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Hecate - Greek - Priests - Gods

Hecate is the goddess of the moon, magic, and plenty. She often visits her friend Persephone (Hades' wife) in the underworld, and has learned to control the undead. Hecate is the defender of children and the provider of abundance in food, riches, and other desirable things. She also wanders the night with a pack of hellhounds, which she sets on those foolish enough to travel at night. Those who cast spells draw upon her power, as she is the source of all non-clerical magic. At night, she can cast any two spells she wishes per round, but this ability is reduced to only one spell per round during the day. In her true form, Hecate has three female heads and the body of a ravishing woman, but she can appear in the form of any living creature she wishes.

Role-playing Notes:

Hecate is an independent and capricious goddess. She often aids or hinders mortals for no reason other than having nothing better to do. Any being doing injury to a child stands a 10% chance of drawing her notice, in which case she will send her avatar to exact an appropriate vengeance. At night, she sometimes appears in avatar form to lonely shepherds, and has been known to protect their flocks on more than one occasion. Omens from Hecate generally come in the form of some magical communication, and are accompanied by the eerie sound of baying dogs.

Gods Information

Alignment: CE
Worshiper's Alignment: Any
Area of Control: Magice, Moon, and Abundance
Symbol: setting moon

Avatar Information

Hecate's avatar is a beautiful, dark-haired woman. She is always accompanied by at least one hell-hound of maximum hit points and abilities. She can draw upon any school of magic for her spells. (Wizard 20)

Str 13 Dex 18 Con 18
Int 20 Wis 17 Cha 18
MV 15 SZ 6' MR 35%
AC 2 HD 20 HP 160
#AT 1 THAC0 1 Dmg 1d4 (dagger)

Special Att/Def: Any being hit by Hecate's dagger must save versus death or fall into a trance and be controlled by the avatar as if they were undead. The avatar has complete control over any undead creature with up to 9 hit dice (the level of a typical vampire).

Duties of the Priesthood

Hecate has no priests, but all those who use magic (i.e., wizards, illusionists, bards, etc.) worship her. They are expected to sacrifice honey and black ewes to her on nights of the full moon. Failure results in a total loss of magical powers until the proper sacrifice is made on the next night of a full moon.