loll)

[BOB] to get you back to the Estates tonight

[BOB] with no further incidents

[Imari (Death)] you're the dm

[BOB] grins

[BOB] is up to you

[BOB] I have an encounter

[BOB] but can drop it

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] move you right to the estates

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((we are ninjas! we must kill pirates!!!!!!!!))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can't decide - don't want to wimp out, but would like to arrive home alive)

[BOB] it is not wimping out

[Imari (Death)] screw that. i'm all pirate

[BOB] there is a chance you could die

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I also have mixed feelings.))

[BOB] you could get boarded and loose your loot too

[BOB] lose

[Imari (Death)] you're the dm

[Imari (Death)] i'm not saying anything one way or another

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((part of me would rather they left us alone, then later we hear they attacked when the mage was aboard, and threw him over the side and left.))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (( isnt there also a chance that we could kill thnem and get all thier uberleet loot))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Bob, seriously, do it however you want to do it. We're up for either way.))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (having trouble saying take the easy way home though)

[BOB] Kristelle, Miranda, Imari, Indigo and Branwyn moved 24'10".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Hon, since when has there ever been uberleet loot?))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ( how about one priate with a peg leg?)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((LOL))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (cantrip termites)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((rofl))

[BOB] Javelin moved 82'01".

[BOB] Javelin moved 11'11".

[BOB] Javelin moved 8'09".

[Imari (Death)] zone of sweet air, they won't be able to enter it with their stink

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((hehehe))

[BOB] Javelin moved 6'00".

[BOB] Ok, so Pirates it is

[BOB] eveyrone is fully up on hit points and spells

[BOB] make your final selections now

[BOB] Time of Day: 03:00 AM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 15th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] early in the morning just as the sun is coming out in the east

[BOB] Time of Day: 04:00 AM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 15th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] the captain calls out and wakes everyone


[Imari (Death)] hang on.

[Imari (Death)] a/c problem

[BOB] Lisa are your spells ready?

[BOB] Kaz you ready with Miranda's spells?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((be vewwy vewwy quiet we're hunting piwates)))

[BOB] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (guess so - can't do much at a distance)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Well, there is some missile stuff that Foriso and Miranda can do))

[BOB] as long as you have yoru spells pick up

[BOB] picked out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (branwyn can unlock all doors on enemy ship - twice! she's ready)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((ROFL))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (((or better yet unbuckle all the pirates belts and let their pants fall down))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Ready as I'll be, I guess.))

[BOB] you know your ranges that you can work at?

[BOB] how far away can you cast etc

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((with the slings, do you mean?))

[BOB] that and spells

[BOB] slings are only like 30 feet

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ooh knock is reversible and works 60 yds away - can lock all their doors)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Don't you have a lightning spell, Lisa?))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (anyone in a cabin is screwed)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lightning bug - have to check range but only work on one person)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (55 yds away)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Miranda doesn't have a ton of combat-helpful spells. Bu she CAN create a 30 foot square of fog to conceal our own ship movements))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (says one creature or target - could blast sails as a target?)

[BOB] yes

[BOB] can try to catch them on fire

[BOB] magic missle for example only works on a creature so will not affect a ship

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (didn't take those this morning but have 2 lightning bugs and 1 sleep)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Going for the sails is a good idea. You can zap them and we can try to put holes in them with bullets.))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((or we could go for whomever is steering their ship))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((With the bullets, that is - still zap the sails))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sure)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how far does Imari's spiritual hammer fly?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like that hammer of hers)

[BOB] does Miranda have it as well?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (think it is 2nd level)

[BOB] ok

[BOB] another reason to get her trained, grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yup)

[BOB] ten yards per level on hammer by the way

[Imari (Death)] son of a bitch

[Imari (Death)] a/c broke

[BOB] that stinks

[BOB] broke in what way?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh no! house is falling apart)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Oh, man... that totally sucks, Mike))

[Imari (Death)] yeah. the outside unit is shot

[Imari (Death)] the fan's not turning, but you can hear the motor trying ot turn. makes that high pitched hum

[BOB] might only be a belt

[BOB] leave it off

[Imari (Death)] yup

[BOB] try restarting it in the morning

[Imari (Death)] we're gonna go to my mom's tonight

[Imari (Death)] and the a/c guy is going to swing by tomorrow to look at it

[BOB] you really do have a roladex to have an AC guy at 9 pm on a friday

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you called an a/c guy after 9 pm?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Imari (Death)] yup

[Imari (Death)] my mom's in property management

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (family discount?)

[Imari (Death)] we've got it all

[BOB] grins

[Imari (Death)] i suppose if you have to have a crisis at least i have people i can trust.

[BOB] ok, will give you all 2 more minutes to batten down the hatches

[Imari (Death)] so anyway, where are we?

[BOB] and prepare

[Imari (Death)] just aproaching?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we were talking about your spiritual hammer - works at 50 yds away for you)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Are our two chests belowdecks or on the top deck?))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (in case you wanted to lay it down on someone)

[Imari (Death)] sounds good

[Imari (Death)] i'd guess they'll have archers

[BOB] you cna have them below or above which ever you wish

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we want cursed chest up with us please)

[Imari (Death)] below

[Imari (Death)] hell yeah

[Imari (Death)] that'd be awesome

[Imari (Death)] heck, as they aproach let's just flash 'em

[Imari (Death)] i bet we get some guys before they even get on board

[Imari (Death)] we need to keep this chest

[Imari (Death)] it's one of the best magic weapons we've found.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[BOB] lol

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] lol

[BOB] ok, so ready

[BOB] set

[BOB] Pirate Ship moved 1'07".

[BOB] Pirate Ship moved 1'05".

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((TWO ships? SHEESH!))

[BOB] the scale is not right for this map but wanted you to have something you could see as an overview

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((That's fine Bob, just let us know how far they actually are))

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] Going to gain altitude

[Imari (Death)] ...maybe they're after each other?

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] try to keep above them

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] if you have anything

[BOB] and the Javelin starts to gain altitude

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] If we are above them that should help with our slings and arrows

[BOB] the upper ship looks to be attempting to do the same thing

[BOB] both of the other ones are sails not dirigables

[BOB] so are smaller ships

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((what's the true distance?))

[BOB] you are about 500 yards apart right now

[BOB] they are between you and the rising sun

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can we outrun them Captain?

[Imari (Death)] i'm not seeing any great spell ideas in my bag of tricks

[Imari (Death)] we need some fire

[BOB] Captain Harkness tries to stear to Starboard at the same time as he is gaining in alltidute

[BOB] (1d20) [1d20=17] 17

[Imari (Death)] just burn their sails

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Mike, doesn't Imari have some Hand Of Fire spell, or something like it, to put on a weapon?))

[BOB] the Javelin shudders a bit but he is able to pull it back in line

[BOB] Javelin moved 3'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Imari modified: Spells - CHANGED: Zone of Sweet Air -- Expression: Gas can't enter an area of up to 10' cubes for the next turns. (Gases are kept out of a {$L*10} ft cube for turns.),

[BOB] Pirate Ship moved 5'05".

[Imari (Death)] nope

[Imari (Death)] no fire

[Imari (Death)] no lightning

[Imari (Death)] just lots of chaos

[Imari (Death)] well, anti chaos

[BOB] Pirate Ship B moved 1'08".

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] what about using your hammer to take out one of the rudders?

[BOB] Pirate Ship A moved 4'09".

[BOB] Pirate ship A has dropped a bit below you now

[BOB] can not gain as fast as you can

[Imari (Death)] i suppose that could work

[BOB] they are about 300 yards away

[BOB] but ship B is getting closer

[BOB] the wind is favorable for them

[BOB] and they are only 200 yards away now

[BOB] and closing fast

[BOB] will be less than 5 minutes and they will be in ramming range

[BOB] Pirate Ship B moved 1'08".

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] how long before we can try to take out their sail?

[BOB] what is your longest range?

[Imari (Death)] apparently 50 yards

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (55 yds for my lightning bug spell)

[BOB] and no bows in the group right?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (correct)

[BOB] Time of Day: 04:15 AM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 15th, 338 SKR.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((slings mostly))

[Imari (Death)] "Captain, what is a piece of the ship that could be damaged to stop it from following us?"

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] taking out the sails would be helpful

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] or the captain

[Imari (Death)] "What lines should I cut?"

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] any rigging lines to the sails will hinder them if they are cut

[Imari (Death)] ::nods::

[Imari (Death)] then at 50 yards i want to start cutting lines with my spiritual dagger, bob

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] can someone man that ballista?

[Imari (Death)] starting with lines attached to the main sails

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] you all have the ship schematic now

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Ill give it a try

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] there is the small catapult/balista up front

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] and there is the ramming horn

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] if I need to smash one I will

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] if you can take out the upper one

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] I will dive towards the lower one and ram them

[BOB] Time of Day: 04:30 AM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 15th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] Javelin moved 2'05".

[BOB] Pirate Ship A moved 2'07".

[BOB] Pirate Ship B moved 1'06".

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] ok, and they are at 60 yards and closing

[BOB] you have two rounds to do as much damage as you can to ship B

[BOB] before they get close enough to ram or board you

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((what do i roll for the ballista?))

[BOB] ship A is still about 100 yards away

[Imari (Death)] i guess that means two attacks with the dagger

[BOB] you are non proficient

[Imari (Death)] what ac?

[BOB] lines are AC 2

[BOB] sails are AC 4

[BOB] the hull is AC 4

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so what is range of ballista?)

[Imari (Death)] can i do an attack that just cuts long ass cuts through the sails?

[BOB] yes to Imari

[Imari (Death)] or would sail attacks just be little holes?

[BOB] they would be long gashes

[Imari (Death)] okay, so a successful attack to a sail would slow them.

[BOB] and Foriso just rolls a d20

[BOB] want a high number

[Imari (Death)] Imari: Attack: Spiritual Dagger: (18-(d20+1)) [1d20=19] -2

[Imari (Death)] Imari: Attack: Spiritual Dagger: (18-(d20+1)) [1d20=4] 13

[Imari (Death)] i guess one hit

[BOB] and we will see what happens for that

[BOB] and yes that is one hit for how much damage?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] k

[BOB] and Branwyn can cast her lightning bug

[BOB] they are in range for that

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (1d20) [1d20=6] 6

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (casting on sails)

[BOB] ok

[BOB] and that is a miss Foriso

[Imari (Death)] Imari: Damage v L: Spiritual Dagger: ((1d4)+1) [1d4=3] 4 [MODIFIED (+1)]

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((just a bit outside))

[BOB] you do manage to get the missle out and not hit your own ship

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against : Lightning Bug: a missile of electrical energy shoots forth, doing (1d6+1+1*4) [1d6=4] 9 points of damage up to +10. It's damage can be transferred through any conductor that touches the body.

[BOB] but it just feeblly arcs over and down

[BOB] and that is 13 points of damage so far

[BOB] total

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against : Lightning Bug: a missile of electrical energy shoots forth, doing (1d6+1+1*4) [1d6=6] 11 points of damage up to +10. It's damage can be transferred through any conductor that touches the body.

[BOB] and the ship swerves a bit but you hit it again

[BOB] and that is 24 points of damage to the sails now

[BOB] (1d20) [1d20=20] 20

[BOB] and the captain SPINS the ships wheel hard to starboard and tries to escape

[BOB] Pirate Ship B moved 2'04".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((pirate captain?))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (are they close enough for slings now?)

[BOB] and Captain Harkness calls out DIVE

[BOB] (1d20) [1d20=11] 11

[BOB] and he sends the Javelin into a dive towards the other ship

[BOB] (1d20) [1d20=12] 12

[BOB] wow

[BOB] and the other captain tries to avoid the attack

[BOB] (1d20) [1d20=13] 13

[BOB] Ok

[BOB] so you all grab onto the railings or a rope

[BOB] the Javelin TILTS downward

[BOB] and suddenly drops in altitude

[Imari (Death)] i'm claiming that is what threw off my second attack

[BOB] the other pirate ship sees the adjustment

[Imari (Death)] let me know when i can make another attack

[BOB] and tries to steer to port to avoid the ramming attempt

[BOB] Pirate Ship A moved 1'06".

[BOB] Javelin moved 2'10".

[BOB] the Javelin RIPS through the upper sails of the pirate ship

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((so we cl;ose enough for slings?))

[BOB] you are at 20 yards now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yay)

[BOB] they are directly below you

[Imari (Death)] can i attack again?

[BOB] but y ou are going in opposite directions

[BOB] yes

[BOB] Time of Day: 04:45 AM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 15th, 338 SKR.

[BOB] if you have another spell

[BOB] the first one has expired

[Imari (Death)] how?

[BOB] it has been almost 5 turns that the battle started

[Imari (Death)] it has an 8 round duration, and i get one attack a round

[Imari (Death)] i cast it when they were 50 yards away

[BOB] that was the other ship

[BOB] and more than ten mintues ago

[Imari (Death)] so we lost the first ship?

[BOB] they ran away

[Imari (Death)] sorry, missed that.

[Imari (Death)] then yes, i have a second spell

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((like little girly men))

[BOB] from your anslaut

[BOB] on

[Imari (Death)] Imari casts a spell against : Spiritual Hammer: I summon forth a magical hammer which flies around and hits things for (3+5) 8 rounds.

[Imari (Death)] Imari casts a spell against : Spiritual Hammer: I summon forth a magical hammer which flies around and hits things for (3+5) 8 rounds.

[Imari (Death)] one attack?

[BOB] yes

[BOB] one attack right now

[Imari (Death)] Imari: Attack: Spiritual Dagger: (18-(d20+1)) [1d20=8] 9

[BOB] anyone who wants can

[BOB] so 9 more to thier sails

[BOB] anyone else?

[Imari (Death)] that was my attack

[Imari (Death)] it hit ac 9

[BOB] oh

[BOB] sorry

[BOB] so that is a miss

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((close enough for slings, Bob?))

[BOB] yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I don't have anything useful anymore at this point)

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((just attack without target, Bob?__

[BOB] yes

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Foriso Fairhand: Attack: Sling: (19-(d20+0)) [1d20=15] 4

[BOB] that is a hit

[Miranda (Kaz)] Miranda: Attack: Sling Stone: (20-(d20+0)) [1d20=12] 8

[BOB] that is a miss

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((how many attacks do we gtet?))

[BOB] 1

[BOB] damage for Foriso?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (small mdm or lg?)

[BOB] large

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Foriso Fairhand: Damage v L: Sling: (1d1-1) [1d1=1] 0

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((*blink*))

[BOB] sling stone or bullet guy

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Foriso Fairhand: Damage v L: Sling Bullet: (1d6+1) [1d6=5] 6

[BOB] you folled damage for teh sling it self

[BOB] there you go

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (( i saw afterwards what i did))

[BOB] is why the damage is set up that way

[BOB] grins

[BOB] so 6 more points of damage to thier ship

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((I did my attack roll with the sling stone. That is still the same?))

[BOB] yes Kaz

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((okay))

[BOB] Javelin moved 5'09".

[BOB] Pirate Ship A moved 3'00".

[BOB] Captain Harkness looks around

[BOB] as you drop past the ship

[BOB] guaging its damage

[BOB] then shakes his head

[BOB] and says, Not going to turn to chase folks, lets keep on going

[Imari (Death)] do i get another attack?

[BOB] yes to mike

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Beautiful manuveurs Captain. How is the Javelin holding up?

[Imari (Death)] Imari: Attack: Spiritual Dagger: (18-(d20+1)) [1d20=4] 13

[Miranda (Kaz)] Captain, will they chase us?

[Imari (Death)] durn it

[BOB] She can take the fight to them

[BOB] but I don't want to waste the fuel chasing them

[Imari (Death)] if we were higher level i'd say let's capture it

[Imari (Death)] use it ourselves

[BOB] as the other ships receed into the distance

[BOB] the Javelin levels off

[Imari (Death)] but i think at our point in our careers getting away unscathed is pretty good

[Miranda (Kaz)] I wouldn't ask you to waste fuel to chase them. That was some fancy flying, indeed.

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((I agree, Mike. The other DS would probably love to have a flying ship))

[BOB] Nods, a quick thank you

[BOB] and then loses more altitude

[Imari (Death)] nah. wouldn't fit through the pool

[Imari (Death)] they'd toss it aside like a lame horse

[BOB] will have you back at the Keep on the Estates in a couple more hours

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((true, they ARE spoiled.))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So, Captain, now that things have settled down, ever hear of a ship called the Vanity?

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] it does not ring any bells

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] where do they sail from?

[Miranda (Kaz)] We do not know

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] Sky Captain? or water

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] what sort of ship?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Don't know. Wouldn't mind finding it though.

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] well the place to find out about any ship is Rivers Bend

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] them or Dryad's Lair have the biggest harbors this side of the 5 seas

Indigo (Lisa) Indigo's ears prick up at the name.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I know of the harbor at River's Bend and some people who work there. It's where I learned to repair ships.

[Imari (Death)] "Then we can start there when we are done training."

[Kristelle (Kaz)] How far is it from the Estates, Indigo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I am not good with distances. I came to this area as a prisoner and was not aware of my surroundings at the time.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Understandable.

[BOB] Chest # 2 moved 26'00".

[BOB] Chest #1 moved 28'09".

[BOB] Captain Harkness moved 21'08".

[BOB] Miranda moved 11'03".

[BOB] Imari moved 8'06".

[BOB] Branwyn moved 14'08".

[BOB] Indigo moved 12'01".

[BOB] Foriso Fairhand moved 6'07".

[BOB] Kristelle moved 9'08".

[BOB] Medoro moved 14'06".

[BOB] Missus Mosskin moved 23'01".

[BOB] Arahael Mosskin moved 28'09".

[BOB] Mage Yullote targets Missus Mosskin. Distance: 4'10"

[BOB] Mage Yullote no longer targets Missus Mosskin.

[BOB] Mage Yullote moved 21'11".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Bob - you always move us without telling us you are doing it)

[BOB] Time of Day: 06:30 PM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Spe {Early Fall} 15th, 338 SKR.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we didn't get a chance to de-trap and look in that chest)

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] you can now

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] you are stll on the ship

[Captain Harkness (BOB)] no problem with that

[BOB] just setting up for the next encounter

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (do we want to have Foriso try so we can see what we are giving Yulotte?)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((gee i guess thats my cue huh lol)))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (well, we might want to give him chest with trap on it - surprise!)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((roll for just you bob ?

[BOB] yes to Guy

[Imari (Death)] but disarming a magic trap at best is just for a round

[BOB] but first

[BOB] discuss what you have

[BOB] Guy was not here for the chest was he?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (werem't you? when we got paralyzed from looking at it?)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] nope

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((i was back the week after

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I opened looked and got paralyzed. we think his journals are in there)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but if there's something else in there too we could take it)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i do like mikes idea though lol'

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I would almost prefer to go with Mike's idea of letting him look into the trapped chest))

[Imari (Death)] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he said it was dangerous - I was being stupid. Not his fault)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((So? He's still an objectionable idiot.))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just sorry Imari got dragged in too)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (aren't most mages though?)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((not necessarily... just because you can work magic doesn't mean you have to be a schmuck!))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol!)

[Imari (Death)] it's because it's a bob npc

[BOB] I thought you liked the NPCs now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so take a peek or not take a peek - if it works of course)

[Imari (Death)] just the one

[Imari (Death)] don't we have a protection from petrification ring?

[BOB] you don't like Captain Harkness? or the Treant? or Medero?

[BOB] or the Priestess from the Temple?

[Imari (Death)] she was an elitist hippy snob

[BOB] or the gnome?

[BOB] etc etc etc

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((If he admitted he liked them, we'd have to wonder who he was and what he'd done with Mike))

[BOB] chuckles

[Imari (Death)] the gnome was short

[BOB] so ideas on the chest?

[BOB] or just let foriso take his chances?

[BOB] or?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (does he get paralyzed if he fails his trap removal thing?)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I have no ideas. I can't brain today.))

[BOB] yes

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((im willing to try))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (then no! can't have another statue)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((or we could just let the mage take care of it...))

[Imari (Death)] i'd say let him do it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that was brutal)

[Imari (Death)] i'd actually like to keep the chest

[Imari (Death)] it'd be the best way to keep our stuff safe

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((just give him the journals, if they're in it?))

[Imari (Death)] yeah

[Imari (Death)] close your eyes, root around and pull out everything in there

[Imari (Death)] then, we can put our gold/jewels and such in it

[Imari (Death)] anyone tries to take 'em. poof.

[Imari (Death)] it's good security

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((so do i try?))

[Imari (Death)] i say no

[Imari (Death)] do we even have a way to cure paralysis yet?

[BOB] finding a high level priest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (me too - unless your odds are fantastic, don't want to risk it)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] So, just close our eyes and pull stuff out?

[BOB] just before you actually do that

[BOB] do you think that it is an effect of the chest or the journals in the chest

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((the thing is it gives yall incentive to learn the spell and plus my playing time is very screwy this month))

[BOB] oh no worries Guy

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((that's a good point... is it the chest? We don't know.))

[BOB] have lots of plans for that

[BOB] but they need to be higher level much higher, is not just learnign the spell

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can't do it until after you appraise the 30+ jewels at least! :)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((ok how many gems ares there?))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you have lots of work to do)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((38 jewels))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Bob, how does he do the skill for large blocks at a time?))

[Imari (Death)] get going!

[BOB] guy you can just roll 38 d20

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and silver dagger)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (38d20) [38d20=4,18,4,6,5,3,6,8,16,20,12,5,4,6,11,4,13,18,10,9,17,2,15,4,15,19,6,12,14,13,19,4,16,20,8,6,8,2] 382

[BOB] Ok, that is fun

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((that's why I was going to have him do blocks of 10))

[BOB] oh no

[BOB] I meant the multiple 20's

[BOB] grins

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (can never remember if its hiogh or low i need))

[BOB] low

[BOB] so there are 5 you have no idea on

[BOB] and 2 that you are wildly off on

[BOB] so you have 5 unknown gems

[BOB] and 33 appraised gems

[BOB] i will roll those values later on

[BOB] so you know what they are

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Bob, if you send me a list I'll take care of updating the party pack page

[BOB] and you just have to live with the fact that two of the values are either very high or very low in the wrong directins

[BOB] nods I will do that Kaz

Branwyn (Lisa) hands silver dagger to Foriso to appraise

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] (d20) [1d20=4] 4

[BOB (to Guy only)] this is magic item quality smithing, it seems almost ready to be enchanted it is worth 2,000 GP

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] hmm

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] very very nice

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] you could enchant this dagger

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] or we can sell it for about 2000 gold

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, I'm not sure we should sell this one. It could come in handy, but it is worth a lot.

[Imari (Death)] we could put it in our safe deposit chest

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Definitely, we should keep it safe.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Bob, is there a thief skill where they can create a trap, as opposed to disarming one?))

[BOB] nods

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((oh and forget about trying to disarm the chest my chance would be half my normal chance))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we hand it over then - that is just horrible odds)

[BOB] Guy will you be in next week?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] so far i am off next week

[BOB] great

[BOB] and put in for being off on September 19th

[BOB] you saw that is the official Birthday Game date for this year

[BOB] we have you four, John, Lorie and maybe Rob & Calvin so far

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i saw and i will be doing that next month

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm kinda bummed out - all worked up about pirates and we did so well we didn't even get to see one!

[Imari (Death)] okay, i need to go pack an overnight bag

[Imari (Death)] mel just got home.

[BOB] ok Mike

[Imari (Death)] i'll see you all next week.

[BOB] we can play the meeting at the keep next week with everyone

[Branwyn (Lisa)] bye! good luck with home repairs!

[Imari (Death)] i'll leave the decisions up to you on the chest/books

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Night Mike

[BOB] and start the training issues

[Imari (Death)] thanks

[Imari (Death)] night

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Good luck with everything

[BOB] good luck Mike

Death has left the game on Fri Jul 09 22:41:42 EDT 2010

[BOB] call if you need

[BOB] oh well

[BOB] fine don't call

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[Kristelle (Kaz)] hehe

[BOB] Ok, so the current plan is to hand over the chest

[BOB] Foriso needs training

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i still like mikes idea

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes - and we have to warn him about trap

[BOB] and has someone who can do it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] don't want a high level mage pissed off at us

[BOB] Imari needs training and can travel to that

[BOB] I do agree with Lisa on that one

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] bugger the mage

[BOB] while you might not care about other mages you met

[BOB] this one is friends with the master of the Estates

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No, I agree with Lisa about that, too.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] crap never mind then

[Branwyn (Lisa)] and with books can summon demons

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Much as I'd love to see him petrified, I don't think it's a wise idea.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to BOB only)] or get a very nasty high lvl thief after us

[BOB] oh yeah

[BOB] you remembered about demons

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes indeedy

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Did we ever forget?

[BOB] when you started to contemplate taking the books out

[BOB] was thinking you might have

[Kristelle (Kaz)] He didn't tell us not to remove them from thier hiding spot. He said not to OPEN them.

[BOB] picture a book on chains in the forbidden section of the library


[Kristelle (Kaz)] lol

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Been watching Parry Hotter?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Okay, so, basically everyone needs training.

[BOB] got a gift of Philosophers Stone in Italian when I was there

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Ooh, neat!

[BOB] yeah

[BOB] and yes everyone needs training

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Can Kristelle get her training on the Estates?

[BOB] yes there is someone specialized in Long Sword here

[BOB] brb puppies are asking to go out

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ok

[BOB] look at the training page to double check

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] there can be traps on anything, right?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I think so. What did you have in mind?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we have 1 scroll and two scroll cases too

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ahh, yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I've just been opening them as we got them but would be nice to know one wan't going to blow up in my face

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I'd be careful with the scroll cases. Let Foriso check for traps.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That would be nice

[Kristelle (Kaz)] What I'm thinking is, we need to go 'home' (to the farm) to leave off our treasures. I'd like to see about having a hidden spot built into a wall or something, some place to hide things.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] the attic perhaps?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You know, block off a spot on the floor to one side of a closet, or yes, a spot in the attic, have a good quality chest in it, then put our really good stuff in it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] would be good

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified:

[Kristelle (Kaz)] And if Kristelle has spare time (due to others having to travel for training), then I can make sure a farm manager is hired for the farm so that Missus doesn't boot out our hostess.

[BOB] good points on the farm

[Branwyn (Lisa)] definitely

[BOB] for tonight anything else you want to roll for Foriso?

[BOB] you have time for 2 more items before you reach teh keep

[BOB] it does take time for each of those things,

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] i cna try the scroll cases

[BOB] ok

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] hide the roll?

[BOB] yes please

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ok roll 1

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] did it go through?

[BOB] no

[BOB] you need the +1 in the adjustment

[Branwyn (Lisa)] append

[BOB] append

[BOB] sorry

[Kristelle (Kaz)] he's doing it

[BOB] thank you very much Lisa

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Foriso Fairhand: Pick Pockets check:(d100) [1d100=68] 68 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL FAILED against 36!!

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ok first roll should have gone through

[BOB] that was a pick pockets check not a find traps

[Branwyn (Lisa)] and we all saw it

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] you didnt get the second roll?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] He did it to make sure he got the adjustment right

[BOB] no

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ahh

[BOB] did not see second roll

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to GM only)] Foriso Fairhand: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=59] 59 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL FAILED against 26!!

[BOB] there you go

[BOB] that worked

[BOB] and no trap

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] damn klooge

[BOB] on the plus side Kurris knows what si wrong and has fixed it in the next update

[BOB] just have to wait for that update

[Kristelle (Kaz)] thank goodness!

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] second roll go through?

[BOB] no

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to GM only)] Foriso Fairhand: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=73] 73 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL FAILED against 26!!

[BOB] there it is

[BOB] and no trap

[Branwyn (Lisa)] good news

Kristelle (Kaz) takes one of the scroll cases and carefully opens it.

[BOB] POOOOF Kristelle takes (1d4) [1d4=4] 4 points of fire damage as the scroll detonates

[BOB] Kristelle's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 22 (-4) - Lightly Wounded

[BOB] the bone case splinters in her hand

[BOB] and charred bits of the scroll drift out

[Kristelle (Kaz)] OUCH!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I can't read anything magical until tomorrow, btw)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((looks like a moot point))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (who needs a trap when that happens!)

[BOB] well

[BOB] that was the trap

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought there were no traps)

[BOB] he was just not successful in finding it

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((no i assumed there was no traps i just didnt find it))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Bob, I'll need to know how much the new chest we've got holds, when you send the list of gem values))

[BOB] ok, but it is a large chest

[BOB] so you can check teh Containers page for details on it

[Kristelle (Kaz)] okay

[Guy] ok all im off need to shower and get cleaned up its almost bed time

[BOB] have a great night Guy, Kaz

[BOB] and I suppose you too Lisa ;)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] goodnight!

[Kaz] :p

[Guy] night all see you next week i hope

Guy has left the game on Fri Jul 09 23:09:09 EDT 2010

[Kaz] I wasn't leaving, but I guess it IS time

[BOB] will award XP for the pirates later

[Branwyn (Lisa)] was just going to ask that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no point in hanging around I guess then :)

[BOB] then the story award bonus

[BOB] next week

[BOB] and then training etc

[BOB] so lots of talking next week

[Kaz] yay, training!!

[Kaz] and I have to fix up Kristelle's sheet next week, for the changed Con. I didn't do it tonight.

[BOB] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we'll see how much money we have and how much we can pay for

[Kaz] yep

[Branwyn (Lisa)] hope those gems are worth a lot!! :)

[BOB] that will be on the site later on this weekend

[Kaz] Maybe Kristelle can pay part of it in patrols or something.

[BOB] so everyone can plan

[Branwyn (Lisa)] sounds good

[Branwyn (Lisa)] have a great weekend!

[BOB] will try

[BOB] you too

[Branwyn (Lisa)] thanks

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jul 09 23:13:05 EDT 2010

[Kaz] night night

Kaz has left the game on Fri Jul 09 23:13:22 EDT 2010