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Jan 16 09 - Trade Wars

[BOB] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jan 16 18:32:54 EST 2009 ====

Vicki] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 18:33:43 EST 2009

Vicki] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Vicki] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[BOB] howdy

[Vicki] hi

[BOB] Mike just called and is coming over but might be a little late

[BOB] so we will see what happens with that

[Vicki] ok

[Vicki (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Tori modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Vicki] That work for her latest?

john] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 18:38:06 EST 2009

john] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

john] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Vicki] I feel odd, that I finally got to play her like I ought to have all this time, and now she goes and disappears

[Vicki] hi John

Vicki] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Vicki] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[BOB] it is not that you have not been running her properly

[john] that is what tends to happen

[Vicki] I meant I finally got her to be brave and bold like a fighter should be

[BOB] it is more in the roleplay than anything else

[BOB] well you did not have the skills to deal with that problem is all

[john] character development

[BOB] was to be expected

[BOB] and Hello John

[Vicki] she was the first to cross the now nonexistant bridge and now she's disappeared

[BOB] and so has the bridge

[john] so I come to help and I am the whole rescue?

[Vicki] I see

[BOB] Mike will be here

[Vicki] um... so far, it's just us, but we're early

[BOB] I would think Lorie

[john] eventualy

[Vicki] Fritz?

[BOB] have not heard of the rest yet

[BOB] No one told me they were not

[john] is the party out of contact with Rave or just Tori?

[BOB] except Barb

[BOB] out of contact with everyone

[BOB] your Invisible flying pixie flew under the bridge to go after Tori

[BOB] so no way to even see if he left markings for you until you get to that side

[Vicki] Barb explains her disappearance on the site

[john] did they see her fall or blink out?

[BOB] nope

[BOB] her light flickered

[BOB] then she was gone

[john] you make it sound as if the lights went out, what would be the diffrence?

[BOB] the Continual light never stopped on the other side of the bridge

[Vicki (to john only)] have you gotten the reply I sent on Facebook?

[BOB] but there was a flicker of light

[john (to Vicki only)] yes

[BOB] that is all you knew when Rave took off to that side

[BOB] he was attacked by Cave Fishers

[john] did the bridge and Tori disapear at the same time?

[BOB] no

[BOB] the bridge disapeared when the dead cave fisher touched it

[Vicki] someone got the bright idea to take out the fish that attacked Tori when Tori went across

[john] odd

[john] BOB do you remmer the last time we had a brand new player and Marco had hm cross the bridge and Paul had to save him

[BOB] not really

[Vicki] how long ago was this?

[john] not sure, time flies

[Vicki] apparently

[john] let me review my spells and let me know when we can start

[BOB] was goign to see if Fritz is not too late

[Vicki] we're already in 2009 and I don't recall being here a whole year

[BOB] would sort of be mean to force him to be one round behind

john] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

john] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[BOB] and there for not able to save her

Lorie] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 18:47:43 EST 2009

Lorie] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Lorie] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[BOB] I will give a bit of time leeway for that

[BOB] and Hello Lorie!

[john] I am back at the keyboard.

[john] Sample Bridge?

[john] Hello Lor

[BOB] yes to John

[Vicki] He says that he's 1-2 rounds behind, that he knows of, since crossing the bridge takes a round per person

[Vicki] hi Lorie

[john] depends how fast your are going

[BOB] yes but Vicki if he is not here then Rave is a round behind, so if the rest of the group clicked off ten rounds, Rave does not get to do things during those rounds

[Vicki] oh that part

[Vicki] I understand now

[john] that would seem to be an exception if they/he are in an entirly diffrent place

[Lorie] hola ll

[BOB] different how?

[Lorie] sorry for my silence this week

[Lorie] but have been really busy at work

[BOB] if you clicked off a year suddenly for training,

[john] if he or they are on the etherial place for chance, we have more time then they do

[BOB] no one would get to play out the year

[Lorie] in fact tonight...I will be multi-tasking from two computers trying to finish some things that I'm desperately behind on

Lorie] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Lorie] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[john] sorry

[BOB] sorry for that Lor

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] nah... I'm just swamped

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and have been trying to not work at night

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] so now... it's bit me in the bum for not

[BOB] maybe you should work at night, adn sleep at work

[BOB] see fi that turns out better for you

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ha ha ha ha I would probably do better work

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I believe Mike will be here

[BOB] yes

[BOB] he called me is on the way over, just a little late

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] at least when I spoke to him around mid-day that's what he indicated

[BOB] grabbing a drink brb

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Vicki] How many people can get away with working at home and sleeping at work?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] depends on how good you are at it

[Vicki] well, I wouldn't want to not get paid to work, but wouldn't mind getting paid to sleep

[john] we did not hear even a wimp or a thud from when Tori disapeared, no sound?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] no sound

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] she just didn't appear on the other side

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] she was gone

[Vicki] from what I could tell, just a flicker of light

[john] what was the light source

[Vicki] continual light

[Vicki] If I understood Bob correctly from what he has said

[john] do we know where on the bridge she was

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] she was not on the bridge

[Vicki] You saw her cross the bridge then the light flickered, if I understand correctly

[john] ok, not as big a mystery as I thought

[BOB] she had started walking across the bridge, encountered a problem (web like) in the center, Rave used his Telekinesis to Yank her out of that and then to FORCE her to the other side

[john] how far down is certain doom?

[BOB] when she was on the other side is when the light flickered and she disapeared

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] wait...BOB just gave us a hint I think

[BOB] ] The Single Bridge is so named because it requires people to be single when they cross. The cavern is 200 feet wide and 200 feet tall with the bridge spanning the center of it both vertically and horizontally. From the two support arches on either side of the bridge only one person can be on the bridge at a time. If more than one person enters the area of the bridge area then the bridge magically disolves and anything or anyone who was on the bridge falls into a pit of acid that fills the bottom of the cavern. Ropes tied to a person seem to connect them to the arches and cause the bridge to fail. Flying creatures such as bats or other unintelligent creatures do not seem to trigger the bridge to fall. Most sages agree that who ever created this artifact must have had a deep aversion to couples.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It was Fritz helping her magically that caused her to disappear right?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and when I say Fritz I mean Rave...

Lorie] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 18:59:42 EST 2009

Vicki] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 18:59:49 EST 2009

john] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 18:59:53 EST 2009

Vicki] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 19:00:11 EST 2009

john] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 19:00:38 EST 2009

[john] no

john] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

john] has received the map Sample Bridge.

Vicki] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Vicki] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[john] she did not disaper the same time as the bridge

[BOB] Mike is at the gate, so we can start in just a moment

[BOB] no

[BOB] she disapeared,

[BOB] then the bridge disapeared later

Lorie] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 19:01:55 EST 2009

Lorie] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Lorie] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[john] where was Rave when the bridge disapeared?

[Vicki] invisible

[Lorie] but helping...

[Lorie] I'm thinking you can't receive help or magical assistance to cross

[john] does not matter, if he caused the bridge to disapera, he would be in acid too, not that Tori is in acid

[john] though your point is taken, beofre I read the discription, my plan was to fly over in groups, now I am not sure we can do that

[Lorie] not necessarily

Fritz] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 19:05:03 EST 2009

Fritz] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Fritz] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Lorie] Fritz wasn't on the bridge..Tori was (or is)

[Vicki] hi Fritz

[Lorie] And he had the best of intentions...and if I had a spell like that i would have been tempted to use something similar

[Lorie] Hey Fritz

[Fritz] howdy all

[john] the bridge only diapeard when the creature fell on it

[BOB] Hey eveyrone, Mike and Mel are here,

[BOB] they are setting up now

[Lorie] I'm wondering if this bridge is a test...though I wonder how our Drow prisoner got across the bridge and we might want to ask her

Fritz] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Fritz] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[john] I am sure our guides are lots of help

[Lorie] they told us they go around

[john] that isomming out of their tip

[Vicki] I might have to leave early, depending on what time I need to get up in the morning

[Lorie] busy weekend?

[Vicki] big time

[Vicki] going out of state this weekend

[Vicki] and I'm not a morning person, so if someone tells me that I need to leave early in the morning, it also means early bedtime

[john] Fritz arguing with BOB?

[Vicki] I thought you would be, John

[Vicki] lol

[john] or just reading

[john] why me

[BOB] I am helping Mel set up Klooge

[Vicki] um... cuz you're related?

[BOB] figured you could use the moment or three to plan your next steps

[Lorie] John isn't arugmentative like that

[john] I plaed on line, ready to roleplay when Mike is ready

[Lorie] He makes his point and moves on

[Vicki] speaking of next steps, what is the plan...

[Fritz] The bridge disappeared because mike/Flyn made it. When the Cave fisher fell on it flyn and Antarias held hands while flyn stepped on the bridge to make it disappear. He didn't know it wouldn't come back

[Lorie] he's bigger than BOB...he'd just squish him

[john] I make the mistake of thinking I can win discussions sometimes

[Vicki] lol

[Fritz] I was reading. back now

[john] I am sure it will come back

[Vicki] I have siblings too, I know how arguing with them gets

[john] so we can hear Rave telling us what to do?

[Vicki] ok, so what's the plan now?

[john] Cast fly on Ant

[john] fly across, check in with Rave

[Lorie] Kill it with fire?

[john] as need be, of course

[BOB] if Rave pauses to yell back yes you will hear him

[Vicki] Rave's invisible, so how would Ant see him?

[BOB] he can't see him

[BOB] yet

[BOB] Kylia could

[john] we see light

[BOB] Paul should

[Fritz] Hey Lor I feel you about double tasking. I had an aweful day at work I need to document all the patients I saw today, plus I am on call tonight.

[BOB] they are high enough level to see invisible

[Vicki] doesn't Paul have true seeing?

[john] I will make that role

[Fritz] You need to be close to do that

[Fritz] You are to far away

[Lorie] I have a pile of meeting minutes Fritz from last week this week PLUS 4 vendor meetings to get done tonight

Player] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 19:16:17 EST 2009

Player] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Player] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[john] ] Paul Elvenstire: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 8!!

[Lorie] because I have a busy weekend with the girls planned

[Lorie] frustrating

[john] not if you have light

[Fritz] I don't have light

[Fritz] I haven't used it

[BOB] ok, so if you are all ready

[BOB] the Player is Mike

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I was being stealthy about going over when Tori disappeared

[Vicki] Hi Mike...

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I made a tracking check that succeeded majorly. Bob could you remind me what I found?

[john] I am back at the keyboard.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Hi Mike, Hi Mel

[Vicki] Hi Mel

[BOB] Rave had an incredible check he found some tracks going across the bare stone of the cavern openign there, and started to move along the path

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] If I need to remind you I rolled a 1

[Lorie] Evening Mike and Mel. Hope all is well.

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] So Lady Kylia, If I understand Fin correclty, he thinks I should court you but you need help defending a few dwarfs while we scount out

[Lorie] what?

[Lorie] huh?

[Lorie] I need what?

[Lorie] court? dwarf?

[Lorie] :: feels woozy ::

[Vicki] ((LOL))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] (on the board, he posted a response to my response, shall I copy it for you)

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Actually he said you needed a good F^@&

[Lorie] I own a dungeon of dwarves... I don't need a court of them

[Death from above!] heyo

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] No, sorry

[Lorie] (this must have been today?)

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Ya

[Vicki] ((and instead of with drows, he said Kylia, and was yesterday))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Told Paul to give you one instead of the Drow Prisoner

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Fin does not want to leave you alone

[Lorie] (he knew that I was busy today of course...$$%# bastard child of a 1-legged dwarf))

[Lorie] I'm not lonely

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((LOL))

[Vicki] ((LOL))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] (No he didn't say you were lonely...Just uptight)

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I was more concerend that he thinks you can not defend yourself

[Death from above!] you only now realize i had a great post about you? lol

[Lorie] I have suitors coming out of my eyes...giants in my backyard...a singing portal to take me to other planes...dwarves across the street

Death from above!] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Death from above!] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Lorie] :: whirls :: I need defending

[Lorie] Shall we duel?

[Vicki] ((needed loosening up if I recall))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Ahhh yes that was it!!!))

[Lorie] :: draws sword :: They day I need defending is the day I fireball this party myself

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "If you wish. It would pass the time while we wait for the bridge."

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Haven't you already done that a couple times?"

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] (("Loosening Up"))

[Lorie] :: shakes head :: no.. :: ponders :: that was Kal-el if I recall properly

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "I seem to remember it happening when I first joined up."

[Lorie] :: ponders :: or was it that Chonny fellow

[Lorie] he killed his own minion

[Lorie] sad really

[Vicki] ((well, I can go back and copy and paste what was said for all to see... if we want that))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "When we had that thrice damned minotaur."

[Lorie] ((no thanks))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] So Lady Kylia, I have your permision to leave you to your own devices?

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: he's guarding a well

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "For him it is probably a challenging task to keep track of it."

[Lorie] I don't need any suitors... I need no courting... I need to get out of the damned underdark

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] for the moment

[Lorie] I am not lonely..I'm not a spinster

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Bob I start following the tracks and I lay an arrow down to point the way I am going

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Fin, shall I cast Fly on your stead?

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Not if you were an elf..."

[BOB] yes to Rave

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "I'd rather not split the party."

[Lorie] :: laughs :: Points to where Tori should be standing

[Lorie] TOO LATE

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] you want to teleopt the entire group across?

[BOB] lol

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] And I watch Carefully for anything around

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "No, I don't want to split the party. The hangers on don't count."

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] what do you expect, we can only cross one at a time when ever the bridge reapears

[Lorie] :: turns and looks at X :: So... how did you get past here?

[BOB] Lor any idea about SPC?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Rave Starfire modified: Combat - Initiative (modifier): (INIT) : CHANGED: -$RA (+10+$RA).

[Lorie] Nope not a one

[BOB] ok

[BOB] then we order at 730

[BOB] and hope that works out

[Lorie] don't see him on IM either

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Fin? What is your plan, a rope?

[BOB] do you have his Phone #?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] how are the wife and twins?

[BOB] Rave is moving down the pathway there

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::waves::

[BOB] and I will give the group on the other side a round to quickly plan

[Lorie] Somewhere... not readily at hand

[BOB] and quip

[BOB] then they can follow

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Fritz only)] out mike is a little under the weather

[BOB] and ok Lor thanks

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "The bridge will reappear."

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] you do understand that it was Flyn's actions that caused the bridge to dissapear

[Lorie] he changed it when he moved to Bunny's

[BOB] nods

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "And we cross as we're supposed to."

[Lorie] I don't have her number I don't think

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Fritz only)] yes now more so

[BOB] will give them a bit before ordering

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Fritz only)] if you are not walking you may not find tori, if she fell in a trap

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] One at a time?

[BOB] ok, so moving on NOW

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Yes. With anyone who flies going first."

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] I am concerned about losing Tori completely so I am going to search...No I believe bob was fairly clear i saw recent foot prints

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::changes into Paul with wings::

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] is that right Bob?

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Fritz only)] maybe grabbed then

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] that is what I am thinking.

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Call me when the bridge returnes

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::flys across chasm::

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "You aren't planning on going after them alone, are you?"

[Finglas (Death from above!)] ::sighs::

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] How long are you going to wait

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Do those two try to destroy this group?"

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] 1 turn? and hour?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to Death from above! only)] shouldn't you be "Death from Below?

[BOB (to Fritz only)] Rave moves along and the tracks suddenly end about 200 yards down the way (a total of 4 rounds for you)

[Finglas (Death from above!) (to Fritz only)] why would it be that?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] what if it takes a day to return

[BOB] you have waited two rounds

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "I will wait as long as it takes. We have time."

[Vicki] ((We do what we must do to keep moving))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "We know it reappears."

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] you wait elf, I will be back

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to Death from above! only)] you have been shooting your arrows "UP" at creatures recently

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::continues::

[Finglas (Death from above!) (to Fritz only)] lol. that's true

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Kylia?"

[Lorie] Yes...

[Lorie] Sorry are you all intending to kill yourself?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to BOB only)] end as in all tracks are gone or a wall?

[Lorie] I'm trying to talk to the Elf

[Lorie] See what she did

[Finglas (Death from above!)] ::gestures to the missing bridge::

[BOB] the bridge is still gone, 4 rounds after it disapeared

[BOB (to Fritz only)] right in the middle of the floor they disapear

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] i should catch up to Rave quick if he is tracking

Lorie] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Lorie] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[BOB] Tori has been missing now for 6 rounds total

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I pull out my rock for light

[BOB] bright light Paul

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to BOB only)] I look for traps on the floor and prints on the I need to roll again?

[BOB] you see an easy cooridoor pathway

[BOB] Rave sees the light behind him

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: looks at Drow waiting for a response ::

[BOB] are you still flying Paul

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to BOB only)] every 50 feet i would put an arrow down

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] I have never been through this area

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire: Ventriloquism proficiency check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] well how did you get to the dwarves?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Can we go that way?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] avoid the acidic fish

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] yes, not right where the bridge would be

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] I am not from that city, my house is to the east

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] hmmm okay

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] have my sword out

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] well :: ponders :: do we need the warrior?

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] if we would have taken the longer road I would have been able to get free with the help of one of my house

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I cast my voice down the hall towards where the light is coming from .... Put out the light whoever you are...the tracks have dissapeared and I cant find them. They could be hiding. this is the "Huntsman"

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] this way I do not know anyone unless someone is visiting this place

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ahhhh well then maybe it's good we didn't go that way

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] for you perhaps

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] apparently I have to turn you over... since you're evil and all that

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] how many dwarves and duergar did you kill by the by?

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] it is a given that the sunlighters will hate us

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and how many of your kind?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] well... did I tell you why I'm here

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] I have not killed a single dwarf

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] do I make it all the way to the safe zone?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] in this paradise vacation spot?

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] (Yes to Paul)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] instead of being waited on in my palace like the queen I am?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Comeo on Mike ... You missed your chance!!!!! YOu should have said "Turn her over and spank her?!?! Awesome can I watch?"))

[BOB] Paul is across the bridge safe, and down the coridoor and can hear that call out from Rave

[Vicki] ((LOL))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] someone of your kind paid a common harlot to trash the name of my group and besmirk my name personally they pretended to be me... can you imagine

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I land and shield the light with my cloak so it does not go in front of me

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Mike is obviously distracted tonight))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] so... now I have to come here and make him all dead apparently because that's what sunlighters and drow do to each other

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] I can't imagine one of my standing caring what the rest of the world thinks about you

[Finglas (Death from above!)] sorry. boobs

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] one would think... but apparently my name was significant enough to try and ruin

[BOB] So Rave is there,

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Figures Mike!!! LOL))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] "Does that help, Hunter?"

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and frankly... I am not really interested in being here

[BOB] Paul is walking or flying down that space?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It's cold... It's dark and frankly... no one has died in three days

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire: Tracking check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] it's pretty boring

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "The smelly viking was a couple days ago."

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: yawn :: vikings die like it rains

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "The smelly orc is probably today."

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=41] 41 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] the warrior?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] once I am where I believe tori was, past the bridge braces, I land

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Maybe the loud mouthed bug."

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] still have wings just do not fly

[BOB] ok to Paul

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] See... sunlighters are just like Drow with love and happiness in their heart

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] you want to get to where the sun shines... why?

[BOB] it has been another 5 rounds, more than a turn the bridge has been gone

[BOB] Rave has checked everything and can not find any more info

[BOB] Paul walking along with the light?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((I turn visible and head back to Paul))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Too bad there aren't any more goblins to roast."

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] i was trying to shiled it so it was omni directional

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] somewhat

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] walking slow

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Oh...but do you want the elf for your own? He's loud and rather brash...but you know, he might be good for you

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((You mean Unidirectional))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] he likes sun... and :: ponders :: well not really much else...but you know, it's a start

[Drow Prisoner (BOB)] I would not want any of you sunlighters

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] right Uni

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Remind me to accidentally shoot her in the behind next time we're fighting."

[Vicki] ((LOL))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... well then

[BOB] so a total of 12 roudns have gone by for Rave, he can point out to Paul exactly where the tracks ended, and describe what he knows so far

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I tried

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Did I mention he used to be dead? That might make him more interesting and appealing

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] he's not all sunny inside

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "I wasn't dead. I was just taking a break from life."

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] maybe true sight Rave?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] hidden door?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: looks at her :: see what I mean

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: turns to Naola :: So... well we seem to have an issue

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Should we find an alternate route?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Good Idea

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Rather than waiting for whatever lives down here to eat us?

[Naola (BOB)] I do not know how long it will take for the bridge to come back

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] should i call back to them?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I have a date in about a month

[Naola (BOB)] but I do not know that anyone will be here

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] smiles

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'd like to be on time for it

[Naola (BOB)] it has always been here when we return

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire casts a spell against : Mirest's Starlit Sphere: Within 20' radius all sounds are hushed, no winds blow, all dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire, light and illusion spells are dispelled. All vision is aided by true sight. No undead will willingly enter or remain in the sphere's illumination. If passed through open flames it emits a soft music of muffled chimes that can be heard up to 110 feet away and that stills shriekers as well as fascinating most bards

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "A date? I should send a message to your foppish friend so he can resume his courting as well."

[Naola (BOB)] over where Rave and Paul are, no magic is revealed, no invisible things, no traps that you can find, the tracks just end

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'm meeting with the council of druids -- you know Wolfspack, Roadhaven, MacTyr -- we get together to discuss DRUID and druid and celtic issues

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] what about where she was right across the bridge

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Damn Paul..this is bizarre. I guess she was possibly teleported or carried off.

[Naola (BOB)] the whole bridge area glows, but that is back 200+ yards away

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] so... what's NORMALLY on the other side of that bridge Naola?

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Ah. So you dance naked under the moonlight with several men."

[Naola (BOB)] The bridge is always here

[Naola (BOB)] I have never been here and not seen it

[Naola (BOB)] everyone knows not to try and cross in pairs

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] well then that's just great

[Naola (BOB)] we just take our time

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I do have a way to find her but I was hoping to save my magic.

[Naola (BOB)] It will return I am sure

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] yes... I would have liked to seen how your plan played out

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] you want to try and fly over the bridge together?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Just need to look it up)). Yes lets go and bring the others across

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] it may be dangerous

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] it is some powerful magic

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] No I believe all the Cave Fishers are gone. It should be ok to carry them over

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] that is not what I was worried about but ok

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] You mean how she was taken?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] no, is the magic powerful enough to not allow two people tp fly over the area

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Oh you mean my magic? Yes I have the ability to bring everyone across without problems

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] then I could fly down to the pit, just to check things out

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Yes go ahead

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: wonders if Paul and Rave updated their wills and if Tori even knew to write one ::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: ponders options :: I could make a wall of :: mentally starts calculating ::

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::flies down the edge near this side, stay so I can see the wall::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Sir Paul!

[Finglas (Death from above!)] doesn't matter if she's gone

[Finglas (Death from above!)] can't get her stuff anyway.

[Naola (BOB)] nothing on the side of the pit

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ] Paul Elvenstire moved 225'10".

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire moved 222'02" (44.4 squares).

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I continue to the dip

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Sir Paul!

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I start transporting people over with my ring of TP

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Be back shortly, trying to find someone

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Kylia Wolfslayer. Distance: 13'03"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Antarias. Distance: 19'02"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Drow Prisoner. Distance: 39'02"

[Finglas (Death from above!)] toilet paper?

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Chohen. Distance: 35'02"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Naola. Distance: 19'08"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Moirra. Distance: 13'06"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Finglas. Distance: 24'09"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Kira. Distance: 37'00"

[Finglas (Death from above!)] you have a ring of toilet paper?

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Grixis Venjant. Distance: 42'10"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Arilyn. Distance: 30'03"

[Vicki] ((LOL))

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Single Bridge. Distance: 40'05"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire no longer targets Single Bridge.

[Vicki] ((LOL Rave's targeting the bridge too?))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire casts a spell against Kylia Wolfslayer, Antarias, Drow Prisoner, Chohen, Naola, Moirra, Finglas, Kira, Grixis Venjant, Arilyn: Ring of Telekinesis: Range 320 yards. A sustained force enables me to move a weight of 800 pounds a distance of 20 feet per round. Alternatively, the spell energy can be expended in a single round. The caster can hurl one or more objects within range, and within a 10-foot cube, directly away from himself at high speed, to a distance of up to 320 feet. This is subject to a maximum weight of 800 lbs. Damage caused by hurled objects is decided by the DM, but cannot exceed 32 points of damage. Opponents who fall within the weight capacity of the spell can be hurled, but they are allowed a saving throw vs. spell to avoid the effect. Furthermore, those able to employ as simple a counter-measure as an enlarge spell, for example (thus making the body weight go over the maximum spell limit), can easily counter the spell. The various Bigby's hand spells also counter this spell.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] LOL that was cool

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] anything of note in the DIP?

[Vicki (to john only)] have you got any suggestions?

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] did you call out

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] or are youreffering to a new character

[Naola (BOB)] anyting down there disolves too fast

[Naola (BOB)] even the two cave fishers from a turn ago are totally disolved

[Vicki (to john only)] not with Tori, I was referring to a new character, I'm trying to think of one.

[BOB] ] Kira, Naola, Drow Prisoner, Grixis Venjant, Kylia Wolfslayer, Arilyn, Finglas, Rave Starfire, Antarias, Moirra and Chohen moved 255'10".

[Naola (BOB)] so a couple of roudns later

[Naola (BOB)] everyone is on this side of the bridge

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] well I have an issue with you thinking it has to be an outcast, but it is your call

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Does anyone know if teleportation is possible where we currently are?

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] I was thinking someone who always says, that is a great idea I was just thinking that

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] to a degree I am sure it is

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 19:56:41 EST 2009

[Naola (BOB)] Teleportation is supposed to work but only line of sight

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I have DD if it helps

Death from above!] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 19:57:07 EST 2009

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] So I have to be able to see the spot to teleport to?

Death from above!] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Death from above!] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] So I have to be able to see the spot to teleport to?

[Death from above!] double d's always help

[Death from above!] they make great pillows

[Vicki (to john only)] I kind of want to go with that for now, but it doesn't have to be an outcast

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((There's the Mike I know and love!!))

[Vicki] ((really? you think so?))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I am not sure Teleport is worth it unless you know where she is

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Well I have an idea. I can force Tori to teleport. The question is will it be to somewhere I wish her to come or not?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] if you know where she is there are beter ways

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] sorry

[Death from above!] like teleport other

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] you can cast a spell on her

Player] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 19:59:34 EST 2009

Player] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Player] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I actually don't need to know where she is she just needs to be within 500 miles of me

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] like summoning

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Yes very similiar

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] seems harmless, but I take it you can not do it at will

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Can we go back to where the tracks end

[Naola (BOB)] and if you do try to Force the teleport it will fail

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Well you see it is part of the reason I am so good at what I do. I have collected hair samples and skin samples and blood samples from lots of people over the years. I can make a potion tha affects them if they are within 50 miles of is called "Dark draft of the Voodoo Masters"

Player] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 20:02:36 EST 2009

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I mix a sample of their (( "DNA")) with the potion. I then drink another potion of my this case "Teleport" They get no save and are under the affect of the second potion I drank

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I would think Dimention door would be a betwr potion

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I could make her turn ethereal for 24 hours or go gasous

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] in this case

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] maybe, that would work

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Well we don't know how far away she is and DD only works within 300 feet correct?

LinuxBoy] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 20:05:09 EST 2009

LinuxBoy] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

LinuxBoy] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Naola (BOB)] lets say you are there where the tracks end

[Naola (BOB)] and Hello Sean

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] depends on the level, not sure of the potion

[Vicki (to LinuxBoy only)] Hi Sean

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] SPC :O)

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] SPC!!!

[Death from above!] hey sean

[Death from above!] too bad you're not here.

[Death from above!] mel came by to meet you

[Death from above!] she's sad

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] how big is the area?

[Death from above!] crying in the corner

[Death from above!] into her beer

[Naola (BOB)] the coridoor is about 20 feet across at this point

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] did Rave say they ended suddenly or fade away?

[Naola (BOB)] ended suddenly

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Ended suddenly

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] any dwarfs have dwaf skills

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] sliding walls , stone work traps

[Death from above!] so they drow levitated

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] did you even check for traps Rave?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] oh I forgot, your a wizard

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] do we have a rogue in the party

[Vicki (to john only)] maybe I could play as a dwarf next, or human...

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Funny Paul...yes I checked for traps and there were none

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] I was going to sugest human or elf

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I looked for secret doors, and for invisible doors, hidden doors and things melded into stone

Beth] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 20:09:16 EST 2009

Beth] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Beth] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Death from above!] hey lizzie

[BOB] ] Naola: (d20) [1d20=4] 4

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I even looked to see if I could find your sense of humor...I couldn't

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: hugs :: Hey miss Bethie :)

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] AHAAAAAAAA!

[Vicki] ((BETH!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*))

[Naola (BOB)] Naola looks to the right and says, then how did you miss this

[Naola (BOB)] and pulls a rock down

[Death from above!] "It is a shame. If she was taken by drow we'll see her again in the city."

[Naola (BOB)] and the floor right where the tracks disapear

[Naola (BOB)] disapears

LinuxBoy] has received the map Lolth's Lair...

[Vicki (to john only)] I'm not sure I want to play an elf since it's widely played here

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] The DM didn't let my "TRUE SIGHT" reveal anything...

[Naola (BOB)] and the entire wall slides over

[Naola (BOB)] (true sight does not reveal sliding walls)

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Ah. A very masterful job."

[LinuxBoy] Bob! you keep sending me the wrong maps ...

[Naola (BOB)] and your passage is blocked

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] too much to discuss here

[Vicki] ((LOL))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] so we can only go down?

[Naola (BOB)] and you have a new passage way

[Naola (BOB)] to the right

[Finglas (Death from above!)] you know you like going down

[Vicki (to john only)] fine by me, we can discuss elsewhere at another time

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ....

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ah, tracker?

[Naola (BOB)] no need

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::points and waits::

[Naola (BOB)] it opens into a worked room

[Naola (BOB)] a small room,

[Naola (BOB)] a bed, a chair, a desk

[Naola (BOB)] and Tori laying on the bed

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Geeze John what was that comment you made about "the rules always changing"?))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] who me?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Or you can't figure out these rules either?))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Your post about playing with children or your brother))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Nothing is fool proof, let alone BOB proof

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I check on her, is she sleeping?

[Naola (BOB)] (grins at Fritz, you should really check the Find Traps description, it is on the site now, turns out that you can not find a lot of things, and the secret door description specifially says can not find sliding walls)

[Beth] :) hello all was afk while logging in

[Naola (BOB)] she is uncouncious

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Amen to that!!!! Say it brother!!!! Speak the Word of Truth for ALL to hear!!!)

[Naola (BOB)] laying there on the bed

[Naola (BOB)] might be asleep

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] any exits?

[Naola (BOB)] but is not moving

[Naola (BOB)] no other exits

[Naola (BOB)] small rom with a small alcove

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I slap her for good measure

[Naola (BOB)] patially covered by a curtain, but you can see in there is only a chamber pot

[Naola (BOB)] and she wakes and blinks

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] (I was not going to kiss her)

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Ahh Yes...I forgot to go and read Booby's secret posts on his web site for things that would specifically mess with my character!!! LOL))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Hm. Not dead."

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] "Welcome back"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::blinks:: Paul?

[Tori (Vicki)] Rave?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Come on, you have rested enough

[Tori (Vicki)] ::looks around::

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] (all this to do over nothing)

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Nola, you should make a note of this place, nice to have a palce to go on the road, especial a private place

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] shall we move on?

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 20:17:08 EST 2009

Death from above!] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 20:17:21 EST 2009

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] brb

Death from above!] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Death from above!] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] How did you get in here Tori?

[Death from above! (to Lorie only)] "I wonder if she's really her. Any way to tell?"

[Tori (Vicki)] ::thinks:: I-I don't know. ::looks at the floor in silence::

LinuxBoy] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

LinuxBoy] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Well you didn't just wander away."

[Tori (Vicki)] I didn't?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to BOB only)] was this considered a "secret door"?

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Then again. You might have."

[Naola (BOB) (to Fritz only)] no a sliding wall

[Tori (Vicki)] I might have?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] anything missing?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to BOB only)] how or where for my reference does it differentiate sliding wall from secret or hidden doors?

[Tori (Vicki)] ::sighs:: I don't know

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: ponders :: Why is she talking like a parrot?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] GEeze or do you know anything?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] check

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Because it matches her inteligence."

[Tori (Vicki)] Where am I?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Geeze Orc do you know anything at all

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Roadhaven

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Fritz only)] doplganger?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] it's lovely here isn't it?

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] did you take the deal?

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "She has been tampered with."

[Tori (Vicki)] It's dark here

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] true seeing would reveal it but I am afraid to test the theory against your brother's drunken logic

[Tori (Vicki) (to john only)] am only doing as I'm told

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "She is a liability to us now. We should secure her with the prisoner."

[Naola (BOB) (to Fritz only)] sliding walls are only detectable if you are a dwarf or gnome with that ability, secret doors are only detectable by elves and such without looking directly for them for a turn, hidden doors are similar but not as long, double check the detect traps description, it does not cover as much as you think I bet)

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Lady Kylia, can you give her the once over, please

[LinuxBoy] Odd cave formations ... they spell out ... C ... E ... R ... T ... A ... I ... N ... D ... O ... O ... M

[LinuxBoy] What's a cer taindo om?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ESP anybody?

[LinuxBoy] Some type of underdark term I guess ...

[Finglas (Death from above!)] all you'd see is a ball or horsey

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to BOB only)] I was thinking about my true seeing ability actually, also with observation I am given a chance of finding secret and hidden doors so that is why I am asking

[Naola (BOB)] the Taindo are a gyspy tribe that are into yoga

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: nods :: Where's Hainan when we need him

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] (it is so good to see Sean has not changed)

[Naola (BOB)] om

[Naola (BOB)] om

[Naola (BOB)] om

[Finglas (Death from above!)] does it say we should go to the castle of aaaagh?

[Naola (BOB)] ce the Taindo go om

[Tori (Vicki)] ((LOL))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If only there was a cave illustration to help us understand

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] you can and should change your displayed name

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] A doppleganger would know alot of things actually they have some form of ESP read minds I believe that helps them to impersonate their victims.

[Tori (Vicki) (to john only)] ok

[Naola (BOB)] /rave nods, I doulbe checked the true seeing too, wanted to be sure before having this hiden chamber

[Naola (BOB)] oh well

[Naola (BOB)] so

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] oooh secret message DENIED

[Naola (BOB)] is anyone doing anything to check Tori over

[Naola (BOB)] or are we just moving on ?

[Tori] ((LOL))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] DENIED!!! IN YOUR FACE BOB!!!

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I did my test

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire casts a spell against : Mirest's Starlit Sphere: Within 20' radius all sounds are hushed, no winds blow, all dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire, light and illusion spells are dispelled. All vision is aided by true sight. No undead will willingly enter or remain in the sphere's illumination. If passed through open flames it emits a soft music of muffled chimes that can be heard up to 110 feet away and that stills shriekers as well as fascinating most bards

[Fritz] All targets for Rave Starfire removed.

[Finglas (Death from above!)] i have no spell that would check for dopelgangers or posession or amnesia

[Naola (BOB)] and Tori tries to SPRINT out of the room

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] CASTING

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I don't think so....

[Finglas (Death from above!)] SHOOTING

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire casts a spell against : Ring of Telekinesis: Range 320 yards. A sustained force enables me to move a weight of 800 pounds a distance of 20 feet per round. Alternatively, the spell energy can be expended in a single round. The caster can hurl one or more objects within range, and within a 10-foot cube, directly away from himself at high speed, to a distance of up to 320 feet. This is subject to a maximum weight of 800 lbs. Damage caused by hurled objects is decided by the DM, but cannot exceed 32 points of damage. Opponents who fall within the weight capacity of the spell can be hurled, but they are allowed a saving throw vs. spell to avoid the effect. Furthermore, those able to employ as simple a counter-measure as an enlarge spell, for example (thus making the body weight go over the maximum spell limit), can easily counter the spell. The various Bigby's hand spells also counter this spell.

[LinuxBoy] Lorie, what are you using for bait? Worms? Lures?

[BOB] ] Tori moved 65'07".

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Slam her back into the room

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] /vic ok, maybe you need to keep the ?????

[Tori] ::sprints::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Private Message DENIED AGAIN!

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] besides how could she get passed all of us? we are at the door.

[Naola (BOB)] nods

[Tori (to john only)] now can I go back to vic?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] wow Klooge needs a better IM interface methinks

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] DENIED!!!!! IN YOUR FACE JOHN!!!

[Naola (BOB)] was just a weak attempt to get away

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] maybe we should let her go

[Tori (Vicki) (to john only)] better?

[Naola (BOB)] and Tori melts away

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] let the underdark creatures have lunch

[Naola (BOB)] into looking just like Kylia

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Vicki only)] sure I suess, does it matter

[Finglas (Death from above!)] okay, seriously, shooting now

[Naola (BOB)] wait wait

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I declared casting... I got ignored

[Finglas (Death from above!)] should we go into rounds?

[Naola (BOB)] you can cast Lor

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Mike declared shooting...also ignored

[Tori (Vicki) (to john only)] well, I changed it to tori to be able to "chat" as her

[Naola (BOB)] no one is doing anything

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] UHMMMM...Bob she is in a true sight area and I cast also BOB

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I TP'd her

[Finglas (Death from above!)] why are we not doing anything?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well I can cast but no one is doing anything?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I am in the room, watching

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I R Confuse-ed

[Naola (BOB)] nods, to Fritz, does not mean she can pull it off

[Finglas (Death from above!)] she took the deal. she's in need of death

[Naola (BOB)] what are you casting ?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] what the F just happened?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Yea I agree John

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hold Person

[Finglas (Death from above!)] she's not her, she's a dopelganger.

[Naola (BOB)] Tori is on the map

[Naola (BOB)] I moved her up to the top to make it easy to target etc

[Naola (BOB)] but go on and cast Lorie

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] 1). If she was a doppleganger we would all be able to see her as one, 2) I cast TP on her as well

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Tori. Distance: 33'01"

[Fritz] Rave Starfire targets Tori. Distance: 41'04"

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ] Rave Starfire casts a spell against Tori: Ring of Telekinesis: Range 320 yards. A sustained force enables me to move a weight of 800 pounds a distance of 20 feet per round. Alternatively, the spell energy can be expended in a single round. The caster can hurl one or more objects within range, and within a 10-foot cube, directly away from himself at high speed, to a distance of up to 320 feet. This is subject to a maximum weight of 800 lbs. Damage caused by hurled objects is decided by the DM, but cannot exceed 32 points of damage. Opponents who fall within the weight capacity of the spell can be hurled, but they are allowed a saving throw vs. spell to avoid the effect. Furthermore, those able to employ as simple a counter-measure as an enlarge spell, for example (thus making the body weight go over the maximum spell limit), can easily counter the spell. The various Bigby's hand spells also counter this spell.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ] Kylia Wolfslayer casts a spell against Tori: Hold Person: Wait! Where are you going? Don't move a muscle

[Naola (BOB)] you can see her flowing from tori to Kylia

[BOB] ] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=5] 5

[Naola (BOB)] she is held

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I pin her on the wall

[LinuxBoy] I am away from the keyboard.

[Naola (BOB)] and the transformation stops

[Naola (BOB)] looking like Kyia

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Please don't break my spell

[Naola (BOB)] pinned to the wall

[Naola (BOB)] held and pinned

[Naola (BOB)] no one has attacked yet

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] like Kylia?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] or Tori?

[Naola (BOB)] yes

[Naola (BOB)] kylia

[Naola (BOB)] those with true sight see through it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: suddenly becomes extremely angry ::

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Lorie don't look at me ask Bob what is happening. I am confused. ))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] when did it start looking like Kylia?

[Naola (BOB)] after it tried to run

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Everyone has true sight Bob

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] TALK

[Tori (BOB)] what do you want me to say?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well.. why are you trying to appear as me?

[Tori (BOB)] OOOPS

[Tori (BOB)] sorry can;t talk I am held

[Tori (BOB)] says nothing

[Vicki] ((*sigh*))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] and pinned

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: draws sword and just glares ::

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to john only)] He is your brother!!! You claim him!!!

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::Looks under bed::

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "She refuses to talk. Cut bits off until she does."

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Fritz only)] this is kind of cool, no one else is dying

[Finglas (Death from above!)] btw, she looks like a dopelganger

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: looks at X :: This is what your kind do to me ... This is why I'm here

[LinuxBoy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "She, he, it."

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Death from above! only)] I know BOB told you I said that first

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Don't get excited Mike))

[Tori (BOB)] (nothing under the bed Paul, )

[Finglas (Death from above!) (to john only)] i said it first

[Vicki] ((Like Fin would get excited about an orc))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] why would i get excited? it's only something to kill.

[Finglas (Death from above!)] why would that get me excited?

[Paul Elvenstire (john) (to Death from above! only)] check the log, I wispered it to Fritz 10 lines before you did

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((No the Trysexual in him would...Mike will try anything))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I can't move and it can't speak

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] so with Raves true sight we see Kylia?

[Tori (BOB)] no you see a doppelganger

[Finglas (Death from above!) (to john only)] whispering is not saying

[Finglas (Death from above!) (to john only)] and i was eating. that's why i was slow

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Release your spell Kylia I have it controlled

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::looks behind curtain::

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Bob what is in the room again))

[Tori (BOB)] a chamber pot over a hole

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: steps forward towards the doppleganger -- sword still drawn ::

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::moves pot::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 12'08".

[Tori (BOB)] in the main area a chair, a desk and a bed

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Look in pot ))

[Tori (BOB)] hole doing down Paul

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] big enough for the real Tori?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] whole

[Tori (BOB)] not in one piece

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] GMTA

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Only if you call her a "Piece of Shit"))

[Vicki] ((hey!!))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((LOL))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Lady Kylia, thak you for your qick reaction, Let Rave interigate it now

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] It's what I do

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: continues walking ::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 12'00".

[Finglas (Death from above!)] /lorie so bob just threw a bag of chocolate across the room and knocked my wine over.

[Tori (BOB)] chuckles

[Tori (BOB)] no one is immune tonight

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] PRIVATE MESSAGE DENIED

[Finglas (Death from above!)] another reason why chocolate is bad

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and that really sucks Mike


[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'm happy that tomorrow I'm making my potato cheddar soup with Blue Moon ale and no wine

[Finglas (Death from above!)] eh. it was bob's wine to start with. lol

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Oh that sounds delish))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] i want beer cheeze potato soup

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] it has bacon

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] no ham

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((oh man that really sounds good))

[LinuxBoy] Bacon IS ham. Or rather, both come from the same critter.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] yes...but in soup they don't taste the same

[Finglas (Death from above!)] bacon isn't ham. bacon is good, ham is bad

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and face it...bacon just goes with everything

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] (I shake the dopplegar a bit)

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((she's right you know))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] bacon is the nexus

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 11'08".

[Tori (BOB)] and you shake it

[Finglas (Death from above!)] i once made a killer robot bacon, but then i ate it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: points her sword :: explain yourself!

[Vicki] ((both have fat and salt, and both are red meat and bad... so I really don't care one way or another))

[Tori (BOB)] it can not speak

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] excuse me?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] red meat and bad?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Meat = good))

[LinuxBoy] I thought it was Pork, the other white meat ...

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((red meat = goodest))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] apparently Pork is the other RED meat ...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] not sure how lamb feels

[Tori (BOB)] Salad is nto food, Salad is what food eats

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] or bison

[Finglas (Death from above!)] i prefer slightly pink meat. red's too raw

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] you can keep venison

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ok back to the game

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and bear

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Lord help me I agree with Bob!!!))

[Vicki] ((Pork is technically red meat, especially for those who aren't supposed to eat red meat more than 3x a week))

[Beth] I love venison, elk and bear

[Finglas (Death from above!)] of course you would you redneck. =P

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((:: hands all of hers to Bethie :: Enjoy ))

[Vicki] ((LOL Fritz))

[Tori (BOB)] beb

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Finglas (Death from above!)] i bet you even eat rudolph

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Well you are a savage wood witch anyway Beth))

[Beth] oooooooh, Thankies!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((She sets a trap every year ))

[Beth] :D I resemble that remark lol

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 20:44:17 EST 2009

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Hey don't you have a picture on your "Face book" sight of you hugging a pig Beth?))

[Vicki] ((lol))

Death from above!] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 20:44:48 EST 2009

[Beth] Yes, but it's a brass one

Death from above!] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Death from above!] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Beth] the one in Seattle

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] We need to add a thought bubble above her head in it ((Yum...Dinner))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Hey can the dwarves search the room for more sliding walls, doors and what nots?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] LOL

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Dwarves can you look for .... forget it

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[Tori (BOB)] they will if you wish

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Yes we wish we wish

[Tori (BOB)] what ar eyou doing about the doppelganger?

[BOB] ] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=20] 20

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I still keep it pinned while waiting for Kylia to realease it from her spell

[Tori (BOB)] no they do not find anymore sliding walls

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] well it's not held anymore and I have pointed my sword at it wanting to hear it's story

[Death from above!] i'd say we should kill it before bob screws us over somehow

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] as soon as I moved it stopped being held

[Tori (BOB)] it looks at you

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((too late Mike, we're in the underdark because of this))

[Tori (BOB)] I don't suppose that you would let me live?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] We need it to tell us where Tori is

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] are there any walls in the room wothout furnoture against them?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: raises eyebrow :: you have a bold thought there that I would

[Tori (BOB)] no to Paul

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You take my party impersonate me and you'd like me to show pity and spare you

[Tori (BOB)] ok, so if there is no chance you will let me live

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] that's actually quite funny

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I turn her upside down by spinning her against the wall..."You must be joking"

[Tori (BOB)] then I suppose I have no need to talk

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] fair enough

[Tori (BOB)] head snaps back and forth as you spin

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ::changes into umberhulk and starts digging random holes::

[BOB] ] Tori moved 4'02".

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((Oh wow I have NEVER heard Bob use that ploy before))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: takes her sword and starts slowly pushing it into the leg near the knee ::

[Tori (BOB)] grimaces

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] that feels nice doesn't it... shall I continue?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] in the stone

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] you have another knee I see.

[Tori (BOB)] I bet you could use a better guide if that Orc is the best you could do

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] not in it

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I bang it up and down against the floor and ceiling, talk talk...I can do this all day

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: wiggles the sword in the knee ::

[Death from above!] "Don't forget to heal it before it dies."

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] Half orc, she was, er is half orc

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Or I let Kylia torture it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: pulls out the sword as if a thought entered her brain ::

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "We can do this all day."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Oh Half-Orc

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] what was the other half?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] drow?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] dragon?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] faerie?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] bugbear?

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Surely no dragon would have sired that."

[Vicki] ((human))

[Tori (BOB)] and Paul roll percentage, under 25% and you end up in the dip

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hobgoblin

[Vicki] ((Half human, half orc))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((I know...remember I'm talking as Kylia now, not Lorie ))

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] ((We know Vicki))

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] ] Roll #1: (d100) [1d100=36] 36

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] found the trap door I take it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: backs up :: well it's been... well, it's been ... I wish you a fond afterlife

[Vicki] ((ok, I don't think I ever told anyone as Tori though))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] no, you're going to find the acid river

[Tori (BOB)] no trap door Paul

[Tori (BOB)] just a chance to open up a hole that lets the acid in

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: shrugs and turns to head back to the group:: I'll need to say some extra prayers for my temper

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 12'08".

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 28'09".

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "Killing an evil wretch such as this isn't worth extra prayer."

[Tori (BOB)] who is killing the doppelganer?

[Tori (BOB)] Kylia?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Fin would you do me a favor? Staple it's hands and feet to the wall for second would you so it realizes how good we are

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I thought that was 200' away and down 100'?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I have it right now Bob

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "I have not the arrows for that."

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Oh Ok....

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] I was diging small holes looking for passageways

[BOB] yes to john

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I float it over to me and cut off one of it's fingers

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: sits and begins to pray ::

[BOB] but you don't know where everything twists and turns

[BOB] it passes out Rave

[BOB] and the finger grows back

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Shake it around a bit to wake it up

[BOB] seems to have fainted

[Finglas (Death from above!)] better dip in in the acid t2 style

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] no problem...I consume a combo of dark draft of the voodoo master and zombie potion with it's finger in it and turn it into my zombie slave, like what I did to mercedes

[Rave Starfire (Fritz) (to Lorie only)] you realize every creature or person we capture says the same thing? If you are going to kill me why should I talk? They have tremendous morals...Most would be begging for mercy and telling us whatever we wanted.

[LinuxBoy] hello?

[Finglas (Death from above!)] anyone?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] Waiting on Bob

[Finglas (Death from above!)] anyone?

[Finglas (Death from above!)] beuler?

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] everybody is just on shcok

[Paul Elvenstire (john)] in

[BOB] tryignto figure out how that zombie potion works

Fritz] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 20:59:34 EST 2009

john] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 20:59:36 EST 2009

LinuxBoy] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 20:59:37 EST 2009

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ... trying to figure out?

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 20:59:48 EST 2009

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] that's not reassurig

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] why is everyone quitting the game?

john] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 21:00:04 EST 2009

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Did everyone get the deal but me?

[BOB] I am checking on the potiion

Fritzie] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 21:00:17 EST 2009

[BOB] I think it does not work

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] if so...Kylia's going back to Roadhaven and wait on the next batch of DSers

Death from above!] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 21:00:37 EST 2009

Vicki] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 21:00:44 EST 2009

Death from above!] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Death from above!] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[BOB] letting everyone resettle in

[Beth] I'm gonna log off guys. I can't stay awake and I'm not up to par tonight


[Death from above!] bye

[BOB] hope you have a better weekened Beth

john] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

john] has received the map Sample Bridge.

Fritzie] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Fritzie] has received the map Sample Bridge.

[Beth] ::hugs to you all::

[BOB] where is that zombie potion from Fritz?

Beth] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 21:02:00 EST 2009

[BOB] can not find it

[john] I did not get the deal, trust me you will know

[Fritzie] Oh Ok it is just like before but I will copy it for you

[BOB] I need to know what school of magic etc

Vicki] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 21:03:00 EST 2009

[Fritzie] It is the school of "Always works the way Fritz wants it to" magic

[BOB] chcukles

Vicki] is receiving the map Sample Bridge...

Vicki] has received the map Sample Bridge.

LinuxBoy] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 21:04:16 EST 2009

LinuxBoy] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

LinuxBoy] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[BOB] I think it is Necromantic and Charm

[BOB] which means that it will not work

[BOB] Dopps are immune to all charm

[BOB] just want to be sure

[BOB] will not really magic

[BOB] matter

[john] ok, my time's up, have fun all

[john] see you on line

[BOB] as you are not goign to be able to force it to do things against its will

[BOB] and it just wants to get away

[BOB] Night John

[BOB] so moving on

[Vicki] night John

[Fritzie] This four-dose potion was created by savage wizards practicing voodoo. Unlike other elixirs, a dark draft is meant to be mixed with other potions. The user must mix !4 of this potion with any other magical potion. Also, a fingernail, lock of hair, or other bit of organic matter from the intended target must be added to the concoction. When consumed, the drinker thinks of an intended target, and if that target is within 50 miles, the potion takes effect on that person. The victim is not allowed a saving throw. For example, a character who mixed a dark draft potion with an elixir of madness can inflict madness upon the target. A dark draft does not work with poisons or nonmagical oils.

[LinuxBoy] Night John.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: hugs :: Night John

[Fritzie] wait a sec give me a chance to get it bob

john] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 21:06:18 EST 2009

[BOB] yes fritz

[Vicki] So, what's happening?

[LinuxBoy] not much it appears

[BOB] what other potion are you mixing it with Fritz?

[Fritzie] Any human, demihuman, or humanoid who drinks zombie broth must immediately attempt a saving throw vs. poison If successful, there is no effect. If the saving throw is missed, the character's Intelligence drops to 3, and he or she loses all self-motivation and will-power. Movement rate drops to 6. The character is effectively a sluggish, mindless automaton. A victim of zombie broth must obey the commands of anyone without hesitation, even self-injury if told to do so. He or she can perform only very simple tasks, such as talking, walking, opening a door, picking up or dropping objects, or rowing a boat. The character automatically misses in combat— too "out of it" to fight. Spell casting is out of the question. The potion also acts like a truth serum; the character answers all questions to the best of his or her ability. The effects of drinking zombie broth last for one full day. During this time, the character can neither hold down nor has a hunger for normal food and drink—the hapless victim craves only more zombie broth. If the character should die of lack of food and water while under the influence of the broth, he or she becomes an undead zombie.

[Death from above!] obscure rules lookup

[Fritzie] I have to copy it from a PDF on another screen it isn't something I can do fast

[Fritzie] df

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so it is a charm

[Death from above!] but don't we need the school?

[BOB] and does not work

[BOB] control over someone's actions is part of the charm school

[BOB] so no effect on the Doppo

[BOB] you can still control it physically

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Then how did "hold person" work?

[BOB] you had it in the Telekinesis

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It's not a charm

[BOB] but in any case

[BOB] you are not really goign to try and traipse through the Underdark with two prisoners

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie) (to BOB only)] even the fact that it gets NO saving throw it is still resistant?

[BOB (to Fritzie only)] yeah, they are immune to all charm, they don't need to save

[BOB] so? moving on

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] well i keep torturing it

[BOB] ok

[BOB] it eventually dies if you do not heal it

[BOB] it has been stabbed by swords,

[BOB] bounced against walls, etc

[BOB] so it dies after a bit more torture

[BOB] moving on ?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Wait I was on the phone

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] So it will die rather than talk?

[BOB] there is no reason for it to talk

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Roll it's moral to see if it does that please

[BOB] what would it tell you?

[BOB] I do not understand what you want?

[BOB] it will not help you

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] What happened to Tori

[BOB] she is dead

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Who is dead?

[BOB] you know that

[BOB] Tori

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] How did we know that?

[BOB] two things went into the room

[BOB] only one was there when you got there

[BOB] no other way out but the hole under the chamber pot

[BOB] not big enough for a person

[Vicki] Which was what John had asked, and Bob said not in one piece

Christy] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 21:16:47 EST 2009

Christy] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Christy] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Vicki] Hi Christy

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hey there Christy!!!!

[Christy] hello!

[LinuxBoy] Greetings and Salutations

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: shrugs :: Okay so we've wasted 2 hours searching for a dead warrior

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] can we move on ? I hope the deal was worth it

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Obviously

[Vicki] I didn't roll my dice...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] your character is dead...what are they going to do for you?

[Christy] sorry so late. Hans is studying for something or other so I had to take the boys to karate and then handle the bed routine. I usually get the night off so I forgot how draining their Friday night routine can be.

[BOB] smiles, at least you are feeling better Chrsity

[BOB] i sHans staying home on Tuesday?

[BOB] I imagine most people do not want to travel on that day

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] You didn't miss anything Christy

[Christy] no but he doesn't have to go into DC that day THANK GOD

[BOB] and if there are no more questionsa bout the Doppo

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] nope... why bother

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] 2 hours down the tubes... glad we spent them so wisely

[Christy] so who's the dead whoever you were looking for?

[Vicki (to Christy only)] Tori's dead, and that's basically all you missed

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] glad we came to the underdark. Has someone seen the gift shop. I'd like to buy some postcards to remember my visit

[Christy] I want a t-shirt

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Tori is dead

[Vicki] saying?

[Arilyn (Christy)] oops

[Arilyn (Christy)] did we recover her body?

[BOB] ] Finglas moved 99'08".

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] nope..but nicely we got left a doppleganger after 2 hours of searching

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and it's dead too

[Death from above!] but i'm hoping it was a level 50 dopelganger and we get lots of xp

[Death from above!] any treasure in the room?

[Arilyn (Christy)] so all of our Toris are dead, even the fake ones

[BOB] only Toris gear

[BOB] and Yes to Chrsity

[Vicki] Tori's will has been updated

[Death from above!] seriously? nothing else?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] well not sure when she would have done it if it wasn't before we left

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] but okay great.

[BOB] when you live near a vat of acid that disolves everything, you don't get to recover much

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((OOC: I'm irritated about this whole thing... what a complete and utter waste of effort, spells and energy in this adventure ))

[Arilyn (Christy)] the t-shirt reads "I went to the underdark and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

Vicki] is receiving the map Encounter area 1...

Vicki] has received the map Encounter area 1.

Christy] is receiving the map Encounter area 1...

Christy] has received the map Encounter area 1.

[BOB] (sorry Lorie, I thought the bridge puzzle was goign to turn out very different)

[BOB] so moving on

[BOB] ] Naola moved 273'05".

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((well it ended up the Dragonslayer way...which is what you should have expected ))

[BOB] Naola says that you are getting close to the starless lake, only another day or so

[BOB] there are no more expected problems, unless you encounter something out of the ordinary

[BOB] only the same type of creatures you encountered before

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] i dump the dopp in the acid...

[BOB] ok to Rave

[Death from above!] so.... we're there?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] "Nothing out of the ordinary unless you encounter something?" What the hell does that mean?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] are you going to roll or do we make up our own encounters for this part of the adventure

[Naola (BOB)] chuckles

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] because if we do... then Elminster shows up and offers me a spot with the 7 Sisters

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and I totally take the deal because he doesn't live like a cockroach in the cold and dark

[Naola (BOB)] I meant that there are no more physical challenges, problems like the bridge, or the scree slope

[Death from above!] and i want to find a magic quiver lying in the path

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] so you aren't offering anymore deals tonight?

[BOB] ] Finglas moved 92'08".

[BOB] ] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 240'04".

[BOB] ] Naola moved 188'02".

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 330'01".

[Naola (BOB)] Rave and Kylia moving along there with Naola

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Oh...and Dog the Bounty Hunter shows up and I give him the prisoner and take the reward money and donate it to the "Send Kylia to the Caribbean" fund

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 139'08".

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire moved 279'03".

[Naola (BOB)] Rave comes back to tell you he found a cloaked figure sitting on the floor

[Naola (BOB)] with a cup out

[Naola (BOB)] looks like a beggar

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Yes! It's Elminster...I knew it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: starts doing the peanut butter Jelly dance ::

[Death from above!] i'd give him the money we took from the ganger, but oh yeah. nothing

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((peanut butter jelly))

[Death from above!] zippity do dah

[Naola (BOB)] looks back at Kylia

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] How long has it been? Could I have gotten a heal or something by now?

[Naola (BOB)] there are beggars along the paths

[Naola (BOB)] if you want to do a heal you can

[Naola (BOB)] it has been hours

[Naola (BOB)] anyone who wants can cast

[Naola (BOB)] before the encounter

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((what sort of beggars? Human? Drow? Duergar? Bugbears? SPCs? Ninjas?))

[Naola (BOB)] there are lots down here,

[Naola (BOB)] if they find a well traveled route

[Naola (BOB)] they stake it out

[Naola (BOB)] you can count on it that they have kept track of everthing that moves

[Naola (BOB)] and will sell tha tinfo to the highest bidder

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Hey can I get a heal from someone? I am still hurting a bit from the bat encounter earlier

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((down 1/3 actually))

[Death from above!] i thought you regenerated

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] That was a potion I drank

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I used up all my potions for the day

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Drow Prisoner. Distance: 440'09"

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer no longer targets Drow Prisoner.

[Death from above!] where's a priest when you need one?

[Naola (BOB)] Did you want to talk to this beggar? or did you just want to walk on by? or ofer him a bribe?

[Death from above!] how long will we stop to heal?

[Arilyn (Christy)] give him some dough

[Death from above!] i'd rather not use a real spell. i'd rather use an orisson

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Bob said we had Hours

[Naola (BOB)] you can use an orison

[Naola (BOB)] you have hours

[Arilyn (Christy)] then go Jack Bauer on his ass

[Death from above!] okay

[Finglas (Death from above!)] "If it will shut you up, I will cast a spell on you."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I will use an Orison on Rave and Naola

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((BOB please mark Tori as all dead ))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] ] Finglas casts a spell against : Orison: So many boo-boos, so little magic. Casts 9 of 'em. Casts Alleviate, Calm, Clarity, Courage, Guidance, Healing, Magic Sense, Memory, Resistance to Magic, Resistance to Poison

[BOB] ] Tori's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -61 (-100) by Master - Dead

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Naola. Distance: 19'02"

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Rave Starfire. Distance: 46'11"

[Naola (BOB)] how many points to each?

[Naola (BOB)] from Finglas and Kylia?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ] Kylia Wolfslayer casts a spell against Naola: Orison: "Range: 10 yds The most humble of priestly spells is the orison, a brief prayer or invocation of a minor nature. Because an orisons is not even on par with other 1st-level magic, I memorize a number of individual orisons equal to (3+14) 17:9 when I devote a 1st-level spell slot to orison. Unlike cantrip, an orison must have a specific effect, although I need not decide which incantation I will use until I actually cast the spell. Regardless of the prayer chosen, the orison’s duration is never more than (14) 14 unless otherwise specified."

[Finglas (Death from above!)] i'll heal my 4 and 5 to him

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 35 (5) by Master - Moderately Wounded

[BOB] ] Finglas's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 77 (4) by Master - Unharmed

[BOB] ] Rave Starfire's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 44 (9) by Master - Lightly Wounded

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I don't know how far down Naola is down but use the first one on Rave

[Naola (BOB)] ok

[Naola (BOB)] so that peveryone less than a cure light from being fully healed

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I feel good now. Thank you both

[Finglas (Death from above!)] we have a name we're looking for, right?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] No just "the dark skinned man"

[Finglas (Death from above!)] i think it might be worth it to try and get some info, but not too much.

[Finglas (Death from above!)] maybe ask if there's anyone who is particularly loud about how much they hate us

[Finglas (Death from above!)] but i'm betting, in the end if we walk into town, trouble will find us

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Would the skill "info gathering" help or does this have to all be roleplayed out Bob?

[Naola (BOB)] you make a check rather than roleplay it fritz

[Naola (BOB)] and then tell me what you are tryign to get

[Naola (BOB)] no extensive roleplay, just a phrase or two

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ] Rave Starfire: Information Gathering check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Arilyn (Christy)] yay!

[Naola (BOB)] and tell me what you look like when you talk with the goblin

[Naola (BOB)] and anyone else making the attempt?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((what do you think gang? A drow?))

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((What do you want me to find out?))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((are you going to command the info or ask? Drow if you want command))

[Finglas (Death from above!)] drow would probably have the best chance for anything down here

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((I guess find out if there are any drow on sunlighter grudge matches -- there's a reason that thing turned into me and not Tori which was what it should have become after killing her ))

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((Ok I turn into a Drow...I use a combo of cohersion, threat, and bribery))

[Naola (BOB)] ok

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I also use

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 21:50:34 EST 2009

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ] Rave Starfire casts a spell against : ESP: For (8) 8 rounds I can read surface thoughts.

Death from above!] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 21:50:46 EST 2009

[Naola (BOB)] (it was Tori at first Lorie, then it turned into Kylia as you stormed into the room)

Death from above!] is receiving the map Encounter area 1...

Death from above!] has received the map Encounter area 1.

[cloaked figure (BOB)] Ah Salam and good evening to you worthy friends, come come closer

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Come closer... this isn't going to end well))

[Death from above!] because it's not all drow who hate sunlighter. =P

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I lift it with my ring as if I can levitate like a drow

Christy] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 21:52:42 EST 2009

[cloaked figure (BOB)] shakes a bit

[cloaked figure (BOB)] as it floats in the air

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Who do you think you are calling "friend" you vermin

[cloaked figure (BOB)] a thousand pardons

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I speak to it in undercommon

[cloaked figure (BOB)] what can I do to alieve your pain mistress?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Tell me what I wish to know and not only will I let you live...but I may actually reward you with more than just your life

[cloaked figure (BOB)] there can be no greater reward

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((I hold a gold coin in the air for it to see))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((joining the 7 Sisters would be a greater reward - unless it's Syluné since she's dead ))

[Death from above!] sy's ded?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Being QIlué about now isn't so bad since she's a drow))

[Death from above!] just run back to your corpse

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Have you heard anything of someone having a specific grudge or plot against some surface worlders known as the "Dragon slayers"?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((LOL))

[cloaked figure (BOB)] blinks who are they?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I raise him higher in the air

[cloaked figure (BOB)] shakes

[cloaked figure (BOB)] please please

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] That wasn't what I asked you scum

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I do not know I have never heard of such a thing

[cloaked figure (BOB)] no one woudl slay a dragon

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] How about someone with some plans against any sunlighters? He would be going to ((insert name of town here)), and would have recently come from there

[LinuxBoy] I am away from the keyboard.

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] The surface that is

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Within the past few weeks even

[cloaked figure (BOB)] ahhh

[cloaked figure (BOB)] yes I do know something about that mistress

[LinuxBoy] I am back at the keyboard.

[cloaked figure (BOB)] what did you want to know?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Do you think I want to know that you know, or what you know? Speak before I peal the flesh from you skin .

[Death from above!] i am now listening to bob sing the part of genie from aladdin

[cloaked figure (BOB)] blinks

[cloaked figure (BOB)] there are so many things mistress

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((be afraid, be very afraid))

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I do know that there are several groups that are finely blanced, in Khazefryn

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] (I hold up 3 gold pieces)) speak.

[cloaked figure (BOB)] of course the Drow will be victorious in the end

[cloaked figure (BOB)] but the other races are not sure yet

[cloaked figure (BOB)] Mistress

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Don't tell me something I already know slug

[cloaked figure (BOB)] there are always balancing acts Mistress

[cloaked figure (BOB)] but I do know that there is a special someone being held there

[cloaked figure (BOB)] that you might want to inquire about

[cloaked figure (BOB)] more than that I can not be certain

Christy] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 22:02:12 EST 2009

Christy] is receiving the map Base Map DDD...

Christy] has received the map Base Map DDD.

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I turn him upside down and pull out my dagger..."I am good at balancing as well. want to see how well you balance on the tip of my knife or how these coins balance in your cup?"

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I see you have one of your own you are taking to Khazefryn

[cloaked figure (BOB)] perhaps there are more to come?

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I could leave a message for you if you like

[Christy] sorry, internet issues

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Again you are telling me that you know, not what you know.

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Who is in Kazefryn

[cloaked figure (BOB)] many people Mistress

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I can not know all of htem

[cloaked figure (BOB)] or who might travel by other paths

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] What groups are currently vying for power other than the drow? (I run my dagger across it's chest). You know who I speak. the one being held there. ( I hold up a 4th coin)

[cloaked figure (BOB)] if there is anythign I can answer I will

[cloaked figure (BOB)] the Kuo Toa and the drow were the top two the last I heard

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Who else vies for power? And who is this individual being held there and who currently has him?

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:06:55 EST 2009

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I do not know the rest

[cloaked figure (BOB)] it si too chaotic

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((:: shakes mental fist at the mention of the Kuo Toa :: ))

Death from above!] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 22:07:42 EST 2009

Death from above!] is receiving the map Encounter area 1...

Death from above!] has received the map Encounter area 1.

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] You try my patience....Hold up a fifth gold coin as I draw more blood. Who is being held there? You said you knew

[cloaked figure (BOB)] no

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I only know there are prisoners there

[cloaked figure (BOB)] and that there has been talk of a rescue being mounted

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I do not know who

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ] Rave Starfire: Pick Pockets check:(d100) [1d100=46] 46 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[cloaked figure (BOB)] or who would rescue such a dreature

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] makes 2 of the coins disapear

[Christy] I see you decided to follow the Jack Bauer method of questioning. cool

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Draws more blood..."when will this rescue occur?"

[cloaked figure (BOB)] there are Trogs and Varkha aand Bainligor al vieing for favors there

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Yes but shouldn't someone be in another location torturing Rave's family ?))

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ] Rave Starfire: Pick Pockets check:(d100) [1d100=32] 32 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I would never dream of going anywhere near such a place

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] One coin reappears for a total of 4 coins

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Who is "holding" a special prisoner from the surface world..."a dark skinned man"?

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I know not

[cloaked figure (BOB)] if I knew I would tell you all the secrets of the world mistress

[cloaked figure (BOB)] please

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((Don't forget I am using ESP as well during this time))

[cloaked figure (BOB)] nods

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Is he holding anything back?

[Christy] (could that be any more vague? dark skinned man in the underdark . geez!)

[cloaked figure (BOB)] nothing

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Does he give me any ideas on further directions to go on lines of questioning?

[cloaked figure (BOB)] no

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] In his thoughts?

[cloaked figure (BOB)] he just gathers things, has not visited so does not know the true workings there

[cloaked figure (BOB)] and is afraid to lie

[Christy] (so its a Jack Bauer/Matt Parkman combo)

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ] Rave Starfire: Pick Pockets check:(d100) [1d100=41] 41 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] What is the name of the leaders of the groups there? ((cut his skin and make another coin appear for 5 gold coins again))

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I do not know mistress

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I would never venture there

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((I have the DVD set for the second season of Heroes. Watched it the past couple of days...Season 2 SUCKED))

[Death from above!] yup

[cloaked figure (BOB)] He just does not know more

[cloaked figure (BOB)] about what is happenign there

[Christy] striking writers should be shot

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I drop the 5 gold coins in his cup....and let him down.

[cloaked figure (BOB)] he grovels a thank you

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] well I drop him

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((Have to keep up appearences you know..))

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Oh and if you tell anyone you saw us here I will be back and flay the flesh from your bones over a 15 year period.

[cloaked figure (BOB)] I only hope to live so long mistress

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I will make sure you don't die as I torture you .

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I would want you to savor every moment of pain ....

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] for a long, long time

[Death from above!] frankie goes to hollywood, sting

[Death from above!] rod stewart

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] If the party doesn't know undercommon then I tell them what I have learned...but I believe everyone should have learned it

[Christy] those all sound pretty painful

[Christy] especially rod stewart

[Death from above!] bob is punishing me for something

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] ((For being there Mike...just for being there...It is part of his cruel inhuman nature))

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Ok we move on..

[cloaked figure (BOB)] moving on

[BOB] anyone really want to fight another purple worm?

[BOB] that is next up

[BOB] i think you know how to handle it

[BOB] ready to proceed to the shores of the starelss lake?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] yep...

[Christy] sure

[BOB] so

[Christy] why not?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Is it the next day?

[BOB] you travel along

[BOB] yes next day

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie) (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Rave Starfire modified: Consumable Magic Items - CHANGED: Gold Coin -- Inventory/Charges: +3 (+2),

[BOB] so you reach an area that is flat

[Death from above! (to GM only)] ] Character sheet for Finglas modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 1 -- Current: 8 (+7). CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 5 (+3). CHANGED: 4 -- Current: 3 (+2). CHANGED: 5 -- Current: 2 (+0).

[BOB] and Naola looks at the group

[Naola (BOB)] I am open to suggestions here

[Naola (BOB)] we have to cross the lake

[Naola (BOB)] we can stick to the edge, there is a cavern edge along the lake

[Naola (BOB)] that we can pole along

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Do we have any boats?

[Naola (BOB)] will take us about 5 to 6 hours on the way there

[Naola (BOB)] there are boats on the lake

[Naola (BOB)] that we all share

[Naola (BOB)] but the problem is the way back

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] To pole around the lake will take 5-6 hours along the edge of the lake?

[Naola (BOB)] and the fact that because everyone knows about the boats, there could be others on teh lake

[Naola (BOB)] yes

[Naola (BOB)] coming back we go against the current

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] How long to go straight across

[Naola (BOB)] so it will take longer

[Naola (BOB)] I do not know

[Naola (BOB)] I have never tried it

[Death from above!] i bet if we go across we fight a lake monster

[Death from above!] but if we pole around everything goes honkey dorey

[Naola (BOB)] oh there are monsters

[Naola (BOB)] we can avoid them I hope by traveling along the edge

[Fritzie] I bet no matter which way we go we will run into monsters

[Naola (BOB)] but they come up out of the depths

[Naola (BOB)] swallow whole boats

[Christy] that doesn't sound like fun

[Death from above!] then we can have a pinocchio adventure

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Depends...You like pretending you are Jonah?

[Naola (BOB)] what do you have? you sunlighters seem to always come up with something, this is where to really come up with some weirdo magical thingie

[Christy] maybe if we had someone like God on our side

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] well lets move on

[Naola (BOB)] we have to strip out of all of our armor

[Death from above!] "I would say that poling around the lake sounds like a fine idea."

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] hey He is always someone good to have.

[Naola (BOB)] and have to try and hide any gold anyone is carriing

[Death from above!] "We have several gods here on our side."

[Naola (BOB)] gold seems to draw them in

[Christy] humph

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] How about Walking on air? Is Kylia high enough to cast that spell

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Draws monsters or bandits?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Draws monsters or bandits?

[Naola (BOB)] the lake monsters

[Naola (BOB)] of course if we encounter others in boats, they might need to be bribed

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:33:44 EST 2009

Death from above!] has joined the game on Fri Jan 16 22:34:01 EST 2009

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Why bribe what we can kill?

[Naola (BOB)] if you think you can

Death from above!] is receiving the map Encounter area 1...

Death from above!] has received the map Encounter area 1.

[Naola (BOB)] looks around, without armor or weapons

[Naola (BOB)] unless you fancy drowning

[Naola (BOB)] hard enough on the water without any metal to drag you down

[Death from above!] anterias will keep his armor

[Death from above!] this is shallow water, right?

[Naola (BOB)] at least when we cross the lake Khazefryn is only half a days march

[Death from above!] not acid?

[Naola (BOB)] it is water, but I do not know how deep

[Naola (BOB)] and if you wear your armor you will drown if you fall in

[Naola (BOB)] why would you risk that?

[Antarias (Death from above!)] "I will not."

[Naola (BOB)] so no one has any great sunlighter magics?

[Naola (BOB)] then in the morning we shall brave the waters of the lake

[Naola (BOB)] ??

[BOB] Does anyone have any questions? please read teh section on swimming,

[BOB] if you are wearing any armor

[BOB] you will drown

[BOB] can not swim

[Antarias (Death from above!)] night all

Death from above!] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:38:33 EST 2009

[Christy] yay! I can swim and I don't wear armor anyway.

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] No worries...

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] I can turn into a fish

[Christy] I can fly so I don't need the boat anyway

[BOB] grins, what weapon Chrsity

[BOB] you might need to be the lead fighter for this then

[Christy] who said I'm going in the water?

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Hey how about pulling a Kevin Costner in Water World?

[BOB] grins

[BOB] I have a plot for this,

[Christy] what a crappy movie

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Again I ask...where is Hainan when you need him

[BOB] just talking about ROber there Lorie!

[BOB] this is the last big fight on the way there

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Hey it's been a long time since we had to deal with sea monsters and pirates

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] dead people are just useless

[Christy] amen sister

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] No offense Vicki

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If she too the deal...then Tori too

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] useless

[Vicki] I felt pretty useless the way that Tori died anyhow

[Christy] I've been dead plenty myself.

[Vicki] she didn't die fighting either

[Christy] it's never good

[BOB] nods,

[Vicki] I didn't roll my dice, Bob did it for me

[BOB] I will work with Vicki fo rher new character

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Ouch even worse

[Vicki] and failed a save and was unconcious and depending on you to see if she lived or not

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Well are we done for the night Bob?

[Vicki] she decomposed when you found the dopp

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] Well I am guessing we are done for the night.

[Rave Starfire (Fritzie)] So night all. Catch you next week.

[Christy] night!

[BOB] night guys

[Christy] and me too. I'll catch you guys next week!

[Vicki] night night Fritz

Fritzie] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:47:13 EST 2009

Christy] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:47:14 EST 2009

[BOB] I will ahve new maps etc for you

[BOB] chuckles

[BOB] and remember no game next week

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] why not?

[BOB] Lorie you and Sean can spread the word

[BOB] I am in New York

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] why?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] it's cold

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] go in July

[Vicki] lol

[BOB] she has a conference

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] trip

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: Hugs :: night BOB

Lorie] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:48:34 EST 2009

[Vicki] be very careful in NY

[BOB] will be fun

[BOB] have a great night you two

LinuxBoy] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:49:28 EST 2009

Vicki] has left the game on Fri Jan 16 22:49:33 EST 2009