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Party Pack - Containers

This is the list of items that the group has at home rather than carrying around in the party pack.

These items may or may not be not owned by any one individual in the group and those that are individually owned are noted as being transferred to that character's possession and character sheet.

need to deal with

  • 1 magic dagger - ghast (Currently being carried by Illero in the woods as of MacBeth (08,Nov 2019))
  • text book on blood magic to charm people - skull church office
  • 3 magic books, Suomi Religion on controlling undead, charm, & honoring the dead or maybe raising the dead - skull church office
  • Crossbow of Speed - magic
  • Spellbook: clairvoyance, dispel magic, hand of darkness*, invisibility 10' radius, slow, suggestion, wraithform; acid bolt*, detect scrying, solid fog, stoneskin; advanced illusion, Bigby's interposing hand, chaos, wall offorce; death fog.


0 platinum pieces
470 gold pieces
1 electrum pieces
5,010 silver pieces
253 copper pieces


Huge gems
Medium-sized gems
Banded agate, brown, worth 50 gp
Gems of unknown size
Quartz worth 10 gp
Ruby worth 750 gp
Turquoise worth 10 Gp
Emerald 4,000 gp
Black Opal worth 1000 gp
Hematite - 10 gp
Malachite - 10 gp
Rhodochrosite - 10 gp
Rock Crystal - 50 gp
Rock Crystal, worth 50 gp
Hematite, worth 10 gp
Turquoise, worth 10 gp
Peridot 100 gp
Small Freshwater Coral - 1,000 gp
Zircon (Semi-precious) - 5 gp
Ruby (Fancy) - 100 gp
Tiger Eye Agate (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Hematite (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Rhodochrosite (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Rhodochrosite (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Chalcedony (Semi-precious) - 50 gp
Oriental Topaz (Gem) - 400 gp
Pearl - 15 gp
Pearl - 50 gp
Pearl, 20,000 gp
28 ornamental gems, - 10 gp
23 semi-precious gems 50 gp each
2 gems, 100 gp each
10 precious gems, 500 gp each
4 gems, 1,000 gp each
1 gems, 5,000 gp each
rock crystal 10 gp
obsidian 50 gp
star rose quartz 10 gp
sardonyx 50 gp
hematite 10 gp
dusty rose color gem - 50 gp
Ruby - ornamental - 10 gp
Garnet (Fancy) - 500 gp
Peridot (Precious)300 gp
Moonstone (Semi-precious)- 50 gp



Spear glowing with a magical light, +1 and +2 against Bullywugs - not appraised
4-foot long magical giant dagger "Mick Giagger" +1, may be used as a long sword
Magic mace +1
Magic Mace +1
human-size field plate armor +3
human-size magic chain mail
Mace non-magical 3,000 gp
Magical ancient net with small silver badges at the intersections, with unrecognised heraldric images - gladiator style net used in ancient times for fighting (use in combat confined to humanoids) - +1
Ointment of Far Seeing, works on the Elemental plane of Ice, in a large, bluish-white crystal box with an inscription on the lid that reads ICE; contents are a bluish-white salve that had no affect on Branwyn's finger or on the wooden table
Potion of Certain Death, honey-scented liquid in a plain fired-clay bottle with a wood stopper; if someone were to drink the full potion, it would be instant death with the person's soul ripped out and transported to some unknown place
4 Untested Potions
Protection from Cold - 2 scrolls
Blank scroll
Priest Scroll -- 3rd level Celtic only spell - Frenzy of the Celts - creates battle frenzied warriors
Mage scroll Bigby's interposing hand Bigby's forceful hand, Bigby's grapsing hand, Bigby's crushing hand and Bigby's clenched fist
Mage Scroll - Conjure Sand Lion - 4th Level, Al-Qadim
Shield of Cahus - Kayugan priest scroll - 5th Level
Protection from Genies
Scroll of Protection from Good
5th & 7th level mage spells - needs read magic

Magic Items, Ingredients or Tools

Small cast iron potion pot - put potion & equal part pure water to get two potions - kept in Branwyn's Laboratory
Large magical crystal sphere - Branwyn - can see and send messages but can't hear subjects
pouch with graveyard dirt - taken at midnight during full moon
Set of magical Hinges for man-sized door {adds 3 pounds of space}
Ring of Male Control - only works when a woman places it on a man's hand then she has the power of Charm over him
Jar of ointment used for True Seeing 6th lvl mage or 5th lvl priest spell component - black priestess
Jotun Magical Ring Wearer can speak in giant language
139 Greek Church scrolls
Purple bloody altar cloth with insignia pulled off
White altar cloth with ram's head on it
Medallion with Continual Darkness spell cast on it


Chalice of Charon the boatman, used to drink the waters of the river Lethe; carved from tooth of Tiamat (priceless artifact)
Collection of Maps
Small book of prayers to Kiputytto - magical
Small cloth doll, grey with use, one leg with a black stitched spot on it
A dozen sheets of magical origami paper in a flat wooden box, possibly from Kara Tur
Map of Lake around Rivers Bend
Cloak clasp - 300 gp
Beetle Butt Acid
Goblet -- 5 gp
Book - "Mastering the Art of Seduction"
Book - "Gardening Secrets of the Dark Forest"
Book - Domville family history, from when Duke thought his daughter was going to be new Prince of Dryads Lair
Mirror - 15 gp
Small silver bracelet with brooms engraved on it 500 gp
Marble seal - 1,400 gp
Ivory seal - 400 gp
Set of six-sided platinum dice 2,400 gp
Diadem 110 gp
Silver adorned dress boots typically worn by The Brotherhood 200 gp
Earring 4,000 gp
Death Head horn set with gems - Goblin horn 200 gp
Cup (art object) 600 gp
Bone dagger with gem infused into it - 1,200 gp
pipe carved of red dragon's tooth - 8,000 gp
Gold goblet with figures on it - 600 gp

Holding for Appraisal when Ilero hits 12th level

  • 2 gems - attacking tree
  • 1 gem - black priestess
  • Spear - magical - guard at road w/ giants
  • Broad sword - magical - Leucrotta
  • Large shield - magical - Leucrotta
  • 2 gems - Leucrotta
  • Fancy Chair - Leucrotta
  • Scepter - Leucrotta
  • Pinchers - Leucrotta
  • Scythe - poisoned blade
  • Pearl
  • Gold plated large chest
  • Gems - 11
  • Small Aquamarine
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet with inlaid jewels
  • Ruby - fancy
  • Banded Agate (Ornamental)
  • Bloodstone (Semi-precious)
  • 6 gems - ghast

Items Held By Characters

Branwyn holding silver dagger worth 2000 gold and could be made into a magic item
Branwyn holding +2 Magic dagger
Branwyn given locket by Thyme
Branwyn bought silver bracelet just because it was pretty
Ilero - Polished steel shield in a beautiful blue color and is very light lighter than any metal shield should be Ilero took it for the moment
Ilero - Magic gauntlet and steel hand you put your hand in the gauntlet to control the steel hand
Ilero - Oil of Unlocking
Branwyn's secret library - Thin red leather volume with crossed spears on the front, Title: A Counting of the Northern Armies and Their Leaders
Indigo & Shur each have a small bronze replicas of the Cowles shield
Marisu - Gold and silver worked ring -- 2 gp doesksin signet - Marisu
Marisu - Four silk scrolls in a wooden box, possibly from Kara Tur The scrolls are long silk rolls wound on ornate teak spools. The spools fit tightly into matching carved boxes, inset with gems and brass chasings. There are four scrolls per box and each scroll is a treatise, diary, notebook and spellbook - Marisu
Kel - using a magic bow that gives +0 to hit/+ STR Damage bonus to arrow damage found in the Bugbear Keep magical weapons room during War By Art campaign
Shi'Nynze - Ellidor's Bow; elven and magical +1 to hit & +1 damage
Shi'Nynze - 10 +1 arrows (started with)
Shi'Nynze - Wand of Wonder - 57 charges (started with)
Jilly has a large carving knife found in Medusa's Keep
Branwyn - Magical tiny statue of shrew - Conjuration, Xanthippe of Annoyance
**Command word spoken, item turns into a giant shrew & makes a saving throw vs. spell. If the throw is successful, shrew immediately flees at its maximum movement rate. If the saving throw fails, shrew understands and obeys the user of the statue. If touched & second command word spoken, shrew returns to statue form. Otherwise, dispel magic is needed to return the creature to its normal inanimate state; remove curse does not affect it. A third command word turns the statue into an ethereal being resembling a human female. This being is immune to all attacks and has no attack forms itself. When created, however, it immediately begins loudly criticizing the user. All within 60 ft. understand the words. This speech can continue for any duration but the being returns to statue form on command of the user or if dispel magic is applied.
Shi'Nynze - Arrow of Adhesion
Hugh Pack: Empty Book, Two Scrolls of Vellum Parchment, Charcoal Stick, Ink and Pens, Small wooden box, Canvas bag (medium), Leather water bag, Fist sized rock, Oilskin blanket, 2 glass vials in leather pouch, small cloth rag, string, however much obsidian I can carry with me on the way out of the city.
Ilero - 4 emeralds - currently stashed in a hidden place in the embassy/his pockets?
Marisu - small crossbow with 4 magic bolts - Marisu
Hugh - magical long sword +2 - Hugh
Ilero - Ring of Thief Negation - Ilero
Wu Sen Chu - Wand of Rust - with gold at both ends - Alteration have command word, but only Wu Jen can use
Mara exchanged a +1 mace for a Magic Mace +3
Mara - took Broken bracelet to keep and fix
Neith - Light spell cast on Large Quartz, transparent pale blue, worth 50gp
Miranda - Given to her by Hoffman Gold ring with large sapphire - non-magic, not appraised

Items Used or Lost already taken out from our stocks

Gave gypsies 1,000 gp for 2 barges
Spent 15,724 gp on 1st round of building
Spent 13,000 gp on library maintenance
Spent 13,200 gp on training
Spent 25,000 gp on spellbooks - 3 for dreams, 1 for Branwyn and 1 for Miranda
Spent 600 gp on Miranda spell research
Spent 500 gp on Potion of Health; Branwyn made an extra one
Spent 300 gp pearl on Identify spell
Spent 203,000 gp on final building effort - used writ, platinum pieces & yarn ball
Spent 62 gp worth of daggers, darts, silver arrowheads, leather armor, and art supplies
Spent 800 gp to repair Branwyn's lab after recent "mishap"
Spent XXX gp on latest training

Branwyn's Library