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BOB's Rules

Dragon Head
Copy of the old poster that hung behind my desk.

These notes are designed to familiarize players with some of the rules in my campaign. These have been developed from personal experience and input during play. They are constantly expanding, changing, and evolving. I use almost every book or manual previously or currently published for the game. The notable exception is the exclusion of psionics from the campaign. I do not feel the need to add this complication. But there are many other interesting choices for the players.

This campaign started on May 14, 1993 (25-12-1232 TGR) and has met on a regular basis since. The biggest part of any campaign is player participation and consistency. I try to remain consistent in my rulings, as evidenced by these notes. This campaign has prospered through player interaction with my world. My world is not a static place; it continually evolves to meet the player's needs—and many of their desires. I hope it continues to be a challenge, as well as a source of entertainment for many more years to come.

The bulk of these rules are collections of rules from multiple books, fully cross referenced and in one place. We have called this "AD&D 2.mine" or "BOB's Rules". Therefore the rules as written here supersede any of those found in other books. This does not mean that these rules are written in stone, as they change with player input. But this way we all have a starting point.

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