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Grey Death

The Grey Death is a plague that has swept across the continent multiple times in known history. It is characterized by a grey pallor to the skin of those that contract it. The Grey Death only affects Humans and Half Elves not any of the demi-human or humanoid races Anyone who comes into physical contact with someone who has the plague has a two thirds chance of catching it themselves. If they do not catch the plague they are immune from catching the Grey Death in that coming of the plague. The symptoms of the plague are similar to a strong flu - weak, achy with chills and hot flashes. After two days of the plague building in the body there is a fifty percent chance of a person recovering or dying. Even the healing touch of a Paladin cannot heal someone from the Grey Death. no healing spells are known to work on those afflicted and because all such spells are touch spells the priest casting the spell now is affected by the plague. No one comes back from dying of the Grey Death because the bodies need to be burned to prevent it from spreading.

1-4-339 SKR 1261 TGR - first reported infections from the fifth appearance of the Grey Death